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Jul 10, 2015|

We remember former Saints quarterback Kenny Stabler, and we want to know how you rank the Black & Gold QB’s. Who ranks 1ST, 2nd & 3rd for you? PLUS: T-Bob Hebert checks in the Manning Passing Academy in Thibodaux. What do you love more, a good passing game or a good running game? The NBA Free Agency is in full swing .. find out what moves your favorite teams are making or have made. Deke's NaNa's Interview!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening were out of that our number three or sports talk IV got to via open lines in the rest of the way and not the key to all today's program including property jaguar paid Campo. You building a team you build an offense football wise do you did you Dolphins structurally. A more to the passing side of things that you leaning toward running side of the it's operated dance or opinion poll vote online at WW dot com obviously seemingly the goal is that the balance. I think if you could be 6040. That's pretty good balance when team gates thought to be 6364. Amman may be about 65 closeness and opposite one way of then ethnic intro. It's it's it's it's not that balance you want down to Santiago numbers at this evening meaning that a team could pass instead of five offensive plays snaps. They could have it's a forty passes and 35 rushes well they may have paid you know. 44 rushing in the first hand. Aunt but it felt so far kind in the second hand that's what it will pass and so much and he wanted to you know that so it's it's like the numbers in south in the and so that's the so that is up and often. Born what is what is the best passing all means you've everything. The best passing all that you think. It can be college or can be pro. Common December will Miami hurricane team's weakest. And I don't know it's just from the strictly the passing stamp on the Haley calls all line. In the summer of the ones the ones who Walsh he was a great college quarterback great Miami quarterback the doctorate degree mind quarterback they were good pro. But. The weapons in in some wanted his. Lower beautiful. Passing. And he. Then 98 Minnesota Vikings often. Was that this has offered this offense the good balance it out there with the with the team to complete with a great in that one team that look at the late. Four team which they went in a NFC championship game but not. In the Super Bowl. And a gentleman who was a world champion. With the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl media. Coached by legendary coach Paul Bear Bryant at Alabama Clinton plan before improbable that makes. All pro. And if Leo in PP nineteen same youthful offensive. Eight. BP everybody else 701970s. All. Dickey team. Can't stay spent an applicant won't Saints 828384. Seasons in new world pass the way. Yesterday. It is home in goal for course ball and Foley Alabama went on inflated Foley high school. You know where phony years when your way to the Al Jamal. That's where faux news in the Heatley for the crimson. Before going to play with the yeah actually played goes all the ball berth but poking shock us. In Oakland Raiders used at all with an indoor things can statement. In this. The snake. Should be in the hall of fame as Bobby say I agree already and now will be one day and it rubio is the is an accepted form. To the phones we don't let's go to Walter on line want to walk talk about snakes they want to thank you for calling at UW real. Yet deep thanks. I want to call. The particularly in the 1963. Charitable. And kicked it these are the 1967. Well. Within the year for our report Nebraska at those real fans Johnny Raja team in the late sixties early seventies. And Hewitt but that plan to just break in that they have the real. Are strong. Powerful team and they came in played at Bryant. Alabama team and assure the bro. Are led by and I'm stable was the quarterback. And I'll never forget our. Everybody so ago at Alabama seniors too light in and whatever it and they're at this age and the first play of the game. Didn't look like it can't that they had well you know he was he was looked at yeah every. Until it became the coach of the Giants yeah like a tent but it it was like from them on. It was unbelievable and I think that year's Sports Illustrated. Story can. That no one team in those days until I got but I mean detectable or. Probably you don't get you figure you'd talk about Walton without a kick your match and Alabama team going undefeated now that would and it's and it's your birthday here they would pay as you say they beat the hell out of Nebraska write it down a street Chicago. And they they they were behind Notre Dame in this case they gave you. I think Sports Illustrated that. At the end that our bowl game. I wrote a piece on the snake and I mean I don't know these article. Put on paper and Alabama letting the real number one team that managed. To mature well it around out there. And you know other other then I want to say a couple of years ago on a Caron and and no balk at the readable book cared. I still think winning percentage wise if he would if he had number one when a percentage wise it Alabama. He's top three with 4832 with us thought it could ever developed a M Hasselbeck that's pretty damn good walking only three games in order to move up. Ugly and looks aren't you followed that with stable I you know and I mean you look at quarterbacks like that in the heat. You're right you're right wall to note I thought this as a good still bring it at the Super Bowl. Oh well thanks a lot be. How do you want to thank you rarely are. Thank you thank you so much made it will walk with talking about it's to keep newspapers June the year he had taken over the the crowds at that position full time. And in one owner role they want a second consecutive national championship. And they went and when he won. And they you know they played Nebraska back the bank years it is when it was. They beat Nebraska I wanna say it was no it was in the same year but he was effective vaccine because they may have an audible. A date January. In the end turnaround in in the Sugar Bowl they want to play which would have been the problem is 66 season. But it was a back to back bowl years they've played Nebraska. In Miami and on voted via third and it's 48 in the following you went to Iowa undefeated. They beat Nebraska it's Super Bowl into lane stadium 34 assortment. And again no fitness in the polls behind Notre Dame and Michigan State. 