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6-26 7:10pm Deke: talking with LA Sports Hall of Fame inductee Otis Washington

Jun 26, 2015|

Deke talks with former St. Augustine and Southern University head coach Otis Washington about his upcoming induction into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and gets a sports headline update from Mark Menard.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And gaining eleven of the final hour sports talk fun date thanks so much and have a little fun talk about the Saints in BA draft. Everything in sports and also talk a little Knoll of food just one bite of food a small things that make. Aussie the fabric what we do so much fun. It's and take the date the place to talk about when eagle vote to Bobby's place in -- springs has been into some low places like almost like looked cabin on the river. The most small place again like the prepared meats and now frozen afraid spikes the ball chicken to duck and and all that they like to slow pop that's like a low Wal-Mart. Does side and it got booed in its all laws that my mind right this season right. It's a pack of crackers and Lincoln that means we get their their attempt to get a bag a crack and although Leo so I get a chance to get my way of the wind came in Cantonese around neck this week and maybe I'm just that and it's what concerns you most. Gone into the season about the black and go is that the defense the laws that Jimmy Graham offensive line or you're not that concerned. The black ankle roll. Cast your vote online at WW mail that count on but some some different places to eat in them with stuff that coming in. The pin on how much time I've got. Now I've always wanted to place I've always thought this several places around the city. Called the brown derby I go to one at Tulane Jeff Davis the reason why noting that location it'll always be near and dear to me the first. The first that was shuttle idea on this station. On navigated a lot that. I don't know how I got to do it. Out of the of the Sunday evening in in nearby field was all. The SEC tournament was into walls and 0304. Yeah. And it was after that ended the selection show with criminal in the evening. And our goal bullied the the dog down now you talk by some I thought they would have made all main. I would like. Enemy BO birdied the he. I mean I'm submitted trip like. And we were at the I would allison's. It was a brand new outlook on called the tooling and Jim Davis right there as I'll always remember with brown there because I thought the netted day. The body and a round of the game. Day with the same year it's Syracuse came to the wall Owens who was at the second time they were here at their and they were here and they got it right. That's when Carmelo and he was a freshman. And him McNamara and watch group and they beat Kansas for the national championship and Roy Williams and of duty to report at that because the TVs aggregate wish list. About North Carolina right now I got a group of kids in the net peca. Q did Hinrich he was on a team that some of the big ones on a team from Kansas. And it's definitely. And I said those key is that part broke and just while they know the game with Syracuse beat. Kansas in the national championship but that 64 she'll. It was a Sunday at a tournament selection Al's own duo birdied the in the body but he told me I'm thinking was the first time were probably. Embodies it now will Poulter you know. I hope you know a lot thought about it. Saw him before I'd let me about it right you can talk to go in arm and some amateur with a mean. The WWR radio. But at the make a long story short I'm over it went and got there early of course that point damn obvious 6 out there am I beating the Robby hammock and a good friend of mind. Call me a lot about radio is hard work and Judah who have been trying to radio. It is date you do in accounting year you do to regain. It has to college I'm talking about baseball basketball football. He you do anything. He's just alone allow front beat one thing he told me it's the Miami beat Indy. He's that you we don't gain. But the game ain't going nowhere and you. And that's the truth. Always via its weight big eve baby it is now at land him be instinctively. Dogged day and a stop at the brown derby. I got loud mean big mean. That bones. Big macro agencies not to elbow macaroni and the like this but the united by can make Mac or ninety but you know it no matter what kind of caught us the game Uga. You have report Tony you could have old number seven. That's the big the big thick puzzled hole in the middle of liked snakes. You to have miceli Uga having Japan you can have played a team does not yet. Linguine in years past that it's the tees all the way UT's big on him but they got that. In two pieces white brain and a Coke. Home you know with that. Bang for your book in the AC if there was a bank we book onto eight doubtless is seven dollars to distance. Is all meet imagine you get you gain a bigger amount of food and quality of food in net and I'm dumb but their box of food. In the week to be rookie often