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8-25 The Scoot Show 110pm, Being a Hero

Aug 25, 2015|

The citizen who tackled the man accused of shooting a LA State Trooper Steven Vincent in the head says he’s “not a hero. Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso called LeDoux a “hero” – but LeDoux said, “A hero saves somebody’s life, and in the end I couldn’t.” Chocked up – LeDoux said he did what others might have done. He did say, “I’m the reason we caught him, and I’m the reason (Trooper Vincent’s) is able to donate his organs. That doesn’t make me a hero. That just makes me a good person.” Is he a hero in your mind?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Didn't you just love walking outside this morning. The breeze. I know it's warmed up today but this weather's incredible it's going to be a delightful morning tomorrow dipping down into maybe the upper eighties on tomorrow so. Wonderful weather especially for this time of year doesn't always happen we get a cold front through here this time of year but we have. Glad you're with us on this Tuesday afternoon I'm scoots televangelists Pat Robertson from the 700 club. Said that yesterday's stock market plunge was god punishing the US government for supporting planned parent. Do you think tragedies. And weakling Katrina for. Homosexuals in New Orleans do you think tragedies and difficulties suffered by a mass population or due to God's punishment. Essentially the wrath of god. Can't we talk about that we'll do that a little bit later in the show also coming up this afternoon we'll talk about Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush. Who tried to defuse criticism over his use of the term anchor baby to describe babies born to undocumented people in the United States. Bush said the campaign. On the campaign trail yesterday. Is that what he's talking about with really being specific about. Asians. Coming to our country and having children. In an organized effort to take advantage of a noble concept which is birthright citizenship. It never occurred to me that anchor baby was considered a Slorc. Considered derogatory. So we'll be talking about them on the Saturday and also as I'm sure you have heard New Orleans is the first of ten cities in the United States. Two to receive the and to release the actual resilience strategy. Ten cities have been selected by the administration to participate in a two year pilot program to recruit train and in bed americorps Vista members. To increase civic engagement. And community resilience particularly in low income areas. And to help communities create plans for becoming more resilient to shocks and stresses. Including better preparation for extreme weather events. We'll talk about that I had it sounds a little vague and it sounds like a lot of bureaucracy I I hope that there is some good manifestation out of this. As something really actually does happen because sometimes when you have. And I'm not trying to be negative here but sometimes when you have on a big. Bureaucratic effort. Eight looks really good on paper but sometimes it just doesn't filtered down into. Actually doing something in the communities so we'll talk a little bit about that also what are you most proud up with New Orleans today. And this week as you know authored the national media focusing on New Orleans this is the we covered recognizing the tenth anniversary of hurricane Katrina. And in so many ways this entire area the Mississippi Gulf Coast as well. Turned tragedy into triumph so we'll be talking about that later in the show and of course. All week. First up on the show this afternoon. The citizen who tackled the man accused of shooting that we see in a state trooper Steven Vincent. He says he's not a hero. In fact here's our party general opinion poll this hour Roberts would do the citizen who tackled the man charged with murdering the loss the the Louisiana State trooper. Says he's not a hero. Is he a hero in your mind. Some people are very very particular about how they use the word hero. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com will attract that polls throughout this hour. So Robert what do. Says it he's taken a Sunday drive he saw flashing lights ahead. Three men stopped and tried to convince him to turn around because it was a man hit by a trooper and a a trooper's car brandishing a gun. Let's do city approached the man tackled him the other mentality helped. The men and handcuffed the gunman Kevin Nagle. Who is now charged with first degree murder of this state trooper. Top issue parish sheriff Tony Mancuso. Said it would do is a hero. But would do says a hero saves somebody's life. And in the end I couldn't. He got a little choked up because he actually was close to I think the brother of the state trooper. Who he attended to. So I got a little choked up he said I just did what others might have done. What you did say I'm the reason we caught him. I'm the reason that the troopers organs will be donated. But that doesn't