WWL>Topics>>7-21 5:10pm Bobby & Kristian: on Tom Brady's suspension and the Saints' standing in Vegas

7-21 5:10pm Bobby & Kristian: on Tom Brady's suspension and the Saints' standing in Vegas

Jul 21, 2015|

Bobby & Kristian talk with Raphael Esparza of DocSports.com about the Vegas line on the Saints and asks if Tom Brady's suspension should be reduced.

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Roll right along here our two of sports talk on this Tuesday afternoon a week from today myself body or crew. The gym hokey Steve wal be up there. In West Virginia get ready for the start of Saints training camp welcome into sports talk WB well I am FM and WL dot com phone lines are open for it to 601870. Text that 87 eights have anybody also -- Nolan Macon is a professional and Major League Baseball I debut but not professional Major League Baseball that you. With the Philadelphia Phillies picked the picks and against the Tampa Bay Rays and and so he went fast I mean a year and a mightily pretty much less than that he started the show. Well that shows you. From a baseball perspective. That's legit. I usually. You know if you have that ability in it at the highest level I mean not just to be a professional player but a major leaguer. Usually happens quicker and hiking go to the majors come back to the minors and go back and forth it. If all of a sign is still playing. Minor League Baseball and he's 282930. Years old and you've got to go do something else in all likelihood it's not that yes yes. It's kind of like you did it if you do we supposed to do you advanced pretty quickly. You know you know through the ranks. He dominated double way yeah we are in around three in triple A which is still very respectable right when you consider that the changeover let's cut it out working with the same catcher. A lot of times a mile leagues you know we're going the same fielder's. It so if you know an ERA around three in AAA. The way he was dominating and we meet you Bob called on the cyborg when he was Belichick as he. Weekend and week out with they lost their six losses right and you were thirty and six when our thirtieth for win. When he was on the hill for the LG tires over his career Meena. He was just unbelievable any you can almost count on. 78 innings Adam when he was L issue. 120 pitches really efficient who's gonna fill up the strike zone so lynch to see he's in decline as Major League debut. Yes and and you wanted to have success because obviously they're gonna recognize. LSU baseball right tradition right. So. You know the one play I can remember that really. Odds say from the get go and they've had players since then obviously pitch in the Major League level but bending down yeah with the Orioles via what he did and now. I mean look how he sustained. You know whether it's ESPN SEC network talking about College Baseball. I mean so yep that's what you need is to keep keep Rolen and keep getting that recognition for Iowa should prove this. Our biggest says the Saints are good value pick to win a suitable how much would you be willing to put down on the black eagle to win it all this year. 260187. Text and 8787 in. I'm I'm surprised we haven't got more action on this saw argument you know a shot at it. Should the NFL consider term limits for the commissioner and other league officials peoples doing it. Soccer. So. Should the NFL follow suit keep as Bobby put it to keep from having the possibility of some corruption are but I haven't too much our. What do be good for the league. Fifa is going 34 year terms. He got twelve years and you're out. TE saw what they're going through their recent desire for an the end of their reshaping their organization. For and I could see from the owners' perspective is that you want that. Consistency though knowing over the course of 1520. Especially at end of the commissioner that you voted upon. Continues to promote the league in the individual teams are the league as a whole and you make it a bunch of money yet the although I'm telling you change this. I told him and you've got a great stat about the Packers of the we talked about well last night was how much the TV revenues just TV revenues but the NFL owners made 32 teams made flasher in the seven point four billion dollar range collectively as a league but. To about 228. Per team just off a TV revenue. What Georgia did when he parred team. Well the Packers. You look and join another year of recchi revenue. But the NFL's only publicly owned team they both of both and obviously impart. When you look at it. By the went far from the league broadcasting contracts thank you were saying. The tiger said there revenue from 2015. At physical year. A top 375. Million. Of 16%. So he's about to share the wealth while the Packers the probably all Packers are. Definitely on solid ground considering just a one year they basically. The revenues of basically Ford mil. Yeah a right hander and that's like teams don't want really open up their books though. But a little Tigers have an active as a publicly held out exactly but the other the other 31 owners they don't want it about eight I didn't expect tonight. By the mister Benson whoever's on in this thing in this state in all the subsidies you we element that the team now part of