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7-20 4:10pm Kristian: on Brandon Browner's comments and college football

Jul 20, 2015|

Kristian takes calls on Brandon Browner's comments that he would go back to Seattle after his time with the Saints is up and talks with Heisman winner Charlie Ward about the state of college football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Several five a Monday edition of sports talk here on WWL am FM in WWL. Dot com home of the Saints the LSU Tigers. Welcome in on this Monday afternoon. Times to get to Charlie ward for more NBA point garden he never won Heisman Trophy winner as well for Florida State's at the Jonas. At 440 tons of things to get to. Training camp countdown we like most about the Saints heading into the season and which rookie has the best chance to start. Is its Stephon Anthony key cop. Andrus peat. Davis tall. Tell PGA Williams. Number of guys I think. Really Stephon Anthony in key guy hop key guy high have to have the biggest the most legitimate shots because of the positions they play B you tell me away and it. 260187. Text and 87870. Also lack crushing Garrick one. We like most about saint headed in the camp I'll give you my my top five a roller about it last week on W elect boundaries while like. Couple things I like about the Saints heading in the camping tomorrow lab. What concerns we have our I have about the Saints going into the point fifteen schedule. Zach Johnson wins the open Jordan's speed one shot short of a playoff. One shot off he's really like three inches away Zach Johnson though when in the claret jug at the British Open a few saw this. Cameron Jordan signs. A Seahawks football Wyeth in Aston he posted on Twitter. But a Seahawks fan asked them to sign his football EC sure so he draws an X through the Seahawks logo and writes who'd that it slides it. And and I just well. Is is that's big time guts. We'll do that some athletes who just led to sign a no big deal whatever. But at least he recognized look I'm not signing a Seahawks. Football and oh by the way if you're a fan of another team and you're getting another players find something else get a piece of paper and really all of you have. That particular logo get somebody else targets skits something else. Also. Saints defensive back Brandon Browner. As are pretty jaguar of people lined we had to be him elect Tom Brandon Browner said in an interview that he wants to go back to the Seahawks after his contract with the Saints expires is this a big deal or not. And right off the bat well look at it. It's not that big of a deal. They you know fans are gonna be always worried about he was the back to Seattle. Now he was asked the question got to consider that setting in the context in which he was at that. Hey would you be open to a return to Seattle. And oh by the way they'll be at age 34. So in all likelihood an age where he would. Probably be retiring by that point so Scott Fujita. Came back to the Saints for a day he signed retired with the Saints I think that's really what this was about more than. Anything the desire of from fond memories. Often times these players love to go back to. And where kind of where it started and the team they gave in the shot I don't see this is a big deal. Whatsoever with Brandon Browner Saints fans might give a little bothered by but I am not I wouldn't be. Also that's are pretty jaguar people on line a double to Volek on the way in. Right there or call me 26018 semi text and 877 in its sting idea from Gary pickled Missouri about independence being allowed. In the NCAA college football playoff format is they shouldn't be teams like Notre Dame. BYU. Remember now. Baylor TCU got left out of the picture last year after going eleven and one but because of the lack of a conference championship game. And her but he Garry Eagles minuses no independent. She get in the college football playoff format. Charlie ward coming up at 440. Also. Talk to Rex hold card senior writer for golfchannel.com. To talk about Zach Johnson winning the British Open for the first time in over a year. Jordan speed didn't win a major. Major winners not named Jordan speeds. Five things you like are a couple things you like about the Saints. Heading into training camp 260187. Tex at 8787. Did you see that surfer. That was attacked by the shark fend off a sharp over the weekend. It's it's on FaceBook page also I don't know if you you saw listened to fifa at their. Conference meetings or whatever a comedian had a nice salute Joseph for Sepp Blatter. Stacks of fake money goes and puts him far known Derek Hawaii's about the start this. Conference to announce the requirements really for the special election to replace him and always he'll need to start on security and where's my security Sepp Blatter. In a comedian throws money Adam and says we're here to get that. The 20/20 six World Cup for North Korea. And they is all star apparently