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8-9 1:10pm Bobby, Deke & Hokie: on the Hall of Fame inductees

Aug 9, 2015|

Bobby, Deke & Hokie reminisce about linebackers Junior Seau and Charles Haley, both of whom were inducted in the Hall of Fame this year.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They're welcome back our number two without stumbling in some great hall of fame sound from last night's induction into retirement ceremony in Canton Ohio. Do you UCL a don't see. And trying him which is very moving and headed for the few moments also we will fuel on the greatest offensive lineman ever. In a five times people champion with a nine as the Cowboys and one of the greatest past coaches in here to the game trolls Heatley among those. Jerome Bettis Tim Brown Bill Polian. You naymick they would inducted last night eight into the hole. I think 260 points and economic game although pro at a critical people about first let's go to a call. I'll talk about the defense and Rob Ryan to Algiers for Michael Michael thank you call it. It might go to guy. Alou with Michael that on what's gone twice all right. Mike if you can can't go with a call back and we will get through UK okay yeah it's a few moments. Well. I think Michael them out terrorism that it wouldn't and it. So I don't know but I thought then if Peter Coleman. And like the year Michael from Algiers because he plays go make a good point about rod sign before it was so windy you. Get that benefitted out that you could be sues beat. Well and I don't like us at some audiences they've trying to I mean I think the activists see the obvious you think that Whitner short leash yeah yeah yeah I would be if the that would be the first time in its on air that the utes don't like it really the idea pretty Arlington but I would say it afterward. That day in Vietnam before the where. You're at if mine though he cut somebody behind the takeover. Yeah yeah which in its Allen in the right yes absolutely. Yet they got to the point Allen's enemy. All of that and and that sort of mr. over. If you bring a will choose the talk about the you know she's she ignored because a lot of times. I'll give props that line. If you're you're truly a hall of Famer. Are you consistent Pro Bowl would advocate making. You know what the role of holding and holding now is yeah I racked bogeyed eight QB dominating and you never gonna hear their name in infield they get. Holding call it felt like OK it's positive but that's predictable to do. I mean would I with Carl addicts. In Jahri Evans. Carried the best you'll guards. He got as a belly up we have event you'll guards but that you like about them and Els because UT yep the granite. I'll look at will shields and in what he did and another guy that is the bills who the and it could be a trivia question and make a call here what does make jingle ball and it will shields having common. It well with that Nebraska. So I'm I didn't feel that you know reading in the reading their comments it's what they did that and other all decade team. In the 2000. You look will she's shields what he accomplished. You know twelve time pro bowler. With two time all role always look at that it does go to show you look most duels not a first round draft pick. We all hope. Enters the works out first round pick that he was that there around. Now this is unbelievable. Didn't miss a single game in his career. The you know like you know Helen you well in this is still in his career start this final to a 23. Appearances. After failing to crack the first team line out for his rookie debut. That a words. Is rookie debut elated attic we figured that it has got that you're starting now and then already started Huard 23 straight times. The meat the meat. A look that great he thought with the lines that they were anything though would you look at Marcus Allen. Priest Holmes Larry Johnson. He was one you know those guys are great numbers right in the ball well against who's opening holes. That's right they go will shields. All right Doug Junior Seau of course passed away and on his daughter and his family were there last night to go to Sydney and trying to bury moving it with the speed that many people highlight the best. In last night's hall of fame induction ceremony came here is Sydney say out of trying to come late father Junior Seau. An impact on by cities they out the our daughter of the late great Junior Seau was one of eight members of trying to the Pro Football Hall of Fame last night OP. He was the guy that obviously was known Al west. For what he did ecology USC. He's one of those kind that a lot of times and it happens to Wear big time college football player. It's stint you can look at he position but I would say sometimes and I'm back they've been great college player but don't necessarily translate to a great. Pro career at what the case would you consider not. Case I mean I remember. The first game ever call. Which came in Houston. Out there in San Diego to watch if you stay out Utley alive and made it to dad never stopped. The entire game I mean even. You know of pre snap everything that he was moving around I don't know that was his way. You know to be met him at the opposite of Lima quarterback wherever we can. We talked the other day about how the Saints didn't have a player on the Internet account for you had to account for