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7-30 6:10pm Bobby, Deke & Hokie: on the first day of training camp and Ben Watson and Kenny Vaccaro's comments

Jul 30, 2015|

Bobby, Deke & Hokie respond to what Kenny Vaccaro and Ben Watson had to say and discuss the first day of Saints practice.

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Good evening and our number 30 sports talk the last twelve a lot of Saints found to get into the black and go practice in the day for about 2 hours this morning a bit over two hours that they feel up at the Greenbrier and west Virginia's saint the walk through this evening they will give back to work in the morning. I'm 8521140. And nailed on the pants the first time on this pre season coming up on Saturday team covet online at WW dot com continuing thinks talk. And more coming up at 8 o'clock Christie Garrett that he badly there double coverage and more 260170. Saint for an event marking says he is a complete back running catching and blocking do you agree. Andy thinking will be a big a part of the saints' offense we invite you to vote on operatives at or opinion poll it's up. At WWL. Dot com a lot of sound and get to coming up in the latter Howell these next week and Drew Brees but we thought well now. Call to his third season very good rookie year not good sophomore year what will be year three. Here is Saints safety Kenny took power. Saints safety Kenny a Karros speaking to the media today you know about a variety of topics reviving asking about the it was the issue that the focus in on more the mental aspect of the game I think we all agree it's it's the photos via. The physical part of about it but you know defense at Valencia. The Saints defense in the group. Had a well. If you look on the back in you can't afford to give a a big play in. Whether it's Kenny Vick Harrell Raphael bush now considering. Well we haven't invested in him. The game and and the thing is the that is still puzzling to me. Because we you look at the whole secondary. And I mean what it takes. To get it done. You came via weekly. And in and look and make kitty the Terrell. Jerry is Burton. And that's supposed to be a strength of our defense but with the B that's supposed to be right when you invest that and you look pitchers burden. The jury's still out obviously we got invested in him that. David Carroll was outstanding. Tackling his rookie year. What that was not the case last year as far as missed tackles but the Villanova as the NFL is too good you can't be like. I'm supposed to be here but I was here. And you can't have too much of a new plate. So that being said Katie Carroll going forward. Whether pianist Allen are Rob Ryan it would be an accident to do. You wanna play fast. You wanna play fast and it's unacceptable. Like him a Karros that you can't have any medals plus you gotta be on top your game. To where. You know what the hell you doing that some at a time. That all the time you look at Earl Thomas with the Seahawks. You're a double to center fielder. And a trust factor. Now we were kind of saying maybe Harrisburg can be. Our version. Of Earl Thomas but he kind of get on the field. Is to get on the field and do that. But what we have invested in. And welcome back. And all and all pro looking guys on him Bobby Hebert I'm the ability Katie came in you talking about Miguel Cairo when we are. List with a break in a gadget that it's a third gear to. You draft where he was drafted what is him. Brandon cooks you gotta be the best that events. And when you look at Jerry is bird free agency it would be got a vested in him. That they got to be district that you teams so. He fitting analysis and I and and I give him his props. Because he said it's unacceptable to have any middle plus. You got to know what you doing not some at a time all at a time. And he was an outstanding tackler as a rookie. But he cannot be when you kick it out the season. All of a sudden I'm miss tackles that was significant. As far as the production oppose an offense vs where. Yet the right defensive call. And it should've been in May be a three or four yard gain. In because you miss that tackle you gap control whatever. It was the 2530 yard gain through he realizes that. And he's mature enough and that's why I told them our I should say I'll ask him. Where he was that. As far as going to this season. And he is said that bit of us is unacceptable and got to be a better tackler. Michael was initially coming totally. Bobby you know to. Swallow is that. Both. Roman Harper. And about doing Malcolm kink in it he could do to Philadelphia Roman Harper Carroll Campbell little. Easily out Italy. Both he because RO in here with Byrd played four games lasted and Gil we've been. Kevin Hartman burqa the year if you note did you know to get the building they'll come up with the Mick who gotta get better like that I mean we got virtually. No impact that the safety position. Last year from the two guys know. Reminding my it was a lateral move our our last what he has meant to you easily list I