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7-2 12pm Garland, Cuban Relations

Jul 2, 2015|

Garland talks to Attorney Luis Llamas about the impact of lifting the trade embargo with Cuba.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are welcome back we're gonna talk about the president's announcement yesterday. They're going to reopen. A embassy in Iran and Cuba. Re established relations. And from percent went to India. 1960s. In Durham and when you get down into the bones. What is going to happen board has now and I think part of Reading them by and who did. First of all when the president meters is first round and that we were attempting to. Reinstitute connection to Cuba. Since December. When openly and they've been more than 3000. Political disappearances. Political tensions in Cuba. 220. On one Sunday a long. Most of the people we know about were beaten. To only detain these had to be hospitalized. Medical treatment that was me alone. Q booms invited for the first round two this summit of America. In paranormal because of our open doors to try and opened doors. Regime thugs attacked the civil society activists. That showed. And it leads to big thing drinks served. Often quoted intent on my excellent. Cuba has the most restrictive press censorship in the western in the partner. And is the only country liberated not read in the America. So maybe I'm wrong but I think the picture. That wracked. This relived the dirt from the ports being painted. We have Lou weasel almost with the so Hubert pile rug fruits counselors at law. Louise welcome to show Richard government had to be here what I just read it in cracked. Bell had to ration everything lease. Where I think a lot of Cuban Americans and a lot of people were intimate with this issue feel is. Data there's been there's been an opening up relations and there's been an opening of communications but. The US seems to be making on the moves and we haven't seen a single. Concession from the Cuban government is just like you said. A few weeks ago John Kerry. Labeled India and state department's human rights reports that Cuba was a serial human right rights violator. And and then we see you know today that were opening up an embassy in Cuba so that did the administration is speaking out of both sides are. Obama moves diplomatic opening. In December. There was an eighty after that. There's been a 120%. Increase in Cubans seeking to lead to America. A man who were you bet won't relations or normal life. The United States can stopped taking refugees. And regarding the recent polls more than half of Cubans would like to lead the country you disagree within the human. Now I think that's absolutely. I think it's accurate with the Cuban. I don't don't wanna leave the island absolutely there are you there aren't there on food rations from the government the lines for milk. And bread go on for blocks and blocks. The the Cuban population is starving and unfortunately the media. Is that covering this that. The media gives you images of Cubans driving 1940s and fifties cars and Havana. And smoking cigars and dancing salsa and that and that's humans as being portrayed. Take kind of fueled this American. Tourism to the country. But what's getting swept under the rug is the hunger is that the poverty. And and and that is it surprised me in the least bit that that 50% of the population wants to leave I. I would guess that the other 50% of the population it's been very it's a very. It's an aging population indeed the the idea average age in Cuba is higher than most places. And how would venture to guess at the other 50% wants to leave but they've been you know they're too old to make a move so drastic. The wind when you say the media in reporting that. I was on cruise ship in 1970. They. 1970 Wimbledon Cuba holders. Are going to. And our women did about seven days a document read there. And the people left Zoellick app look like Pia lose their pride old cars but well kept courts. Is that the plus side it's presented to tourists in media when they come. Absolutely out Eusebio there. Sigh NYC I hear from my my cousins my dad is. From up a province in Cuba Cody and their. A little town called out Barneys and and they Arab. They're hungry we were they live. A 100% of their and their income comes from subsidies from America votes it's Cuban American relatives that. Are sending money to the island so. I think it's except corporate trail and and especially when. Celebrities for instance Emmy was it was that it. A shocking thing Paris Hilton puts on her answer Graham a picture of her in front of the hotel. The Hilton hotel that was seized I'll tell that was started by her grandfather that was seized by the Cuban government and forever in nineteen you know fifty Shandi. And it's it's it's is skewed. Picture of really what's going on on the. Are arrogant take a break here but the o's who heard the president should thing. We're gonna re upset and try to reestablish. Diplomatic relations. Opening in the embassy in the Obama. I think we've got some information visit at least against would be considered videos side. I don't think it's a real good idea would be used to guys still in power. They seem to be not only dictators. They seem to be torturers and killers. But you may have a different idea bureaus call comments questions two to 0170. Or taxes