WWL>Topics>>6-11 2pm Bob Mitchell, Hot Topics: Taxes and Coming Out

6-11 2pm Bob Mitchell, Hot Topics: Taxes and Coming Out

Jun 11, 2015|

Bob talks to callers about all of today's hot topics including coming out of the closet in a commencement speech.

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Well committee Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell filling in for Angela and little oil a couple of things we talked about the last hour that you didn't get a chance to fold and and express your opinions on and add a few more things to a the one thing that just really grabbed out only. This story I think started somewhere around in around three weeks ago you may have. Remember about a Virginia woman that left her kid locked in the car. While it happen again. With the same woman Virginia woman now is in jail this week after allegedly leaving two children and a hot car. Now here's the crazy thing about this. Parked outside of the court house while she turned herself in for a previous case of leaving a child. And heart car. Seoul police charged her with three counts of contributing to the delinquency or abuse of a child. After the two children ages one and six were founded our car with the windows close. Surveillance footage shows the kids may have been the car for more than an hour now how in the world could you go to court. To answer a charge. To turn yourself in. And then you're guilty of the same exact thing leaving these two kids in the car and kind of odd that someone caught the lead. Situation. Called the deputies and got them out. So at this point what do we do with this woman is it time. To start actually thinking about taking these children away from this mother no no one likes to do it. No one likes to take any child away from a mom no one likes to take a child away from their friendly but this is the second time. This same woman has done the same exact thing. Bible four to six year old well late seventy. In the Colorado. And development Torre was stopped giving his commencement speech. Because he planned to come out as a date now we've later gave the speech at another location. But in the commitment to meant commencement address he had planned to come out his day of them and they read the speech that said no you cannot do that. Is a commencement address the place to come out as today. And usually that's just starting to have. Jump around and sodomy and want your thoughts on a walk your opinions that may be. Maybe I'm way off base here but if we are all looked at each other as equals. Is it necessary to express publicly. What true sexual preference. I don't stand up and apply that he's became known that and saying guess what I'm straight. I wonder what purpose does it serve. And do people really need to come out as anything does it doesn't really really matter. Bible for 2601 late seventy. Let's go to let's go to to buy Bobby's been holding and of will won't go to him also and also wanna talk about. Specially you people who live in Jefferson Parish. Don't know whether you've heard about it yep but Jefferson Parish school board members are considering. Asking voters for a higher. Property tax to raise as much as plenty I'm sorry 200 million dollars to build as many as ten schools. Now would you vote for higher property taxes of all the money went into the building and news goes and can you trust the politicians. To do what they say they're gonna do with the money power your promoted Bob good to have your photo. Another beautiful day Bob you really nice enough little warm out there but. Commence. Could affect Africa now I'd I know. From many if not in Jefferson Parish. But can we really today can we trust politicians on any promises they make at all. No matter. My opinion I mean. You know somebody. That they say that they're gonna use money or light the lottery. You know listening and uses to totally dedicated to education. To. You know police officers increases that are just into cat attacks in Panama. Extra monies that they can get and its debt goes there so. You know it goes back to a general on course everybody. You get to it in Edgar. You know it didn't. Agendas that there actors and trying to figure also. You know how would be expected. 200 million dollars. That they're you know property tax code to trustees. Those school go. You know I don't know you know boaters were feel about there. It it it trust it at me it's it's amazing that the wheels voters have so little faith. And so little trust of our politicians are just because it's happened to have over and over. Right it's you know there users in legislation right now. And and anything that you know they promised does not mean that they gimmick and carried out so. Well what's really interesting is that it it ends up I believe today. And as far as I know from from our news department and a couple of conversations we don't know what's trending in a state law that they have to have a balanced budget. And what they about a billion dollars in the red right now. Daria court. And Edward news balances. And men amended. You know and and changes. You know ordinarily come out today mean he balances and a lot every year you know. You know. I would note and I I wouldn't let him handle in my checkbook that's for sure. Bob a Colorado valedictorian. Was stopped from giving his commencement speech because he plan. To come out Thursday now number one. It is a commencement speech the place to come out this day and I'm just looking at things and look at hoping to poke a little differently. If we are all to look at each other equally. And not I don't care I don't care will be straighter day that's that's strictly your business that has nothing to do with the I can I can be your friend Nolan no no matter what but if we were all to look at each other equal. Is it really necessary to express publicly what true sexual preference. I don't think so I think this is it was so popular camera steered