has comedian does this on not on a number of occasions to kind of grabbed a publicity but. Is pretty it was pretty funny in a comment under the story that is also on our for our FaceBook page and on line for yet W moloch company. Funny comment to us and look at the comedian would just try to pass that in that money under the table so Blatter much might have been much more receptive to taking it. This is sports talk on WL IMF and Debbie did well like I. I'd like an extra thousand dollars right easy to answer now yup free cash. W a once the put a thousand bucks in your pocket and winning is an easy one text the way in our nationwide. Free cash contests starts today. And heads up every time a new policy code words for more is given join our cash club right now by texting. Who were attached to 8787. To win a thousand bucks for catch more radio intercom and Debbie to do well. We never charged protect the individual plan text data rates apply in please do not Texan drive you're smarter than that. Welcome back to sports talk here on W dwelling anathema Debbie to do well not come full lines are wide open for 82601870. Texan 87870. After that shark attack on. That professional surfer champion surfer. He said he considered he's considering not never going back in the water again. Not doing anymore find another profession that's easy I wouldn't the two things. I'm petrified of Sharks who sees somebody shark attacks really recently. And snakes to things that just absolutely. Make me. In saying Lee scared Sharks snakes can Estandia one of them who would you go back and if you were. That. Surfer go back in the water after getting attacked pressure get to see this video it's on our FaceBook page it's on W go like com as well and it's incredible. Guy actually punched the shark. And it cannot. Went off and it was boats swarming area cut trying to get him out of the water. That out relatively unscathed. 2601878. Text and 878 having Brandon Browner saint but to back set an interview. It was go back to the Seahawks after his contract with the Saints expires in that isn't a big deal now. I got a toll feel about it consider the setting. And also to expand upon that we get aggravated. With athlete's physique kind of give us the they give us the carbon copy. Cliches. Uh oh you know it's of the same questions the same ways and he was asked the collection. He's refreshingly honest about it so what's wrong with what he says after his contract expert now be set at like go back to Seattle tomorrow we'll that a then I think he got a problem. But it's really not that big of a deal when it we want. Candy and we will candor from. These professional athletes in just be honest tells the truth or you know it's refreshing to me and then we want to blast them for. Only you should in this case in such as disease Saints player in B it would matter if it was at the situation was reversed. News if he would join the Seattle Seahawks is that you know I'd like to like the Saints might Seahawks. Careers away and in today's day and age of the NFL. It's certainly possible. To have guys rejoin your team happens all the time. As think Saints fans are some fans are gonna rush to judgment year when in fact if you just look at the context in this setting in which this question was answered. It's really not that big of a deal beat tell me it to 601870 text and 87878. Also cobble things you like about the saint heading into training camp. One says via new look defense that's more of a question mark than it is of the deacon but be rest assured upon. Thought about a couple things out highlight of I'll leave my number one thing. For last just because I know 963 threes at their probably cut his grass or what have you right now. Is gonna take exception to. But Sean Payton and humbled and hungry and that's a combination I love and any coach or player. May paid admitted. He kind of admitted this offseason. I kind of feel like you can expect he refocused head coach with a refocused organization following. Mean at his best batons a tone setter. With some infectious leadership's now and ex is huge through the organization so from the tickets that that he missed that Peyton loves the challenge in. He has won this year with a roster that has just four players left in the united suitable team as my number two reason why I like the saints' chances of rebounding from a seven and nine disappoint campaign headed in the trachea also the schedule. For the Saints it couldn't be any better honestly. From a fan's perspective team perspective media perspective. There aren't any real crazy twists in corks like back to back road games in the short week on Sunday night or Thursday night. Road game the Saints play the AFC and NFC south which are the worst divisions in the league last year. And oh by the way. Only one potential cold weather game this season on the road against Washington November 15. Mean missed at least. For the history