make me hero. That just makes me a good person. Do you think discussion hero. If you wanna join us with a comet or number is 260187. Every coach final four to 601. A seventy. At Texas a 77. And if you wanna give us your opinion on a pretty general opinion poll in your mind is is is this guy would do is is is he a hero. In my my ideas. But I know that there are some people who have a very very specific definition of hero. How about the guys. Who stopped the the terrorist and indeed the gunman now from nectar train in Europe. Is now being now being charged as a terrorist. It seemed like it was a terrorist act based on everything that I saw his attorney was claiming go to guy just happened to find these weapons in a bag in the park. I mean it's not like finding a lunch box with pop tarts you know I mean my god defines it with these weapons standard. I just like a good training rob some people with you know I didn't buy that story from the beginning. Who knows maybe it's true but it doesn't sound very convincing to me. Where those guys heroes. You have to save a life to be here and and then as we celebrate. The well you know I I guess in a way we're celebrating the anniversary of Katrina. Because look at us. Look at the city look at the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Look at this entire region. There's a lot to celebre. But no doubt it was a horrific tragic effect. And justice it seemed to storm which which worsened the Mississippi Gulf Coast the storm itself. Been here in New Orleans just when it seemed as if the storm. Had passed. And the trouble was gone. That's really plan to flood gates opened. Literally and figuratively. Anderson they are said to he believes that about. 80%. Of the city was under water. And I think a sub I think there's a coffee shop on Harrison avenue I think Christie ordered a reporter on this this morning. There's a coffee shop our belief or Harrison avenue that has out of a big paint line drawn at seven or eight feet up. Showing where the water level once. I mean. You if you were they are. A mansion. So. Where they're heroes in your life and this is something we'll talk about this week but who were talking about heroes. Was there a hero did you know hero. Or did people give you credit for being here you know in most people who really are heroes. Would never wanna take credit. For being here. Usually the people who have equality to be heroes. Don't take credit for. So which really up to others to say whether or not somebody's hero and I respect describe properly do for saying what I'm I'm not a hero like I'm just a good person. But it's okay for us to say listen dude. Your hero. I mean especially in light of these gentlemen telling the guy to turn around because there's a guy up ahead. By the state trooper. Brandishing a government. So turn around. He didn't turn around. He went right for the guy tackled the guy the element followed and helped and cuffed the suspect Kevin dental. Is he a hero in your mind. If you wanna join us with a comic this afternoon and number is 2601. May seventh. Every coach final four to 601870. Text they 7870. And it. Where the guys in but the guys in France solid on the train were were they heroes. Mean they're getting a hero's welcome and in in Sacramento and in my opinion their heroes as well. And what's a good definition of hero. According to this guy in Louisiana you have to save a life to be a hero. I disagree I think this guy was in here are number 260. When he Saturday text Amber's age 7870. I'd scoot and we'll be back at W well I seems to me that this Louisiana and residents. Robert would do who tackled the gunman who is now charged with first degree murder in the killing of the Louisiana State trooper on Sunday seems like disguising hero but he says hey you know don't look at me as a hero. That's a pretty general opinion poll is he a hero in your mind even though he says he's not a hero. 86% say yes but 14% saying no not a hero. It is your opinion by going to our website WW dot com after what's that when we come across something that causes us to try to define what it means to be hero. And got a text here that says hero is someone who is willing to risk their life to protect someone else. Another text says he is a hero just because he could not just because my text jump ball when mr. coming in fast. Texas he is a hero just because he could not save the trooper who knows whose lives. He saved. By ending the man's a murderous Rampage. By getting him in custody. And I think it's a good point here's a Texas says maybe not a hero. But way more than a good person. And another text says. Only do as a hero who knows how many more lives would have been lost if he hadn't been stopped and handcuffed. Also gave the trooper a fighting chance. To live. Is it hero in your mind is is it OK to use the word hero to describe this guy. I think it is but again some people have a very specific definition of hero if you'd like to join us with your comet this afternoon the number is 2601. A