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8-21 3:10pm Scoot: on Uptown robberies

Aug 21, 2015|

Scoot talks about the rash of robberies in Uptown New Orleans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Since this is a Friday you know we've been talking about some serious stuff but you know it's. Lighten things up a little bit we're heading into the weekend what we've been talking about on the show was a robbery at the uptown restaurant. In New Orleans and this idea that more and more people are suddenly in fear. Because of what has happened in their neighborhood or. Time or two of them and we're not gonna knock it in a conversation witnessed and done with it for today. But the blog that I wrote is about the the robbery and some some aspects about this that I thought about this morning after I heard about her. You can read that you share with others it's on our website at WW well dot com but again. That conversation will be coming up again before law unfortunately. So I thought this was an interesting story there's. There isn't a man who were a man who was shot on and we shot at the Muslim free gun store and shooting range Oklahoma. Well he accidentally shot himself. As happened Tuesday at this week. A local sheriff said he was anticipating this the local sheriff says I saw several of those gentlemen out there that they're volunteers are. This it was in response to the shooting that took place outside of the military recruiting places. Recently. By a Muslim. And so this guy in Oklahoma decided to set up he. It's like to set up a publicity free zone so he's gone shopping shooting range would be awesome free if you were Muslim you couldn't command. So they were volunteers standing around a protecting this place Richard that it Muslims came in the out local sheriff said I saw these gentlemen. Out there. The way they were holding their weapons with their fingers on the trigger you can tell. A couple of these gentlemen have no idea about weapons safety he was like to clamp its have come to town. A reference Tuesday hillbillies and in the Beverly Hillbillies. Also there was some gentlemen we feel a guy name Chris Martin too early in the day. He's the most. And earlier in the day he showed up at the range at a protest its policies about being the most and replace. And he was turned away. But when they learned that he was a veteran. They change their policy and they allowed him to the coming in the world I think it's interesting as this apparently a gun fell out of somebody's holster. And when it hit the ground he fired and it hit the sky in the wrist. So according to the statistics that we have at this point. As farce the most infrequent shops concerned. More people have been shot by Americans by muzzled and I just think that was an interesting observation. Also the saints this weekend are taking on the New England Patriots in the Mercedes-Benz superdome our game coverage begins tomorrow at 2 o'clock right here. On sinks radio fans first take starts at 2 o'clock with former saints offensive lineman Steve court. And Todd Manassas line from the Oceanic grill burger and contact in the French Quarter but the place has got the most incredible food great atmosphere. And so if you downtown before you go to the game starting at 2 o'clock great place to work to get psyched up for the game Oceanic real permanent contact and a quarter. If you go into the game meet up with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia at 430 for the bod like countdown to kickoff they broadcast live from gates' C outside of the superdome. Game time tomorrow night is 630 and you know we've got the best play by play team in football. The voice of the saints Jim Anderson color analyst Cokie guy Shawn and saints' sideline reporter Christian Gary. That after the game sound off with a point after with a cajun cannon and a big chief until midnight it's twelve hours of wall to wall saints football Saturday. On the flagship WW LA MFN and now. WWL dot com remember you can stream saints' games alive when your laptop. And your desktop. So here's our party general opinion poll this hour it's about the sites. What is your biggest concern with the saints this season. Is it play calling. Or is it XQ should. And I thought about this because it in the pre season game and then last season it it really does seem like a Rob Ryan didn't have the right place called. Mean if you think I'm totally often this year certainly. Welcome to call show. But it just seemed like play calling result also there were times last year that it seems like the saints offense was very predictable. If you're sitting in the stands if you're watching on television and you know what they're gonna do and they do it got to get the other team knew what they were gonna do in the play doesn't go anywhere. So I know there were a lot of issues going on but. Do you think it's a it's about play calling or is about execution which one is the biggest concern as we go into this season. If you wanna join us for the comment this afternoon our number is 2601870. Very code 5042601878. And a text number is 877 also Donald Trump is going to be in mobile tonight Atlanta stadium. They move this from a smaller venue in fact I know somebody who was gonna gonna go. And you sit down and I thought it'd be like BB 12100 people I'm not going now because they're going to be too many people. And I wonder if this many people will actually show up I think they've distributed. 