the revenue not to mention the of these cities that want these owners that want. New stadiums yet it yet and it does make a difference now I regarding the saint. There's always gonna hasn't had nuts even though when the first of 32. It's the closest thing socialism and fell on the share things but yardages or small market. Yeah and you want it to be that way where you can have a small market team. Because everything is shared. In theory no matter if it's 102030 years and now keep the rules the same you still built to compete with the New York Chicago rules. The loss and out yet Dallas whoever yeah. Yeah exactly I was a good point is that the Cowboys yet the Cowboys are almost like your country within a country and Troy into a little squeeze him it'll put you on sports talk. W to a Troy. And on court united arcade again. But at what they don't gamble Mormon that he would operable lot you're on Eli bodies key television me in the ball. Indeed you guys yeah. Open feel. Practice but afraid of him to put down and out of the Kenya in the cup being in fuel EPO look at per carry me will be. Right right hitting you know try you bring a Craig Heyward obliges seen his signed it sent big deal with Pittsburgh I Cameron Heyward I just got an extension. Things that woman for last pick in the first round so. He's like a mainstay right now but is Tuesday with a line he had seven and a half sacks that's amazing. Now and tell by our hey Craig Heyward in how big was obligated son. You know I coach Cameron trial like this story and activated for our coach Cameron like fifth grade ten year old team. And I and an air forget we showed up like Gasquet in the ready come out August September. We starting this season in and Cameron's. He's 61. And the panda the parents that a team as well and oh he's eleven is that there's no way and that he is eleven years ago I sat well. I think not only is he eleven he's a young man and he just made eleven in June. And I'm telling you. Sosa parents because there was no weight limit Chris who just age. Anatoly at all of those like five division one players on the teams of Cameron. Eyes just like a gentle giant he was like I mean as unhealthy about described them do yet in right now lately fix them and but but jagr graduation tried I'd want a good job but you brought up Craig here and wanna technologists and Cameron was the Steelers. Let's say like Kate cam grades you yet they're ready your shoe yet let the. What makes a lot try and I taillight you know it dries mentioning that. When he seemed a close when I was playing. A bigger than they do it on TV yet. Now people come a time. You bigot and I thought you look at them I guess that well yes and now more like climb back. Chris I guess that to a degree I pictured you would they ought not to match the face with a name. A picture you'd be much better look at them like at thanks to Christian. Infidelities that like you can come out and Hahn and that I do get that well like I didn't pick you to be a short back yard lines passed out it's that but I. I am I was training putting years and I'm kind of stabilizing. And was about what a more positive from a quarterback Allan who will continue to accuse 60187 he texted 8787 this is sports talk on WW well. Welcome back to sports talk as I mentioned earlier. So besides a checked out Vegas. They like the Saints might be a good value pick to win the Super Bowl welcoming out Raphael us bars of Vegas sports information dot sports dotcom and Raphael Y yeah. Why are the Saints potentially good value pick. I couldn't believe it and blaster of the rated played at all lecture ending been rumored probably one of the most disappointing team. In hearing date it's. New Orleans is always there had to be bad team members and so Katrina Super Bowl I think I think the public could unload the Saints they're probably one that would be top five most bet teams to win the Super Bowl. They're not a New England or Green Bay areas where they're up there close to be you know lot action and the Saints here. Yeah Raphael speaking of that action and obviously the value pick you always looking for value and you look at the saint. Obviously a disappointing season it when you have to reason that film. Of the pitch of who could come about what would be maybe. And AFC of version of the Saints as far as you look at the value. The jumble board. I would say problem I think Pittsburgh Steelers are partly relentlessly thirteenth and AFC either eat a lot and and yet arise to win in the AFC. I think there's any Roethlisberger. Was very disappointing actually the opposite is kind of stagnant last year. They gatekeepers look really old lecture people on the print and brigade and into the trap just like distinctive as well. And if you could be a legally get that little. I shipment route who's got experience. Time and we divisional Cleveland and meet them and an eagle probably no words I think Pittsburgh is there could be that team. Rafa you mix in the Matt action they the guys that typically gotten on a Saints but. How much realistically this year area are you didn't as one of the long shots are one it is certainly not not in their fear that heavy favorites. To be allowed. Picture totals either win this thing into the told you the way things are listed