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Jul 29, 2015|

Bobby, Hokie & Deke recap Loomis & Payton's press conferences and talk about Tom Brady's suspension.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our resident pros and Mayweather is okay guys on and embody a bit he teamed up well. Black and gold uniforms in the eighties they here with it and felt the team bring you the best of Saints training camp conference. Spoke about being here with you I'm beat Colombia come with a Leon and Gaby were talking about Saints training camp and Kermit you've heard Saints executive vice president and general manager Mickey Lowe was the speak to the media. It will a Saints coach Sean Payton what happened today is it coach Payton and Loomis both talking about making them with fielding a lot of questions about the thinking that it is all season. Particularly that about does Q you collect and now a lot of team decided to get rid of all released do you collect their basically with some of the things that make you city came down to being eight. Decision that he talked about. Being. A lot of confidence into Sean Payton and his staff he says he's very excited about what the staff has done in the past and what they're going to do that he's excited. About the season and particularly Mickey's stated verbatim as. I think we've got the best coaching staff out there when it comes to apparently team. Overseas right now we have hopes and dreams for these teams are talked about all the coming your berth in the past and now expect to overcome adversity this season you talk about the do additions on the roster Bobby asked him about. I haven't cares spurt to start the all off the fist ought to take it a game for the second season in a row. Mickey Loomis basically saying we don't view eighty of the gas on that list PUP physically unable to put Paul. To be long term we know guys like Byrd scares spurt and Colston baucus calls that a veteran players. We don't have a high concern when it comes to those guys vertical in. Being ready to play. Thanks coach Sean Payton talked to the media obviously talked about the nuclear he's sick it became a decision about what what's best for the team it's topical if you want to see players do good. We wanted to do what with in the best interest. Oh the team Cote also talked about the first handful of games of the season. First four weeks of the season that three play L team's first five games of the season there are teams that they have that were playoff caliber when you throw in a Philadelphia team that was lieutenant sixteenth. It did Beckett didn't play well early part of our schedule is challenging and we're going to have to be ready. There are three playoff team distort the schedule in the first four weeks the only one that not being there is being Tampa Bay. Coach Payton talked about how he of the staff and everybody would really pulling for Brodrick Bunkley. The get better it be great for the season he's someone that is well respected it was a tough decision. Coach Payton also talked about some of the things that hindered his ballclub from being a good team a year ago. Coach pace that I thought last year there were a lot of things that we did not do well. Draw off flat. Paterno was in many of the things we did bet though that things that you just can't do you're not going to win a lot of games. Playing like that and gain or beat the wind to be a successful team and a coach Payton also talked about. In the fall although I think a lot of us including myself we faced a thousand moves have made an offseason hoping maybe. Like sent a message coach Peyton said look this without about anything done with all season what about it and miss it. If the move was made it would be because we think it's going to help us to take the Saints. We at right now I think that that's the gist of what Peyton and there was had to save worked out. Hokey. Now is up and say isn't it time before promotes good that he's in the bone on first ranked. Yeah but you know kind of going back. Talk about remarks that Sean Payton made the let me put it this way. A byproduct of what he did it makes making this team better does send a message to play here spending. Let's that's not care sales in but didn't get that mammy I go back to the fact that. I don't really recall anybody coming to the the 88 you will look union collect beacon on his bat that boys are really going to be a tough thing to overcome. He's a leader on our team and team captain and other I don't recall any of that kind of stuff so apparently. You know again all I'm Dillon read between the lines here which I hate doing that because. Dion was there to witness to anything that happened McKee you know you hear about you know locker room brawl that he may or may not head. You know production on the field was all part rundown was meal that I as a pass rusher here again he did. Record twelve sacks in the united Bobby was just in meal you really got to look at it from standpoint of kind of lead the overall picture of. Continue to let the last two years which will once he's into in the next twenty sacks at this vault his article yeah eight. Because it was in when you ask me to question tell me. Some guys in the league. That in two seasons they amassed twenty or more sacks there's an average or assi JJ watt. And then after that I got to start thinking you know you know would've been great hardy Williams to get your cardigan played last year he would be surmised quite hit it yeah you beat Houston in the chili's yeah. It's almost like a handful yet at any NN as you think about Ito lets. Mean that that really it when you talk about the entirely that only five or six guys. We're able to amass twenty or more sacks or whatever that I love his Dalia yeah