into. Patent commencement speech. Where he. Comes out. And now says he's gay I mean. You know that. You know adopted from week we've been here is one every day except in stranger aren't so that. Like this occurs and you know no one here sex life for me and that's what all. You know Buick is somewhat future. And come out other major and let them beat. You know. Go to contention. Ursula and you know that's what were you doing here. You know talking about something personal and its aero but it is. Would your votes be more useful be inspirational. You spoke to. You know we pulled impostor quote. About life you Stearns. Other kids. You know it is appropriate actions and you know occurred in him motivate. A lot. I think that's. I think that's the way the school felt that that that. That would overshadow by him coming on stand on gay would. Would overshadow the of the message of you know basically you can do anything. You'll do Bob where you are you up or may be a fun question. I woke police are searching for a woman. Who sprayed. Pepper spray it on customers in ploy is in sunny fast food restaurant because she was upset. About her burrito at it did not come all the way she wanted to with and in general how many times as your fast food order correct and have you ever flipped out or seen someone lose it. In a restaurant over the food not being in the way they wanna do. Yeah I actually hit quite often I mean not really without that they really you know the first part like. The cashier can pan out and issues I mean there's. And you know I go to fast food. I am expected to get anything that decide to get. Us. I'm up well open and hit like scanners that can remember to check everything. Did you know hockey correct it is not want to leave the store would only. Award of merit is where I'd be treated his you know it's it's capped a caller is. Props sets them yet if your daughter that's really bad days and you know there. Nobody quite. We'll Garcon. Good. Because here's a here's the fast food rule of them. If you check your water that's going to be right if you wait to bring in whole what's going to be wrong. Yeah and that's what ideas amiga. And regular job and ship this order and I got talked into cashier's. Oh walked out and their whenever an adult. The governor it would uttered you know like you would you know. No matter so really you're just. You know for somebody go overseas charge Bryant pepper Orioles so. That's. Why. Well I I only flipped out one time that I can recall. Ordered a hamburger. And a one of the trust and I said no ketchup I do not like to NATO's intention. I have no ketchup mayonnaise only know catcher by even used to lead the line look I'm allergic to catch I cannot eat ketchup. So I get my hamburger old. A home give or about their burgers and I'd open it up. And it's got ketchup. But and I told my fist and I smashed it and I'd be heated to a pulp I mean I just on bang and and and it. Merit at all over the table and now my life books that make and she says. Feel better now and us and yes I do so. Yes I did all right drew led Bob thank you so much. All right 50426. Year old Waleed seventy touch via an 87870. I'm Bob excellent for Angela on WW oil. Bob Mitchell in for Angela a couple of things we are talking about a couple of lava hot topics that we discuss story and what's trending. This story this woman. Needs. Something needs to happen are where she can't have anymore children. Virginia woman is in jail this week after allegedly leaving two children and a hot car. Outside the courthouse. While she was turning herself in for a previous incident where she left a child in a car. So she left the child in the car got arrested for showing up in court for the hearing and what she'd do. Leads to other kids aged woman 61 in six. Out of the car up the windows closed. These surveillance footage shows the kids may have been the car for more than an hour. The church were wept it's flat on their browser is 91 degrees at Virginia. Is it time to really consider and I know it's a drastic thing. Blizzard is it time to consider. Taking the children away from this mother. Before. The cheek kills these kids five hope four to six year old won late Sunday let's go to a toll on the West Bank power utility. Under. Cult ought be out on the art school sure sure. Cheated on Pitt my other kids need to be played with. Obviously not a real in the public that we did in the car had not eat all the comment. I damage and are older and bigger. And our Bob like a lot politician. In this state between. Politicians and others they believe any work you couldn't. It notorious for politics and life yeah responding opener mile and hour. Are part of people Eliot years ago that yet boat came here with a lot with you on. It's got to go to schools look a lot. A lot appropriated in the school. It's Cornell where it all up if they try to put it on the ballot. Higher property. At the bulk all the people it's not get past and it's all. The op. The president. That marriage arts school or all of questions applaud. Colin and explained that is why at a school built into marriage ain't all art it. But in school but art. But you're on TV telling voters that are at school that have been built. Ninety people. On them at the school but you Earl. I don't know Tony the so this whole situation. Although not being able trust our political leaders if it it is a sad sad sad situation. But you know you mention the fact though when they built the casinos has all the money doesn't go to education. And what we found out. The best of my recollection. Is it did go to agitation. But all they did is the money. We thought when we voted for casinos that the money was gonna go to education on top of what we were already spending for education. And from what I was able to buy about talking to people that. What happened was they do is then they took the money. Out of the general budget that would normally go toward education