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6-11 1pm Bob Mitchell, Trending: Kids in cars, Casino Money, Jindal

Jun 11, 2015|

Bob Mitchell sits in for Angela and hosts today's trending hour featuring WWL News Anchor Chris Miller, Double Coverage Host T-Bob Hebert, and Night Host Scoot.

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Well today Bob Mitchell the real Robert neutral filling in Port Angeles is what's a trending and with me today of courses. Chris Miller from our WWO news departments to from the dutrow and to Bob Hebert from double coverage bunch of things to talk about what this kind of weather and this kind of heat. When I saw this story I said this cannot be happening again this is got to be the full of all time about. I seem to remember which dude it was about what three weeks ago four weeks ago but this woman got caught leaving her child unattended in a hot car. You know a Virginia woman. Is in jail this week for allegedly leaving her to prison car outside of the county courthouse while she turned herself in her previously leaving her child an odd color. The woman is turning yourself and can she left her kid a hot car and then she leads to kids about car. The quanta newbie 25 years old their faces three counts of contributing to the electricity or abuse of children. Our children at one and six were found in the car windows close surveillance video shows they may have been there for more than an hour police say their shirts were wet. They had sweat on their brows they seemed okay it was 91 degrees outside that data were given water and food. In the courthouse until the father arrived I don't understand. What it is about life. Dead yet people think it's okay to leave a child aura. Or a cat for that matter. In a hot car and an after a second occurrence especially in this situation like this like you said she's going to court to turn itself and for committing a crime. And does the same thing. You know you seriously need to start thinking about taking his children out of this environment well I would agree in this it totally speaks do something that I talk about and you talk about it as well. Quite often and that is this this there's several generations of of of parents. Who have had kids I mean she's 25 she's got three kids to me is nothing wrong with that you can do the math and that's not that that outrageous. But here is you know here's. Here saw a young woman who are obviously does not have any regard for kids and she obviously brought kids in the world. Without the desire to love them and maybe it's her career maybe having children is is part of her career choice men pessimistic do people think well I'm. Only gonna be a minute so it's going to be okay even in minutes not OK I agree. And here there was an occasion in Metairie I guess this was in the mid nineties except to generally is boulevard where. A woman had left for I think eleven year old daughter in a car and a convenience store to get gas she wanted to pay for the gas and summary jumped in the car bright and stole the car and raped and beat the the dollars a horrible horrible thing. I'm I just cannot understand what what do you do with a mother like that you've got to look they have got to start thinking about I don't know what the fault or does. But you have to start thinking about getting. These children away from a parent like that because if not she's gonna do it yeah but this is absolute proof that there are people who are having children just as a result of sex and they have no intend. Went loving a racing circuits. Chris this is the kind of thing that really gets people riled up the Jefferson Parish school board members are considering a realize that you toll this is only a proposal. But uninsured with a proposal of this I bought an idea yes but even when you come up with an idea ball's rolling that you wanna raise property tax. To raise as much as 200 million dollars to build as many as ten schools and we probably will get more than this next hour asking people would you vote for higher property taxes in many of us. Remember when. They gave the permit for the casinos and the deal wasn't spewed I don't know if you were you were here or you were on account and the deal was. We're gonna take all the money that we made from the casinos and put it in magic and hours here. What happens is when they allocate money like that then when the legislature gets together or we got all this money right here so now we can take the money and put it somewhere else. That's how I got around it they say well we're taking the casino money. And we're putting it in for education about the money we were gonna put in for education. Will disability. In light switch but voters of what it I'm just a zone right now will never forget you're absolutely right anyway. School board president senator Lloyd says a lot of the schools in Jefferson Parish are outdated old and overcrowded he says there has not been a comprehensive effort to replace school since 1980. Which is a pretty interesting to hear considering how much that parish has grown. Since 1980 they have built a new school building or made any