so now that it isn't steel that is day. Pounder habits that any at all different law it is just one of the many many things that you can eat here in new world fiscal two. Chris in Metairie Chris thank you for calling WW well. They'd be a guy you know who's created. Oh man I'll ever want to know La. Include personal catcher was in the Cheryl and got a text about it would be the depletion talk about it caught Byrd called Billy. Mean taught and special team be chosen you know I'll be about gruden yeah are you a quick story real quick and I needed to and I know Leighton and crack when the fall. At. Some point you've got to try crowd went up there and I don't know and I tried out a titan and I addictive every time I'm not. Al Christian noted that you'd you'd been in jobs have been we discovered they got those for his crack and they put a million Logan Iran and lamb at Indy the way they make these they cut. Because it's a hallway it's a good little hole can be too much we did today and boy you talk about right out there all in a melting amount. To me. That are playing. Right now I hasten lobbying that week week in its up point careers we've make a point with some that would only at night but one of the pits and on the way up a bad we've made suited open. And we stopped right game negate crack and I use that back I got back to approve things that come almighty to come home when like epic last amicable with the rabbit. I alligator assault Chacon and how low I love dozed off the bone chickens so yea it's in it's it's an end of Chris that's the kind of place I always that I've got couldn't beat my family. Out of our product that's the kind of place I always point night is not a big place you notice how small are here and I got in there it's it's to perfection. Yeah Chris what about that while I got you here what would you concerned about the black and gold going to agencies. Yeah I I never going to. Any type what camp are you saying Lydia who actually kind of charted that your card we can't the last day it'll do you good do you gain. They looking at you know. I think in the pampering them. Maybe you can. I'm opening inning street looks like they tried to adjust to actual problem in the well they can strike out. That the a lot of little bit more than you know speaking if we keep your green clean. That's a big. Difference with me on and on and evidence. As opposed to thirteen entering what he would do. No doubt about grit no doubt I'm glad you've got a team to get out them and it's good. I hit a yes man a thank you call we appreciate 26018 Sammy. And you could take you 878 and he was the head coach it's an Augusta has moved them sixty man with him in and three state championships semi fast Sammy gate incident and the largest class the state at that the program ninths wood dominant. Dominant on his era and he went on the B coats its own university. And Hugh was ultimately land coats and the wood to Jack well. Otis Washington hall of famers join this mix that would afford it and view this is WW. And welcome back to sports talk. 260187. You could take me at 87870. In a lot of texting him thank you so months for a slamming you witness it Deke and we come out to brown derby is it tuning in south Jeff Davis yanks eat Edith I'm go on over there. Mean uptick and things out in to be easy or different places there is it is saint Charles pull ball out of town is omitted but it a little thing told that I go to. So BP was that we were quick here old course the year is up I've been so fortunate. In your product of the good environment. In the people out I think you ought to come to know me over the years. Don't look to give forth an amount. And yeah there's a lot of sane and opens it will come away and we Arnold of course that but my mom and Rachel who. And now I know in my Brady is border and I'm around some good people and when I first got started here you know learn a lot from so many people noticed the audience among all. And different capacities but it would go around him like on the line they have eagle on two different people commit one time off. DePaul. The good guy works here fourth in that he took me two think chills but that is awfully tall mobile to slow small place but me. People going in as the one thing about these CDs. And I am sure it replaced conceded that if you got five dollars yet filed. We got them you won't hear. I mean we do it is not just appalled ball is like. The people in the smell of the build them. Soft and the music all alone he's he's he's an experienced the idiot and you dislike closure in this and that does sound. You can open yet as a close you indicates everything you've closed and you just mail. That's new wall and it's just so many places about it forget the first time I would commute you real. Am in and in. Where where they want to one Brothers and where'd. You Iowa omelet without law and teasing with him to learn. Words about the site where it. Yeah I'll be brokered the and you see it that way with the game and make it to him bawl and make it out but boy you mania that's good though all the we have now. That at at the