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Jul 28, 2015|

Saints football – with training camp just two days away what does your gut tell you about this year’s squad? Do you believe the Saints off-season moves, including the release of linebacker Junior Galette, give them an edge or a disadvantage this year? NFL.com says the Saints are one of the ‘hardest teams to read’ this year, how do you read them? PLUS: Before any camp starts give us your predictions for who wins each division and if you want to be bold the Super Bowl…which team will fall from grace and which will join the race? AND: Commissioner Goodell today upheld tom Brady’s 4 game suspension…citing new evidence that Brady willfully obstructed the investigation by destroying his phone around June 23 the day of his appeals hearing. Has your opinion of Tom Brady or Roger Goodell changed?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And whether they have the sports talk once again. Not a big chief tablets is in for the big chief along with Steve court. In for the cajun cannon Bobby bare as we said they email like of the Saints are traveling. A degree prior to get ready for training camp in fact I think the majority of the group is already arrived. And we saw him do equal arrive a little bit later as he doesn't fly. You know drive and you drove out yesterday at the scene and were buddies drove him out there and him got there and then three or four. Early somewhere up there. He likes to take the scene in Ottawa which you can see nine I don't know but he that that's what he says he takes the train we like to drive. It doesn't like to insights. The earlier today. Here's some of the things were talking relegated reset the table for averages joining us are pretty jaguar opinion bull is with training camp as we say just two days away. What is your gut tell you about this year Saints squad do you think their playoff team do thanks to all the moves that they've done will they be worse than last year same as last year having really no improvement. You can log on to WW dot com and cast your vote right now. 49%. Of your voting on line that you think they replace a team. 19% say they're going to be worsened last year 32% say about the same no improvement. I think they're better than seven in 1992 and hope. I used to that point tell you what to did the scary part about it was the last three or four games of the year I don't think David played. They could the political football to be a seven in nineteen. And humans they Lowell then last year we saw for the first time in many years under Sean Payton is it lost that mystique of playing at home in the dome and being unbeatable in the bill. And I think that shocked a lot of fans when that that howling down. And it was like well maybe just one game and then it happened again. And we can't look at the schedule saying hey we get this three game homestand. We're unbeatable at home we're gonna pick operate here we're gonna get back in the thick of things got a good guy and we're home field isn't bad I lost all area like while disadvantage because that's return in the last year yeah so. There were a lot of as many people point out some problems with this team whether they. Where in the locker room in the front office we don't know however. Junior go let obviously was released we've all heard about that coach Payton and made some comments about that today with the pro football talk Mike Florio you know he had you know what I'm. I I've got stereo on actually it's not a fear as tickets. It's certainly my perspective on it look you've been in the locker yeah. As an aid to the front office has zero view it as anything do with ownership. And really for the most part in only has a little bit to do with the with the with the coaches you know it's players. Players when games and players lose games you know and every now and then. You know. Your coach is gonna make some plays. Were some calls during that game I'm Pete Carroll that aren't going to. Either help you win or help you lose a handful Mets right. And and other than that. That game's one on the field you know in any in the trench and and that's the way it is and I see. The fact that they've done what they have done in this off season you know through the draft and also through free agency. They've helped themselves dramatically on the offensive line and it's not sexy picks it's not great stuff and flash. But it's stuff that is gonna power this team and it's the motor of the of the entire team so. If they can sort of get that going on I think that there could be a going to be a better team they were master could last I don't think it's a very difficult. So we lose a Jimmy Graham in the offseason it was Kenny stills who were two of the the bigger targets and I don't mean size with Jimmy Graham. I'm talking about number catches last year. Then obviously would have been with junior to let this last week and and now Brodrick Bunkley been released because he couldn't meet at citizens and as a physical due to his injury. Jerry spurt someone text it wrong with him now we. We don't know for a fact we think he still may be recovering from that injury from last year is it's one of those it takes a long time and I seem to remember them last year saying. They weren't sure it was going to be ready for training camp this year because I thought it was a Achilles yeah resolve and it takes almost a year. A little long at that appeal her. Close to your urgency deal. Soul. With those moves. With some of those changes. What is your guts say the NFL nfl.com. Has listened the Saints as one of the quote hardest teams