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7/13 11am Garland, Pick-A-Prison...

Jul 13, 2015|

Should people convicted of criminal offenses like DUI’s, theft…even manslaughter...have the option to choose better prisons, if they can afford to pay for ‘em? It’s called pay to stay prison…where inmates get amenities like TV, a full size refrigerator & a phones. Should prison be the same for everybody? Garland talks to Attorney Lauren-Brooke Eisen, Counsel in the Brennan Center for Justice's democracy program at New York University School of Law and Ron McAndrew, Prison and jail consultant & expert, former Florida warden.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It a job done than a million times of war when you look at our league and some from local to state took federal. We have given aid from their. Album. Over the last ten years that we've got to major major problem. And every room that I haven't law enforcement and dirty virtually. Every law enforcement officials that up here when represented what we found in books and interview that experts old country oh world. Whenever they hit certain areas like. 9192%. Of people. Get charged in the federal system. Never go to trial. Caused their their ports to plea bargain. And city. Don't win the job of country were. Trial really isn't occurring on the noon mostly. Only people that imported. Movement we get to the point where they have the entry the always followed we. Well but you know logo on it's still the best system in the world. And I am I don't think it's a confrontational. Questions. Always has come so. If you walked into a camp from four. Sure your children. And you walked through trial. And the trials telling yeah how they were doing. Chemotherapy one. Pain Herbert Hill on the north. Would you say well at least I'm told you have the league's can't three year. Would you try the erratic he camps. And I never you're never ever ever hear that so here's the latest. One headline and oh Washington Post liberal publication. Called parole boards keep prisoners in the dark and behind bars. And it goes in to detail where. Pearl I didn't realize that but according to mr. of course there it's only a liberal. Publication. They're autonomous. They hit they have power to bury you. And law. If you believe that. Then go to Bloomberg witches. So I'll consider. It business. Publication which. You really doesn't ruin real liberal and somebody who would Bloomberg's. What they're headline news. Wrongful convictions. Bed jail it's ugly ugly Munich's. An embryo and go to another when and where. People. That better getting. Charges. All the way up to. Not murder aboard two steps down board can be considered accidental war. Emotional spur of the moment. Get better prison. Get better treatment at him baloney. And we're gonna have boarded at least one lectured and second power. That thinks they can look at this doesn't believe that. Sure in the meantime we can talk to Lauren Brooks on this and councilman Bruce and for Britain and sooner. Or justices democracy. Program the New York university's School of Law. You were professor. Any outside America that Jack that program act that I can't forget that and I u.'s school of and I am an attorney here and I mean I write it out. Policies that affect their criminal justice system. Our right to it'd delegate Joseph lives in bright eyes and what would you think a little and we saw with Parole Board. There's a judge really big porn to me appointment in this story. Says it's a gentleman to have been thirty years. And told him you have to beat took second degree. Murder. He would give. 1530 years. Problem being prone probe into your lights and that is being viewed patrol bureau paroled in ten year. So he took that flights and well. I think it was twenty something years later. The guy broke her. Letter to him and says do Judy I'm still in jail. And moved the drug rides back and said that your letter. Surprised young hadn't been released yet. I'm sure you know that I have no power. Over the Parole Board so. Incidentally nothing I can do. Is that the best legal system in the world. Well I acting as a very complicated question from me. There are things that were allowed back criminal justice system and that things that do not work at a rally a nation that are kind of criminal justice system. We leave. We have. You know very large. Population in this nation and we have. If federal system and then we have it be me. And in each state has their own. Criminal justice codes. Erica very complicated if app and and I'm sure you're aware we have 2.3 million people behind bars in the country. Await your country bar more people of that country and and any other country on the planet. Now. And yet you know there aren't being that that we could you batter. And he is certainly. I think one of the problems that we have is back. I'm Gary is. That's part of the criminal offense has found that the port sentence saying that that Chad you interpret it was a part of and and that and then back that hostage and then and that judges. You know they they need not be aware. What's necessary happening black and how under sentence is really our. On the current. Decades of close to the pat percent right so I was so it's complicated and that's. Our our regret agree with the news come and it is a broad broad come to borrow in the news talk. A truck and should