effort renovate. In a major fashion building since 1980. That's that's something on they've tried before to pass. Get the voters to pass a tax increase on themselves as recently as 20092010. That did not happen. So wrong. We'll see how this goes right now Estes talk of higher tax came up this week during a retreat in Baton Rouge among school board members. The ideas that taxpayers will be charged higher property tax rate over four years to raise the 200 million dollars via a general obligation bond. You know shut people would go from that to Bob I mentioned to you that I'm not a really big basketball but now I am okay. Now I'm hooked on LeBron James and the cavaliers. What can I expect to see tonight. Law I don't know buy games that I it let me give you an idea just how crazy. This series is and how it's played out right now despite the fact. The cavs lead the series 221. It led every quarter in the entire series. Like they've they've outplayed the warriors in three games and despite debt vague it's deal. Has the warriors as the favorite to win this year is that right there should tell you that you really put into perspective. Just. How little I guess he sporting world thinks. Of the cavaliers roster in comparison to the warriors roster to league rightfully so but it. That really puts into perspective what LeBron is doing who he's doing it with and why people are starting to get so excited. About this entire situation as a whole. Now yesterday. We talked about cavity cavalier zombie offense Hattie stops solid strategy of the real problem. For Golden State has been. They Airpwn offense we're Takeo. He's shooting 40%. During the year the shoot 40%. This series as a huge difference and when you got Easter break it down you look at the film. What the cavaliers doing that is where he had to credit David blatt and that Cleveland coach Jeff and a big way. What they've been doing their base the warriors everybody shoots three hours however there's only two really good. Three point shooters equate options to have courage to what you're saying is. We're gonna make sure. Curried tops and never get off a reporter they're not you know pressured. Would somebody in their face morals and a sag off of the drama greens and Harrison Barnes. Where is that golf a little bits that curry can't get in the lane we'll let him shoot they issued and they beat us that it's okay. Now Barnes and green they have a reason to that task at a lot of the wars journals are coming from tonight do you want to be a look out for. Your warriors fan I think you wanna see how much will David Lee play he got in there in the fourth court last game was the very success record productive. In limited minutes a really helped spur that fourth quarter comeback. And he might be the answer is that the cavs. Are looking forward to creates a mismatch is to maybe give back so that offensive production that just while. Has not been that person games. Despondent his career Harvard you can pair LeBlanc of LeBron to Michael Jordan. I mean look at that that's a game itself and we we always we re jump immediately leave there and I get why it's. It's a fun debate that is cern believe I'm about to they're different players. And you can never truly compare them is are completely different teams. I don't wanna take away. From Michael winning six championships. That's incredible six and a great and it debts. They mark it change agents on the market views the best ever well I mean nobody's gonna take that away from him. But let it but below bronze doing is truly unique truly special and right now it is one of the all time great. A Kalamazoo it's in I thought these greatest individual finals anybody's ever had. I think one of the things about Michael Jordan ever sought standing which just the way he played his stick his poetic movement I mean the guy was just. He was amazing and and LeBron James is great but it seems like he's more of a power player. He's definitely and that's gonna have other offices aren't out to him hold on the ball to lose time left many either drives shoots. Fades away that you surpass that someone that you didn't what he's doing right now though greatest individual performance arguably in finals history. And Michael were great truth to we're gonna come right back with what's trending on Bob Mitchell Lundberg Angelo on WW well. And I'm Bob Mitchell in for Angela Bill Gates ebony predator scorpion pulled caution should part timers get vacation pay and benefits I am definitely. Absolutely. Don't vote yes on the. Like you know I Chipotle Mexican Grill is the latest company now they're eleven comfort companies that have recently started to order. Sort order of the companies to give health benefits and this just a part time workers. And eat and it's really interesting how the market is changing maybe it's because of the market is tightening up the unemployment rate is falling a lot of different reasons for this. But you know there has been this this demand that the government put pressure on business and it seems like. It is the general. Public that is put pressure on businesses to. Raise the minimum wage and benefits