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6-30 2pm Angela, Hot Topics: Overtime for Salaried Employees, Chris Christie

Jun 30, 2015|

Angela and Todd Menesses talk to callers about all of today's hot topics including Chris Christie, and the raise on overtime for salaried emplyees.

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And we are back for our second tower of hot topics. And I always say this is your show. Our numbers 260187. The and we very much want you to be part of this discussion and we gonna a lot of great hot topics sitting here with Todd the nexus. Every man for all seasons who. Always has thoughts on thing. Yet as a good thing about the cookies used that sentence for an Emmy well again that's our Helen party parity. Now I'm not gonna touch that they're just the best. I just I'm not going to touch that she doesn't because she loves this which is killing me yes. That we're gonna talk we're gonna talk some serious. This is a very interesting topic we're actually gonna do hold shall on this next week as I think it's. I'm going to affect a lot of people and I think it's got a lot of people having many questions but the question is. Should salaried employees. Who earn less than 50000 a year be eligible for overtime. If they work more than forty hours a week. President Obama is proposing doubling the income threshold for salaried workers who deserve overtime pay. So right now I think it's 24023. Something portrait 4000 dollars. And then after that you have to kicking. He is saying it should be 50000 opera to 50000. This thing up to fifty if you make over the 24000. And you don't get over time what he's saying is. We're gonna up that says if you re. Under 50000. You would make over. That is correct and if you own a company Iran company how would this affect you. It is a a very positive move for workers. Or is this just sort of another action that we're all looking yet I think frankly I think there has. The issue of wage disparity that our wages have not grown as son as prices of other things have grown. Are really highlighting. These kinds of things but this is it's just a very interesting topic. And it will it will impact a lot of people and so again threatened if I'm wrong time but right now somebody. Makes 24000 dollars in Jamaica and yet you make over 24000. You don't get over you know get overtime. But if you and what President Obama wants is if you make under fifty so that's a big big happen. Have you makes you make over fifty that you wouldn't be right so he's raising it up and and yet to in articles I've read one of the ways they get around this is. By making somebody manager yes and it you don't have to have a whole lot of responsibilities as a manager but that will all automatically kick you out of getting any overtime. Where a lot of middle management jobs. Were created. In a lot of businesses yes that that is correct. Anyway so wanna know your thoughts on that are you worker who sang absolutely. I'm working fifty hours a week and I'm getting paid for. So. Your thoughts. Another topic you know the Chris Christie made it official the New Jersey governor. Is declaring his two canned candidacy for president. Vowing and I quote I mean what I say and that's what America needs right now. And declaring that both parties have failed. Now this makes it fourteen. Republican candidates. Do you have a favorite. Is the one that you relate to right now and one who completely turned you off. So we're asking that time. Can't just tell us to and it may you know it may change your mind fifteen times in the next fifteen months before the election. Fourteen Republican candidates and there are more democratic candidates other than Hillary Clinton I know she's the one that. That we get the most information about that she's seems to be the front runner although. Sanders Sanders and his name is come very close to Harry's he's polling anything. Under an eight point away former so something like that. But. Fourteen. Candidates you know I often wonder if and this is just me talking. And we're using and I say that my wife Rosa rise. But do we do elections. Wrong I mean that we we go through this whole process of these guys are gonna beat each other up. In the primaries and in the debates and so forth and so on until one homer emerges as the as the candidate for that party. And then all of a sudden they all love him and he's great Merrill given impacted it makes no sense why not just have all of them run for president all on the ballot at once and then we vote. That is an idea of it but the answer to your question news as window politics. Is sport. And so the beating up in the is what we're all looking for. And isn't that entertaining now home not particularly but to many it is and then you have the Victor in the one who is left standing. I would say let all four you know I go to the balance fourteen islanders five dimmer in the whoever whatever party you wanna be libertarian doesn't matter just. Whoever gets the the most votes and gets the most electoral code you know width I mean that's. Makes sense to me you know it save all this other nonsense. Now it hopefully this will be banned in mill start doing whatever they're going to be doing and I don't know when debates are starting. But they're gonna have to do it in tears because they'll never hit fourteen people on the stage that wouldn't so cumbersome and ridiculous. Another thing we are talking about. Not very interesting a portrait of Pope Benedict. Previous Pope. And I actually went online and sought and it is. I have to say stone. But it is made of condoms. And it is sparking a lot of debate. Is it art. Or isn't it is an attack on something that's sacred. This is a portrait by Nicky Johnson. And it's made from nearly 171000. Condoms. And bill on display at the Milwaukee Art Museum in November. And again it is it is almost as photographic. Colorful. Very very well done. She says she was inspired to create apiece. After the pope's 2009 visit to Africa. When he refused to lift the church's ban on contraception. She says he even suggested condoms. Would worsen the spread of