community agree that's a staple here. Owning get a now we've bought the girls and one found him. Open while now deck it was a baby. It was noble we got to bring and just just stuff like it that want they what you oh. And I when you when you get together you go someplace all wiggle. Wiggle room blow you could just be a round. And before you know that they. As it is not that you'd fan to tune in to be some of rescue like it is and that's with that's when we. In no doubt about it. And that that's what we. I think that's what we Lowe we'd love down game we know with this night as good as it is in other places the cause of the things like that. And we talk about him not about Louisiana there's a lot of good things that are here including will we be talked about all week long. It ended June of the year the Louisiana sports all of things inequities. Induces plants athletes and coaches and former greats. In this year's class is no different and one gentleman that we are glad to have a program. And it was as successful as the calm on the football. On the high school and college levels. Saint Augusta with the name that was respected in the years equally when he was there. When ought to be a coat in the SEC LSU and then went to the university band roots in the point. Of the store buy you class with the Jaguars against the Tigers dilemma right now Austrian known. It's operas not welcome in the hall of fame coach Otis Washington go to Washington thank you so much and congratulations. Coach so when you look back at it you've got the call about the hall of fame what what was that like for you to receive it columnist. Are. Borrow one Acapulco. And it. Oh you don't see you know about people go in and it great that. Chemistry is. And each is. Biggest thing is that. You know I've thought about what Miller legit or if I don't bring out. Approach. Coach that way when you look back on on the Korea 106 in 26. It's saint Augusta and and the career the state championships and it did bill 120. Plays they went on to earn college scholarships I'm should have something to try to about. The point your list because to me that not only shows. That and medicine and how great they were. But the program is like you've got to play football but you gotta get your education in those guys one on play college ball has got to be some you awfully proud Coco. One thing we stressed that I go out there and affect the no matter how good tool also had to make sure that you get the books. And put note thank Joba I think we got that it would be intimate. Up question now he would get not to have about it now but they've blocked well. Coach peaches. On accountant going to bet well. Head football coach at San Augusta has Goosen university good Xavier university graduate coach Otis Boston go to the always in a sports hall of fame tomorrow night. And negatives on front street coach in 197515. Note today's date a lot of people say the greatest team in Louisiana here after. At a local football and it. How does he want to. What is there that might have been a curriculum greater good news out of a team that didn't go to nineteen of tooting. That was one tackle or two. And coach in all I a lot of times that teams know it's a seventy did they dale dale better than other teams have been as these adult. Don't get to a team. And unit units and teams go to the game right now because colon well. Call triple that we two teams attainment 1970 given to him in 97 that they've both credit not one bit Cleo. Got a call and. Man Cortes got that now that's got to be some that's hard to think about coming to that means that you you say you don't make the playoffs but. Cannot make it on a coin flip in a league that could have been a state championship team right there. An incredible and they step should think that's right. Coach now you move on this on the university and in in when I think about it in an absence of an in. At that time when you're playing Graham and early eighties mis Graham it was with a powerful. Alpha program what was it like coach Otis I know you do a lot about it but but a coach in one of the greatest drivers and old ball. Yeah you know I ought to approach that. That. I'm probably. Not recommend it. But. The only coach good coach Eddie Robinson. And Barbara. Credit that it wrote about. To a well two all time great. It. Coates did that route read the it's it's a we talk about it every year but you know people who inning go to those one thing but. That route Rico is as good as he gave it to mean when he when it summoning granted it's it's all business and teams was it coach prepared hard nosed game. Everywhere but so you know. And conflict or two ago. Robert as Robert no problem and then some sort of an court Sutherland. Broke Michael took ground and absorbed by my out of graduate and so. You hit it except that. There have been. As part yet. And they're ready for the glory right. Coach watched a lot of fans and people that know you know lobby Q with you don't use what is coach Otis watched him do in the east day. Playing golf. Has gained no easy game good. Credit but I thought they would go to. Critic but I expect it not companies are up to an excuse that they live but equipment. Coach finally win when you hear hall of fame that it in sports stats that that's Vietnamese that it that is the year that's high as you can gate. When you walk in them on my coaches is there one season one memory if things that in May may stick out a little more and other. You know law. I'll elect a straight. One person borrow a lot of people who bit about report filed a general principle Danica who. We gave me a chance to coach Seneca that the entity wonders. 