at a lot of smaller companies that are doing this as well. And it's of really good trend I think it's positive to to think that it's the it's really it's the public it's making this this demand. Not the government forcing it on on the private sector yeah like a couple things there. The first of which you know IA I a look at just like treating your employees better at happy employees probably going to be more productive more yeah I'm willing to give effort on behalf of your company. And then to your point of the public kind of affecting change I mean that's something that. Nowadays our aid because if you look at our politicos were a lot of people talk about have campaign finance reform is needed in everything. And let's say you can't speak to that part what could the public thinks or really wanna cue. With crowd funding like kick starter all these other things other people are using there is especially the younger generation right now they have no problem. We've got to just giving money on line at the click what they're completely give it they believe because if they believe. In the product so. Maybe if you can't change how they've been captured by itself may need you we do and Jerry many maybe that's what you look to is some sort of crowd funny after in this is. Just kind of a sign of what Dow and the general public gets on the same page with the news especially. With a voice like the Internet. Yep that's it for Steve because collectively Americans could dent could get together. And could actually come up with more money than the big donors and maybe have more control than the pac group and a guy yeah period like that kind of perfect world it's. It would with enough people doesn't even take a big way it doesn't take donations from me about me right yeah three r.s are there more of us than there are of them yeah they're more of us in the or the big donors. And again I just find it interesting knows that the public candidates sentiment in the public changes in. In this we've covered the seventies there earlier today and it was really the public sentiment that actually brought an end to the Vietnam War I mean that demand to bring aboard two and and came from the protests and demonstrations. Mainly from the young generation. And you brought up something on the show and I'm posting today about this Lebanese as it just seems to me that. No one cared if you were Gary. No one cared about anything you or as far as I know there there was a lot early equality. Back in the seventies I had. At least one or two day guys working at the station I didn't care didn't bother didn't didn't even come open. They would show up at that station Christmas parties with another guy and no one should any negative and so hot it gets so crazy. I don't know that the very generation has supported this equality based on skin color gender religion and as a disorientation. That's that generation today that is the establishment that is collectively very judgmental you know one of the things that that I wanna talk about probably a next hour is. Why is it's so important to come out while I have a story about a young man. Whom wanted to come out at his high school graduation commencement he was the lead the top the valedictorian. And he wanted to announce he was day and they said no you can't do that it's not appropriate. And I discuss thinking about the whole thing why do you have to come on why do you have to say anything not not to offend anyone but. We don't go let's say hours later but it means it. But it. We also don't deal with maybe some of the discrimination that was such a deal with every day and if I think about may be ability school leaders may somebody's treated badly at that school here is he's heard people talk negative about delegate people they don't know he's gay. In this kind of a way of him saying look. On the valedictorian all your dollars in all the though like you did this person I've heard a bad thing about gay. You have told me how great I am my entire time here will guess what I'm gay. Sewage has gotten a luxury coaches say that most of time you can tell the person today yeah but not all the guys are real and and you know that you know you go to a gay bar on a Sunday afternoon electors from the popular and in the French Quarter of itself is gonna traditions and yet energy go there. And you look around. And maybe. Maybe 20%. Which shows some signs of perhaps being gay bullying you you can't tell. And you know I would hear this is what my advice to its student would be. I he should've just done it yet it is beyond that it's it's you know it's a lot easier to say you're sorry and asked for permission oh I didn't post a toast that some people he had to turn his speech in minutes ago some people have. Tried the whole. Not publicly making a big announcement about a reduced. Being as they are letting people figured out on their own but that leads to a lot of like whispering in guessing behind him back and stuff like that for example Anderson Cooper on CNN right. For a long time you know rumored to be gaining ever really addressed that you just gonna be Anderson Cooper and then finally he