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7/21 11am Garland, gun free military zones

Jul 21, 2015|

How do we protect four Marines & one navy officer gunned down in cold blood? Tragic…yes… but how do you stop a lone gunman? Is the solution to arm what is now …gun free military zones? Should military engage in domestic law enforcement? Garland speaks with Tim Daly, Director of Center for American Progress' Gun and Crime Program and Mike Lyons, Retired Army Major and CBS military expert.

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Welcome back could there's so or a young we've got to pretty big number I'm GOP. Congressman. Number of you appeared that things from democratic senators. Lining up to repeal military. Going Green Zone heaps and most of that is. There's all connected to view of July 16 attack in Chattanooga Tennessee. At the recruiting offices and military are closer to appease. Locations. Up four were killed on or Marines and sailor in Chattanooga. And and like I said the congressman senator Rosalind opted to change. Than being on norm. Governor general was ordered the dough and natural gored to protect military goods sold trees here. Governor is in Matsui Oklahoma Arkansas taxes for birdie India and and we yeah. All ordering the National Guard to stored. Protecting these sites. And like I said the bill legal side. They're trying to get a change were military themselves can carry. Where there is still better understand this Tim Daly director Center for American Progress is going. And crime program Tim book from the Chicago. Great thanks man appreciate. Thoughts. Do you do the work the ball. You know I I think we're very very nervous about rush to judgment here Q increased the number of guns on military bases and I think you did a pretty could get pretty good job describing. The number of states especially it the National Guard level where they're exploring this and I think. Where there's a key difference of opinion is everyone you just described who is making that decision to put. More guns in. These gun free zones those are largely political actors who are saying hey what is there what is their point that we can do. But on the other hand the people who oppose this the folks we don't want to have these guns come on military bases more freely. The military leaders themselves. There has been a steady drumbeat of a people from the military chain of command who also say that. This really is that a good idea inevitable reasons why I think. Mora wouldn't surprise me I never heard it and correct me if dubbed the pronunciation. Wrong policies. Calmer toddlers act which provisions. The military. From engaging in domestic law enforcement. So we literally would congress would need to change the long run. There is some there's some question as to how the pop commentator actor. Apply here in and that was a law that was it was put into effect in the late eighteen hundreds. It to prevent that the government. From. I encroaching on individual people's liberties and and there's a lot of folks out there who are supporters of the Second Amendment and say. You know we have our guns because of Europe here from the government. So you would think that. People who say those things would say no we don't want to military to have more guns in more places for that very reason why pot become his act was passed in the first place. What do you make of this incident and again I hate labeled gluten and forgive me please put. American progress who organizations. Usually good. Auto organization liberal organization. I generally though we are we are considered liberal compared to other. And the reason I hoops that I'm looking at Rasmussen report that conducted an actual pole. On 45%. Of voters 45%. Or concern. The government moved we used military training operations to impose greater control with the states and Joe's. Didn't show last week on this big corp fault pool over Jed home. The other six state military operation. That is literally being protests that by many on the conservative side and monitored. By hundreds of civilians. Because they don't truck which the or meeting of the military. In military action who win their states. Or you'll confused over governor from Louisiana Arkansas Texas Florida. Saying. Well well hormone. Do you think you bring up a contradiction in opinions or country can police there because you're correct on the one hand. On the day and others again who support the Second Amendment dates you know we need these gun to protect ourselves some quote you know tyranny of the government. On the other hand out which you're describing is is just that. You know if if we were to support. They just hypothetically speaking adding more guns are having more guns available. On military bases in by these personnel you know that would seem to be a contradiction you know viewpoint departure. All right we're we're thinking about the floor and that that's what books well. All norm military in Chattanooga Tennessee and we get sculpt usage or will lead so but it. This Susan extremely conservative. Region in particular. Extremely conservative state to. What do you think we're gonna so we'll wait a minute week in. And the conservative states usually says. We don't trust the patents we Brit don't trust the power of the military would in this state. Backed by the patents. Do you understand what we're saying well we'll let the military. Or themselves that are. Shopping molds that in our our strip shopping sooners wherever they are giving it called the did tell liberal wrong to. Look at that and be a little bit confused to its web hosted does porn Tim good director Center for American Progress is gone and crime program. A timid penalized in the ring and some callers Brett bureau and Tim barely appreciated. Big board Ireland London. We get more eager reaction. A go 30. Under the gun free zones. A little thing to do crossing. To all the little military. Okay good. Luck to. You. Aren't true I mean. What the military. It's military. And I think that what. Near. Cherry. And what it and picked that should be. Timbaland. Well you know I think a lot of people believe that because they're military means they're trained to neutralize that computers are that they're perfectly to use weapons but. The fact is is that that that. That majority of people that are in the military including those who were during the recruiting Arnott in or not served in combat roles. 