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Sep 1, 2015|

Is marijuana use going to be as common as drinking coffee in the coming years? There were multiple references to smoking pot during the MTV VMA's Sunday. It seems more and more stars are admitting use...and some even advocating that young people smoke dope. A growing number of states are legalizing weed. What is the future of marijuana in the US? This hours guest: Carla Lowe - Northern Chair of Calm (Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana) Allen St. Pierre - Executive Director of Normal (National Organization for the Reform of Marijauna Laws)

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Dave Conan for Garland revenue up I'm here Tuesday morning. Gloria thanks for coming into the think tank with us this hour. On the show. I'm asking the question. Do you think that smoking a joint is going to become as common as drinking a cup of coffee in the coming years. The reason I ask is because I was watching the MTV video music awards on Sunday night. And there was reference after reference after reference. From presenters. From people winning awards from the host Miley Cyrus. There even pre recorded. Skits. About marijuana. Eating marijuana smoking marijuana. And I got to thinking. It's mostly younger people clearly who are watching the vehement and these are influential. Individuals and allies these are superstars these are performers. D.'s are the people who shaped a generation. In part obviously parents have a whole lot to do with that but pop culture has looked as an influence as well. And with more and more states. Legalizing marijuana. And with. People admitting freely and publicly on national television during an awards show that they just smoked a joint. Are they just smoked a blunt where did they show them eating. Brownies with marijuana on television. Does that make it more acceptable to the next generation are we heading to a point. When marijuana is so acceptable in our society. That people have no problem. With smoking marijuana and talk about a coming up but apparently we have some breaking saints news and for that we go to saint sideline reporter Christian Garrett. As saints making their roster moves down to Saudi five players they gave a couple of notable veterans on the chopping block fullback Eric lord also. They're going released linebacker Anthony Spencer who was brought over. From Dallas of some familiarity there with Rob Ryan going back to his days of the Dallas Cowboys so the roster cuts are starting come out here. As a saints try to get below that are too that's only five man roster limit. By 3 PM. Right the saints going down to 75 from nine need more details at WWL dot com thank you saints' sideline reporter Christian Garrick of course. The big cats gonna come when they have to go down to the 53 man roster. After Thursday's pre season game more information at WW well dot com back to think tank now. When we talk about marijuana and didn't help us think about it let's invite and from a normal. The northern sheriff come pardon me let's let's start with a side of it let's start with Carla load she is the northern chair of citizens against legalizing marijuana and good morning Carla. Good morning and are you today is that that is right he accountant first sign need to say that. We do it is thank thank you for inviting me. I was like in the VM. And Isaac Kanye West in his long and rambling. Yeah speech today he would just smoked. And yes he did announce. That aren't certain why we. Bride and thank him that if you unite current president ride Miley Cyrus. Had video of her smoking a joint. Data skit where Miley Cyrus was imagining Snoop Dogg is a paid because she'd just eaten them. Apparently pot laced brownies. And there were others who made references throughout the night to that. I am concerned. By how much pop culture is embracing marijuana and promoting marijuana. What we're really doing is saying before our eyes the dumbing down of America. And it doesn't bode very well for our country were already 24. Academically. Laughs in the industrialized. World and I'm wondering how many of these pot smoking happy people. Are driving home on our highways that we see highways have fatalities to 21. Over those who are drinking meant pushed most people are drinking and smoking pot just read an article about it women that women who drove her car into a home. And killed mom and and which that was the pop had there. I think that people. America are finally proceed before their eyes what is happening to our pot smoking dumbing down population. Is it reversible union now has around them that we have five yeah it's already that have legalized yet I've. Course we can turn around California voted no for the people. Get information accurate happened in information about what this highly toxic. Long acting drug is doing to our kids developing brains. I'm programs like yours where we have the chance to tell the story we don't have the billions of George Soros dollars. And direct money to promote that that's fun and games that you are talking about at the awards yesterday but Americans are not. Stupid and they do not want to diminished generation and a diminished future of course it's. It's not inevitable and we're being holes. Guy primarily to Hollywood and press it's inevitable it's not inevitable of course we know they'll. Yet right or wrong it seems like the media has embraced it marijuana movement and we seem more and more support. Amongst the even some of the mainstream media yet for legalizing pot and a lot more attention to states where pot is legalized. And that number keeps growing mass of states some states have voted no. Yes then look at Colorado which is saying well we've we've made we have now a lot less than mystery and Colorado