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9-11 3:10pm Scoot: Free For All Friday

Sep 11, 2015|

Scoot opens the discussion up on Free For All Friday and talks politics.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are got a good rain shower in downtown New Orleans and throughout much of this apart of the country there's a lot of rain to goodness is said there's some really great weather coming in this is going to be out of the way. I know technically this is kind of a dreary Friday but this this means a cold front is coming through and we're gonna have some very nice weather over the weekend vicious free for all Friday where do it's nothing new in the show every Friday afternoon from one of four. I will just open up the show it again this whole idea kind of just it's the attitude of Friday we will have topics to talk about I'll have different things to bring up. But will also make it a free for off like that means it if you wanna talk about something you heard about during the week you did have a chance to call and talk about it you can talk about it as well. And you know our number interest program is in the phone. 2601870. Very coach 5042601870. A tax is 87 is having. I remember a while back I was filling in for somebody here on every ago before started this afternoon show. And I said you know I wonder if the day's gonna calm when al-Qaeda and crisis are gonna be battling each other cosmic kind of saw this setup coming. Both of these groups like publicity. And they do horrific things to get publicity. Well. Today al-Qaeda has apparently declared war on crisis. So you know it's it's it's it's like to gangs going at each other made they made it be ideally they would kill each other off. There's a lot to talk about politics and get to that in just a moment and I wanna remind you to today's your last day you have a chance every day this week to win appear saints season tickets. From the flagship station of your New Orleans Saints to VW well. And this is along with our good friends in the football loving folks and Bud Light. Get a chance to win or win a pair of season tickets today this is your last chance today it's all about texts. Text the word scramble. Too late 7870 by midnight tonight for your chance to win and will randomly select one winner tomorrow. And it could be you you don't have to go on you way to register when he did it was pat your phone. So if you haven't done it yet text the word scramble. To wait 77 for your chance to win a pair season tickets to the sites. And remember you must be a 21 years or older to win WB were eligible contest rules apply. And we we do have a message and data rates it's the final day of our saints season tickets scramble who gets from Bud Light and WW well. We often hear in the news stories about police officers being disrespect. Some great story yesterday. About some police officers in Slidell. And we hear about the stories of verbal and physical attacks on police officers in that that tends to dominate in the news. But there's this story about for a police officers in Slidell who were really surprised. They were having lunch at the Outback Steakhouse in Slidell. And they got their check. And it was paid for. On the Checketts said these safe. Thank you for your all surface enjoy yells meals on us. Our line. And so. The manager and the waitress. Picked up their tamp. And this really made me start to think about the things that we might start doing. That would. Show that you can't judge. Everybody's opinion about the police. Based on what you see on the news. You know and so often on this show we talk about it is because this is something that. And throughout my career I've studied this relationship between. Society and and and mass media. And it's it's it's easy to try to define America based on what you see on the news but because of the nature of news that's really not fair so. Have you done anything nice for police officer Marcia that story witnessed. Our numbers 260187. In very code final four. 2601 meets every tech state 7786. Open the season Sunday in Arizona against the cardinals L issue. Now basically opened their season in startled and started to play game last week it was canceled because of bad weather they take on and Mississippi State Bulldogs in start full. I think you'll issues gonna win that game as far as the saints are concerned there a lot of questions still to be hatched a road block for our web site. About the saints are they ready for the regular season and you can read venture and others agree or disagree. It's on our website WW well dot com. Before we get to to all of that. However talk a little bit about a politics. The next Republican debate is set for this Wednesday. And I've got my face paint ready to go beyond a paint my face and I look at this is like a spectator sport this is like a great event. And it's it's especially this year it'll mean I infant like it when they are boring people in these debates. But CNN has changed the rules and now Carly fear or. Is gonna participate. So there will be eleven. Not ten. Audio on the stage. And CNN has positioned Donald Trump in the middle of the stage. Is just the right thing to do. Doesn't this really emphasize what we quite often talk about news it's entertainment. It's a debate. But Donald Trump is getting the most attention as to whether they put him right in the middle. And I don't think. I don't think there's any surprise that they went out of their way to figure out how to get Carly here in. As she was not gonna make it in based on the previous rules but CNN changed the rules to get her ring because she is now rising in the polls and is a factor. So I think this really further points out that this is about entertainment. And we can't really do anything about that other than at least recognized for what it is and it is entertain. Let the the very first Paul we had on our show this morning was this. Derogatory comments are dominating the media coverage of the campaign over real issues. Does America enjoy a political slugfest over talking about the issues. 