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9-1 4:10pm Bobby & Deke: on the first batch of Saints roster cuts

Sep 1, 2015|

Bobby & Deke discuss some of today's roster cuts by the Saints, including receiver Nick Toon.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to the sport itself along with the cage he came Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia seven Tony tonight head football coach of the Tulane green wave. Courtesy Dave Johnson checked into the radio as the wave open dot. Tonight tonight against ACC power at fright night just in basketball but in football. The Duke Blue Devils will be in town and the first two opponents Paul the ruling green wave. To a unique three of those power that damn bowl team the last three seasons. A two the last three seasons into the BBC this album both being Georgia Tech in central floor wave with a tough three games at the opening up. Well thought out what's gonna happen with 29 Duke. Third tonight with CJ. Courtesy. NFL NFC south ESPN and espn.com. Will be with us about the Saints cuts. And also one of the saints' roster moves indicate he can take a yours too as well as the points with two. Operated jaguar opinion poll online at WW Rio. Dot com red nation Saints fans wanna hear from you since the thinks he's wide receiver nick toon. You think it really is neat now make the team. 260187. Texas at 8787. About B I'll still laugh from hokey. In Hokies it is the other night in the locker room so it'd be right now Reyes needs at their best receiver on this team. And another player that is really taken advantage of his opportunity to. Well it's all about production. And you see in Ireland practice them because we gonna evaluate the film obviously. Do you produce. In the game given the chance. I mean. We want to bring in nickel on AB's shelves we won and excelled in his wife's addict is a big receivers. He kind of copy. Our should say pats passing of the march like mark fiscal Clinton maybe who's going to be the Knicks. Big receives the receivers are as far as physical stature that talking about catches in all I've rain coat. To be big time it he's done a big receiver but nothing wrong with that you have. Different I've receivers are different abilities in position. Slot receiver on stretch the defense. Like we've had. In on the Sean Payton and Drew Brees though. When you look alike Coleman and David Jones. Joseph Morgan Josh Morgan. Is look it. Who's been the most consistent Uga does say will at least need be and third guys so. I'd be shocked right now if he was not in that number in the final roster cut now we need to. Being released. Now according to league sources. Why. Obviously. When it's a pitch on in this thing. You know actually released though but. If you all I was trying to be if purses sunning in and have management. My understanding it nick toon. He's released he arrived here you members of fourth round draft pick in 2012. But. He was somewhat in trouble and he had a high ankle spree that's like a broken ankle did you know four to six weeks ago. That he pilot might be on the outside looking in and really in that really have a chance. You know XL prob the pre season an actual game. Now this is not surprising. Not surprising because Adam. You know we picked him up that their fullback Eric Laurie air dialogue you know in my mind candy at a nice contract when he came over Tampa Bay. Stamford alone. And what about him but the bottom line is though right now. Is that Austin Johnson to me is better done in the bank the book and it wasn't like Laurie had a couple of tackles on special teams that was the fullback. It was all pretty. Right now I'm not I I don't know Deke that's told little room. I don't know appealed. In home night and keep two fullbacks but. I don't have to look more about is that his name is a practice squad guy. And you know what would come about with the advent. I think I'm comfortable in Austin Johnson. As a pass receiving fullback and also lead blocker. In the running game I think he has improved that much. Terrence tragic hears that and mean if it stays and the committee went. He was kind of battled through Wilson in a last season he started few games. But he was like yes the object. And you know he'd be one better at date right place right time he media have a few years in the NFL but he's never going to be guiding Euro live pollen. As far as being a starter and thieves he could maybe be dead. That back in cornerback. Aqib for five cornerbacks but. The things did go release him. Now Lance Louis he was kind of a one receiver in the glow which will at least need at times where. While when you look at him he'd be like well the panic in you look at their numbers 8483. Listening was 83 Luke is 84. But he had hit too many drops too inconsistent. Ending as practices progress. And I'm not really do anything special now but one guy who was outstanding training camp. But he got bird. The closed the Ravens game and goal line defense team pages contain the quarterback the Saints when Nagy. Worry it's not the