under Sean Payton the Saints have never had back to back seasons with a losing record 798 Nate. Also the Saints have missed the playoffs. In back to back seasons just once on Sean Payton 070 wait. History also shows is that the nastiest out pretty much wide open. The Panthers likely won't repeat as division champions know teams won the south three times in a row. Fifth on the list. Who dat nation right the superdome one of best home field environment in the league. Have been nearly happened about 28. Stadiums. And have looked Seattle solid Green Bay solid but it's probably the Saints are. Riding a five game losing streak and have built them but I explain I expect the Saints. And of that nation to get back to their dominant ways. In a raucous superdome that creates confusion for the visitor. Number one honestly. Drew Brees. Glad I doubt on me something tells me that. He's just got a little bit more of a fire this year to prove the naysayers wrong that are starting to question whether his skill is diminishing. Let's not forget the skies mean a career out of proving those guys wrong too short now and a form showing no way to come back from that shoulder injury. He heard those critics. Early in his career he's declining he's lost some skill he's hearing those critics now. A light breeze chance to rebound this year even without Jimmy Graham. Anthony new world Jauron W duo. I don't think you stick in my couch. I would include comment about what I feel about the team this year after them. We'd go through. I win. The addition. A funny opening game and he he got hot cable guy Hoffman in a row. But I think what the this year and Allenby and beer. And backing corps. There's got to be very strong. And I think they did a good job and offseason. Tighten up on secondary can make the defense could be. Good. But really right now. It's unknown I mean hardly something you can Sammy looks good right it looks like they addressed the same thing last year so there's a couple things they looked like they had solved. A year ago. Yeah saw that worked out you went to saint. Yeah and I think that without Jimmy Graham I think you know Drew Brees because he's not gonna be looking. Specifically Jimmy amnesia like he had been in the camping. Like I've seen the do you generally at receiver. The running out feel opening any kind of like forced the ball in the Wrigley Field. I don't understand it upfront that. I understand that thought process and look you've had Youkilis rattle off a few tight ends Billy Miller. Number 85. That for Texas. Arbiter his name his name is his name is escape me at the moment. The we had Billy Miller he had. Johnson and Eric Johnson put up numbers but on number 85 play Dave Thomas at two it is Dave Thomas and his system. So I understand the thought process of a maybe drew was forcing the ball. To Jimmy Graham too much really I look at it and go back to its point twelve season when. So on they was sidelined had a bad defense then. The parallels between that season and it's forty fourteenth season we're so similar because I think at times he looked like. He was forcing the ball because. He knew we had. To keep his offense on the field because the defense wasn't. The pavilion at third down defense are keep the other offense off the field you have he would have I guess is much of confidence in. Yeah he would never say that in his defense are rob Ryan's defense to. Two guys although there in order to you might force subconsciously you might force the issue a little bit but yeah I understand the thought about. Jimmy Graham being on in force in the ball there but I don't think he really did as much. Of that is he still many times did you hear word Jim Anderson would say look he's now completed the pats 78. Different receivers he still by the football brownie. Thank you elementary ago spray the ball around August though sometimes he could afford to do you regret. Question for you and the a team and maybe to being on the from the defense and under. An epic it can't enjoy it would get doubled to you because some teams so maybe the key was to being. To get to the Cordoba and that we think about that. Well good question I'll think traditionally your 34 ins are going to be bigger clothes and a three under range anyway. How these two big guy I think it by and large that entire defense of line just under performed a year ago. In the key mix included because. Everybody was talking about not just the Saints defense but he was being zeroed in as one of the guys that could potentially have that quote unquote. Breakout year and he has played a little bit inside they moved him around at times but. That's the question Anthony. They sort of vocal he can win as well 260187. He texted 87870. News headlines or Chris Miller. Or act Kristian garic one welcome back to sports talk. Played point guard any NBA Heisman Trophy winner at Florida State. Charlie ward joining us now here on sports talk in