66%. Say yes. And 34% said don't that was held the pole and Fiorina is now taking a shot at trump Ben Carson who took a shot at trump trump took a shot at him. And Carson says he's not going to take the date. As you know governor Bobby Jindal took some shots and it says Donald Trump trump says he doesn't even know who Jindal is. And doesn't really care what he says he says he doesn't have a chance and never thought he had a chance. There's a new CNN poll it reveals head to head matchups. And I thought this was interest. Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton. They're both tied at 40%. What do it was Jeb Bush. Against Hillary Clinton. Jeb Bush beats the 4947. Vice president Joseph Biden beats trump 54 to 44. Biden beats bush. 52 to 44. So well accomplished getting so much attention. You really can't ignore the idea that I think it's still 65% of Republican voters do not expect him to be. The nominee I mean that's with with Hillary anyway I don't know what the exact number is. But well most Republicans don't seem to think that he's going to be the one in the end even though he's getting all of the attention right now. We still don't know about vice president Joseph Biden. Joseph Biden recently lost his son. Andy this is something that is tremendously affected his life understandably so. I Joseph Biden is is moving up in the polls even though he hasn't announced in I think Joseph Biden is really. And getting you before you announce that's when your most popular. Because when you announced then they start going after all the things that he said all the things that you've done and there would be directly between Biden and and President Obama. But pierce here's what Joseph Biden said last night he was on the late show with Stephen co parent and doing politics is is more of a cold Beers a strong points. There's a sort of pretty emotional interview last night with Joseph Biden. And I didn't wanna I wanna talk about I wanna talk about the elephant in the room which in this case is a donkey. Do you have anything you like tell us right now about your plans yes. I think you should run for president again rob beard vice president. And instead you said recently you said this weekend that you don't know if you all are emotionally prepared. To run for president. Look. I don't think any man or woman should run for president unless number one. They know exactly why they would want to be president too. They can look at the folks out there and say I promise you. You have my whole heart my whole soul my energy. And my passion to do this and and I'd be lying. If I said. That I knew I was there. It's a is it it. I'm being completely honest. And I I. I so so but no nobody has the right in my view to. Seek that office unless they're willing to give it a 110%. Of who they are and I am. I am as I said I'm I'm optimistic I'm I'm I'm positive about Oregon but I find myself. And you couldn't understand that I. Yes sometimes it just sort of overwhelms you. It was a Joseph Biden last night the vice president talking to Steven called bear on the late show with Stephen cope better. I also like something else interesting happened on the on the campaign trail. Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. Is taking a nosedive in the polls he now says that questions about what he would do as president. Are hypothetical. Therefore he should not be required to answer those questions. So Governor Walker let me know how that works on the campaign trail if you wanna join us for the comments about anything we're talking about that numbers 2601870. Every coach final four to 60 why somebody text a 77 he and we'll be back on WWL. EO we put a lot of club we put a lot of time and effort into the bumper music that's the music going in and out of breaks in news that we would play on their show. As silent when I get a request here's a text as to place a more Billy Squier. What happened to Billy. Would help you know mark Menard and I were just talking about that during the break. We went into the break with rock we tonight by Billy Squier that video ruined his career. I mean everybody thought he was gay. A wonder what it's like to have this. This problem where you're straight but people think your game we don't know what that's like android Billy Squier this in a video rugby tonight and eat. He came off a little salmon it's. And it really did kind of destroy his career MTV promoted the the video say that it that would deploy it. And they tried to political and the record company and Billy scores people tried to pull in the last minute they plated anyway so that really kind of a ruined Billy squires career. Are the saints ready for the regular season we'll talk more about that. In just a moment and here's are pretty general opinion polls. It's Friday. The weather's changing are you staying in or going out. 48% say they're staying in 54% say they're going out