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9-16 The Think Tank 1210pm, Google & The Presidential Election

Sep 16, 2015|

Could GOOGLE rig the Presidential election? Could science be behind the Trump surprise? The question on the table this hour: Could engineers, who set Google search engines shape the future of our country...by strongly influencing who we vote for...and who might win? The National Academy of Sciences claims a select group of engineers set Google search engines 600 times a year...in secret. The published study claims the choices of these engineers influence our thinking and political choices... and could be a threat to our democratic system of government. These scientists also suspect that all of this could be behind the Trump surprise? This hours guest: Dr. Robert Epstein - author, Politico's article, How Google could rig the 2016 election. Senior Research Psychologist, American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology Dr. Ryan Teten - Associate Professor and Department Head /Political Science Department-University of Louisiana/Lafayette. He specializes in campaignes, elections, the presidency and congress

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Give me and I do what I love and show up too much. And maimed and maybe it's a little bit with conflict from dog having a Cuban education. But after the end of every show when we launched when we come up with a three subjects and it helped me because they. And and with the miracle of the Internet today. You click on one thing that the league Jude torn openly Jude too and other. Learn things you would never learn the more importantly to me you stumble across things. The two wouldn't ever thought to Google you would have never thought to go looking for in this one the prime example. Immoral bring the headline and I almost didn't read the rest of that federal com. Once I bred to. Through the reported cell. That's led to likened to our constitution and then that they would then our Stan. Because I'd. I think to breed should that it raises some concerns that virtually none of those. And everything because I've done a very insular res stunning settings to be. That's a real possibility it's called how Google could be rigged the 2016. Away action. First program. America's next president could be isn't office notes not just but media users beaches. But by Google its secret decisions. And Nolan. Except for me. And perhaps few world or obscure researchers. Would know how this was accomplished and won't hole and we've got the researchers the broad does mister Robert Epstein. And to quote you professor. He comedy whatever you like Ireland on the call you proposed your your Richards psychology for a I am and am actually a professor eight but every year old professor who it is looked. I want to bring you every sentence food to the people listening. But it but it would kind of take it from from the beginning. How did you get to this subject and end why did you draw of this potential could include. Well let's be fair about violently back a few years ago my web site got hacked. And it ended up. Something about Google black lists and I and I. At that time filing Google blacklist like at Google have a black then that it seemed really strange to me. Like they're getting more interest in Google period. That was a few years ago but then. Italian we were starting to think at one point about Google and various kinds of things that it. And we noted that there was a lot re church. On consumers'. Choices you know what we die. And how powerful. Google search rankings are basically the higher something is the more people put aside so. You know 50% of click go to that talk to him when you search for something Google. So we basically just wondered. Chia and it is if if people really believe that what higher. Is better higher it's true her. What would happen at the political candidate. Would lifted higher that was the question that we. And so I researcher and you know we didn't spare. And I sat may be leakage ship. You know people who were undecided that we can chip that you know 23%. One layer another maybe it's something that if they can't retire in the search ranking. And you are complete shock at least that much. We shifted over an effort experiment more than 48%. More than 48% of people would stop. You know search rankings that were biased in favor one candidate. And that led to you know cured it years a series of experiments without people. In the United States and other countries. And then finally a big. Scientific record in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences should have. A few weeks ago and now I'm on the shot is you're I'm completely shocked that that word that. It is actually one of the biggest. Affection ever discovered in the behavioral sciences. And it's. Very creepy because people. When they littler manipulating and needed air and they're completely unaware. Of what we're doing it it it's an invincible. Format of manipulation and look things are kind. Did this huge literally. A threat to the democratic processes or not. But today and probably in the here yet. To democracy it is that the government that is ever exist in that wreck chewed and has the free and fair election. Because the ache is one company. The power. Choose to slip. Upward that point 5% in the elections in the world without anyone knowing that they are doing it. Luster the a lot of election there close. And it. This suspect that we partner. Alas it is a shift percentage point toward one can't cater whichever one ranked higher you are thinking. And at that moment just given the way things there right now and this one company. I never had the power to let. Any