it in half right now so. They're who people think they're gonna it will meaning behind him to have a look in the I don't need to go ten and six but they liked. Over and at Indy getting a little bit and let's see action as well to win it all. They opened up at pitino the activity of result we get twenty don't want sort of Hewitt like human stain 91 you don't want it and Jim Dolan and Nancy that's a pretty good value right. There to win the NFC and AFC south. I don't. Know I'm now Rafael is there any coincidence that this. And you mentioned the Steelers and now look at the Saints is that. And I guess people they love yardage and him. Numbers is as far as what they've put up but you look at. Ironically you play a whole season we Drew Brees and and rosenbergs who was tied for and I'm one of passer who. The number one in yardage and as I just a coincidence or maybe is that maybe why fans double board defensible boards similar because. I did they see those numbers in May be. View and that they gonna put that up again and maybe get a little better defensively than that can be the difference. Probably but the public low offense and your pocketbook bought NBA college. Think any sport public like often that you see it up and that seem like it's been too true pretty. Like disputed Ben Roethlisberger the public oh we've been apparent that teams I think I'll think it will be more. Right spectacle beat the public related that defense wins championships Lippman and the Super Bowl all. And BA championship the Golden State Warriors and their defense I think the public hasn't been in love with Paul and. Roughly Ellis bars of Vegas sports informer doc sports dot com good stuff comment I appreciate the time. Thanks goes off field spores and experiencing the Vegas feels like the Saints to be a good value pick would you put how comfortable would you. Be about putting some money it is like a line yet. Then is that the go to suitable. I think it's too I wanna states to go out to be wrong but you heard there are a lot of people betting the over and a nap win. Now that that that's logical yet. Actually I'd be almost shocked if this done and over I'd be extremely disappointed on the Saints fan. If I wanna ban on Sunday against Saddam. Yet that they now have ongoing deathly over for the reasons we talk about there's not like they are 97 I think today Wednesday yes. Yeah you look at me and you laid out for a while back the schedule and also the fact that. Twelve indoor games I mean. I would bet my house on it the tree and I want our with a hundred bucks and if I was. Adding that that was the bed I would. 260187. He texted 8787 Allen the world and we'll talk a little. LSU football would get in that and more your phone calls after the news headlines Dave Conte. Al in the world it's been patiently waiting. Here are sports Saud Al thinks the time. Honorable mention about all that matters not remember wrong that we took in the all agree one receive. No about. But he also actor shall. Do. Actor I think I mention feet and made mistakes. You know members I don't not because of a media. Put him. What more could you. Wouldn't order a tree down. And Utley and Utley. Helio your home team. Well. Yeah I. Hit it. Does appear could be wrong. It's ample. About Allen today. If he. Keeps on wood that old cliche putting in the Borg he's gonna you know it's the and thought about it open will be at Tennessee. And if he keeps Dillon's the right thing and obviously on and off the field. Indictment I believe. Is an NFL starter now you'd received a solid and is having categories they never have 32 legit starters. In the NFL you always have. I'd say about. And our doesn't that they look at that aired next corner right have a starter. Now you have franchise quarterback might view that top five or six. And I think usually have like starters. Where. And you might look like great quarterbacks concede from five this week is we would be franchise. Policy. Thinks seven to twelve Christmas maybe. Even if you fourteen of fifteen was feeling ill like Matt Ryan. Or Tony Roma I think the Cowboys got the right cornerback heading out of the right cornerback. And they even have one thing Matt Murton could fall. Where around. It Peters sixteen defeated one between 122 where there are star and collegiate starter. And you can win it would they bring a championship all the tools yet is exactly so that's why. Allah ivy zag men burned a pro style quarterback back. He can't get it done and it is not what the times I think he'll be somewhere but he just as the weather the storm you were gonna. I. Our goal right now I'm out there. 