guess that's our title like you're. You that you commons sense approach until you hear coaches and GM's events are usually about three years we don't play. So we to assume that the Saints all year to people Karros just go beat. A of the above that rule because they they say you gotta wait about three years old player yeah yeah yeah yeah you can agree you get rid of veteran players and you throw on a guy am I get to all grew thinking he's gone be better than what you thought. Because he's going a year to. And if they went about their roles within that well it clashes skinny but. Had it earlier rash and an eight year one is rook here that's why he thought he might be the exception. Simply because you know made a splash. And has never taken a step back to his fellow Texan Earl Thomas right look at Earl Thomas when he came into the league. Holy site that he's at this level. He's better and better and better and I thought that was gonna happen. McKinney the Carroll now you can have too much on his plate. And then all of a sudden. You think it too much game it's things aren't coming about and I think. That might have and I think that's where Dennis Allen. Comes into hopeful it helps. Rob Ryan as far as a balance. And just a bit remind you gotta check eagle at the door. And we're all in all pull 11 for all who try to get it even better so that's why I'm all. All day and I'm off I'm excited about it haven't been as talent goes out from Eagles not too big. And those whatever it takes we all. In a bit of. Terrorists the defense the secondary is still goes back to to the front guys and Hakeem Nicks and in. The the you sit dead it made me think when is the last plans saying things remember I'm come out of the snap of the ball. That a interior defense and I'm not at UN security prison I mean. Swim technique speed and twist William and boom too sick to in the bag for a set quarterback I can remember. I attacked me member out my back yeah about a mile 1415 teams ago. All yeah. Well those are making 2000 if you spelled out so give argue about in these. But yeah I mean anybody. Yeah definitely they'll remember. Knew it Ellis oh. Yes it kills and a bear. His thinks he's in there at six acts right. Yeah and it ain't here guy is not expected to be right exactly here I mean that's not the point you make it here but year in year got does need to be disruptive in exactly exactly tickled to Pete. It it's. Not a case how many sacks as we get what did he called. That happened in the middle of the field does he make the quarterback step up does he make the quarterback like out. They of that nature is he in the face of the quarterback making broke through to handle it tomorrow. Things of that nature when you're playing on a scrimmage and the quarterback they the seven step drop. You're you're not factor in the game. That's okay guys on he's by the a bad 2601 makes him the operative Jack or opinion poll is up online at if you do BO doc common now associate the team. Oh Drew Brees had a talk about the date anything's gonna hit it in a program and one of the things through sit today with recovery. As the only issue when it comes to eight speaking of recovery from the practice. And McCain body a physical wise do you agree is operated debt for opinion poll on our website. At WWL dot com it's 630 happen WWL first news who had it all that Jim Henson. And welcome back to sports talk deprived it here in West Virginia getting used to it was saints' practice tomorrow is eight feet to eleven in the few coming up. At here at the Greenbrier and West Virginia practices are open to the public. You and give you the eight were black and they'll practicing for the first time the date Drew Brees is a part of property jaguar opinion poll he says don't think nobody that concerns him. He deals with is recovering recovering from practice but recovery time from a physical standpoint. Do you agree with quarterback vote online at WW. Dot com one of his weapons it has been significant through OTAs mini camp and the start of training camp. Vocal that day it's gonna have a very big year that being tight end Benjamin Watson his dance beat you to the media heard this afternoon. Saints tight end Benjamin Watson by being in right did the Indians he's an all right effectively as a team in 2014. This team this team being a Saints though I don't think. While if you look at the tide in what they expected to produce. Jimmy Graham Oakland that is Seahawks I think Vince Watson. Has taken advantage of every opportunity has come his way. Obviously you focused on Josh hill in his production last season. How's he can contribute going forward. I mean every practice or team mini camps that we have third. And it's been bored and a handful that you see what happened today. Priest to Watson or a corner route plus 25. Brees to Watson corner route plus thirty so. He could get more professional. Evident that a challenge the an eventual Watson now. You know when you look at. Names united to review it we brought at least the early out of Ball State. There are at