the Charlie look thanks a bunch for the time well I certainly appreciated I'm just curious which are up to these days I. Aniston you're coaching high school football right extra time we get the Senior Bowl this past January that's true to a minute. Their coach art school football. Here practical as you watch and that are actually slow work out that reached. Some more work out or that your memory. And restore. Order of terror. Are you what your thoughts on the spread offense in college football these days it's Emmitt everybody's run in now and is an effective it is in here to stay for a long term. Our world and colleges or is that you get off a distributor. The curse you game. The crew. Made need their pitchers have. And quite describe it is lobby yours grow because here. Erratic fast pace and those type of thing and and I think it is. Here the state or is the college game is concerned. Other groups interfere game is not gonna change. As usual. They may reduce wrinkles here and there. I think it's better pitcher short changed you know he's an opportunity to compete. From odd Wednesday airport. Again some of the bigger screws small group. As far as the pace is concerned that helps. Level out some of the plane. Field and give those younger or smaller things and small schools an opportunity. I've been spirited you know actually I sushi sushi figure those are there could be serve as well usually. Former NBA point guard in. Standout at Florida State on the football field and Charlie ward here on sports talk in the Charlie how good your team you feel like going to be this year and fiscal. Are. You good reasons. Those guys that. Should they were not going to be which is committed to. The word. And our receiver. That. Purdue player has Puerto anti rejection. And in our quarterback quarterback. There are all the same Torre had great so they are you know that they're developing quality engineer in the midst. You know we have some you know linemen be linemen that were the real as well piece on the illustrious seasons progress. And you know her out. Are good nucleus. Have a but I think that's most honest news. So can be competitive and though Austria. Six. Charlie had an opportunity go play in the NFL chose the NBA how close were you. To choosing football. Well rumored George. I work out for both. We're we're in Rio on campus. And the united you know and play miniature so it chores. They chose not to. Draft me which is America together. Offer from Kansas City Chiefs like in. About talking here he's or report Q are you. I got chosen in the first BA which I don't do that I would. Bird. Your outlook all my effort of after the notre but he chose. Two. It took him being and that's what eventually did and now or are they did in order not to play in India. How long what was your favorite what is your favorite NBA memory you have one I know it's kind of hard to maybe narrow down just one but you have more. Are. Not rare did not to have the NBA. Finals. We're but are you know. There's that those series in San Antonio. It was a great mayor Booker and it be and came close a couple of put. That didn't do. So in their own experience or plan B was south or remember. Charlie ward here on sports talk WWL IM FM a dot com and Charlie obviously I'm curious to know a guy who played in the NBA. What do you think is the future holds for the duels pelicans with a guy like Anthony Davis and now how close she you follow it still but. I'm curious to know if you have if you have an opinion about Anthony Davis. Well you know the ball really close group. Are you on Williams. And so he kept a picture of me out abreast you know. Detained them. And what was going and you know to get a chance to watch Anthony late. He's they're phenomenal. Player. And those don't have to get better. Agent pitcher do not think he's overrated to break out and become. The type of player interior change. Man. You know what to write out there. And article entries there. Algeria and change his progress. I think that has changed you know get over your problem. You're not the first as they can play out again did. It into the first row and give no first. And or move forward but you know they build the bridge of his marker or work out has circled the court changed. And you know would have been a great player and deftly. Changeable branch. Ursula is from acting the way he did when he came in. On his rookie year and he had to improve and do your thing and so everything that look forward this year and him. That's just who they cheer. Under coach gentry. Heisman Trophy winner at Florida State played the NBA it's point guard hit Charlie ward here on sports talk W to be well and Charlie for a much Iran. Janus Winston I'm sure guys you watch closely at Florida State how quickly do you think he can have an impact with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the NFL level. Follow. It or you. Know what is it and it was. Because you're