give issue opinion like going to WWL dot com Mike your on this cute show good afternoon. Eight Skoda I love it when people in the winner's change it's only going to be eighty. Armed I mean come we appreciate you don't hear no really yeah well it's it's a little better than it was last week in the week rhetoric. I agree you know the assault by means the Democrats are really created in the corner or are. All the Democrats who we're gonna rot. I think what chance elected at an at bat because equipment and probably went to general album you know and am. Now. Sure makes a huge mistake quicker emails or are I don't think it will air error. I won't like Joseph Lieberman right. If you are centrist yeah I mean you staunch defender of Israel is like dumbo side but he I'll. They're big guys everybody should know that some light and if you get some in Egypt. It opened. My now. I think your right and it really is there really is sent San that there were moderate candidates like. They were moderate candidates like Mitt Romney and Bob Dole and John McCain. Who once they became the nominee they were pulled to the right and it believe destroyed there their careers. I think you bring up an interesting point about Hillary being the anointed no one to get the nominations a lot of people did into the race. That's one of the reasons that her Heisman actually became president because they were so many Democrats. Did not even enter the race in 92 because. Bush was coming off bush senior was coming off winning the war in Iraq he was seen war hero. And and there were a lot of prominent Democrats to decide I'm not even getting in that. Bill Clinton got in Stockton. Leader. Or UNG. And it over. Right when callable and you know. It. And isn't isn't that a shame Mike because here in this is one of the problems with compromised today and I like this in one of my favorite topics on. George Bush senior in the dome said read my lips no new taxes and what does he do he compromises with the Democrats. Racist taxes and the Democrats turn around and use that against him in the campaign. Our. That politics. I won't watch it well I mean like outright. While. Out. Terms like. A high GDP in the well. As and I think as a Democrat elect to go back. And all. That. It. It was a great. Communicate. Much Oakland. And you'll go to Barksdale. I ridicule but that was that was a real that's a that's a real important factors you know it I mean I can go on I've got to get a new Sprague Mike listen enjoyed our conversation please says please Carl Beck soon. I'd Vista will be your home for a political talk this whole political season. Yeah on Ronald Ronald Reagan as soon as he was elected he actually on caused the consumer confidence in his country to skyrocket at a time when the economy had been down just his. Just his election policy consumer companies to go up also I heard earlier that Carly Fiorina. Is taking shots at trump says it's not about the size of his office or plain. So I guess to some women. Sized as a matter. I'm screwed and yours or WWL news update with Don James. Welcome back to the show it is Friday and you are higher heading into the weekend together are glad your with us efforts have been OT in your own WL. Thanks and I think this whole situation with the court to. Regions that are it's. A lot of the politics and everything falls when he goes and attacked Mitch about monuments. And says that murders need to be taken care and on towards these men for the past seven years on a video. Well I wonder why at you know this isn't another curious thing why is he so busy attacking mayor went through unless you know something we don't know about Landrieu ultimately anti tank and in the race at this point because a call finds pastor and. All I got an answer that popcorn out from him is that. It got arrested in the governorship. Number two what's Siegelman do attack gentle he can't. That would be ridiculous. Now you know you you gotta you gotta love politics and until you referred to it as a spectator sport Opel sport. I didn't logical thanks for listening and from New Orleans shock your on this to show good afternoon shock. Shocked for what town Patrick your into the W well. It shouldn't really. I'm I group are urgent court troop poll numbers aren't. It truly important for people and you know that only a good roll insert. 750000. People there over. 400 billion in the arbitrary. Aaron. When you are always. In how it affects public opinion. Is very dangerous. So Arctic where he wouldn't news media. Oracle Norbert where people go and they. It's only 750 people. To a thousand people that are good Ole. But Patrick the way they take the polls and and you know I'm not into that the science of the methodology of at all but he is its. It's sort of like dead a doctor can take a sample of your blind. A very small sample of your blood and tell you what's going on with your body and that's the way they related to the polls and for the most part the polls are rather accurate over time. If I ordered it in many were here especially in technical. Horry went population who my most people don't understand what mixing. The you know like 4040%. The most most people. You go majority or what they proceed to even module exactly what went on actually reality. So. I I think I think it would be best if we didn't have polls mean I talk about polls on the show are or aren't pretty were I think the idea of people becoming she pulled you know following along they're people who don't take