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6-26 5:10pm Deke: on the Pelicans and Saints offseasons

Jun 26, 2015|

Deke talks with the TV "Voice of the Pelicans" Joel Meyers about the Pelicans' plans now that Alvin Gentry is in town and with Mike Triplett of ESPN.com about the Saints' biggest issues heading into training camp.

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Our sports so it is taken place but a food conversation breaks out as New Orleans boy welcome back on the bella via. This is sports talk about yea that's what it's and it's a clock out. A lot to get to on today's program. Including operatives jaguar opinion poll look at the 2015. Season for the New Orleans Saints what concerns you most about the black and go. Is it the defense. The loss of Jimmy Graham whereas their production off its gonna come from. The offensive line or you're not concerned. Cast your vote online at WWL dot com. Drew Brees told ESP and he was heartbroken about it traded Jimmy Graham. You think the Saints made right move may be the only time with him. Let's look at the look at the recap of the NBA draft what's next for the New Orleans pelicans jolt my TV voice. All the tales don't this after the first break in my trip but ESPN EE SPN dot com where Jones and I put on WW array. Yeah FaceBook page you could sweetest. In text me at gut tweet me at the big chief and WW radio FaceBook. He's a hole he achieved and I was asking you know sometimes we ask folks to text us just different things Tom does in the morning and we do kind of like a sack conversation. They won by eight and one good buys you food here in my in laws anywhere you know in in the in Louisiana. Celebrating the sports hall of fame wanted hall of fame it's became some great coaches and players. Otis Washington legendary coach for the saint cost them probe on nights in the Southern University Jaguars will be was. In the 7 o'clock hour. Here is a couple of text is that it's a Deke mean. This. Beneath them via via Italian restaurant opened and out there right now I am with the names left and right that's a diploma now. Anything you know she or is absolutely on me thank you very moments we appreciate. That he's on some answers some goodies snowballs and show man I'm about who's noble and just pulled some mom. Come my FaceBook page of the ability of FaceBook. Longstreet. Call me and you know we were out at saint practice. The last time training camp with here. Was not my studio before Lance and one day coach Payton had people from poultry commanding guillotine snowballed. And it hit the media have. Old Lowell hammered. Yeah all. I had a up a bottle. A couple went to bathroom to Sonoma and animal Kabul wall wore on and let them get one of ice freezes the brain freeze out even to finance. But I always got to give cherry. Whip cream. I raggedy here in great with cream and in some males by itself. Like us are rid of one of spearmint dude coming back now like it's being mentally ice is that nice pace and you. Breathe the end you know pentagon like if you if for people who who don't you know people who don't smoke it's kind of got like a he's spearmint bubble gum tastes at you at UQ would you Brady got it deep field and you longs are those who do smoke maybe like in a medical field the came you know in Newport. But Annika is 601870. What concerns you most about the Saints in 2000 in fifteen into some phone calls some guys impatiently waiting. Bobby has been up Perth on line three Bobby thank you for calling. It earlier. And I. Iguodala or that that group we got all the talk about I talk. I felt terrible. About Bobby's career because talks for Inkster. All year so yeah I bought it from like in the country you're out you. Know you you walk you are you up mile witnessed I I do try to be fair. Yeah I don't know if it got anyway when I talked all. You know. I know a lot to serve but that's our I think the sheer numbers bringing their talent and are they drafted on the are they I think that go to the top ten maybe not that topic being out sixteen. The I'm not really overly conservative position I think the one position that concerns you a little. Would be the receiver position while an opening track receiver. Thank you gotta you gotta have faced in here and shot beat you know all of you know also. Well I pray that they deploy you bring up two or not I use this analogy. I have like some health issues that must comic I get nauseated from different things and one thing they do this it would. You know they give they give me is now is nausea medicine. But it puts me to sleep in a lot to get where you know when you sleep in your rest batted in and out of through the nausea so my point is that would you bring about the off fans. Is that how you give these kids better at number one. We'll try to keep about the field you know less time that's that's that's number one thing that's out of office getting out right away. And they've addressed that with the land in the backs in the end it you know like you said I don't I don't really look at the numbers Bob because we look at the nine defense. But that