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7/28 2pm Scoot, Satanic temple unveils statue

Jul 28, 2015|

The 10 Commandments monument is being removed from the state Capitol grounds in Oklahoma...at the same time a large bronze statue of Satan was unveiled before a large crowd in Detroit. Would you support a ban of the 10 commandments on government property, if it means a ban on the statue of Satan? Scoot takes calls on your thoughts.

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Allison a breaking news in the world of sports the NFL has upheld Tom Brady's suspension Tom Brady apparently destroyed a phone containing evidence. Tom and your acting like a politician. All right don't forget to a sports on this afternoon with a time analysis. And Steve courts right here on WL. And and tomorrow we begin coverage of the saints' training camp in West Virginia. We get all the information right here on DaVita Q oil and debit if you will dot com a graduate assigned scoot here's our party jaguar people for this hour someday we're gonna add to the discussion. Would you support a ban on the ten commandments on government property if it means a ban on a statue of Satan. It is your opinion by going to WWL dot com the Oklahoma State Supreme Court has ruled that the ten commandments monument must be removed from State Capitol grounds. Regardless of what the legislature and the citizens of Oklahoma walked because it's a violation of church and state. But also I think it's interesting that there's a distant organization a group it's I guess it's kind of the church. Attended temple. And what they're doing is they're looking for. States that allow the ten commandments. And using that as an opportunity to say well if you could put at the ten commandments and we can put up our statue of Satan. And hundreds of people lined up to the bronze statue of Satan in Detroit. The the statue is. Over eight feet tall it's a bronze statue. And it's the it's that the goat headed. Satan. Mean that is when the standing upright goat heads that is one for key figure. I'll never forget the first house a shock I ever went to a nattering. Standing up on this big rock. That was who greets you. The goat headed Satan cohesion when you team if not tell you did definitely set the tone and no I did not become Satan worshippers. But would you support. The ten commandments being banned if that's what it takes to ban a statue of Satan and he wonders aloud does the other have to be allowed as well. And if you allow the ten commandments don't you open the door for other religions and arguably satanic worship fits the definition of a religion. And arguably don't chew opened the door for. A statue of Satan or other religions to be placed on public property religious that you might disagree. If you've got a comment here's our number this afternoon to 6018. Sanity. Very code 5042601. Intensity. In a text number is 87870. Before I get to all of this I wanted to touch on on. Text here that says today and this was going into the the news just a moment ago. I have seven here that right now I think Donald Trump's campaign is it is a circus. Anyone who says trump is a circus is not worth taking seriously. Is a joke themselves. What is not real about ten billion dollars. Well the ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus made a lot of money and daddy is a circus. So you can be a circus and make a lot of money. In the context of campaigning in America. Right now Donald Trump to me is more of a circus however I have said on the air that he should be treated like a legitimate candidate. And I disagree. With the Huffington Post which is a left leaning and it from my perspective I see it as a left leaning a new south went. Huffington Post dot com. I've they have announced that they are not covering Donald Trump as a candidate. They're not covering him as a political candidate they're covering Donald Trump as entertainment news. So he his stories are gonna be right along with the Kardashians. I don't think that's fair because Donald Trump does qualify as a legitimate candidate. Also I can call cultural the circus it's still understand why he at least in the polls and right now Donald Trump has a double digit lead over Jeb Bush. 24% to 12%. In New Hampshire. Seoul. I understand is because people are absolutely fit op with the political establishment. And Donald Trump Donald Trump represents a renegade attitude. Unfortunately. It's a little too renegade I think to be president but if this country elects him president than he's president of the United States. I don't think he's going to be the nominee but he could be. And right now it looks like he is I don't think it's gonna play out that way because there are so many Republicans it's so he is so I'm so divided among all day that the candidates. Then it would be easy for one renegade candidate to get a lot of attention. And that's which ultra percent is getting right now. But I I perspective and treat him as a candidate it doesn't mean that I agree with him and also the the at the thing that I find so interesting about talk radio is. There are people who assume that if you criticize when Republican you're against all Republicans. Well that's ridiculous. Many Democrats criticized Democrats Republicans criticized Republicans you don't have to like all from summer different. And you can distinguish between the two are so saying that you don't like Donald Trump but you don't think Donald Trump's gonna be the nominee. I mean I find him very entertaining. I don't think he's going to be the nominee. Does that mean I'm posting all Republicans. If you gonna join us with a comment here's our number 260187. Every coach final four to 601 ace every text number is 87870. And here's a pretty general opinion poll this hour would you support a ban on the ten commandments on government property if that