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Jul 22, 2015|

Do you think Donald Trump has a real shot at the Republican presidential nomination? Trump surged into the lead for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, with almost twice the support of his closest rival, even after making unkind remarks about Sen. John McCain’s Vietnam War service. : Should anyone ever have to apologize for saying Black lives matter, White lives matter, all lives matter? Democratic presidential candidate Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley made that statement and was interrupted by several dozen demonstrators shouting “Black lives matter. He later apologized saying “That was a mistake on my part, and I meant no disrespect, I did not mean to be insensitive in any way. Is this political pandering or did the demonstrators deserve an apology?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's made Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell filling in for scrutiny before I get to the polls and lay out what's on our WW we'll talk table right raise your hand. Raise your hand if you've ever had the kind of night out that stretches into the next morning a right. The kind where you don't greet the new day as much as you try just not to barf on your own shoes. And keep those fans up. If you've ever stumbled in the work still drunk. Take your shirt off and passed out face down in year old office. Well a fifteen year old Arkansas. Air traffic controller. Was arrested after one of his coworkers found him unconscious. On the floor of the controlled trial or. At the Springdale municipal airport. He was discovered after a pilot who was waiting for kids to pick off couldn't get any response. From the flower. Alex most pundits get permission to take off and this guy was just. Passed out on the floor. Alright here's what we are talking about tonight. Do you think Donald Trump has real shot of the Republican nomination. We'll trump really surged into the lead for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. Right now it's got almost twice the support of his closest rival. Even after making unkind remarks about senator John McCain's Vietnam War service. Question is is Donald Trump have to apologize to bet where is John McCain comment. And I want to read a a text message that. I think. Make sure thing and you can tell me whether or not you agree or disagree with. My father served 31 years shut down in World War II was appealed to flew over a hundred combat bombing missions in Vietnam. Was gone he. Who's doing his job and honorable job deserving of respect but unless one leaves the normal limits of their job. Above and beyond the line of duty don't attach the moniker he. And then after I read that on the Arab did get a tax measures that they agree with that text message so do you think O'Donnell old trump. On the you think Donald Trump up o.'s John McCain. Or any of the the veterans an apology I'm surprised at how many veterans called in tonight that really don't like John McCain. And as it ever OK to scream at someone else's kid. Owner of a diner in Portland has been criticized for yelling and a twenty month old trial who wouldn't stop crime not she asked the parents. If they would take the child outside. I think you were waiting somewhere between forty minutes and an hour. Asked on the pectoral outside and they wouldn't mention actually. Its slender. Hand on the collar and so that's enough. And the trial stuff. So who's right here and who's wrong and let's go to Lewis and Harvey Lewis thank you for holding on. But it can't deal with you tonight. That sure that you got. An epidemic but opened up black man. Violently ill people and you're just tuning in. A presidential candidate Maryland governor Martin O'Malley. Made the statement that black lives matter white lives matter at all as a matter and he was booed. And then he apologized so our question is. Did the demonstrators deserve an apology or is that political pin and you want to answer that. I wanna speak. Pregnant when it. That is without. I'm actually going to be direct mail. Probably would line. And in from black lab mattered to white loud and it's all. About that and probably watching this and say. He should not a power future and start and are. And read it should have been particularly from the from their oil taught a black lab. But don't look at all all lines. While but it's got collected in the hour we don't currently at four. Historically in the US. Black lab at that matter. And out opinion about it. Labored to go right back collapsed at. Net for the purpose of the black lab mattered our campaign. But. When you say. All lives matter doesn't that bring us in closer together. We are built and America we ought to grace community. And we're talking about right now look at the Democrats Republicans who don't about black. Let's say if we are if we start preaching black blind man or white lines never Hispanic linesmen are all Osmond and then that makes it all equals. Well it should and hopefully. Opinion in my bit in the black nearly right now the church. Well Steve but if we start preaching unity if we start slowly in and in other words. If we get a let's just say hypothetical. 