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8-18 The Scoot Show 110pm, Removing Confederate Logo from Mississippi State Flag

Aug 18, 2015|

The Mississippi state flag includes a Confederate battle flag emblem. Should it be changed? Beloved Southerners – including Archie Manning and Jimmy Buffett – have joined an effort to remove the Confederate emblem from their home state flag – Archie, Jimmy Buffett, author John Grisham and actor Morgan Freeman all signed a letter titled, “A Flag for All of Us” – If you admire Archie Manning or if you’re a Parrothead – does this change your opinion? And if it doesn’t change your opinion – are you more willing to accept another opinion without hating the person who expresses it? And, let’s talk about that - Celebrities take positions on social and political issues - Is there a celebrity you disagree with on politics – but you still admire their work? And if it’s possible to disagree but not hate Archie Manning or Jimmy Buffett – then isn’t it possible to disagree without hate?

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So we have flies out what is apparently going to be a tropical depression to look at really soon and when it becomes a tropical depression tropical storm it's going to be named Danny. And it could be a hurricane by Friday this is the latest and of course you can dance stay tuned to WQL. AM and FM for all the latest details nothing for us to even consider yet this is in the lesser Antilles and it's going to be here cruising into the net the area there's some of the outer Caribbean islands are really this this can go so many different directions no need to worry about it. But it has been such a calm seas and I mean it's unbelievable that we're this far into August. And were only on the d.s. And you think about all the stuff that's going on in the Pacific. This is because of a very very strong el Nino and the Pacific northwest. And California very very drawing it that means of them and it's no season for. The Seattle area for Portland Oregon Mount Hood and in those areas. And we are apparently going to have a colder and wetter winter this year and based on the weather that we've got right now I'm I'm waiting for the colder and wetter Wiener. Should people take personal phone calls on their cellphones while they're doing their job you know you NIC this time people were Kamal there on the phones. IC and people working downtown. And they're they're doing a job. But there on yourself. And you pass by and and you can tell that many of these conversations are personal conversations. So many a personal not related to work does that drive you crazy. When or where do you see it most and should people take personal calls on their cell phones while they're doing their job. We'll talk about his show later in the show and also before your practice criticize others is that something that you do as well. Also wants to show this afternoon we'll talk about whether or not there any parallels. Between football and politics. During a press conference ravens head coach John Harbaugh. Went on a ranked he would he was talking about football and then started talking about politics in America. Harbaugh started talking about getting the NFL referees more practice talk. But then started talking about politics. He said. Maybe they ought to start talking to one another. That's what I would suggest. May be like our government to may be talked to one another solve a problem once and awhile instead of creating a problem. Harbaugh went on to say. But more can say oh be more concerned with your country. And your party. How about we do that. He said I'm going trump here build the wall it's not that hard you don't have a border you don't have a country. You're not a country without a border right at the same time you have twelve to fifteen million hardworking people here give them a shot. Given the chance to become a citizen. So they're paying taxes. All of us know that it's not that complicated but this site doesn't wanna sell that neither does that side neither one of them wants to solve the problem. Now wanting to give them a shot is different and trumps immigration plan he wants everybody deported witches. Logistically and financially. Impossible. I heard on the news last night could if you take the average. Amount that it would take two I'd deport somebody when you consider the number of people in this country which says a judge Napolitano. Fox News last night. Who said he would take like. I think he said forty years to deport everybody. So I mean it's it's it's not even the study impractical so. If you didn't create the problem then we still need to figure out a way to deal with the problem but also I think it's interesting that John Harbaugh is rants. About how politicians can't come together and solve a problem. It is is interesting and he's right. And it parallels a football team. You know you can't have a divided locker room and winning game. And think about how divided the saints appeared to be last season. It appears as if their locker room was very divided again I wasn't there so I don't know you weren't in the locker room and they're gonna keep anything says a secret. But it sure seems as if the saints had a divided locker room last year. Are there parallels between football and politics. So we'll talk about that so little bit later in the show. But first up on his future this afternoon the Mississippi State flag includes confederate battle flag emblem. Should the state flag be changed. That's our project opinion poll and we're talking about that this afternoon if you wanna join us with a comment our number is 260. 