WWL>Topics>>9-1 5:10pm Bobby & Deke: on the full slate of 15 players cut by the Saints

9-1 5:10pm Bobby & Deke: on the full slate of 15 players cut by the Saints

Sep 1, 2015|

Bobby & Deke talk with Mike Triplett of ESPN.com about the 15 players cut by the Saints as they trim the roster to 75 players.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

New Orleans Saints have made some cuts most notable wide receiver nick Tim linebacker Ronald Powell and they place. With the hills and things. Anthony Spencer. On injured his her. Welcome back to sports talk Alabama teams that decide to release wide receiver need to do you think is paved the way for receive a winners need. What do you make the team cast a vote online at WW though. That compass giving your take it to 60170. You can Texas an 878 and the Saints also traded receiver return specialist. Statements on this team New England to saint receiving conditional future draft. They lack in game two coming up. In this now also coming up ball on the show today. Of course some special guests and will be joined by Mike Triplett after the first break in the Saints ESPN espn.com. The LSU Tigers thirteenth in the coaches poll fourteenth in the Associated Press opened up. Saturday night in debt that I get the nanny state Cowboys may need state football coach mad via talked on this. It's exploring into playing coach courtesy. Open up at home against the Duke Blue Devils. Will be a talk and go see the about it and grant basis solved the gamma. Bobby is Steve will be the TV voice. And humans they. He went and try to that the date it's been practicing so aggressive and said this. Even Gallup Ontario yeah it does have a distinct and yes that did Valencia and now honesty has been. So be so hopefully get excited. Yeah you know and and Kelsey ditto with ovals and coming years that we can sport that he announced that few weeks exciting games wide open should be real girl yeah I would do it in Dugan and course they go to Georgia Tech and come back on a play the main the main. So will peak company CJ about that as well also 260170. You'll move your take on the Saints cuts not only were you think what is he will make that. The roster but the Saints cuts and four more hours at the sports talk is more sports and more would double covered sports animal Christie Garrett. Anti bout a bear as promised the Natchez Mississippi. Fulfill Philipp thank you for calling WW. The gators get booted. Eight beat him about B I feel pretty cut. What wrote wrote yeah yeah amount you can help open it cannot pay that we let alma. To make this team all you do you think that boy I tell me you know you don't need it even looked like. Redo it Illbruck. And yet he. You know he's very active. It's a both him and Jerry Franklin two years ago I'm from Arkansas that they were kids that pad at times. Very active. The winning Franklin be in the coach Peyton niche in this in the post game Philip. On that 31 yard punt return. By Murphy. Franklin had a personal file pale in when it went even anything to do with the plays solo. That's a bad mark against you look at any young linebacker and how active. You know he is in looking at Patriots game where he had six and led the team with six tackles along with Franklin. He could add about pin even admitted that. You know you could see he's a hard worker. I mean. He kind of almost has a chip on his shoulder now that he wasn't drafted you know out of Virginia but Phil about I care right now. He'd almost have to play horrendous against the Packers because he's gonna get a lot of playing time. You know come Thursday night like tonight make this team he's deceptively terrible would be keys to what he's doing I think QB on the final roster. It it has been okay for and thank you mom and we are scenic calling from nexus. Mississippi you could connect just Trace when you've gone up to McComb Bobby get on what they call the net to Trace and caught a crossing grown up. To cynical beer. Mississippi home and all went frank his whip 18. Team all American at Auburn won Wesley Carroll was an all conference player and champion with the university Miami and one Cortez Kennedy. Hall of fame in the national bully walk all on the 1980 national which ranges they went on to win the state championship and me. Claim as the best team in junior college football one of the best teams do you can't have a history yeah what those three important date right yeah they were they were pretty good in that city had twenty. Twins and division one scholarship Utley was fifteen of those Christmas oval went to the SE CU for coach. Franken whether that's the case in point lead to about Rob Ryan within whoever was coach's name should win but oh what kind of players. Yeah ADHD. We did a reserve. The last last thank you for calling WW. A team in the. Our newborn or. Are you yet. We're out to be it would be at. Their. All we have the nick and I didn't go to the caliber of a count they're what they're like oh. And until people on the brain the brain ma the club. Night. Maryland went