46 years though coach and I know they had to be you had to be had to began to feel a lot of pressure. That you haven't been. Go that it will. In no effective he gave me that would work out. And you know coach you know this because up you know a blessing in disguise but. You made it difficult because of the success you haven't noticed some coach in doubt that the Haskell low what is small press on the the college level. And in saint Augusta has won only net that's a job that it's a lot of press it would get done. Yeah desperate at oak all the practical. You know you OK at one game and all. Yeah had to be thirty I'll uncle. You had to. The third of the coast boaters watch it coats is always a play as a man I'm I'm so ahead of the union family and I can remember a mental thing all teams. I was talking all about thing ago Matta knows tees and some of the best in you know what we think a pretzel bottle in the Wii's and a that was I think that was the kind of be the birth of prep football going to the dome those fought it out repeated down the crowd noise there when it's super dome that. Those memories and knows atmosphere is coats they'll be all the crowds. But I don't know those would be like that it anymore. I don't think so the person that I go to bitch. Coach Otis Washington coach congratulations. And god god bless you go on to hall of fame tomorrow night. All right coach Otis Washington San Augusta and from sixty than to say that he heard coach Otis element to you know gave those you don't know. He hit two teams. Two teams that one man in one. Off one game. Nine in one and didn't go to the player of the colon flip. They could once stated that Alice had teams that day ago when it took off and above him wanna state champion just what was one year with eight. 75 team with unbeaten in its coach said the 72 team a lot of people think with this as good as the other hand. A district 1070717375. 7778. And seven. And a district title the end Dimitri. The district championship and he candidly and a lot of people out that candidly about the eight at the kneecap but imitate a championship district Jamie chip in camp at the Yucatan. Law was as coveted as they tip it. It walks and I don't think anybody disagree. It was more important to Phnom. The sun but I Catholic league championship. Was. Was. I think at that time especially those schools as valuable as as prestigious. As difficult to obtain as a state championship a 120 his political on college scholarship. And then of course he placed a coat on often tonight LSU in 1980. In the head coach the Jaguars. It ninth in 1986 waiting coach. And against them Grambling in the buy you class coach Otis Washington. Then at Smith. Avery Johnson. Always Washington Petit bit raw and Kevin follow. Pat Collins Jake DelHomme and frank brought us. All go into the class of 2015 tomorrow night inactives for the Louisiana sports. All the things what a great class it is thankful all of them Fatone was this week all the sports talk it's all pockets at WW dot com what do way to finish up coach poked with. Washington and the opponents. Are big relatives CBS news update. And welcome back. Pretty jaguar opinion poll what concerns you most about the issues. Saints team on to the season is it the defense and also Jimmy Graham. Offensive line above or you're not concerned. Cast your vote online at WW Rio. Dot com. Before we get in a they don't everything's pending an award a sports service towed out to Escambia county in Pensacola Florida for John John thank you for calling WW real. I'm a bit but Burke got caught let thank you. All on the walls and I'll I'll earns that island you're out or ran out of sport now you are. In it Ryan Garko. Drew Brees or quarterback are the quarterback and you're not what our. Record you were not and yeah really can't her belt. Got award. But not in a lot of the at all as somewhat. Yeah and as what it was so good message on your right. And got attacked him. Through their electoral. You very well and now I'm out there about all my irons. But people say to reader and a good group in you'd figure it out and they're preparing. I've got yeah. Who worry. So you think do you think Jimmy Graham will be more more of a loss and then they participating how you feel about that. Are using a law put out its welcome eager dot com gives everything to not allow weapons but I don't worry. Yep I think a lot of people all the same page with you now they'll be a bit more took the ball distribution that they were so successful on. Don't want to outright. Regular Blanco. You need