and they have just recent days that. They would not vote for legalization again we can look at Colorado. Look at their data and then we can have a chance. To help people on radio and television and in print and gives them the facts like you're giving us. Hopefully today the opportunity people are gonna have to make a choice. When they go to vote. Some attacks mandates 7870 and and I'm gonna ask you this question and I don't you do not have to answer it but am I wanna make a point here they want to know how old you are apparently. Although I'm 78. With a smile almost fortieth year and the attention and what interest in great question because plan. Became interested in this whole issue and we can talk about that later but the narrow ones then the THT. Was one to 2%. PAC and now we're talking about. PH he would get qinghai. That's what can buy you read Forrest how much TH season detector heidrick and happen it was then about one to 2%. And date today. Pot and we in California is maybe. 152025. Or twenty feet and then if we wanna talk about eight. Would attack in about killer PH see that our kids and our young adults 21 to 25 our our. Our Indian saying and it takes about 25 years for a human brain to be fully develop. This is where we're seeing the impact different age group proceeding in he this age group we're seeing with that. With this psychotic break that that the age group that are pro attending your concert and then driving. We're talking with Carlo. The citizens against legalizing marijuana. I think that the reason to want asked is because they wanna suggest your out of touch because you're not young and the young people largely support marijuana. And older people down we'll talk more about that is it a division based on aids. Do you agree with Carlo by the way next half hour on top with the national organization for the reform of marijuana what marijuana laws who want to see marijuana legalized nationwide. All this worth thinking about in the think tank because of so many references during the MTV VM amazed to smoking dope. As you've probably could guess by this moment. I have decided. H when he to a need to run for president. That kind gay west on the BMA is who just before he made that announcement. Said in his rambling speech hit a smoke marijuana. Santa chairman their rosters cents at nine reporter Kristian garic more cuts coming from outside linebacker. Ronald Powell the fifth round draft pick of the year ago out of Florida being released available receiver Lance Lewis also practice for we know so far can't keep track at WWL dot com sent sent a reporter Christian -- keep us posted now back to the think tank. Now we all know what happens to Kanye West when he smokes weed. And and there is some awards show etiquette I mean that's that's. I don't know how he does is on the flag on notes. Miley Cyrus on the MTV video music awards asking. Tonya west to share his wheat on national television after he admitted he would smoke a blunt. Before rambling speech in which he ended by saying he was gonna run. For president of the United States text messages coming in an 87871. Person says I'm smarter when I'm high. I get high when I study and every ten more information. Another call another text message says that our guest Carlos citizens against legalizing marijuana is so a lot of touch. I know people who smoked pot for decades without any major issues. Another says pop already is common as drinking coffee in this country wildly popular amongst young and old. Another says to the numbers zero deaths from pot but that's from alcohol cigarettes every day. Mean anything which should be legal car lot he responded that. You know the last person. We understand. Adept at patently don't kill sometimes you don't look at joint and die in front of somebody's eyes. But the person who drove the car. Who was packed high. Killed. So she she she killed mom and the baby by driving into the house so let's not even argued that because it's really. That's not a that's not the kind of facts. That that I think we wanna talk about that during the break. I was listening to your ad on and ever count a function I think that the good separated talking about what a PH he is. And if that's fat I want your your listeners to note that unlike. Water soluble substance like shouldn't solving water TT is that static in dissolved quickly in the body so that book. Crude around. Looking for another fatty substance fatty cells where can slowly breakdown. The fact organs in the body by the brain and the sex organs. And what's happening have been talks in colleges. If if that bird and the age are impacted. Am from the America one that were being the major problems reproductive we could talk a whole hour about that. That the fetus the developing fetus. And the birth defects are resolved. And narrow one that has been involved in the in the body's been months months. Have had damaged them before they even know their pregnant so I want you and your listeners to know that. Marijuana is not all fun and games and that. He's right a lot of people smoked pot maybe even every day and nothing seems. Happened to them but people are not reaching their full potential. And our concern is with our young people are smoking pot they're developing brains are developing sex organs. They're not reaching their full potential and yes those listeners that he's to watch this now. For almost forty years. We are seeing what's happening is anybody concerned about America being number 24. Academically. In the world that not that he does better. Than that one person I think that's wonderful and a lot of has known and have somebody followed him through the years. And and and and you know that any movement and his academic progress I'm not gonna argue that one guy uses these. Find. Smoking pot that's