acknowledged his sexual orientation yes in the game and that was after years of people going back and it's worth as Izzy is and he like okay. Dvds talk about that. So I think he finally dispel what are put to rest yes I am. I keep going on about this and although most people aren't public figures like that they would have that going on in their circle of friends. If maybe at some point they don't just acknowledges the putter for a. You you know I mean it's it's not Ireland but who might it tells one how they should come out I mean it did do it every once you have. You're afraid your gonna have to be talking it's your only gonna have to deal with. I don't IE eight. Couldn't care less. What I thought idled I just don't think it matters I don't know why do we need to make a big deal. Well I don't I want it that he IE a figure care you're not care I don't think he's trying to make a big deal out of it I think. Or I guess it really is but not. To be like look at me I think you just. More of a way of legacy kind of Kelly showed a lot of people this is not a game for at least eight. And he's valedictorian at a school here the and it wasn't here it wasn't either way Colorado thing but let let's assume our lives maybe he's had some bad and it's just gotten way of seeing that you always treated me nice. But it seemed to treat gay people or would be you know that I was gave. It's entirety and if you're gay and you are afraid of people treating you unkindly by saying your day then you root. Giving them an understanding that you're standing up to your year opening jump up to that and am a proud. Gave me every day but if you truly don't care that what's the matter either way that's not right I don't care how he says ever really down. All right right now we get not a done names and dipped WWL first news. I well congratulations. To tiger coach or pulmonary and they'll throughput in tiger one of college baseball's elite teams playing in the NCAA college World Series again Phillips who takes on TCU horned frogs Sunday. Join the big achieve the build the encryption and Garrett for the countdown to the big games starting at noon. Tebow but it comes out OTAs and the states how much can you really tell. If you can glean some things and real quick policy your W real account got a little quick primer on up. They just went up on TCU another Sears is just you know couple actually an idea about TCU. But would think OTAs. It's it's tough. Obviously sometimes have aligned play like there's no pads they're still did nothing wrong dolphins David's lines shall punching each other. Guys who know bruised but it's not. Fulfills a Cali and you can't always get the desolate but. He fair. To decent look at it. Positions like defensive back like wide receiver and that's why a lot of times you CD's of the names that are coming out of these routier's of people are excited about and two of the names if you can't get enough of right now Carol of there on opposite sides of the ball often it's the second year wide receiver Brandon coats. First round draft pick last season. Now he was hurt at the end and broke his missed yet in the last six games. And because of any kind of took a backseat. To the other Ricky Watters user on the Mike Evans Benjamin. OW junior germs Landry they fail in about shot in Logan but wind coast got hurt. He actually leading all rookie receivers in catches I mean this is a player who can be very very good any. Probably be the saints main receiving threat this year he will be guided teams are targeting they had to shut down and he's been doing very well. During these go to a stand out you worked all summer with Drew Brees and that just makes so much into nudges from me down. And from a from a trust standpoint right dean on the same page making it second nature and I'm very excited to see. What coach is gonna do this you now on the opposite side of the ball probably. When most touching sports stories is past few years if you know if he continues stands pat makes its Cecil is dealt them bro. In Dublin brilliant player who in high school play McDonald 35 snapped three vertebrae. I said doctors told me I mean I never play against a Dodgers on the should of died on the field all the street stuff he was the shooter crew so's house you. I'm still went never played football. Those comments are kind of crazy route. Goes AFL recently they goes to the CF Velasco leaders where he was an all star and how is it to say at least a lot of heads in fact. When Brandon brown missing starting corner he set out yesterday. Dealt them bro was an ad starting position and did really well and he had four pass break ups to during the two minute drill. Which is which is always intense in the operative deep it's get a really impressive interception. But well meaning most about this whole situation. Is that an often you have a young guy cooks deep and give young guy and Breaux and these guys are going to be constantly clashing against each other. Each and every day of press trying to outdo trying to outshine the other kids. Everything is film great guy and Scott does lie like everything you do is come and there's nothing