to protect jubilee. And we figured out we think about two Cowboys did done that they and they they settle that you think may. I I'm excited if I was Dallas I'd be excited about dammit fan not think if he stays healthy he's a 59 yard guy he could steal Ron. And now whether or not to go make another move but I'm like damn thing. Auburn. Out or repair -- we want extra. Couple hundred per sport or Albert about our own. We've got everybody in the field. Not wearing a ball. Well and here. Prodding and and demands. You. Never know. And I can't be out. There are not there. Romo wobble while all. Those years. Old column. Well in your. Why he actually. He had the day today I noticed no doubt about it a man thank you so much for the college squeezing in dale. In Metairie dale thank you for calling WW it. I B yeah I feel a beat Duke blew away the oh Paula that they can't be bothered me today on what do good point. Yeah on the outward about great corporate. Shot but he will always take care of that I think it could be it's a question. And I thought it made a lot of move. Here. I think deep Browner is incredible equity. And and boy and production but he could impact real except we have and god knows how long. I think it is a really good looking deep into the situation saying I'll I'll hang up a little. Odd idea I'll I'll wrap up to about that dale just a few moments to give up or pole vault. The first date on everything it's happening in the world sports stories. But the thanks DH and right now the women's World Cup is under way and of that. You know people say that women's sports on exciting and maybe they say soccer is an exciting but I'll tell you what today Germany and France battle it out. In eight in the first quarterfinal match up was tied one to one. At the end of the game a Germany is in number one team in the world by the way and they had come from behind tied up in the 84 minute. And went to penalty kicks and in the overtime period it was. Germany. Taking the taking the game on the very last kick they were tied four to four on penalty kicks Jeremy made their fifth and final heavily taped. And they declare lava gay of France. Was blocked missed her penalty kick 41 year old with the weight of the world on her shoulders and she missed it. France is out and Germany. By the skin of their seat the number one team in the world moves on and cool they play well they might very well play the US that the Americans are in action right now gives China. And I came as one to nothing in the 59 minute of play Carly Lloyd has the US's. Only gold the only goal the game. She got a header in the 51 minute to score. So the US the Americans on top in the women's World Cup won the nothing USA ranked number two in the world and trying to get. Their first World Cup championship since 1999. Will be the second for America overall. Now also going on the world of sports last night was NBA draft and one team that made a lot of waves negatively the New York Knicks. They picked Chris that's pushing gets a Latvian nineteen year old with the fourth overall pick of the draft and place in the place immediately erupted into boos. Hi Al the Knicks fans in attendance. Well the fans are the only ones unhappy with the pit Carmelo Anthony has now come out and expressed little dissatisfaction. With the New York Knicks. In a phone conversation with former teammate Tim Hardaway junior who was traded away from New York to Atlanta yesterday. And he thinks that does this it's not a very good because he thinks supporting gets. Mean I'll be ready to contribute immediately and he says that's what New York needs. More than anything that's one thing. When the fans are booing you boo when your star player who you need to come through in the clutch is not happy with the pick well maybe it's time to. Rethink things and you know of everything Phil Jackson has always touched it's kind of turned to gold here. Though with the New York Knicks as it has not been. A yellow brick road so to speak for Phil Jackson's a Carmelo Anthony. Unhappy with the pick and Chris that's averaging just to be a lot of pressure on the nineteen year old Latvian. When the season starts and the Philadelphia Phillies. Yeah we'll talk a lot of baseball down here. But when a coach gets fired this early in the season generally economy waves and that's what happened to Ryan Sandberg today is former Major League great. Coach of the Phillies and he was let go from his position today the Phillies are 46 and 48 on the season. Now one of the worst records knows what of the worst record in the major leagues to Ryan Samberg out of a job the Phillies looking for new coach if you got that resume and you know baseball maybe put it in there you might have a shot. So that's what's gone wrong the world of sports today I'm mark Menard. Back to the big chief Deke Bellavia. Alec and the neat thing they need to Nazi shooters does the ball club in LP for a while but. You see him and so on Kiki and Omar. Are I think that that they gonna Phillies try to hang on to O'Meara chic and I think if he wants to stay he's gonna stay now something else interest