to read this coming season. Because of some of those offseason news because of some of the things they did in free agency. And now with. Paying junior go let the contract and then releasing him. You know it did their start to question what are they gonna do are they still going to be. That aerial attack. Have they taken a page out of say the Patriots book whether it briefly the footballs but. You've got. Good quarterback you've got a one of the elite quarterbacks. Doesn't matter who's catching the ball as long as that he league quarterback gets the ball to them we saw the Patriots do that for many years. Or are they trying to do what Denver did. Towards the end of John always career which was go more ground game analog your quarterback to have more time. And that's why the experts alike where we can see where they're building both. Of those things here or New Orleans. We're just not sure which road. It's great it's gonna go to my. I don't think he has to go down any of the Rose I think he goes down all roads now you know I do every once bright both of you and I and I think he's done a good job of that pitcher my my point is I think anytime that you upgrade. Yourself and offensive line and which was. Terribly needed for the past couple years and I think it's it's gonna help a lot I think the fact that you've acquired Max Unger is going to be great and then. Like that was mentioned yesterday that. Andrus peat to me is is a solid player that as a young obviously young guy Ricky come in the and that's. I would throw into the wolves you know I really would if if he's what he. Is drafted to be and kind of guy that that is projected to be. I say look he's obviously intelligent enough to two to absorb this the mental part of this and then to transform it into into a performance on the field but look. He hasn't seen speed like this before and he hasn't seemed strength like this and he's gonna realize that all these guys complain and start dykes run up a couple of guys every year. In place other guy gotta get your game on you know or you liked and well. Everybody complains steal so. It's going to be that I think he's gonna have to be a student of the game as if that would really be a student of the game and I think he's got to get a little bit stronger his upper body bit by and large it's a look. There's a guy we drafted decision that left tackle spot for the next ten years I've put him as quickly as you possibly cannot protect him from time to time you know I'd I'd make sure that. If there's a guy that was problems out there you know I'd victory gets him you know helpless tied in the chip in on him 19. But really I think that I would throw him in there and I would move to Rogge stood over the right side and he and street could be my swing guy at this point. Look at that Mike did to the generous here remember from the draft we're talking about this he rates tonight and then and I really trust the way might concede he thoroughly goes through all these players to his rating. And I believe he had he rated just. The Lowell. Collins flail Collins I believe I think he had him like fourth there burgers somewhere in that same list of overall. Picks in that position our our offensive linemen so. Do you think that and this is just a hypothetical if you were the guys pick him. If flail Collins was in there with the have taken him instead of Andris Pete or did they see something in this guy that they liked. I think they sort of film over him quick and again I think I've talked to 34. Offensive line coaches in the National Football League. And all for those guys told me they loved and speed that they all thought that they he was the best offensive linemen in this year's draft card so. It on the kind of went on to sort of sing the praises of the guy and that was kind of the same a lot of same things that I had seen in sort of looked at and Sid and I can certainly see why it. You know he is projected as high as he has so. I look I would put him in there as quickly as possible and give him indoctrinated. You know thrown to wolves whatever what are you calling but I would give him in there and get a number reps on him so he can understand this game. And then I would I would turn him over clearly would. As someone else to exodus at yeah obviously we did like Dallas did taking Zack Martin over Johnny men's Els who a lot of fans are screaming when the hometown hero at stake the state here and we see what's happen happen in Cleveland so well. Serena Jones came through on that he told dad don't dare do it. You know because and it wasn't the sexy pick and Aramis and lives Eric Barton in here are the guy ears and he had remains a written on the paper and and told him now. I'm Betty Stanley has done every day now everything is too. Steve court I've done it s.'s. Everton Robert hang on we'll get to your comments as well. Other all things going on a course Brady suspension being upheld Lotta people still wanna talk about that. And has your opinion of Tom Brady. Changed in all of this or Roger Goodell as well will take a break and be right back sports talk on WWL. And welcome back let's go to Robert did buck down here Robert thanks for holding your on the BW it. I. I'm. In New England Patriots that it changes. They're admitted being caught with this of the ambulance at. Least. We know. And I'm curious. What made you know how to change the ball. Many around the ball was changed every play. The England's ball. Well they they get to use their each team I think has eight balls or something like that that he can be 121212. Leo on their their offense so it's Bears. That they use that