99% of airmen 80% of the people earned in the evening. Two thirds of soldiers Marines these people are not bookstore in direct combat roles and are not actively using weapons. And so to think that show because they're the military because they have weapons training for we should arm them and how. Doesn't necessarily an isolated case because many of them that don't use weapons so ordinarily or infect you at all in the normal course duties while serving in the military. Okay how about his saw him play doubles record in the U and I gonna tell you at least owned there really cursory information because. I certainly hadn't thought it through like you. Moved when I see. These and seven year old guards in the shopping mall or and to we're actually in the club formed. I wouldn't have a problem with the military. Being formed especially knowing him from looking it'll do its two year. A military target should have been shot by. What do you call them terrorists or or merely old news just not jobs. They have been targeted there have been. How about. Some good lord changed its as they have to be your arm but they have to be truly go for the or what to do during. Well I I think you're right that. That there would need to be some basis of training but even then you accidental discharges. And a perfect example is he. Yeah eight early. Senior. Need to reserve a recruiter in Georgia. Which even commenting what happened in check Google while in his maybe reserve office just earlier this week. And what happens you know the fire arm that he would carrying accidentally discharged. You in that recruiting office to look at that. I think it is that even with that training you have someone who are what strange to have that weapon. Accidentally discharged their weapons and and I think that the problem and and that's the reason why the military are very very. Opposed were reluctant I'd even go down. Okay area of need to hear. A couple of Texan who reflects. Much of my conservative bring to the regular but he is a lot of the listener. Tax nearly all the time about. Because our global warming the federal government. Bits and served. Arlen that's a slippery slope warn could even say dues could have been no false flag attack. Like previous atrocities that the federal government. Is a response will report to get guns ordered soldiers at home. To further control lists. And by. 222 or show people. The the Tug of war between the there's that says all you orchard talking about all military personnel. Have to qualify one each year to do firearm parading. Well I was in the and they deal went truth it will put thirteen months Depp flick you know war mode and I was not previews the trained every year I went through shall viable screw now where it's as every marine unit isn't qualified bright woman. With that kind of argue we're do you believing that these guys are not trained in weaponry. You know I'm that point eat your right. There are a number of folks in the military have to get annual certifications or as you get it every marine is right but you don't win they do those annual reviews. These are not. On indoor use of tactical and dining or law enforcement uses of firearms in many cases you know this is to demonstrate that they can shoot. You know 8088. Piece of paper that is what you're that is held you know 507500. Yards away and is not the type of act. Practice shooter or. Or are or act. Active military which we're talking about here so I don't think that many instances that that that was mergers referenced really apply here. All right let's go to Edward Edwards drove to do. Although it'll be okay. The went out. A book it's soft. Wall both of all. Their talk. There is there's probably. Yeah. You are. Did. You walk. Off there always. All the war. On our court. And I want the you've. Been involved. And I thought that was a city block. They won't. You. Want it is. You. Didn't do it. It. Is. Your. Book is that there is there. 000. Oh. Yeah. It. But or are there and vote out. At all. All it. And thought the ball off. Well open it. Up. Timlin Edwards sounds like committed some good boards for the youth that. Well yeah I think the point that he raises about if we have more guns whether they be you know. Personal side arms they be military officials whether they be law enforcement. That'd be we have more guns collectively advocate as a community then we would be safer and I I don't know the resurgent. You know bears that out I know a number of people have looked to those questions I'm over the last several years and and I'm going to say that. That the researchers. Suggests that when we have more guns in communities. We have more crime more that we have more gun deaths. And that really is what makes the difference between. The eight the following the gun crime here in the United States vs you know other countries in the end in the world. Is that the sheer number of guns here really is the only difference when you compare the gun death in our country verses other so. I I think George. Having more guns in our communities is not the answer and I think the research support. This solution to the mile email account as well it. So those crime provincial Robert's shirt sooner group Clinton pure or people were being murdered and violently victimized. By criminals. As guns in public proliferate. And bill I think Euro up ordering primarily to taxes weren't via. Open Karen Lawler has. Recently being instituted a broadly. There's some open carry walled that'll and to hear the movie's about and to lose too many people caring. We're bugger off. In the Texas example is going to be very interesting. You know for the purpose full disclosure you know we disagree with that law when it was being debated by the legislature. Adding excuse you and tell on either side. You know whether or not the Texas open carry law will lead to or has led to work on dance horror or Jirga and yet so I'm. It is our belief. That within a couple years at that data comes together it would show that. It's led to more gun deaths by having more guns more