if it didn't have numbers that was staggering. I mean it striking if you anybody but this turnover ratio and it got our that we all week this fame based got to know that year just like as you we knew. There we will give up a big play because that's what we starting weak from the beginning and we data all you along with big play with got to have a defense. We would give it up an old man we knew in a game that the critical keynesian it was Cole of it was a big turnover in the AD you know they did. I think it's so Ottawa now that will lecture and the hard workers Gretchen yeah brandy the war it's there LB I think. Your equipment there and want to get their term Cooper's occur in. And there are so open. Now now on a show some young you don't just have to try shall a local talent. That's why a receiver evidently got. He got out there in old Cole in the Cox and all the guys pay just I. Our goal I don't really not only concern for all. It start in or. I've got a man Bob epic you make a lot of sense and I I'm with you on like you know last year no a lot of top performance carries over in a formal motivation. No war we close the way we need to be normally warm. They were they were embarrassed so this is they they know that other than now move forward fifteen it's different in fourteen and that was last year. As Theo kind of thinks though you know. We got to play better we don't wanna be like last year and that is some more motivation I think I think a lot of fans look as it is in and his team is will be motivated to play about. Haren have the Tony Tony thank you for caller. Truth be animals this way and then I'm. Going to. Right now I'm used to. Say. To me that he was. True but. As these. That. These. And sure that tune. That's. The bottom as. You can do that. Graham who was. Beaten him out. Yeah that's. Can eat it. Been to. He came. About the same pot and go. With you. Well. Talk about the. But. The ones yeah. And from Orange. Man how much you. By them. Well Tony when you get a bag you affects me a couple of Mo bay about the he's in a squeeze it should be in the seats have been thank you for calling. I would like Tony temple Thibodeau legal Polk food sort. So I think groove keeps people deep in I grew up in the day it is to have a group of the grossed two turnovers. And it was Beck in an eagle award SE. A home. Or street some bike or if they'll be out with my grill while ago they did he took both fresh coats of B yeah. All kind of different because they're just wondered if it's the same Stanley Cup a lot of old you don't. I have to admit I'm not going in there I had as. Got a little out of these people don't that the young but he work you know to a more prominent places and they were used in the kinda yeah and they wouldn't. Went to the demise and so forth you know which still quality food yeah and prepared food at the same time it was always right at turtle. So before you before you make coupon on a Saints hang tight Emma come Vick get a break in and I'm guilty and also the Joseph I don't wanna bring him against the break and what's big about Chris Cook the meat as a lot things up again like we all won do. Of course that's back my routes were open crystal could meet. And now my league cousin big Nicky you Tommy had a cut meat make the same size and my Fam recipe and I always say one day of course that might help permits. At this point have I don't care if it's for a square feet. To salute Osama the little old ladies in the me can come in in an automatic could mean almost like he used to Duke as does not mean he plays that we you can go and ordering a bailed them recount why am any inning get the economy is it don't matter here you know it don't matter what we're doing it's about people you know give me a pound it at. Dayton student he would to rip with a rib bone in the middle you know give me some soup shank can be we just talk a bit this afternoon. 2601878668890878. Deep Brees said he was sick when I got rid of Jimmy Graham Katie Steelers team. I guess Sproles bush did Thomas etc. The all the organization is losing out on good play if say. Thank you very much the tech Texas and 878 step. Still Mars joins us now one of the best in the business and being taken him out. On either BA radio on serious so much drive in jolt thank you so much for the time draft last night. I kind of knew about what dale did said the pelicans and kind of a British not gonna make a splash trip to fall that they didn't. But don't now free agency what does this team need to look for. It's computers basically and maybe another big because Ron. That got a have personal things were putting up with answers except in the morning. Appreciate Angela I sound like Angela talk about that lives you could back up ice and I we are my two pot call. And it's their. I'll stop or thank god for crop up but. Republicans were at the position pelicans have athletes and other raw and now we're going to be. Up tempo there's going to be some cleats for the sixth youngest in the BN BA and I'll tell you that because you watch it well. I should best year the was the twelfth thirteenth season