I'm assuming I'm always Washington legal solution. It got there he got elected but he also got recruited experienced whose lawyer he knew this system. Should judge have the basic knowledge. That YouTube buys some body to take light sentence. In order to get shorter sentence. Administered. By a Parole Board. That he had no control over. Doesn't make cents. Does that mean consent. Shouldn't the judge know that. Well what happens once you are rankings. I'm not every state has trouble. And approval party support for look act to the tip and then Saturday and needs time. And prisoner came out and more. You know. Whether they're released or not it check based on the crime committed rated speed and how they'd be you know while they were in the facility. He'll weather it me feel they are read about the eight at what they're risking the Conn rarely. And sell it it's complicate. So George. Shouldn't have made that part of suits look. If you choose between the third the U get paroled in twelve could be choose life. You get paroled in tin god. A must tell you that Parole Board and I have no control over. And there inaugural two ball. Told June they're gonna look at what they think they should do. That should that be part of a system. Well I can't average are picking up quite different in terms of how they do probable. Individuals who are serving time in half and you know perhaps that's definitely and at the end that may he had can't just expect could perhaps. Explain that process that you know I think. Prior to the other criminal justice system is so complicated. People do you and turn. Jail or prison and being mean not necessarily understand all of the ramifications and texture and not just for. He in need to the defendant but he did it sounds more perfect than need be in court. And if someone you commit a crime against man sentenced to Hank Aaron and I think the president thinks sentenced pretenders. And act like me be really. After I after thank you know because they complied went condition. Their incarceration and and and he can be complied with programming and it would seek credit. So it's really it's very. I'm on both and there he YouTube behalf early release in May have come on his back for longer and expect. A laurel and I think you've probably. Read this suit story and got him and put them pork product. But basically what it says in our legal system. A lot of people or required to eighty. Or legal services. That they shouldn't have to. And a look at once and says the Brennan Center. Were true were. Member. Says that ten million people the government about fifty billion dollars because of there and Paul vote. With the criminal justice system explained to me is is this legal loses something. That's dependable. Is that something that should be shouldn't. Well that's absolutely right individuals processed through the court and through that entire educational Pakistan. Our charity feed at a time really and return. That's fine which are intended. That punishment and Agile athletic commission cabinet and like. You know you are back and are driving around to accept it and you may have been fine a hundred when conditions are possible jail. And that's something called T. Another really and and and are read keen and firm up harm caused the van and Derrick could be easily UNICEF and the itself like contract happening to me he's firing me. On the any means you know the list just goes on time. So he. Went beyond. Criminal that yes he is blacked out Bahrain's. Black reputation which has when you're playing the kind you want to migrate these percolating down in the air they're paying back a percent at the sixth elect now. We're talking about a lot of money. Act directed by and dropped out of the criminal justice says in our battle at. And to let you expect at a meet and fighting even time for many here. And we've noted acts as a criminal counts as a fan growth and cost so much money to operate. We're seeing that piece he breathing at that and I itself. They get skyrocketed in the past year. And he'll part of that it is because we have so many people who do use a criminal aspect that content. I need help I think Kerry barely had to nineteen million people. Mean irony and print and on and in fact. That countries come not just sent cop. Rosie and about 35 billion in 1988 you might and few 165. Gary and in 2012. That's a huge crowd of the president of over 650%. Riordan Suri. At least in the number of states depends paid for the right to Ohio by that jury. 145. Dollars security. 250 dollars for twelve person you're. Those that violated the six of them on bright are true they're trying to. Lot of very interesting legal question and and you know that's not the only heat acting is questionable. In more than half of the heat and and and that actually pain. For their public defender. And that's a little bit strange really think about it look at what we have to be indigent to qualify for Republicans and our. Several states California Florida I am a packet that they charge public defender he. And he doesn't feed. Could be me ground and Arctic air hundred times and in some states it's actually a pretty stagnant over the legal counsel of the Republican senator. I'm so far there have been somebody teach in about an hour of need he. You know like it had about how the court looked back I need administrative teens that make it possible for