never you know. There's. Who. You know the negative plays. And show our happy. Albert Albert put Damon. Preakness about it and out burger rookie year. Couldn't agree weapon. You know it could be there that they're good because these. They have some weapons good not to have him on a dirt. It is do your part. With the it will go on and you know he's one of those rare. And make the pro. And had known that type of the I deserve a brat. All the so are born to do so and that is. No it wouldn't make a hero campaign part is there Hamlet two. Last year season where you'd rather have good depth at the minute. I make inquiries will grow. Would do well note perfect for yours but your views agree agree agree. Charlie I'd be remiss but it ask you would and now as a high school football coach how much did Bobby Bowden impact use your style as a coach now. I'll go because dollars that are learned through record and Murton are a bit of Cote. Who I grew up in a go to. You know hit it or lose. Very happy. On the situation. You're eating their tribe didn't want to. Is true faulty part on the tree he. So. But goes around goes green or on the Duke Cunningham who. Elbow. It. I have the coaches are headed to where. I hit it. Like. They're gonna put me it has or an Everyman coach. And a lot of coaches bring in the amateur well. You know do a great great spirit from me. On his to recruit five years not gone out of their Coke. Low turn. I'm grateful that I got out of The Who have been on him or those five years our line. Charlie ward hey thanks a bunch of the time and certainly a pressure is a pleasure to talk to. Parker her record yes indeed there goes Charlie ward former NBA point guard. Heisman Trophy winner Florida State. Now high school head football coach in Pensacola I wish him all the best. Well me. Watching him grow up and watch him play college football Florida State and angle on play the NBA always marveled at at just how athletic Charlie were wasn't. Tremendous and I am I wonder you know so Europe's tell a story there that. He got like a fifth round grade potentially. From our offer from the Kansas City Chiefs. Just I always wondered what with Charlie were would have been like as an NFL quarterback you know would've seen how that transition. Certainly had a successful great career in the NBA odds would like to see them. What that would have been like played. Pro football and now what Charlie war play. Steadily gone back your phone calls at 2601870. Tech city 7870. Brandon Browner said in an interview Saints defense aback he wants to go back the Seahawks after his contract expires. Big deal or not. You weigh in on the phone lines to 6018 semi tech's an 8787 in the sports talk on W dwelling anathema daka. Welcome back to sports talk the British Open has a champion after four golfers were in a playoff round man. Unbelievable Zach Johnson wins the British Open says he's an all of the whole experience. To win. And a guest and to win the open championship seen handers. It's hard to put it into words. Jordans speech trying to make that did. To become. As to win that Grand Slam and a calendar year came oh so close really one shot away from being in that playoff round. I don't know how many guys have won three majors in year I'm sure there's only been a few and tiger's done and in. Sure Jack Jack has I don't know that so that would be the next goal. As far as history goes on sights set on the PGA championship. Fourteen under right the winner Zach Johnson. He was fifteen of belief. But man and I was pulling for George speedy look like u.'s gonna get in in in Poland often. Do something that has never been done in the modern era of golf and that's when the calendar Grand Slam if you will but congratulations to Zach Johnson wasn't it. Fabulous. British Open and you know to be quite frank within. I didn't find myself I mean look I would watch golf occasionally but because of his raw on the jordans speech was on. Prior to the British Open he got a lot of people back to. The TV sets in Indy golf that were there prior to with Tiger Woods and then because Tigers had such a drought. And kind of gotten away from that a little bit but is good to see Jordan's speed get back. Our have a shot at at least coming up next hour your phone calls to 601870. Text and 87870. Missouri coach Gary kinkle says Notre Dame should not be in the college football playoff because they're an independent. Do you think. He's on the money there are easy you wrong should Notre Dame have the shot are a seeded table in the college football playoffs forcing the independent. To me find a conference they have a conference in the ACC every other sport there member of the ACC and every other sport just not. And football so how would you feel about Notre Dame hasn't been beating Gary people. Is right he said it today on ESPN and go through the call watch a long way LSU coach less miles sports talk rules on next hour this is WWL.