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Jul 13, 2015|

Angela was joined by Todd Menesses and WWL News Director Dave Cohen to talk Hot Topics.

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And not happy hot hot hot Monday in a little boiling out there but that's OK because were in here and hopefully you're having a cool and fun day. We're gonna have fun the next hour because we got two great guys talking about what is trending at this hour. Our own double that it will news director Dave Collins grabbed hands link arms we'll get through Monday together vote that is exactly right it not link arms because it's too hot. Sweaty arms sweaty arms. And also back. So happy to have them back. It is Kobe capital yeah that's a. He had a little surge jury is that in. I had a knee scoop on my you write me. Annie has that elevated Simon and have been around lately access to so redundant I don't know man if you ask that the way. That's why we are here to help wrap that I surround mini camp. We also have a lot going on let's start with something fun time let's start with Garth Brooks is everybody is talking about it. Yeah he he did really well at the smoothie king says there and of course you know he added that extra show and rocked the place he's got a new album out that as I mean it's sold about a million copies which is. Grade but not anywhere near what he sold. And ours Brooks in his heyday but he did stick to mostly adding to the counter but he did stick to mostly his older stuff he played some new stuff came out some new songs. But he he even admitted when he goes to a concert for someone like that he wants to hear their yet it's. So he played a lot of hits but he also found time in his busy. Toward the ad in the other day to do a football camp. They held a Newman and had a lot of young kids there and talk them you know not him but had some experts there. To teach him football tournament he's a big sports fan and he's been doing this everywhere he goes. In concert he's been holding these camps he was able to. The old one here to elect you know it's some kids go and show up and some fundamentals from a lot of the pros you know these fans he's friends with. A lot of NFL players and a lot of national players just like Kenny Chesney is friends with John Payton here in the saints we've seen Camelot. Garth Brooks. Is as well and you know I had I tell you I've met so I worked in country music for years and towed to the store it meant a lot of country artist. Garth Brooks by far. Is the nicest. Guy you ever won a meet the guy you see on stage the guy you seed talk in the media. That is him he's just that genuine. And you know aegis very personable. And when I got to I'm a man twice. Second time I met him he remembered my name from the first time on my gosh which was three years earlier. So this I mean this is a guy who meets. Lots of lots and lots planet as a business guy you gotta love the way to do things to as a fan because. Garth Brooks pits make a whole lot more money selling tickets only a shows but I sells every seat in the end game for the same. Price. And so if you buy the first ticket. You get the front row. And if you buy last PE get the last row and the same exact price. And he obviously could charge a lot more because he's so what happened he sold out the first show in just minutes he added another show it sold out in another show. And instead of raising the prices he just kept them all the same. And the demand was there and the fact that he did this that he wants everyone be able to come to a concert and enjoy themselves. Isn't that and I'm well. Agency story just about their real quick as I told Angela before you have heard this and listeners haven't when I was so working and in Lafayette the country stationary you perform there we had winners go backstage. The winners had gone into the concert and bought a bunch of T shirts and things that his ms. Booth. To get an autograph so we get backstage with Garth and they come in with a big stack of stuff. And he looks at the stuffing his home goodness which you get all this and they so we you know we bought it all here we go on here is okay well are tightening in hand it to him and he. Calls as manager in hands of stuff to his manager tells them something is geared manager leaps. With the stuff and worth again something okay queries against somebody autograph is an honest you don't want to. Well he then starts talking with this and offered us food and eaten your Orson merry men stricken from his stuff with him and Todd chat about all kinds of things talking football and Manning or knock those are mantra comes back hands in the stack of stuff. Garth goes to the though the person he says he is OK Amanda goes I just want you to know it was heron and her family was for people. He says I have a I have a policy here he goes I have special T shirts you get when you come back stage so he gave everybody teacher Hamas signed those. He was an ominous sign all this stuff for you but if you win backstage from meet. You don't bile this he then reaches into