'cause I don't know halt all white men think I only know hall I think OK I treat everybody the same I don't care where the wider like I think your life matters and I think. My life matters and whip and and a fire was out on the streets somewhere. And I saw some a couple of white people try and do all beat up on a black man. I would I've I would get involved okay or all or vice Versa. And it's in a weakened taken preached that message that all lives matter navy that'll finally bring this together because I'm sure you'll agree. In all there is a gap there and we've got to some kind of way. Be able to discuss things just like you and I are talking about this and you have your opinion and mine I have my opinion we're not yelling at each other which is really really good. You bet you don't turn black lab rat expert political. Fix a problem yet be aware that they're the prop. The term black out matter and it hit it. It broadened the picture. Of the problem black labs are not matter right now. The diplomat right now so we knew before you the term black out matter it. Oh wait in society could they have problem. Okay nobody made when he made the apology. It opened up because you know that that was just political plan. Political rhetoric him I'm and I mean all. It's good to the track record like eighty. Stated yet but what you city's effort would even under tick bite him. On the that where you are. Let's talk about Donald Trump a little bit. Are meant is it just a crazy bit a one. I think this question. Market and now bold but my expert and do you for a comparable would doubt try to negotiate our foreign bills. On that you. Have to view. Well. It kept I don't. Bailey can go out there and you. Were a whopper. But up portraits of the same thing about the sudden now Ronald Reagan. I love this text message let me read this to you'll love it there are text senator Graham no response I couldn't stop lend emotional story in the video on line. About Donald Trump. Handing out the opposing candidates phone number is may be scrambled do the same the trump and O'Donnell loses and did people call him and say he fired. Coming out of the Pentagon in the way the man. He is very well I mean we keep it from his TV sort of particular prompted the way he looked at like he's very arrogant he and. Is that the part one lead their nation until the next. But he's making these other candidates thing that's for sure. Hillary but I am I don't know and I'm not like him negotiate a mean. I still want to know. I think the funniest line he he hasn't yet. Is one but it should. A when he said. I'm going to build the fence on the border and to make the Mexicans report that's that's something that you know. I mean let's place if he has done anything. This was going to be a very very dull campaign as far as I'm concerned because. He's he's Macon and excited he is doing more people tune in to to the debates that have tuned in in years. My. I'll eat at. I mean go global. No in greener 10. Okay. I'll let. I'm independent I am a Republican and Democrat. Opal what that is that the name here and I go back. Parker particularly children and is that the credit and they say it. It all want the Heatley and I'll I'll billion debate about the goal of the country. We track like it flat out of country riddled with a bit. So it. Meet somebody in what it is that. We need that's what these companies slowed. We do. There's a little world that we should be out here bloated today. Lewis. Or money across the but of course the ball. I wish I have been I wish I haven't talked to you about six or seven years ago even before then will we force one more than that we went to war to Iraq should wait a minute. Why aren't they put enough why aren't they picking up the bill. It I still don't know think how important now right I mean electing you're going to be in the law wouldn't. Well all things in the bill somebody else's problem. Think how crazy this as we go to another country to help. Quote free the men and one of these days we're going to learn that not all countries what democracy but we we go to a country. We we block. We blow up half the country. To save them and then we go over there and we've played are to bring it back up I can't figure that out. In an anti current US proper. Yes. I mean we we now where. Denmark they. You want to make a big on the that Michael Bay yeah deliver it where. Later crab air bitter Vietnam. Winner in the union where normally. I rent a bit. Then being. What I grew up I am adamant that there. That would rubble mud that would call to make some of whom Cooper should be excellent network trial. She made Ochoa became. We're probably would be to not accept what they are now. It did parity. But we don't have now crammed so why that's why she. Parents. Can't. Don't lot of property were eight and the final say. They were interviewed you what though yeah it'll be. At its credit he met you did when they crack. They will. Well publicly but I didn't I had kids and we always whenever we knew we were in a position where we might have to wait or even when did white. My wife always handled goldfish crackers or