end of play action. And into bootleg. That being Marcus Spears Brewster. And out to be that guy. That's a slam dunk practice like. Because I see him on packers' all note dig at the beginning of training camp the first two weeks. Andruw speak couldn't block him right so what is that saying about. Andrus peat I don't know like that at 49 Marcus Spears Bruce the three names. From west practicing and not Texas aimed am the same place tie Robinson's thrown direction west. Takes in him so he guy that I could see. That he'll wind up. On somebody's. Practice squad in the NFL I don't know about active roster but I could see him a Devin now regarding the glass as we go. We got to go to caller okay but Ronald Powell. Yeah you know what public glare of the famous Korda thing about him a lot like outdoors and. Yeah I tell you in the bag as he looks too good to be a civilian. Prized item on history you collect. Either he's a bodybuilder he's a motto he's our own probe will be okay and you know it's physical that do you go like that's not a regular human beings and me it's he's either like a. That's no he looks the part you would think think I'm his via professional football players you see them walking industry that we would joke like you know look like Tarzan plays like Jane and and really on their team we could say with injuries are not. Out of high school coming out of California no one player and and Patten never really didn't take knowing him anywhere Florida he left California goes to Florida that was her with part of Florida Gators knew but he was a fifth round draft pick last year but. He missed a lot of time to me. You know training camp when injuries I don't know nagging get anything going two days so. I don't know the extent of his injuries but never really to me. When you'd watch him and you want in and takes LO one on one pass rush it just never happened. And so he was one that definitely I would say considering his god given ability and under achiever. And you know getting cut does W nine likeness and I don't know the extent of his injury he might resurface somewhere. Because you're probably be a workout warrior. And then some other team gimmick chance but. He's right quick. Consider like a said. Where he was ranked coming out of high school that's a handful of years ago at the base the number one player in the nation. You know and then you a young kid you dream about having professional career but right now he's gone on the penthouse to outhouse and a very humbling experience for Ronald ball. All right let's go to guy in giant guys thank you for calling WW yeah. Are you are doing. A guy with a guy. Thankfully bank protecting my pop compact. I had great correction Y and it's really going to be you'd like Ryan Moore and Jimmy BO. And we. We call and he'd expect out weaken a beacon and you can like maybe like Jimmy Graham and song like that nick and bell. Oklahoma Oklahoma yet he got OK I'll tell you guys that because they gonna run this thing settlement type plays. That Willie's media could be Lance Moore. Could be Kenny still think I play official power. A unique view him kind of a slot receiver doing crossing routes in and also had the capabilities of going vertical and now as far as the branding Coleman. I think he's more along the lines you said before kind of the passing in the charged uncles to him if he is in that number. I think you'll get the benefitted out it's only because now he's practiced but he's one. They get a game chants of Thursday night and I you know it's an avenue of one drop only can't tell but I haven't. Again we have maybe three of four catches and I think the things they've given an opportunity disease that step up okay. I write in vote go to break right. Well and then Hawpe. And I I do like outlaw. Number and take out markets where you're running back in you could be. Well like brawl. Yet they get the good assessment capping they found a found their role will come meg about he's taken so much more and you call 260170. The Saints have made their cuts give us a take here on WW rip. And welcome back September 1. NFL teams mandate they must get down to harass the number of 75 the next cut is Saturday but 3 PM Saturday. All 32 National Football League teams must be gathered at the three man roster about eighteen hours later. Wait for wave with the players clear waivers in that you could sit to practice squad. Soon there after today's cuts by the New Orleans Saints fullback Eric walk. Offensive lineman. Antonio Johnson wide receivers Lance Louis nick toon RJ Harris defensive tackle David Hunter. Linebackers Marcus Spears Brewster Ronald Powell. Chris Young cornerback Terrance Frederick. Placed on the are. These Adrian Anthony expensive. And trades Daylon Saunders both and doing in the sanctity of a future conditional pick in that has conditioned on. How much time they found with ladies and what he does. In new England and only got Primeau are albeit at three more cuts to come we were talking about this during the break let's elbowing a motive and the players from