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Jul 23, 2015|

Angela and Todd talk the poor conditions of New Orleans streets.

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And we will commute to our second hour of hot topics so happy that Tom Manassas has stayed with us. Always brings a lot to the show. We have many many things to talk about in our earlier show we were talking about the report that came out that said 42%. Of New Orleans roads are rated pour. And we Aston operating jaguar if you think that number's accurate or two lower too hot we're gonna continue that we'd like that vote for me. But I'd also like to know from you. What is the worst ever loving road you've ever driven on. And what have these roads cost you in car repairs because part of that report. Is about what it cost us in New Orleans and Baton Rouge and actually Baton Rouge. Was rated worse than we are. But done but it it's also putting it in money. Which I'm gonna look toward that 713. Dollars in New Orleans we pay additional charges. Because of lousy roads have you had a tire blowout have you on me all the stuff that's underneath the car you what a pain. In the same year trip said Baton Rouge area motorists spend an extra 1052. Dollars per year. Because of congestion on state and warn roads. Anyway we got a problem. But I really would be very interested and I'm saying this because just in the last couple weeks for some reason I have driven down some streets in New Orleans and I haven't driven in along time. Un believable. I mean unbelievable. And I said we need four wheel drive we need something. Yeah you need the into the humvee need to you know it's amazing to think that you would need a four wheel drive in a city. To drive but on some of our streets you really do especially in the lake view area. And uptown now I'm telling you some a side street of town there on unreal. Another thing we're throwing out this do you have a favorable or unfavorable view of Pope Francis. And has your view changed. According to new Gallup survey hope Francis is not as popular upon that this he used to be in the United States. 59% of Americans say they do have a favorable view of the Pope and that's a lot. But that's a sharp decrease from last February when 76. Held a favorable view. So Juan what do you think do you think he's more human than most pope's. And do you like that do want him to be more formal. Just your thoughts on Pope Francis. The other one were thrown out new York and California both. Are looking at increasing the minimum wage to fifteen dollars and today Bernie Sanders. Who of course is running for president they Vermont senator. And they another presidential candidate the former mayor of for the former governor of Maryland. Are also endorsing. Legislation. For fifteen dollars an hour. So what do you think is not gonna help or hurt business. And frankly will that help or hurt the people who need the money most and we asked that because some people feel that yes on on the surface. Going up from 725. Or whatever it is to fifteen will help but some people may lose their job. Well that also limit lose their jobs because businesses may cut back or. If it goes up then businesses will pass that cost all along to us the consumer kept ramming the rates raised so therefore if you were able at seven bid seven point I went over the minimum wages. To afford him you know this. That's gonna go up just as much as what you had before so you're you're still going to be basically in the same. Both situation or vote because you're gonna be paying more now you're not gonna get a pay increase its liken it seemed that way that's what some say some economists say that. Some economists say that won't happen at all. Well I just would like people's thoughts on it because that we've had lots of conversations about wages and and certainly we've seen. And with some success. Some picketers saying you know we need a little higher more money and of its fifteen dollars but. We would really like your thoughts on that also were throwing out. You know these dad gum shining laser beams that are hitting these pilots just makes me crazy in the brain. And there was a whole rational and in non New Jersey this past week I think eleven of them. Them and all you know sending all my gosh oh my gosh and then of at the Dallas area. And I think either today or last night they actually finally arrested a 23 year old. And done charged him with a state criminal misdemeanor but here's the deal federal charges are most likely going to be shot filed. Wind when this happens it can blind these pilots and they're doing it as their landing which is probably one the most vulnerable moments. Would you just because you entertaining yourself with these stinking lasers. What if you were responsible. For the acting crashing in 250 people losing their lives. I now and just society is do you say hey look with how far can go or I can hit it's I can you know hit the hit this this plane with that but. But this isn't just. You know. A problem with the with planes obviously it is without pilots and in doing that you're gonna blind them but. The NFL this year the of the Detroit Lions band a fan. Who had a laser pointer and a game and was cleaning it. At the opposing quarterback on in his eyes so he's been and they took away his you know season tickets he's been banned so. This the sort of thing happens all the time. Well not all the time but but as is happening more frequently I would say. That people are using these things you can buy these little laser light diesel lasers. All over the place but that's not what they're designed for now and that's not what they're used for and I personally I don't to the fascination with going out and saying hey look I can shine and at that plane. Well this is very