easily available and that's part of the reason why when the legislature was debating. An expansion to that idea in Texas this past year they want to be able to extend guns to be carried on college campuses for example. And who were eagle out at opponents to that he would stay college presidents in the college university. And the students themselves. I I think that there is a reluctance to especially among non gun owners are to be able to allow folks to carry. Any gun anywhere anytime I. To go to boot to grow we can get it considerably you don't have the debates. I appreciate to walk into balloons do you have Brooke rate. Think that says we won the memorial person debate Schwab we've got. Is. Governor so. Newts who. Went to three point 686. States. And a pregnant large number of congressman. And senators from Washington. Lining up to repeal military gun free zones and it's all part of the slaughter. Above by boats soldiers shall I it's succeed in Chattanooga Tennessee. And Bobby Jindal warned of the governors governors who Vizio local mall or coached tech Arkansas Texas. Florida and India ago or calling for the warming of the military at these and recruiting operatives offices and shopping world for a bald. Throughout towns and cities wrong country. And we thought well my good but I did a good talk to the military experts. And as usual our Gerlach and for Michael iron QB you have military expert like you always are appreciated done. Going great to be back with you today. Your thoughts bad ideas good ideas Subaru between. Yet not a bad idea I think justices on these recruiters. And think that'll be the end of it I think we've got to have a holistic plan for. They're all brought security that the look at the threat in each of these different places where there are. Understand that that there were crease and it was attacked and Chattanooga had a you know restaurant to one side though Verizon Wireless store the other sided had. Other things going on there law enforcement that this is job of securing. And keeping people safe I just don't believe that on a circus. And it'll leak anything that's positive on that little. But change the dynamic of public according. Yeah. Give me the holistic. I'm that holders that I'd be. Well yeah but let's talk about maybe bulletproof glass in all these give give the people inside. A chance that it into what happened was in that one in Chattanooga. Did the shooter just shot through the glass of people and I have an opposite somebody had a weapon wouldn't mattered one bit they would have been jailed an associate back. And at the person. So just give them more protection remove some of those recruiting. Places in the strip mall to the end one end to the other where they have they've really only one place they can go to will be it has to be watched more closely. And this is an individual was off off the radar Nolan knew that you would even there I mean it is just impossible to stop the little rat that's gonna do something like this on some level. And if in some cases it's too dangerous you know that they proposed did not go someplace stuff so. I hear you gotta look at this all besides just saying we're gonna on people inside that recurring kinda don't want the big gunfire at the okay critical route to take place I don't think that's going to be anything that's gonna be sick if there. I know deuces overly simplistic. But I look at please send drew you know we've seen there's so little time they get shot that they can back. Nearby people good shot by the criminal fraud and should please. And nobody says that the police shouldn't be and while we look at the seven year old olds in the shopping mall. Won't have room with challenged only here in Louisiana we have an open carry permit law that'll hold it. Our taxes so that thing goes voted or that. It and you're losing beyond. Why a recruiter or military god shouldn't at least have the option to shoot back if he has that opportunity. Well I mean it in humans. The question of the person it. As a recruiter is functioning. Reps in the united government so. That they bring and what happens that's going to be the Simpson and missed the viability. Into the job now that cut the dirty secret about everybody on active duty is not that qualified with a side. Most people are issued in the military rifle that not issued. Sodom 45 let's say. And and nine millimeter something. That they can be used so. You know that accountability of at least those weapons on knows it at retail outlets and and you know like there's a lot logistics that have to go into. That is what our and that's saying that the can't be solved but you've introduced in other factor of and that those people and their mission is to recruit. Troops in and going into the service and do an outstanding environment because of their in danger in and Battelle is the big problems. Young. Would what you're Johnston told you there's a big problem. Well a lot of people would saying there is becoming a big problem. Homegrown terrorists aboard can mentioned. That they're not Prague on loan. And all shouldn't I hate them to settle it which shouldn't recruiters bees to handling the horizon. And in this day in time to. To beat concern. Well that that that the case if that but then I would put other security out in front of them not necessarily the leaders themselves die in these there. Attempt that temporary people EC did secure other security maybe it's police maybe it's somebody else but not necessarily those recruiters I wouldn't. The facility and the difference between him and a teacher for example that in the future carries a weapon when there in the classroom at the you can make the same analogy. And it turned some crazy individual is going to these and done. Killing people you can make the analogy for everybody I do think that if that was the case then put security guards out front. Hard down those recruiting centers and two took try to protect them because the police responded quickly into new and they did she. The individual want to thank him. All right over finger at about two congressman some senators. Not at all but pretty lord's number. Lining up to repeal the military's. Gone three loans. And now they're recruiting offices in the military