something in her purse. To give the child and at and they and they didn't have that. Whether it was right for the woman discrete amount I don't know and whatnot. Bachelorette. Ali out to duplicate or two kids and they now or the goal which is not the first did not want the yeah yeah yeah you're getting that tried yet what it. That would make that kidnapped then I would take him it's an aggregate of epic about that and my hand on the little bottom. At the now. The proper thing bill and would have been an owner could. Well sir or ma'am if you get out. According to the story she did. According according to the story after attempts to leave after attempts to get the Palin to leave. Or take the girl outside. It was then when the older told the girl. The way where she slammed her hands on the collar and said this needs to stop. Toll did try to get you know a portion never knowing all aligned with the facts about but like get on line. Yeah exactly exactly. And did. Frustration when it was awkward young people to you know it's an old topic at the air. In a two year the apparent that it literally how big portrait. Ivan and enjoy the conversation one more question before you go to our big it's somebody pretty jaguar opinion poll question. Would you pay higher taxes to permanently fixed upon all problems in New Orleans. And you pass any potholes on your way to work every day. Every element and being written it written and keep any cold too emotional about that. The location. Match up yet. It's a big text what do. Here too but oh no I believe America on me with the the text like at camp yeah. I'm probably we need to go on a log I agree with them and will go but. You don't the it on oh yeah and we. We will. You see improvement among the war. I think you Wright Louis I enjoyed the conversation so much so much. All right 5042601870. Am Bob Mitchell and it's dude if you take part of the conversation window blinds open for you. And the phone number to take part in the show was Bible four to six year of 170. One of the things we're talking about tonight is democratic presidential candidate Maryland on the remark no O'Malley was speaking at a rally. And he made the -- statement. Black lives matter white lives matter all lives matter and they booting. Several dozen demonstrators. And then later on he apologized saying it was a mistake on his part these that I meant no disrespect I did not mean to be insensitive. In anyway. Now did the demonstrators to sort of apology. Or. Is this just political pantry nod have a text message or read a nugget Michael poems. Bob before rally of held protesting the unusual high number of blocks spine and seemingly routine in conflict police for him to mention white lives. Matter. Which is true. But whites and all lives are not being taken over by overzealous. Racist police. It's the same as the judge insult Torre on the mention about the judge in South Carolina. Mentioning him at some belief sympathy for the shooters for an appropriate question mark. Well. I don't cut I think it was absolutely just terrible. What that young man did. Two to shoot people down like that. I concede. In reaching out and sympathy. On how the mom and dad must film and just think for a second if your son did something that horrible. Mean how do you cope with how do you cope without the book the rest of your life knowing that you raised a son that that one. And you know Charl are idle idle relief I don't really have a problem. Bill plan pray for all the families pray for the victims and pray for the families of the shooter all right let's go to. Go to Mike in Slidell most talked about Donald Trump. They and I don't. What I'll say rice's record. On a wake up the matter. OK tell me what you mean by. What I've added we need to realize that the outcrop. There for a purpose and its wake up America so they. Are right joy it's time that we spat where we need is Stan. And we need it may change its. If for do you think Donald Trump mr. rose shot at the Republican. Nomination. I've believes he has no shot whatsoever I believe these probably back out on our right over. I think he's just there speak about America's frustrated. We need to be guided we need to focus and eat it that's all that. So you think she's serving a real purpose then. Utley like you do happily he's an honest broker he makes an east. True candidates really speak out and stands for what America really need. Mean how many Republican Canada I think there are sixteen now. I mean it has your record I really don't know I haven't looked it up by Google but ever any app spotlight. We yet it's an. I can't either it's. That's why of the the debates on Maine I wonder how many they're going to choose for the debates they it and what. Take a top ten I don't know this is a never seen anything like this before. Now I've never seen myself but I can't really do believe that the wake up call and Republican true. The biggest thing is that. What its statement. And I want everybody to understand that not try to people who were correct all trying to say is that. I believe that this administration has been there right now separated at read by you. Were out focus and if Martin Luther