23 in two as the starting quarterback. For the Alabama. Crowns and of course that won't have a great professional career back to the phone to go to go to Roland on two Rowland thank you for calling WW. Think Edelman got a little while and I you don't roll you're all right Vietnam program in college in America with him good luck at the memorial. Ken Dorsey tiger yet been. Now yeah yeah there are. They're going to acquire people get the quarterback's name where it where we had to run. Where we don't want when we've lost we've what we've got screwed against Ohio State the with a quarterback in your indoor you know it would Dawson it was here don't Dawson it was another inning error and it was glued to it was a quantum but you know rolled. One of the ones that Werth he was this boom goes the Miami quarterback are always the wall. Who he was he was a great it was a great college quarterback who. Let it can be on that note you can you remember problem brand running back and yeah. Young this hunger or what about talking about going into the season this year company right now in it you know Purdue. And they've always. Been demonic game LB but for a it was they've come back. Don't realize. Well it puts it puts puts an Edgar on and I I think Rolen I think if it looked at Miami program. I think that they gotta go they got to go back they got to go back to say but it's in the family and note the program I think they got to. We we had a conversation when he was like you know he may not be very personal just go. But man now. If you gave you get a kid that starts I'll have to he's he's a freshman these thoughts on how school. In that four year stretch you've field and around out here that you know is solid deposition that you give for his thought of having. Debt that the if that don't make you programming do you expect to turn around and in with the with the recruiting base they got that I don't know when it does the best outlook David quarterback all time and what. He must recognize a really good it is in. I know in the Alamo and you know you're speaking about. Were quarterback receiver but I mean. You know an animal. Scorers in. On the Lamar Thomas reviews we wrote it. When they played I saw more footballs like where in the hail but they throw the ball in a taxi 47. I see three shots under live without their dislike all bonds guy he can he ran out of their ball like a missile that's had a used to play just he would just on the league. I don't know I don't know and I don't know what age you. We're better road record I I hero and you you be safe loaded it ATL prime black vocalist proud man. Geometric hang tight you tell us about a some of the best passing teams. He has seen all star memory can stay it was a time when the snake in his career 83384. In New Orleans but that was just thought that was installed 81 draft class Ricky pokey all those guys. Frank. Do you Wilkes. There was a time you win from the eighties all line. The Saints franchise that and now has been completely looked at differently. It's been a couple of lean years but from eighty bomb got here 81 on. This franchises in the way it's looked at across the country the way people well if you opponent to the Saints from the eighties on it got to understand football and you do that you didn't know any of that other stuff that have apparently you don't be successful franchise and it started. In a statement air and the ability it's the sports talk on WW and welcome back and don't forget commodity on the man that knows all about his topic. If anybody knows about things I'm not saying that he knows more. When he knows as much if not more. About what he talks about the anymore because the pan to. That is Tom pits mark. Our special senate edition of the Ku to its. From two to fourteen. Meet Tom at the Newsome and sportsmen at the book expo at the Larry Ellison. It's a premier event for outdoors with the festival atmosphere including my music division drinks and now watering food three days of the administration's hands on activities. And one on one time with hundreds of outdoor pro promised that the off two to 4 PM for the charity you know Coco benefit. The Pacific cafe ho sun sports if that's what expo beat out for the whole family shall I was off to attend a Saturday is that. Ten to eight. Amen Sunday is here to suit. To the phone that we go we would go to city in Metairie date could even thank you for calling WW. I they'll consider. What you know now. One note they're actually you are. Oh up out there where I. Want. That rock group Elway who wrote it. Oh yeah. Yeah it back to back it all and all. Pretty good. Yet thank you you yearlong the last may have had. The Vikings taking care in Havana that Super Bowl what appeared gambler and interest in and now Minnesota. That that would at the end wanted that would have seemed like