that's right so. But he way. On painters for the betterment of the team in need in really at this much I can attest to pitch a sour locker room it's not going to be a very good team no. Let's go to the phone lines patiently wait let's go to QB on line to keeping thank you for calling WW. Call it you know you're given spare article by quite well it. Just completely. Bought. It is a good deal. And and this and some mentions that you like like I said green line. Doesn't think too much and the guy with the hole. Ignore after seeing it just one bowl and drag them through the third for the next however many years have really. And out here we have over some allegedly. Waited all. We have arguably the quarterback in the history of the game only person you are better. There Montana. Is is. Program. And hell yeah this guy is totally guiding. Brady bill and and I can't understand you and being in all I'd like pollen and everywhere where your game. It's not it's hey why not call him because the Saints fans they don't care about that they want about the Saints. What do whatever others say and and that the they hold the Patriots fall tour. That they don't like that the Patriots has been the team of the decade art the past ten years they can't be you mean no lawyer. ZE you know the legal aspect of things but the whole thing is when you look at guilty guilty by association or hearsay. It doesn't go along way that I if you look at it. To meet their latest. I think that as enlightened I guess the public art fans. That you got to see. Now guilty about those usually but it's drawing the home. And doing what he did that being Tom Brady. Don't look like that it in the like a man that's the link to hide. It's kind of like going back to Richard Nixon Bill Clinton Alex Rodriguez. And that is not so much. That would keep it would deflated footballs but it's almost like you wouldn't commit to the forefront and being straight out wit us it's to cover right red. And I need. That's where are commendable yet there I had yeah right situation rappers here. And out god in the outcome and have the year and who would say in oh yeah there were deflated ball he tell me. About. Look at what you know what what truth do you we. Located what discount what is gone down to your law your found a whole situation is that unique in league he's got everything you need them because got everything they need a quality everything Brady. If the leak of fouling everything Tom Brady stated about deflate gate. To the other people's cell phone all that's talked it would have a Tom Brady takes it to him. They could pull off an F oh there's no doubt about it if they've got their fault what they can't hear from Tom Brady's won't. Is the oldest thought that don't Tom Brady's call and that's what Tom Brady destroyed his home. He would destroy his home because the spike gates though he old everybody else see what else is only useful if I had to speculate if you don't it only because he was only as well. Wrote right when you look at the number of picks and I'm like saying. Is it time it takes that much that it mighty Texans for him. But did I get when you look at it truly. Okay what you felt be objective. Put yourself and Roger Goodell situation. And if I love or hate Roger Goodell respect that more disrespectful. He's been welcome as stated above and beyond board he they can oval forty million dollars bonuses whatever you wanna call it. To protect the NFL. And to protect owners. Write the date there's a lot of there's a lot of hours a statement. You gotta do you got to try and take the heat so if they don't vote is don't happen opinion list they don't know Dave Dave Lloyd Hagerty epic game. And the other guy that we paint you developed. To handle the heat you know KAK Hanley get out the kitchen got a thing. Okay when you look at it to be with me now. I you've got to be kidding you the company's yields or wherever but that that doesn't happen that I can't eat that much money taxable income. That you could say Opel forty million dollars a year. Those are big NFL as well a lot of owners with a bit of that the league is trying to survive. But other owners who are involved. That they'd they'd paid Roger Goodell. To keep the NFL and and and that take the heat. Now Robert Kraft with one of his. I mean allies. And now away Nichols that he think he got bamboozled. About that maybe that. That this pitch it would have been reduced. Now that's a different story. But Roger Goodell. Aware of these user Tom Brady are not. The kind of get the integrity of the team back are his leadership but I can tell you one thing. The players. Union. In how the big part relying upon them going back and antitrust lawsuit. While knows the players union and where they're at right now. And and you look at Roger Goodell and what he's still at an NFL. You'd have to question. And the Ryan Clark for the last thing. Ellison with no ambulance via great innovator he's hit quality NFL PA is the NFL PA screwed up because a lot of players tonight playing a decade. And I playing beyond three or four years they don't care Roger Goodell is like. What the judge the jury. And have a future and yet has all the part word about that. Could they not gonna have to view it well at the players union screwed up in a wider challenge that Tom Brady. In any player that challenges of rods detail they gave that authority of the collective bargaining. They collective bargaining agreement that I fly gonna come back to bite them now layers in the behind it without Q. They had to chip it in there at Q it's okay you'll Ortiz who exhibit because they are all about the coaching the weather is 2019. At 20018. Right Gaby that it'd be. That being going follower. Is that it the next commissioner Roger whoever it is