and spent it on soap and also they gave us feels the Peru. I appreciate you calling let's go to. Go to Jimmy in Mandel orient Jimmy. I'm doing fine Jimmy first of all let's talk a little bit about the this mother that for the second time laughter kids and hot car with the window world is it time to start considering taking the children away from his mom. It's absolutely. You can keep doing stuff at least. Actually children it's obvious that you don't have any thoughts about it on the jail just gone on record or you know sort. The other job right they don't. You know a child like the united and it's not the crime twice and just keep dog yeah it's it's so I'm. I don't think you can care. It's like it's like pulling a court. To pay a speeding to get and speeding on the way the court getting under the. Thought about. It. Mean. The world and. I don't know well Jefferson Parish school board members are considering asking voters for a higher property tax to raise the bucks is 200 million. To build ten new schools though. Would you vote for something like that. Absolutely not so that's why tackle. Judge now I'm concrete America and he told some. Are managed and like its potential to train that was a role now to autism and our role also played. Speaking out on. Detachment and looked on here and I don't think it also. These politicians and correct me if I'm wrong and future in stores about the details I'm. You know why don't you do like bad luck but not paid out to get the job they get things done detective. It. And actually I'm beaten or tortured to open it utensils. Now and and and and put that towards built in school Sheila. All right Jimmy I appreciate you voting in 504260187. And we have orbited seventy. Ready jaguar opinion poll question should part timers get vacation pay. And benefits you can go online at WW ball dot com and Caster voter principally called lead or. Or are you concerned at the start giving part timers vacation pay more benefits. It's going to raise the price of the product. Right now we will check in LeBron James and get this WWL first news update. I'm Bob Mitchell and for Angela and Jodie I'll be with you and just one minute but for those of you forge a strong in the shall meet. Lay out for you what's on our WWL talked table we discussed some of the film what's trending. And this is a situation that. I would I would have to take into something I would have to take the children away from this mother and give them to and another family member. A Virginia woman is in jail this week after allegedly leaving two children again. In a hot car now. Here's what makes this story really really interesting and different because unfortunately this seems to happen all the time people. Leave it to adore Olivo on animal and a hot car. But this woman was headed to the court house. To turn herself in for previously leaving a child and a hot car you get the picture. She was already arrested ones for leaving a child on a hot car for now she's headed to court. Two faced the judge and she leave two children ages one and six in the car with the win those close. Surveillance footage shows the kids they've been in the car for more than an hour. The kids were dripping wet it's wet on their brows. And thank god someone found them and call the police and got the kids out of the car. So what do you think should happen to a woman like this is a woman is this an absolute case of someone being unfit to be a mother. You can probably at 5042601870. And the Colorado while Victorian. Was stopped from giving his commencement speech because he planned to come out Tuesday and Wednesday he would turn the speech it and ahead of time now. He later gave a speech at another location. Question. As they commencement address the place to come out as day. Now here's something that just have been rattling around my brain because I don't care if your day. I don't care transsexual I don't care what you wore. Europe person and I'm going to treat you equal I'm not going to discriminate entry to any differently but. If we are to look at each other as equals isn't necessary to express publicly what your sexual preferences. It seems to me that doubles any award shoulder is someone stands up and says a little to no. I'm day and everybody applause. I don't know what purpose. It serves. And you can tell me what purpose it serves I'd love to hear you. Do people really need to come out as anything. Mean maybe we should start wearing name tag stating a sexual preference itself Bible for 2601 late seventy. And here's kind of and off the wall story. Police are on the hunt for a woman they say that once so Bos are. About her burrito. Should go about her pepper spray it started price and customers. Started a sprain in ploy to host Bryant everybody's so. Have you ever flipped dollars seems to want to go a little bit nuts and rushed drop of the order was wrong. Let's go to Jodie and Kennedy and Jodi thank you for holding on for so long. And where problem every wreck and there is great and I can't eat on amber because. Everything. Right. And call. Not me I'll get it is catchy. I at one. It. Yeah Google little nods and warned me. Outlaw them a plane. So what do you do you bring it back. Com mop up. On wrong. Check yeah check. He's. Now. And Anna are out now. And I'll raise my. Thought that people. Are. It. I mean how can someone. The only thing I can think. It is there's got to be. A mental problems past the I mean but this lady is going to court to place chargers. Toward doing it a previous time. And I mean a one year old Holland the world can you think one. And if you turn your opinion on not coming back out to get. What do you think. Up about. People who were coming out as gay people is coming out is trends sexual but my point here. And navy I'm way off place navy I'm gonna get a ton of love hate calls over this. But if what we are all to look at each other as equal and I do I don't care what you war. Why don't we have to do why do some people insist on saying what they are what. I don't I don't need to know what your sexual preference is I don't need to know what you're doing behind closed doors I just don't need to go on him. Lecture friends though lecture. Parents know lecture that was here no we're not lead opposite a world. Well some are living your friends are your parents your don't know what anybody. So all right Jodi I appreciate you voted in. All right thank you Philip we'll take a break and come right back we have several lines of until you wanna call it's liable for 260. 