the court operates. Or these people that really finally. The transportation and so that's an interesting legal question. I don't. Think they are they are shocking informed people who didn't realize how many fees we actually have our. So don't we went out and lead to you can break the law to keep records school and. Well we need people to break the like hypocrites crying you know that if I had chicken neck the problem there. We'll wrap the American people brick in the wall. You're people playing behind in the jaws of kitchen preparing opponents. As we need to keep the ports open. I love what have more on this. Well criminal justice system has kept its grown exponentially. Currently have more crime on the box. And we have. Term. We have let 3% get paid for. Who are and then a fourth best. Had we currently private fashion and you'll court. Where victims. This fiscal crises in the heat. And at least I'll laugh when my revenue earnings view of the court. Current income at everything now in the navy and I had a problem in Atlanta revenue actually kind of fun in the heart set on now what happened and that court tactic start charging companies need to their pills are the porous lately in this system and found I really. Com bearing the parent and I'll find me a criminal does that affect them and that's our game you know on the 81. And our RIR and engines. That. Ms. lives and I project called time burn in my Treo. And thank goodness man per second concern. But after all this is the best legal system in the war we're talking about legal solution. Over the last ten years. Definitely. Moved from very naughty in income and spending. Of our system and and I certainly. Don't understand and I think a little bit average. Or would you order regular buyers weren't I've. Gathering. Information on this subject where you would bring an expert and trying to get that route. Was a Bloomberg report and and Bloomberg. 22 talks there and appalled show. Most people look at it as business publication in Maine we can with hamster but it is do. Others look at the name Bloomberg decency in its liberal. I have Melbourne from the Washington ports and can consider global Bodden and help parole boards keep prisoners in the door and on boards. And here's number one five months to Syria regret I think I got to box the web site Buick. Which some consider rather liberal. Talked about how the legal system is moving more and more. Towards people being charged. That have to pay for the system and others on the day. If that violates the sixth amendment some states. A reportedly been dependent study for the bribed by trial for a jury of six people you Bill Clinton went by about. 22412. Person jury and in that season. And the even go to the point where they list. A number of recruits were rich people. Get charged yet convicted and things like drunk driving for the kill some and they go and they they pay more money to go home to me. Better facility. So of all that said we bring in the experts say you'd. If it's valid as any ballooned to two in the supposing that and bring them to change. We have broadened American crew of prison jailed consultant expert and former Florida. Warden. Broad and welcome her preacher. Here as soon to read shoring owned put for parole boards. I did well. Well. The idea. Being able to buy yourself out of one scale of one prison into another. When I first read that thought it was just a joke. The due process well. I really could not believe my eyes as long as lightening corrections in the long and I've been consultant. I really haven't come across the has blocked if I'm I'm leading in the article. It's a setup as far as I'm concerned for nineteen that a decrease of elections pollute deprivation of bright. There are several examples like it's likely if you got a minute she. I think no one of the most important is that but at the that two young men rob a 7-Eleven. And they're both convicted. They're co conspirators. They both go to the same prism. But one problem stashed away some of this. Money. Prior to going to prison. So he buys his way out of this nasty prison and he goes to a country club prison and leave his body behind. The buddies get left behind is subjected to. The work of criminal. Different kind of security. Without a lot treatment he winds up getting right may even keel. That that's not gonna work not not in the eyes of the court I'm not an attorney. But. Due process is due process and getting out of jail free ticket for the wealthy. Is. It's a long long way to even think about that doing corrections. The Olympic Gordon who has specific and move and they lose the number. 