King could speak today. He would say. I appreciate. And that's what we're at right now where wet bar and we that. And what it would really be ashamed about. I believe that separation. Everything he's fought for everything he died for. Has been that managed. Albany cheers. So you think big gap living the gap between blacks and whites or is moving apart rather than moving together. Exactly and that's exactly what I feel and that's what I my my art expert. Our our country where we're at today and everything I believe a lot of things are brought to light. And if you're confuse America what we're impound it with so much information dated there you go here what's going on air we thought very spot. Mike given to kids. Have you ever had a problem of them eat at a restaurant where they start crime or or arm you know just getting on rule the end if you did how did you handle. Sure did we just got out but walked out and I understand that the owner or the manager that restaurant. It was that elapsed band that didn't know what to do they are trying to. He's the masses and it it what it right that we are out. Quiet well recuperate. Well according to the older. They attempted to get the family to leave or at least take the child outside. And the parents would not. Do either thing and so the owner does come a law that and slammed her hands on the counter and said this needs to stop. Referring to the toddler screaming and it's amazing the owners that she looked at me and then stop. Are not what I don't understand. Is. I wouldn't want anyone yelling. At my child but we were always prepared we always. Had things with those we had crackers with those are cookies with those or something with us that we'd be able. To a give our children on and on you know on until their restlessness eased off. I agree with your daughter percent attic yet but pointed that. Actor. Just pay extra it is wake up and Paris that sure. And that's probably may wide it would have been upset what about you but I find it by the epic four app that. I picked up that out of courtesy. Everybody else tried in northern hale. And watch Al outside. All right Micah and if they know surely add to the show. No I really do love your show and I'm glad you're out there who let art that. Wake up and speak out. Thank you so much as go to Michael in Mississippi. Michael Walsh to talk about this apology throw mud democratic presidential candidate governor Martin O'Malley go ahead Mike. Yeah actually. Call linens. You hear you talk about him answering your pandering what was African American chew up they're like I'm I'm I'm pandering. And so solid month and while you're sitting there black people that of the Americans throughout American stronger. While I I I usually I use both black and African American how is that pandering. Because they're not African Americans server shall Q and are. All right Michael what are reassigned. Any negotiable assay. Yeah that's forestall trial court pick the reason why he's been on such well known as people are charter PC industry triggers and them. You think he has a real shot at Laguna and Portland brought. Bought you know it certainly sending a clear message do. The Republican Party. That there is so kowtowing to special interest that. Does the only quality razor doesn't own apology to John McCain. Because we've I've got a couple text messages from a from veterans. Saying that they do not believe. That he has to apologize. I have revealed that like so what about it Vietnam. The terriers you know we're church put. I thought it would do for them water wars and Vietnam because you're on the TV our local river and he say boy that McCain you know. Should knocking apologies for drop that while while locals and Vietnam and Korea he shared percent thing so it seems like the Vietnam. Yeah let me a let me read again this not text message which a lot of people responded to and they say they agree with that. My father served 31 year shot down in World War II it was a POW flew over a hundred combat bombing missions in Vietnam. He was not a hero. He was doing his job and honorable job deserving of respect unless one leaves the normal limits of their job above and beyond the line of duty. Don't attach the Monica hero to them. I agree that Nazi like because clothes and military. And you know there do people actually use the like to thank you sir. You know yeah that's no problem lookup. You know what what's. That people criminals psychopath. Murderer good guys you know. It's in the church do it's it's Nokia for and that and the armed forces and his partner so it Schechter sent. You know be better shape my and so that that are in uniform what other than that everything that you have out here happened there. Cho just because they're doing their job. Does Google blocker stop by and I think most of that had to do. That he would now factor you know there were summary. People that Serbia comic Ricky won't work history partly by every one. You write about that trip and should military personal have the right to carry weapons on military bases are currently we. We actually ultimately we were tortured weapons on base and what happened before the America would've