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8-4 3:10pm Scoot: on motorists vs. cyclists

Aug 4, 2015|

Scoot talks about the complaints motorists have about cyclists in the city and vice versa.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We opened the show this afternoon talking about this eight year old student who is sent ADHD also diagnosed with PT EST you know I really didn't know that you could have PT EST and she can't. At the age of eight years old he was handcuffed in a Kentucky grammar school because they called in the authorities which is school protocol when a child is misbehaving and and and truly. Hi to a certain degree. To make sure that the child is not injure themselves or injure anybody else. And when I read the new story that said the the police. Handcuffed this disabled child. Well I guess in some cases ADHD. Might be a disability. But it alike cases it would not. And it seems like the word. Disables was designed to enhance the story this disabled can't handcuffed. The kid is ADHD. And I'm not downplaying that. And all because all these disorders are or are serious and then when this topic comes up and I'm meant mention OCD I I get a lot of comments and I'm getting more. I text about that we're gonna do a show about it him. A very soon also we were talking about to actress and comedian Amy Schumer who is just supporting legislation. That woods I'd give incentives to states to share information for the federal database. It would also create penalties if states did not and this guy John how's it issued in Lafayette. Should Everett got begun. Looking back. But within dispute bureaucracy that we have government doesn't always communicate. With different branches in different agencies don't always communicate with each other. So this is a designed to maybe help that out although I think we've already got. Laws on the books that should require government employees to communicate with different. Agencies and they don't necessarily do that anyway the blood that I wrote him two days is about that it's on our website WW dot com. It has happened again a bicycle has hit this time killed by a dump truck near canal and brought. Here's our party general opinion poll this hour who presents a greater danger. Psychoanalyst a motorist with talked about this before. And this will continue to be a topic of discussion. Especially its New Orleans becomes more of a bike friendly city. And we're to an amazing job and we've had to come from nothing to being more of a bike friendly city. But not everybody as a motorist understands. How to treat bi planes and how to treat cyclist. So I don't think there's anything wrong with talking about this every time we have an opportunity because you NI whether we're cyclist. Or motorist. We brought into this almost every day of our lives. If you're pedestrian. I deal as a pedestrian idea was motors and the cyclist as well so which is the greater danger. The cyclist. With a motorist. Give your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com before we get into that discussion though. I wanna remind you that we often talk about education. Talk about schools Demi WL is the station for education. We're getting together with clear if you ball teaming up for a day of education. And here's our goal and it's an opportunity for you to help as well and if you sit back and I wish there was something I can do. While there is something you can too. Our goal is to make sure that no child goes without the basic tools that they need to learn. And no teacher has to dig into their own pocket to supplied him because teachers are underpaid. So there is something we can do Thursday. We're going to be like to clear view mall all day from 6 in the morning tell eighty night all of us will be on location a clear view all it's a day for education. And we're going to collect school supplies. Uniforms. Money for kids across the greater knew it was serious and that's Orleans parish. Jefferson saint Tammany Saint Bernard saint Charles and plaque missed parachutes. Tummy tuck will be there in the morning from six to ten Garland from ten to one I'll be out there from one to four and T Bob will be there are sports talk from port eight. So drop off your donations. Pick ups of school supplies you can you're buying stuff for your kids this time of year. Pick up something extra economic will be asked needed to pick up some extra food for thought for food for food try. There are so many kids they just don't have the basic things that. Many of your kids half. So if you wonder what you can do to help this is what you can do to help. School supplies uniforms or donations. You can even join our open Mike challenge. And it's you challenge your business or your clobber your organization. Or company whatever to meet or exceed your donation. And you can even bring your kids and they can challenge other kids in other teams or schools or social groups. On this is a way to learn. About giving. So for our convenience will also have a drop off outside of PGA's coffee on veterans in front of clear view mall. As early as 6 o'clock Thursday morning. If you don't have time to actually come in the mall but I do hope you tortoise because children are future. And it's got a break apparent heart. Not to be able to give their kids what they basically need to to. Equal the other students in the classroom with materials to with with items. So supplies or money will help. And this is a way for you to show your support we think the Louisiana heroes project for collecting and donations and supplies and distribute them to schools across. The greater new military and looking forward to that on Thursday we'll talk about schools and we'll talk about education. This is the Scotia where politics and pop culture Beecher opinions now in the afternoon on WWL. So who creates the bigger problem on the roads is at the cycles to the motorist. Mean I've seen both and I'm sure you have as well. One of the reasons that I think we really should require. That. People take a driver's test it at least a written test