and stay out. And we Rahal led all that movement he was doing you just never knew where it was gonna come from. So in that regard be very hard I would think yeah offensive lineman. You know what's my block and we spot if he would stay still I know what my responsibility is. But he would never stop there. Well it big no along those lines though I'd never stop he'd be like. That are you know and you know have a month that would during the five hour energy well. He was like that 24/7. I don't know what football field yet the bill dollars it feel we as that they heat and he was a running around like a bad health outline this outlined in. Thought business in his then that he recorded ten plus tackles. Is 64 gain 64 times Tuesday it didn't influence. That the game how we always recognize him. They would as the best that events. When a player one game as double digit tackles yeah so you beauty and and that's like. That's an assistant. That not a field. That's so lol yeah so when you look at that about have a nose for the football and help with the leather and he was coming downhill. And I guess that sometimes our early exit as well. That I've been actually mine Heidi when it hit me. And it in mind him being overly aggressive. Could it be that everybody that perfect QB did have a weakness he'd be so aggressive that you could sometimes. Beat him one the play action because his own concept. Because he was so physical and wanted to attack the Balkan. Area that it is his daughter Sidney sale of the it become more here from a guided terrorized quarterbacks in the national football league for many years in the way to five Super Bowl rings Charles Haley. And out now Michael and Al vehicles thought about Rob Ryan the Saints defense that's yet to come go to 3 o'clock today here don't think radio didn't give you real. But I can go practice in the day from three to 450 a New Orleans sound bit without the four to five feet to about 6 o'clock here. At West Virginia the Greenbrier. They'll get sports talk weekdays from four to 8 PM here on stage radio that utopia where you get a full breakdown of every. Actually plate and up practice they had with the Saints. From our resident pro token guys on and by the eighth day to the phone to go with clout to Algiers for Michael he won't talk about the Saints defense Michael thank you for called. It's all right that I. And we're against. Run run not long but you authority. On the mapped out the last and grow. And. The economy if it does it do with. I mean that's what we're OK we all love him after the first and is going to talk about somebody you know like that and I mean you've got you've got enough pain in his and it's part of what they've done on the field I'd pencil them by about him on the use them. And I've looked like got that pirate. Come on yeah because I mean nobody gave way to Europe now with the yet if you win with defense yeah it's actually be here. Know you eat it viewed any in any article operated in the and they were embraced them adequately got a weighted than that I you look. I understand all of that. I probably should. You know I'd I've really done demand. You know we have some real problems on B we have problems last year problems on defense this year. Did going to court. You know yet. Well we held accountable it I don't think it's as he will be I guarantee it there's a short leash you know I was just talking about that. That. No. Is not a conflict of personalities international on it Rob Ryan. That the head coach Phillip Payne I think if both obviously want to win the extremely competitive. Look at that gene pool. And that that. You know that that pedigree in in. I know it there is that and who you learn from Buddy Ryan. Rob Ryan. Rick Rex Ryan with the Buffalo Bills I know I know they know with. Do but you gotta get the players to do it. Right and and Andy did that the First Lady it's a flash in the paint whenever there's somebody like what you did it about these about Junior Seau there was 11 thing it. But Iran it would it now fall to grow right in and we knew Vance deadbeat in when he was with the Eagles in when he was with. You feel that it with all of against the is McCarthy with two regrets. Is that at times he doubted. Owe it to be aggressive against the best of his quarterbacks difficult for an you'd yeah actually you know you say okay. That a quarterback. And the rules changes and I UK he's knocked the crap Adam anymore. But he was going to be aggressive no matter what. Well what happens. Hopefully you win it in the lightly the fans that only a cores either feast their man live by authorities have a sort. If you're able to get that a quarterback it the it is creating heroes and all that but all of that you put of the fitness and Ireland. Indeed if you get bird now that you've given up a big play. It is like a vice chairman Alison is gave them a 67 yards out. But touchdown. At there's it was third and eighteen. A perfect example. That the Eagles gained. It's not that area not of the economy coach Knight did that he's but route as safety help packets AJ green. 