not black. I'm here to talk with you all today. But I think we really need to look at the impact of of the highways do you really want this guy is pot Hyde died driving the which your children on it do you really want this person operating the forklift. Or driving and driving that train love Kathy and look at the facts speak and the people. Who are causing these accidents look at the facts of the people. Who are causing this Haiti's heinous crimes these metal break hearing voices in angling out in killing people they're not high that pocket. And it and if they're not high that decade it is committed that particular. Activity that particular crime. When the high is gone the pot is not. That's a fact that I teach children in six states all we have to college that's because of the fact size ability and the highly potent. THE today and what it's doing in our brain. Tug is Carla low she is with citizens against legalizing marijuana next hour we'll talk with Allen saint Pierre who is with normal. Who is in favor of more legalization of marijuana Leon thanks for calling 260187. A year on WWL. Well that's on the I don't think it's really the legal fees which are due to make that oh this is good that our owners that's library and natural. In an accident that drugs or prescription medicine and other votes. Better than it's still people aren't dating guys held albeit so and people are from accident. The economy to me raising kids right there make the right decision. You go from there. The idea what you're used to smoke marijuana. Of course where you are mow. Mow line. To smoke grown. Than committee. They love all of it pulled up again. Thanks man we appreciate the call Carla. I left I'd like them at it to me what let me get paid to do now why. Fox Colombians. It that we need. And that that was that we that they count makes statements some narrow one it end in. And number of years ago when I young women junior high age girl. Came to a dance had passed that the advocates had been drinking and that about one at one when the impact of key aides see is that it it suppresses the bomb misses by people saying his good. For them when they're taking chemotherapy helps and not. For a lot so much that has backed. Yeah he is an anti amendment it does quell the urge to throw up. This young woman had this extremely high blood alcohol which should have concentrated died but it didn't fortunately. Her body could throw up the Merrill won they analyzed the narrow line. I'll read this so that your in your pot stores around new Portland and Sacramento what you're pot shots. That's that's nothing purified. Nobody there's no I don't think there's no list of components. Ingredients. These kids had been smoking marijuana that was laced with. That italics fox wants it to power. Did you talent is. The and talked what does that tell it which had an impact on year on year on your heart I'm a heart patient so and a little bit about heart problems. This kid has so much Merrill one of these kids have been looking and not even that night they had just been smoking in the region before. She has not seen me in her. They like content that it her body couldn't throw up the outcrop different said the drink all the time or whatever when your caddie said something about drinking. Your leaders your listeners need to know that yes. Now when it does suppress the alcohol urged but god gave it that put in our body to. Protect people from drinking too much the body's able throw up. Pot type people often can't throw up and they can be deadly if young woman almost lost her life. I mean and elect ago so we can make way for our newsletter and second. Let you know when I go back to the question Stewart where it and you seem to be in the program as do you think that smoking marijuana is going to become as common as drinking a cup of call in the coming years. Base Don the proliferation we're seeing it amongst young people route Hollywood route music throughout pop culture. With more and more states legalizing it do you think that marijuana we will become that common in the coming years and the as you put it dumbing down of America and. I think that dumbing down of America will continue but I think Americans are Smart. And I think when they get the facts about a lot of that they will understand that it's a highly toxic potentially deadly drug deadly meeting is. Static dumbing down our great country and we can't afford witnesses the battle for brains and we are fighting for the brains of our young people. Carla we appreciate it we got to make room for the news and we'll get the other side from normal and your calls at 260187. B coming up next. I'm happy they get right. I wonder. Did he smoke some before I came here. The answer is. There is yes I wrote up a little some. Kanye West on the video music awards on MTV Sunday night. Admitting that he had smoked marijuana before coming onstage Miley Cyrus then asked for him to pass it to her after she had already done a skit about eating pot laced brownies. And several others of the young stars on the video music awards which millions of Americans watch. Advocated or promoted or just talked about smoking marijuana do you think. That in the coming years smoking marijuana is going to become as common as drinking cup of coffee in the United States with so many young people advocating it now. So many people on pop culture talking about it. And presenting it as if there's nothing wrong with that. And as more states continue to legalize marijuana. Text messages at 87871. Says to pot smokers have become president. This is true to man who eventually became president did during the campaign admit to smoking marijuana although keep in mind that. At least initially Bill Clinton's that he didn't inhale and O says I have a two lane MBA I'm a successful white