every time they get their driver's license renewed. Is because there are so many new rules in effect mean every year almost the legislature's passing new laws about traffic. And we've got by complaints. That have been paid on our streets. But not everybody knows how to treat. So where do you see the biggest threat coming from the motors for the cyclist. If you're cyclist. What are the faults of cycle it's because I know you don't agree with all cyclists. Because there are some cycles to a very arrogant. Some cyclist do you have this attitude that I'm riding my bike I'm doing something to save the environment I'm better than you. There is that attitude. Did they are motorist who just have total disregard for for cyclist. Now if you're a motorist and here in the right. Like this I'd like this truck driver. Hitting us this person yesterday. The truck driver may have been totally right. But it still has an impact on you if you hit and kill somebody. Or you hit any interest of party. Parents have a responsibility to teach their kids what to do with their bikes and how to ride and safely and properly. But when you talk about the CBD the French Quarter when you talk about city park and on and in park in saint Charles or just all over the North Shore the West Bank everywhere. Bikes are everywhere now. And that's a good thing. It is good that New Orleans is becoming more of a bike friendly city. But yesterday afternoon about 1 o'clock this at 52 year old male on a bicycle. Was hit and killed by a dump truck. And dump truck driver 34 year old male. One is I think he was taken to the DW I checkpoint. As far as I known there was no I haven't heard maybe you know more about this and I do but I have not heard that there was any. I charges filed. But sadly the cycle was died at the scene in the truck driver did not receive any injuries so what do you think creates the bigger the bigger threat on the road. The cycle is what problems do you have a cyclist if you're motorist. And what problems do you have with motorists. If you're cyclist you know maybe there's one little thing that you can say this afternoon. There will help change somebody's attitude when it comes to this. Co existence that we must have on the routes. Motorists aren't going anywhere. There's only going to be more and more cyclist. So we kind of have to learn to get a wall. If you wanna join us with your thoughts in your comments are number is 2601870. Every coach final four. 2601870. A text number 87878. As coach and we'll be back on dividend you now. Yesterday afternoon in New Orleans surround canal and broad recyclers winners hits and killed by a dump truck and here's our party. It's also part of our discussion. Who presents a greater danger cyclists or motorists. 52%. Say cycle was 48% say motors give a shipping in my going to our web site. Have a WL. Dot com or remind you that you've got a chance to win a thousand dollars in free cash listen for the next code words you know you don't have to enter anything you are automatically eligible. Just by hearing the code word in of the code word we give out that specific number. That's coming up right before the top of the hour news at 5 o'clock from Saint Bernard Bobby you're on the scoot showed good afternoon. You know there is true actually have a year ago within a month apart we're should pick out these liberal circles in the vehicle. And you both patients. It was Serbia it was important cycle I mean not start a bicycle. And got warm idea how to beat their Leo radio or Nintendo was right there it Arkansas. And out. I've always thought that if you let it ride bikes artistry just Psycho bogus fact the usual some kind of a permit something accountable patience. So that. Your. Security political and oh yeah. It is and and you know I've I've been through the motorcycle training course and it's got an endorser on my license and there are certain things that you learn about riding motorcycles as it did or not relieved that irk you when you're driving your car many many things are but it but some are. Are specific to being and it's just opened vehicle. And even if you're right well you're not really right if you if you get hit. That won't let you implement it was on sick or accommodate a bit damp Garrity had not cheese is. And when you look at him and and cynical article on this side came in front fascia. And cause and stop shall we get the club behind him it'd be a dead. And the bicycles stroll in for a well under recruited to note here he could certainly want to be damaged or do you know but had a bite to register he picked himself up call. Copy I appreciate your colleagues so the question is who is there a greater danger on the roses at the cycle or should the motorist in what is it that you would like to tell motorists. If your cyclist. And if your. A psychoanalyst what he wanna tell motorists. Here's a Texas says says some cyclists do break the laws but I'd rather cut them some slack than possibly kill then everyone needs to be more careful. And more patients from Metairie and Euro on WW well. I. Think that track. That. Arm the less I like it. Trot but. Yes I'm. Dot. Com. Tell. Our chemistry. Because on. Caught a one street normally look at the track. Correct it or. The ways he again. And they pay she role. And don't don't. Yeah not. Now summer. And I'll worry that somebody can. Our right as a pedestrian downtown I've learned to look both ways even if it's a one way street and quite finish because I have almost been hit by. Cycle list going the wrong way on a one way street you're supposed to go with the traffic period. Right that not techie topic that petered out at. But I think it's great that more people cycle. It is in New Orleans is becoming more of cycling friendly city which is great but we just also need to increase the awareness about this relationship that we need to have on a broad and I'm going to call fatalistic. From New Orleans might cure on the Scotia. A British school are. OnStar but not going to be any old or older you are school in the morning. I appreciate that might. It