Dallas so here. With all all three amenities Uga. Her name and now it's good idea in it is as the united we have a mark Laguna as a look at it as an offensive lineman you know UCLA. Was I tell you who was doing well with the Saints and intimacy two hours by step and rob Bryan. It's dead and we've seen it and practicing. Is I know I'm telling this guy gets the run is the best 34. Down linemen. In any gets hurt. Now victim Butler beat the Bosnian song and dance Anthony Spencer now on IR and one that long ago the inning with 2012 Anthony Spencer it was yeah probable. While Mehmet first but he you know game in Atlanta Boston polio. He had he had a couple of penalties that you wouldn't expect a veteran is over nine ER gas Isiah. And looking at Jalen Saunders you know he always he get in givens and against them indoors than it is on now Cutler he gets them thing. You know Jalen Saunders it was a big part. What we did on the latter. Part of the season as far as returner punt returner. You know he averaged eleven yards a punt return oh yeah and Marcus Murphy. Brandy cooks Lara might be in the averaged eleven yards. The Eagles put return is doing their job. Last year I'm telling Weaver and Joseph Saunders came aboard illness it was like 29 we were he can't whether it gave us of them all David Duke Carolina. Yet he gave with the boos were all of a sudden. If you look punt return. They were average in like three point 84 minute to seven. Yard average loses 24 not good enough. But. You know it's amazing how different teams recognize different players right and Belichick in practice Sunday seen. Are innocent owners scouting department and based that he made last year. The Patriots have all of the Saints can't use Saunders who you know now they have Murphy Cameron cooked. You know right place right time that to be a great opportunity this on as a with the Patriots. Because Florida full columns go to. The kind of kind of -- Marco is as it is on the east he's based on the kind of the name is the only guy I don't know it's amazing how you remember certain things he went to UCLA. You know thirty year old I mean you know by two things that bottom line is mean weird you'd. I Mary for Royals talk about the Saints a team this season Roy thank you for calling. Jerry architecture by Kyle. I did what did you hit into the right out. Although that Beckett a lock Willie chief gates still beat. Actually like he'd pick ever that yet but to comment on the year. Or why they were at the way you alluded I think it kind of gave people hope. You know on thing and it's and it's a positive way to look at it Uga if you are you would hope that's Bethlehem. Well. I'm a devastating case in Provo blood QB is always that it quarterback fees and you opponent if your defense. Right now Carson Palmer. The veteran de he's an Coleman hanging. The regular game to use him yet you know he's the three musketeers in the Cutler via. It. And I do well am I don't count on them all want the fans always the biggest Eagles depleted Dallas. Follow Bogut being good thing is if you if you heard the player though that you kind of optimism honored him. Right you know it's not like and there is pregnant though where it takes in and you know stuff like that but going back there decay of the season with the defense if you look at. B Carson Palmer Kubel who you read a face now let's say. The all of its of line is doing their job. Who would you read of pages in my opinion I'm just tell because I think is a much experience means I'm much rather faith team is Winston. A big Carson Palmer if we're not getting after the quarterback. Right they would pick a lot every lead car supply Thursday night there would maybe be a track meet tied game and I don't know. If the office could be that he fears of it is that cardinals' defense. And you know dosages deuce to just know you Tammy but. Veteran quarterbacks. That are good in cause them problems whether he quarterback a one time. It seems like Bobby they know how to get rid of the ball quickly as they get old. Well you know got rid of the blow we'll work on blitz packages use get rooted in his second and a half and I consider him a better now. Because he's played double digits starts. Is Paul later. I always get rid of dollars has look at become an apt to me it's 101 I don't they Keenan Lewis and guard Andre Hopkins. Andy did you know you guys burn one played and he got in affairs and yet the so Oreo and and just look at I'm not gonna hold the ball I'm I'm I'm getting enough or not there. And so that's why it you could blitz and do all that led the veteran quarterbacks. Yet be as bad I think is you better go to get a pass rush. Would four and doing stunts twists does the defused all line and maybe. Adults of one but I don't know like blitz where bodies on island the Bulls better quarterbacks in the NFL that last. They gonna burn and they get our guys batted in than your guy garden. Thank Tim made because Sean Payton we'll talk at 60 when ahead at four you may need state football coach mad B at all will be what I