his pocket. Takes out his wallet and pay goes I can't believe he spent almost 200 dollars on this stuff. And hand that's what he had the manager who has I don't second how much it was and how much CO these people any paid them the money out of his pocket and he says dentist okay now. Whom autograph and these two it was just the greatest experience ever I mean I've never seen any other. Country artist they have been very personal on the back and backstage. Would be that personable. To a snow in the just impresses me even more of this talk to a young friend of mine who goes to many many many live concerts and sent. And went Friday night instead it was the top three of her life and that's that's a statement. Bobble good and good that he'd kick it off here and and good that he had that time. Very precise art let us move on that this we're gonna talk about burst we're talking sports a little it. Drew Brees and a crocodile. Really you know this from hit. The Internet recently and it's all over the place everybody is sharing it in and then commenting on it. And that was my wife called to my attention can she sign on FaceBook. And sent to you know Drew Brees is gonna wrestle crocodiles that. Wait wait wait wait let me see this and it was for real it wasn't some you know bogus thing that people put on the Internet for whatever reason true enough true ovaries. Is going to be on NBC's running wild with bare grills as part of the second season that debuts tonight on NBC. And in the promo you see him leaping off of some kind of ledge onto a crocodile below and grabbing a crocodile with his bare arms and and give and a big. All of the and you don't see what happens after that there is somebody in front of the crocodile distracting it rhyme when Brees jumps onto it. Some have said the crocodiles mouth this tape that look really closely at the video and I don't see any tape on the mouth. Other people think that the crocodile was that dated prior to Drew Brees doing this either way it does have some people on hold up and it. True. What do you do now what he would still and rest crocodile we need to do to be healthy and not lose any limbs or fingers as we were are reminded. Just July 4 of the player who lost his finger of duke blue NFL players off a finger. To fire and of career. Yet well. Not necessarily for alignment but yet have a quarterback. Back loses a quarterback or receiver yeah but not an idea lineman or line America they could still get that yet but anyway so the bottom line is Drew Brees does do you 48 hours. In the wild with bare grills on the show on NBC it's already been taped on as we've seen Drew Brees since the taping. So we know that he has all his fingers and toes and arms and legs there. But. It does raise the question you know you recall he was a spokesman. For a three wheeled motorcycle mile long. And in the commercial he's never seen riding. Because he clause in his contract prohibits him from riding motorcycles. And so he couldn't do that but apparently has taken wrestle crocodiles since day. Anything about I think he repels in this episode based on some of what I've seen we know he wrestles a crocodile. And apparently the saints are all cool because they tweeted out the promotional video. So as it's over but we went right yes we've talked to command remote and some of our fans have sent it off on our FaceBook page. And some don't like the idea I think actually he retired do all this stuff throughput. Hey drew is a very intelligent guy to calculate risks and apparently knew what he was doing because he came back and won. Well let me say that is operating jaguar opinion poll were asking us. Do you think it's a good idea or bad idea. When they don't show you is after he wrestled and he then picked him up and threw him forty yards to branding cook's stuff right touchdowns over the. Now we're talking animal cruelty. OK so that's going to be on tonight no animals were harmed in the filming of this television Abreu caught caught him gently in the rain for now somebody's jump on your back. And Dave let's talk about really some very interesting news about the household counts. Clothes. To per pre Katrina yet you know here we are just month and a few days away from the ten year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting this area. And looking at some new reports out. We find that the number of households. Receiving mail in New Orleans now. Is just under 10% away from being where it was. Back in June. Ten years ago so what that tells us is that we have almost is in many occupied homes now in the city of new Portland's. As there were before Katrina and if you look at the map and see how it works out. You see that sixteen neighborhoods in specific most of them the sliver by the river at that elevated portions that we're not flooded at all or very little. During Hurricane Katrina is where the biggest growth has been. And you see neighborhoods than most notably Lower Ninth Ward where this far far fewer. Residences occupied now that there were before Katrina but. Take the city is a hall hole and 65 