away shoes. Upwards of 25%. Of the national elections in the world in the world. Remote countries that they get what search engine. All right we're we're coming right back spend whether it's. We're targeting a professor programs searcher bit he and colleague or colleagues plural by big spirit and experiments. More than 4500 bird participants. In two countries. Published Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. And there pointing out Brooke group coop Google employees. Adjust the aisle were written. That can. Sway our opinions. They adjusted 600 times a year and it's totally in secret. She and others double up yeah. Asians in the US for the public telegraph. And western union picked the candidate and western union controlled good news stories. That were posted about that candidate. And has bail the shares. We their candidate campaigns cap this year all. The communications opera telegram's. The opposing. Candidate. So they'd blatantly rigged that election there you know that that had been bent over. But. You know in never never on this scale. You know we're one company. Basically controls most of the search are being done. In about 90% of the search in most countries is being I'm one search engine control by companies so. That a lot of power. All right to the article this home Google could rigged the 2006. Election. Own political web site but. Tell people that do that do they have access to hold separate proceedings National Academy of Sciences. Yet they're there's a link on that article Politico in the all the which was published. In the proceedings to national and sciences and the proceedings. About it later. It is taken this very seriously suggest. Just a couple of days ago that Monday. The proceedings is something there here usually published a podcast. Regarding this street surge so that you can get cute threw up ENN dot org. I'm there's actually a tight at the proper urgently needed in these and let you know it is a big breakthrough in physics. So that is serious and I I would get invited to talk about it in Washington DC two. The national cap and signs that other lot of people very concerned about. Proposed Arab and like to get her back for new and viewer poll about twelve hours could put that and so I. Sure at. What they are and look this is. Fascinating so thank you so much for coming owned. Tells about williams' service would like to call you later Dayton jewel Paula thank you again have a great day. It their all right cover of the aqsa about you know this is kind of spirits. Up. We're gonna talk to. One of my favorite political expert whom we come back what do you that he do you do you behind this team thing this is day. Potential rent. Are much sound and fury and signifying not a whole lot of scope elements questions from Sid 01. Celebrity double up. More often than not here and what happens in the treatment we go looking for subdued for the show. Or thrown Roy hit one more goal now should know that that has some amazing. And realized through dipped the altar of the report of the scientists that did read on to whatever may be. And it turns out not to be that big thing or portrait of them through and churn would ever. So a and I thought that the word go with this article that we're talking about now it's on the political web site it's called a Google. Carb rigged it to and fixing the election. And when I hit it well that wasn't the subject that was looking for almost wood panels but it says. A strong play. It's our rating at the first heard drenched. America's next president. Could be eased into office not just by TB answers speeches. But by Google its seat Gregg decision. And no one except for me meaning the author meaning the protester meaning the richer terms oral. Would know own. That'd occurred more it was accomplished. So we just talked to a doctor Robert Robert shall and I truly expected him to quit the case. Some of the things he said it and not only. Did he often quote you re imports your opinions said. We're experiments. And laboratory. Animals. Then got it published in the proceedings. Than that from academy of sciences. And according to him academy of sciences. Has reduced producing podcast out and would says it's seldom that reverend and end. He'd just got an invitation to testify before congress. And the pointed out. A couple of situations all of the world and recent. Elections year. Where there's a little bit of question about what may have happened so. There's always a goat to doctor Bryant Keaton. Political science department it. University museum and let better specializes. In all of this campaign lecture and presidency congress shouldn't noon doctor. Once again I'm Q and your talent. Well thanks I mean again you know to this article. Thoughts. That it's entirely him I mean that it's entirely possible answers sari. You know we look at it surgeon in this something that. We put into and get some kind of neutral response but the top searches and the top findings are always ranked by somebody whether it's an algorithm or whether. It's somebody's paid you know if you're looking for colleges and a college education probably the ones that'll come out first are gonna be like University of Phoenix and deride. Those that are for profit it won't be something close to you won't be LSU were. Our you an hour you well and that is a concern especially if you're looking at. He did the people who designed the technique for searching or at paid enough money from my might link to come out first. I was good no problems birds' lives. By Tuesday's solar group and they changed the unwritten and these groupings that give the most important. To a certain ports six times a year and it's done in secret. And there's