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6-30 5:10pm Deke: previewing the SEC and ACC football seasons

Jun 30, 2015|

Deke talks with Carter Bryant of BleacherReport.com about the upcoming SEC football season and previews the ACC with David Teel of the Daily Press.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number two of sports saw a big Olivia. The fun topic yet don't hit talk about college about the SEC and the other power conferences the Big Five. SEC. ACC. Pac two ago. Big whale and the team. Is it fair to faint. Dead. A school went on a conference as a legitimate chance. Is it fair last week coach pat Collins. Who I think we all admire national championship coach for the northeast Louisiana university Indians beckon 87. And law lifelong. College football coach take Monroe's Manolo. And one of the things coach Collins who they were talk about announced it on earning him on at the hall of fame. Was that about college football and now the structure of college football now the not promised but the kind of permission to kind of where we warning you kind of a persuasions so to speak of conference commissioners to not scheduled division one double A schools. In non conference games. Is hurting college football and once these power five comets is Rio lasts and they're starting to. This year is the last year or as you mean next year a new mandatory root growth in the place we'll commit this live in the SEC. It eats SEC institution the fourteenth who is their members' schools have to have at least one non SEC game. Against a opponent from a power five conference meaning. LSU has to have a knock out game against some island wait for them like you deal. Some I like Ohio State. That. And eventually those four nonconference games. Obama won a Bane. Off by three knock out game one of being fifteenth impala commented that did not even though cause. I've never understood. And it it is kind of like I use it Vietnam did a Lanqing your circle line is when does that meet that means they have to you know account. Move on that's the way go this circle alive the college football is that the division one doubly institutions. Play one or 218. Clues. They get it. 500007000. And that helps him physically financially. Not just football be a tie university. Now division one scoot the going rate is about 500 K. Some get over a million. Okay so I am the Ohio State University Buckeyes. I am paying let's say the the University of Ohio. A million now. To come to Washington Columbus. Amare make money on my campus. It's a home game we know we know what we're on number is all we we count and they got it down to a T trust me Ellis judo at every who's got it down to a team in the stadium sold out. What type of stadium at outside a stadium experience they get the people who don't go to the game. The concessions the live music to the although the stuff that it's so much involved in college football. That's all factored in. So a million all the top. But. In this new age of college football this new fourteen play all. I'm much on out of me in Dallas. All merely had to do a division once clue. Because first of all it's a division one institution they're on the same level as me they might not or not will be on the saint noble cause I'm gonna Powell Colin. But they compete there ultimate prize is a for a spot in the four team playoff the national championship. Thumb or give vet school a million dollars to betting helped him. And what do bug me especially did not like. A good team. People are gonna look at me. In a negative way regardless if it's not a knock against a team. It's just when they go on before he play alchemy to remember now the committee now is much like the selection committee for baseball or basketball there is the committee to select. And if we don't think. That they're going to take into account the nonconference games. They whipped with a mistake. Where our mistake. So I think what they're moving to coach Collins agree I think a lot of people agree. Is these five power conferences ACC SEC big team. Pact will be it will. Will all say we are going to schedule both for those three nonconference games. Against is the fact. And the and the agreement news is that its home and away. What you do a two year deal for you do you. To now take a break too late ought to now anywhere move onto another school and the agreement is that's it. I'm not shown at a million dollars to Wake Forest to come to bad route to play LSU now. Wake Forest. Dot com the wake far in 2070. Wake Forest. Came to LSU in 2016. Whatever weight Foster makes when they host LSU on campus they may. LSU traveled to wait for what they pay a travel but it's all budgeted in there. That is the three year. Among more so the rest of division one and one double play. Because those five conferences. And can put a grip hold more even more even more on the money. And then you talk about. Even notice or lower tier games. I'm excited if if Vanderbilt playing USC Vanderbilt was what the lowest team is CC there's. I I liked that game. Even though you miss these are between one point favorite I like they gain is two teams from power