it was with the Houston Rockets and and believe and not be used rocket that seat and let the end and they. So what I should believe it or not. As people wrote them and spacing and three point shooters in realtors. So we'll see what'll happen as swept aside and he's on restricted. But they need a couple of more shooters he needs Pacers. It's been nice to see Norris Cole comeback he's restricted free agent so when you say whether they need. Well for what they wanted to pick each Pacers figure a couple of three point threats beside Brian Anderson drew politics airport and back which is great. Excited to be played Robert gentry. If you don't we press conference on Monday at 330 at the public facility producing now and gentry and he's. But it is it is a lot of people really good purse. Till about about a minute pulling on on news had a day with the CBS they come and bite your take. What's one or two players can come meaning in the us ball in his league in your first year that was drafted. Oh well install our. First albeit Russell's gonna get a lot of minutes for the Lakers did it always helps to it would tall. And that way you could also be rookie of the year up but the potential. Two teams really want the last by Denver. Our manual mode and spell top three or four talent and maybe the top order to. It would go to college instead of China where he saw he was seventh Denver wins and a Miami yet just as Winslow Duke following lap attempt. So those two guys and believe that play a lot of minutes for Denver. Our goal to be good result is got a chance the kid was taken fifth overall to Orlando and now like Michael Jackson didn't New York I don't know probably have to be so happy. But like spoke Portuguese is 71 Q&A lot Villa and also what Jerry gray. Our heart eclipse them. Who was a good night he'd be able to deal for part way up from Atlanta so. Those guys are good spirits stead will see what happens with the cute that was a good first overall look at Ottawa Minnesota. But ridiculous ticket to the law. So that's the it will rushed. Till now the watts is what happened with the Jordan does that lesson at the clip as if they lose him absolutely would but he could stand pat in the mock us all to go to San Antonio it makes that strongly Pico LE Briggs the Lakers up. There's only eight spots in the west when you look at the way up the Oklahoma City now. That's number nine a what do the lake is due to turn Kobe it's ten teams are rising Utah team defeated team is being close the last couple years. Joseph we can have a pool of 910 and eleven and and and at first round series is the all of throw another team and it to hand it. Those two matchups would be equally a as aggressive and and attended and watch because you talk about three of fourteen is going to be left down Joseph that are far. Better than that in the middle of the pack in the east. Bryant and certain teams though it could drop off significantly Portland a playoff team last year the seat. And Dallas those two teams up with beer because there's nobody free agents. Guys agreeable long. And still question marks Dirk Nowitzki that not getting any younger. Tyson Chandler does he come back we don't want to public is not coming back for ballast and that Portland could be a totally different roster. It looked like was happy to leave yet to be determined LaMarcus Aldridge but. If Aldridge leaves you gotta go to Texas and note taxied to go to California. Taxes for. But in making over a billion dollars in the state of California. Is 13%. Personally go and that's state taxes that that even though that so he goes to California. These are the four year deal with the Lakers tickets I'm a lot economically on an extra two point seven million they could make it up by your deal with Portland. Tomas does it with one of the best in the business while they respected across nobody in BA in BA radio college football the big twelve. He's been and done it still covers it all at a very very high level until now looking forward to New Orleans pelicans in this they have to be put together an. And as I have we talks that would unfold we'll talk about you. A good coming in off of the games in basic kind of doing the like the the point after chauvinistic against him early in the morning at the all those late playoff like it and and we brought the point you know. To me what took place at Golden State in what goes all the coached a gentry speaks volumes when you saw Golden State and I saw it. I saw a joke in that third to fourth quarter in game three here in New Orleans and I saw a lot in the championship series. In the west Indian in the finals. Steve Kerr is sure enough and strong enough to know that I have hired a staff of guys. That know what did going and I trust them but cause a lot of those totals are on the side Joseph I know you know it's just as well. They were elated and it was all about Alvin Gentry. And and to me that guys coming here. He was he was a lead assistant Majoli. It's a head coach in them yeah that's the way those guys work their team what he said the press conference Monday look you have to