does he have that authority. And it's popular players that I get that authority because just the judicial system right to judge that they look at and know it was collectively bargain. Those came when you player right Clinton and don't make it and you don't want to put a player who you are so I'm just stay right Dan Beckham to bite the players and behind. He is the case it can anybody gave bath OK guys out of the ability or some inclement weather taking place back in the Big Easy let's go to WWO television chief meteorologist Carl Eric done there. And welcome back resident pros look at guys on him by the ABA he within 2601878. He was supposed to keep six in the 87870. Well a lot going on in the world. Of sports and tonight he is. That DP that's right it is wing. Yet that he is we used it yet Nedney tonight coming up at 8 o'clock debut of double coverage sports fan poll Christie Garrett that he by a bear. Football is here regularly sent coach Tom paid executive vice president and general manager Mickey Loomis on the program plus. Safety cares bird with a balk calls that all the PUP list tackle Brodrick Bunkley is release what does that mean for the team and what's veteran has to step up. And have a bounce back yeah. Then of course they'll talk about the big story in sports south the big story to Tom Brady. As a Patriots owner Robert Kraft talked about the NFL's Miami Caprio and Tom Brady he can hit the paint it's that he did nothing wrong it to commute to give it right are all. And have you ever been caught in extreme situation. Keep out skeptics incredible rescue story that he with the Puerto that's coming up. And you wanna hear all dictate the you don't everything's happening social media sports and so much more tonight at 8 o'clock your opinions that we wanna hear them. It's christianity about eight to midnight we got here on WW. Radio studio phones we go let's go to Thibodeau for TO thank you call. Like today. And leave the land shark actually invading Massachusetts. Slightly. And they're going to go up and get get Brady at his command at that war. You know this is not number one number two this is number three on the Patriots. And Brady did in fact throw would've been elements. Either for or against him but he's dead in the court of public opinion. The question becomes why in the world did they feel it had to do any of that. In a playoff game slotted paper. Did they also. You don't get blocked it tell you why they want and what they felt like they had to do it it was something that they've been doing. Yet though though they really Taylor quarterback things like Indy. Player if you agree shooter he's thrown the ball and handling the quality you want to happen Q were you so confident. Not like you'd look at ABA players idiotic for the code can echo Ilya and they wanna use football are used that's fortunately because they want to shoot a high percentage in the fans like the a player. What the point caller shooting guard him and the balls in play this when you read a few players shoot. 4550%. Vs 25%. Because it texture of the ball the US colleges or all all the balls at the same. My thinking. Is that Disney World time. And that Tom Brady from a confidence standpoint and throughout the week can you can use the thrown at certain type of ball. But that's what you want now to Tom Brady's credit. You learn to adjust to look at the second half of the colts' scheme it's doable you know those balls. Who were totally legal and he played at the highest level but I think through mental standpoint. In appease you are mines like okay this column and the balls and you go from there with that thing come about. That if sombre bridges said. Yes. Like in and on like the footballs. Deflated but within the regulation. In my attic that's has been taking aim at five it'd been kind of a slap on the wrist right vs if you look at why and it felt coming down so hard on this. Is that if you look at the NFL that they have rules in place the reason obviously. Still the fans. That the fans who follow the NFL. And they've made it defense that helped make it over nine billion a year in the payment. That they can trust the fans being that with their watch and make it true that the product is legit. That with the game started off and now it's done nothing makes no one has the competitive edge. The Dallas W camp with footballs. That all of us and you know so people would just casually watch it nickel well the Patriots and cheating. In the coast about. That if you look at Beattie Brady tampering with the footballs or his involvement. What does it do hokey like camp and the integrity of the game. So you could feel like where the look at it domestic violence. Our child abuse that is the message the integrity game with a look at society. And that's something we definitely pronto pullen going forward and we have to address. With the NFL with his gambling at doing this and that's it with integrity of the game you cannot do that if the product is gonna continue to grow. In the billions of dollars to make it that you get amongst the fans. Now Timmy had Tom Brady passed out right away. He liked us and he likely would have got off what a slap on the wrist. Now if you truly objective. And look at it Tom Brady's stance. That you at this even though he's a four times through bullets champion two time NFL and active NFL. Was I have a player. That is he a liar. Are you telling white lie. Telling. Have truth or whatever that is. But you've got to look at Tom Brady that but he is that what you BS. Well whatever so what comes to bow. To me when all's said and done he's still first ballot hall of Famer. Could we accounts on the field and the number of quarterbacks that they know. Fort constable champ two time NFL MVP no matter what the balls