thought about the Cowboys and the Tigers. And Tulane football coach courtesy. In just the moment but first let balls for news for 32 would that be their the only time you'll go to Jim Hansen. I welcome back to sports talk to the fold to go things to make some cuts today noble want to wide receiver nick toon. The linebacker Ronald Powell. And the Saints have also placed Anthony Spencer on eye on they traded Damon son as the New England for a conditional future draft pick. Two other lake front for big finish beat Venus thank you for called. We got action taken McCraw. Couple questions. You are things that despite our positioning and so too. Sort trade with Ryan grip and although who do you think. As the lead in the kicker. Competition between Hopkins and hocker. It probably keep up the good work with Mitch and monuments. I up I'm not after I got to be if you if they give BP as and we were and you over the stadium yet went well with them and he had. But a big fish. It only thing that Ryan Griffin. In less that team really. Wants him. They let old Bulls. And I've taken. Now I think grip right it was gonna. Get extended playing time come Thursday night against Green Bay. And the let's say he dazzle them. And the Saints still wanna go more over the veteran and Macau. Soviet definitely his trade value would go out. But it's kind of a catch 22 the team wants it might take that chance. If they think. They might take a run at him and just led the Saints cut him so you have to give up anything but if you really want them yet yeah that he he you would trade for. So I think the jury's still out that I think it's still. Producer Gary grace is not going anywhere so it's still I think open competition. What accounts still leading. And the pins what happens Thursday night in us important game for Ryan Griffin not only with the things that is NFL future. Because I think he is NFL quarterback they could have. A double digit career now. Big fish as far as the kickers. I think that's going down through more I mean I'd just get Hopkins based on practice and everything into account everything. With the kickers do the chart. All the times they Kate makes and misses kickoff and not only of field goals but obviously as of January about Q are you gonna make all the extra points and and make crucial or critical field goals while Zach hocker. Made. A very impressive case. 53 yards a game like conditions. Against detect is that we we've seen never seen as a said that in no way as a junior. They had a drill. Who's coaching. The author to pick one K gonna defense accidentally kicker. And it they both kickers succeed in the coaches have the run you know low extra. While both Zach Procter and that's an obvious Damian all their cakes think enabled me to 58 yarder and it wasn't barely right I mean it would have been good from sixty plus. So I think that's going out the way I could see a scenario. We're listening Hopkins makes the team are hocker either one while the one that doesn't I can see him kick it for another NFL team. This it was shoot he's he's been an MO we have. So I still that's still Lyle and Anthony Brian Griffin. Still has an outside chance to stick with the things rosters. But I definitely think he'll stick in the NFL. Are about to back to have flown to go West Bank regress bank racan Harvick thank you for calling their VW male. That you know accept my like debate the radios they should but he eight. 00 Scott. And thank you although I like. In high keep him people that you're. At it. Like somebody who. Something Witten in Hershey. And about you broke what we. At the worse it and it you broke me. That we. Boss. All heard about. How much better CB and now they're here we liked them they. Her like that clean game in each game in game which we. Which means that the turtle. At that. Game. A little. We will be open would be 00. Yeah. People. About who would be the court. Yet did thing as the rate Rob Ryan and his defense is in place. No just let the thing averages of point pre season he's not going anywhere I think. He's at a shortly so this week getting adequate treatment if it that team. Has success in the get go and and you know it almost have to be a scenario and how it's how you would lose in this that you won in three which I don't think got to communicate. That was the case and indeed it is getting burned yet I could await an open date and this is eight or nine games into the season. But the point Jamaican. Ages goes to show you. The circumstance it usually look at it and office has that done this in the past what do they. Get an extra first down the defense doesn't have to go back on the field. NL so we close out the game that way in. You nine a situation. Where the lines come back to be you know where the Cleveland Browns it. It's gonna take a team effort. But. I look at rob Bryan forget how to coach. He knows what he's doing. Now sometimes yep. No players' capabilities I've put too much on their plate innate thing too much and indicate just react. And their 49 playing that are ability hopefuls beat. Now