they'll change at each play but it's those same twelve that they rotation now. I didn't know do so well in that Watson and you know what happened but it changes and it's obvious that that is the street is so well you look out. Tell you this though I'd I think you know obviously Brady's you know Brees guilty of this and I'm not saying I hate that everybody is making that huge deal of it that I you know obviously. He is cheating and he did she win it but I think the thing that really got in the four games this at a probably just a one game suspension. Is when he is being lied to everybody about it and then he trashed the phone. A lot more about it sort once Goodell saw that he was like pound man now you sort of put me at bats. You know again I got a feel old now so I have to. Something critical as well you'd think coached you know Obama. He's. He said he knows nothing about it oh. It's he is a defensive guy yeah. And I'm not sure how much he really is involved offensively you what's Conan and I didn't know what's going out there and on the down and distance and what they're facing good. I really don't to I don't know how much he's involved offensively. And I know where you get that Robert and thank you for the Kolb and we've had people say this because Sean Payton got suspended because the whole. You know ignorance is no excuse he said you know anything about it. Either right however it is they claim that it that they did it tell him. That something was going on and make you movement which is like they were both suspended. So that they maybe they didn't investigate enough that's what. That's what the story from king Roger is. That they were told about it and apparently did nothing about it or if they did it and do it now. I don't know if Bill Belichick they were they were warned. That. Possibly to check them the football earlier this year that there may have been be something going on with them. Whether he said till the equipment guy and the equipment guys that yeah everything's fine goes wrong Horry talked the I don't know. I have no idea or did just told office well and we don't know who can best. Believe that those balls are got beaten her high screwed me out and every game that everybody plays that you're gonna have other teams have to whine about it. In now and the rest going to be looking man dominant I'm sure there's going to be timeouts that are taken detect the pressures on the foot bomb is going to be it's it's it's a mask. If it is then video that's the rule or do they changed the rule as some people have suggested we've gotten some Texans will be called saint hate. Let the quarterback if if he wanted if Tom Brady wanted at twelve point five or eleven let him have at that Drew Brees once that it thirteen let him have it there Aaron Rodgers wants a full let them do it the way they want it doesn't matter. They still got another skill players to catch the ball so I still I have. That's why they have a range of right. You know pounds of air in those footballs and you know was it their you know thirteen point. Four to twelve point one owners like something like that. And boy that's it's still not that is the pound and a. Things that are renown again and apparently taken tell guys are solid drew was on they was Conan O'Brien or one of those and with a different footballs and hand he could tell I don't know if it was a setup or not how much was and each one he was correct any tried to throw him and the one he was able to throw the farthest in most accurate. Was a fully deflated put up with so there. There ego and what that means I don't know but it was a funny bit on TV. Well at that and I the thing is you know. You can look look at the statistics but that does not mean. In equip the belief that that that's the evidence that you needed. You know. Right I mean I can prove that that put balls deflated they gave him an advantage Keisel back anecdotally. Keeps going back to and I know people are saying new what's the holy Italy the whole season and and that first season that that first run that they had you forget. The first part of that was. Drew Bledsoe. So again Drew Bledsoe won a ton of those games end and Tom Brady came in and it clean up and took them through the playoffs. Did Tom birdied change things and I don't know but still it comes down to them winning those first three Super Bowls with a field goal. So. The kicking ball would have been the one that would have been more important and in that instance I would think because you're kick in the field goal to win. They kept the games close did he give them an advantage. I don't know maybe maybe to get down there to kick the winning field goal again the other defense is still got to stop. And and I and again. I'm not making excuses for Tom Brady or the Patriots I'm not a fan of Tom Brady of the Patriots I think Tom Brady's a good quarterback right I think he's gonna go down in history as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game just like Peyton Manning right just like Joseph Montana and but again. How much of that really contributed. To that team being as good as they've been the last. Decade that's my whole point yeah these and trying to get to and that's not that they get the deal but yet is it yeah he looked he cheated. The minutes of the game and and you can't. Manipulate the equipment and a window and everyone who you are college and everyone who's calling and texting and saying. You know they should take away their Super Bowl and they cheated that Bob up up. There are also fans that say the same thing about the New Orleans Saints because that was the year they ran the