interesting. Again we talked about somebody was arrested yesterday today but. Dallas morning news reports that a 23 year old was sentenced to eight months in June. For shining laser adding department of public safety helicopter. Stephen Alexander Chavez could have received a five year sentence and a 250000. Dollar fine. Kenneth Santa Domingo was given a thirty month sentence in 2013. A thirty months that's almost three years after he pled guilty to shining a light at a Dallas police helicopter. Now. At this point the suspect turned over the green laser to deputies and admitted. But even using a two point eight aircraft not realizing now that it was actually strong enough to reach it yeah well what he's doing. That's what they all say might end assuming the FAA points out I said a Sydney on my grandmother says there have been 3894. Reportedly threw strikes and 2014. Which is up from mud just 283. Back in 2005. Yeah and it's a really honestly and in part. From what I've read because the lasers are becoming more inexpensive so people are getting a killing not entertain ourselves in another way. And I'm sure it was like discuss or just want to sleep recovering you know and and obviously you your you can't do that plus. There's also you know the age that we live in. The threat of terrorism and a lot of these you know. Anti aircraft missiles used laser sighting to lock on to their targets so yes if these pilots see a laser flashing from the ground. You know all of a sudden hey what what's going on here. Well here's my proposal I think that this is serious enough. Two unmanned and it's nice that the guy got thirty months that somebody could have gotten five years I think the penalty should be minimum. Mandatory ten year sentence and I'm not for filling jails just propellant jails but I think the potential for this is catastrophic. Ten years I'd like to know what you think give us a call 260187. Day again we're talking about these lasers were talking about the Pope. Some of his her popularity going down not all 59%. Of Americans still. Have a very favorable view but what do you think do you issue we've gotten to know him better. He's made some very as I call bold statement sent down so what do you think of that the Pope. Also wanna talk about my favorite topic the street. Mob attacks on the streets people fixing in their streets Collison tell us if on your way home. You encounter any of these streets and is that what club makes it so hard for you to get home 260187. Years ago. We're asking what's the worst road you've ever driven on in our area I mean not out of this country but in our area. Anyway and people who have been so creative when their. The about a pothole that's building and they you know who what was the latest one they did it was a deer or something in the political drama made on beliefs couple. Went and I still I've bought for for five dollars at the grocery store one of those little signs that fix my street's a pay my taxes zero now. And people texting and and and apparently it seems that. We got a couple into the worst sort of driven in New Orleans is Baylor dry David's next in the parish on a canal near the lake. Someone else says the last half of we have a lot of this one last half of floored delete. They pave the first half a couple years ago just keep this quiet and other attacks worst road I've driven on a new world and his Florida Lee drive there's no way to speed on it the educating me do the speed limit. As tag just saying that's geo T. Another one Elsa also saying worst New Orleans or erode Florida Lee avenue poll biggest craters. Blame state leadership no money to fix roads and infrastructure DO TD is a joke and an embarrassment this techsters says. We've also got some text on talking about the Pope. Someone says very political Pope silent on marriage abortion molestation but vocal on global warming. Winning registered voter registration before math I love my faith go to mass twice a week but disappointed in the church bureaucracy from. Someone else as yes ten you talk about the laser pointers yes ten years for that but if the person has a lot of money the law will let them off. Someone else says the antiaircraft systems are more frequently radar base in laser designated for missiles are using visible to prevent detection of the source projector and that was. One of the of the reasons that they were worried about the the laser sighting. And making some of the pilots. Someone else says minimum wage heavily the fast food issue BO OK with this and I see only positive changes I feel the workers who we are more likely. To keep their jobs longer and be more proficient most fast food stores are owned by well off individuals in quotes doctors and lawyers etc. These people are using. These folks for tax advantages in the wage increase is just a small factor. That's as some another someone texting on that one so talking about raising the minimum wage. 215 dollars an hour and should that he NBA should it be a national topic oh for the presidential. I think that's very much going to be an again Bernie Sanders. Individually rather California and new Yorker looking it runs changing it. But beyond that Bernie Sanders ending another the former governor of Maryland. Who agrees with them says it should be I think he's proposing legislation time Bernie Sanders so it may well be that interestingly. Hillary Clinton has said she does doesn't wanna go that route because. How not all areas of the country have the same sort of standard of living so why give it a blanket 15%. That should be a national or try to be by stayed in and would ever stayed there are city if they wanna raise it and now would that affect business could you attract. More business to your state of your minimum wages lower maybe. Maybe not. I think