888. Look at it and dull and one guy and a great it is all all we hear it it never amount of chances with him about. Yes it is like yet though state helped as though late at night Kiko. It there and eighteen the average yet. That slide playing the percentages. That that's why it's hard it's hard NFL party at the vets that have been the pick and choose. When it was not the blitz and appreciating who you blitz. If anything ticket events that Tom Brady. I Drew Brees and Peyton that world you'd think it hurt you might go to go Eagles right at the Jets and do that off Brian Hoyer. That that it matters who you going to get it going to be that aggressive. All right if you give Leo knew if time is 132 without a first knew that we will go to guy on me. Ball in the hall of things Downey was again it'd be here at cohost bugging Agassi era as him for many years on the way to five Super Bowl rings one of the greatest as roses in the history of the game. Last night outing into the hall of fame here is Charles haley's all the things beat. When you can look at him with stamp on Filipino citizen group purses in the mud those that both these real. But if you look at what some might both be a good football played the best of the best that troubles me. He was you know one out and practice a little bit surprised about that that speech that he gave right there that they're probably they would learn. No it certainly wasn't him he started off with a bang it. Yeah there's not like they golf with a Fella at Pebble Beach. In. You know elaborate on that bit. But the Utley they're talking about it all the air a little more of I tell you what it is goes to show you how you got to develop whether you know late bloomer. Or yet you know it always. As novels always in the city where guys with the school and how to get there with that they achieve. The schedule as opposed to show you we've backe that they'll find you where every year at. You look at dealt him grow and adversity he's fees. When you're gonna see new program. Mean a guy that played LSU and well she won them because of circumstances but he has no. When you go to college none of yet so I mean. Thought about that odds stacked against you where guess where Charles Haley with his coup. James Madison not. Dolly Madison the white known him and you yet I mean it would and you think James Madison Virginia if you think it'd. Mean who's recovering at Virginia Tech and Virginia invaders. A did he go. The Jays medical despite the northwest Louisiana mag knees. You know that that's high school southeast Louisiana. But I doubt about the best of events. And all I know is. There was three people. In and I've played an NFL as stolen base that doesn't years. There that is significant different pass protection. As far as you wanna know where they're always that. All the time and I guess the players today and have your most teams do that again JJ watt mine but he was Lawrence Taylor. Reggie White and Charles Haley. Literally we had Hayley protection. Than in other words what I've seen about that. Is that we weren't getting get them an opportunity before the game could be won only one whether it was the tight end help with the tackle. On the running back chipping. And health and the tackle. That went in and leave attack on the island that they can have that kind of confidence. In eight whip that they still would win. You know the era I don't know like beating you just the most among all the theme get it show ends in koranic called and he he he wings and an eight with youth and a strong game you wouldn't realize how strong it was where you an edge rusher. And use his quickness but he week if he can catch on your heels. And thought like okay uses that technique. Because they trying to the Connor yours beat ourselves at least beat. He can almost see it that you're Connell and he'll retire and be quick feet. In that the human animal that bull rushed in and run over. Kind of like Reggie White you know mark Lipton. Even even Lawrence Taylor the best that events that it never one dimensional. The best that a vast. And naked power she will reshoot or utilize. There's beat the best of they want than Europe yet and if one person will be two people and even at the pro level. Man what book and you say I mean we that would come about 11 pro I've been to college team with about one professional me the pros. Officially. It is that the the the beat. Yes and it and peak that's arriving leaving me to regain his feet and three season and direct with these I don't know how much in the pre season. JJ watt with Timonen and that it that are pre game and how to utilize him. With the thinks it tree in his kind of eve -- good for the Texas organization. How are beginning utilize them but I got in my notes not you bring up calming. If I'm a Texas fan. Look that I liked about it right now. Jared Burton was that the UP physically able to book arm. No we need to vote on the field and he spoke you making it easier before why yes yes. And it to help out the pits whose Bulls Shelvin Adidas who pay them I mean Dallas Jerry is bird. The only mean a much is give much a requirement when you get rewarded financially. Both to be a leader. I got to look at it is whatever is that they they. Whether the bit to our office does something on or anything with it get ahead bullet guys you'll give me so many guys you need those guys as they help me. And he got to be great because skate be good so it is open help Rob Ryan Sweeney yours birdie there. All right what article I'll pro Pro Football Hall of Fame center look at the Eagles talk about the saint front office this is sports Sunday. Saint Faulk on Saints radio WW.