collar executive. All of this despite smoking marijuana a few times a week on intelligent and I'm motivated people. Are that wave regardless of if they smoke pot. Nose and I smoke and have a three point nine GPA. In college. These the exceptions or is this the truth is marijuana really harmless as many would. Want you to believe as they push for more legalization. Our guests this half hour is the executive director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Allen saint Pierre welcome to the program. The last half how we were talking with the citizens against legalizing marijuana and they presented many arguments as to why they thought pot should remain illegal. But fear that America is being quote dumb down. And that pot. The realization is going to continue as a result. What do you think that soon marijuana smoking will become as common as coffee drinking in this country. Can become as common hard drinking clearly because copy doesn't cause it's like patrol the perfected that and that you high if you will. So now want it the easy civilly here is alcohol. It's going to likely look like alcohol meaning there's going to be a minimum wage is going to be lots of restrictions and lots of liabilities on the producers and sellers of it. Those who would drive hundreds impairment calmed the workplace. In many ways I think it's gonna look very very similar to what we have alcohol today. How long do you think it's going to take before nationwide. Pot is legal and it is regulated similarly to howl. Alcohol regulated now that I'll be able to just walk into a bar and any city in America order joint and then to dance market. Well forty states authorities moved in that direction and the next election cycle the big 12016. Has. Seven states including that little nations stayed on the West Coast called California. Where one out of seven Americans live. And only by three percentage points in 2000 intended Californians reject legalization it would seem sort of baked in the cake. They're likely gonna vote for this time around. That's gonna put tremendous upward political pressure on congress. Congress currently has twenty marijuana law reform bills including legalization and taxation bills. So if 2016. A number of these states including California move in this direction. It would seem that that congress probably by 218220. Would pass a law that would allow states to further move forward. And I just cut to the quick here and that for those who are not students of history still with alcohol prohibition ended after only ten years. 47 of the fifty states within two or three years very quickly legalized alcohol impacted the channel some states like Oklahoma and Kansas. They chose not to legalize alcohol to the late 1950s. And I nearly sixty years old myself so I'm suggesting I mean it would want enough. To smoke a legal marijuana cigarette in Oklahoma or Kansas if they need in this area should also not to legalize marijuana. Do you think it'll do you think the federal government will though at some point in the foreseeable future lift the restrictions and allow states. Net for a party done it but it's still federally illegal but you think it's gonna come down to a state by state decision. Yes because we are in the United States of America it's unfortunate that congress created this reefer madness met in 1937. Doesn't undo this court in naught but at some point. I don't logical that in the states bees it Petri dishes. Democracy. That art sports in the and of the federal government. 26 187 DR Texas and 87870. Davis calling Dave you're on with Allen saint Pierre of normal. Pay at the moment is that the last lady. She it's like 09. They already are everywhere. Owe him. Everywhere you. Doctors lawyers I know it is. They do it in the air it here Tuesday whether you legalized. Or not. Thank you for the call we appreciate Alamos talk about that I should it we'd be so prolific in our society that. You're not concerned about people driving while high or operating machinery while high is do you expect restrictions to continue along those lines like they are for alcohol map. Absolutely inspecting his nuclear and normal 45 years about the concede to and marijuana provision and replace it with. A formal pop. Public policy that looks quite some glitter alcohol it's acknowledged marijuana is not harmless it is much safer than alcohol but it's not harmless in here for we've got to have. Rules mores and values that reflects that including drug driving. Our kids are having access to it certainly no impairment in the workplace. And drug testing you expect that to continue in the workplace I mean dirty air force states where marijuana is legal but it's not legal. To smoke marijuana. In if you if you have it in your system in the workplace you can still be fired right. That's correct so the case right now is called dish and the DISH Network. They. The Supreme Court Colorado has upheld bear firing not only of a guy it was over two point one but it legal medical marijuana patients so no doubt. We're gonna have some sort of either drug testing or what we favor your normal is impairment. Testing nobody should be. In the workplace impaired under drugs speed in legal or illegal. So I could still be in their system from previous smoking but they couldn't beat hi while work is what you're aiming for it. I will continue this conversation and your calls at 2601878. Text messages. An 87870. Coming up will. Smoking marijuana become as common as drinking a beer in the United States in the coming years several people are texting us saying. If already is get out from under that rock you're living under. And of it quite that comic yet we'll see what our guest thanks after this. As you've probably could guess about this moment. I have decided. H when he to a need to run for