aid settling its. We're talking about Cuba were talking about the president youngsters having. We're gonna reopened. The embassies there reestablish. Relations well here's. Reporter over the bill of lips and by doing today is an indication. If it's and it's still an it's a whole language. What is Bob says you actually think the liberal bias when you were reported in the thing. Does not make this administration look good. Well Uga the Q you're on a regular basis of being liberal and accused me of being conservative. I'm just looking at facts we have two people. In charge of country. That are killers that are tortures. There dictators. May have been changes gotten worse since December. When the president talked about. Loosening the restrictions. We above look we saw this with the suits who Blumenthal who brought Briggs counselors at law Louise what what do you see happening from here. It's hard it's hard to predict. That's that's I can tell you about all my fears are my fears are is that. That their growing portion of Americans. Get enamored with Cuba. And see as a destination spot as a terse spot. And those money. The Cuban government owns. All the hotels in in Cuba that then known it's there it's mend that and not a well known fact. I am but they own a company called group who got yes that which has a subsidiary called got yelled that W does the largest Latin American holding company in the entire world. And it's run by row Castro's son in law. And every time an American terrorist goes to Cuba. The rise in attacks in stays at a a hotel they are funding the Cuban government and an essentially funding the further repression of the Cuban people so. Where I see this going a lesson unless you know the administration takes some turns or takes a stronger position. Is is all as a nose tourism in Cuba and the and the Cuban government and being enriched by it. I hope I'm not being Cubans with delivering and well. But the ones are no here's the one to Norton or almost grows ward of good business people how he would care. You got to dinosaurs. Running the country. You've got to have a lot of highly educated. Business electoral people there. You gotta have the country. The bowled through 12 wrong. One to flee Cuba. You've got an award for synutra like cute. Of those non poll that feel the same way. What once keeping the Cuban people. For breaking away from these two guys. And in building while would be one of the belts economy's. Not in South America in the world is it just the military. It's fear it's fear Abby and and I hate to complement the Castro Brothers but if they have been they have developed a strategy. Of you know that what they do is they give you a Tony for our jail sentence if he speak out against the government. And if you do something more egregious it's. You know time in prison. And now you have a multiple generations that have grown up in fear so speaking out as it's it's not even an option. I mean is speaking out his. It's if it's not an an available. Option because you will be thrown in jail and it's not a risk that people wanna take the easier. Option aids is to leave the country. When when you talk about tourists. Given so wondered by going to Cuba. I think the poll showed. We humans who cruise line. You're New Orleans talking about wow this news. The destination because it central to absolutely older island Somalia hundred. C Americans who polls. Seem anxious to reestablish. Relations anxious to get back there. What do you think about those that say. If that would occur. In Cuba gets flooded. With people with the I Rome and people with money and people mines close and people what's up. That he did would cause them to roll over two rogue. I disagree. I think that that kind of stems from this. This idea that the embargo. This is the media has copper traded. The reason Cuba is where is this because in the embargo and somehow the state the state of where that country is is is the fault of the United States. And that's that's not the case that the reason that the countries in the dire straits economically is because of the economic policy that the Castro Brothers I have applied. I wouldn't see that terrorism spurring some sort of political change because the country trades with the rest of the world. Why and they're Cubans driving. Mercedes-Benz BMW's. Nissan they trade with all of these countries in Europe and Asia. But with terrorists flooding there. Their hotels sold out hotels with Canadian French tourists who have iphone's web all these other things and what what changes resulted in that the only the only benefactor from that is is the Cuban government. Because they on the hotels the taxis and there's no permanent press. A really bad on history but please them then regime that they own everything was the threats still there. It's like there's news today. He was paid you was a dictator but there was a thriving middle class and there was private enterprise. I that I would never take the position of defending some of his policies his. I mean history is told that the tale that he was in a very good. All of angels looking to see if he get overthrown. Was who was throwing the of the sync on that threat. Or ovals which he in any weaker position a much weaker position. And out and Castro. Is Fidel Castro is is a once in A generation type of individual on the need very