HIV. So the artist says it seemed only fitting that the material he was resisting. Would be the material is portrait would be made. I made it with the intention. Of being. A beautiful object and again if you go on line and you look at Pope Benedict portrait. You'll soon on sank it just bought my first look at it was looking with some of the people almost looks like it was. Embroidered and it just very well done. But your thoughts is that. Is that slamming something sacred or is that a form of art. Like to know your thoughts on that. Well one man art is another man's trash or treasure armament works I mean it. Art is something there and there's a lot of heart out there than thank a lot of people don't yet. I still don't understand how. These of the dot one dot on the right thing is is hard sell it for millions of dollars it's likely make it could've done. We couldn't yeah we can it done but but the difference is we didn't we didn't that somebody did I didn't and it critics as though it's wonderful it's its in its use this and that that's that is it's a break on total yield I mean it's not that deal. But anyway and I and I digress but. I guess I mean when you look at it at least it looks. Like a picture. And it looks like something you can see it's our guests and she did. Really close to form from from the pictures I saw the Internet when you look at it if you didn't know what it was you would not know it looked like he was mean maybe. Mosaic tiles or something the way it was put together so. Now it just it's a very attractive. Piece of art but again she is sending a message and if that message offends you than that's a forfeit it if it means something to you. The newly look at it with different guys but. Would like your thoughts to 601870. Sober talk about the portrait of Pope Benedict we're gonna talk about Chris Christie. Now it's fourteen candidates. Tell us your favorite is up to this point and why and who you can't stand and why and then we're gonna talk about the salaried employees. Those who can earn overtime this could be a major major difference for business. So a lot stay in touch with us 2601878787. They. Let's take a break we'll be right back it's time to myself Angela. Under the W well. Well we are back talking some hot topics and what did you tell you about are pretty jaguar pull that love to hear your vote on this. We're asking the question should salaried employees who earn less than 50000 dollars a year. Be eligible for overtime if they work more than forty hours a week. Again mrs. part of what may be coming up the pike so should salaried employees who earn less than fifty grand. A year be eligible for overtime if they work more than forty hours a week. And thus far 76% of you say yes give a sure vote evidently well dot com that is also one of our hot topics. Brian some people are texting in and a 7870 saying that you can get it to overtime. Even if you get a fear all if your business offers it and agrees to pay it they can but legally by the law. They don't half to. That's what they're saying if your manager they don't have to but even if you make over that him in in that gap that 23. Over toward that they don't have to offer overtime. By the way the law the law reads some of the other text forgetting her or just. Smith as the real funny in my said something about one man's trash tournament treasures moments as one man's trash is another man's contraceptive. Another Texas good lord of you figure the cost of those condoms the last priceless offer condom with 75 cents and a vending machine at a truck stop breast room. Times one it's the seventh house economy that's about 121750. Dollars for the portrait. Except that the 171000. Condoms the Al so that's of this and I'm 70000 Colin jealous of this and I'm sorry that nothing jumped over I don't think she went to the men's restroom. I'm truck stop. Pretty sure she didn't someone says Chris Chris you'll never get elected to his harsh stance on marijuana he won't get the swing votes in Colorado as well as other states that have legal. We'd. Another tax. That says I can only praise a teacher that I can now start billing overtime for all the stuff I do at home nights weekends and holidays it would really double my pay. Someone else says. One and oh how I get a better paying job I stay off drugs pass a drug test got experience in the field further my education good paying job needs to be worked for not handed to you. And this isn't minimum wage were talking now none of them are men and some Bebo a lot of people are roaming automatically saying. Lit studio let's let's do this for you know talk about minimal wage this isn't the minimum wager talk this is completely different this is salaried workers who were already working. Full time. Somewhere and they're not working for minimum wage either of their getting salary. Should they be allowed to get over time if they make up to 50000 dollars. And and I've certainly known people who make in the 25 to 30000 range who warm major managers. With very little responsibility so that they don't get overtime. And we've got some text something else saying that more main businesses but they say that's what they do at their place of business. Lot of interest in things and someone else and takes an 8787 aces no candidate turns me off as much as Bobby Jindal and while a caller talking about Bobby Jindal as well. And let's go to Tim thank you for calling your under the de Cuba Tim. Thank you Angela. Let me do that is an opening speech it would report thing. Bob agent represents the best in political opportunism. On the war in hypocrisy these the physical. Political and religious. Physically. He has had this portrait lightened or some people call him you know basically population. It for more. Than he has saying the and ready to go. Politically is move for mother and father and father right. Even though use educated supposedly 1 of the liberal eastern schools. And he is. You know he is doesn't care what the polls reflect. Further on the political pace stages constantly. Says I can do more. Mom moving in the right. He also has stated on the physical and