seventy. Every coach final four to 60187. Or text is 87870. Also on this afternoon will be talking about this. This ongoing feud between Donald Trump and Megan Kelly of Fox News. You know he retorted that she's a bimbo. And made comments about her looks at me she's a beautiful beautiful person. But now he's saying that she's not equality journalist she's a waste. And Roger Ailes the founder and current head of Fox News Channel. Says that this is all very disturbing. And he's telling Donald Trump he needs to apologize to Megyn Kelly. So this is a feud that does continue and also there's an effort in two states I think Virginia and North Carolina. There's an effort. To. Make sure that anybody who appears on that the ballots in the Republican primaries in those states. That they pledge not to run as an independent. Central continues to shake things up if I wonder if trump is how I wonder if he's reached his peak. Right now I wonder if there's still a lot more common again coming up interest hello wiles are talking about the whole controversy over tanker plane. And again it never occurred to me that that was anything other than a technical term. A baby that anchors people to the United States. And I never thought of that is sent any kind of derogatory term will get into that. Coming up in in the last in well in the next hour that in the last hour. Televangelists Pat Robertson said yesterday in the 700 club the stock market's plunge was god punishing the US government for supporting Planned Parenthood. And I just got a check from someone who says they totally agree with Pat Robertson. What happens if the stock market rebounds. And the last I saw which rebounding today so what is guys say in there. And and I've got a great way to look at this this idea that. God we snot. Using Katrina. To blame New Orleans for. The acceptance of homosexuality. Whenever that is supposed to mean. There's a great way to look at this you'll be talking about that a little bit later but I like to talk about these. These heroes. And has anybody been hero when your life somebody that may not have have wanted to take credit port you know there are people who are heroes every day. Law enforcement. Firefighters. EMS workers. But sometimes they're hard just unlikely. Heroes. People who are just being a normal citizen. And stepped out of their role as a normal citizen to do something heroic. Did anybody ever come along in your life and acted as a hero in some way in your life. And do you know anybody who was really hero during Katrina. Because there were a lot of heroes again in addition to those people with the and the National Guard and all of those who were. And god bless all of them because they're all heroes. But there are average citizens. Who were heroes. If you've got to come at this afternoon on number it's 260187. Harry code 5042601870. Tech's number 87070. From his city Brian you're on the scoot Schoen Debbie if you are good afternoon. That shouldn't do it oh it's a pleasure. I'll keep you re very good reason why watch that man a secure our op and make it all that recent one. It bought in his job did you eat in at all okay. Felt an obligation and yes that makes a look at sins and makes some great person because he felt obligated to where. Objective now no other reason is he was instrumental in bringing the next picture Purdue justice. And he'd get so risking your life heated just you know call phone in the EE. He aperture and the art scene of Jack. Now another reason why Euro rocks. He amour. The suspects roommate to justice as well. That it hit it to obviously the guy and then lastly. Monopolies to. He brought a concrete to justice as well. And recover stolen vehicle. Yet this this guy Kevin Nagle was when bad dude well. And fact I think it was so I think it was Clinton who said that when he looked him in the eye at all he saw was pure evil. Yeah I don't very long record. That's reason number five this as someone Sunnis be separated from society in eagle to get and it's it's unfortunate that. A citizen. And our state trooper had to die to get this guy will destroy. Brian I appreciate Colin thanks for listing to the Scotia if you wanna join us with your thoughts in your comments are number is 26018. Saturday. Article 5042601870. I tech's number is 877. Yesterday on the show we were talking about. That this idea that you'd you'd jump into action today to stop crime they were talking about people who have actually. I'd have actually stepped into action to stop a crime in progress. And you know we we we had a poll yesterday. Would Jew or have you or if you could would you would you do something to try to stop a crime in progress. The pull ended. With 69%. Of the respondents saying they would do nothing. So what does that tell you about us and I don't think anybody should ask anybody to step into the line of danger to step into harm's way. But if there's a situation that you can stepped into and try and prevent crime from happening. Would you offer Metairie Gregory Euro and a