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9-3 The Think Tank 1010am, America's Debt

Sep 3, 2015|

If China holds most of America’s debt, why isn’t our economy damaged when China’s economy declines? If China might precipitate another worldwide economic crisis can it be predicted? Whose prediction would you trust? This hours guest: Lord Meghnad Desai - Professor of Economics @ the London School of Economics Rajesh Narayanan - Charles Cameron Associate Professor of Finance @ LSU

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Okay are over thinking about it buried twelve noon and usual. Our poll. Dawn on bread and web site called red. Ask why people would vote for Donald Trump. Are bred through bullets and in pursuing and god knows surprise. But the problem and it caught my attention they basically. Said. We can and send him weekly gives the dole to but. Yet denomination. Will bow important. Cause you'll destroy bird truly everything. And then we can rebuild and start again and IBO riders even mentioned Katrina. Saying that new war against new all the problems it had couldn't doing that problem it took group call attempts to rebuild. And in the in its sound re using but you you don't believe beat anybody who's gonna do much different. And what's been done over the last 403040. Years. Something to think about it. And global yesterday you and a big before you know. Where applied Politico and here's headline caterers. For trump. There was like a pretty big story. On according movement to do drugs that short to go to bed and number of other things political. 11 o'clock. We I've seen of the conservatives story. Oh don't belong European states as the welfare state right. Well okay in Orange through glued turns and on the outlook report. That got numbers behind it says. 35. States. Thirty but. In America. Or bigger. Welfare states. Then Europe. And more of the polls and I own a year plus ago. Louisiana gets 44%. Plots of ball all the money from the federal government we are aware of the brokers states. Sort take a look at that would senior pro would care to institute. That are born think about something good maybe I'm the only one that thinks about it. We've heard over the years China holds Howard. Old are deaths that easy because. Beat him if they would decide to its sell dollars we'd be in big trouble. Of the world decided to group and one note currency. We'd be a big troubled soul. Begged began to hear the financial problems and China. Certainly our stock market took a bit but since then I've checked it today. Been cut about. Little up in their home but primarily Upton and a number of instances where they ought. So sad. If they hold Howard. Deficit. Are or money. How does that work and it says well. Let's go to war of the experts and were lucky enough build florid. Meg not a deuce side. From London professor of economics one school of economics authored a new book called hubris. Why economists. Field predict the prices and how to board then. Professor thank you so much for the dark. You're. A target India. I'd tell tell me about two book first walked gives some idea. Why why why did we see it coming Ken we see you coming next. My book you're the nearly. And can only assure. Because Columbia. Citizens here on the congress people. So all of them so the market or so. Well shabbat. Articles. I am I'll go littler. A to bring as can be. Who mattered budget is where. It serves. In the country although it lies. And Obama in. Right old. Now in. You're on you're treated me. The other significant depression. These undated. Really good depression I. Not an actor and on your quote. A jury and color constructed on the blog and I don't need extra. Government spending and all are well let me start everybody's opening game. And ruined by an old. Would be and I interject. Keep money under control. And in the budget. And record. The one of the bigger. Down. Uggla well ordered Britain albeit only at the bit. You get back to. Or equipment print social. The thing with the we have mentioned that collect food. You know the you know. Went to a what is but he wore. But and the replying what I'd be old girl. You connect well armed. That advocate industry that it look at other years. Mature at one point but a lot of the Richard problem from the article about all. You've got more or you know 00 because there's so I understand that children. Are all like as open. Are there because although I'd go. I'll do we are trying to so we are incredibly cool. Alone will vote what I on the secluded. Cycle aren't well Britney and Pickering should sort that would be the it is using. Oh the order to control the US economy all of its own. All that job I can control economy or on you all in secret and our community W story oh legal opinion than me but brought Archie. But understand that you go Google the leader Google and boy do noted that I'd say oh. Professor at Oakland entered a break here and when we come back I'm sure you've said how we affect each other come back. Let's talk about the Asian markets let's talk about Greece should we have we bred forever of the Asian market they're infected. Oh my goodness reason to bring down the EU and and I'd. It's doom. Do we have the ability to predict anything words it pretty much you let the economy. Go and control it is best she camp ignored going to be up and down nobody really knows what it's been doubled up on the right. Are here are my questions China holds the majority of bread Deb bright ball earning his moral when they're in trouble financially. In Greece were all like good news for your born grow more good it would reduce goes under regular dragged and tired you Wear them it'll kill the global economy and then we hear the and it's it's -- Heads are gonna kill those they keep working against inflation but they're gonna bring on inflation. And none of what seemed to have been reluctant to I'm so. We couldn't get in but we're better qualifications. Then. Professor ward to meg and decide. London school act and all their brand new book Brooke one way