gotten retreat and a little while ago wasted. Put President Clinton put an end of that what you are right I think that should be retouched it's just. I'm surprised after the Fort Hood instant instant instance. That they dated and we'll revoke that law I am not and my brain cannot understand. You have military people. Who'll get training on how to use weapons but they can't carry him on berries. And if if any of those submarines. Would've had weapons at that recruitment center. Then some of them will still be alive right now. Are absolutely he wouldn't he would've got out of this car and they were wars and politics you have weapons. Pat. Rudy that are actually cap numbers or social and navy marine reserve facilities. They have weapons in the armory but fortunately you know what germ blocking yeah she had yet to go to college procedures. Are drawn more. Yet can you can you see that some guy comes in with a weapon and you say. Welcome need to get a weapon all the armored OK and then she shooting all right sign this form here that's that that's that's just pricey. Guerrillas Kurds it's nonsense and unfortunately. Europe because of the strategy maybe things will change. Ultimately Yemeni children. He what do you think about the situation that we're talking about at the diner in port. And so yeah. Of course nowadays they for a applause and warming up the order and abuse children. At a debt that amazed me and never so much I never thought I had a live deceit that's but that's happening right now. At a in on idol wanna get in the child discipline. But I've I've always been a big believer on not bury in the rod that's the way I was raised that's the way. Raised my children I think it more than Lee's world mauled two trees. Their own children that way we were able lot less problems. I don't agree that you know put anyway I gotta go more to book scriptural. There are likely to think about. All right Al and Steve you guys hang on and though we have bunch of one global to view an opponent it's 504260170. I'm Bob Mitchell and dispute. On WW well. And do one opponent boards comic clearest several lines are open five all four. It was 60187. Let's go to look now at New Orleans Allen you. A brigades ebony pretty drag our opinion poll question would you pay higher taxes to permanently fix potholes in the world Leon's. It is this it is mines it's on now. First I think that you don't talk of somewhat that piece of paper when congress has to restore target when you're in another important. Satire in this crap okay. I have no problem people simulating become American citizens get in line. Got to protect our borders police start attacking John McCain is. Because. You injured in and the Parse so intimate and went back to duty early he was appeared via Kiki this year to come home two what I'm concerned. But still you can't leave. Attacking our military's tactical military met John McCain just keep rookie captured or now in terms of the the. Martin now in what went on restaurant say people are so. Ignorant of the fact. What people have been killed at least houses than black people in Chicago black ours lives matter in our matters. What they became. A black people are killing each other in the community. Or even talk about that and Martin O'Malley is in gutless wonder I got. That the key witness in what he's. Doctor King brought them together and not by the color skin content character. People that are constantly why does matter and it was a big and it's black in and have donated integration. People were caked in all the facts not the place doctors we've only Cuba until lessen the tax. I'm by police officers been black people okay and that they need to but the presence on the on president gets to commit crimes and published Lagos. In the present it is definitely a black light in Uga crime you do the time. I would hope that I would hope that jet that everyone could genuinely. Not just mile but generally from their heart Sunday. That all lives and black lives matter whitewashed bureaucratic like matter. Well Indian everybody's like matters and if we get its week of all to come together and say that with sincerity from heart. We'd be taken a giant step for. And what is right our president has become the great divider he's divide our country. I thought it may do so disciplined student god or country there's so much tension right now. And we need some of these stride Americans as a nation. And you know we're not perfect over the best thing out there and it's a shame of these people get a mistake conference and racist and I believe it. We do around this shell of wait privileged white college Boca. Normally it's about working hard going to school study make its shops you can get your back black and do you okay sweeps which reduced risks can lead to offer. Do the right thing measure to insulate. Get an education and work hard and you will be successful. Okay that's what lesson about America about Egypt chants. And these people. This conference the biggest races in the world they were out in like people pretty clearly it's in O'Malley gutless wonder you have to wonder. Well you know that that the thing about all O'Malley. If he then I was talking