conferences. Arizona. You know Utah. So my plants about a big team Arizona comes plays LAQ we saw that full. We saw LSU and Arizona State before. I think that's what we move into and once we move today. In the flat. It's going to be it's can be not a matter of what four teams. From the colleges in the playoffs it could be sixteen to be eighteenth to beat where OT make it galls me is that wall. They will continue to be aka occupied by the panel found. We will be farther away the BCS would be like. Oh let's bring to BCS back those other schools vote now counters. Will be big for the BCS back. Because it would give him a better opportunity I just don't Teemu look forward out of current format. And destruction and way to comment the mist as a telling screw in a member institutions. Count me Bob nuptial with eight that he schedule you know don't do that didn't look good it's the same vein. Without a coach groh was shall. Why did the some built in one conference one team in the baseball. The help of the conference. The schedule. They are Piaf. All their plays opponent in sports across the bowl and they were basketball football is movement today. And then we were asking you do you think the SEC is the of the best pallets. Conference in college football. Last two years Florida State Ohio State won the national championship in nine SEC's two. And best running back in the SEC history Bo Jackson Herschel walk. Big hack and even a boat to acts before freak injury. Due to his home now where it romance the stats to support his status as the great. And the overall plan but said he would never make it into a pro sports column I. It's it's more of a and that that you would think. Because Herschel Walker or I especially first season with special now. Here's a text from one that did it in the thinking along me. The Bears ACC running back is Bo Jackson's hands down another one people most most people forget he's there make fans. I'm with you on there it in that class. I'm not saying he is as good as Bo and Herschel. But dammit fan definitely deserves a name mentioned. Dynamic fan was unbelievable. And that was at a time in which you know coach not. People knew what what Oklahoma to what Arkansas was the one in his Duke and stop. I'm navigate the day after Thanksgiving in 2007. That was a track meet that would attract me it was an audit panel could Jacob has been a village you get another first down. It keep the ball away from Oklahoma Arkansas. And the academic fed when he was gone do you get mad if he got in the wildcat. Damn make that was unbelievable. He and I think 101 of the greatest backs and SEC is so ball Herschel if you have one of those who would you pick. It was 601870. A big ability at this at WW. And welcome meg this board sought. It's 601870. And you could take in the at 87870. SEC football there's not one man's camp with him and eat the last two years Florida State and Ohio State the last two national championship. Andy Katz about the Knowles and the Buckeyes caught a Brian Coventry SEC for Bleacher Report dot com car is not the SEC still the best. Conference in college football. How easily be command tired of all dispute yeah yeah he'd be easily. If you look at next year it is the pac twelve you'll see organ ticket decline you as he would increase Alec UCLA. I'd still love their in game coaching that you saw the underperforming even though they add a top ten talent teams it look at the big twelve. Deeply and all we see Oklahoma taken a step back count is down there Texas is still rebuilding. I am not a believer in TCU like everyone else even though Vegas has them favored in every game these go to the Big Ten it's Ohio State and everybody else. And Michigan it's scary and a lot of weight right now as far as. The off season story lines when you're just looking at next year you look at he SEC. IC five SEC west teams. As it might top fifteen right now actually when it comes to just say every day across the country so yes speak. The SEC west of particular to me is still the best division and you look at the SEC overall with that Georgia and Tennessee on the other and both really. Talented college football playoff sleepers on the other side yet this bout is still king the cut. I. So there's there's that that is the case and now we we see in the west and and I I think and I don't know I think some people feel and I'm pretty much on this it. You know the bowl season kind of determined to no laws against Owens. So you know in last year man she was listed the SEC west was voted again last year. But the figure he would Alabama Mississippi State Ole miss Auburn. LSU. All gave up five Mario at the mall total offense to those big defense of walks gave up full glory yarder Russian. Any arguably an average of over 35 points so well what happened when they went up against those of accountants that are not as good. Like you know it's. Small samples side you know you look at the other bulls' season he had indeed dominant selves. You know every now and then you could take years such as that one Alabama wants to the best team in the country last year. I'll state that didn't really surprise you know a