2012. Because thing like quote Keating California. Drunk driving killed at noon. And for years soon in some. This family pays. According to the article and they lose the article word where it can be well. Four years sentence at a pay dues that you facility would TV. Poolside for urgent phone. And the article goes on its. Number of tell foreign troops or four of parades for ten payments. A bridge are available to Walden and superior of the dangers of regular prisons but there are available only to people with the mood to play it and restore real life. No it's apparently the truth but I tell you it's it's so hard to understand because. I just read you one little slip out of the the code 1983 civil action perk. Deprivation of rights. And then that means that the plaintiff only and once again I'm not a parent I'm just reading of the law. Like you must prove two critical points. Better person subjected. With the conduct that occurred at the color of misplayed the ball. And that this conduct deprive the plane hit a rights privileges or immunities guaranteed of the federal law of the US constitution. And I think equal rights. Guarantee. Under the constitution. And and probably. To be able combined I'm way out of a prison. Even perhaps with money that I eyes obtaining these legally. And then to a country club prison at least somebody else behind me that the guys that. That's not equal rights. You talk a group rights problem. I've had and gentlemen and women and prone organization called leap in all of that is one bit of hooligans proved. Over twenty golden rule officers in that and a 100000 members and each one. And it says to me others system. Has that report we're not only 2%. Never go to trial. That are charged and convicted. Cooper broaden. Amber threatened weren't if you don't police. Would you give it will go your wife or go your business associate. We read things in the article on looking at. Parole boards have more power than most judges. They'd they'd really entered into one. A judge. Can tell somebody. Hears what triggered again but at the Parole Board doesn't agree with that when that time is up. You spend more time. Did I over the tail lamps and yours here doesn't. How many shows. Where that thing of equal representation. A really gets called into question. Well you know I do a lot of work for public defenders both federal and state public defenders around the country. And I know that work. They've worked their fingers for the ball trying to help people. But they don't have the kind of money first evolve that the secretary's office has so. Equal rights available all of there of course is. Is not equal again but. This thing about the being able to buy your way. To a country club prison also amounts to racial segregation. Because let's say who's going to be able to look forward. I had to get out of this nasty prisons and go to the country club. Who has the money. A white folks that. And and and it's going to amount to racial segregation when you start I counting out who goes is that. Run looked I know your busy I appreciated that time and expertise you have rigged it tanks were called by certain credit. Food mine. Well hi Scrooge conditional on the brain power and understand it. We would talk corporate skills and we give an example. It is document example. The judge. Says to a guy who's convicted. And if you take a sentence of fifteen to thirty years. It get parole in around twelve years if you take a Y sentence. You get paroled in tenure. So the guy. Pleads. Guilty for a white sentiments. And 22. Years later the judge. Gets a letter prone gentleman sitting. In you'd use. Ten years I've been here 22. And the judge says. Or frankly. I'm surprised. Well I'm sure you know that I have no power. No power over the Parole Board. And there is nothing like in doing that gore regret Q. Non. How I would think when that talk to an expert. Instead of saying well you know it's complicated system. And sing in the park or when to tell the it's the best in the world. Wouldn't expect you expert to say that is obviously eight problem. A problem. And were doing. Acts to tried to change it. I never get that. Permitting conference. In the legal system ever. There's always reason. Followed by and it's Tibet. Here's and we're who's through to do this little room. Whose former operations of men drew mystery Parole Board. Not only or who have the pro boards close to public review and they're paranoid low. Almost nobody in the crude justices and we'll so much power. Unlike politicians. Who are bound open records and disclosure laws pro boards art. At least politicians kind of accountable to their constituents. Pro boards aren't. Parole Board to operate behind closed door. As Susan it's almost you know personally or review overrule by courts or anyone else I'm reading his room. Think tanks and people that work on this and look at this. In the end strike it is you know it's complicated. Another expert. Second guest comes. In says it. There were reports of people eighteen. To go to a better present there of the regarded as the duke said no legal action against well. Prisoners are trees formal warden. Should consult. And I'd say it wouldn't like Coca listening. I can as the location of the year and did a Gupta. News story you bit too close tore res do closer to god. The 72000. His family paid to group prison with operatives have. TV pulled on his courage phone privileges. That so we're very little problem with in those persons. Comparable white collar crime as it is that a lot or know that through but I still don't believe. It's a problem. In this miserable tournament we have legal or yours former sheriff's police she DEA's CIA unit and organization called leap law enforcement against prohibition of drugs. Saying that the legal assistant broken. In the most dramatic ways. And you tell me when you find the interview Google. We're some expert. Judge. Or you working the system says it's your right. It's broken. In two major places. In here while we're doing trying to change it. Other than it's complicated. I don't believe it and even if that was true. Absent some in the world.