economists are able to predict the prices however aboard and actually. Professor Asia ring here. Why hasn't it affected us more China purpose. Giant. What throwing him out. Exporting them at all we are. Importing and and do it. But it's not a big on. What you all emirate interview Orman. That degree burglary. Say the current. But others that are also on all of corporate and look at. The patterns all because mark could be used to be in. Our computers are. Rhode Island. ID Mary is right in that job and our country will. Start relying. I took all the domestic consumer domestic market the contour and install it. Will be back. Change bureau. Export them on the China side. And the media. The audiences can handle complexity. Ticket while being. Put on in job. Going on the road and or the consumers are and I aren't. Job a lot of major car. Line and two they had to linger sugary. Old Cutler welcome in June with China there could go to Ortiz. I distort market. A bit two of them. Oh and yeah. And Mika. Reputation. Walk in your view or. People. Global. And I sort of people and he. They're human like all of it I didn't do you know. It was a problem being I view yeah it was. An equipment that appear. In China would be like that. That. And it. I'm sure well wasn't the International Monetary Fund. Pushing chosen to do about you've won on the whole I'm 11 loses surprise when they did it. Are. We're going to. During tarmac is so wrong so many it is. But new computer major currencies streeters. Java or shall probably would unleash Erica. All in here. I'd be an option or extremes. In the end of the market what they're going. In the same dark because our our. Java in trouble there. And tortured in their arrival in charm that a lot. Of lectures are great. About the people on board overall. It. All expectations. And creators. About all. Ornery on. A solo career and could chart the trouble. Mean the fear we've been put on market that there were. She let a good that you wouldn't people in order. Our market mutual bull run on the job I can go wrong would be coral. You heard it from what. You got beaten by. In fear of being in the bottle Chinese problem exploding Lugo and oh so. Right so that the mother. Had been injury is something you'd be. You are simply all of these. It could be. Oh. Shouldn't. Being brought cart which. A lot of sheer volume on our. In China. And shipped. Export or domestic oil market. Well. Are you on me. All that momentum so we've written in the future of the mode should. You're gonna look like. The gimmick but it of people strictly. Stock market up and down on the she is an. Topeka cheery well. Prone from what I'm hearing. And and perhaps I'm turban you wrong. We need to meet you win the average person on the street when we hear. Economists. When we hear banks. Saying mama got greens is getting killed the UN and China's gonna bring the stumble them. We're should yawned and go to a football game and watch movie. Mark you tune in view and then. Read more open and easy read you a bit of skepticism. About what Altman's. Could go. In the start. Ordinary. People. But. And you know the instrument to. On occasion but. They are about but look at it alone continued should be well herbal. You are currently there. You know in our corporate. Org true orderly and there are people who did it grow old. So it could go back alive I'm sort of a little setup for it is essential that the it might cheap people who will mentioning and that encryption. Florida I appreciate it cold wind from London if you would. Your book why economist who predicted prices Chicago board the next one other people find it. You know I'm in. People like it people read. So. Let me hope you'll Mike. No I mean do they've funded Amazon.com. And is due in major bookstores in America. Our European arm in arm armament on. All the way to show that is into the you know you can do up there and caught him by. Largest appreciate it's called very much feel good debt. But I wearing your arm. Are your loved Cuba agricultural district who that the comes in yeah it's all right Derek didn't break down the belt stable. Curiosity on my part we've done multiple shows in the past. China's economy that's folding your skirt and pull those down with the person's going to be horrible. And then did drop in the stock market and we did a dis to old shoes and look at that big drop in the market goodness knows is that. Another 2008. Coming and then I think we're blown up like 300 toward incidents and little dip some ups and downs but. Primarily we're doing pretty good. And then we're gonna multiply QB shows a race. My Gooden is Greece's good ruler in the year room. And in Europe they fields is gonna affect our dollar. And they're really going to be buying cars up and who's who ruined the economy. No I'm not it would seem to have happen. And Murrow listen to the presidential debates. There's a whole lot to be on the economy itself well Bob what we shouldn't shouldn't do. Certainly bring a little confused so I called bottom up favored posters trolls Cameron's associate propelled her opponents. It was your international banking experts special to be banking and financial markets rug reached new writer and professor good talking to you again. I. Obey helped me I'm confuse I don't understand China. And they were supposed to hurt us they hold most not most a large part of their outward debt what what's important. Albania if you look. You know at the top. Of the book like this all played here. In the prospectus. Yet China and it's 40% decline in stock. One child and they're small order content. And murdered he. People who and that it. In the Chinese stock market. I mean how. But it won't fair well. They blow money in the bank in the what than 1% higher bank apps are slow. I think the spark mark. I don't get the story years the stock market volatility in China. I think the larger story and perhaps more pertinent story here the one the political it. The Chinese Government here. I think they want a lot of cold. Communicating in the market have been moved from a man economy. Mark Cottam I'm in big box the blitz scheme the stock market. It was critical selling bay. Yeah lows. They pump money almost a million dollars to park our market and that they'll. Coming. Where'd everybody in there you know little bit later so China has had. A big key to why it is court. Well government policy. That all the I think. Do you think it. And I think that's what caught in the problem I don't think it. I think more improvement what underlining where program the actual core. Our big Chinese exports weighed down. They are the Chinese export art. And then the heavy industry market in Saturday. 