blow would that being said. I look at all NFL teams. Coaches and players. I think. Great players heard this line great players can make great coaches knows. If your coach and you pay attention to detail put him in the right direction. You gonna have success. But the problem is that Pete Davidson not having success and you might not have the right players like their players have been in your players you can't get rid of you players so they get rid of the coach. So wizbang rig that's why if the defense does not have success. You are what you are as far as the players and talent. So love got to go to given direction with a coach and a lot of all coaches have been far Dennis and Ned. Like a military Brad did it live all over the country. Look at Carl Smith who was coach of a coach Mora. Was Dolphins have cornea late eighty's and ninety's. He was Russell Wilson's quarterback coach they wanna Sobel on that loss last year he was it Pete Carroll USC. One national championships so often bomb it yet you've got to beat de man line you gotta be fit. Bigs and UK. And at things guarantee and rob Bryan. He'll still be confident. I don't know with Gavin this year but he'll still be company going forward. In Tennessee does that come that I. I know would help him do in Africa and yeah I need legacies he made that statement I forgot how to coach defense right. Now. And and a and a coach Barry's seven that it does happen. Things. Coach groh and got it through RG three and it blows but the some merit to that but he very seldom even though. A coach could put the player and right position you very seldom. Season throwing individual players and a bus for it's it's. Rick. We play the Jets. Remember no matter who had been the cornea. And Chris Ivory we got to backed up. It the right defense is called Malcolm Jenkins comes down. Right in the hole. That you should have been a three RD ranked. All of this Chris Ivory makes about emerging businesses like a 38 yard game well that was the right defense called. So that the players got to make the play you put him a visit to make plays and they got to make it. Saving of their blitz that now you've got to get after it opposing quarterback and sack him now Brian Hoyer was Smart dog Gilbert a ball quick. But it is if you don't have help that you're expecting Keenan Lewis that covered the Andre Hopkins right. That the bad the ball now right and and I gave birds oh. Is kind of a casual attitude coaches but they always gonna be held accountable. Because you can't get rid of all your players in. A coach is it bigger head in. It has a lot of responsibility goes that. All right Rick thank you so much handsome. And do you think really it's neat makes this roster baucus America's own way to make it what about another got. Like who's just been doing well in the pre season when he sneak this is sports at all on WW. And welcome back to the phone to goad us got a handsome Jay and long beats Mississippi thank you for calling WW yeah. Yeah sort of my picture taken Mike call all along like an elder relieved I had beer. Yet not all work for science and you really give the vote the church all the same. Like the science will go late night car Batman sentiment like that well but they're going to soar out about war and 40. And an up like it about Blatche but with a little luck they can go back. Seven that look at that and I got to put up front and schedule battered so. You know the only thing is Hanson AJ is that in the past and they've gotten off to a slow start into a slow season yeah. That and I actually because Chicago on this trip to schedule I have them like two and two. Andy North did getting eight and even now that nobody even with the slow start. They've never been irons and they got Dayton eight but we never even we will not always thought the you know one in 304. We nearly got finance but. 97 right. Ride yeah you know they got to turn a ball games started and the and I you aren't gonna take a little slap in Lowell so beautiful that time in them. And reliable of people. You know element that's still a course and now well bill. They all. Bought at the gym like you said you look at the first five games. Now. That's not the case slashing his loss all the games at home and actually do well on the road three out of the first five games. The car on the road. And then it's playoffs Cardinals playoff team Carolina is a playoff team the Cowboys were a playoff team the Eagles with him in sixth. So on seven Tammy wheat to ads it says it's a challenge and that's why I was hitting him or two and two. Hanson date thank you so much for the call Philippine that is hang tight would come at the end listeners are we're gonna lead off with you guys give you sound you some time to get to point across. And we don't wanna bang you up against the clock easy hit at sound that is the music listeners to. The break he's the KG came by BA bear I'm Deke Bellavia basis sports talk. Tulane football coach courtesy Dave Johnson coming up and tomorrow night at 7 o'clock it's the less miles show right here on WW.