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9-16 4:10pm Bobby & Deke: on today's Saints practice

Sep 16, 2015|

Bobby & Deke get a report on today's Saints practice with Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to sports talk six sordid night it is Saints quarterback Drew Brees. 7 o'clock at night it's the lesser amounts to a good evening allow it Bobby a bad I'm Deke Bellavia. Operated jaguar Pena bowed to all and opened up but the ten point favorite with Tampa Bay what's your big a concern the Bucs being the Saints. All the Saints beating themselves. Cast your vote online at WWL. Dot com page again and this was very similar to last year this being the Saints and Tampa. Campbell was coming off an embarrassing loss I forgot who they love to but. 3545. Points much the same and they came into the dome and you would expect a the last thing you want to do with K two team after a beat down. Russ Stokley they come back and it's it's a Pratt fact what have you now later in the year toward the last 23 weeks that's a different store with a by the second week of the season. And Tampa came here Bobby and they they went toe to toe with we'd be amid all the time so would you expect Sunday when his team. Comes in well NFC south game I think is going to be obviously a dogfight. Is it hotter rather. The game be a lot more competitive. When they came to of the season with the Titans because they got embarrassed and and they are professional ball players. He'd tell a who's on the hot seat. And and no improvement you know the sale on the defense is Lovie Smith. But the other way about the James Clinton are you learning the defense you gave a party two points or 21 points in the first quarter Bobby Andy Patriot 357 at the break. Big there are dead last. You know obviously when you're both 42 points in the game. And you know if you look at last year you think. What they need to improve the Saints obviously improvement. You look at their passing defense. Was ranked 28 last year. You know teams that throw and like to earn it to be five plus yards a game. And you look has more Martin's Mary audio what would you have perfect rating QB rating the an attempt sixty fans proud to be thirteen to sixteen yeah and a perfect QB rating. So. Becoming I think we Drew Brees and and obviously there's a reason in the dome I think Vegas things at the Saints obviously gonna bounce back this ten point does a lot. You know when you look at it to meet in the NFL because in a parity whenever you see. Seven point some more. They expect him now really good team to win convincingly. You know solid you can look at the point spread in college football like you do in the NFL. Like you look a number of times the do you see that two to 34 point range cow like the Saints with the car causing them a Cardinals were better team. But I playing an 02 and a half points so. She came on the things being in the event and out alienate. And in you don't ever wanna say muscle I think we just don't know season but imitate them from a psychological standpoint and the NFC south knowing it is a must win. They come out. And knowing everything is going on. And has some red zone breakdown that they had Sunday to boo birds will come out. Oh yeah he had been in and hold him back now with the way I did it. The fans did they just wanna see they wanna see what they've seen before. You know they wanna see with the team's cable what they want is they know they can do it and it would just out of last October. But even a year last November of against Pittsburgh. They they wanna see it. But he but I part about. Because it can history continue. You know the Saints have won seven straight games against Tampa Bay. Think about it as impressive they've won seven straight game as hard to do an NFL. Probably other than Buffalo and new England and and green Bay's dominant till the Chicago that's got to be right up there yet the gut they swept the Buccaneers in each of the past three seasons that's impressive than matters the games close and I did Campbell and nobody denies so that's the only thing. And to Saints aren't overlooking Tampa Bay is in and sees how the game they try to get an on a winning note it was too awful you. They got there was curtail a lot of things. Pointed to get it take a big. Step ahead in the NFC south the next two weeks you be Panamanian. You and we did last year went on the road and there is and I football beat Carolina. And the Dallas game is important if you. Looking at playoff implications and where you might have to the played him if you are playoff team right now we just trying to win the NFC south and in. And and when it's in gains so if we wire and and and I broke his Allen the schedule came out of probably be about two and two. And you know look at the schedule in April to start the season. You know the first four games that. You know I was going to be the cowgirls went scores what's important. The next two weeks to get them for handing it some kind of momentum is kinda you know well within a two point one. You know we can and you. McCoy of our Tampa