worse than being in the team meeting room and getting burned. In avenue explain that and there's nothing better than beam it to mean remained elbow plaguing credit for that said the competition between these young guys. It's just so great and so this morning as iron sharpens iron so one man. May sharpen up or when you have that kind of got to that can be a sign of really success of those two position groups for years gotten a good begin at myself a little bit. But you just continue to hear good things about they'll bro and Branko coast and injured at this point. No I think I pickles and play I haven't heard anything differently I'm Heidi get to go out there yesterday of course we're you know. But I mean he's he's probably on the like and what guys like Graham router they take a day off unless three major injury news when it's way too much. Dark kind of the dog days and at the veterans who they've had a earned it. A lot of times especially. In that if it's backfield with a multitude of quarterbacks have. Reps are so valuable. They mind later Brandon Browner or Keenan Lewis offered eighty kind of free up some young guys to a gets him in his place. I will take a break and then we will come right back with more trending this of the Angeles show on WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell and fragile along with the Chris Miller from our WW old news departments boot from the Scrooge show went to Bob Hebert from double coverage well today. Is more testimony from Tom Benson and dale Benson in the hole. Family feud what's going on. As I believe the proceedings this afternoon start with a gale Bentsen picking up or she left off in testimony yesterday you. Being asked questions given answers about the mental state of New Orleans Saints and pelicans owner Tom Benson. Of course we don't know what was said because the courtroom is sealed we're dealing with some medical privacy issues here so the judge said no can't commit and so we just. We only know who's going in and who's coming out we don't know what they're saying. We know it time dale Benson on the stand for quite awhile. Paul court as a state lawyer for mr. Benson being called in today to testify to is. Client's mental health and also they're calling a second doctor yesterday they called one of the doctors of the three who. Did devaluation of Tom bends is mental how they're gonna call another one today doctor John Thompson. Oh is expected to be called to the stand interest being that of the three doctors who examined Tom Benson. The petitioners. Called wind and Tom Benson site is calling to. You know I don't know I can read into that or not because I have no idea what's going on in the air but that he would call to available all the one. Seems like two out of three doctors might be favoring Tom Benson a few nights ago I talked to a trick for a late and I mentioned surely. That some of this information one side of the others can start leaking things that might help them is an absolutely not it's of this judge. Just keeps an iron fist on information. And that's what we're not hearing anything at all. And hearing anything will hear something I suppose after the judge who makes his ruling is still possible that we could hear from Tom Benson even if his side doesn't ask him to take the stand Dane seal Leno little professor at law professor at Loyola university department. Says the judge could wanna hear from anyway. You can hear from all the experts and people close to Tom Benson that you know he wants but. He may just decide look I need be here from the man himself and he has that power to call him to the stand and ask some questions it's Alec a criminal trial where you can't be forced take the stand in a civil case you can't. Scoot. If I were to say where are the toll. One point five best. Seafood shacks or restaurants in America. How do you think from on the world aliens in this or it would be on that in 1920. Right. Only to a pop up only to make the list big John seafood patio and egress Louisiana which is about two and a half hours so west of of New Orleans over her in southwest Louisiana. And the legendary iconic didn't horse. And ya. Chris Miller during a break restarted on them maybe we don't have. Shacks purse say and maybe that's ignited some people but. Nick endorses him his doubters Shaq I mean it's not exactly right there on the water and so it is kind of what you think might think when someone says that he did it because maybe we fry everything here. They thought the maybe as part of it at all written checks do resident whether it's what my got me no way there's one there's only a causeway here one chain restaurant is now frying lobster and I'm thinking. Lobster it's just so good why do you have to. Well Lois Kaye is wrong to a right it really depressed and Ebert once issued to undermine I'm not gonna take that right with. A lobster it's. While we may be see it as a delicacy there are many parts of the country were for very long time lobster is kind of a lot of as a you know not exactly rich managers ought to write a comment again common answers spreadsheets. Yet her bid to name and I'm assuming