Peyton yelled and screamed aren't. Almost there are certain national media in Chicago and in the heat that stuck out for me because. Younger it's green pepper cool to just like yeah it could be. In the in the act like it will be in that they have they have their own bet there. I you'd. The amount as we go out ticket already. I went out and bought you out four and acting goal Bobby is being injured. It would be the problem but the other Arab. You all being that Marbury. It did appear. And we're going to be our problem at least champ. More low blow it and it is a live longer or it won't report it. We don't. What a week out where and our game there. Are watched so. All right this blog you created for him a man. Thank you very much if the first Tuesday of the prep high school football season that means. The Louisiana sportswriters top teams about in class five a Buick and I reckon Rams. Or at one Rommel Raiders are you im im EO of the Roma rating greater pride at number two John courtesy of three west Monroe for. Zachary brother Martin parkway Catholic the bad new debt to hand and Barbara the top team. In class for anybody the Neville Tigers aren't normal ones none of surprise there attorneys can exit to. The Frankel and demons from Washington pattern it's coming at number three saint Thomas mournful the Eagles a Warren Easton run down the street by. Follow about the volume last year's three TH in its sixth and the claw look on his command in the top 35 and on the team. In class to create the defending state champion at you hot clubs are on number nine they opened up against Rommel Friday night. The mighty mighty A meet wall you always number two yeah your right Bob you bet this is it three union parents Patterson not Webster Jennings EDY. Much an insane danger of body thing. The law in prep football we got elected in saint team's bad one of the greatest rivalries in football. But because all of its classifications stuff and everything oh record years we'll all that but now. We got the wildcats in the Bordeaux back. Wrap it up the last two classes in class two a Manny calvary Baptist in the third to walk until Christian. Rivets that Notre Dame camp that New Iberia saint Charles Catholic and saint Thomas acquired the Falcons. Is the day at number eighteen and and in class one a the Haynes would go to on NATO point one. Number two southern land the key would paint the room under the tree in Cape Town at three but they Kelly Campbell Christian east Borough guard. Saint Mary's bisphenol a since intently and white since an episcopal and white castle. At number team always think about the prep days comedic and that's what you. Coach he. Yet there's a lot of familiar names and then you know race is like. You know you see the consistency of top programs just. That list you just saying the five days via communicating and I mean all date Davis normally you'd be surprised if they're not involved. Yeah and looked like we it has given her a little about when is the last time event to win in a top team. Well right golf the world all those players in the go to calvary Baptist now where he had an amateur players want to go on a Florida. Yes as hell of a commute. Now big guy lately and again Rowell credited alms mountains on you know the you know not Estes not at year's end and in a flash zone and gave via. Was a soul all JJ and you knew we was used to see it now I'm one of those things like bombs that you know you get to the doors. You got to dominate area you guys dominated district in the U comical in the state in the dominated that Kennedy for heat the years. And they would get donated the advantage would be west Monroe would be Acadia. And then they got over those playoff homes and that they got it's him it's a pedigree and you expect them and that that's what they expect at what they mean by. Raider proud yet John Walker's the answer Patriots and jesuit Amin and Udoka coach to take that use that as Samoa as motivation not that they needed but. At seventeen I mean defeat in the states in a sports writer. It stays a little more love baby. That was the loss last and battle Cahill coaching on the call today and the next general update proud alone they deserve to be. Higher than that I will come back and get the Toney Texas and raging case of them at the end this is sports talk on WW. To the H town Houston Texas for Tony Tony good evening thank you for calling WW. Thank you particular couple beaten by great show it's always. I have. Near one bite you. I look at on our roster right now we're happy to replacement for Jerry Byrd and pour bill. Walker marketing. Keep it Spiller you know on nine. Dirt third period Peter worn it brought aren't you looking at Q. Warning salivating at at your position. Both got people out there we have guys. Paying Byrd went nine billion a year. It will paying out toward what half million. Spiller I know in. You know but Pete but to Wear down and that's. Like people will power. We haven't yet avatar on the guy next to your era on you and it yet they'll look with. There