Bay's that you should go to suit him again we should win nine games in a row against him if you heading in the right direction. Ending come Atlanta and and Carolina. Public and I think the Falcons on a roll you know it's we won division opponent and it's been a yes as you film yet. And it to get the theater went in how they AFC south and and I just play 500 ball I. Like against the Redskins Giants Cowboys Cardinals. You know looking at those teams alliance. And a bigger facility is is that. Like. Doom and gloom and how hard NFL is that it is it's not like okay. We just lost to the Cardinals. This week we've played the Packers. Our our. We played the Packers that we got a bit of Patriots did you know. Will would you look at oh aren't even the Cowboys as could be a challenge for yet where we we you know there's added Alan and I and in and I'll say comedies including all pro but it's a step down as far as where the teams are right now I think to say it's best case scenario. Deke. Would be the in the top twelve and in number twelve. How did the best case. On the back in now worst case I still don't put him in the bottom ten. Because it Drew Brees I still think it would be. Kind of an emitter of package and what is that they NFL loves it 500 T and when our you oven on have a dollar and a roller coaster so to me is that it might be a neat well. This is one game that you should not be down in the valley on the roll call the should be up on the peak. You know on top does effort upon his trade beats against them and we should feel good about ourselves at that his game well we do in the point out. It would be 11 we will give today's practice report from Saints Atlanta pulled at Christie Garrett won on to becoming a bit about this now Ronnie Blanco with the Buccaneers with six point AM WD eight. Drew Brees it's 640 endless amounts oh at 7 o'clock into law and thanked opened with a ten point favorite over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Detonation what's the biggest concern about beating the Saints the Saints beating the thing. Takes on line 87 eighths in his takes his dad about Indy. My concerns the Saints beating this thing all right we'll come back get to some you know us against him right this is sports talk on home of the Saints and attack WW. And welcome back he is the case again and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia are you concerned more about the Saints being. The bucks but the Bucs being the Saints but the Saints beating themselves cancer vote online at WW dot com what I had sand wedge in mind is too big we can't lose right right now boy I had set match out I'm humbled I was wrong basically. Tampa Bay if you remember they played a RD Thursday night game against Atlanta Atlanta got like 42 enough and in the first I don't know 1215 minutes. They wanted to think the fourteenth. And in Tampa Bay went to Pittsburgh or like a thirteenth on the dog. They shocked the Steelers anyone smoking -- they beat the Steelers 27 point four and then they came to New Orleans. And they lost us an overtime game with they pretty much and they had the majority of the way we had to come back and win late so it it's at eight. This is a series Bobby as you pointed out the Saints have won seven straight but there have been some close ball games of it and at one blowout I think the 2012. Which is a logical thing to Theres a reward or Ireland and 41 nothing they've been some pretty competitive game yeah is. And NFC south gains. You know it is like the same thing when LSU and Auburn. Because LSU fans say well the way Auburn is playing right now that there's no way that Ellis she shouldn't win. Based on you know fans look at what happened and when they kicked on the season his Lugo Cardinals and when he did the Jacksonville State Bryant. But league you don't think the gonna be ready to play a demanding that they are humble when they walked off the field a winner and then Andy got home button and so that. They actually. Boy you got if you're a coach extra incentive. You couldn't ask for anything better right you get scared to death so to speak in his deal when it. You know I had the same thing I mean do you need to go say that know the whole countries and you go from six to eighteen so Auburn on come on give their best shot. Well big that's. I think both Allah issue and the Saints are gonna win but I think is going to be close if LSU would crush armored I'd be somewhat shocked. Simply because. I know while top players in and how they think this evening with Tampa Bay being embarrassed. On all pros nudges pro bowls and all pros Gerald McCoy in the Vontae Davis did that'd be. Now supposed to be to strand. Wishing they got embarrassed. And Barrett about a title like they got embarrassed by Aaron Rodgers. And the Packers someone though was to tie the head of the whole billing with you know dot it against the second team yet of that quarter and at Utica Marcus Mary Oda mean. What became the first rookie withdraw that that would happen to throw before touchdowns in his debut you gotta go back to hall of Famer frank