are right he still has the skills that. Who would come about. Then all of a sudden what he's accomplished. And you question. Not only him being a champion and MVP. But I am being so why not an up and up it's a liar if you article about four but that's part of his legacy. Right so he's a quiet now and I'll always like Captain America. No well I think isn't half Captain America now that I am inaudible Friday shiny whenever of people think when they hear Tom Brady is can be ought not that this knuckle pop up within a few that can that the hears me. You know when it's bad not at the truth a bit like. Well I'll Tom Brady I think he was greeted the news that heater guided those things that night last night out I forgot what do you think they got these TB we got it back home you meet TV my entertainment television it's a lot of old show. Africa which old show was all it was while older ones in and it was appointment he had to be. In his seventies some OJ Simpson with real popular cook won I don't ladies that are what's ahead and let OJ Simpson. Anything right now OK it was a birthday and I thought well it would it was that he's like you think about you say he's say something about anybody at this happened recently could be. We could be read date it could be Darren Sharper can be it's always. What years and usually when you go to some that's what it's Ed birth or if not all of it a positive light. The executive felt that the hour without a doubt we are what you guys think and OJ. It's gonna through airports and heard over so now no yeah I made a few city and you talk about it if this could be ranked ten hill they've done that he's starting quarterback for an NFL team. Did know it is no wish you nothing really would have been proud of it. At all but because it is the start in. Ray Rice is a star in this league Adrian Peterson with Darren Tom Brady's level that that's like Peyton Manning 1118. Yeah I think Tom Brady Peyton Annika line but. If there had been a Leicester starting out react without a leak. Eight. Well first volley bid for an expansion nobody would city thing right Ryan. Took part while they was able Miami not win anything anyway so what difference it makes so I think unit in the large degree because it is Tom Brady. That. That's why people can say he did Jeter he's a liar. That's how well okay what did it's almost he's going head to head NFL boards as Tom Brady who got a bigger goat. I mean. Yeah I guess it's at a red and wed know whether thing is it in the ego and become involved all went out and I sort of had put as big as the Eagles saw where they. This Saturday at that which in his case to be the lead in the in all. And others that will be all 3031 on the credit without Woody's team will be the players that in those who with them is that. The league as much as they want all we're doing this would do of his youth they consider it right if they can word it right. Table top rated player don't get Thursday night and getting regular you're going to take also nervous. Beat it right this is beyond me you once did Joseph we've created the big Super Bowl I thought the season. In that that is gone now. You want to dig jokes and they've come a vol. In all of us does that appeal process the still going on. Let Tom Brady kick all the seeded third down against the Steelers they get this then I will go back to call ever Redondo for a weather update. All right call overdone don't take him out there we go BO TB dot com and of course union and always there on a daily and hourly weather report out. Clicking at the Woody's it high fifties he has tomorrow mentally today outlook of that the putter in his sweatshirt late July early August. Ho park though it would be nice no doubt about it just you peak in rattled memento when we go back yeah I think about three weeks ago at W late October November people don't know him if that's yeah that's right. Our resident pro day. Each and every day break it down Saints training camp hope you guys on embody a bit only on Saints radio WW. Some are bad weather on on in the Big Easy and surrounding areas you weather information station WW radio. Pensacola now we're being told a a two inches of rain have at least to me strain have been in the accumulating in the area as it's been very. Rapid streaks running some people leaving their repeating running into their home they've been obviously. The reports called are done with talk about this weather should stop breaking up but in the bit but he steal Bay Area who have relied weather updates. 820 and forty after each power will be taking you with caller down there and members of the WW TV. Meteorologist center and are coming up a throughout the night or as long as it takes its information station that because of your radio remote part disappointment that the call weight now as. The and re open so that it's a good sign. And yet you're the eyes and ears out there but that we give your radio. Give us a call at 260187. Christianity about it sports in the does sports in this so much more double covered. They were law also be suiting your calls to mark tonight if you have some bad weather coming into the article on Al. But those guys though because so you could say people some trips up and since the not long ago we had someone called in. Now couple weeks ago right before when we case and it was a an accident we actually have a cola. They called it right when they saw an accident you know a lot of people are get off on and before they got the applause here Allen to commit to the city so a lot of times that you all the reports out there is that we don't appreciate Collison 260187. Years as the can't. Yeah the ego hokey and I you know they do an outstanding job. Because here this now that you're a week today you know at the