be secure enough yet to trust nothing goes there. And he brought the ball we listened to a twenty year old film guy. I was that we should go to Andre Iguodala. Joseph to me when you've got Jeff has opened you know like ought vacate Jimmy that's not right that is a person as open minded as goalless and he'll. And Alvin Gentry is in its going to be inclusive. And I'd bet twenty year old. I'd go used to pick me up at the airport for summer league like they had and I want to thank you covet even grow he's a weight Q it. It would be nice coat what date so. It would be inclusive Alvin Gentry scored a welcome my ideas from this assistance and remember that speak. Now that would award double and presented scored about ten point to an element that resulted last year but the year before 'cause he was taken away Burress sizable. Sizable being. Golden State bumped him out big time economically to get bored Doc Rivers in the clippers' two years ago but Clippers led the league. In scoring and pretty typical back a bit the last that was a notebook with Phoenix what they would Western Conference finals in 2010. They've led the league. They were the most efficient offensive team in the NBA. So there's a pattern. Alvin Gentry a lot of people that wall would view it was a Kotelly at All Saints when he was young but he got those opportunities to coach as a head as the lead they were bad. Cook which were talks Detroit didn't have a team. So a lot of people bring that up but the timing is perfect and look forward Anthony Davis and you can bring up. And we beat but look forward Anthony Davis excepting. Five your proper Republicans I mean that sincerely. He is jolt Meyer has always get a bad breath of fresh air and learn so much was beaten to the Tivo as the pelicans fox sports in BA in a course. A college football advocate as well killed by Joseph is always the president October you get to Kobe in the studio with me embody. Our I don't take care all right CBS news they a lot of who's had a today across the globe is CB. ESPN EE SPN dot com Mike Triplett. John just now Mike the New Orleans Saints 2000 into fifteen of these three might look concerns you most the defense and loss of Jimmy Graham. All the offensive line. Believe there. One at considered Middle East is a lot to get him that it's hard to believe but I agree that same spot speed that seat and they can produce and competence. So I guess that's it deep bench after Lester I'm optimistic they are opening round. But you know they wanted to Wear it but summit it's the worst in the entire and it outlet here so they've got a long way to turn. Now Michael when you look at offensive line. It seems like a guy like on the disappeared in the meaning he's the guy that's got the skins on the wall. That the way he speaks it in what he's done it he's goal feet and he ate it in make an impact I think he's probably already made an impact. I completely agree and you know I don't renteria and I think he's still got a couple good years left so that in here that the line would be better. And and I think though that the going to be good above average solid maybe one of the five or ten best in the league. What they're never get back kudos when they work lead and you won the Google around nine and one day had incredible. Let. They had to guard surprise to best guard in the entire bell of the entire decade that in heaven and and it's going to be in part to bet that level they can be very good again. My activities it whether it's ESPN EE SPN dot com. You know one Paul call unless in my brought up leadership it when you look at it up front candidate I think would be. Camp spot in the middle of one of the linebackers out there guy likes to finance they've because of his play. You to be addressed see how he fits in May be a future leader in the secondary guys like bird. In the Cairo but leadership and having that added it's dead boys. That's the one thing that you'd have to worry about what jobs available with here know who is who is a candidate who is a likely want to become elite of the defense money. You mentioned. I think easily without immediate again or you know you know what are your new people coming in La lead by example. I like to say much about an. They broke me do what I was doing in Seattle and new England and keep the ignorant here so. You know and guys are a lot of things he's sand but. You know the leadership it it it's not the little it bit you can't be leaders it's just that they don't much turn over. And everybody. A little sort of pat and that that passed in the pot but nobody out there are spot but I think these guys now that they've and that billion together and now coming out of it together. They're gonna take more ownership that he spent now look at it like they're the young guys we went anymore. Their defense now endured super Conaty desert newcomer to it anymore they are put there on their but I think they all recognize that after that here. My trip that is it was just know Mike moving forward now in 2015. At the New Orleans Saints and narrowed about this a couple of years ago. On the to the thirteenth