that it's it's very inexpensive and readily available everywhere and we're doing we have we have credible crawfish balls for more. When. Let them what to Chicago body of months that. Men on the particular something really good tonight as to what studies at. A fish ball. I'm not going to fish oil a fish apple is well footage now and as well how do you fix them I'll allow it to pick them. Big pot of water in. Throw deficient. And that's it watch this again. I didn't know I was in a barrel religious I thought I can start making a finished doc but even then got a chops of my ride and put some and other and I vandals in the air and strain into disasters are your soup and and then when he came here. I had a friend come over and introduced them to a crawfish ball. Andy as the dumbest question he said. Those crawfish or alive. Are you gonna put him on the boil and water alignments that DO drown a lobster before you put it that. It choke it to death. But it's interesting about the in the fish market I mean obviously there's still. They're still have a skin and scale yes because otherwise did that he would fall apart off the ball went to mr. Iacocca and I don't know if I'm out of its quarterly doesn't sound very appetizing to me that's surprising curiosity get the better view breached it by ear and well you know because you know I I've I've brought so mom of a brought some shrimp and also brought some crawfish tails made some crawfish pasta listen to that eat this and you want me to go to a fish Bob and Austin tell me and houses work. Well there's issues pot use pot. And all you do is. You go pick out your fish. And you. Throw the plot is there spices are in the top of course. I went to a steak house in Chicago. But in my experience for them. Nice makes it better dollars 45. Dollars for Tebow ala cart they bring in the state enough that. Where's the fizzle in blunders may be little garlic a windows server two of the play penalties would be. We eat so good here this region. Well take a break and we will come right back on WWL. I like to take it deep down in green mountain off on third by a couple things we're Gannett and with number one. A real bad ass castill. I yep British actor Christopher Lee who you made himself famous starring his Count Dracula in the -- the hammer horror films of the fifties and sixties. He also played evil ones are that good. And there were lucky. Your mileage may vary he played the evil wizard sour him on in The Lord of the Rings geology he played Darth to ran SA TA count du Ku in the store were up three equals. And before he was acting this guy was legit he served as a military intelligence officer for the British royal air force and work to. He hunted down Nazis after the war there's a story I just heard today. While shooting the lord of the series and movies is spoiler alert for thirteen year old film his character gets it at the stab in the back and the directors telling them how I want you to react when your character stabbed in the back. At least says to him but that's not how person reacts when stabbed in the back I know well thought column and a react and stabbed in the back. Yeah did assessment the Lord of the Rings extras the tendencies that they do you for those movies and that was one of the more interesting stories out of those rich pretty passing Chris relieve himself. Who's actually a huge Tolkien fan a giant lower earnings and he actually. Re read The Lord of the Rings books every single year. New backwards for is always good play Gandalf ended up plates are BA Hammond Ian Fleming. Their war two were in a group called vote where they called there's a a gentlemanly activities the order of the order yeah something like that will run you out there is what he did in service to king and country still classified this today. Yeah well Ian Fleming of course James. Some of us try to get out of jury duties of all of us do our civic duty but. This one guy came up with. Quite a unique way to get around him Vermont manga and jury duty he showed of the jury duty wearing a white and black striped prison jumpsuit and imagine that an acting god being at an extra week to figure out. It worse it hurts. I was covered heard a duty when Simon the attorney as Lee said. If it came down to it which you have any problem. Voting for the death penalty. And I said my opinion is. If they did it. Fraught item that was that affect your I got called to the jury pool but never got Terry governor crusher but I figured all I had to do is say have you most of my showings of the W well you sure you want me to be able to. We'll guys thank you so much Chris Miller mark WWL news department. Dude from the stooge show and there's a rumor going around the station. That you actually might do the show tomorrow and I've heard that rumor. Thank you Chris. And of course the Bob Hebert from they double coverage always. Alright here's what we're doing the next hour of when we come back we'll give you some little things we talked about the by some of the hot topics. And though will talk about that a few other things Bob Mitchell and for Angela. Right after the top Leo we're news on WW.