out of 72 neighborhoods have seen at least some. Increase in population. And again as a city it's up to 90% of the pre Katrina population that's good news for the city there were about 200000 households receiving mail before Katrina. Now there about a 182000. According to the greater New Orleans community data center. And if we throw in the census figures for the entire metropolitan area. Saint Tammany saint Charles saint James and Saint John have more people living in them now than they did before Katrina. Jefferson has about the same place and Howard made it back to the pre Katrina level. And black men Saint Bernard New Orleans are still working to get back to this particular. No I think that's major news really is we're actually going to be doing a program. Tomorrow on that so we'll really get too elaborate to act because some neighborhoods still struggle. Yeah but and and my question is is is this a trend that's gonna continue. In expand into those neighborhoods that the neatest. It's going to continue. And I think that we know that because we see that there's still lots of condos cuts coming online in a warehouse district downtown. We see homes that are in some neighborhoods that had been buoyed its of the storm that are finally being rebuilt. But to the second part of your question. That's not clear that there are still some neighborhoods. That just have not sustain much if any revitalization. Some of it is because of the risk in this neighborhood some of because of the nature of the homeowners in that neighborhood those that laughed and never came back in larger numbers remember of more than 40000 people never came back after Katrina who got a lot of new residents. But attending to rebuild in more trendy areas where we're seeing the population booming. Will Ninth Ward ever get back I don't know if Beatrice thing is to see what the experts think on that but we know so far ten years later it's not back. All right let's move over his politics and we're talk and Scott Walker. Social media. Here we go again socially again he announced on social media this morning tweeting out that he is running for president. He said I am in so and another one to the Republican. Race. To get the nomination to for the presidency and he already a mean they just announced today. They've already taken a poll in Iowa and he's already leading that poll. I think with a eighteen and eighteen points Bobby Jindal comes up thirteenth or something in that. Yeah regionally at 2% up and he announced what we're over a week ago exactly walker who we it was a foregone conclusion it was known he was going to and rise. And Wisconsin is very close to Iowa both upper midwest. States but I. That's important because you know the first caucus of course is in Iowa. And walker is number one there right now with 18%. And has got a lot of ground to make up these Gabby getting that top ten if he wants them. And he's also gonna run on walker that is you know his. National profile largely due to his classes all the labor unions and and fighting up there in Wisconsin and and you know trying to. Reset get him out of their deficit to get things going. And one of the ways he did it was he took on the labor unions for their retirement programs and so forth and so on and and I believe one of anyone big time so that. That speaks to a lot of people unions obviously don't like him. But that does speak to a lot of middle class folks and that's what they're hoping for. Let's go back over to but I was so fast actually riveted this weekend. With the escape of that Mexican cartel. Ocampo had unbelievable. You now in this is his second escape. The last time he escaped he had bribed some prison guards to throw him in with a laundry. And if you market to smuggle him out well the Mexican president. Made today. Promise essentially to the people of Mexico to recapture and did that put him in a maximum security prison where he was able to. Dig a hole through the floor of his own cell. Shower in the shower or two a tunnel which got him to a nearby home where he had. Transportation arranged for him they say he's been still calling me responsible for something like 36000 deaths in Mexico. Uncounted death in America can seize the largest single supplier. Heroin cocaine and other drugs to the United States as he was still running the show it was essentially you made the prison his own. Remote kind of location its own. McCain and interestingly he was in like solitary so it wasn't like he had. Communication around I'll let you know automated XIAAR and is that money and and the reason the reason I was chuckling it amazes me you see on these prisoners who escaped more than once from prison. You think by the third or fourth time you can put an armed guard on him watching him 24 sevenths should that happen again if you know in my eyes I have to yeah yeah if they're lying in the thing now. Though it if that's maddening. But I just I was fascinated by apparently. The I'm laughing it's not funny the tumble. Is like a real architectural jam and they. And got it down to a a real science