bounty program that they should win the Super Bowl now so if you're gonna take it away from their own 31 other teams at the same thing yet he gonna take it away from them and you gotta take it away from the Saints so don't even go down that slippery slope. Where it with your text. I his take Jonas such Patriot haters I just said I didn't think the Patriots added this. ML is now changed the rules would say they did not have clear rules and first place stop skating Brady's better than Brees he's the best ever okay. Thank you. Denied just say my tirade that I thought he was gonna go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history believe you can bet that I believe I did in. I don't think dimension Drew Brees and in that. Did I. I said Manning. Brady Montana. And that was it. So again I don't know how I'm I'm I'm Eaton. On. Tom Brady. So there you go on the I would hate on Tom Brady is a he's married to supermodel I would be about it. There you ago. If he's got way more money that I do. Are right Wilson handed over to our newsroom. And led Jim hands of it was our news update and then right back for more your calls and text. Hero WW. And welcome back along with Steve court I'm Todd Manassas in for a Deke Bellavia and the cajun cannon Bobby there are pretty jaguar opinion poll training camp just two days away what is your gut tell you about this year's Saints squad we all know what they did last year going seven and nine. This season do you think their playoff team. Will they be worse than line this year or they still the same things we saw last year you don't see much improvement in what they did in the offseason. As always a's unscientific. Poll would WW world com where you can cast your vote. We have a team of scientist. Right now putting year. Of thoughts together and as you vote there telling it telling us. 49% of you say their playoff team do the improvements that they made. It's 34% we say they're going to be the same as last year you don't see much improvement 17%. You really negative. Think the Saints will be worse off this year than they were last year 179. Ryan. I don't know I think one of the reasons that I'm I'm kind of optimistic that they're going to be better this year is you have to look at. Some of the changes are reason that they made a news you've spoken about that on the offensive line but then you also have to look around. At via division. And were playing in the NFC south which last year. Was not the greatest. Division. You're gonna see. Will it me incredible improvement this year for the other teams will Carolina suddenly. Well camp you know camp Cam Newton suddenly become the quarterback everyone thought he was going to be. This season this would be the season for him to prove it. Will James Winston suddenly propel Tampa Bay Area be got a rookie. Quarterback and the in coaching situation there you know Lovie Smith still salute new guy there. Rookie quarterbacks don't. And greater protection. And then you guys that Atlanta with a brand new head coach. Who's very defensive minded the former with Seattle's defense he's done a lot of things on the defensively over there. Will they get over the hump predate the biggest threat or is it still the Panthers or do you still do you think. Tampa Bay so. Every just about every team in the NFC south right now. Is kind of hard to read as to what they're going to be this coming year and as we've known. For most of the the NFC south existence with the exception of last year Carolina becoming the first repeat champions in the NFC self. Things have always sort of changed around each year so. I'm looking at statistics. I would say. You gonna think the Saints are gonna do a little better be more optimistic. In the NC self and possibly winning it this year. Yeah you know like I guess a look at if I look at just really kind of the division is is a sort of a separate. They were terrible last year I mean it really was not a good division whatsoever. You know and I think it. You know to do they all have the skills are doing yeah immediately and it it to me was to such a shock last year that they really just mail me and they were awful yeah. And and obviously we know Tampa Bay was all about in the Carolina was kind of there and you couldn't. You couldn't figure them out from game to game you know you know whose children and game to game just like the thing just like the Saints and it was just disappointing watching. You know a team that you thought. You know. I kept here and on paper than the best thing kept on saying that teams don't plan on paper it's it's. You know they cut us to go out there and and and deliver each and every Sunday and all that he had a good job of it so. Where there's some distractions you know I think there were I think there was some of those distractions I think they got rid of you know I think that would that's a big part of anything as. A lot of times you have to. You know they kept talking about Japanese. Players only meetings from time to time last year. Well that's a sign that things have gone awry when you have to have a players only meeting and they were trying to hash out and find out who. Was really going to be the leader of the team and they. Never coming could come to grips of that you know and that is that again and at least be with. Sort of a bad taste in my mouth thinking that this is really going to be one of those things where they need to get that squared away pretty quickly. How much is leadership in the locker room. Account veteran leadership we heard a lot about that last year. Some of these these the younger guys I mean when when you were