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8-7 7:10pm Bobby, Deke & Hokie: on today's scrimmage

Aug 7, 2015|

Bobby, Deke & Hokie talk about what Drew Brees and Sean Payton had to say after today's Black & Gold Scrimmage.

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A good eating a little to the final out all of sports so coming up with just a few moments we'll see what Saints quarterback Drew Brees had to say follow today's black and gold and it operated jaguar that you polish up that give you a Buick dot com. We're asking you do you think the safety things will be better. All words in 2015 and it was a season ago. Plus at the bottom now we're in here with the ankle chomping had to say somewhat disappointed. He sort of disappointing today and the black and gold scrimmage dispense about the with the defense with. I'm showing an ability to line up properly throughout the entire scrimmage has always number involved with 26018. Indy and you could take this 870. A step further ado here is saint motivate group priest because the media following today's black ankle where they quarterback Drew Brees Hoch if you would have. If they take the positive. Role the high road and I want them. And human growth these Ernie can't and then there were some good things come true when he when he I don't feel a bit con I think that. It would Wheatley hope again if I why it was so much confusion. All the defense lined up it was viewed it what if you yesterday when it kind in tight situations. A short yardage that it within the red zone so to speak but it's. It's one thing poking at the end to. It is I hope but not a pattern as is what what we've seen that uncle that took to 2013. When the defense made some improvements. With steel what you saw. As problems arise and thirteen with big play defense if we had it in a few things with him when he came down to a pattern it was like. OK to hit the Patriots. Or the games and they're careful following this team mean Nancy thought off the same way. It's almost like it always has had the quality closer to. Aaron and now. All in the parent will continue in right now you don't look likely close and I now know and you know we started making a few jokes about it up there and today is a thought there was Bulls to simplify this whole thing I mean that was. That was a battle cry this offseason. Where simplify things when you put guys in right position in the best position. And to do what they do best and Monica's which you get mad at me and me. 78 days and a and a practiced right at Danielle you picked all the TH mini camp. On yeah and me and look we had made. Take week they have even installed so much at the offensive and defensive playbook because. As that anywhere mere only eight days to it so when they do you start getting down. Note to the nitty gritty end you the third down opted appeared Jordan guarding. At every UK plan and any changes week to week. It's now like a walk then there's the month I should know what I'm Dillon but note the depending who you play in you sign it changes week to week. Kate you graphs that. And a coach at the bill. Process is that that the players what they have the ability to have to build that. The dog that's why he's still only acceptable. That's why coach but he was all picked off at because there's no way you should ever have a play. Where you have ten men on the field or twelve or thirteen win. Amicable. As well I wondered Q were you get half a dozen and a handful of times. Will do me. Don't let it that's why Sean Payton he goes ballistic yeah like he did all Bulls to Charles Bronson drug vs the rain outside a plan every. Girls Oki and where you know with a use words that folk. Focused on Tom pay it right in the slow things down and focus. And it was it was almost like thirty some of the things. I realize it was a practice. But it was like you know and can you just had to sweets it's like an oval and he just had to switch the punt team of all the field. The critical only of the you know and yeah you'd know immediately he helped teams compete and be ready. In in you you got to stop play because of that yeah and you need to go out there in developing at the mile is that second you have minutes yes that's right in between like a few things in between a lot like. From first down at second now this was one unique come all the field in the Dunn Utica yet. Hesitate me you'd you'd. Guys in the huddle whether it's offense would be fined you there's a specific spot that you spend any hearsay your middle linebacker. If somebody standing in that spot you've got to know right off the bat we even got too many people in here. Well our I didn't get the Mets come off the field they took in the wrong substitution. I don't know what the deal is but it's not something I mean. Drew Brees didn't just we've been on the road. Like him Jordan did right the you know we were sloppy some things that we've got to correct. It but. I also think it he's realistic enough to know that if that garbage continues that it we'll become a habit and value don't have real problem. Well I an everyday take the locker room moment by what do you look at that little matter of breezes playing great and I'll pitch a winning Jack. At the end of a pop or a team that's why true. Even though you might think he's at the highest level. He's the form at the hi my eyes level he says week. Yeah we says we had a sloppy practice you couldn't they went and Eddie I'm UP talk 101. Like detect it and and who's really honest about this is selfish and narcissistic that one beats him. I don't know I. I don't know what they do about all I know what the alum doing all the time and I took my job but it's a team sport. So it's been I think it's. That the that the cats get it and that's why the league's statement. Lobby practiced yet this evening the whole team to come together. Located at I'm like approves there whoever those young cat. I would never be questioned whether I should have been in the game and I. I'm by noble the coach is telling me get back yet so eager to get in there it would keep doing it I'm paying attention. Every second every drill and now like OK who's in there you know they don't think on a fine released to be in the regular. I'm tickled whatever right amicable at that that that that that that it drives me crazy in the only considering what. An adult crowd noise out there and only thing I didn't hear your college and figure out other idol crowd dodged a three year Rob Ryan. Yeah today yeah. About it but party last F then words yeah. When it got his okra and I do you couldn't come from all day you'd just watch well you know. Today you know okay. Will look on what might not do you that you aren't something I may write the go ahead of repudiate barely came across and this indicating. And it's quite comical. That you visit to that. And I