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7-31 6:10pm Bobby, Deke & Hokie: on Brandin Cooks and the backup QB battle

Jul 31, 2015|

Bobby, Deke & Hokie talk the recovery of Brandin Cooks and the backup QB battle at Saints training camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And the team well. This team is that is that I guess I'm a point guard don't think too much senate who throws it will be okay guys on impact BA today if it Tammy with everybody. Likes to listen to what we play that being the formal interview players and coaches the rest of the way to what we have for you. Come and appear on sports talk along with okay guys on him Bobby ate there I'm the battle of the it would hit it operated jaguar opinion poll on line at WW bill. Dot com and talking about the New Orleans Saints. And the Saints this past that was the last two years I think that lost their primary threat when it comes to. Production outside of debris of the years ago it was. Darren Sproles. Right up there with Jimmie Korea in last year a couple of often this year losing Pierre Thomas a productive guy. And eighteen degree so who will be the saints' top pass catcher in 2015. It operatives yet or pupil of the WTO. Dot com when it beat that team being blocks wide receiver Marcus Cole. Wide receiver. Ready cooks. Could deposit beat on otherwise with the you can kiss to vote on line at WQ have you are correct and out years. I'm not well making a wide receivers and again looked on in the year number two I had the mark held if you last year but he's healthy now and not doing well it was the training camp. He spoke to the media day that being the Saints receiver Brian Cook. Think receiver Brandon cooks in the background and that is the coal train that passes through behind the green but that's not Roscoe. It Nicole is going to be industry appear about. Oh well as the money train mr. justice and you're crazy trying and it and it's. It ain't half full hours we'll all all of those you know cars the favorite of themselves though and tales that. Hi and I'll that you have senate seat. That's what you hear that in. You know we get used to it now it is continued. Dale assists and it's like I don't know how many times they were saying. When it's five or six times and knows a number of times that it is constantly running. Honestly tell by the king called it being this that justice after a nightmare game who who run the green briar and talk about that night. This man he denies that he's young. Use but if you think Andrea through reform where powerful account while while ago like three fit the report over here like 69 he is. The only giant that is horrible night really I luckily judo which used here here last year with me about how the bucks they were you by Tuesday and then you pass by his house. Blog billionaire and I don't visit and I's house and in imagine right but as nice as it's the end everybody. Knows it is with everybody gets around here. All the talk about. How when things don't work form. Yeah now that if the suit they don't know who we are you know I mean it is if you look we twelve out of here in well the fact medium twisted. He stayed. The green bar rah about it now if he'd if you don't take over there is normal green brought out idea he invests them out of it a fight it'll horrible work guarantee. It two years heated far thirty some assistance. You know. That that you know and even I'm so you know good team with the media at a yankees felt that look in the era but he did and green and I each week peoples and his claim to name his passion. Is basketball now basketball book what the basketball. He was so excited what that thought more about. Winning the girls state championship anyway as the U fassel global sport and anything else or you. That is you know what you know what is truly a passion and so he make unbelievable living in chemicals industry and a lot of people have Livan threw but it may have its act how to follow him into the the owner of the green Brian will take the time mount comeback yet become we have and think back a quarterback. Just look at how you look at that the bad Luke Luke over the and a look at Gary Evans that he picks and Saints coach strong the big agencies used to go to break Utah it is short the short supply quarterbacks that they work out the Josh McDowell there was no debate. Leighton. And now expected in the stock yeah well no doubt about he's got that double a lot. Ain't that think about that yeah no doubt about it well okay who the starting quarterback that we got this article about. So I mean look at Josh McCown still all the mightily. Alone okay guys on him Bobby eighth they have the ability at this is sports talk on Saints radio WW. Saint coverage continues tonight from eight to midnight with double coverage and bowl with a seven point Chris figured it Christie Garrett want on Twitter. And keep up PT three or put a team by a player Christian has become the face with saint if they expect him Lewis and also. Saints running back CJ. Spiller now if we can't we have wall to wall saint camp training camp coverage. For you from a tomorrow afternoon is going to be from 2 PM to 5 PM. A Saints on Saturday addition we'll have that for you and the Saints Sunday. Well the noon to three so all that is coming. Saturday and Sunday we keen training camp coverage here on WWL. Radio 2601870. You can Texas if it's 787. Black and gold glove as can be a cystic about this a very good offensive production. Darren Sproles. This year giving Graham. Pierre Thomas when it comes to pass catching who will be the leading parents get to with a dual thing that's obviously it. Receivers tight in you would think that at bat would be that have of caliber but remember two years ago. There pro thirteen