260187. Intensity it's LT to protect our people here's the second. Bobby yesterday we talked a little bit about Brandon Browner. Made the comment on Seattle. Largely the Seattle audience and a charity softball game Richards Sherman's. He was asked the question about you and hang out it is old team yet which at the Saints players have done when right now he's having softball game in about a relationship. Well you know they used to support your for an primate inference that he was knee. He's in front of that audience he asked the question by a reporter about. Now outfield return this year after year contract Barnes we talk about it yet you know return to see I don't still play or live or blow for blow. And that we beat them before we. Again. We talked about it yesterday I felt like given the context. Given the circumstance the audience etc. It wasn't that new deal. And hamsters. Obama if you feel like now Maltese buying by Alec. He's 34. And the Seahawks still want them then I guarantee he was this done and to Saints uniform. The phils lost so I mean why is that a bad thing to players care about that Carmel middle name players okay we're players live. They aegis produce and you come together brother brother. And obviously you members inning the fan base in Manuel and really be hard sold out there on the field. About players on camera players then I mean if Drew Brees brings in the assume avoiding the fans truly care if he wants to retire in San Diego. No I mean come on it shouldn't matter I mean no I mean you have the resource you know what you wanna live in that's. And you have San Diego tight Wednesday. And always say about this eulogized her and times in the fall and the spring. But minutes twelve week period so basically three months where you night dealing with. The heat and humidity by united dealing with the way Cole bombing and a lot of the players and I have the resource from what they want and who knows it in the when the time they might wanna play a lot of golf and hang on in Phoenix is a lot of players that live in Phoenix and a plea for the Cardinals. And panic on who has to be there is some of the economic times it have you or anybody for doctor. Listen in. In your in the audience and you if you think about this objectively. If your form of an audience sometimes you might. You played an audit my of our audience and acute if you are finalists here you gotta know your audience. If you're part of a Seattle Seahawks fan base Vegas say no I don't ever wanna come back to Seattle play. The about the about Orton which you would then be facing. Well I mean now right here Louisiana. And governor the was governor he had different accents. He'd be talking about to cajun is about as cajun is could be beat north Louisiana. And I things on out redneck. Our our country accent. But no lead dog different right Somalia to know who you talk into the value you don't want to be a phony you wanna be sincere. But I think is that thing insincere about Browner feet made a statement about Seattle. Because. As soon as a lot of people have been Bill Gates will I mean mobilizing established in Redmond in Seattle Washington. But I mean come on listen who we love you on his there's no better place. Obviously but you have pros and cons no matter what will Wear you gonna lead so that's why he has tested truly PR professional player. You are mercenary. If you playing into your thirties you're like I hired gun. You very seldom gonna stay in one place and if you wanna have a 1213. 4050 year career no. It you have to just go where you wanted to know already needed. The birth they girls walked into the studio and there. Allison ten birthday today having birthday that Allen. Ortiz was a tease like 31. Someone 3031. She's sees young you know vibrant. She's viking queen that happy birthday and a talents and Danny in there since Molly. At least that's nasty shows you Charlie you know Shelby off. To the folio jail down your on W well. 00 the JJ. Bobby you're the only person. Are perched. Say that about that back back. That number. I was stricken change for our program last year he's he's built like Bert Jones and it would seem like coach govern barely be great order. Why JJ like you saying men and our eyes being. It's on paying I would in his hand. And I think it's on in his them it's have a guru to me quarterback better. That right place right time. I think meant mariner. Natalie can have a double digit NFL career but could be a double digit starter. Simply because there are not. Supply and demand there's not 32 starting quarterbacks and I think I'd put men burner in and and and I am putting images and starter. I'm putting him and it rains late teens early twenties and I think he could even be better. The ninth and lost it. Are pretty general our people I agree you first Bobby I kind of said it and tube out and I've talked about it quite a bit I have been a fan of Zach member in terms of his ability. Is he certainly agree on talent but he can make all the throws. The biggest thing I hear drew talked about all these big time Peyton Manning Tom Brady yourself you know Lafferty regular quarterback and it's really about. The processing of information he asked how not a rally. They can process the information read and that's that's what makes the elite you Lee make quick irrational decisions and be accurate yet and what he's got the arm strength. And the accuracy and you know he saw good things from last year but. From a Tennessee Titans in supporting casts him win and win we had a number two overall pick they might have trade down and traded down they might have entertain that didn't get the value that they wanted and potential trade offers that I felt like. Because of the fan base looks sometimes teams can feel the pressure from the fans to get a new you know to get the fans excited by making a splash in grading. A player like Marcus Mary go to a quarterback a franchise guy