president. Now we all know what happens to Kanye West when he smokes weed. And and there is some awards show edit get I mean that's. I don't mommy doesn't on the flag got notes. Miley Cyrus Kanye West on the MTV video music awards both talking about smoking weed amongst others. Dummy to thank him with more states legalizing it with it proliferating. Pop culture. To a point where they've ended a skit with Miley eating pot laced brownies and hallucinating about Snoop Dogg becoming a pig. Millions of young Americans or watch Venus who maybe aren't on the fence about whether or not to start smoking weed that this push them over the edge do you think smoking dope is gonna become so common in America that it's like. Drinking a cup of coffee. Our guest this half hour is Allen saint Pierre from the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws last half hour we talked a citizens against legalizing marijuana Allan what roadblocks remain for your organization now. To move forward and get more states legalizing marijuana. Traditionally it is about five more coal pillars of pot prohibition. Police. And that's joined by prosecutors are always the first in line to argue against any modicum of marijuana law reform at all. Second you've got groups to make money off marijuana provisionally drug testing companies in re hampers. Com and you've got the actual government agencies. The pro edition I can name a couple reflected care program and schools in the partnership for drug free America or the so called drug czar's office here in Washington. So a lot of jobs. Re rely on marijuana remaining illegals and what you're saying. Exactly and so there's now we on this side of this debate making an argument there's many more people to actually employ and taxed for example in Colorado because of the law. 161000. People are registered workers in this state. Selling marijuana that's a lot of commerce that's a lot of equal taxes that the stated now taking him. Do you think that Colorado is having second thoughts we hear reports that there is a movement to reverse the legalese and legalization of marijuana do you fear that might happen there or anywhere else. No mainly because we reformers often raised 221. The amount of resources needed in fact our opponents I mean we bluster if they don't have the government coming in and spend the money or change the laws. We can see that they don't we have much sway left in America and white alike say that without sounding too cavalier. When normal was founded in 197010%. Of the public wanted marijuana legalized so what can understand why a politician back and might not wanted. To be that bold well today according to Gallup. 55%. Of the public want marijuana legalized so. Turn its that the tide is turning the tide has turned and so therefore we'd rather talk about if marijuana should be legal. The better discussion would be how we going to do it and make it happens system that again looks pretty similar to alcohol. Kevin thanks for calling your on WW. Hello yeah which in this hour here armed call while on its outlook. The opportunity to work for the saint here and Asians and there is movement in the year and specifically any problems. To change pro. You know I think the question you originally put out what is it become as common as all C. And you know I I agree to saint Pierre. These comments. But I agree will be very similar tell all our adults choose. You. Due to relax after hard they work. I think that's going to be and that's something when he's going to be illegal in New Orleans, Louisiana and look we can. We we may be challenges and we ERG. Years. Tenure as answer take ten years we appreciate the call we got a running got to get a traffic update for yet we'll continue the conversation after this. A great hour and the think tank we talked to people who support and oppose legalization of marijuana after the MTV video music awards. Sinden every but he got up was talking about smoke and open my question was will smoking weed become his comment. As a couple coffee in the United States. Let's get some final thoughts from our guests this half hour Allen saint Pierre with the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Where we had a how many states in this next cycle where up was do you think will legalize marijuana. Looking at California. Nevada Arizona Ohio Michigan. Maine and Massachusetts those. The Missouri are all lined up for legalization millions of dolls have been raised. And we think it's too most of those in the past we certainly hope California it's most important. Do you think that's a big domino of California approves it do you see it then more rapidly happening across the country. Knowing the country the hemisphere and frankly BEU. That's how crucial California is to either ending prohibition or expected standing for a few more decades. Final thoughts Alan Cynthia. If we're going to keep marijuana legalized our lifetimes blasted. That battled it out we appreciate it. We'll talk to you soon as this debate will continue for quite a long time I'm Dave Cohen in for Garland Robinette. You can vote online at WWL dot com got a few minutes left in our big gates every pretty jaguar painful do you think that marijuana will become that comment coming up next hour. Which lives matter. In America. Growing controversy surrounding the comments of police in Houston after the murder of a police officer of the sheriff weeded. The rhetoric is out of control I know hash tag like black like black lives matter. So do our lives let's drop all that and say all lives matter. At Sara Hickman he's also said blue lives matter. And lives matter. Talk about this coming up and think about it here as a think tank. In the next hour here on WW well I'm Dave Cohen called out to 60187. If you got comments attacks mediate 7870.