political situation. I want to be called before cause and to the dog gone day. Where you can get all right as possible. And then follow it religiously he started out in. He converted them policies some. And now he is. And evangelicals. Albeit an evangelical. Council. This is certainly the war. And political opportunism. I will soon find. And secondly it is rampant hypocrisy. So Tim I'm guessing you he doesn't have your vote. No he does in fact one of my excellent image is made clear ultimately does want my Republican differences. Equally. Big before but not the second time and over again. Well I think he is going to be one of those candidates. Alla Christie. Who is who is not that popular apple. Now has pursued the case. They're kind of tying those two together that they both came out this week announcing their candidacy in most of the national. Media are saying is they're both governors who are not well liked in their own state right now gonna run for national office. And there are actually defending that must say yes but tell it like it is and let the chips fall. Where all the ships involved. And sometimes they come back to purge you basically if you are not doing very well by your own flow. Virtual ball. And that to me should be the test but then that's right what have you done in the job Japan and price. Yes Tim thank you all these for calling thank you let's go over quickly to Madison bill. You're on WWL. I. Yeah I shall we got a cut. Great. I sure a lot of people would agree that we need. You know the right thing he claimed. No doubt whatsoever side. That case. Yet copy that bikers. Are charged alike and it. PL about it and call at all. Of the K. He should have known act that. Yeah it is a bigger job. And added that it. You know you really are and that having your finger on the button. But they epic in war re open but it and other. Wore. Out and and I am so you know but the area and yet though it kept that out. I think he is with the horrible because. I can't think it is now for our act in game one. Judah and do any of the fourteen Republican candidates appeal to you. And. You know I'm really glad it ended my body that I you know that I that would is a good job. It would matter to the public market at it would matter. Sam if you want them. I really am I I'm looking for. You know I think we're in this era and tell it like it is an and people aren't telling the indomitable. But you know something there's an art to diplomacy. And it doesn't mean that your compromising anything it's knowing how to communicate and that's what I call statement. And I just wonder if in my lifetime we'll have that. Now the real the real test though Judith is you can have that guy running right now we've talked about this before. And you think that's the person and once they get in there. Her they suddenly changed and I don't know what it does he see that on air with every office. When they get to Washington some dolls they change well the loss. And machine is now bigger than any single person Judith thank you so much for your call and your comments we're gonna have to run to the newsroom that Sam stay with the some dying to hear what you have to say. We'll be right back on. Angela with Todd under the W well and we are back top Manassas myself as we look at some of the hot topics again our number 260187. Day. Free to be part of this discussion. Going back to our pretty jaguar poll asking the question should salaried employees who earn less than 50000 a year. The eligible for overtime. If they work more than forty hours a week. That margin is gaining now 83% of you say yes salaried employees under 50000 dollar should get overtime. And we get some tax on somebody was saying most jobs that are salary balance that out I should be it should be up to the company not the law that's forcing businesses to basically hire union worker when they shouldn't have to you. Some other techs coming in. That's this let's see put put forward ago. When does this. While my job was salary or 240 hours a week sometimes but a lot of the towns we were slow and barely working all day. I guess that's how the the guess just say Biden and their mind. An analogue a lot of places will do time off yeah so if you work over and any work eight hours over the really good day. You couldn't do it like that. I think a lot of people would rather have the paid. Then the day off because they still gonna pay the bills I can't you can't go to the electric companies that hey I gotta they all feel when they get. I'll work feeling confident in my day now. Well let's go to salmon New Orleans thank you so much for holding your under the that you will. Yeah. I know for a fact that some companies. Or take people who rationale and the war Campbell which aren't just into reality you know are polite way and that's not for. Ethically they should pay. However. I don't think it should be paid I'm an inch straight shell. Straight time overtime should be sufficient for Howard election because there certain for being shell. You know you bring up a good point with the what would the perks and B of being salaried. Well it can have time off and still pay for. We'll go look at the full house we all I'm a liar girl child. Okay Cassie Richardson. But if but if you work for a company in you know your week turns out to be a fifty hour week every week for. A year they're really getting 103 hours from. It so which are saying time is kind of a compromise so it's not going to be here at two businesses instead of giving him time and half for the overtime just in the regular rate for those hours. Yeah I have to get paid to you know other. Other labor and I think that what it should be but because they are an hour ago changed why should I am an adult. That he might put an undue burden on the employer. Yeah that that probably would and in the concept of making people managers really an often. Many cases without big managerial duties. Just so that you can bypass the overtime. And yet paying them 25000. Right well port for companies that. Make it happen apparently there how people work goes and wish. Just about standard. Five palatable