installations. In this country. And Bobby Jones was one of the governor's it's ordered the open and sure gore cord. To do this temporarily until they hope congress picked Europe and also governor of Oklahoma Arkansas Texas Florida. And India and so forth. Veterans' ailments we have CBS military pictured my clients what what short rank up there should be calling me. Or are not a retirement account. That you or your neck tie here. Right manager. Something that it did not know. When I was reading about the late night there is little or an act called paparazzi comet it is right. Rapper didn't the military. Brooke engaging in domestic law enforcement so regardless of which saw the due to rule them all and for a change the low. To the act would have to change right. That's exactly right exactly that and then into the constitution talks about. Not having soldiers quartered in your home at that the Second Amendment that people talk about. A lot but it lot of it has to do with the fact that there was that skier from the godfather of having active duty military. On walking around armed and eventually. They need the government to death forced them onto other people's homes having that students to where this is coming around so. But with certain military and that you did just that self defense you know beaten contrasting. 200 plus years by the way things from the tradition perspective the pot become a top slide in particular. Forbid the military from acting as law enforcement and so you can argue from that perspective that they can't do this they can actually. Recruiters get confused as soon you will know very very conservative state and I guarantee. 90%. Of the tapes you're just use different birds that old so. I thought certainly you do the landslide a breeding. Breast cancer report back in May and it's musing by news concerned considered. Little conservative poll but it conducted a national poll were pretty good sampling. I'm 45%. Of voters should concern the government would use military training facilities. To impose greater control obviously would just did she show you. On this six states southern state concerned or of the jade Hilton military operations. The Ronald themselves. Did did you expect him through conservatives say it's very concerned about the federal government. Just sort choose said the pounding dollars worth of about put the military and removed. Are doing military exercises. And that same time reaching dammit. We go to. Oh. I think I'd I talked over the weekend for example with he had been general Indiana he's a general officer that will be responsible for implementing that governor's plan and I think. Alignment and agreement I do think that each of the states has this at the right. If they wanna go forward with it but just make sure that they implemented in the safe manner. That doesn't violate that law doesn't violate. And being around. Carry permits and the like for example from New York I'm probably be difficult to. Have the military arm that you wouldn't want them to a month due to protecting the recruiting station in Times Square just doesn't make sense so. I'm not saying that it can't be done I think it's. Individual state based on the culture that statement the decision and then as long as they implement the policy safely is the main thing. It. I wouldn't have a choice I again I just think that didn't have that right so I do believe that even out of I do think day could lead it was an act of shooting an individual and Georgia brought a weapon to the recruiting center and an active and shot himself to fight it I do think it would lead to more problems that it just gets back to. The fact that some of those people most of it will not qualified outside. Got a minute winless question. Over the years so many story with a experts predicting that eventually. The fight against terrorism would come home you think it's here. I don't yet I think he won on the situations. Could happen at any time it's the result of living in a free. Decided I'm not. You know on the military like this since we've got marine walking around the mall for example I'm in I think people argument in the FaceBook page about this and you know this security like Israel and I think that we don't because I don't like what what's going on that we can't limit here. So I don't I don't believe it's here yes I deepened the Afghan government securities to a great job. What implement the tax but I don't think that from a and they act essential that perspective here yet. Major role always scenario play drew thank you for the top. As large volumes CBO its military. Expert. Retired major. Bush and you vote combat experience on up the nudge his career move my clients artsy bureau military expert. Think the recruiters to I think the military. Should be armed their targets. Futures soared targets knuckle world of terrorists those form. And again the ones that attacked. Could be accused of mental illness like bill alliance wounded being touted although they're they're making some. Terrorist connections but regardless the military when the being shrugged when they're being killed. Is usually in the name of debris to presume in America and they need to be killed because. We're killing all the people. And I don't think we're under that kind of targets I think field would be armed and an ally and understand. All of the dangers that come where that actual shootings that could shoot themselves but again. Wherein they should've gone we've got Gordon over 300. Billy you've gone in civilian hands we see. These these are June mall weren't military unit. And a lot of them certainly don't look Gobi aides to handle a gun and Errol armed policeman. Are targets. And they carry guns and nick and accidentally shoot two. Civilian. I just think. They should be our and there should be a way. A number of view odd overly discreet and pulling up these military. Installations. Where road shootings have occurred Fort Hood. Where a lot of people or or. And that's what the insures about how the thing to think you'd tell me what Jude and god tell you what we think I picked him angry. Bring in experts and try to get better advocate come right back. Garland rob them with the double uphill big good celebrity AM borrowed 53. After.