Murray ought that he he would have separate both cats so right eat very well could be a guy like that it in the remote so who ethical to be will it be a guy like Ben Watson who seemingly will be a big part of the saint office. Will it be a veteran favorite my baucus COLT ran to coax could be a guy like Josh Morgan Pete makes the team a better receiver with saint picked up. Are also a 20 ball all of cancer vote online at WW dot com are you want one guy we'll look at it took note pocono. Think clearly want they warning to be involved in order to try to use him because he's got such an event at T 66 you have to succeed even at the back this week. And that being Brandon Coleman he's been talking and I think you say between about six of nine receptions for. Yet the first days what today you know talent competition between him and maybe use Kelton. Debt that you thought maybe Jones has done now he had that one drop and on its team drop in the path is much there yet that he. He had a nice catch on route route for a brief about twenty yards but a look at targets in. In what is the count of whoever's at quarterback along with Brees. And Coleman. Oh I was look at. Where you might say in two days. He as the bout in catches and eleventh twelfth and now are talking about. Like Bob away 34 yard catches but productive chain moving catches let it be eight yard. While we are tired reception and thought they aggregate Brandon Coleman. Edge right now now. I think it be true weekly in and out lose spread it around I don't know 89 and eleven different receivers at times that's an extreme. But CJ Spiller ran coast considering like with bill does that. We need branding coach and I think even Villar very similar to his role this they'd be able. Seventy plus it. Without drew spreads it around. The tidy position. I don't know Josh tail kinda missed that an accident and Watson and which one of those guys maybe get forty it. Yeah you know is still around there's no truth that is routed around cobalt we go to days back at 2006. Just look at all tied and now that even before Jeremy Shockey. In the Billy Miller isn't the world and was able to utilize him that I apply. You he would never be a Jimmy Graham levels. But it just somebody else has to step club. But to give him much has been with Clark. Randy coats that we need to take that next step could theaters what was waiting drafted him and how excited they were like get. Coles but I think he has a lot left in the thing I'm not saying Pro Bowl level. And if you look at their quarterback combination between reason. Marcus Colston. Calls that might be considered numbers he's putting. In NFL history maybe the greatest virus you with it and make the pro. The he got that advantage into antenna and I and I don't think. That's about it it future I mean I'm Natalie cadet who just how often it is but he still putrid at a high level the trust factor. But I think Colts to produce and if they keep if Colston. CJ Spiller and Randy coach can produce at a high level. On the outward about passing game now they got to. Of that but I think you have that kind of built. Wise to me that. Number of seventy. Catches it you know there at that. That's not battery to CJ Spiller can easily see him it and that many receptions solid given that operative absolutely I mean he sees no reason why we have that put the bills looking like quarterback when he got status by I needed name anybody's name he said. This is the first time I've ever gotten to play with a quarterback what do hall of famers in right. Though. They I think he's pretty excited about that what its future goals. Those are resident pro pokey guy's done and it Barbie a bear I'm Deke Bellavia coming up Knicks who he would think backup quarterback just count it you say it's interesting now. That number two spot and move forward. Rank Griffin just look down the look account starts and also rookie Garrett grace we'll hear what dom account had the same Bobby had a few questions for him as well out there in the media session. The first football anew with. Did you get your first news time is it at 630 it's not the first thing that we will go to Jim Hansen. They welcome back to sports talk. BA being here with you I'm the going to be a golf game you want to make listening on the things that tiger is in the world a sports just takes the words sports eat seventy. 870 you will be in the note when he's been in the league for quite some time with the fans the Fahey and brother. Along that you quarterbacks and as the ability Luke McCown spoke to the media today at the State's second practice of training camp. And that is saints' backup quarterback Luke McCown and Bobby or something you talk about now people here and talk about those technology anniversary I. Not thinking that you know we're really big on like this is both be a sports talk show book that's sports being a corporate to newly. Yeah our 21 century. You know going forward signs at the time the one thing. That I'm impressed that Luke account. 