the plate to me. That was as good as it gets and it was relying Griffin. The Kevin brought not stand broad. But cavern brought a three year guy how to Rutgers it was. With Cuba nice throwing catcher. Some eighty fives you know Eastman in NFL camps to three year veteran out of Rutgers. Plus it now was that tight window on nice flavor relying Griffin. Kevin Brock so who's gonna continue to step club. In the passing game it's all about opportunity. And Joseph vigil watching gonna step. And charge you know who's gonna be the next guy hokey and I mention his name OT in. Mini camp Jack cat. The rookie had an. We mainly because you went immigrant not rev Wright that little bit erratic and you. Well yeah it was involved right so you know yet to have depth at that time imposition Phil who has been as devil is going to be. Maybe contribute like that next Billy Miller of some them what you have to say obviously in the Portland has Benjamin Watson. And Josh hill and iron Cameron brought me in a plate today. That was impressive. And and Oki before we went that a break. We realize that it. I would say out almost guarantee burglar to play well. We have this kind of production I don't think we have those kind of players. These are Pro Bowl is all pro. But in this history of the Saints. And the goal patrol. When you look at it on the coach you know you look at Dick getting on Haslem. In 2000. That team had 66. Sacks. Are you kidding me. Could you do well party are fifty you you'll mauled to death at events. And you look at the Roy Glover nick about the visit neighbors it didn't at tackle. La'Roi Glover seventeen sacks. Between Norman and La'Roi Glover twenty sacks. From the interior units and wanna hear as we get one of the fourth set again you don't see. Suggest that might have to force that's right Glover at Norman head dated now one year in the interior. You Q you know you do not see that. Now are coming out edged yet Joseph Johnson. Twelve sacks Darren Howard eleven sacks you wanna talk about helping the lead and pass rush it don't get better than that. Think history with those guys accomplished are right on the school who on the possibility on line to don't think you calling Bibby did you. Our guys out yeah I got up. No one back yeah back on the court lever Norman hand. And I think you're right aren't at least. It. But I remember. My here that Ali MD. Oh. Realignment. As ouster or which was important at bat. Not harder. But I am doing. And I. I would argue that. Now I that they now who've read if you look at the interior line. And who's truly. Have an opportunity to do something. John Jacobs that I think hole you know deceit took a step back. That. Now that the kid from Illinois. Both the Boston bureau I mean I mean it is you get out there line needs help. I think we need we need you we need to consistently through a year heavy DE eagle point that in a year with the team with seven and and that's you know. That that we're talking about like what when Bobby does point out not that was extraordinary success XX but. You know Norman hand. La'Roi Glover this fraud doe not mean they were good but it was a combination anyone all the time not if not appear to hope Michael you said earlier. When Norman in the Thomas sex no it wouldn't comment ability to be disruptive hope it is leave it to those sad well it because probably. In its size more than anything required double teams in the Roy Glover was about a quick without ever seen. You know coming through they give you swim movers on turn his body sideways to get between us and guard gap to me he could he shoot back there. As quick as anybody. And then because of that pressure they get Joseph Johnson and and Howard coming out there at the quarterback draft to flush one way or the other of those guys that are. You don't see that kind of pass rush. With continue to lead in Cameron Jordan on the outside because there is no push from the inside yeah. Is that about Lawrence with the current score for Virgil bout does this team we've seen him do in training camp. With mussina and actual pain in solid what you do and you can't. Who can you do in the real game we continued to practice and had a good that's what I'm famous legacy to a three times in. We will continue with sports Opteron thanks radio WW. They welcome back to sports soft 601872. Hole to go to squeeze an aunt that mentality is at eight thank you aren't going to be dipped zero. I get there activity around problem out here at ease that. I want I want you it in anybody's gonna have a problem here and I'm glad. The apparently particularly in like eighty if you remember back you can pull off. Somebody go Labarca. I mean I actually called a hit and I mean you know I'm forty and what will be the undated in that body but the point is crazy. Kick it in quite eighty. You know he he caught. So much contour and Mercury on board next time I think you know it. Don't know it's not just a crybaby is standing up a couple of rights. I mean c'mon you to common men are you know aristocrats are you part of the owners.