that. Is highly praised for his football IQ and also his character he can see he's got. Elena transition into the NFL. Terms of skill but everything else you want a quarterback market marionette has Ellis up and as far as the behavior McCarron a mile or more of instant fix. And more. Maybe play making ability with his feet yes I would agree with a admit a you know is another examples is officially one high you have to weather the storm. From south of high school report went to LSU and guess what he when the starter and he left. He went to a Louisiana Monroe which is northeast Louisiana at the time. Stan Humphries. Went in a Redskins with the redo the Redskins and certainly the Edmonton nothing you know what does he brought charges that is suitable. But they made it on now they made their Jake DelHomme. Of them saint. Both of a Carolina fan and has some guys I remembered if I'm talking to him more volatile as parents whoever's encouraging him he's got to do is hanging in there. You gotta hang in there and keep fighting and the greens gonna rise that it was in my an idea Tennessee I mean. You know it just you know wait for that right opportunity that. I've seen enough ability and hand. Them that I think he can make it that at a high level. Well and considering right here in New Orleans Drew Brees. What. Right time as you mentioned the timing of it. Right with the right situation right coach you know and so often it's about not just in football and life timing as it is almost. And and has a lot to do with how successful somebody is is. If you can manage to strike it at the right time. But it's certainly helps and as a I think as a big. Is a big factor as to whether somebody succeeds in life our football. By the day as you get your foot in the door Princeton he foot and now obviously and you got to take advantage. To 601878 Texan 878 having should the NFL commissioner. Our should the NFL have term limits for the commissioner and other league officials are pretty jaguar Pena ball long line. At WL dot com right now 73%. Saying yes point 7% saying noting catcher vote or calls at 2601870. Text and 878. It's having the sports talk on W to do well in math and and a how welcome back to sports talk about who were just talking about should the NFL consider having term limits for the commissioner and then former Saints general manager Jim thinks else. Became the commissioner Paul Tagliabue edging him out. Yeah if you look back and Christian. In my life span of the 55 and August as in Pete Rosario. Paula tag and we Roger Goodell. So that'd definitely be on term limits you know so to speak it's almost like old age like it the right. Bar burn out whatever it might be bit. When Paul Tagliabue got the job and I think where the NFL is that they you don't have the in the football. He had no business you know he had no anti trust and all that kind of stuff. Now wheel house I argued today yeah politics and that's one reason why Jim things and I gave the general manager job. And I'd that the commissioner's job five NFL. Because he used to football old school football Walton who's a top antitrust lawyer Leah doubles have a vision for the future with the league that direction that is going. That's the kind of commission you need to lead owners so. Roger Goodell is in house. And and almost like politic who was so much his mentor. Would you solve as time Lynne Paul attack who had to intervene with the Saints. And where it came about when those entity kind of slapped. Roger Goodell on the risen not so fast though the the united going about it the right way. But the point ID here is old school owners a lot of them what did you face in there and on Assisi. The short to. Breed coach I. Valiantly to Thursday's nearly 24 supermajority he had yet to get to be the commissioners in like the Bob Kraft to the world. Jerry Jones and all day they seem division for more from a business perspective and one in. A guy like Paul attack move because of the anti trust him what was gonna come about so the Terry Cain gets stale zoning term limits might. Via a good idea because no matter who was commissioner. I think there's a popularity NFL suspension television contracts. That will continue to grow well I. I think it also allows you know if you term limits. To bring in fresh voices right ideas fresh faces so it doesn't get stagnant now here's the thing the NFL's not reached. He kind of stagnant period where are out there that the growth of the game is. News continues to grow as evidenced by the TV revenue contracts. We just talked about last hour in yesterday. But any case of other organizations where maybe the the growth slows down. You consider I think. Are by and large it it might not be a bad idea thinking about our speaking of Roger Goodell what would you do about Tom Brady's four game suspension. Would you reduce it or leave it as is that come your way. Next hour you can win on the phone lines at 260187. He texted 87 eights and you'll get the cajun cannon Bobby Bears take on that question as well. Coming up next our sports talk also Vegas says the Saints. Are good value pick to win the Super Bowl how much would you be willing to put down. On the black eagle sports talk rolls on next hour this is Debbie did well homeless Saints and LSU Tigers.