time every week in quite often more than match. I have my home country now not all guys decide what I would do that we do pay our people straight overtime. And not chipped up to 50000 dollars but people make in a high. Five figure should hourly wage. Also you do pay overtime to sell all people right straight. Alexi straight time not time and have robbed but that that does seem like a nice compromise it really does. Jobs summit how many employees you have Sam cute mime in. Point welcome. That's interesting attack that you when your partner really just sat down and said what kind of company to be one of the all right. Well very good for you and good for your employees thank you Sam very much for your thoughts. Thank you thank you and it's and that's good I mean that's. It's a if someone's getting 45000. Dollar we already getting paid more than the other person who's working hourly why should you give. Overtime. But if they didn't straight A and its 510. Point or I don't know how much overtime people work I know. I know my father worked a lot of overtime. But he got paid overtime time in the company's time to have that he worked at and he would often take those. You know hours and take the extra hours to to help make ends meet them and provide for us because some of the things that he wanted us. To have Shura. And that is to be part of the American dream you know you work hard to get more you know. But it is interesting because I think that. Again we're looking at a bigger picture of employees today. And I think that this is that's on bled Sam called here's a man who started his own company and thought out. What do you know his employees. And there are a lot of people texting that say their their companies do pay them. Overtime. Even though they are seller so. Well it's good to hear too. We're gonna take another break but stay with us much more coming right after this I'm Angela. Under the that you are talking about a lot of hot topics today and we're gonna continue this discussion especially about the Overtown. Time issue Steve I want you to stay with us. But we're gonna take a little break and talk about something that's happening tomorrow very important in our community and we have deputy mayor Andy Koplan with us. And a couple of thank you very much for joining us this is about. The first online auction for adjudicated properties this is a big deal. It is and and thank you very much for having me we're selling. The properties that have been adjudicated in the city of new loans because their owners failed to pay the taxes due on those properties and so 83 of them. Will be towed to an online auction. Tomorrow morning starting at 8 AM concluding at 8 PM on civics source dot com. Civic source dot com very important. Now this is a little different the more the people who buy the properties tomorrow. The former owners can't come back. Well the former owners have the right. Up until the closing of the sale under state law to pay their taxes penalties and interest and redeem. And actually since we announced that we are selling adjudicated properties. We've now. It's 34. Just 42 folks. Have come in and and you know tea I mean they've paid their taxes they paid their interest. They've paid their penalties the average length of time on the properties was 22 years since but only it's so the fact it weird and a solemn. Helped them get religion and they come in the right thing. But. There are still 83 properties whose owners haven't done that that they come back after the auction. To pay their taxes but only interest is pretty low. But that's still risk and and get a require state law but we think we're gonna sell 83 properties tomorrow. Not a lot of the properties are empty lot. That's true 90% of the properties were selling. Are empty lot there's some bill to block all over the city in almost every neighborhood in the city has. Properties available some structures not very many but if the fuel when there's ousted by water that does need to be fixed up but it needs to get to a good so that they'll. Take a blighted property in in make it into beautiful house. And so that people how they sign up. We're taking this sort dot com today and to you throughout the day. And and register as they bidder making it registered watch properties in it and Asians were going to be these options. The first Wednesday of every month for the next few months until we. So ball so we would you'd expect to speak up along Hamachi inside the properties and get notification about them. Arm and you can certainly sign up and register. To bid on the properties for two more options at civic source dot com. And and give me a price range what do you what do you hoping for. It just did such a righty the minimum price on any property is the cost that it took to do the research and do. To get to set property for auction that's 3711. Dollars I think that. Most expensive opening bid that is maybe seven or 8000 dollars. But yet how many notices we had to send out to people that interest in the property get to meet our legal requirements that's what dictated those opening bit. I expect him a lot to go well over under. That'd be a lot that would go for a lot less. But some of them it should should take in picture could change. You know we've done any number of programs talking about how hot the real estate market is in New Orleans. In all areas some better than others but this is a great time to body. When it is it is in an agent. There's two things going on one is that folks are coming back to the world and books are moving into the city vote removed it from the suburbs they light the quality of life that we guys. And they're looking for property and part of the the other thing that comes as the housing prices are too high. And and rents are two sides to adding to the supply helps stabilize that market so that prices don't go any higher and we think that that's actually good thing as well. But this is also very important thing because we are all as you know wary of blight and wary of of these sort of holes in these pockets and this is a way to get life in there. That's right down you