3035000. Tickets. So removed from a small location. They into the mobile civic coliseum or civic oratory might forget which they call it. They moved there. And now they moved to Lansing to. And the last I heard expecting between thirty and 35000 people. Donald Trump continues to. Breathe in a lot of the oxygen on the campaign trail you think the media is giving Donald Trump too much attention. CNN with the host Chris Cuomo from a new day in the morning show once again and he did a great interview with Donald Trump I saw the other night I think they're gonna replay it tonight Donald Trump is getting an unbelievable amount of attention. Is the media giving him this attention. Because he deserves it. Are they giving him this attention. Well because this is what people policy. They wanna see Donald trot and think about the crowds that he strong Bernie Sanders on the other side of the political while has drawn huge crowds as well. Both of those skies looked their ideologies not the same but both of those guys rep percent. An interest in the that the the non political stout the anti political establishment. So I find that. Find that fascinating and put this is coming at a time when America is fed up with the status quo politics. And nothing gets done as so these rebels. Donald Trump on one side and it. Bernie Sanders on the other side these rebels are getting a lot of attention. I don't know if Bernie Sander I don't know if god don't property is is gonna ultimately be the nominee I don't know if you would be the best president. But I know one thing. The guy shaking up the political establishment. And that's a good thing. And he will always be known for that and now you've got bush targeting Donald Trump and you've got Scott Walker targeting Donald Trump and Scott Walker this week announced that. He was going to be the conservative it was gonna take on the Republican political establishment. And be so conservative that that everybody would would would look toward him as being the one with the right answer. So if you wanna join us for the comment and if you plan to go to Donald Trump to idea mobile we have all lot of listeners in that area. Love to hear from you our numbers 26 ago. When except. Harry coach Bible for 260. When he seventy text is a 77 a from Metairie Kurtz you're on the scripture. Eight screw you know he wondered whether there was predictable. Your guys that work today argued that Drew Brees is a little longer true. But you know my opinion is that offensive scorer averaged 28 points a game. Your defense. Are problems in any game. Yeah and when I post this question which is your biggest concern for the saints this season is at play calling electrocution that's on defense as well. Sometimes I don't think the right plays are called on defense. And and I agree with that but I think our biggest problem with Pete and the fact that we need to penetrate all central. Every every game including refusing game this year we've seen on able to get that Porsche. I'll against an offensive line and it it's. It's concerning book on it until you know. Quarter seven seconds at protocol. People. Are certainly not big wreck you know get a ticket and well at you'll or if you give them in the protocol. We have to have. We have reveal it to the offensive. Field that brought these quarterbacks should have been on the reason has scored again in fine. Humble opinion that were not able to get any interceptions are that are over because we just can't force the quarterback can make a units in the I am not have tickets and I am very excited accurately the sea breeze. And also it's the New England Patriots I mean this is so historic team I mean that these guys are chance this is a great team got it I I know it's just pre season but. I when you when you see their uniforms when you see the New England logo. I don't know from a priest in a player an operative if Brady's there. This is a this is a great moment even though it's just pre season. I love it will be one of the people who say you know alien until the gains until the last second. And even every season you gonna stay to the end. Oh absolutely. I don't builders don't at least partly I enjoyed gains and and you right now like not only do like the fact that we're playing in. Like you had wanted to from me you're seeing certainly. But I'll like the fact that I did we do get the three players that mayor did not make there. And and we get to see our. You know are excited about the possibility of seeing him operate quite. Curtis I appreciate the call you have fun tomorrow and don't forget to on your way to the game tune into WWL I am FM and now WWL dot com. If you wanna join us for the comment as the saints get ready for their first told pre season game tomorrow night to in the Mercedes-Benz superdome against the New England Patriots. We're talking about the saints and here's our party general opinion poll. Which is your biggest concern for the sings this season is at play calling on offense and defense or is it execution. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com Ross are talking about New Orleans making a list of the top ten friendliest cities in America. New Orleans is very friendly to tourist is New Orleans as friendly to those of us who live here. What's something that's really friendly about New Orleans and what something that we can all do to make the city a little friendlier. For each other for those of us who were here all the time. Our numbers 2601. A seventy text. They 7870. I'm skewed and we'll be right back on WL. Which is your biggest concern for the saints this season play calling articulation. As RW you are pretty general opinion poll. One of the early and hits from Gwen Stefani no doubt still love it sounds grates on a Friday afternoon we are heading into the weekend together I'm glad you were this year. Under the WL so according to the sick Conde Nast traveler readers' reports New Orleans is one of the top ten friendly cities in America. Is there anything about New Orleans citizen friendly. What is it that is so friendly about the city. Would I love it is it especially when you when you have lived elsewhere and you've come back now from here and feel to be back at the pleasure to have been in other places. Sometimes it makes you actually appreciate where you're from and where you live even more. But I love the idea that so many people say can get for you baby. What degree these sugar honey. All those terms of affection. You don't hear that. In other parts of the country. And it's truly part of the charm of the south. Were also talking about the sites as they get ready for the pre season game tomorrow night against the New England Patriots. And