to a black caller few call back. And he he agreed if sincerely. Meant that that he helped wallet didn't mean to hurt your feelings but you know knowledge of political Andretti was just doing that. Just felt that hopefully. That he can. Debt the the black vote that's. Exactly. But it's stuck in the. Sultan just like arms into the air that put the total lie and are across the country. You know total and that it was a lot of the black. Has grand jury you know turn you know what have been some charges. And they could all those people who you know it's stored in the guys started it. About the robbery. It is time that the whole thing at Augusta conjures on the it was an ops and the day football players you know jokes. It just disgusting well you know. It's just with which each other part we ought to find common ground on American but were at this site. Investors because they didn't get in the car. Unity in school yet others discrimination under and by. You know we haven't Greek situation work hard you write in your parents treated kids are kids. Did it in got a great chance theaters chancellor happy person. Particularly easy layout and shoot people Latin people whatever it's sadly it can and present that it would return sadly. There's likely to do that there has packet into the jokes. But you know from that country besides this caricature part. Black and white is is is the parents. Nobody's really cute into the right tank and that I don't know the history of this country. And they're called the race card just like that's secret talk in the flag while Democrats but that's right Democrats title cancel that racial stuff when you're in control shall look at. So Democrats or Republicans that civil rights bill in the senate that want an escrow Allah so you don't. History dealers and industry like you Congo and. I appreciate your calling got to take a break I'm Bob Mitchell interest due on WWL. All right text message what about nine the white bikers in Waco shot by police for global had no criminal record. All right let's go to Steve. These critics are calling dub WL. They aren't going remark by a load our cultures that come in related government a lot of the board brought. The media is not one man to mark Cutler in our state. Virtual country. And our look at their a look at Beckett alliance president who bear the media. Cleveland airport role. It sort of a lot of lava world. And people. Chime in order yet experts sit at tables. Are tree and then. America would be your great picture and turn in and they actually they people it and a slippery and there. But don't you love how they bring these people in general experts. Good for him and it's our expert and their tribunal in the term or what you bring it bring somebody from each side. But globally he side in a courtroom and then have an opinion. And then hold they hold everybody that's wholly look pollute. Our. And then choose the president for a week we even though it might be beat become aware. Yet that's something I think they should have to stop I agree but that. It more. A lot of the vote that the purpose there they. Inquiries recall you roll and move that will ultimately. Can lead to him trigger book it. Back to separate the country operate under armor on ought to be on both sides. The left and right. And they worry America. What do you think there's anything wrong with making the statement into. In the spirit of trying to bring everybody together. Saying rather than just say in black lives matter say black lives what are all a matter white lives matter all matter. Currently there I agree with that bush is not a story. A story last week or when you separate them by people. You you do. You get a computer so people a year do you should look at. What I mean it excellent. Excellent. So. Always crucial is it the orders by their vacancy beer shall. Somebody give a tax somebody match play out by. The super good policies that it will air all the way. And goes so the worst thing that figure. The worst and a couple of times. On that iron. Oh. Tired all of you that beat you with that being applied to put people on that particular. I would I would bet if you ask the majority of black people what's more important to you. Crime. Education for your children. Money to a 22 to make a good living the education. Are the confederate flag and how much of the flag would be last. It would be an. Well I believe that. Poor Margaret brokerage they have bike or otherwise. Movies or. Look bad but if you're sure because somebody order needed in the biblical. OK in order program. Okay would bring him back a lot of o'clock. A lot of bad beta club actually we look back at it and you'll look terrible thing don't travel he's on on African American. We have to move on we both thought we can't it. We out law. All. Steve I appreciate your voting in tonight so much. All right though we have Beverly and carry on hold and if you guys will do me a favor hang on. And Beverly I know you'd only guide well no I knew I knew him a guy named verbally at one time so maybe. Natives Terry they're both males. Both females are right got nothing but women to kick next hour off I'm all for that I'm Bob Mitchell WWL.