is burg I guarantee. I mean when he signed a contract with the signs things he has 26 million dollars guaranteed he's not going anywhere. Know will we got a hold that. He didn't continue to steal money on the sideline. And actually contribute and and in place. Emma Walton on the two ultimately is known to appease the paparazzi. That's a good test of the way to. Well and privileged and like Joseph Mazzulla and he's gonna elaborate Lannan offense you have to realize that it's like that is worth rewarding talent also ego and look at the contract status. Yeah the players say being with CJ Spiller. I mean I don't know we'll be ready week one than let's say he's not ready to let that ten of the and it's still fourteen games and big counting on CD's like is still coming on to. Is Byrd and Mike stupid does Jonas now he has been a year it's the end outcome might go your initial thoughts on the courts the first cut. And a lot of huge surprises them wrote this morning about injury it really hurt Anthony Spencer in June and churn out they did the other person and an article jurors are and BB. But he's another one wonder Elena on the pop and wait. A few more weeks on them and yet at the studio so. Injury that rule and and just came out now and series India are Picchu in European guys are so. That the biggest names that. They got released there are guys that were injured. Yeah and out like you talk about pre season and obviously players an opportunity to play I think will semen any since here he got hurt on that punt return. He knows Clinton you could see him like that and all possible you'd like he's heard bad selves and timlin table. And Andy they cart him off and says Terry it was our most productive player in camp as far as game legalese. In my if you say that he's going to I all right. Yeah oh actually I think you leave injured so he might have to pass through waivers. Or army employees. Though Russia really that with the injuries starting back in college. And now might. To mean no surprise here simply because now I guess a surprise. Considering that paid a nice nice contract covered Tampa Bay fullback Gary Laurie. But. To media I mean that that's not a reach right there when you go and Austin Johnson vs Lori even though. Initially thought lord would be a fullback from Tampa but that I guess somewhat a surprise considering the contract and it's not like analogous pairs teams tackles a total from he had. A couple of them so. I would surprise them or were you. No you know I mean I thought it was heading into training partners for them at the project the heat route or where we're Austin Johnson are. You know are those that ESP. But you know as reaching the playing time shake it right on the law. You know are suited Tatum did. Your collar like lowered better. Editor ever record out now a partner in regular Bert Bedard about the guts and earn that over him mortar and Morgan and totally beer busts. Habit. You pretty act. How close do you comment via within about real fooled again right in the U or maybe it. Courier or five the problem is. I'm not always that great hit there I don't always predict but what I wrote. The last that it was two weeks on a road there's no failed veteran linebackers will make the line. You know Spencer herald and all board Ellerbe numbered card not keeping all these. But I know which one at the time and I didn't know which. Young guys it was going to be the team because specialty in the Bryan Dixon's. You know you don't know now there's going to be to retrieve it to cut every two or three guys there at all or stretched got old or years ago. So I don't know nailed those guys you can usually tell what you see it on the two deep. You don't know is no pressure which guys that they had to court specialty written a couple of guys he. When healthy team 32 Pena. At thirty EDT I don't know. Her a couple of. Live close and but might look at that. At. When you see a trip PGA Williams. I mean I kind of thought overall speculating what you're doing and put him on IR oh my hamstrings some you know older but that we all I I think you have observed that or where things like Damian swine. Was more like the third round pick the PGA wins I know PG it was a hurt not available. Of the Damon's line to me. Has been and as impressive as and an accord that was drafted. You know we I mean needed in this one her short and now it's out on drink and you know that's like right there as he would actually work and I'll. Quickly you can be back. You're right these other two were playing in training camp agreement on past in my. And and you know bro Odyssey about you know there was I think drafted. In the third round. I would. I wrote in the 01 girl on my initial depth chart. Your third round. But broke out including masters or Olympic spirit and and and your right if I had to pick electric sport arbor on a quarterback occurring at its all. Mike Triplett ESPN EE SPN that compliment the saint in the NFC south trip how completely people a week on social media and I don't know what you gotta pony