1870. -- coat final four to 601 and seventy. Attacks amber is a 77. Beloved southerners. Including Archie Manning and Jimmy Buffett Morgan Freeman author John crush. They have joined an effort to remove the confederate emblem from their home states. The state of Mississippi flight. Archie. Jimmy Buffett. Signed a letter titled a flag for all of us. And in the letter it says. That it's simply is not fair or honorable. To ask black Mississippi race to attend schools. Competing in athletic events. Were in the public sector survey National Guard. Or go about normal lives with a state flag big glorifies war fought to keep their ancestors enslaved. Archie Manning as part of his effort. Archie Manning play quarterback for the Ole miss rebels when the confederate flag and their mascot I think it was like a little confederate general. That has been changed by when Archie was playing happily it was still the confederate general. These things were very offensive to many of the players and fans. And many may disagree with Ortiz position on the Mississippi State flag. And I'm sure that there are paired heads out there who disagree with Jimmy Buffett's insistence that the Mississippi State flag change because it's offensive. But the question is will you do lose respect for Archie and Jimmy Buffett or Morgan Freeman John Grisham will you lose respect for them because of their position. I think it's interesting that so many who were quick to criticize saved radio talk show poster somebody on television or somebody in the media. Who condemns the confederate flag. Might not watch the same criticism against somebody like Archie Manning. Or Jimmy Buffett. So when beloved celebrities. Take positions on controversial issues. Some people. Take a different side of the debate. Which is which is natural but they still love and admire the celebrity. The question is do you change your opinion. You want you admire Archie Manning. Are you a parent had but Jimmy Buffett. Do you change your opinion because of what they say or. Might you just be more accepting. Of what they say. But yet very critical when somebody else has the same thing. Yeah I think we learn a really interesting lesson with this when it's somebody like Archie Manning. Summary like Jimmy Buffett somebody as respected in her piers Morgan Freeman. When these beloved celebrity's say take down the Mississippi flag it needs to change take that confederate battle emblem off of it. There's quick criticism when somebody else says that. But maybe not the same criticism when somebody who symbol of celebrity says. So doesn't this teachers that we can disagree. Without heeding the person. Without hitting each. And I wonder if those who would be critical to talk show host for saying you know what to convert like these to come down. I wonder if they're gonna send a text or make a phone call or our sense some kind of a message to Archie Manning. Saying the same thing to him about how wrong Archie Manning years. You are our willingness to accept the other opinion a couple of celebrity. Without Haiti condemning that person I think demonstrates how hate has become such a common emotion and political debates. And if we can disagree but not hate Archie Manning or Jimmy Buffett. Because they support removing his confederate flag emblem from the Mississippi State like then it is possible to disagree. Without heeding others who have a different opinion. And is growing tendency to condemn a person to express is a different opinion. Because of controversial topic I think really. Defy aced the respect that we should all have for the spirit of the First Amendment. You know too often hate. Becomes a key element in political debates. And it's it's it's more obvious today that it has ever been in my recollection of talking about politics. And passion is a wonderful thing. But not when passion turns into hate. For those who simply have a different opinion. And have you ever boycotted in any way. Have you ever boycotted a celebrity. Because of their opinion of something. And what's your feeling about Archie Manning now saying look discussion Mississippi which your opinion about Archie Manning saying the confederate part. Of the flag. In the state of Mississippi. Needs to come down. You agree with him and and when somebody like that has an opinion like dad. Does it ever caution to change your position. Our if you wanna join us with a comic this afternoon here's our number 2601. Saturday. Every coach final four to 601. A seventy text H 7870. On scoots pop culture calendar for today August the eighteenth. It was on this day in 1986 Bon Jovi released slippery when wet. An album that is one of the top selling albums of all time and then I remembered it Bon Jovi concert I guess it was about. 88. Mississippi Gulf Coast coliseum. Where he swung on I think it was on during a song he he swung out like like he was flying over the crowd. Austin anyway slippery when wet release on this day in 1986. This is Disco show and we're coming right back with your comments. On Debbie WL. Are you surprised to hear that Archie Manning Jimmy Buffett so Arthur John aggression and revered actor Morgan Freeman only gets in Mississippi they join this effort to have the confederate emblem from the Mississippi State flag removed. Yeah I was visiting some friends of mine on the Mississippi Gulf Coast a couple weeks ago. And I respect him a frenzy and he said to we're talking about the confederate flag that he simply you know Mississippi's got to the confederate emblem on the flag and I'm not sure that that's a debate that's not country erupt very soon well. You know it it it started to happen before but now it has erupted and when somebody like Archie Manning. Stands for something that you disagree with. You don't hate Archie Manning who. You don't change your opinion of Archie. You simply recognize that you have a different opinion from Archie. So isn't that the way it should be with everybody. And I distinct is a good opportunity to talk about how hate has become such a common element. In our political discussions