lot and you know it's kind of funny because it's its weird to really put it. Thought I gotta tell you and him on articles they would double digit favorite they game. Yeah and that's what's really weird about it because that was one of Alabama's better teams. Let's be real you look at their schedule last year. They should they got beat them. The box score by Arkansas LSU should've beaten him last year I know we don't live in the world it should go to what it is but you it took epic choke job for Alabama. To win that game and so clutch quarterback play public's fans. You know I I just think that the SEC comes back this year that out now I got out what the play caught the ball is right now a deep sense of dominance doesn't mean so much we've seen. And all that of in plots whether it be that rule changes are just all the offensive masterminds we haven't not only in the SEC but. Bridges across college football you see some of these deep but the guys try to catch up with the times so you know it is a more even playing field no doubt about it. But what I want to be other big programs like it just mentioned across the country I think that they take a look at them a little bit of a step back. You look at the SEC historically. And I'm not a big worker in guys don't cover recruiting. I recruiting rankings to be can be a little overblown. But normally they do tell a good story and over the past five years yet he's he is still out recruiting every one. By a wide margin of parts top to bottom in their conference. So I I think overall you'll see a lot of that talent corporation this year. And caught what they'd stated why is it that L a schools that never finishes in the top fifteen top point. Recruiting although the last camp obviously. Transferred but a win win doesn't Missouri how many more SEC a title game appearances in a road has Missouri had the vote to show up in in Austin get some respect. Don't think that point be connected shows you that Gary people. Is that one of the more tout the coach is not only we've seen in the SEC and it gets in the country you know you make the transition for the big twelve to the FCC. While the big twelve declines in the SEC increases in talent but there is a result of only increased. And they've done so it was that quarterbacks. Two different quarterbacks Matt mark last year plane went two years ago. It would have come got a good coaching it comes down to. As a coach to mediate that gives weight have. Allen wait more than anyone could ever dream of let's do and a guy by the name Mark Richt. Who lost some in. Excusable games last year until you look at it very. What they've done the last two years they do some days. That will even out any playing field in any game and that's gotta pat trust that Michael's been two years ago and that chain Murray last year. If you have the pats rushed. You don't turn the ball all over and you haven't coached that game plans like the Bulldog. Like mr. Barkley Dutch you're gonna win a lot of gains. Caught a brat covering the SEC. And governor from top to bottom Bleacher Report can be to report dot com caught I have to be rookie but we get onto it. I act or the power guys I keep but all of south with your dear friend Peabody Christians who took a lot of trash show last. At car the power and he. I no that we will all of Milledge you four point cant wait for next year Tigers. Favored in every game but still there's no doubt about it that should be an eight or nine win team at minimum. And it should give back to double the two wins actually. Caught always bring in a passion and the intensity we appreciate him a man caught what talk against him. Okay caller thank you very much connect Peta wants double ACC and SEC. Interesting you know will Miami make that job and you know when Miami was in their heyday and did you. The most feared program in college football and to this point to open to this point costing you haven't seen a program more feared during the stretch. Then the University of Miami but mostly. WB and whose time has 532 type of person who we will go to gym and the and welcome back to sports talk. 26018 sending text me at 870 eights and it was go to Peter on line one's impatient waiting Pete thanks so much for calling you on WW yeah. I appreciate how yes but thank you. Thought. 02. Black green. And well. But. But earlier he would say something that I believe that group opening day. When you it. Opted in and eat the lord's been caught animals no doubt about Clinton or they. Well it would not. Oh lord. At BC right now. We. You know the order they. Bit. Happily I'm not in the right. Go at them sure about that. 88 or. You don't see. Yeah I think we don't. But. A lot of outs. Comment. On what. You oh you went on all it would be. Yes I eight you know Peter if we would talk and Duke in basketball you had me man to Duke in football it is. It is on him and look I with the be you know Peter. I'm talking in and out out out of the first preference they've brought things the old one game at two year. One game at two years Clemson has done done whale. But it's you know. If if ACC is don't get respect they'll get respect is one dog