know this is this is really about trying to energize the neighborhoods in India there owners who got. They've lived next to a blighted property whose owner had been taking care much paying the taxes. And it's a double Burton to all right it's it's damaging the neighborhood but there are also forcing the rest of us who are paying our taxes. To absorb the taxes that they are not painted contribute to the maintenance of our roads and our schools. And so again put these properties back in commerce so that somebody else can build a that somebody else can contribute to the neighborhood and at the taxes get paid out that benefits everybody across the port. Hey Andy top Vanessa through quick just have a question is there any way that an original owner could come back and pay off those taxes after someone is thirty bid on these properties and put the money down. Yes there is an unfortunate to. Unique provision of state law is that until that. Real estate closing which we think will happen within thirty days all these properties. After that they give it to mark the option someone could still come back in. And pale listings. On. And you know a bit of the bitter. Would get a full refund you know being the detonator deposit statement at the property. Unfortunately we can't control that that law. On the net so that we advertise on the web site let people know that to risk. But let's steady gains in the state yet baseless and this is the proper because it's so for example if the owner. Imus are the bitter you know can it work will calm our contractor. Who is our scientific source. To close that property at fifteen days then you know they've just produced. So we just got a mixture. That that we go through that these will closing processes and another thing to point out here it. Winning bidder gets the property this property will be insured with the title picture which means that there's no risk to them at that point whatsoever. Of the income in. Three months down the road xmas present through my property. And the title insurance. Would take care just as it would do private transactions beat the new bidder would be protected against that kind of risk. It just makes a lot of sense what you're doing and and I'm glad to hear you're doing at once a month and this will get people sort of in the rhythm of this is a great opportunity. If it really been in action is more properties that we can count lines so we put about 17147. Properties up on to the sources site. In the way they get on the options is that something comes and looks sentences you know what. Optimistic 150 dollar refundable deposit to get this research on the property bill. And end after yet 6090 days 120 days of research time. We'll put that property up for auction. The high bidder will you know win the property get to buy it and if they weren't the person put the deposit down the person put the deposit we'll get that might respond back to. So it's it's just a way to get. The auctions continue got a hundred and 8090. Properties scheduled for the August sales the first Wednesday August and 171. Still scheduled for the up first Wednesday in September and would give it you can be rolled out. Until we so many properties is books to a club. So it's tomorrow starting at 8 AM and it's civics source dot com. That's right and I. An option first album ever tried one of those as well but books you know in that community are used to eBay and other kind of beating. Line right systems in this is where we're gonna do it for the first avenue well. Andy Koplan thank you very much for telling us about this and good luck tomorrow. Thank you so much appreciate that your interest. OK everyone stay with this steeped. Stay with us as well. We'll be right back could salaried employees who earn less than 50000 a year be eligible for overtime if they work more than forty hours a week. That's operating jaguar opinion poll and 81 of 81% of you say yes they should be. You were asking where do we get a forty hour week for him off that thing and it's that I just just so happened I I saw a documentary this past weekend. You see when the wife but there it went all the documentaries like to watch. A Powell. Henry Ford he's the one credited for a forty hour work week and of course also. Some of the auto workers as well. In 1914. The Ford Motor company's scaled back from a forty hour. Workweek to a forty hour work week because then before believe that too many hours were bad for workers' productivity. He also realized he could get another shift in there if he did that and so continue making cars when he for a pretty much 24 hours a day now. So I'll just I didn't know what went back that far back that far and they were strikes. I mean it in 19100 the average workweek was 53 hours a week. While lot well yeah. Steeped in Slidell talk to me your WWL. Steve. And are you there. May have lost Steve. Do we loose tea and eggs so okay. But anyway it's an interesting topic it's one we're really gonna look at a little bit further early next week. Get some labor lawyers in and just really talk about the whole issue is it will make a difference and yeah businesses and individuals line and. Are a lot of people to icing his one I'm 51 years old then had an offer. And of salary job is all in an offer of a salary job is always meant work over forty hours with ambition with no additional pay. I would I would also like to add that these jobs also using come with the titles such as system managers in my opinion. It wouldn't change much. If you add in the extra money someone else is saying why not just. Up. The full time salaried employees to pay them fifty hours a week period. Just make their salary rat because chances are their work at it. Interesting conversation and the next hour gang stay with this because. My friend and I I called my hero but John Kennedy or state treasurer back talking specifically about. These dad gum contracts we have but the good news law was passed this last session. It's gonna resolve a lot of so stay with this were gonna learn a lot. I'm Angela I think you Todd is always welcome and run double to do well stay with office.