01. The actor. I mean you know import their. Still markets came back up. Lot of people attribute it to him from apple thing. It's. Well I. On what the view is one market where world war. Buying retail spending acting. He did that Chinese consumption. At least I'm on the actual you know on the so. You know I think. In China are property or. You know properties in hand here where I want our senator. Now that Adam let me take a break that one of the things over and Cuba and compact. That the landslide and properties. Also will how much of armour did do they hope will hear they hold so much of it. General when they Brock we we have a landslide and and and then let's talk about agrees that governments boost the affect the world economy and what we always hear. Is it news world economy. Because of electronic communications. World joined at the hip. One goes down field when waves. But that doesn't seem to be advocates and these soon. Have you explained it to me when we come back stay above this. Governor of DO brigades WAM 053 yep. Want to get amber are talking to pro. After. Or true road professor of natural banking. Expert banking prevent from market. Rush you should know Ryan and raising where you are if we did so many shows telling you this guy who was falling. Because of the yard Chinese economy and what was happening in reaching. Were terrible current. Curious of what scored on professor use you know you'd talk to about it. Our property. And remember seeing any documentary an age for your finger by the web site blight. And they must have toured four or five. Big cities bore and you know. I'm being mobilized and technology. From top to bottom even below ground and all of them were goats cities. They they were bill. To make the economy look like it's booming with the hopes of attracting people to the city. And they and they didn't is that what you're talking about oh a lot of smoke and mirror roots but no real substance. Yeah up and Euro. Our most economies. Property. Market matters more and it definitely K. Yes. And then sportsman. Stimulants after 2009. Spent a lot of money. Built a lot hold. There's a lot. All and so I'll. But that's what. We're. Going. Yeah property or would have been able to read. So what are the things you care what I'm old blood or. And what I'm seeing here is that China. Is now. 100% of GDP. When you look. At. That level. Here. Yeah when you look at the quake in Egypt air. Screen yeah you know that occurred there and he encouraged current. So my warriors that that more of the equity. And and could that affect votes if so I'll always and what what's the time alone in your concern about. The crime like it because the government trying have a lot of ammunition in his act to combat. Swearing Batman relative you're well into the United States where. Benchmarking ghostly particles that we are trying birds mark one year there somewhere or act the part. Of big. You weigh on the market all by the board. Yet that we heard about eat yeah. It. On the political side here and our. They want to watch and episode I and two to 3% of GDP that they have. A so did have you. Campbell. That span. To collect. On the ballot and if they even OT seduce. What happened but but yeah markets of the global market worried whether. Trying to have the political world and so am I think the stock market it's. I think ten and wearing period questions about whether president she could pull at all. But it is in the event gonna affect jobs that we keep hearing it will bug certain currency so and so far. Not. I don't. Yeah I don't think. Like the ballot and 8009 court when you why. If you exports to China. 8% of all our exports. One at a party. So. We have a strong dollar. There's a lot of Martin loaned out of the market. Where. Money flow in the US industry so while. Oh yeah the fact that the US rates were. Now the flow in the opposite. Of a lot of years Ward Burton market. A lot of ones like ninety. Their unique opportunity. As these commodities. There are. Unfortunately propelled her running out of time but. On the surface it sounds like we do we don't have beard buddhism its word on who we thought so. Baldwin came calling you keep getting educated and keep up to speed thank you so mug for the top. I. Professor broad Jews know raw and goes through international banking expert. This is stubborn and tell brigades. You know moral 53 of them. Churn you know low bid that show a day he most of those that truly conservative. State. Look at Europe and say you know boy can go in the war you were going dead government we're going to be liked them so shall lose European states. Around got a new report out of Qaeda where institute. Kato's room that the Terry and organization. We're in our Brothers senior pro moves on incumbent objects they've done a starting. In the here's what they pound. 35 states in America. Are bigger well prayers states and Europe. We're grateful those I don't see Louisiana audit which. A holster bra because I've got the story from last year Billups. It's. Louisiana budget was so what the second highest percentage of federal funds among all fifty states. Or Mr. Big get more federal money and we get 44 point 3%. If that's correct. Shubert gives him in the back. We don't want to be well prayers they do. And a brilliant give it back. But should be given back. Though it was a more questions come to object Saba this. Ago negates every area moral followed the reopen.