means a band. On a statue of Satan give a sure opinion at WWL dot com. Are from pearl river Ella here on the scoot show good afternoon. And I want. No I wouldn't but what I can you were out commandment it got that commandment. Julio. Not that buy anything else and it can't live other income energy let go jump off why. I agree it it you really think about it every every religion. Around us this globe. Has some some basic relationship to the idea of the ten commandments. Not killing being kind of people. I almost every religion is is based on some kind of a tenth commandment theory. Or. Alec if it but if if if one is allowed to end under our constitution how do you party you support one religion and not at all. Well because that. And commitment in the Bible and it's not up make up some polish person. Who enjoy it. Thought ma who wrote the Bible. Men. I mean and men actually wrote it and I'll I'll. Op all of the court and not on the men were inspired by god that men wrote the Bible. Well. Down. Any secret got it right. And we're. Yeah. Not an Al spam but it. No ally appreciate you calling our show if you got a comment numbers 260187. Enrico final four. 260 when he said he texting 77. Here's a text covering truckers entertainment news is perfect more people read entertainment news we'll deal that's an interesting way to look at it. From waif like shock here into the W well. Charts in Europe Girardi yeah I'm gonna. I'm glad you clarified about that are incarnation of the that doubled as initiative that stretch of animals that you may have lacked why. All all our armies yeah these are former mayor who traveled person under a lot of incarnations of the yeah. Yes so they're right I guess the big question is which one is most defenses. Well I'm a former arsenal former Khmer in the world is now out of jail utterly talking him. Nikita chopped liver. Chuck aren't I'm glad you called the show with the I guess that there are other forms of the devil or Satan Viktor go beyond just the go ahead vision of Satan but that's once Gary vision of state in my opinion. From Franklin tonight Kirk here understood show WL. Air travel well is all about the bevel statue in Munich amendment. My opinion they shouldn't even be put in the same category. Simply because. The United States of America is. Supposed to be one nation under god. Eat eat eat in blacker than at the Sydney and he put in the same category. But how did you or not I don't know. Stand at but you know god his sickness has. Has been known to represented a supreme being in in different religions to meet its ally its god. You know I guess arguably its Satan into the world of Satan worshipping. How under the constitution do you distinguish one religion from another. That there is there any proof says. Follow wherever else the Sox got you know created the universe solar. You know are there any other proof of anything. Well what's your proof of god. You are here today. Lois what you believe. Me it's your faith your faith beliefs in god your faith and believe that there's no scientific evidence. I mean nobody has gone to see god and come back until it was all about it. OK but boy what boy back in the day. Whenever the United States of America was founded. Warren nation under god do you think are one nation under ala. Do you think America is a Christian nation was founded on Christian principles. I like to believe I like to believe there are there there's there's a lot of loss people you know it should be you know. Should be every everybody everybody. Got the opportunity to have Serbia Christian you just some of law spread. You know. Kirk. 260 winning seven. Eric 0504260187. In tech's number is 87870. There are people who do believe that said this nation was founded on Christian principles my interpretation of history. And a lot of other people interpret history. On to mean that we were founded on freedom of religion. And it doesn't matter what the religion wise when this country was founded it was founded on the basis of freedom of religion therefore it would not be found it. Specifically on Christian values now again when I ask if you have proof of god that's a legitimate question because it really boils down to our faith and I I I can believe the same thing you bullies like OK we're here. I understand that. But how under the constitution do you distinguish from one religion to another. And this is exactly the kind of fun opportunities at his side group the satanic temple is is looking at. If a state allows the ten commandments then they're arguing that they have the constitutional right to put up a statue of Satan. Here's a pretty general opinion poll which you support a ban on the ten commandments on government property if it means a ban on the statue of Satan. 50% yes and 50% now. Give a shipping of like going to WW dot com. The blood that are rougher website or something we talked about earlier it's about the boy scouts of lifting the ban on gay scout leaders you can read it surely others. It's also been part of our conversation all of that is attempting WL dot com we get back to your calls stuff from Harvey Jeff you're on the Scotia. That don't pay the statute. But it there. Look at and also the certain equipment and he. Food and out the problem that Europe got itself with the. Yeah because how under the constitution do you save one religion I mean based on our constitution which isn't it incredible document. How do you say when religion is more important than another. You carry you. People probably would be able to you right that's all of the mirror for the right. Well you probably. Up believing that they take them that. You know their web that video if there. Used to inhale the Bible at all. What's your play good that that's the as a part of this conversation does anybody really think that 810 commandments monument is going to change anybody's mind. If it's not