charismatic. Via a military savvy and very high a Q and he. And he carried out a revolution. In such a fashion where he actually garner votes garnered support from a wealthy Cubans and the middle class and that kind of you know. Lying to them telling them that this was going to be he was going to be temporary figure for. That that never came to to fruition. OK for the businesses today. Bidders saying we'd be very interested in doing business with -- Cuba. Everything. Red. And I had a couple of brings of renders New Orleans contingent that went to Cuba. There were very excited and they said you know we could really. Really well or New Orleans. For the port and whatever but they said there there's no legal. Protection for him in the Cuban government. They said the the country's infrastructure and particularly the seaports. Or anywhere near reality. If we reopened relations. Is Castro going to relax. Legal protections for foreigners in here or there institute. Or this a couple of that at some multi multi part question I hated and a couple of and in layers. The first part being. There is I don't see a market with a with Obama's if you read the fine print and and am an attorney would I specialize in and Latin America. As whereas. George Fowler partner with our firm we we we do this day in and day out and so when Obama at issued his executive order we. Carefully studied the restrictions and the changes. That there's virtually no changes there's no opportunities for American businesses in my opinion after reading those restrictions to give you get down to it. The end user of any of the American products sold in Cuba. Have to be a private citizen. You can't do business with the government is that would still be a violation. Of the embargo. The average Cuban citizens doesn't have the income to buy any pet product that week it. That the that we would offer on the market they're making twenty dollars a month so to think that we're gonna. You know we can get in there and make make a dollar I don't see second part of the question is is the infrastructure in Cuba there too encouraging its investment. My my answer to that is absolutely not what you need is the call bilateral investment treaties. And they encourage investments between two countries and what they do is they have enforcement. Dispute resolution clauses that say in an investor from this country gets in dispute with the country he can. The cement that disputes arbitration and Washington DC United States has these countries with a a number of countries what you see in. Socialist. Dictator countries in Latin America. Bolivia Venezuela. Those countries those dictators who have taken over after those agreements haven't taken. Were entered into. They the complete disregard that there's a number of cases and I am for it to the institutions and watched and called exceed. And the Jetsons or answer against the Venezuelan government get to believe me governor and they don't respect them. Apps there is I would never in courage brick and mortar investment in. In Cuba won because the Cuban government never allowed it to him that they did there's not a system in place to protect your investment. Are you can take a break for a I think. We're hearing a little bit different side to present bombs or putting but he embassy in Obama. Or do you intend to over election relations and eventually restoring relations with Cuba. What are your thoughts two's exit row 170. Of sex celebrity pizza. Are welcome back were over think it about President Obama talking about the okay would open up and in the end Obama in the intent is to relax relations with Cuba. And eventually make them normalized. Relations. Have somebody would mean who knows a lot about Cuba Louise Columbus. So cube Apollo Rodrigue seller counselors at all. A lawyer worthy of gambling contest actually in Cuba and with Korea. Knowing about Cuba. And Louise are reading poems it okay. We opened the embassy. And GOP. Election years and by who or we'll bomb come up with absent in order. So the chances for a year or so nothing is gonna open venue at the ruling and if you Republican. Is elected. There's low nutrient. Everything gets shut down again. As a businessman and 234. Years how he can even think about it and. Now I add that that's where that's what we told our clients as far as what when a client comes to us and says you know. There's usually three questions one. Is my is my business in violation of the embargo we can counsel. And how can I prepare my business in the event the embargo is lifted. And we always have to bring them back to reality and say I waste my personal opinion I don't see it happening. Before too that the end of 2016 because of work. The exact reasons you said I don't see this congress. Having a go at and lifting the embargo and and then you look at that the Republican field. That the leaders as protect specifically Marco Rubio who so outspoken on the Cuban issue if if he gains traction. And and he gets a bigger following in wins the primary and then. And and and like you propose wins the general how do you all of this will be reversed and he's he's very added and he he said. Today that he would block it he sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee he's a very respected member on that. And that he will block any nomination of an ambassador so what are you left with. An embassy with no ambassador. And in Victoria and get confused. A rare glimpse of where or doing visits with who about 300 million dollars a year form product primarily seed and it's an hour. Then another our squadron that we've already some are doing business number of Cubans have Netflix. So I go to Netflix web site. And it's it's been announcer streaming service. Writer for president on this announcement in December. And their charge for our actions. 