wasn't that many years ago you know. A ought mumble true the government. Oh well liked it out and bite. Because a little mobile wing you know like for you Freddie. And what Peter what I couldn't. A failure imaging polo all. Black op when I do. Top line and lower risk. All of Mallory. How do you wanna put it they all get. Date you know aimed at all and Aaron and you don't even watch alchemy and look for school taking action in. A note. So what do you think inspires them to to hawk their for an hour or show some sign of disrespect community showing disrespect for you. Well maybe it. Because they want to joke on all mile away Oman made me ages. They just stole golf I'd sit polish because Dalai poem. You know I'm I'm sorry that happens to you but you know what don't let that stop you from getting out there and exercise. School can look I'd love to calm down to a station and bring you Obama. Shlomo our crew assault. That would be awesome. But I'm okay what looked at that screwed outlaw it shell. And not cheap popped a great war. All right Mike can you stay on your bike and you keep exercising. So is is there a negative attitude with cyclist or is the negative attitude more predominant with. The motorist on the road. When your motors are cyclists you deal with this almost every day or maybe even a pedestrian like myself manipulative as a motor sometimes. I don't have a bike to buy type deal with it is a pedestrian and as a motorist so who creates the bigger danger on the road and and what needs to be done. What is it that she would like to tell. Motorists. About cyclist. What is it that you like to tell cyclist about motorist. If you wanna join us with your comment or number is 260 when he seventy. Because 5042601870. And a text is a series of this is this coach Joseph where politics and pop culture reach your opinions now in the afternoon from one to four and here's our Devi WL news update with Dave Cohen. I like this they sought from fog boy Uma Thurman and brings in little monsters theme and there are. Our here's an update on our party general opinion poll who presents a greater danger on the road cyclists or motorists. 50% say cyclist 50% say the motors give us your opinion like going to WW dot com something else has also happen again. A terrible and parish sheriff's deputies have arrested the mother's home for leaving her children unattended in a hot car for several minutes. 33 year old summer. Born Loescher boardwalk I'm not sure how to pronounce her name a charged with a child. Desertion deputies arrive win they found her two sons. In a running car. While she went in the bathroom to do our business. And apparently it may not have been that kind of business because she came out with a slurred speech. And police believe she was under the influence of trucks. Off from New Orleans Stephen you're on the Scopes show one Debbie WL. Excuse. When I was younger user. From the quarterly from what reports today. But I also made traffic's. Always headlights and reflectors and it in my city. And the majority of bicycle us an update any traffic all whatsoever. And I actually look down might wind and what I cola dues red light or stops and and he. Person at stops. At the right. And so many congratulations. Great to keep a body in the traffic law. Yeah I see better to see that every day Stephen and as a pedestrian I almost get hit by cycle is to have to slam on their brakes because they had no intention of stopping. When I had the right to walk. Notre and that is and while it is and what he urged an almost daily. It's like that because and you would completely wrong you know and I got my car. That does not have a camera anymore and it sounded corny and dollars. For front and rear. Our amber. Steve is a shame that it's come down to that appreciate the call but I I you know I I totally understand I mean these are. Bicycle was with an attitude and not all psychoanalyst had an attitude but let's be honest many do for RB Mike you're now on WW oil. It's all I can do. I'm very good because actually I drive I ride my bike polite cooter I think at all by our bigger beef it was. Cycle that will actually ride along side with bird. It's that hurt you and me I mean these are one. UN I mean that an element of danger is that dog today tricolor everything around you are vanish. Should be the law should be banned are pretty. Actually gets my iron out more than anything else who's. But I like the as good of a dollar billion. Oh my god I'm glad you brought that up thanks for calling me that is issued I do see that are almost every day as well. People with their their dogs and they're riding a bike in the dog is running along with them I mean how could this not be a danger to the dog and to the person on the bike. And maybe ultimately a motorist. Now from Saint Bernard Paul your on the Scotia. And those who good. And they don't quite possible by typical what danger. I haven't been awhile back. All the more that we played well I didn't trust me you know all. It took bill bill let. In my vehicle to vehicle. I'd rate them overall it was I mean it will be. Oh that would have been involved with the on and smell alcohol were really. Well good girl in front newspaper. We don't get a word of people walk my dog you know they don't vote. And sure we are very short final like this do you view of the world. And what apparently picked electoral Obama. At pol would you say he got in between you and another car what was he like in the middle between you and another car and mean you were both in lanes. I was the right way to record RO. Your life. Achievement. All all. Eric in these. On we. It. Pollack. Where America will be. An appeal it. You. Now. Judy you stop. So there needs to be a new awareness campaign about to drinking and riding your bike. Not only topic. They should pay your insurance goes all the pre open political bargains from got ample room. The program at the barrio I'm avoid import alert level on the fight until somebody whom model. And you shouldn't have to use your deductible to pay for the demeanor. Well I'm glad to