widespread. Goran NFL I don't know wake up to go yet and the they do a great job first or last words we didn't day. Pocono I was talking about this now household name crystal. The Rams Stevenson and how long son. His other son starts over and over to guard for the Bears but this is Chris Long. Kind of responding. That it used by Patriots Tom Brady when he destroyed. At the cell phones in the 101000. Plus text messages. That's unbelievable kid thousand plus expenses along with. That used it before month before meeting with the plate gate investigator. Ted Wells and now my understanding that every four month. His assistant whatever. Destroys his home. In you know we get that youthful you might argue that because it is now in him. Such high pro ball when he pro following Barry supermodel but I'll go with interest and when you look at between it day by. Chris Long fit my assistant. At three this toys O'Keefe. My assistant Jack Daniels. And I actually destroy itself or every part of bullets as though. Usually are you pleased with the screen but he said but I but I can't whip Tom Brady's doing but I get a bit. Think right now I'll go around Ortiz and his assistant Jack dang is aware on the we've drop themselves holes. He might be picked off or polish and then that. But I I thought that was cute. We Chris Long fit my assistant Jack Daniels and I actually destroy yourself boy that before month or so. 2601878. In the causeway had so re open I have to bet whether. Caller under will be what this and someone from them Tokyo TV meteorologist cents a at point forty after each hour. Christian anti Bobble feel phone calls that you have the bad weather eat your area. 8 eastern it was a call 2601870. What the point four after the hour it's been some bad weather in the area let's go to work Jessica Guerrero just like people calling WW. So just thank you for calling WW. But. That come out and not really can't predict the law. Is. Are they want to know what is auto workers in. Will little it will be like assembly Wayne's. And if this is and it went this year. Which Drew Brees or Olympics. You know cart now was more or treat him right. Well let me this it. Brees and Sean Payton being compensated that that you bring another championship to new heights they Butler and Heisman quarterbacks and all that regard. Not just compensating. What the accomplished in the past. So hopefully they can bring another championship. No that I think. It's definitely AF wealth expectations. Now with that being said I think you gotta get out there great start at QB challenge considering the teams the plane is look at the four games the first four games but. You look at the Saints five winning seasons then under Sean Payton they've been 31403131. Porno in the fourth season. When you finished 500 artful work at seven and nine. And unacceptable. That's all look forward to a two now I hope we Dickie V. Read one there might be too with two. Who it again have to wait he was gonna come about but to me. Much is given much is required. That the Saints have to be a playoff team in Las Vegas thinks the a wealthy peak go look at them and notes today. And now this is article that came out like cooking Beatles dark horses. That they like me if well you know it's ironic. The Eagles won ten games last year. Am not in the playoffs. So they look if you look at NFC teams you know at the top three NFC teams they have been dark horses and at this thing and that is as NFC. Say it's one. Eagles two and the Falcons three. To a three and he's yes Andy you look at it like that Texas beating got a good team whose idea quarterback. So we could start with the NFC. Fiddled expectations. If you're betting peak and I felt fans this thing you know more about this. But I look at what about fitness things like that and I liked action. And I still think it's that it's over is still eat half. Yeah if you look of a value yeah I'd like to have flip you know ceremony obviously like doing in Seattle. Green Bay I think that of the issue Margaret if you look at their money like Dolly it's a big money. You look at the Saints will good. The Foulke in Pittsburgh Pittsburgh with my point point 530 don't want. But think I'm not even talking about even if you know what I also realize this season winning at the OK to meet chamber of little faith if they don't get. Like nine or can we go with that may have. I mean I think that's the value bet that big and have a line or opportunities he even made things look you know. I wouldn't bet on the right right no I don't know that you can have yet you give you get better numbers on that drive to about a Smart business move. Little middleweight at saint goes six in the game. Then that's the breeze so it may be steeler money. Ultimately you if they if they go six in team that you could be the question would be where you know we're getting an Arsenal. Would say it would be made it right go to parties you part of tweaked his stance that was beat up made that name I'll take you can make. I mean more. Well I think if it's a six and in season. I know a bigger it will roll than what I hear him alone. I don't feel like that did it right to start moving up the chain I had I think that says it all he almost night. Hope you guys on again. Bad weather in our area there will be weather updates twenty and forty after each hour because we used reopened Christie Garrett and keep out there and it debut with just a few moments. With double coverage and 08 at midnight the grapple much more than a few college I could use on that that would be 60 point seven. Think that what can handle on the news and ball went off okay guys out of the Bellamy a saint kept it on the way. And always thought about that he did cannon Bobby a bad one to lead late soul. Good I view.