it would have been up a huge Dolphins showed. Oh yeah it'd been better than another ankle. That they support ankle and not out there Graham. Or you know they were route that. In any. Here you can't go romantic greatest show altar of those those guys were tough the Titans they. They haven't down on the they could get in at first who boldly in advance that they broke their back and you know. That team was so strong with a guy like that Ricky Proehl was a dangerous weapon and hit such such a big impact and it's Super Bowl only beat Titans. It. What do you say you're young man how all on. Got would you go back booted a thirty group that's pretty good stuff you can about arguably due to good Dolphins. Date or very. That you won SRI brother you got you you've got YouTube you can take him now. It good deal date technical called I appreciate. Your they'll. Are you 22601870. You can take the 870. Eights and that's one of their sport here caller on the export. It's slow. It's. I group ET at the low dismay the meat of clarity. The greatest. Craziest fumble recovery in the history of the game you remember yes the ball fumble on wanting to change the rule books no doubt about it. Greatest show on turf. Ease the Graham spoke about the Rams offense. Is it news. Of the team had patella and gotten a better player wives well alarmed Oki the player that that they picked up today. If the player that give him some backcourt hale. He has a play at it that brings them I guess you'd see a temple. He is in that category. Look at Danica could. Could push the pace he's he's a fast the guard. Last season he with a 2.0 million dollar deal with the pelicans and that's a player option. As a second year it's a two year deal and it was a it was interesting because he was here with the pelicans. The India pelicans straight into the Rockets. Invaded it straight it is Sacramento. He was being cut by Sacramento. Sat back gamba and the trade appointment but now he is so backing here. And I think that's I think it's apparent that they feel can make them better. And go get a guy like him get a guy like Cole. Roland that you beat got some backcourt help there no doubt about it Eric Gordon can be healthy and you see more to Eric Gordon it was solid summer both playoff games. The pelican tickled of the better a lot better than sales and I think you have to factor in it is cold it is that's it you know that the that the Bears. Alvin Gentry as making them better. 2601870. You can text me 8787. Now are on now Monday during program my grandma their friends to camp on they'll pass the weight. He was a three years old and obviously on nothing but love for her. And and I played a it was an interview that it was a full count before on segment. Back on these he's back on June 5 2007. It was to set the week and of their last sopranos. Chicago with Tony Soprano on the HBO series came to a so that Friday night five minutes of myself week. Got the studio. People who were they doing new sports and everything we remain a big party at the moment the equivalent talk about this currencies or what they could be a great. And we incorporated Italian music and culture in movies and food we cook the everything had a good time in. And aka money and a caller and it's heated interview given us an Italian recipes call a couple of team. And it's it's it's a recipe you'd jaw sake can't you are and you stalwart. And it kind of gets better with time. Well in honor of her because today com months ago we spoke in the game from words. Of these cities beacon and gone tomorrow given you the what have you. We can get the data services and they've they've she was great progress. In the meeting you in text in the at least a dozen emails a ten times in the 86. On a screen antipathy that that would really nicely executed Saints meets you know it was the recipe. Lot of people of Coke and obviously so women in an area. So when we return from break. I'm gonna come back in Nona hello my ground ball on mayor Francis Campo our young man I want to play that set. Debbie did utilities time is 631 this time the first losing week though too young handsome. And welcome back just got a phone let's go to matter if the big bow on line Juan both thank you for calling. The low blow now or you. It Novo. So. On one applies on boo we're going to keep you on the backs of mumbo. Welcome back to sports talk operated day walking opponent that they did you do you real dot com. Offense you're an offensive coordinator you or coach you gonna build an offense. What do you particularly want to all of the be primary run oriented offense. Our primary. Pass. Offense and it's standpoint well earlier this week is a told you my grandmother passed away on Monday evening at a Christian with him in the form yes they for the week. And then she was laid to rest this afternoon. In any meat we we Leah. Back on June the fifth 2000 in seventh. Mayor Francis can't forgo on the hook WTO via radio wants and radio TV it was. Her being a part of me about me to a steel legendary. Classic five power. A tag and shall we talk about it. Thank Jason do you think if we thought. Here is he just thought of the interviews they say how could you were. There's into. We can't clap our defense can. In game. If you're. Yeah well. For the biggest names thrown out so now whenever you want a colleague Bob mitts and I'm Deke Bellavia. And folks on the MVP looking and welcome in their own grandmother to the show but now but it's not man eyelash from Amy Louisiana give us a little. Copilot Tina recipe at Daytona although their own and I didn't know I am do a good day tour to tell us who got on the team yet. Well Balboa team is an excuse