comments are that happen to you this just points out that there are some motorists and there are some cyclists that really have have a bad attitude. May be stricter enforcement. Of all traffic laws. Would be the best thing. But we've got to police shortage in New Orleans so how can we say well we don't we need the police to pay attention to this it's a shame that we really need the police to enforce laws. Well we just can't get people to follow basic laws especially when it's a law that would help save their life. As a cyclist. Or a motorist a US cyclist do you justify not following the rules of the road. If your hole stay with us our number is 260187. He will be right back on Debbie if you well. And its coach rock calendar for today August the fourth he was on this date in 1987. Where were you. The soundtrack. To dirty dancing was released as soon as one of the great songs from that movie. Great soundtrack great movie my favorite line nobody puts baby in a quarter. Here's an update property general opinion poll who presents a greater danger cycle Esther motorists 47%. Say cyclists 53%. Say motorists from Pascagoula buys your own debit of if you don't good afternoon. Page through. Just recently had a friend of mine. Was killed. Brian is cycle slightly out own. How do it here in Pascagoula and you're I don't know about draw driver. Streets caught on Sunday morning. And but the run and not adequate. Vehicles or near. Big bulk texting. Garber is just extent. They come wouldn't you PW. They're distracted. Well it it you know it it to it doesn't take much. To veer over to hit somebody on a bike and even if you end up being proven right that it wasn't your fault. It's still not going to be good situation to deal with. Not anybody ever it may mother Turks and Opel alive picks and everything they have that probably won't be around. Buzz I appreciate the call here's attacks that says it's scoot I am listen as I'm listening to you now. Talk about bikes. I just had to take evasive action in my car right by Harris a bike coming from the wrong way. On a one way. I swerved and nearly hit another car of course the guy in the bike. Flipped me divert. Us from true may Nelson you're on the Scotia. You go you good. Outlook quick and what jerks. Go on. What would you eat each call which you are sick. Check them. Secondly I would rather be. Right into well. Jamie what church it's two point. Oh it just makes. Nelson doesn't make sense to me and I'm pledge calls I've what you're gonna finish with your comment. This is a problem in this is not reflective of everybody who rides a bike whether there are recreational bike rider reducing the like for transportation orders serious cyclist. There are people who believe that they are better human being speak time it's the ride bikes. They think they're better than motorist. And that sometimes lead to an attitude of I'm gonna challenge you. Even if you're in the car and I'm on a bike from old Jefferson Becky your Honda VW well. In its current. Culture. Yeah. I really think there's a problem but there and buy in. Riding. It. Out. The you don't I'll. And technical problem in the. Yeah if everybody followed the annals it would it did feel safer and and you know in this shouldn't be a battle is shouldn't be class action should you know I'm right. And there are people who and I got a text about this earlier on Perot for example there's some just nicely. Newly painted. Pipelines and people who treat that like it's currently. Right I'm. Now a criminal element and chip below the wall. That at all. Well. Here at war and eat some. Well. To stop. It. Like it or. Try. To stop it. By or. Court and try and it went and beat. Well Becky I appreciate the call and I'm not gonna let you get away with they can year old if you're 65 let me think about you know mig Jagger 171. And he's rocking rolling and ends and and it sounds like you're out there in your active at 65 self. Don't act alt and singled. I'm Becky appreciate the call here's a Texas says it's all about respects like the majority of issues we have in society today. And that's true. It really is about respect. And nobody should have an attitude psychoanalyst or motorist. On journal stay witness this is the Scotia oh. And we'll be right back reward your comments whatever to do well. I sports talk is coming up next life from the Greenbrier saints' training camp they've got today off but a lot to talk about join hokey guy John. Obviate bare hands also Deke Bellavia and many more Christian American the whole crowd had to forget about Christian American team but tonight sports and more double coverage for me to midnight. Here under BWL. From gentility Jimmie you're on the scoot show good afternoon. Extra outspoken GO quarter court Utah local musician in order for exporter in high. Therapist or a daily basis. People come out belong where it stopped stopped silence him. One unfortunately for me it was shield on charter certainly feels about a month ago I drove by there toward what street heading toward the Ninth Ward. As dropping by decode the bicycle on the wrong way bald. The shoreline. We probably that was going viewed as front recently and cover up the order respect. This week Friday. I come up come up to grow one Wall Street. I come from from from Malaysia feels too so. Into working order there working royal street and I got I hit a green light vehicle to bicycle knows where all the protective Euro and I'm blown all the important. And chip that stopped it land option in this happens every. Four years or make these people being OC's. Every every post that that that their support so now sitting in the first quarter bicycle attached to. I can unload my equipment at the park illegally. More any cheap digital recorder just to get into war so. In it it's as. Editors and it's horrible Jimmy I don't know. You're right I appreciate the call will be saying they were talking about a lot of cyclists know all of them but many of them don't respect the rules of the road so he'll be careful here. I'm still have a great afternoon when you Marlins.