it depends on the industry should have exactly and in reality. As we are always reminded there are many companies. In our area and a summit in our state the go will blow up well above. Minimum wage because you you know get skilled people. They deserve more. No other text says. Can amnesty canteen history before the FEMA funded repairs. Some analysis for registry from Broadway to Carrollton is ridiculous. Another techsters says from all the festivals games and concerts we have wears New Orleans money going. Obviously not the fix the streets not to fix the streets that's right. Another Texas or Rhode by Gulf Coast bank off of Harrison avenue a giant crater never fix been like effort three or years or so. Now you know I say let's decorate those craters let's do something. And then have a contest. We set up a sign in and I'm and and raise money and say hey come to the mini Grand Canyon right here like hit you don't have to go wild play fifty cents in Kenya right here one illegally had go to our callers that Tim intimate though Howard you. These people is one of the true ecumenical. Sort. Because the as a man of the people. And he has tried very hard to accept. All states well this is from this installation. All. And those who have kroc am ought to do well but reading or recreating. Marcel last issue to the detriment. Which was later put in through moving forward them subsequent. The Pope. Happens to him and that is triggered by the safari but the Pope wasn't a bouncer as a young man. That's funny you want to lose him. One of there's occupations. So he has come up the right way and he as you well know preferred his own apartment he issues the the finery and they gold and everything else which is predecessors did not always do. And he is truly become very popular whip. Buddhists Jews. Protestants. There and so on and so. And it giant killer on the hot Norbert junior right about Hebrew national but I would ask you to try. Based dame bill. See I boil hot dogs and okay screaming yes. Okay as as a child. I bought dogs from fifteen cents where the bond. The dog and the Chile were being and and and did everything was to draw and then you put the mustard on. And they looked at intensive basis bootable bullets and Alabama were sipping on hot dogs and electrician for responsibility. Obviously this little while back. My father it's 7000 or shoot low lights seven Honda. And you both live long happy lives well thank you know I thank you can very very much. Let's go today and not Alabama here on WL. That it. And get mad. Board and in my mind no element that way I. If it's oh yeah somebody. It is now well it's very now we hear. He got hopefully add to paired them work and be a problem in the open it you do that it. Ballot say it bill. How many people. Album and that about our welfare then yeah it did but I don't think now well there have been here tomorrow. I can I get that but now there is what you think mine I. So either you league season to be a good idea to raise it. Well again people out I'll have to get people off welfare I'm not sure they know exactly what's out there working as well I'm. Think in people. It won't miss it big and it popped back. They're not big topic it ought to be. Did anybody. Drop a media that people. Our goal Ottawa don't war is not a lot more and then they always write more about. Replied the man. I'll let. And it probably third party involved in the debate war. But it but it also could you get to it on the family. I work at night bombing by announcing the end. It's no joke about somebody hit it in Panama. Can add up no more than 60000 dollars would benefit. Somebody you know work there I have a so you won't want to hand. That might get more money but definitely. Without it got to wonder if I. Now that's butcher asked a very good question. And I've often thought you know what I have not done a show but to and may be Garland has and others have but. Exactly what is the maximum you could get in. In benefits. Weathered before weathered section eight to whether it's the stamp cards or or a medical what is the total. Not that one person could get so you bring up a very good point I appreciate the call Dave very much. What's the worst experience on a road you've ever had and that what does it cost you because again. We have facts and figures. Lots lots and lots of money also talking about them. The minimum wage. Yet. Both California new Yorker thinking about raising it to fifteen dollars a from Bernie Sanders and make come on nationally. Should be raised to fifteen dollars and we're also stopped talking about those not laser lights. Beaming into the cockpits of planes filled with people what are people thinking I'm suggesting the ten year minimum cents. OK we got caller let's go to on Tommy in Cleveland Tommy here and evidently well. Egg that you know are you good. The colored people wondering. What does look like it's on its Landers in this City Council themselves or they've really as bad as in the war on but I'm sure it's moved to look like. That would be good a good investigative visual story. I don't and I don't know where they live Tommy's I don't know I really don't. Like. I think it's you sure you didn't get an suvs get home like most people are in four wheel drive in the humvee and drive these creators. There are ambulance juniors in the war and so you know. I don't know the words like. And now ten years bless your heart are you still in new oral anti living in Cleveland. Number oh return of they're very good Hubble thank you for driving that. And did you find that most people when you were driving an ambulance. Especially amen if you had the lights going and they wouldn't deter pulled to the side of the road. Must be equally in the world would get honest and an astute boy its own mind it's. Let them