BW well. Trial through our children China jumped on the morning of one of the British fully support which in this. Probably the culture not the world a problem right now as one of the orders as strong reaper. But the bigger comment upon the people with dish it wouldn't that order crop. Although roach one church in north shivered and or their children the structure of the tapestry. Well I did anything happens I want you to be around. Absolutely let that you either able or Jordan. Triple. Delaware from more enjoyable. Get the job world. Or on the has now this news channel fabric and nor does not I got their guy probably what sort through her original issue that's a really just around. It. Yeah I perceive that as being a racist comment Welker. Well I mean I understand that the point you're making but I don't think it's it's I don't think it's fair to. The potential to meet the conflict what pitched well then we'll start over there on the starter pollution program. Partly agree with you they're thugs. Somebody will want to put the ones who commit crimes are thugs and innocently got a great. Are that the thirty years premier trauma on the radio station and Jamar change just follow it was and he tried it and just plot. And to get back to stay the least bit. But it got Gregory as a as a police officer you have to have a very objective view of every possible suspect. Well pocketbook if you get which are probably if this were to. And adequate insurance carrier. There's little cuter go to the doctor says Arnold shoppers serve a term in the EC people. I'll web mobile solution would better now wonder in the records which saw all of all of Democrats that you can't control. Could it lights and operations. You always look at Chiat local Jewish. Right you know you're hiring but far right Gregory and look I I appreciate what you did for the city on. But I you know I I don't think this is the proper attitude for an active police officer that the former hole and I if you were active I would be even more critical. Well I would upbeat doctor to order options did you enjoy doing out there. Toward possible. Security but this is a it took there's. Churchill lost blockbusters such order majorities. Literature there. A report intruders. Or. Did you rush to war. So we'll follow you. Our description in the rest or. Which I. Bridge shortly where good or shortly. Benefit of the doubt that Apollo. Got to go to break your digit did you do what are ways you are where you falsely accused. What do not do certain. But there was a joke agree and sure that would produce sugar and orange was it Jordan to. Archer archer called it requires Serbia's role mr. Earl Watson's. There are rhetorical. A very pretty full plates of food a church or sport was more respectable. The wishful departures street. Such a country. We. Look forward shall instrument horrible trouble promised to monitor and the charter school which. Asserted. We're library wanna ship went what what you on hold on from then. On hang average is second now wanna continue this conversation right after newsprint. And here's Chris Miller with stony WL news. Already getting some much text comments about Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly and a few deduce is continuing hearsay here's one that says Roger Ailes who was ahead of Fox News. Is exactly right to Kelly is a brilliant journalist and has the ratings the poise the brains in the beauty combined. To back it up a like much of what trump says but he's way off base on this issue. He's out of bounds Roger Ailes is a demanding an apology from trop and says that his comments toward Megan Kelly are very very disturbing. We'll continue that conversation went on to continue this conversation with. Retired NO PD officer Gregory who's who's in Metairie. Gregory it it doesn't sound like you you have the right kind of attitude to be a police officer today. It got open and structural but it now you. You had this and we would you want third 13 of the respect of their dislike it is possible strip there. Now. They're cut the trial will lose their personal patrol people but the foliage for the provincial drug control animal. Well again it needs to do believe what you were aware of that what you do well what bishop feared for their national there. And we're sure what would you get that published reports and your structure. You know I guess we should have known that the conversation was gonna get to the point where we just simply couldn't continue all I can say is I'm really glad Gregory is retired. And I if this is the kind of attitude that Don should not be part of a police officer and a supremely kindest I'm getting a lot of text here. On the bus about Gregory. And it's sad that people have that kind of racist view. Of of life and complaining that when he wears his police medallion as some kind around his neck and goes to the mall. That those he pursues to be Democrats will not looking in the ninth but other people will. Want you know I don't know if that's any kind of an official