no guarantee their bosses. Would know that they do it. And even presented a study that they did in India movable mortgages. Democratic elections in his report and eighty million people voted. And he said there are starting. Showed that those who have won were swayed by an approved in twenty to 60% and he said. Google. Branded their own daily data on that election related search activity. And then quickly removed it. When his news colleagues in the starting on. So then it is. That I hate to be the guy with the ten. It hasn't the burials peeled to it rather than just. The law of the Al rent. Well and technology Italy's that Garland I mean there was a movie a few years ago called man of the year with Robin Williams and and it looked at how they're voting machines themselves were raped and this is something that we've found several several times with Diebold and some of the others that make. The voting machines some of them had been hacked. So that if I pushed a button to vote for you it would vote for somebody else and we never get a receipt foresee that there's a thing. And all they do is stimulate the scores and there's just a little algorithm and then it just changes the votes of nobody sees that. And it makes sense that in an age of technology that surge results would be fundamentally filtered as well because. When you search a term most people surgery exactly and if I get one of three million responses. How do I know what the top ten are going to be well it depends on what stranding. It depends on what's popular so they're from jumping to the top and it depends on who pace and it also depends on if there's somebody in the background. Who just decides to put in has zero oral once somewhere that'll manipulate the data that. Well. Bill. The allowed its surroundings. Silent get on this troop movements that he. Would you approach coming right back we talked on the doctor Rowan Keaton. Oh well good university Louisiana Latvia and we're talking about who would come take a look at the report. It's on WW dot com include Colin mine human chosen schedules. And I've got Romo homeward page how Google. Could rig. The 2016. Election. I figured well in this report fascinating your own political web site how Google could rigged the 2000 suits and election. Number of sides who's got together. Five different experiments more than 4500. Per citizen went into countries. The indie publisher proceedings on the National Academy of Sciences. The economy. Crude podcast they're so concerned about it. And the scientist. At them today got an invitation to go to Washington talked jewelry and agricultural community about it. And we have. Doctor Roland team and while we it's called when we talk politics political science or. Universities do we do you live via. Director of win win. And look at things lie. And it with a brand of they do duo one laboratory you'll want an experiment and they were able boots proportion of people papered. One K and in between. 37. And 63%. In Joe's one's. Search session. Impact to doing by a ranking repeatedly over a period wheat from want undoubtedly been slower. Didn't show about Donald Trump at eleven claw. And ended unmentioned Club for Growth that is it's a very bridge. Bankers. Hedge fund operators out of New York. The roads and the 1980s. And they've announced they're gonna started acting crawl with the multi million dollar campaign. In Iowa. If you've got the money you've got the political connections or do you go out there economic war. Couldn't you couldn't you do the same thing with the Al Gore rhythm. Are you actually can I mean it's it's sold for the players that are in March regard and mean as much as Google wants to say that you know they make sure that there impartial and fair I. Literally just did a Google search to see what Republican presidential candidates would bring up. And the first headline was Ben Carson and Donald Trump lead all Republican presidential candidates. I'm that's from a small Michigan radio station. And so the ability to filter through news to get to the top of what a list of what people are looking for is acute ability and and we can't forget. That Google gave almost a million dollars to the Barack Obama campaign in 2012. Microsoft did Time Warner gave a half million. That they gave a half million. So. The contribution there they mean something when it comes to elections they absolutely do. And outs bought these scientists feel cornered out Marta found fascinating. This this is not a brand new thing western union did this back in the eighteen hundreds they may help to a black. In fact some people. Do they didn't help through their elected the president England states. I I think this is nothing new it's just. Hey a new medium with which to use it that people assume that when they search for something it's neutral. Just like they assume that when they text somebody nobody listening and these misconceptions have to be absolutely overcome. Look at how bit drew apparently munger loans small log cabin deep in the woods. And ready I'm ready. Doctors always thank you so much. Doctor road to being used to have a political science department university. Museum little Latvia weird coming right back. Its owners cover up that he's gonna have questioned Republican papers and don't union will you watch. Watched because of god to will do shall on it went. And people think it is. With one minute to respond to the question you mentioned we we did the show today on the movement leads blown down chrome on Al Gore written. If we said to gift for a caller. Tell us about the at least so Dubya amendment. But I don't get the good. Coming right backed road is next do not go away. Deborah bureau brigade 78153. At.