something that's reinforced at home and in the heart and it just doesn't seem to me howl. A ten commandments are a piece of concrete with a ten commandments is going to somehow. I'd straighten out the did the crime problem for example morality problems in America. Our war on absolutely. You we've been. That they demand that they will it be a concrete. No Orlando know and that equipment and and so what moment. You. Two very. There you know is that oh. If every if everybody followed the ten commandments we would not even need police. I. Jeff I there are scratching at the girls I guess I guess the elderly the existence of the police department is dependent upon people breaking the ten commandments. Up from New Orleans Ron you're on dispute show on W duo. There's good good. Are all golden dome tour web projector ma'am you what I archery. Gone on in the world call install which it is basically people com. Trying to roll in India constitution as iPhone. App for the betterment of Medicare adjustments pitted one. Didn't have the first and stuff like this Dayton. Community. Just. That being on this. With the game and urged him there could be with the game. There will as you can and dictate. Who the matter but does open in the build our. But the operative. You can't dictate who. Where you ought to matter burst with a dog with a. Are there so there'd since there are cases have fond of same sex couples who wanna get married other cases of fathers who wanna marry their daughters. But what I'm sure is gonna get it changed like this because. You don't think there's a difference you don't think there's a difference during the saw the marrying her daughter. Duo welcome. I'm. Robert and then I'd burst. But. It's sort of I'd do it shouldn't areas after the original. What is going to be one what did you because if you put big fish oil. What if I got so let's do that hunger and want them them. Our it will what is the benefit daughter the daughter order for daughter is of age and she wants to marry your dad. Double what she wants to. What. Well I I understand brawn but it's it's you know is not firm mr. from meeting I don't think a father should Mary Dorn again this is not something that comes up where is this in six couple issues does come out. And well it's just like. What this. Gesture would be terrible case you have the amendment bill they can't say and peca and it would be a constitutional. That we can't put that the ministry you know. So that basically. Along with the with them because they don't do because the tradition of marriage is on the UK between them more and more regional who want to get. No one is if it's lawyers it's. Not as long as it's consenting adults who cares. Right right you just told point out that you YouTube security. Put the tradition of marriage. Is is now because I mean. You know they didn't if you amid and the mayor and going to. You know I guess what. First cut and the like want to. A lot of off in Louisiana it's illegal to marry first cousins. It didn't so there. When you breakdown. You know. Honestly I don't know I don't think. You know Wilson Wilson you inherited if it happens we'll certainly be talking about it but I I don't see that is continuation of same sex marriage rights. Barack I appreciate Colin. And I appreciate called the show. Howard getting some news that there's some breaking news said this afternoon about the district attorney in Texas and counting Texas has released. A new video of Sandra plans jailing she's the African American who. Well she according to police she hung herself in her jail cell her family is senate debating that now so. I have seen some of that video card during a break here in monetary in the in the studio and it just shows her in the and I ended the police station on being put into that the jail cell. I'm I didn't see that much revealing about it but again that's a topic it is not gonna go away which U supports a ban on the ten commandments on government property if that means a ban on a statue of Satan that's a pretty jaguar opinion polls here's an update. 37%. Say yes they support the ban 63% say no they do not so how do you justify. One religious artifact. How on government property and not enough. When it comes to our constitution. If you've got to come in our numbers 260 points every text 87870. We're talking about this group a satanic temple and they are threatening to put up by a statue of Satan and they say that they have a legal right to do it on any state property. That displays the ten commandments. They were focusing on Oklahoma but the us Supreme Court Oklahoma has now said the ten commandments monument must be removed from state property so now's the satanic temple. Has moved on to. The Statehouse in Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas. The ten commandments monument is planned there so they wanna put up this statute that they unveiled in the Detroit area the other day. And eight to have foot statue of bronze statue of Satan. In fact earlier Saturday the Detroit news reports that 200 to 250 people attended a mass at saint Joseph's church in protest. Against the unveiling of the sick the statue while I don't agree with satanic worship. This is America and if we allow one freedom do we allow the other freedom and how do you not allow one freedom if you allow and the freedom. And really is it really that important for the ten commandments to be. Displayed on government property. Is it more important would loosing your heart in your mind what was in your house what you what you teach what you learn. Having the ten commandments on government seems to me like this is almost like worshipping a false god. It's almost putting. Just false importance in. A slab of concrete is this idea that this is gonna somehow project morality in America. I'm from New Orleans Carl you're on the Scopes show one to read of you out. I. Well we're