did you play you know opening bell and now I really blame either there I don't blame rob Bryant. Now high you deal with things that we're personalities. Choice words. And how to utilize the language. But I don't necessarily blame robber likely that language could is that frustrating but the only thing is it's magnified. Everyone can hear it. You know because it's not like. Don't eat every now and he'll let you know it Houston though it. Make us so well they'll without any doubt in no way 'cause I was aggravated he was that they could have been built fans out there. He was an act in the same way. Are right we're gonna hear what coach Payton had to say it Ian played at a 4 o'clock hour period again after the they called Peyton. What's the other the support the singly Judy what he had to say after today's black ankle practiced here on things radio WW. And welcome back here to the year prior pantsuit with fatigue thinks about all the time folks who we have made jaded by taking. Could care it was a lot of food anticipate taking out the but I could go with him today an operative tonight or that you poet of Ethiopia dot com do you think that think the things will be better all worth. In 2015. Bell gave the coming up. Next week we have made double week of the 1000 dollar Afrique his confidence the cubicle word for the top outings at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM 5 PM. Going to tickle worked with a 7288. Want to congratulate how earnest. Who won a thousand dollar started this week listening to actually Howland at 5 o'clock outdoor sports talk for all of that is a here on that you do view. I don't know Sunday for a special addition to sports talk live here from saint training camp with the game yet. Our resident pro look guys I'm Bobby if you would talk about the cruise the week. In the Blanco could sit for practice. On a Sunday evening we'll talk about the all of that recap everything it. You don't see what it takes place about a they are so after. This game it's going to be addressed to see a pokey. Everything it takes place on something to approach it coaches and so we'll because it's. If the situation the way areas and I think people come with a broken stick Perth he kind of gave a lot take on it in me a couple of crosses the negative. But we were Kevin yeah. What happened actually if you kind of balance stuff out and I think almost at the same thing. As it comes a time when coach Payton and you don't play as all of them all with Ernie Sunday. Maybe with after the day they go reviewed the film it's that time athletic conference criticism. That negatives that the got to go through and it's a town like you know what they get so. He's right on a date we've got to move forward and that's I was hoping capitals sun. That's exactly right and they came out a hectic day yeah I mean I can't look. They know they had a terrible practice today and that's it primarily defensively. And the only way that you can correct yet is he going and you watch the the tape of practice and then after that like you see it you've got to put it behind you because. I mean if you keep doing it it used to become you know reputations BA you know how about you practice like you play. He'll practice makes perfect and all that kind of stuff. You know mental bust our that's studying your playbook I mean that's all new. At age your responsibility. To know when you've got to be in the game and sure they have different. Nickel and dime packages for the first unit the second unit the third unit. But I mean it's no excuse for or why we're going to want to institute. Right if you're on the second unit and you know in base defense these eleven got to both be out there. If you're in nickel defense the the eleven got there and I mean there's the number two. Nickel defense. And and can't use it because of some. In street and got not participating. Today. Things of that nature. Maybe somebody did he confused but at that got the thinking about it. You really good. Guys that work practicing. Or. Ot but it got him Lido. Tehran Armstead right CJ Spiller and now on the Pittsburgh not practice into the target date PUP. So I mean there goes that theory out to win the big news they were all offensive players to get that we're down signed the defense has have been. A 100% or ego it. It really is excuse. I mean it'll stick in my craw for a couple of days and you know it probably about Sunday afternoon and probably like which isn't a player can do you know I mean I'm done with the. He would have little something no doubt about it. Here is Saints coach Sean Payton followed date back to go it. And anything coach Tom pay you know wrapping up these black schools in the three months ago. Comment on noble we talked about it is that something had to be cleaned the look at the youthful coaches it's in accord hopeful. I'm out aren't they mitigated because they basic thing you know it's pathetic excuse though because some of the things that haven't they have been occurring. Well yeah I mean it press conference yesterday. At practice I mean that was. I don't think it he really realized that he was predicted the future right there but today yesterday as comment. It is after practice interview was you know our substitution package you know wanna make sure that that goes well because you know like at practice. They could take as much time as they want between snaps yup you don't want to get lolly gag round line but. You wanna get in a huddle get the line of scrimmage in front start treatment get well well today with the officials out there can be a little bit more of a clock on and so it was pretty. And so low and behold he talks about the substitution package yesterday and we all want dead meat and what was the big issue today. The substitution package you know. Yeah and I don't know whether. Because if you AV I don't mean you don't know but I mean without companies for a stress to the coaching staff yesterday I look. You know we had issues with this last year. I know that you just scrimmage but let's make sure that clean you know guys in their party not even bring it up they could well. They it was a problem last year so really they should be. Opposite art all right welcome back to give Bobby a final thought to wrap it up to Chris Canty bout with double coat with a bowl this is he thought I don't think you debuted at. All right. Welcome back Brett things with our resident pro pokey and about the eight. But it but do those sentiments back in the studio involvement all game also thank. Can't handle all the news for the latest on the Blanco with the law ought to do you do you go come. Coming up to eighth double double Kristi gave the team but they've made a few people that take them in Mexico. Bogut guys and have the ability as always thought by the eighth inning Bobby eBay but that really shallow. I view that.