season with coach Peyton was here in it has been the same since that day you had a fourteen. In a Shawn Payne air the first four games have been detailed Taylor signed. Three and one for no playoff seasons evening less than that not play L seasons how is it to lose those first four games to this team. They're really good point now mean you know obviously today. At some pretty. November's as well during that tell each month is important that you don't and that's it. Because on the wheels fall off at the end and let her pick you wrecked you where there are or are fine and I know when you're on the right it it to start like that that it. Makes a little eat away at stormont in the middle of trees and and you know and believe in what you're. Might trip them might what's organ known I got to look downtown we get value previews the red. Yet that we've been we've got to prequel series nor Ian that cub now you get to that. This month old Portland every article or the senate to out there again there. Cody your question about our team that to the rest of it and see what the perception out there. Until reached. Or pre game and the rest and Simon and bella. An interest in Mexico this week that we are in extra early. Mike had to be rookie vote with you on Twitter. They could parliament on Twitter at Mike Triplett bumped up but he hit into account. Trip thank you so much comment take care. All right jug be in the city so you were talking about some good food that you would bring a viewpoint but the thing we don't staring at me and he bit. Luka on the timeout there it goes in the big deal. You know we certainly I used to cold. There it just took the connected. At the same you know the addicted to that that the rock is going to be a question more quickly guy's gonna feel in the least it would they can do games situations so. You know that not so much. My concern while we we you'll tool you have guys that that could produce at the position in animal before you when you need to. It's not that we would want to speak to to hold it against the status quote. In debt being the that the economy that he gets to me it's about Alvin Gentry get open door policy his willingness to listen and his assistant didn't end in folks. Who might even be in it in and leadership position to say that but now I think. You know kids that they did and we tried it would have you okay. My issue using coach speak. If he would lie and go. While we hit it Super Bowl five years ago. We've been talking about them these same issues that Merkel talk about specifically. His openness. His philosophy we're. And while we've what we've done great in statistics in in terms of you know points school in indoor indoor it kind of stuff. When it's meat and potatoes. If everybody knows you need to be put the ball controlled the clock into was some things that would have you. We typical look at those things we've won games where it's like you've got guys who we play action. In the running game and times and we we're able to do it and all of a sudden we pulled guys that you don't seem like they they reasonable vacation resulted. You know. For more we integrated silly you you know we can't come we can't close the deal. We don't put any points on the board this year I can't even count and we'd read don't typically where it was seven points. These three points scored no. You know arm is just the philosophy there don't you he has improved in the meat. If he is he is pliable enough and approachable enough for someone that they coached. You know more on the field if we do to compete this guy all day. You know that I just I just don't you know so for me. He needs to still improve to be a day. He's he's flexible enough that we've got a team played enough. You know for the guys can hit so that they can execute it agreed to. That they can't stop it no matter what it is at the it is that you got to be able to push your guys around whether they know it's coming. Or not. But if you can be if you can win the chess match. And you know in in in and do what everybody know you need to be doing that I you know been. Good Uga went yes she got a. Should be legal may mean a mixed day. I may have. I talk about no CD out on my old I'm dude you know TDK. Right now our radio pregame notes I use an illness that yeah. Oh yeah ice the other night take him out 40012. Minutes is a dynamic look. I was known all of them all the potential as I was known at the tape making me I know you've got a group like man I institute dollars in debts of the. I did Q what I do that's what a problem you look. Would old school CD of the meal would be as music do you wanna mix it days. I'll I'll hobbled humble. It would blow bubbles and all. I so addictive David. All right thank you all right this is boards the Oakland WW. All right too loud down at two hours ago. BK to get anybody a bad John doesn't hall of fame oh this. Or Washington and problem might stands jaguar fans that around. Is coach Otis would be wood is in the 7 o'clock now on Deke Bellavia and I also was that one bite of food in new ones you can't it would out text me at 870 eights and.