when you were there who has who is a veteran when you first came in and you Sig Ken stabler was the quarterback. Who's the veteran guy on the line when you got. Gosh I guess maybe Dave looked far you or. You're really on the offensive line like understandably. Be in their stamp rocket prior just a couple of years. And and he was much more vociferous and and everybody else release and that thing and he sort of begin to sort of had been the leader of that old deal. And then obvious your quarterback has to be. They have to be part of that. That leadership thing just by the fact that there that position they have to be leader. Defensively there was a number of them you know Dennis Winston was was it was a good leader for us. There was some defensive lineman Bruce Clark was a good leader for us Jim Wilkes. And a number of guys that were that was sort of taken on that role. But then as time went on it they're got to be I guess a couple of leaders it was kind of media and Brock on the offensive line that was sort of the guys were sort of taken over in that. Leadership department and really hit the leadership part was more of a thing of making sure he really was I think we had to go out there and you know and show anybody bride it was it was by example yeah it was by how you practice now you failed yourself as a pro in the things that you did it was the right things to do and get yourself ready and be a student of the game. Liu you're living your mental layers you are the guy given the Rudy speech in the lockout there was none were talk now there was none of that and then obviously there's things went on. You know. You know Ricky was always a pretty good leader but Ricky was wasn't a very. A guy that didn't talk a lot really. It became Sam mills everybody respected him so much because he was such a student of the game and really knew was going on in and really commands that defense. But offensively it had to be Bobby. He had to be yeah I mean that's part like I said before that has to be. By and partner you know sort parcel of what the quarterback has on his play has to do so. Offensive line wise we were good I was there Brock was there and I think we've sort of held that thing together where that and look I think anytime that you brand young guys coming in their look in. As to what it's like to be a professional and those are the guys that are kind of watching you got drunks say anything to right now and then maybe some occurred words of encouragement you know kind of smacked a man or something but. It was really nothing that you had to say that but she knew there watching it. And you would see them sorted begin to emulate some of the things you did by getting there early. By making sure that you knew what you were supposed to be doing mentally by making sure that. You know you were ready to practice date taking care your body doing the stuff you're supposed to do you know he'd write whatever was Sosa. Like the Big Brother program in their bones about it and say here's your mentor the court I imagine our guys have your terrific and you know guys you know Noah knows that stuff. I I'm just make it sheer. But it I'm I'm guessing. Things have changed timed it changes I'm sure all this technology. Has changed how locker room is nowadays with as the Twitter and you know the FaceBook and all that other stuff that. Players can can utilize and we saw junior led. Or someone abuse I abuse that review it and we have seen other players get in trouble for that to in the NFL also. He Steve court I'm tough Manassas David applause I delegate to your comment. When we come back and all of you who are also still texting about. Yes it's more that this Saints team the bounty is not as much cheating is. Indeed leading the football and will get a doll that as well will be right back. Sports talk WL. And welcome back to sports talk along with Steve court I'm Todd and SS and so the Tex coming at an 87870. You're talking about. Build Bill Belichick Tom Brady the whole thing that Roger Goodell if you didn't hear he has upheld. Tom Brady's four game suspension. Signing new evidence that Brady willfully obstructed the investigation by destroying his phone. And you know right around the time that the investigators were looking at it or asking him for it he mysterious. Let alone. As is gets destroy all the evidence that destroyer so they couldn't get the text and so forth and so on that's what cost him right there. That's probably why because you slightly Q what do got a game. He may have gotten reduced to a game if you cooperate he would get lied to those investigators if I'm dead day one. And then said OK and here's my phone sort through them but he didn't and when they found that about incident and you destroy the phone. And. Some techs are coming in this later in the further in the Patriots first three Super Bowls that was of the whole spy gate thing so they cheated them the Rams and Panthers overly came out that if felt like they knew what they were going to do. The Panthers former GM is still complaining about it to this day. Someone else said deflated balls are easy to grip before last season Blount was a journeyman running back. In exceptional number of carries without fumbling last season actually I think Vinny start out with a he's Steelers last year. The Steelers released him and then the majors picked him up midway through this through the season. And this is the cheating didn't only help Brady helped other people as well. Let's see here when the Patriots won the first three that was spike gave the second time was all about brie cheating. After he was would be the fourth