today. That we don't have to hate each other. Why would why would we think that we would ever leave the country where everybody agreed. And there are always two candidates and sometimes there's three but there's usually two candidates in every race. Locally. Statewide. Nationally. Both candidates don't win. So one side is always. Upset. There's always going to be one side whose candidate didn't win. With bush. There was aside it wasn't happy with Obama there's aside it's not happy. But when that has turned into such hate I think that's. That's what we need to try to address. If you put to join us for the comets are number is 2601870. Eric 05042601. Activity and a tech's number is 877. A from Lafayette CC year on the scoot chill on WL. I'm in good CC. Acted. I don't know of any relation. Gradient is. This one and it for an am actually mean people think about. Not our country of course is more records act probably in an effort. Pain. Me there are a lot. It's in that we it actually born on all our. Beat Jack and it yeah accident Kuwaiti air eat it immediately that tree at a year and Indy. Cheryl. Yes that's Anthony I am right pat and me. And it can draw on it on in there you mystery. Grant head delayed promised effort and me we can't memorial should and then people. Gained. It is an act it's 18 point add that it. Not yet you know if that day. That Yale can't send me in the GA. Up or. Allah or at least their goal like that where you got Mike. Mean. We'll do. It. SEC I think what's happened with this whole debate I mean this is not the first time we've had a debate about the confederate flag corps or monuments but because of when this happened in time. And as we as we. Evolve as a country in a society in general. It seems as if more people became aware of how offensive those things work to some Americans and if they're that offensive to some people who are true Americans. That why not say OK well you know liked. If I'm gonna argue that you shouldn't be offended by the flag and I can also argue that the absence of the flag shouldn't be offensive to me and it doesn't change who anybody is where the the flag is up or down. Right right at that that I can't I did via the people that bats are painted. And I keep etiquette in Berkeley says besides. That corn that. I think the morning early in the end it there. You know people flatly denying me. Four and I'm. A giggle acting scenes and actually nick that a lot of bad things. Seasick I appreciate it take time to columnists and Acosta thanks for listening in Lafayette. Aren't you you wanna join us for your comment this afternoon our number is 2601873. Cup final four to 601870. In a text numbers 877. Here's a text as mister Manning know his history. Where we see before this controversy began. Not fighting to get rid of the flag he's doing this for publicity I wish people would fight for things that matters such as people's lives. And our human rights. Do you think art she's doing this for publicity. I don't think so. I think he's doing it because he believes that okay at this point in his life he's come to realize. This is wrong and the confederate emblem should not be on the confederate I mean should not be on the Mississippi State play. A for Pascagoula Fred you're on the Scopes show under the W well. Duke Archie Moore well blitz reputed that. I would agree and an old Wembley the arch is a good line. He's and I opened his opinion. You people are good and and and and and all of the mile later Kirk. Are are good where people. I disagree with Jimmy but ultimately create but yet on one of the biggest. Yeah I'm sure there are a lot of people friends who love Jimmy Buffett but they are they're not in favor the legalization of marijuana and knowing what I know by Jimmy Buffett I think he would be very much in favor of that. Nipple or who becomes a cut out the middleman. But you know they're great they're out to our own just go. In public that many. That AJ opinions and express some dislike you and I. And now. You know RG. Occupant. Of the study witnesses at the and so it more important and now and John Marshall and now. I'm not a stroke earlier with our desire Markey and chip it but. There you. This just I don't go and now you know despite business to be. On whether to. Change. In a vote not to Tammy and when and where the people currently it is spoke. Well it. You know what you. Are when when when it's up there sort of go district you know or so like. And that government back in broad comedy here and now they're gonna get there in the real world. And it's interesting Fred and you wonder if that vote was taken today if the state of Mississippi you would vote to keep that confederate emblem as part of their states like Fred I'm glad you call from a Pascagoula. If you wanna join us with a comment this afternoon here's the number 2601870. Eric 05042601878. And a text number is 877. Here's and Texas says so I don't fully yourself scooped some people now hate Archie Manning remember when Drew Brees made his weapons of mass destruction comment. People are ready to burn. His Jersey another tech says thanks dude humor so rights Archie is a very good man if you're Arnold stay with us this is the scoop show where politics and pop culture. Meet your opinions now the afternoon from one to four. Under the W. And here's another news updates with Chris Miller. I hear is heard in the news or Chris Miller about this this Gretna cop who is son arrested for distributing child pornography. You see a picture this starts on our website at WTO dot com why don't all of these child porn guys appear to be of middle aged white men. And and do you wanna start stereotyping middle aged white man. I don't wanna be judged in that way but I mean. A tale of all the things that I can tolerate all the things that I can try to understand even if I don't specifically understand them to hold child porn thing is something I don't get. Mean what is it about that that is so attractive to. Apparently so many people. Here's a pretty gentle opinion poll this hour it's also part of our discussion the Mississippi State flag includes a confederate battle flag emblem should it be changed. 