a plant Delray are the end that made a pop the all the made a pay. Are all of my recipe is a different version of an. When I usually what I used to make you know I won't give you what you won't Manuel. I won't do what you do what you do. The way I'd do it now. Our eyes you know I don't have no small part well. John you got the big putts you could so mean you'll see him. Actually it bought all new with a sixteen Lleyton quart pot. I put. Barrett hit out of ball in the bottom of the pot extra extra burden of course has been red and I'll at all. I do about 45 lords onions that that. So hold there already had both. And you stopped AM you saw to it there. You don't want cook them food on them because you don't have to. That is herb was on the belt as it. Up cooking all right then I had about three or 401 and that camp can estimate a that the native good considine to me so I'm having them as well. About is that to make the play. I can't estimate these is that big pot. Rats out and this'll portion deeds Deke probably don't know that alternate or whoever. We have a right now we got to pace in this house and then what what all other so I. Where we know he would have made a page you know an Afghan awarded each candidate made a pace that's what I do. I'd it felt Tampa I did not measured in this thing. Just according to take. And I used to bring up or perhaps a should've. Blacked out there Bolivar electrically say yeah lament about how like my an all right time you don't put into a four about it how long. Then we've done as fall off. You a plant under and I itemized plan is more and my plants in my gravely wrong now do you. Do you saw them first to get to see our notebook did you score automatically or pro am at that and a few of them Q marketing and then add that did the grade. And so we got it all together now we've got some of the together on defense respect Atlanta and Florida don't. Loretta and you're gonna put you hit that about Florida then you don't have to judge as it put in this via. Alright we're gonna head. They've been where we that's all right don't take you ten I have got to. You can take it to who we we will about thirty mean to you go to all right. And they attack all right there that are right now at the all of this is what. I had about the great job of drained capers. Drain tape. I'm surprised and yes this is that I know this is gone and hot. This dog gone and that same spot you know job with that statement it happen that the you know the game and I don't smash my college anymore I'd get this stop all the momentum. Okay I was about ridge this stuff on it and I kind of and I've caught those. I get a bad break hands. Thought his. Black olives and accept both been time. And add to that great in and you don't have to pick made out like my pal watery that away. Asked if you think that whatever you want that you can I used I don't put a man jars up on it and is that blocked campaign has. And I always use the path that machetes that they people and stuff like that and it hasn't after the fact I'm. Now how how long does it hold in the jar. And it they would realize goodness knows how long a year. Oh match at the old and he had refrigerated yet it didn't but is lawlessness in their job I don't have to be refrigerated Alicia opened up right. See that that's not an imbalance affecting anybody she put him and his jaw nick do you permit real hobby that he may be kind of cool so. What you think in their hot you have to have sterilize jar as time that they don't yet belong percent that out procedure that. That. You have to you here. There's two of formalize that you're gonna not a phone you know what I'm talk about the right. Outfit that assistant job. I'm program muddy it is playing over pasta. You put into. That all the pop the end you know I like get old and a half off that and then you feel like you can put that not apply to you but report that you don't happen this big greater reported G. And a lot of people just like a run at the job I would you rather element to me it sounds like the me. Give me a jar out first the spoon I'm ready to go to town you're in that didn't see no problem man his government to you know and out and then was atop the team the same cause I'm like I like olives in the the most. Is quote jaw somehow seem Hanley zone to put it out right now. I thought but yet we never have we never have so solve that hasn't yet when manner what do you do Watson out movies over Alicia favorite ten you move ago. Well I'm a big I don't watch there's a proud of the car that don't have HBO on right the right. So I couldn't give my opinion on it accusing you guys on the biffle I think they've got all the yeah so you like them I didn't like that if that's okay. We'll have to make us a batted just got on the team. Well okay and I know I know you've got great help losing probably our odds of not Marietta's civilians and did they get jar to walk over to the side of the control board. Only got paid this somehow make the bat is back and we know make plans now they're not quite ready yet. I've got a couple left rigidly glad to delivered to you. That and go on it all right grandma I met Matta thank you so much for dawn as the ninth CNN at the recipe was on this. All of you know want to have one more thing that you were talking about them and you rip the content. The in my county are easy he saw Philadelphia. He moved out needed to be a part about news team. Our that would you know spot in. What all mama was a cut the right time to the issue from now look at you and you don't you know beauty Hewitt Campo and Jamal Lewis to Tony gray and my man what was. But on the rise Scutaro also week. We we Italian only back all the way back all the way back from being a Bronco and we came across on the boat that true I don't know if this banana thank you so much Donna what I think so much at all night until it is our right now and as soon. But what. That's what a sweet lady only NTC seeking cook she can she can do it all and that that's that's one of Laura a favorite dishes is that depth on the team I can't withdrawn. Let's. That was Daniel. LaMont here. It was June. 5. 