in Brook Lopez opted out of his contract today. So he could be a target of course Robin Lopez was a year with New Orleans it was good it was good Tyson Chandler was here I believe he's a free agent so. There's some guys that have had some experience here in the Big Easy that they could maybe go after but I think right now. They like put a Sheikh has has done for them and and in the past season. And Joseph Morris brought up it's up and I also read last night was that a six best season. Was what you run and gun and with the Rockets and if they pick up the pace he might turn out to be a diamond in the rough for this team. So I I think that they're gonna they're definitely get a re trying to re sign magic and we'll see if he takes it you know we don't know what he's gonna do he's an unrestricted free agent he could do anything he wants. But I think that they're leaning toward resigning him. Mark Monaro mock talk to people Cuba with you on tournament and I follow me at marked men are thirteen all right in keeping up with the tuned in new that's going on right now CBS a date to the top but the bottom of the Al authorities believe the second prison escape the went. In the mid to witness contain. The other as DP was shot in -- this at an open New York. Who bring them with as the latest at the top and Allen who's also with CBS of these 31 and eat now the latest on the skate prisoners. In new goal cooperative I want people what concerns you most about the Saints on this season. Ought to with that would defense the loss of team in the offensive line and the and the leaves it nothing. Pretty pretty good vote here 36% say the defense. 33% are all positive things nothing the black eagle role. 70% have concerns about the offensive line 15%. Have a concern about the loss team equally thank you for participating. In operated day or you go online at WW ale. Dot com in 601870. Let's go out now but John's John thank you for called. Programs and so loan now. It would be part of as a wide receiver will he has. When your tight end. And it illegal block in your footsteps or the middle you don't have the value of the tight there and he was one of the top two guys at the top guy on the net a couple years ago. But last year he started here and what steps across the middle. And your little EU might be five million dollar a year player. He certainly does yeah last year and your Ortiz not ten million dollar a year player just as. He's great he's not the super. Now we we we love is established that there's not too concerned so that will be with the offensive line defense is the defense the most concern for you. The defense I mean it it's amazing exciting eats its gonna be this year you brought in to defensive backs it's like didn't two big free agent in the first year completed bird last year it's like we've made to do and like you bring somebody else needs you. Browner to me is one of those guys just accidentally and one championship future years or something European it makes that outnumbered. Rob Robert Horry called big game poppy always end up and a changer or a big game. Brandon Browner and showed that he's in L version of big game on. He just showed up in their so that by as president or just got it bad in the audible at the champion. Not that yea you impart it to other corporate and the defense that you didn't do last year. It's a combined leadership back there that we secondary. Well maybe like stop. All of and an old guy but I'll. So they are at the line at the apple in my concern is I'm not super concerned about it and I think we finally develops some people there. And bringing it solid naysayers that in short it would championship. And leave offensive line that really produces some great running backs right so I mean I I don't have a concern. What got I think at that some of the things you say a lot of T will agree with and you know like even if you just grew up on to put you back of your point pretty well and obviously. If it's going to be a concern in the in his own the team to be a concern but there one of those teams that final comment about my immediate things is that they can't be as bad as they were. Last year there's no doubt about I've got to college football numbers to you know there's only four teams in America makes you that a favorite every game. The Ohio State Buckeyes TCU. Boise State in Clemson. There are two teams not an underdog in any game at Alabama. And Georgia Alabama the pick image ought to mean that's what they're not a favorite every game in Dalton is a pick on three times hosting Alabama and Tennessee and at Auburn. Interesting like they always take it to the numbers thanks so must've mark minority Jim handed don't forget the latest on the escaped prisoners that in New York one being a one being Kyoto go to a authorities are saying has been detained by the latest that coming up with CBS just a few moments. And thank you for participating. And all of our activities they all line. At WW dot com on Facebook radio WWL and texting us an 87878. The mall Manaudou demands on the bella via scoot is up next here on WW real good evening.