done right now according to our party general opinion poll 24% are most concerned with play calling and that's on offense and defense. And 76 are most concerned with execution. Got an interesting text here from someone who says that. It's. Its at play calling is. Almost always a situation in football that determines the success or failure of place. On parties Packers didn't run many plays. And often alignment would tell their counterparts what play they were going to run and would still gain yards same thing with Knowles Steelers. And football is still football. Well that's true it just seems that with the sophistication. Of offenses and defense it's. If the wrong place called against the wrong defense for the wrong office. You've got a better chance of stopping a play even if there's good execution. Because you can have great when you think about complicated offenses are today. You can have great execution. But if if there are too many people in one area. To block everybody. Then the defense wins and I mean you you can't possibly block everybody if if again just if the right play is called. So a sobering thought about last year I thought about this in the in the first game although the first pre season game that doesn't really not only does it not count but. You don't really pay much attention to the play calling because they're just trying to to check out the players not any kind of game strategy. But which does concern you more this season. Play calling electrocution. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. I've got to a more pure text him more of your calls to get to if you wanna join us with a comment this afternoon the number is 2601870. Erica 05042601. It's a pretext it's happening it's happening. I'm screwed and we'll be right back after this WW elders update with Don aims. This is a current band called the weekends and this is and a current hit on the charts right now. The song is called can't feel my face. I hope that's not happened you this weekend I guess there's always that possibility. Dump truck and mobile tonight Atlanta stadium interesting article in the Huffington Post which is a left leaning. Went to wipe away Huffington Post said that they were not going to cover Donald Trump. As a as a political candidate they were recovered him and entertainment news but Huffington Post is now covering Donald Trump. As a legitimate political candidate also has some interesting things to say about Donald Trump on by his own addition to being a readings machines. Is he getting too much attention and if you aren't the mobile area and plan to go to nights but what do I want to talk to. If you wanna join us with your comment the number is 260187. Or text is its creativity. Ross are talking about the saints in the pre season game against the New England Patriots like it's the patriots this is a legendary team in the NFL these guys are champions. It's gonna be fun to see them in the dome against our saints and I don't know about you but I'm looking for a little more on the saints then we saw in the first game lot of sloppiness. A lot of penalties. So hopefully that's gonna start to be corrected because that's just all about. About basic discipline again I don't judge them by the first pre season game will judge you by the second pre season game. As far as I know when you'll hear more about this on sports talk next with Kristian -- and for receipts offensive lineman Steve court you're gonna do well. But I believe Drew Brees is going to play on quarter. By and I didn't play in the last game and probably do be playing a quarter don't know yet about Tom Brady and if anybody has any information about Tom Brady please. Give us a call here's a text about the saints are running backs set up too far in the backfield every time I see the and so far back I say it's Iran. I'm 98% right predictable. Here's another text about the saints get excited about the Texans game next weekend because the 610 stoppers are performing. You've got a lot of those guys. And you are so many ways the sixth and pompous offers personified New Orleans and I mean there's a company. Newman your WLE. I. The that. You. It was raped and Spain. But. And in. Oh yeah and that your goal much. And backward. Today in the eighty attacked. And nick created or. Did. You at all. It would. And at and does. It. Now and it. It. These people were. You can. It Mildred use it. You know it's so there. I'm not a big cars birdie in the exe. You're going to report. Are you know. And use. It did it. In the color or herbal. I not did you do heroin when you were younger Newman I don't know I just. IC look at the methadone clinic yeah our orders. We. I use the well I think that's you know why is that certainly is a problem did not. Not everybody does heroin so we we need to figure out what's working with those who weren't doing heroin compared to those who were doing heroin. And Bill Clinton is only comes back to like to basic parenting skills. And oh. Newman I appreciate you appreciate you calling your show and I respect your Winston. If you just joined us earlier in the show and then the blogger wrote for our website I brought this idea that. Not only. Were these robbers after money and goods. But I also brought up the possibility that it could be about revenge. Or retaliation. That there could be of interest to instill fear. In neighborhoods where people have not been as afraid as they are becoming today. And even if that is a subliminal subconscious motivation. I still think it's fair to bring that up as a possibility. Because at last we're open to talk about every possibility. We're never gonna solve the problem. If you wanna join us for the common our number is 260187. Eco final four to 601. Race Saturday. Text base every Saturday and what is your biggest concern for the saints this season is it play calling or XQ shouldn't that is our W dual party general opinion poll. It is your opinion that having to do well dot com and we'll be back. On our pop culture calendar for today August 41 there was on this day in 1972. Grace Slick