talking about eight different religions and it occurred to me you know it at all. Or law. You know we're sort of like the blight titan it's an epic that he thought that you know only the tree eighty this eight. Battle that its overall. The law that put them put me out of one. Yeah I guess and in terms of religion and I'm certainly not an expert on religion but it it it's it is this a supreme being in religion your your beholden to some supreme. Creators some supreme being and that transcends different religions. Carl right political show man thanks for listening. And from Metairie Cynthia you're on WWL. You. Carter I'm glad I'm actually a Christian and out lie and could arm acting with people like chalk I'm not. We know why not thinking about it that number came out in escaping. Religious persecution. I don't that's always been my interpretation of the beginning of our country. Why. Not at. Its current issue. Travel and people are thinking about. Wanting. And other people I meet that. Where we came from and what we need to get on which we have to jet. People often when people need if you don't. You don't like you should the way you believes it'll be that way. Then don't back you want it. Shuttle. Back to. I think that it should be huge need an agent should be on any. Are. States that ever. Should it ever occur. And Cynthia if it if there is a band and I agree with you but if there is that band. That does not take our religion away from us it does not not on that does not diminish Christiane I. At all. Exactly and you'd live. If you say that you repeal it act we not looking into us now that's what we need to think out instead of try to 88 it in great burst out into other people IE police and other people and a right. It Cynthia. I appreciate you calling are you concerned about gay scout leaders that's the title of the blog that I wrote for a website as soon turning to debit WL dot com you can read German others if you've got a comment send me an email email address is scoot at WWL dot com and it is right there with the blog. We were talking about that their earlier in the show also laden we've been talking now about the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruling of the ten commandments monument must be removed from state property. And there's there's a group they satanic temple that is looking for opportunities to say. Okay he put the ten commandments up we're gonna put a statue of Cigna. How do you prevent that with our constitution. If you've got to come in our number is 260170. Or text number is 87870. Here's an update on a pretty general opinion poll would you support a ban on the ten commandments on government property if it means banning a statue of Satan. 37% say yes 63%. Say no and you can give us your opinion by going to WW overcome. From an Agile Steve welcome to this future. Hey congratulations leadership is sixty. First under god did not appear in the pledge of allegiance to them early sixties. Yeah elect in 19534. Yes and number two god does not appear in the constitution anyway the true. So you know. He's he you can wanna believe and every you want to believe in natural we're supposed to bully you know. And you know I know this is confusing for a lot of people it sounds harsh to say when you know we should know the ten commandments because that opens the door to put up a statue of saint. But under our constitution which is absolutely brilliant document yeah it does he does open that door. Yes absolutely and they. They gays can't let it I don't remember a mayor of bay truer. And I wish they would handle I probably would learn more. I mean the closest we came to that was learning how to tie things that are not. Feisty fight under the gulf oyster don't. From Florida Mike here under the WL. They are good. Got a question for you it's almost it would be the credentials put up by elected officials like this ordinary individual group but it. You know. I think there have been different cases but I I believe in Oklahoma the legislature recently passed a law. Of approving the ten commandments on state property and that's what led to this going to the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruling that it has to come off the state property. Right so bill that was like South Carolina and the putter lag where you know the legislature took about it today. Let's put itself where you think that belt so my argument is why don't have to go to that it's. Does he jumped to got a banner in the banner then why not just say he's Satan as well. If you believe and has run for office say that you wanna put out its statute. Say your take on the summit and if you get enough votes the electing an upbeat portable media and another elective officials who spoke with you. Been built for like always have to be well we have the band as it might and. Well it's not so much that it might mean I guess you could argue that it's about offending somebody but it's really about what it's what is constitutional and the majority vote never trumps the constitution. You know there. There could be a majority vote when it comes to gun rights or same sex marriage or in the past birth control or other matters. And at the the majority can rule for a ban on something or not to accept something. By this to the constitution still allow something to happen even if it opposes majority rule. In the constitution ot mention. God article seven has done convention seven amber you're all sorts. Oh and it didn't mention bought anywhere. Some award would mean god. Yeah I'd have to go back in my office to get the constitution not I have a better don't have an owner right now. I understand you know workable compromise an elected official they vote in the it's not and they think they represent the views of their area and the people who disagree with the we're gonna ought to abandon. Mike I appreciate the call and I think