I guess was it about here after all he was a sixth round pick if you're not cheating you're not trying hard enough. Someone texts and takes a back like NASCAR again and that's what I was saying NASCAR. As they always try to skirted the edge in NASCAR's wells go to David applause they Dave thanks for call it you're on the VW. Are they here. I think that it's going to be much improved their share street thing. I know or macho a ladder like he got Shaq a lot of when they it was and Donald and you know their. When we need to keep plays he'd be important there are much I don't think it's so it all but and in the Georgia which are. But. It was a bush wouldn't push. And then it nose tackle figure it pressure on anybody's quarterback. And we obliterated on French. What got you in a while many days where drew bring forward step back preparing it right up the middle age. And you know he's not to go up there with but I. You could hang around in my aunt you can hang around my L live your resume what do you usually. I didn't understand everything Steve's Mattel avail it's all Clancy is the guy you go it. But. There's a work wonders every would you stay out there. And I don't. Or so wouldn't do with Vick at quarterback in all they. So much I would report back already receive on the open and so actually ship or be locked in a I. He was motivated at bat and and that was obviously turned to acting it's important to. And it. So there. Were not sure it would that contract in April. And you know I think. He slack off but a bit too much from him this year my comment. I'm Dave very well says that you think they're going to be much better and more improved this year are. Think they're still Seattle going to be there this year as well. Right Dave thanks for call and thanks man. John Payton is that we have not had to non winning seasons back to back ambition on Peyton. I NC coach I I expect him to veto. I expect. Last year you heading and everybody does it look I'm not saying they're gonna be thirteen three years and them like that that. And 11510s there before she's too right that's accurate saying earlier. The team. That would be great that big John Olerud is only kind of be a realist here. To present your realistic and Oca. Ten and six month on. Tendency to maybe not always the ones I drink in this series. And that would cause he's in there about fifteen and war and I've never city going to be fifty to one under center going to be go Cowboys. Now it's like I have said many times I hate the Cowboys. That is a fact of life. We'll be right baguette sports talk hero David Avila. And welcome back to sports stalked up and s's and for the big chief Deke Bellavia along with us Steve court it was in four were the cajun cannon Bobby ate there. And get a text here it's as haven't heard any news today that junior go let's sign with any one like he said he was yesterday and release and the papers today is that by Tuesday. Announced that it and now there's been no announcement. Of any secret signing Jim collects. That Calgary stampede years at least that's not an NFL team put it that way I look around him on the big Calgary aside the more years. The value that has had them as you I don't want to rally that. Maybe they have signed him but they are gonna that's I don't know evident there anybody. Sign him yet. Hamilton tiger's name and I offense tiger cats here tiger cats that are Campillo Leo SE FL teams. Because. Because when I get in a pinch. There's no football I do what's the CF help Kuznetsov Cutler is a hole out there allied Chiefs are strong it is it is so I'm glad that training camp is just two days away and we're gonna get back. It does some football talk but yet note junior has not sound with a anyone. Someone else takes you know big junior will announce signing with a of the team today because if you do will be basically admitting. That the Twitter account was he is. And that I got. I think we know it is anyway I mean critics that you can call. Lines you all last night. And like to do that. Yeah guys driving to training camp he calls them. He he called I mean in in his tirade rants that only that he. Call out to Saints players the coach Jimmy you called the media. Certain members of the media images it was nuts man. Like why now too much accurate stuff in there where not to be him in and suddenly I think. We'll win. He realized when they haze of the anger got over him and he replies. What I'd done. He still leads the Twitter account and DiLeo would me let me. I don't think the whole wouldn't be. Routine happens this is that he was. We were some important on his. Girlfriend's account I don't know that the and it claims it would that's not her account -- strides towards things words some but he made some animated and somebody did all this just to make him look really bad nobody's buying it for the Saints releasing him. And not not really adding to why he was released but just making it look. Real bad. Our right to coming up next Charles or Lofa let's look at brown Leo whole NFL. Since we're gonna get training camp starting this week. I want to get your prediction. For who wins east division. And if you wanna be so bold. Who do you think is it now the Super Bowl are gonna win it this year. Are right which team's gonna fall from grace. From last year and which teams gonna join the race into the playoffs this year because every year you have one falloff. And one come in that nobody expected. Who do you think is going to be those prizes. It out the parity continues as the parity continues to. And it is a parody it's kind of funny sometimes we'll be right back on WW well.