and in this just dig a hole it is bracing and it's getting Aron and that's had access for a motorcycle. But this guy is walking evil. You know and I mean the stuff that he he not only threatens but goes through with skimming children alive I mean that kind of thing. Horrendous. In America offered let us take him and will make sure he doesn't escape. You think you really dug a tunnel himself Arnold thinks not with a spoon out here he had to he had help from the other side exactly the other all I think all he had to do was to show up well make them indicate the location in the shower floor so they know where to stop digging yeah but with GPS now. Write everything down. You know so it was an elaborate plan he wields great power. A lot of money. He. Is single handedly the man behind so huge percentage of the world's drugs. And and the Mexican government says it and kept him again. Let us all ordering you know even in Mexico you know yeah you just wonder if there wasn't a private jet waiting. Well didn't they take like forty employees of that prison. In new Mexico City incident have a talk with them. A lot of good that's embattled fund as we saw earlier channel four last week in a very interesting story about the Fuller Italy and it's just sort of breaking. Across the United States now. And you know it's kind of thing historians say and you look poorly as the troubled history in some folks are saying. You know it it may be a racist symbol as well because it was used to a brand runaway slaves. The slate ran away the second time to get branded with the Florida the but but here's the deal that is win. France owned this area. If you read edit and I knew this for years if you read if you Redlands the three musketeers you actually read the novel and that's all the movies. They talk about. France back then branding prisoners with the flu or delete or anyone who escaped prison with the floored Ali. So it was uses a brand for anyone who who either escaped it was a criminal or prisoner all sorts of things. Trader was branded with the fluid leak and that was the the code of you know the ruling monarchy again. In France. So when the French revolution happened a lot of these traders so called. Who were branded with the Florida league with a wanted to know when they released the prison the storm the Bastille in Italy so. Lot of these people were branded with the Florida league so it kind of became the symbol of it changed. Its meaning and it became the symbol of kind of love hope for these guys these are the ones leading look we're gonna take this symbol we're gonna use it. So to say it was it was that way and mean and and in the article two in history professor at Terrence. Fitzmorris says it has its roots obviously the French in the revolutionary thing as a descent and all the symbols. But. To say that it was used that way and answer racist symbol leases now I don't think you can. Quote the United States of America was a slave holding republic of formerly was assembled a marquee. Quote not a not a nice it's it was label and probably not just the south where do you stop. You get rid of all the symbols he doesn't think so and neither as a someone else who brought it. Doctor Abraham sack. He says no he doesn't view it that way either he says the symbol has been embraced by the city. As one of unity is via mayor says well we know after Katrina. Mr. mentioned before Dave. The Florida lead is what everybody's sort of talking about a minutes on the the saints helmet I mean symbol of the city. And so forth and so on and it's been embraced to show. Unity side doesn't hold the same. Meaning as a confederate flag in. As well it is something we're gonna talk about 2 o'clock Todd will be joining me a hot topics and we're going to be asking you do you think. You know look at that symbol the early symbol a little differently if he'd if we just learned that past history. Now the differences. And there are arguments on both sides obviously still of the confederate flag but the the confederate battle flag was created for the confederacy it was a symbol specifically for the states. That were battling the union that. Were fighting for the State's right to continue to have slavery and it doesn't. In any significant historical sense pre date the confederacy as does the Florida Lee. Significantly pre dates write her centuries ago. The use to brand a runaway slaves. Doesn't have. Bad memories or bad associations for some obviously but is it. Identity as a symbol correct today just that now it's much. Greater than what it was but it was also used to brand. White black it didn't matter of yours or run away prisoner or traitor whatever you got branded with the Florida league in France and it was essential to show property. It's a property of France exactly right. Let's quickly move on. This is so different 200 just talking about but LeBron James. I love this guy. Yeah he's he still have a nightmares. About losing to the warriors. In the championship he says that he still hasn't gotten over it. And he probably will never. Get over the loss. To the