and it has got to stop balk miss universe and nine. They got it right and making the if they can get they get to where Florida State is now being you talk about some legitimate to him epitome. They are coming up and heard he's only got I want. Seem Peter this is it the Al goat I mean this this is the year you know it is the season before game 70 and they fall to demonstrate its. But you know he's allowing the psyche Sally got his quarterback although being that young man as Theo. He still it's wonderful Moss sliding point of almost remove from Haskell so we still gotta keep that talk back but he was a true freshman last year but. I just think that you know if Miami can get to. I don't dirty it gets when he he used to be if they can get the way they were forty in the butch davis' Eric coach Coca. Did the ACC Indian you talk about three. Three I go to Florida schools but they're not throw Clinton and Al to Oakland's and there. I think George. That is steel the most difficult thing to deal wind especially in a week's time in the ACC really they've got the best advantage because they see more often. Did anybody ask at that altitude run anymore. No it's it's amazing piece of the Dowd to coach Johnson does there. With that offense and he's able to he's able to recruit eat that's the one school probably you can look and say. It don't matter what stars about he's cute when had he is strictly recruiting on who he thinks it Ron. The option and in imitate what he's been he's been hit all seven soulful also have all held their dad bet that the group program appears they are just. I like to see would you take give back there were when he had those five years only one that would be two games of more because. I think there there there of the program and they get up the way they are with state. Clemson and and you can give Miami the you talk about full full legitimate power with who. Right and that it they have conferences posted at BC I believe of all all the or left. It is a BC I believe that it. Well you know inexact idiots argue that I put tediously anytime you've got the power boot down there. They had the recruiting territory. Like Florida State and Miami though the two schools in any conference in any conference. Other than the SEC pick and say all Browns and now California Texas. All ground though as thorough and as on lucrative in India the ground in the country when it comes to college recruiting I mean my because they had a county alone. Down there and they they can get a ton of talent I mean at that he is but yet Florida's there's there's no there's no doubt about repeated the question is now. Who capitalizes now lockquote met Wayne tries and it gets brought a goal I mean if you had the good recruiting years. But does Miami start to pick up a little more now and does north they continued to bring a wealth in recruiting wise because. Florida I would think Florida the most they doubtful all. Is that we've yeah column but it's not I'll tee off you always welcome a man you can call one or more. It was shut out. The women's World Cup team and you've got to appear well dumb man US they don't. Alrighty thank you very much a mom and I will preview that coming up in just a few moments David teel the daily press that was the Atlantic Coast Conference David thank you so much for the time. The Florida State Seminoles have been the class of the conference the last two seasons one loss. And you know nothing in conference they've been solid. Georgia Tech has had an impressive. All season starting with their big bowl bounce they get over Mississippi State. I mean you feel now that this is the money yet for Al Golden although be it it's still a quarterback it's only a little over a year removed from high school. It looks like he has a good young quarterback and kayak that. At the University of Miami. But outside of Florida State in clemson's David. Where is the rest of this conference who all those teams that on the heels of the nose in the tiger's is at Georgia Tech. Is that Miami is it would you take take us through an ACC has gone to the season. Regard I think you get to two of light there figures Georgia Tech in. In Virginia Tech on deck in the in the coastal division. That your chase and follow Florida State and clients and Ireland this year there aren't I really lean heavily on Cordoba and shot on walks and it's healthy. Clans and they get the summer rolls in Death Valley this season. I'd you know I'd thought they'd Clinton's gonna have a shot. And you know Davis because of that that they all four teams in the country that a favorite in every game and Alison but but Clinton has one out of the closest game a hand. They are a three and a half point favorite. Overall Florida State in the game is in in Death Valley Clemson so it to meet David and it's not the people who follow college football. The difference between Clemson now in the Clemson and and look I love coach for. I wouldn't quit coach Ford was there any had a products and so much talent that was up in those years in the eighties is that. This Clemson bio club you don't expect the kick up all against a week or or a Georgia Tech what