34 years of age twelve year veteran battle Louisiana Tech. A lot of with them and in and he's very humble. I mean a family man and as a fan mania I think he does an outstanding job with drew and roof trusses I mean. And easy to get a work with Gary Grayson. And he's talking about the struggles of being a rookie quarterback and how hard is an NFL. And you could put an exclamation point when he was talking about because it's it's still right on. Now he's talking about. The virtual reality I'd never seen at the Saints just did it today and coach Greene talks about it. It's a camera. That is on the field behind the linebackers out the Saints. Or working on the running game. And what he gives you is. His three hit it six the degree angles filming you can see. Like if you are linebacker he could see ya alignment. That's like field level my level. Different angle that you get the big guy and this guy with the cameras in the tower you could see behind you though Lyman at the safeties. You keep the where to the pits of linemen are now what from the line it really to be health what my understanding so far. More of the quarterbacks and the linebackers. That are linebackers also. Their linemen. The coach might say you look at it as though I want to hear not here you might they would at that difference of like a foot and a half no. This is where you'd have that edge. In as the ball snapped you gap control. No I'm what you hear instead here and then also as the quarterback. You could see all around you like oh okay. Where of from an eye level standpoint liked about look at who affords. With all of its a Lima did with the linemen you could see all of this and now. It's amazing that. And that gets its small enough that if he tripled to you know you never get hurt. But I never seen it but of course they know so talks about it. And it also. And two is the opportunities anymore we're training camp. That the recovery period you know Hogan isles cool weekend ice. To revive your legs in and now they got oh. They call it the chamber hyperbaric. Yeah yeah I note Jennings yet so this is supposed to be. So how they predicted the time we're Q right you that it's a little bit at the show you what does that damage different. You reviving your legs eat twelve minutes and local defeated Nancy. Where vs you can do this that agreement it. What do you Dave is so structured. All of a sudden he did it a couple of times and like you say what you like to bill which you do in. You program as a player. That football what you eat sleep and drink that's what you doing so it just another tool. To be better as a player and trying to do is pressure you could. With that to me. Is it take a lot. We're relying Griffin. To beat out Luke McCown and I think people were outstanding. And a preceding considering you know back up to what they were fighting far. Now. I'll stalk you quit. On the stage we talk about this about. Early practice. It was quarterback you want behind through now not even look at it. Gary grace. Is that swimming. That it does that that's a project. And and he has that I need they can afford to utilize him with the project young up and coming guy Phillip because the word cruise that. And now that Nomar developed there was no pressure on him but he's not going Knoedler. That a disadvantage right grip it has is that Gary grace and now with the young guy. So the competition right now and I think right advocate play in the NFL and have a double that career. Now what this thing someone else but to be out with now. So I'm bacon of proves out not prepared long term. Because this season would be screwed I mean who thinks that the Saints to win anything if Drew Brees is that the quarterback. You think you'd get the table and man seen that it's that and I'll say so then. That's that he might wanna take. Are utilized running grip then boredom Luke McCown who you know you haven't looked countless state. And threw at him his gains let's say it's two or three games. You won Indy game Luke McCown all right grip. What countess played an NFL gains real gains. And I it's all I've given every season. You know about different levels and and and how everything turned out so that trust factor. And that's our seed jeopardy pre season. And it did play in the same Ryan group and if the play a whole lot better than them account for them to trust them and games actually count. All right that is all one of our resident pros. Bobby a base though because now we will continue to get to come out Jahri Evans also who hear from a team aches and Saints coach Sean Peyton it's a sports talk Saints radio WW. And operated jaguar opinion poll is up at WW real comment asking you will be the saints' top pass catchers 2015. It would be at the end Watson didn't watch it couldn't be more physical group B Brandon cooks sort of can't vote on line. That if you do view probably I'm glad hardy bobbled the code. As far as just recession nice yardages that I uncle different out I don't know Diller. You are talking about it you don't buy you hope. I wouldn't want something different then yeah I guess. They were market Colston. Well yes that mr. differences even though and that's that well you could argue I don't know if I always thought at all right good fought it out about then yeah. Well coming up next on double covered sports at all Christian anti by the talk about the Saints in leadership will. Where would they turn for leadership on defense it with the team's perceived weakness last season plus Christian is an interview with. Ran a back seat. Have you experience the illegally they're talk about Lee this year do you have a position. In a power to Lee also on the flip side if he ever worked with a poured it how do you keep him to act and act. To become better in the workplace. Also talk that much more tonight. Double covered sports ammo Christie Garrett can keep up a bit weak nights from eight it's at midnight on WWL. Radio. Most of coming up the night. They will allow him all the sound and they're gonna get two for today's practice was to keep you here group Pablo thinks that that report respected on the first two days and the key to sit. With Saints training camp pads tomorrow the first time the Saints have sort of paired on what was thought of anything. And coming up next out who it would Saints coach Sean Payton had the same date also Tyree Evans and Hakeem Nicks and more from our resident pro. Bobby Hebert and hope you guys and the ability you know the home of the two all of Saints and LSU fighting Tigers this is WW.