warriors he says he's having quote nightmares about certain plays and situations from the final laws that he thinks could of gone bad airy could have done something better. He's admitted he needs to get over it because even his kids won't let him stay in the fall because he's still kinda. You know upset about it there's a couple of them Politico. He's as you never you can never get out of it no matter how much you try and say you did everything you'd DH you gave everything that you had and you move on. I don't feel like you ever move on your right there in the finals and you had the opportunity to do something special. And obviously he's talking about this one on some little more because he wants to bring a championship. To his hometown of Cleveland has not had a championship. In anything. Since I think the fifty's as the last time maybe the browns won the NFL championship for the Super Bowl there. And you know it's it's been awhile for them to get a championship in Cleveland they're desperate for one he thought this year they would. He says that obviously carrier ring and Kevin Love they were healthy. They are speculating those who both speculated they probably would have won if they were healthy. That LeBron didn't start to show his wisdom I guess in the NBA can see still like. I don't even know if they were healthy. If that would guarantee us winning he said there were just some key things that needed to be done. It's still haunt me ironically Marshawn Lynch was on Conan O'Brien a couple of weeks ago. And was asked about not getting the ball in the Super Bowl for the Roddy says did you think you're gonna use yeah I thought I was gonna get there by those in Gannon we do Whitman who really goes. He said are you angry. And he said you know. I was upset at first season but now not that's good it was a good decision to go to my AA is I'm okay with a letter logo it just let's just move on ago this year so. Marshawn Lynch is over the fact that he didn't get them to be the Super Bowl Euro right and when everyone thought he would so. The brawn against giving a little time and you'll get over this and most experts think the cavaliers would be right in the thick of the. Things next matters in the back of its images too great yeah I'm so happy to have Dave Conan Tom Manassas here's when he. Look at what's trending on the sub very hot Monday. Very interesting a former saints assistant coach gets arrested. Yeah I remember Aron Cramer was actually the interim head coach during the suspension season briefly I'm not very successful but nonetheless he always said we were on the costs. Of the saints becoming a great team again. On his watch he left here he went to Chicago he got the trouble there because he made some comments that weren't real nice but the quarterback in Chicago ended up in buffalo anyway. He was. At the beach. And according to Walton county jail records the 48 year old Aron Cramer was taken into custody. Sunday morning around 2 AM. And held in the jail with about an hour charged with battery that caused bodily harm. A spokeswoman for the Walton county sheriff's office denied immediately tell the details but according to reports that we've seen from several local news organizations. Chrome apparently got into an argument with some people about the placement. Of the chairs. On the beach. He apparently was not happy with someone moving his chairs where the location of the chairs. It started with threats and then apparently according to these reports turned to nick primary using physical force. After an angry tirade. So Lou we'll wait and see how the legal process plays out and if these charges hold up. If he's able to maybe get reduced charges but. Bottom line former saints interim head coach and assistant coach and armory in trouble with the law. Over a fight over beach church hall suing him 2 AM as they arrest was made it's not clear. When the incident happened how long it took at least on the Ryan and he punched somebody just. Weather reports are that there was some shoving and hitting apparently involved over the chair over. Moving his chair would block his view of the water and she did this thing and you everywhere on the beach here now on out come on. I've been to act and there's a lot of drinking on the beach we know that first off tell people do you get can a testy. About where the chairs and and that does have been set up the tents and as the chairs were you rent the pat let's is in the umbrellas and there's always the potential or less sand over here than over the years have become well apparently the new placement of the B shares was on the cost of running. I guess. Oh dear let us move on to what many people love the American car story yeah American heart Astoria this past weekend. Of course comic con in San Diego the big one happening so everyone mentioned all their shows the American horror story folks were there they had their panel. And revenues. Series going to be called hotel American heart Storey hotel. It will not be filmed here in the Louisiana they've made that decision in May either