demos Sweeney has done it it took him some time. He built the program he built it through the conference. But bowl season. Look Clinton has been so popular as probable C. They absolutely. In the they've they've veto as that he in the in the Orange Bowl on board last game. As quarterback and absolutely locked Oklahoma. Our last season while also very notable in Florida. It was really really stout on defense last year lose their Beasley. Our host the ball with the NFL that are actually likes what you got coming back on these. And yeah you mentioned being bored in eight days on football. In the national champions back in the early. Put it constantly. So much more apt offensively. And that you know and I know they're the polar Perry Tuttle. And they and they and they don't vote back in the day. I don't think they compare to what our. There. And David LeMieux when you talk about climbs into his wail and I could sit here obviously we will close the week as they are. Our fan base here the last WL SU the saint because of the bowl game in Georgia. And then this past year the one of the first round draft picks the Saints had. A was the finance that he and you know before this draft season. David I could see him probably about an hour in the day in town somebody could go Blue Jackets are who had someone defense account footballers you. Nobody in their right mind dating go it would take Clemson but that that's the difference is is that they had. It's very few teams David big got a high octane offense. But they can they can shut you down defensively and somehow. Devil has been able to do with the temple offense it's the obese salty defense and to me that's lack Clinton is more legit now is the Cote defense. I I agree you guys I think perhaps the big question the opera will be lost track more toward. Younger around out there head coaches. At other weapons. There are there now. I'll all Clemson. Info wac or be expected. Part I coached more to our. David dealers do whether it's by David we look up things you'd done a little bit difficult stretch there. Paul Clemson of when you talk about Notre Dame in Death Valley. Did Georgia Tech Boston College all those tree at home the you hit the road. And Miami at NC state Florida State. Syracuse in the course the of the big unraveled and the palmetto state the end of the season it's that and I am but that that mop October. You know that whole stretch that David in the broader state that that's clemson's season right there. It should it sure isn't. You know thought about big believer in schedules and how they can just play out sequentially. Boy yeah that could just go week to week to week after her well with our schedule. And no reason at all. That is that is a challenger is so well he's more likely. And found David Alou reveal a very interesting right there at the all of these three Louisville Pittsburg. And BC who all of those who allowed them being the better club is yet to account all put him in in like the little mixed together but. Who do you like of those three David maybe be one better and. On a loose so I probably lean hit spurt just because Jenny Connolly the return and he cleared the a year. It's it's so much good at running back Andre Carter returning quarterback. In the end portrait obviously coaching transition there that's always a big questions. Luke Luke and Paul Cousteau Wisconsin and then. Our nor do you can't come in from Michigan State where the what are rolling toward the. Boy David you know would begin an ACC. If if Miami is Miami awarding get through it is going to be hard to do with the idea but the if they can give back to that to a championship level and we could see a Pittsburgh program. Like in the eighties the you talk about a conference now. From top to bottom it is is that one is that one I mean they've they've got the base when you look at the background. They have Pennsylvania state of Florida. Virginia's Georgia they they have got the territory negated on to me it's a question now you've got state you got Clemson. Will Miami came Pittsburg to reveal can those teams rise up college Georgia Tech and if they do David. Did you get in the conversation of being one of Rio group health outcome. You've that you rarely do. I. Am sure. The exit program. You know what kind of could you have gotten paid ten years like eleven or 2004. ACC. In the urging you to eleven years later by Amy would never. The end and he EC championship game where drew probably all would. We don't want Tom on Allen Allen Davis. There are here and done a money covering the ace CC as good as it gets folks from top to bottom for the daily press David TO David Hackl people Tebow with yet. On line and on Twitter. Our daily part dot com while sports. And there are we're 08. CO a CPP. David always a pleasure to talk ACC we keep my man won't talk against him departure probably all be well. All right ACC. This season Clinton of Florida State gong it to this season all the best we will see how it takes out this at WW. All right two more hours to go two down and two to go in the SEC still the best conference in college football yes and no it not who wins this WW.