ESPN. Did a consignment Twitter at Mike Triplett. Run down you know we been doing throughout the day and so the most significant cuts and what they mean. Next man up or some of these speaker but all that stuff I think it's been a problem they pay. Mike Triplett trip thank you so much at a time we appreciate. How I would go on the left in Nixon belted a raging case that he wants talk about a running back that's doing well. This training camp when you make teams on the uncles that are on the B to be on whose time. It is 532 will go to first news with you and hand them. And welcome back he's the dating game by BA there I'm the ability and 2601878. Is the number to get him ball LSU make the state Saturday night in a Death Valley be serious Jonas is we get you set. For the Tigers and the Cowboys Saturday afternoon tee Bob Hebert and myself we will be alive. Out at LSU it's outside the epic beard and did sit for LA issue and make me state and handled the LSU sports network. For the Tigers and accountable it's right here on WWL. Radio to Lafayette Louisiana the raging case in jaunt with Hillary to get agent. Hey good afternoon. Question Burkle say oh don't dark Gillick the all. But we're not do until our special it some a year where it's coming around golf club. But I held an Olympic channels they'll take on you know. Whether or not yeah I think he has really good shot on bump Barack. All they do. We have. Great occasion that don't want cup but we can go to our commanders. And out wondered. He still he's still on me. Yet he's still in you eating because today so it now getting I don't know I'd be surprised he makes Alaska. Yeah that now the one thing and contribute on special teams he is healthy to think wouldn't have signed them coming over from Dallas but it. He could be one. That you could cut it put on the practice squad so I think if he does make this team I think that's where it would come about now. As far as Tim Hightower. I think. Tim Hightower as a great opportunity to make the final roster going into this season. But then I could see him getting cut. Win CJ Spiller comes. So and and hiding hide our. And as of late he hasn't played nowhere and Karen his body looks like he's in shape he's playing like a young man so. ID he'd be good enough to make. Somebody's team judges don't see. When you look at Ingram. Marking Tokai Robinson. And counting all the fullback position Austin Johnson Marcus Murphy. And in you throw and Spiller. When need be available I just don't see him. Keep in high Talbot initially I could see him. Keep it Tim Hightower. And then you know. Maybe to be here for a couple of games within with villas available I think region cajun it. Tim right now we're not doing the team Estes my opinion. They are part that you on the wide receiver in needed and there aren't that I mean that just. Strong hands and he just seemed to get open and I mean throw the ball and he's active and a. You know it outrage at Kagan and he's been. Not only. Consistent. In games but consistent in practice all the way in a row. It was in the first and the second practice. And mean he was outstanding. And caught everyone's attention to whose is guiding you start looking and you know the roster you know you get familiar with the numbers in Waldman them at eighty threes big plays he. There what he caught the very first bailing a city defers second price he caught like two bombs it by fifty are scores so. It's beat his caught everyone's attention ever since the start training camp in. And taken advantage in the pre season game also. All right thank you very much raging case in the Saints out Lara Puerto Christie Garrett and Kristian garic want to. Don't just now Christian is gonna tell us about a Venus and saving since they were so waived. Well on in an injury is six exact time that he while I while doing somebody in the in the class and lab who's injured and how with somebody sign. And injured player Christian shall explain. I'd be here and just reload and make and so basically he suffered an injury saw reported on gained it back on Sunday. When a player it's we entered that designation it really just think ergonomic injury there and they put on waivers to make them virtually agent critically. Heatley and so you know that they put a claim in on it and they nailed it right there at the wait until his injury. On designation as and or a player that might be out for the entire year it routine just wait. And so these rehab from that injury. An inning that sign them so could a lot of teams go a little guys got guys on injured players currently. Four or four. There. Now hug Kristen. Now. Now the Saints can you waived injured nuclear waiver that they put them back on IR because to meet. And explained to. I'm trying to think where. I don't think that they Q wavy injured and not pay you to put you in IR right now how does that work. It's probably based on salaries here contract you're signed on and then I if you clear waivers. They could end up putting you back on army reservist retaining your right but it