serving aces is observation but again I think we should all be happy to Gregory is not to. He's on an active police officer and we can only hope that he has sent careful with is. With his life and with the weapons that he claims he carries. We're talking about the guy who was the one who tackled the suspect. In the shooting at the Louisiana State trooper Stephen Vincent shot him in the head with a shotgun. The guy says he's not a hero. Robert do says he was taking a Sunday drive saw flashing lights up I had treatment stopped and tried to convince him to turn around because it was a man up ahead with the trooper with a gun. Would do didn't turn around. He approached him and tackled him altogether meant Follett to help they handcuffed the man Davydenko who's charged with first degree murder. Top issue parish sheriff Tony Mancuso calls to do a hero. I partly due says look I hero is somebody who say somebody's life and in the end I couldn't he choked up a little bit when he said I just did what others would have done. I'm the reason we caught him I'm the reason the troopers. Organs will be donated. But that doesn't make me hero. That just makes me a good person. I really want another reason I think he's a hero because he doesn't claim to be hero. In real heroes don't claim to be heroes. They let somebody else say there hero. But that's who we can do here if you wanna join us for the coming our number is 26 hill. 1870. Every code 5042601. A seventy. Tech's number is 87870 and a party general opinion poll is or is there reverently do a citizen tackled the man charged with murdering Louisiana State trooper says he's not a hero. Is the hero in your mind. It is your opinion. The going to debit if you don't outcome this is the scoop show where politics and pop culture. Nature opinions and we'll be right back on WL. On our pop culture calendar for today August the Tony says fairways on this day in 1987. Does that take you back a little bit. The movie dirty dancing made its world premiere in Los Angeles. Dirty dancing where were you in 1987. Saturday was baby you're sitting in the corner and I hope. Welcome back to the Scotia here's an update on our party jaguar opinion poll Robert would do is a Louisiana citizen who tackled the man charged with murdering the Louisiana State trooper Stephen visit. He says he's not a hero in your mind. Is he here. Give us your opinion by going to W dot com right now 83% say yes he is a hero 17% say no he's not. I got a text here since. That I'm such a liberal on the guy Gregory who we talked to just a few minutes ago and valid points presented to the wrong way. Well. I never cut people off their opinions mean sometimes I'll I'll have to have to move on. But we don't screen opinions. We don't screen are cut off people with opinions but if somebody starts to use profanity we have to and the conversation. From Guerrero then your on this crucial one WL. That Google could he do a good and yeah I was not a common comment on Robert. Yeah definitely you were in in in this car especially like whoever along with this small called gadget. They're rather did you see this situation include all social media site 41 to actually. You know it's rare. Yeah yeah yeah. Coordinate really there's been doing it even get. They get up on. Often think about that when I IC reports on the news and it's like a dire situation that somebody is dying and so there are people there this camera crew there. Taking video off it but nobody's doing anything to help the person I mean are we see this quite often in the news and I don't need to be critical of of camera crews and no that's not their job. But their job certainly is to to capture of the situation that somebody's in and so often wonder well why isn't somebody helping dispersed. I believe are is becoming now here you know north. And it I mentioned it to yesterday. That DePaul we had one power wise on. Have you would you ever stop to to do something if he saw a crime in in progress 69%. Responded that the they couldn't do anything. We'll get they would in and mortar. Again. Democrats that the secret. Of that. Opportunity because you know. That's the most great thing is if a person's life in in not the black guys that are like you know I bet they call people. Then I enjoyed our conversation specialist. And here's a text about the ex police officer Rihanna on. So the ex police officer was drinking and going to drive and then. Urinating in public. Who's being disrespectful. Yeah if you wish one interesting character and again I think produced all thrilled that he's on an active police officer. Here's a Texas says Cisco I want to send you a video that I saw on CNN last night's about a black grandmother whose six year old was killed by a stray bullet. She called out the black lights matter movement for rioting over thugs. And not her grandchild. I saw that you can send me the video but I was watching CNN last night. And I saw it and it was a very compelling interview if you wanna join us with comet this