beat them quote by and of beating. Us. And the lives well and rock you aren't used to shy of lasers and oracle bought a pilot Dhaka that struck bring them all the time. Awful awful I just I don't know why that bothers me so much because I think it's. So juvenile what they're doing that in the end an isn't ginger as it does happen and you do have a plane crash and like you said several hundred people died then yes and it's a serious thing. Not it's not funny name. But but it's it's their increasing so rapidly as you just mentioned. And it again they could have given him a five year sentence game thirty months but I say has to be louder than that it has to be it's ten years minimum bone. Put down Malays. Okay. You know most ending tourism or five dollars yeah counter that future can one of those that would reach a plane. Really never in order appointed now. And that's what most of these B bush I wanna know who would reach I was just trying to see if it would well guess what it did so stop doing it. Tom your wonderful to call always give us a call thanks so much let's go back to run in an engine Tilly Ian near under the that you well. All good. All right it just happens. At about two weeks ago repentance healing and more were so where reporter in which to speak. The lesion you'll ago. And a noble one poor. That acorda would be so and she gets displeased. Every single B it's got to put down but it partner are Italy didn't feel. We get it will reduce their schools across. And it like it you step up. You know that it edited it it is almost like or get an you know I guess from. Probably no breach in the well also and she didn't you're currently are met burger earned her. Her at a brick that you. And a got caught Obama I'll I'll begin critics. But it's about the outlook. Out of the worse. Street overlooking I don't know the name and greeted but he peaked at all. If at all are you on it didn't not within itself but bill that very mixed crew who were that are right at parallel. It's almost impossible to beat beat you are. I know exactly what you're talking about I know in you're absolutely correct. Yes it's it's not a rollercoaster. In. You know it would seem that that area. That has been worse screwed that all would probably be delete your area because there are a lot of people whatever I just beat duke problematic it coated optic backbone. It is almost impassable bullpen what really what really embarrassed Mayweather of them car wreck. And be you know despite all the years loops economic embargo and bombing it. You know you. Basically took rewards. Or Rugova has almost embarrassed. Here. We're not not not a little pot who Nevada all lot of you are just like Brady and you. Why properly. Isn't that something with all the bombing in all the chaos and a very good wrote a whale three. In the end the don't lose those legal owner. Like when we were you ought not street to sunlight. We didn't want. Anybody come on Eliot do it's our shot on that the leader Adam knew it ought to accept the turnaround moral. But those Greenland. The sixty books yet only. You don't get playing with that in in the U. You know it bigger ball and it really matters it's sounded not good luck on that it went by accident. And I guess you could definitely blunt about it that temporarily. Mama you're talking about you would use them in Iraq. To stop people from going down a road. Yeah well I thought they fought with our you know where Sean Elliott who are you shopping your article whatever they want to preach and it occurred around. It is you wouldn't see it because. Him. Our rightful and the machine doesn't. But infrared when that he could really see with the idea to put your you know I didn't want to see where at least that was the. But her body season popular movies and Hollywood delays or the red gotten all that so that's why. You know that that's not that's not really true does that one in real life for liked it back to the pact warrantless gulch to leave that Google and the audit bureau you're import order bottom you know year in which he don't know whatever but imported raw or. You know give speak out. And it's actually incorporated is if you accurately that didn't. You know it is in him he would know where you shot in the gun from you or you Wear your. Pointed gun movement so they'll know we're back. Yeah people attack on. What there number eighty and people are texting is a mystery you're talking about there it might be is Fort Lee street the one that we beginning articles about the all hour or at least treat all open era at at. But this another street as well in that area I know exactly which are talking about it wasn't when I was thirdly is bad and I was just telling target. Fort Lee was in the newspaper this week. Looking at a anyway you'll wonder. They all had that you that we deliver. We just believe you putt there'll oak street. Donna and that the Carroll an area risks and that was pretty bad from Carol and all the way that way. You know toward toward like toward Metairie and everything. That it that the group was pretty bad but it has not been like that whatever is. Yeah yeah all the looking at it on. Yeah I'm gonna Google Maps yeah that's that's what the Leonid it is bad I've passed there are several times to and I I once made the mistake of turning down that way. And in my little Honda Civic that's what it was it was an adventure it was like driving in the Grand Canyon. That you know what you think about what is the tourists come at a and and they don't know they don't know about how to slowed yeah all of a sudden boom a thousand dollars and your wife's guardian. I'm sorry to hear that but I appreciate this phone call. OK we'll take another break due to. Yes in Texas at least you can dodge some of the craters and some of the areas on