53%. Say no. 47% say yes it shipping by going to our web site WW real dot com. And if you just joined us for talking about a Archie Manning and Jimmy Buffett show among those who have signed a letter that says a flag for all of us. And it states that did it's it's not fair or honorable US black Mississippi ends to attend school compete and athletic events work in the public sector serve in the National Guard. Or go about their normal lives when the state flag glorifies war fought to keep ancestors insulate. Do you agree with Archie Manning. And if you disagree with him. DD Haiti in the way you have hated others who had a different opinion from yours. If you were to join us with the comets that numbers 2601. A seventy and a text number is 87 eats every from Mississippi mark here on the scoot show good afternoon. It's compact segment Alter. And distribute. It was border rate here. At this. There. So they'll feel one way or upper I'll tell you that I think would elaborate way and on. And actually like this should. They have a kind of an opinion. More so then it's probably. But. Carol and Barbara or. Their Lander wandering mind. You know. Street. That. And then taken down. Generally from these are all. Into action. Mark it's not gonna change shipment I'd I try to try to look at it this way since you know I can't look at it from somebody else's perspective. I try to think about what if something. Equivalent to that. What is. Appearing to me every day to be. On a statue. In honor of somebody. That. Whether he meant this in the end or not he ultimately stood for. Stood for a award it was fighting in part to maintain slavery. So you know for if somebody is so offended by that and I trust that that people are in the same way that there offended by the confederate flag. Then I tried to understand how they might feel now. I think me away Andrew made a mistake by bringing this up as an issue but now that it's an issue we can't put it to we can't put it back in the bag if it's out there. But the but the statue. As I said before if the statue. It's not to be offensive to others then maybe we can also argue that while the absence of the statue is not offensive to history. Well. I think it's slippery slope that I. Do start to move on. Because you don't agree with. The stumble there. Because slavery what action guardian remove the built because that was built lately are all stored building doors that were built with money actually is or is. Well what it's a slippery I would agree and I think that Jackson. From Germany. In or true. And then they but. However that it. That happened if they kept them that those those concentration camp Japan. How do you feel about Archie Manning stance on sinner just surprised that Archie got into this this discussion. I am because he was more level. You could. So you think that somebody who wants that removed from the Mississippi State like would not be a level headed person. You know were. In the parliament should be. Baking under the should be. In a audit. A lot of that. Rebels. They're straight. Well I was I don't think it was part of it wasn't part of state flag of just flying on on state property. I'll ask. You know where were these people vote for this shooting and got all these people or stranded by robbery and by the state. Where they or lecture. You know mark I think they were always. Well I understand what you're saying I I think the outcry came as a result of once again people. I'm voicing an opinion about how offensive these symbols are two of them and we reach a point where sometimes. Somebody else on the other side goes well you know I didn't really see it that way but you don't now I do I mean. As as a country we changed our opinion of blacks we change our opinion of women we change our opinion of a lot of different things as we move on where were the people fighting for women's rights before 1920. Now we are where the people who are fighting for women's equality before the women's lib movement of the the seventies. So sometimes we've just reach a point where okay wait a minute now we've reached this point where OK now it's time to make this change. I can't. Beat their. Com. But real field. Bill Mayer and try to change. Their. You know. Yeah I'm not gonna disagree with that and and as I said with the news confederate flag and South Carolina there's a difference between a monument standing. Not that I don't appreciate that some people were offended but there's a difference between a monument standing. And the raising of a confederate battle flag on a daily basis over state property mark I really enjoyed our conversation. If you're on hold stay with us if you've got a comment. Here's a number. 260187. BA coach final four to 601878. Text. A 7870. We'll be right back on him do well. I funder and darkening skies just outside of our studio windows here in downtown New Orleans. So you might be some rain as we mentioned yesterday I don't forget to return year. Lights on if you're in the rain also there's a new poll that does support basically what is so fox poll said yesterday in new poll from CNN ORC. And it shows Donald Trump 44% of the support among Republican of voters and I think bush is in second place with nine Ers night with for 13%. And and I think it's Carson with 9% so Carson really did. On a benefit a lot from the debate. We're talking about Archie Manning joining this this effort to have the Mississippi State like change because of the confederate emblem. And I know this easily Morse into a conversation about statutes and and different things I wanna try