the time to figure anything out. And they thickly on and not take a couple like the way it is our ideals like cement I'll get to. Well that's the danger of reporting Donald Trump on forever you know they're going off all seven ordered into the public opinion. In the long run because people turn on the puny power. Exactly in the in the and the polls tend to be accurate they do it but they part they do tend to predict the actual outcome of the election. And and so they are accurate. Our art all right Patrick appreciate call. A lot of people say that it it something that I thought about over the years as well again a lot of skepticism in in the way polls are taken. A lot of skepticism because people say well you don't nobody ever called me. While okay. So it doesn't mean that they don't call people and doesn't mean that they don't really have really good scientific methodology for taking these polls. It's not something that I'm an expert and but if you if you look at the polls they tend to reflect the reality of of elections. We'll be right back. WL. On our pop culture calendar for today September the eleventh we wish happy birthday today to Harry Connick junior what an amazing talent. And I remember what he was really young playing with a symphony in. My guy just again. A prodigy. Here's our party general opinion poll this hour it's Friday and the weather is changing are you staying inside or going out. 33% are staying inside 67%. Are going out from Metairie Charles during WW well good afternoon. Adapting it. I want to take you break something quite well well what do you take chances are that. Bush backs out I'm sorry that trump actually out. Before the cover it supports bush like maybe. Maybe it irritates and you know part of to the primary trump facts. And support bush and that the smaller less than candidates. Our don't have time to build their brand. I cut or selling you know became vacant in the killing. Yeah I mean that's that's an interesting scenario I mean it looked. Anything is possible particularly with trough in the race. And about how well Utica abolish Fiorina tech it would do against it Democrats. You know I think that would be a formidable ticket I think Fiorina and I've thought about this after the after the first debate that she was in the day the happy hour debate. She's going to be enemy debate coming up Wednesday. I think she's a very formidable vice presidential candidate. And especially if it especially if it is against Hillary that's governor provides them a competition. Yet computer the only person that culturally intra. Bush. Aggressively attack the bush and the problem or. One attack each other's kids in general. Attacks are. Cutting. You know it takes a lot of Lavelle expert on what you know I'll. You know yesterday but yesterday he really started on Carson which always surprised me because Carson was closest to him in the polls so why was he leaping over Carson and attacking bush. And less there is this general feeling that it will be bush in the end. Yeah Olympic short game people out there pop I think he got the best. In terms and in trumpet polish. Child. Of an interest. Charles I'm glad you called and of course will be talking about politics this will be your home for political talk during the entire campaign. From New Orleans Thomas here on WWL. It. Throw it open notebook so well. I'll call terrorists. Are the most ridiculous. All on. Auto shortened deal we have in this country. And we will enroll once we get out there with the order. Who shot and bought a book. About it one outlook walks in the past and how quickly Wednesday. Yeah there's there's there's no. There's no real strong indicator that if you win the Iowa caucus she going to win the nomination. It's irrelevant talk hopeful. The Democrats for the last election cycles got the best bull at analytic not all. You look rob. As like 5 or 6 o'clock in the election night. It was little ways. Launched all or Yale law. It'll work on what the oh yeah and analog vote is. So I think Reagan called all our. Oh. Well. I've that would sit in about predictability. Might. All Koppel real I call it like. That. All politics but they were able to shoot it. Pollsters last analytics group get this right and all hell get elect. Thomas some I'm glad you called an era this again this is going to be very very interesting don't forget the debate is coming up Wednesday night on CNN. And they've got Donald Trump right in the middle. Because he's number one in the polls Watford and in the middle why not have just this be random now they're putting in the middle for the entertainment value. And they worked it out to change the rules so Carly Fiorina can be part of that as well. I'm skewed hang on we'll be right back on every WL. And here we are ahead at the end of our show can't wait to get back here and be with you on Monday from one to four a ledger was this coming up next since it's Friday it's fans and the pro with saints color analyst took you guys John and sideline reporter Christine Garrett. I'll talk about LSU Mississippi State. And the saints and the cardinals and it Trout that we experienced at the end of the football season is now coming to an end this weekend. LSU plays and the saints play the cardinals we'll talk about that at a lot more on Monday. When affect our executive producer Diane Newman associate producer Tom Manassas and our city a producers John wick and mark Bernard. Have a great weekend and a great afternoon. Bloody New Orleans.