were sprayed with mace. And Paul cantor of Jefferson Airplane which slammed to the floor by police. Following a chaotic show and Akron Ohio. A bomb threat had been phoned in fans threw rocks at police cars. And officers responded with tear gas. Now it's something like that happened today. I just think we blame that young generation and yet today's establishment was part of that young generation. Here's an update on our party general opinion poll this afternoon. Which is your biggest concern for the saints deceased is at play calling or is it next to shoot 26% say his play calling in 74% saying it's execution you can. It was your opinion by going to WB built on top protection this is the causeway is closed in one direction losing because of because of weather. Sometimes the storms this time of year can be so violent. Says a northbound south on causeway where the bridge I've closure due to thunderstorms highway okay so getting this report. That northbound southbound the bridges closed. Just stay with us or what you updates as soon as we look at the fact you may know because your arena with a traffic starts flowing. Before we could even get that information to you so thank you for that sent a text. Donald Trump is attracting a lot of rates. But the networks and CNN has really jumped on the Donald Trump bandwagon. So for those who say that CNN is just about the liberals well that's that's not the case and the point that I always make when we talk about these sort of things in the media. Is that the media even if you perceive it as the liberal media. They're more interest in the ratings than anything else. Superseding their idea of any kind of agenda that you think they might have. They're interested in getting rates. So here's an article written by him a senior media editor for the Huffington Post web site. With Donald Trump the ratings driven psychosis is more widespread. Trump himself as part of the problem he dug himself a ratings machine in an interview with the Hollywood reporter. And patients to tell interviewers that he should be getting paid for raking in viewers. But on Sunday NBC also ran an exclusive interview with the reality TV star on Meet the Press. The next day the sister network MSNBC. Played the same do you role of interviewer Chuck Todd. In Trump's private plane and astonishing 51 times. Ties interview garnered to show its highest ratings in a year and a half. Now. It's true. The question is who do you blame the media. For Donald Trump. Or is Donald Trump getting the media attention because the audience. Is demanding that the audience is responding to it. And I know that there are so many people who were quick to blame the media and I don't always defend the industry that I'm apart. But it's the audience that creates the need and Donald Trump is. Ratings grabber right now in fact CNN is gonna we've run this interview with Chris Cuomo and Donald Trump and I saw it last night or night before. I think they're gonna re run that tonight tonight on CNN it's Spitzer of very interesting and if you. And Donald Trump tonight too is going to be Atlanta stadium in mobile and will be talking about that Monday afternoon here on the show from the nor short Don you're on Demi WL. McCollum quickly cause. Edit it look at it as. A political. Gamal. And like it's going to be a long. Now. Aging on the were changed for the I disagree with him in on it. Historical events it was Jesse James who sent some limits on what you want the banks and his response was simple. More expensive restaurant tonight now it's neighborhoods. They knew I. Could well. Why is this why is this a newer trend now and has been. Or. Might it a couple of people in uptown New Orleans in some neighborhoods are are. Now afraid for the first time in their lines and some are talking about moving. That didn't try out for quite a long time in into. That. Torturing is that I think it it's a lot now. That he is playing right now on the go. Out to coincide. There in the form and it separately on air mail. So I think it is you were written that has been. Just. Because of the short. Don't have it in a disservice to report didn't know tedious so shorthanded as that encourage criminals. I may. Not make it gives it basically service ticket although all of these things because. It goes in total. You know opposite it out on duty in Google opera or is. It people awkward to comment on Smart and black and to all of you Border Patrol. How long it takes account stick it there and sort that it'll it'll. They'll put apartment is gossip web and it news plays that are not. But John I appreciate your insights and have a great weekend and nothing short she did die in law enforcement. Ever coming right back with more is is the scope show we are heading into the weekend together. WL. Wow we are just about out of time for New Orleans James I got time for a quick comment about the saints. Hello James. Hi well unfortunately we're not gonna have time to wait for James to get around with a phone that because they fear tax. We just about to run out of time sports talk is next with Kristian garic sing silent reporter and former saints offensive line misty court. They'll be talking about among other things big saints game Saturday night. In the Mercedes-Benz superdome. And I got a text here that says I think the saints are going to have a really good year this year if you listen to some of the interviews of the players. They all seem very very focused in on the same page. I think Sean Payton has sent a message loud and I think they're all receiving it well. I think the offseason moves were something we needed and I think we're gonna have a great year certainly hope that happens. What do think Diane Newman our executive producer Tommy NASA's associate producer and mark Bernard and John whip. Our studio producers have a safe weekend have a great weekend. Go saints will be talking about the saints and of course next week on this crucial wheels are talking about. New Orleans after Katrina as the tenth anniversary of the storm approaches. Every weekend bloody New Orleans.