going to be filming in Los Angeles where the hotel a supposedly. Addison is a Los Angeles hotel so not because of our tax now or not up now because a tax credit issues so far but as David pointed out Los Angeles as. Increased the year. Attacks. Being. Reduction for movies in Europe calls and after two years and Breaux of Louisiana. Actually being home to more film production then was Hollywood. California had to take action and they increased incentives there. But decision was also made at a time that the writing was on the wall that the Louisiana legislature. Is moving to train limiting the tax credits so whether that was a factor in how we don't know. Have they said they wanted to get since the hotel is in Los Angeles they wanted to get back to filming. On location last year they filmed here that this series Mosley took place in Florida they did film here. However this year. Some of the cast will be back. As in years past Kathy Bates Angela Bassett mad bomber reverend Peters. Sarah Paulson the gave the names of their characters. And some others but this year Lady Gaga will join its gas bearing interest she will not be singing though there is no we'll see another side I can be singing though musical numbers in this one as they did last year. With freak show. And he does admit that. Some of the characters. From past seasons. May checked into the hotel it's Ryan Murphy. It's mentioned that so Jessica Lange is not on this season. She is taking a year off but for the future. He says well you gotta latency she may be back in there so it goes all season that. Are pretty jaguar opinion poll we gas Drew Brees wrestling a crocodile on TV is that a fun idea or bad idea. 76%. Of you say that idea for drew very bad you know. We leave here every night in the warehouse district and you just see the life you see activity and it's growing and growing. Yeah well I mean I think for years now people knew about Lucy's berkadia came on the scene now on wolf there's been a lot going on in the warehouse district interment nightlife. And in the last few years what we've seen is. People want to live in the warehouse district they want to work and the warehouse district because it is in lively vibrant community. That doesn't come with a price tag or some of the historical headaches that come with the French Quarter. And what we've seen as vast development. In the warehouse district over the last several years and that's continuing their condos and still to come on line and the construction continues and it's mostly along topic too was where the the heart of this development is and now we're report. It's going to be another what is hopefully successful might light spot. The topic to listen beer garden. Is scheduled to open next month at 840 capitalists as a year round October fest inspired drinking all and you know what I find funny about warehouse district now is that many of these bars and night spots are very small. And the crowd spills out onto the street and you end up with hundreds of people to standing outside of these places. Enjoying the music coming from inside and drinking and standing outside. So I think this was kind of inspired by that idea of hey let's let one go inside where there's air conditioning out where they're not blocking traffic. And you know maybe they can in the exterior crowd but I think that's also part of the attraction is that. Like the French Quarter there's just people all outs that's happening is encountering a gathering place again. Now that's very very good news okay very quickly and I heard about this this weekend and went all now. They stole her ruby slippers. Yeah I was of the wicked witch of the west either Judy Garland the ruby slippers that she wore. And it was of Gaza's only three still in existence to repair still in existence. They have been stolen their big reward is being offered now I think they've been stolen for about ten years. They've been missing but now a a supporter. And anonymous donor. Is offering a million dollar reward for the credible information leading to the parent Judy Garland famous sequined. Ruby slippers that were stolen from the museum in her Minnesota hometown there's no place like home no place like a slightly they want us to come back here to be ten years that that's been ten years in August will be the tenth year anniversary. And I sing in somebody's closet and I think someone has used them. Master personal transportation. In the us is it just click them together and go wherever I want what they did receive a tip they thought it was thrown down into a UA mine shaft and they did go down there in check but know that in the. Give them up who ever you locked stay with us every one Todd continues to join us as we talk about some hot topics the next hour. And it's going to be a couple we talked about right now about the yeah. About the neighborhoods we wanna hear about your neighborhood and also about the flow early and other things but again thanks for staying with this. For our trending thank you day very much. But again stay with us hot topics writer on the corner.