187 lead on Bob Mitchell and for Angela. And we will be right back with Jimmy and merry winnable whole bunch of other lines open so if you want calling you can get ride in the a jail to too ready to go. Final four to six year old 170. I'm Bob Mitchell and for Angela have dated somebody predatory guar opinion poll question is a commencement address the place to come out as Diddy can go. To WW dot com and cast your vote 87% saying no 13% say yes or you can simply called lead. At 50426. Euro 170. And we'll talk about it and the reason we are as I Colorado well Victoria was stopped for giving his commitment speech commencement speech because. He planned to come out the day. And I think there were concerned that that would. Take away from the commencement speech which normally you know you're telling all the students and pretty much you can do whatever you want to do. Which may or may not be true. Anyway. Is a commencement address the place to come out his day. And a question that I've I've I've been pondering now for. A few days. If we were all to look at each other as people. Which we should. Which I know why do. Is that necessary to expressed publicly what's your sexual preference. For the words of I don't view of your friend. Why don't why need to know what your sexual preferences. Well I don't know what purpose. It truly serves. So do people really need to come out there's anything or is that it's simply it's almost just a trend. To do that. Brewster are supposedly just would've did what he did and privacy rather than naked all public. 5042 as a 0187. Let's go to Timmy and Kent what power you Timmy. To me well this woman would. Jimmy. Yeah. And you. Know do the job and talk to you belong to. I didn't make. Sure. OK. All right okay. We've upped the old way. He made. Oh. Yeah yeah. It. I have come back. Home. Anybody. Well armed and work. Around. It pretty good. Yeah. If they get rushed. What Timmy what do you think about this this woman should they take the kids away from her. Ma. Lin. Yeah. Yeah. It would did. And and yeah you know. It. Well if she doesn't have any mental problems that might be time the take the kids away. And put them with someone else in the friendly and if she does have mental problems. Please please give her some help before. These children. Oh. You know one of getting killed or something like that are. All right Jimmy thank you so much OK we'll take a break and then we will come right back with more your phone calls. Our big day at seventy project were pretty ample portion as they commencement address the place to come out Thursday. And do we really need people coming out of all mean do I really need to know what your sexual preferences and I'm I'm I'm not so in that. To be mean spirited because I I really I really don't care. One person news. I'd I'd just think if we're going to treat each other is equal I just don't know if Wheaton Nixon was in the UN labels are short sale and you know I'm homosexual I'm I'm gay and lesbian I'm straight I'm transgender. Bob Mitchell in for Angelo on WWL. Whilst they bomb Mitchell and for Angela here's a text message Bob you are way off base concerning coming out to you. And to myself and doesn't make any difference we treat everyone alike I hate to say that. Most people are not like there are some who say they are like those but who actually have a fear or dislike him of those who are different therefore it is a big deal. Which among the come out. Our heads. You'll understand you know what is a Maine was getting all your chest may be years as a which is tremendously. Well let's go to Mary in coming to power. Are you Mary hi amber at yeah. I'm proud Mary what do you think about this mother. That goes to court because she got. Arrested for leaving their child and a hot car and while she is it torture leads to board that the two kids in the car again. Well and we'll let people like and cute partner and I mean yeah. You know you're going to court either. I or she or are. So I mean. I didn't take your. I know we're running out of time let's see you limit your comment about a month coming out. Well. That is. Why there that they cheat you know. Think the culture war. And there were all prepare population. They want and they're like. Yeah and you know. I think Ernie and you know. Maybe you're right. Shiny and new equipment. The heat went about it. I'm. Not that big a are. Right. Yeah I have a tendency to play in tonight. And much more. Or even until maybe I should make an announcement that I'm straight. He. You should not right at it you're mean yeah you're right. It. You. That being bored you. Or. Why do you want to. Should it not quite like it. If you wanna. Party. Chair Howard junior art right. The media. In. The community. And if we. Owe him. Plea Vick they're they're they're saying it enough to convince you that no matter what true spiritual beliefs are that it's all right. Okay. And. It outright it's good it's like. And I I I could love a no matter what. All right Mary thank you so much Clyde. And Ron I'm sorry we were we ran of attention this hour but if you stay with me you will be the first two up right after the top of the hour news and if you wanna call in and it European Union only Angela show we have. Punch lines open liable for Tuesday 0170. Text me at age 7870. I'm Bob Mitchell and for Angela come in right back on WW.