allows the teams to hopefully put a claim on him on that pick a player it breaks but they want. So but bottom line is when you do get injured. What is the thing is somebody and they do claim that that's whose pain right now is to get paid right. Correct yeah I mean basically pro rated and they want to its claim. There at that point and according to put in the waiver claim will be responsible or not picking up the rest of the contract between. The gravity on the outside rework the deal that. You know luck is the reason that we mention the theory number number of times only because the news make you boys on the football camp. Now ultimately when it would've won the an interception in pre season game and he took a wrong angle. Very first game against the Ravens in and he got burned but at least he is aggressive but. I don't know well we had nine units in training camp he had 59 and nine. So I think those little discards it that would be as I've injury though and you don't if you play again hurt as far as competition. Do you break down now the safety position. This series not and that makes it that thing like maybe a good sign. Better like Doug Kenny Phillips. Got hurt he had an engine and also maybe. Warm. It got so like radio out here or. Kenny Phillips. 05 to present and his legacy. Optimum coming out. Bucky Phillips played a little shall CP the other day against the accident look at it occurred. Agree with Jeremy big idol in starter precede the they would strong sepia of course would pairs short span of being open Europe think oh. He has thinks that opponent christening Garrett and Chris and Derrick one on Puerto eighth book and take him out coming up in two hour and fifteen minutes. Christian identity but a bit double covered sports animal paid I'll give me a month. Ride the game in New Orleans Saints make in him. They caved in Canon and the Saints today and fullback Eric lore. Often the linemen Antonio Johnson ankle man mark it also waive three wide receivers Lance Louis nick toon on the hair. Defensive tackle David Hunt. Read I'm back including Marcus is Bruce. Well now and Christiane. Cornerback Terrance Frederick. They DB in there you wave as dialogue also placed on the island the Anthony Spencer. Equipment Pete Williams and the Saints traded wide receiver special team turn. Statements on in England in returns to the abysmal putrid. And they will also had a tech severe are we talking about CJ Spiller what was his entry. Did following the Saints that I he had arthroscopic knee surgery. And solo. You know that I make it a big deal out of it. You know Lucas with the technology today on this comics are you can't come back quickly so I don't know to be week one against Arizona. But I can see with the rehab he's ready to roll. Not against and the like the last fourteen games. But you know that was kind of I guess is sticking point also with him with the Buffalo Bills yeah he's hell he's well but. Boy he sure is injured a lot so lesbians in the seat. The CJ Spiller when he comes back in his contribution. Initially. Because also we had one takes. That'd talked about. You know marked his peers Brewster. And kind of you know sing viva but he was so so good ones you know Smith well. Obviously he was a dark horse because the successes haven't against Anders. But thing that could potentially. Via practice squad player you look at his background even though it was that was to exceed them I don't know beget. Kicked all of the team what happened but he start out I wanna sit Oklahoma State and so we had you know that kind of ability but it. I guess as far is what he had invested them and biggest surprise. It'd probably be Eric Lorie the fullback a league game and guys are trying to come over Tampa Bay. You know like. True Mike Triplett said the USP and he said. They generated. All right come back we'll get to hide in Metairie and rescue quality indicates he can name Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia this is WW. And welcome back out to matter if the Todd Todd thank you for calling WW. In. Great shape during the commercial break cook like. Some chicken on the barbecue and at all about or not in it that I have a question or. New rule with regard to the point after touched now. Two yard line to make change or age fifteen yard line to kick connection point. Line and kicking yard line. Came straight game and go for chief and former. Does it count as warrant. For sure do yeah. Then. Would it. Beyond good shot for so long term pass happy out there and do what ever. A lineup chucking arch street because they have more room to operate. Well I'm not really. Now you could say but that's really like. Fourth and goal from the fifteen yard line so I mean the odds and being your favor you got to end zone it's like extra defender. But I think if you are lining up to Kagan is a bad snap Grissom and you had. It was a crazy play at that you would count for two. Todd thank you so much for the call I have to look at a two hour down into that no basis sports talk you'll listening to WW Mayo.