21 of the few government control Internet hotspots. Equals 10%. Of a typical. Government workers of muck league's salary. And the independent Cuban web sites are blocked. Plots. Since December. When President Obama eased regulations. When you have food sales imports of American crew to Leo and controlled by the state. Drop by half in the first three months this year that's two major. Industry is saying they're trying in an already done more. Yet the the reason you see the the big numbers in in exports and through his scissors exceptions to the embargo that allow for. On the export of agricultural products Louisiana's. Exports and a number of products to suit to the island. But that goes back to what the Netflix issue we have is really a perfect example when it goes back to what I was saying earlier which is. Obama's restrictions is easing of restrictions have to do with the executive the executive enforces the law okay and so what he he can't. It reverse the embargo we can't. Take it away so what he does is he. He loosened the way that a embargoes and enforce and so what he said is it you know certain companies can go in there. And sell building materials. And cern telecommunication products. If the end user is a private citizen. Okay. They like we said before they're making twenty dollars a month these these individuals don't have the money to spend on on on the products that you know. And then and then the other part in the Netflix thing is access to the Internet witches. We your opening comments that is the most. Access to information particularly Internet it's the most repressive country in the world. If these people don't have access the Internet would Netflix is is is a loser in in the net that's going no more. One thing to again pews on the line. State Department has accepted even bought. President Obama. Said yesterday. Slid Hormuz accepted constraints. On their personnel. In Cuba. Unbelievable unbelievable. And and we're already though. If they're doing ambassador. An embassy console operate but all of the employees can be tracked. Because. The thing their lives. Or they're promoting a couple of could absolutely and we're we're agreed to more which we. They they can. It was it was kind of touted as a victory. Four for the negotiations at eight. We got and we're gonna open up an embassy and all we have to do is provide the Cuban government 24 hours notice whenever one of our employees is gonna leave the building. And go somewhere us on the island and that is a ridiculous thing to agree do while we have to chime in. And give the Cuban government 24 hours notice every time of represented in the US is gonna travel around the country and the reason for that is. So he can spy at this in a follow the represented and around make sure he's they're not doing anything that they believe. It conflicts with there with there socialist policies. When puzzle collection who. Your pro life in the rate than me. When I go to my being the Key Biscayne in new in the nuclear option by him and the Cuban does lose population. Is big powerful often talk and rich politically active. Do you find it amazing to have that huge. Power play each has never been able to get rid of. Sure I do finance amazing it's. It's a question I'm sure every. Cuban American asked themselves daily how did this how did this happen now we get to this point. He was very brutal and those first couple of years and a lot of people left thinking. Worldly and leave until you know this passes over will come back. Let left fearing their lives and so you had who. And it and and that an opportunity to come back never came to fruition so they came to a fantastic country and made the best of it and act and you could see in the success of south war. We salute all the time from you we can have real thing to say that I have and as Cuba. No all I'll only that. If you're American citizen and you were interest in this Cuba. Topic. I'd I'd ask to UC both sides of the story read some of that the blogs from Cuban dissidents. Happy here with some of the Cuban go American represented is in in congress have to say on the issue. Before you pick Cuba as here Caribbean vacation destination. The resolve this thing through so much greed talk and news have a good thank you come right back. Are welcome back it is that time of the year again governor of the over liberal front marketing group. Invited all it did go ports on the river and related to put troops together all year long Debbie brown would win this. Coordinator for all that badly welcome to show good talk and you. Yeah campground thank you pat me I may have route this rule that is that is the when he didn't think or believe when he poll who got them to either step and it's twenty odd than 25 years. Move forward talk about the dueling barges. I was reading in the handout something I didn't realize that after Katrina. The Bard threw was kind of