the corner by prevail in north Solomon. The peak in the middle of the road is more akin to the matter more in general for repair is 2019. Of them finally oh my gosh. Someone else texting general Haig got in late fused by far worse street New Orleans the four wheel drive with. 28 inch tires and you may still get stuck in the people in lake view area should be upset because the city's getting a fortune from their homes that taxes. And absolutely no return. That's taxation with no rip. Isn't you know I think that is the streets and I was talking about the initial unbelievable. Outlets go over to Keith and Kendra thank you for calling and holding here on WW well. Yeah and what I'd want to make quick comments courses minimum wage just concerns. I'm still in a lot of people don't realize. Are yet they want minimum would win a minute wait a while here in between but there are. When they don't want him on wage. Where oh where is simply work and there are gonna go down and it can be and what cactus. Do it with a minute ago mean. You know my mom made Malloy on several years ago that it not be changed upon. In ink and the which she was getting minimum wage who was getting more than had to pay more taxes. Well that's that's the reality. That which you know hire a tax shirt doesn't rely that's right. But to know you bring up a very good point nine and I'd love to hear from others who are hoping for a minimum wage in a place they're taking that into consideration. Yeah a lot of people had been better don't we give up. Yup you know taxes that's another ten shows right there the attacker and thank you Keith very much for current. And other taxes I think that any free market society wages should be driven by politicians. Look at what's happening with the did raise it fifteen dollars the unemployment rate is rising and companies are looking for ways to automate. And saw pictures of these self ordering kiosk in a McDonnell's. That it popped up in some places around the world let me tell you I was looking at a brochure. Four crews. And they have a bar on the ship that has a robot while yeah. It's gonna get that way I mean eventually we saw it with. How many people I guess some how many people still go in in the bank and east you see a teller and every. So not anymore no no they're not they're not that way anymore because a lot of people do the automated teller banking the ATM banking. ATM banking and they do it on line and that's why I still and I'm you know I say it again and again I go in my bank. Talked to these wonderful people I hope they never lose their jobs because I I like that personal one on one banking. In other takes as you can't raise minimum wage without raising everyone else has paid period because all services using minimal wage all cost more it's a sliding scale. Another text. That says. Minimum wage will always be in proportion to other pay it's a sliding scale and that is the bottom tier marker. So. I believe it when all of another Texan if you raise that you entries every Wednesday because the whole scale would have to go out. The the argument courses that minimum wage jobs are not supposed to be. Your career. But in reality an awful lot of people. On either because they need more training in something and they need more schooling and something are gonna be stuck there. And some are supporting families. Now. Here's the text talk about other excellence issue wegmans remembers regimens and yes thank god I I Mon my my first job was its wegmans. Had the best hot dogs they have that little Stanley's to sell them the food and everything. And they didn't really get hot dogs used to that sometimes get those for launch on or on our breaks that would work there. I'm still thinking about that hot dog in Chicago. That there are giving away free if you can finish at 22 inches long I wouldn't attempt now would not. Somebody will and they'll be drinking but they will do it let's go to vault on the nor sure you're under the W well. OK guys we're good. You know. One race started you define our war like you aren't you out or sidewalk. I mean that was irritating enough. That they have the audacity dispute. I want our realise it was that project. By. Now that it brick walk after a year are starting apart. Art AP poll. And where it crosses the street accountable Arctic are amateur body which give our vote. Try to put brick Anwar to have invasion. That you'd check that drive artistry. And now even our war. You know I hate to hear that I hear which you're saying we are built on coffee grounds we get it. But you can't tell me somebody can't invent something. That will allow for things to be fixed and stay that way. It back in and just the identity. Cute cute. Or yeah Audi a oracle block. From street that you get pat dry air. What they're telling you Walters that much it'll walk they don't want you to drop back. It's difficult for our India holds a war hero. Greg our war at one Atlantic across the street collector now Beck are right on canal boulevard. Toward a part and it immediately right there being. And indeed maybe people were driving on the sidewalk as it was better than the road. I'll cook. All thanks so much for calling it talks to all of our callers. And thank you Todd is always. Wanna invite everybody to join us for our third hour. We're gonna have Katie Moore from the WL TV and Tonya Chad Lowe from Tulane Law School talking about. The issue were all now sadly aware of about the thousands of rape kits that were never. Tested and coming get an update on that and get an update on. The division of the NO PD that got into trouble because they found out studio IG dipped five of they're. Employees by the police and effort in it in essence were not working so we'll get all of that in the next hour please stay with this we'll be right.