to focus in on this because we've talked about all those other things and I know that that's all part of one of the bigger conversation. But we change. And sometimes we come to judge things differently depending on what we've been through when where we are as a as a society. And I got a text here this is so why didn't our four black mayors before land through find these monuments offensive and fight to have them removed. Mean I think that is a legitimate issue but. They may not have liked him. But we've reached a point where. Suddenly something becomes more important than it once once. And that can be with your kids and it could be with this country and get back to your calls Jill at home you're under the W well. Did you. Just. That simple wall. Abolish it. Or. Are they. Know embattled said it was about a mile an addiction to be corrected you and among other things about it it was but it all of it really did come down beside me. Joseph if you don't know Joseph Joseph. Matt. It may sound a bit of the southern states but no other guys keep this place. I yeah. The war ended what. It. When. Aggregate frustrated. At what history. Well sort. That them on their. Do you think of Archie Manning coming out saying he wants it down. Yet but Joseph you're you're right and look if you if you wanna argue that the civil war was not about slavery high you can make their arguments but there are a lot of scholars who have studied the civil war much more than. That I have and maybe even more than you. Who do agree that. The civil war was. A major part of the civil war came down to the whole idea of slavery but I'd appreciate your call jail. Aren't priceless and from Metairie changer on WWL. Well thanks dude though it was a pleasure. Scoop removing that confederate. In any battle like when it decides. That isn't in any battle flag it was carried into battle there were no radios in the nineteenth century wars. People. The union soldiers were awarded the medal of honor. If you read some of the citations were picking up the battle flag of their unit. So that the troops could rally around that flag it was very very important in battle. That lag again is that in any battle flag in its on the 88 state flag in Mississippi. That should be done immediately I applaud Archie Manning and the others are showing the courage to step up and demand the removal of that in any flag from the state of Mississippi. Not eat it I'm sure Archie anticipated that he that he's catching from this he knows that in the enormously courageous. In this you know I know you don't talk about the monuments but against those guys especially leave wasn't in any general. Yeah that's statues and a prominent place in the world and the place of honor he does not deserve that it needs to be removed from another the location and finally dispute. It Louisiana's favorite racists and educator David duke just the other day he came out what it. What a surprise rights group he and courting of one sentence here according to David duke the former Klansman the attack. Quote the attack on the confederate flag spurred on by vicious racist hatred and amounts to nothing more. That cultural genocide against people of European descent in the south in America and around the world folks it. If you wanna be associated with David do. Then that your pleasure that is in. Ellie David essentially just called me and Archie and you would a lot of other people racist well it would let it David duke is it degenerates okay. I just went good enough. David duke was almost elected governor in the stated that that's another smear but anyway folks. That is an in any way we would not put it I dislike in the state flag we would not put it German flag or Japanese slick it is equipped with. To the tune of a breather just mention. I James. And types get text here. Callers wrong civil war is about slavery like EU could justify the civil war as being about all these other things if if that if that makes you feel better. But there are so many historians who understand that much of it was about the practice of slavery. So maybe we need to move on. If you're Arnold stay within sight astute and we'll be right back on WWL. It's here's an updates on this hour's party general opinion poll the Mississippi State flag includes a confederate battle flag emblem should it be changed big shift in Nara. Our opinions. Right now 40% say no but the majority 60% say yes from Mississippi John Euro on WW well. Yeah I well into a crater there that people see. The role. And it global trade into you around you feel. Well and I try to understand that John and and I think it's really easy for people say well you know it doesn't offend you so we shouldn't offend anybody else and do you know that's just not logical. And the cal here under the WL. Your utility and it swung at what you know that or. I'm uneducated. Analyst with the audio morning and I always watch AA. One of the as. What made an all black grandmother in America. Never been so mom. And I. Am all for it or not that's one thing that body. But I. Illegally each of which aren't at the body joke even more. Really I mean it's all or at that the it's. 800. Great it's already being very very eager. But not in party Bobble at the fact that every time won't it be shooting occurred which way to wake up we went and ran. It's been reported such. On the LY you know I honestly and I aren't the only thing we're not reporting anything that anybody else's in is in reporting I actually you're only saying. I mean I've got to get Turner's wreckage of a final thought. Our legacy our under. Yeah I'm MacCallum now on a lot of time. On our right that's all right I appreciate you appreciate you calling. Like we talk about the top issues of the day that we don't create the issues and that you can interpret how we talk about it. This is the Scotia will be back on WW well.