afternoon on number is 260. One a seventy. Area code 5042601. A seventy. Tex Amber's a 77 the British are ramping up for some politics in the next hour the feud between Donald Trump and meg and Kelly no he Megyn Kelly continues. Donald Trump re tweeted that she's a dimple and a waste not equality journalist. Rodger real head of Fox News says this is disturbing is demanding an apology will he get it from Donald Trump I doubt it. The question is it Donald Trump reached his peak and another part of the conversation next hour will be about this this term anchor babies. Jeb Bush is being criticized for using I never thought of it as anything other than a descriptive tactical terms. Never. Thought that there's a derogatory term we'll be talking about that in the next hour from the North Shore Mike here on WW real good afternoon. Take it is true. A couple minutes ago calm you know people filming the incident ma'am you understand it should feel that. Out there on the court camera now and take action in the break and dot com and whatever on all bill. I think they should do that Mike I was saying I don't realize and I realized. It's yet Obama that amount Amman they got to do a beauty down that they on the Internet. Like grossly misunderstood I recognize that that's their job and they're their to do their jobs so it's not making them think about may be what they should do as a human being. I. And come and I and and see you know of course I hope that do stay in a bakery continued eclectic and out and try to put. Mike I appreciate the call. I mean. I'm actually agreeing with Mike you know again people interpret things to say differently when I said. I understand they're doing their job. And I guess when you're in job mode you're thinking about doing your job as opposed to doing what may be you should do as a human being. And so often you and I see all the time on the news we see camera crews. Videotaping somebody who is in dire straits who's in all horrible situation and the camera crew is videotaping. And not help. And as I said while I understand it that's their job. It's their job and are not thinking about maybe what they could do as a human being. It is your job more important and being human case. If you wanna join us with your comment our number is 2601870. Very coach final four to 60. When he Saturday tech state 7870. I'm scoots and will be right back Debbie if you'll. You know I don't always agree with our party general opinion polls green and in terms of the response time I certainly agree with this when Robert would do is the citizen who tackled the man charged with murdering their. Louisiana State trooper on Sunday. He says he's not a hero but is he a hero in your mind. 83% say yes and 17% saying no I agree with maturity in that case. Will line talk more about that is as we go wanna I wanna add to a lot to this conversation yeah we always talk about politics on the show. And this is going to be your home for presidential political talk. The scoot show in the afternoons from one to four here into the WL. I'm Donald Trump Megyn Kelly to cease fire is over maybe Kelly returned from vacation. Yesterday and don't trot has already started with his vicious attacks and that has caused the head of a Fox News Roger Ailes to say he was an apology from Donald Trump. Is this going to lead to skewed coverage of Donald Trump's campaign by Fox News. In this would be the probably Fox News source to ignore Donald Trump because they're mad at him which date they have a right to do. And it's it's a news channel in new channels are biased terabytes. So they start to. Allow that to change the year decisions on covering Donald Trump. Then CNN and MSNBC. We'll get Donald Trump and Donald Trump means ratings so ultimately Fox News is going to be forced to cover down truck. Now not this past weekend but the weekend before. I took note of MSNBC and MSNBC and CNN covering Donald Trump life. But they do but but Fox News did not cover Donald Trump life when he used to believe this was at the Iowa state fair yet two weekends ago. And so I thought that was Swiss interest in doubt that in itself is is a political statement. So we're talking about. This term anchor baby. And Jeb Bush has been criticized reducing it Jeb Bush fluent in Spanish it's always been seen as he Republican who will do very well with Latinos. But in issues that anchor babies. A lot of people say that this is very derogatory to. Don't like the Latino community. And so bush is trying to now redefine its say while I was really referring to Asians. Who come to this country in particular Chinese I mean this goes way back this is not a new issue. We'll talk a little bit about the history and we'll talk to you about whether or not you think anchor baby is a derogatory term. I know that sometimes. The way we perceive terms changes over time because of our society. But it's anchor baby a derogatory term. Seems to me that it technically describes. Exactly what happens. This is the Scotia over and we'll be right back. On WL.