it's an interesting observation you get a comment on numbers 2601 point seven. And our text number is 870 so every from Baton Rouge Jimmie you're under the WL. Bank did you should there should be no money goes in east attitude. If you'd expect money involved being made come down that bill. Jimmy what if a private organization paced sport. Why did you put that on state property. We know. What else are okay. Or what you eat each. I. Crop is. You don't know. We. Arguments they designate state property regard that they want prospect I'm. You need to prop we are well. That would be just can't papal. Bought property in Beijing. One touchdown went in and day. Now what you know I island an of the history or not one rate in. The doors and so as a group rhetoric. Bought it. Right there in Ashe statue and I was in speaking I. But if they bought the debt that doesn't even knowing outside any bearing on the conversation we're having about the ten commandments on state property. And it dictum that detect a blemish in. You loan it out what you won't oh I didn't you come along almost pay property. It feels like doesn't it doesn't take anything away from you immediate doesn't rob you or. Should I agree. But Robert pat and I. Don't know about prop it. Jimmy I'm glad you called and thanks for listening I'm Googlers you with this here's an update on a pretty general opinion poll would you supports. A band on the ten commandments on government property if it means a ban on the statue of Satan. 36% say yes and 64%. Saying no I'm more fewer text are coming up from desk for hand Sean you're now on WW are good afternoon Sean. They later on good. You know well it's going to be a statute straighten. And but it can't say you know why there were picture and commandments. Village which it in auto the adversary. I have no problem yeah. And Arthur references to Satan in the Bible mean I think that's a really interesting point John. Our sorrow Amin. Ugly guys outpouring thank not purely hammering out. What the truth what the problem. So. Don't cover up the Koppel has been you're just confusing in their kids people coming up. And they can't get it confused at what. So I'm all you are well understood why it's such a big driver about Satan because everybody's now. You know he sure. True the Christians are. IRR. Yeah yeah yeah. DOJ is quite you know they've got its. At that basically trading. Well I can tell that you and Mike Garrett. Yeah I do not count her out portions of you know. You know I'd. You have freedom of religion. In. Don't problem is people don't believe in and Opel and on our. There'll probably they're going so we don't believe Clayton and we don't believe in god. Oh. Where you actually not. I don't. Yeah exactly I mean there's there's a really have to be an empty space there for the yesterday atheists. So. I don't know how it whatever they want a bit. Mohammed out all of them can be out there and. When you're gonna nobody's nobody's gonna become a singer. Which you think it oral. There aren't. You know I don't know maybe there's people that believe that shelling is why should but I don't. Sean is sounds like we we launch is sometimes that happens I appreciate the call. I don't know how you justify killing because again that's something that hurts somebody else a for the North Shore Mike here on WWL. Take until gum congratulations what you I think reconciling. On the left column I mean he pretty much so and a bigot that I didn't like. Theory about moms say being put up there. But against another very you know court so they do the outlooks. It to remind. Kelly and to be true to sell just like you know you know we look at it we don't carry a Bible everyday. And I'm Angela. We will leave children in the cola every week you know by accident so I think it's a reminder when you walk into that caught to tell the truth I certainly don't. When you swing this the statue of Satan it's that it's the go ahead it's the upper right goat I don't definite choice it's freaky. And I tell you if you have any religion and you I think we'll make you start bring in the guy. Well wouldn't you know look it's responded well I don't act can't pick up the word college at an early well early it's like I love hate thing you know like up around like to be that which I don't wanna seeing it. But then again and maybe you remind me and discourage people like Michael Mann you know I don't meet courted that you know him. Locally to do acts toward a Bible you know the president went out and hand on the Bible. When I mean there are a lot of play inconsistencies when it comes to it saying that there should be an absolute separation of church and state and and it's it's things like that it. You know it nothing is gonna be absolute and I do think that there are people who object to god during god we trust stored things like that who are. Hysterical about thinking that it all has to be so pure because they only use money and guys on money saw I clearly understand that argument Mike and let's call our show meant thanks for listening. And if you wanna join us for the comment our number is 2601878. And a text is 87870. Here's a text that read sun is capital punishment justifying killing. Well yeah I mean that is legalized. Killing which is why a lot of people are opposed to. I here's attacks diatribe seems to be quiet about religion. On trump the other days said. Something about how he has never ask god for forgiveness. He's just always tried to it to do is his best when he and he makes a mistake. Any city on Catholic you know I like the wine and I enjoyed a little cracker meant he was just being kind of tongue in cheek I don't think that went over well with a lot of different people. But he still leads in the polls are another child his damaged left to the car the father's been charged is that the right course of action we'll talk about that we come back on WL.