threatened because the word and Ian those where available going to be expensive. They were cute with like ten times the cost technically on the phone book and I am real lot Uncle Sam and and need to impeach. And I think a company who donate and terminated the which argues. Since Hurricane Katrina. I'll continue to do that in March elections attracted. So many local and towards all over the world. How does this give voted top five mostly fireworks. In America. Without the designation we got many years ago and it seemed to and I think that it would buy back. And of course that we put. You people can bring every into the river into the into debt. And one out our country asked him and magic violent. You can see it aren't. Com here in its own during the patriotic music and the back and a lot of fire works. On the actual crime that since the patriots have been at army you know. Give me an idea how when you're in that produces visible from a north basically he's very well spank but. Got a number of places mention. Yeah you could start. I'm outlets for a walk all the young delivered Q where the port and the French market down there and she hit a huge debt and east and the West Bank. One Bard will be approximately about account location the other barge kind of across on the actual. So with those abandoned equipment that your party hugely are. All right understood in hole. Have tennis the colts colors. And how to they have border reply is Saturn in the even smiley faces. Traffic about it every year or something so unique and get you look. At. Why. And of course a repellent that wonderful like paper Garland. Other nautical shells they kind of all the argument down stop the water. And these glittering and in your beautiful. Need to come utterly. Everybody needs it profit squat on paper. The general Kelley fire connect amount they haven't been out of were treated at the start at 6 o'clock. Come down count can't eat. Come shopping and began an honest at the time for the. And you've got a whole bunch of people involved show bro and Budweiser. Bernard company in New Orleans tourism Zito. Got everybody. That's right Burt but by the people are so generous that supporting surely you know. It takes a lot of money on professional show like that and of course on the front. It is so beautiful and you've got to have music you've got to bring it to the river were grateful that the match is posturing well. If that meant when he bought your wonderful. I'm gov what's the what's the crowd size is usually you know. How early an appointment at. Yes but separate before Katrina over a 100000 I think were back to back. Especially with both sides of the river I think it depends on who. You know it's Saturday night this year. So I think it depends but the crowd definitely out here acknowledge it sitting in the water. And a couple of technical California that they come into the fire options every year. And I know ethnic and hand China and I struck everyday and do you weren't that that would the American. What the July as Alina well. And and you always people worried about parking. There is there is ample parking and of course a lot of heart on it at that park Chu. It apartment Jack parking lot legal challenge Robert. Place. Go to that go court on the record dot com more information about parking valuable coupons and we also have. I'm content it's here you could take a picture something startlingly passionately patriotic. That act as an element. The New Orleans riverfront in all the information go on the record. Well with the U a new. I do Apple iPhone should have some spectacular. But talk. The last episode actually true that's terrific we can't wait and it would. And Dan. All right 100000 plus people at 9 PM. Who loved William words you better short burly right. That's right you wanna get down nearly when it comes at dinner shot count but it. Not o'clock PM due in court just by virtue of the historic island where I'm gonna get Gulfport on river dot com for more information. A big thank you so much a big rig showed thing for all the work. Oh. Saturday at 9 PM gold fourth on the river do it the golf riverfront marketing group. Our bonds and did you hear the news you read your news in the news good mold slowly it's headlined you're short report. And Julio showed the have been prudent shores with the detective stories of the day take the reporters that the people involved with the b.'s board shall brethren use. And they come and talk and we'll get him believed to have been involved in the to take. That out of all of that they'd take a hot topic in mutant that. One of them and bring you this. Residents along the polled you have been through and Benning. Think a lot of damage to the home from him ever. Ongoing never ending. Dreaming repairs. And Powell and the concorde since you're both combined. Or planning on narrowing the avenue. For bike lanes. And a lot of the residents say why didn't they know who lives again and now a rogue the medium by hinting you don't of their either side. A lot of family uses millions for the parade through all Gordon auction. So it should be talking about that and much more stable. And Julie they'll lose next governor bill. Brigades celebrity AM blew five to reassembling them have a great day Jeep Aaron Boone. Elements intent he would die in Newman thank you Hooper back in the media is all it.