2000 and sent it with a Friday night before the final sopranos episode. Tony Soprano and the don't. The lead and about one it would happen Heidi went in if the cliff hanger with would never know. And Friday night we did five hours of attacked our studio imitate the inside this studio. What I guess they were phone or camera phones the end Arnold remembered as much now with almost ten years ago. But it could have been out who to hit pitches but main chick Harris brawl stuff and and Al though hasn't April though might kind deep routes. Everybody who upon his shoe in in nearby me to cook I mean I cook all third call Friday. Baath cool we brought in big lawn table and I don't think you can out the house when you haven't friends over. We had that in and we hear sweet roll and that's the sweet rolls around goma. We hit calm no links we had via the C couldn't it didn't lately things like the Gambino is. I mean we went we we laid it all out like you want the list prep schools present laws when it was it was a wonderful tan and I think government in a lot of text in the anybody. Thing in that game in order recipe yet imitate he continued Spezza beat podcasts opponent whip. You can go back in and listen to it in everything he stated you can make it that's the right there but they close it's a traditional one nets. That's about a aren't thirty year old recipe that that date back a fan and you heard. This stock got come from you you heard right now I'm mom sees that Tony Campo. And so that's the Tony Campo all ago Mecca loosen. In double B so if if you took my like what you call my Fiddler. If you took and I feel good and you grounded all the way up in that does. You could spank you know without as a great because that's all look at all the way to the bone like that's it my people came along the vote in the returns though. At Ellis Alan they were all I'd tag. That's no doubt about all the Canadian people so. Thanks so much and today with the money in June and course it was a a beautiful. Beautifully out and the Mohawk looking good he spoke and the unity well thank everybody who was involved all the people it brought things and so forth. And just you know sit back and as a go to break now I'll leave the on this phone no. My family as being here for years. With Colby here for years while some people are just passing through. When assaults and armed and you've grown. Will host the will be here cause we all part of this community and we have always been a part of this community. And a one word of wise man once told me if you look ought to preach. You but it damn sure practice which UT. On the ability and if you can call me anytime day or night right here on WW. And welcome back to sports Tokyo August WW a radio now we got a lot to gates who. Next hour them all great sound from today's many passing Kenny Moore from Peyton Manning. We will also hear what Archie Manning had to say today Eli Manning. And Chris mortenson talks about the sites Chris in more than the more reported ESPN DES PN dot com. All of that in the next to the phones we go and now that school too we have big bow on line one they both thank you for calling of the W yeah. Are you do. With it. That bullet orchard. Temperature. Where. There and were aboard an hour ago. They're bigger thing. The. You're asking your vehicle that we go back oh are you a it. You know all of that now Dallas Dallas to go Ella Ellis ago when it didn't didn't get to do too much public and it. Don't go to the boat people you know what sane. Well. I just got Hussein the that was a good one day he used to do to right. Oh okay 00. I feel like I feel like I'm Chris talking to him who would win with tickets and you understand a word a couple of okay. Knocking out. I'm not a topic you know. It's got a pretty altered ramble might be you or electric church. To our lockers he wouldn't Geithner oh my I don't know. There are yelled. Backcourt out. I actually three. In there and your Eric putrid with. They're able to reconcile with the quality and Valentine. Were our I mean following all the bullet there. Man or an event of Allentown big debt debt. That office in this team doesn't make in the years that they are. Are all all agree supplement and number eight iron. You know you know waived accurately utter it yet as good yeah these. That's good stuff big vote we could do a whole showed that we could do a hole so it. On this trip to scoot through its own district before you to look pal. Our old children are our. Guys have been both a Yugo you know you got to beat you got to be lacking you know you'll meet late forties. I. You feel that. I got its all ought to come out like eight to a zone. 83 I got a gutsy well big bonus that stuff a man made you call back art that. Okay big vote thank you are all right it's not it's not there if you would cause you've been waiting hang hang all humble county I don't have any guess next bout is all call with analysts now in the gym in Metairie. Jim you know I W which you have to say. As well on big Baylor Bears some sound but all you next out is close up the week are you never know what kind of a on topic I'm Robert throughout the stick around this is sport now going to 8 o'clock on WW.