targeting only completed thirteen. Heading the first rookie to throw for four touchdowns in the opening half. So now. The questions to me. As our the united grasping. So to speak Lovie Smith uncovered to Tampa two the recovered to defense that right away. I mean. Big I'd be. Now. Quality shot but I be somewhat surprised. If Drew Brees doesn't exploit Tampa Bay. Because he has been in the path. And I don't feed him getting. In any better obviously after the first week but. We could come and questions dale would be can't we be efficient in the red hill right passing the football and you know one TD three of those days yet so I mean I think we go to move the ball. But if you're not gonna get a big play like him branding coach like you know like run of the scene. You know vs the Patriots or Madonna fans all excited about a party but for a five yard throw in and you don't have to worry about the reds well. Ian and W gonna get there and and who's going to be individuals can step up and like you said before it as a matter. If it's yards after the catch you view it. You know Carl Robinson whatever and and like eating Coleman last week you in and you got to make plays we defeat again in the world. In the bottom line is can we run and also and we run. They can't coach Payton. Also feel confidence in the running game that we inside the twenty yard line and and we can run the ball big now I know. That who they have. And and they know you're running the show our I think I would make when Gerald McCoy. Right you know we have to look at the competition too so that's why he's still somewhere trip camera trying to outflank him. That's again and don't settle for field goals. You know we always try to do like somewhat fallen videos and things I'm Bob I'd like to be for him wanna right now Steve Markkanen market direct in a zebra in the top of the man a key thing without saying he might be imitate me and he's just what comedians though it should that be like a good post Olin yeah yeah that well but it's just know how how how hard everyone aware exactly I was at commercial day when a course that got him on this and you know right right right right. Do think though 1878. That as an 878 city tomorrow night it is. The players show the veteran forward Saints players show. In a Metairie at photos on veterans but a walk a mile and Dawes in the Saints receiver. Brandon Coleman I'll be there will be from 4:8 PM what have the view from Vegas we will also has some fantasy outlook without the courtesy. QB to QB and so much more that is tomorrow night. From four to 8 PM including Brandon Coleman from six to seven all things saint and you know I like doing every week by the but when there's a new player. Always find out drama a nickname when they were you on. I think he'd want to scoot skate the way I'm known that in a New Jersey right where Rutgers is and you know how do you get to be at rook with what he recruited ruby go up there until four right. And you know and I was there was some good years when he was up there. Nine and and yet that's government. That'd be thinks game is like. First thing's first got to catch the ball right I can tell you MRIs and a flight when he first came on board yeah right. No but when he first came on board. That's why gave Shonn Davies Jones to edge over him but he Kolb yes. He didn't like like all all of a sinus they have radical as big receiver habit. It was kind of like when it did every young days. Please drop of one or Tom also an everyday practice Jones had immunity to really be careful here because he does he's such a matchup problem right but it's on David jones' catch and everything and that's honor is too big receivers on though Coleman's bigger bitch and son David Jones. I see him catching everything or Brandon Coleman. And one or two misses now Brett Winkelman all the sun comes and OTA's this off season. Mean cavities catching everything. But all of a sudden we seen him and his training camp and enact an actual gains my pre season and in the first game is the Cardinals drop a pass is that you have. To catch because Dickie it's a drive killer all of a sudden you catch a ball the Saints have a chance to score the Florida half. Instead upon. So what that that that's one thing beat. I don't care how big yard how talented you are first thing's for is obviously. You have to catch the ball and and you can't get better Derek Anderson got better. Every innocent towards him and on the back in. Especially the backing of his career how we stretch a defense. He was catching everything. Catch your name practice and in the games. All right 2601878. Texas at 870 eights and coming back the brand. And the rescue call is going to be to get any assignments for 31 type of person who's Lugo beat him hands or. Yeah. They did. Oh school welcome back sports talkie on WW he indicating came Bobby gave Randy ability it cool win or who will be who Sunday. With a books that you fear and fear of more Theo would have the Bucs will be the Saints the Saints will be themselves. Get to vote online at WW rail. Dot com what would give to our. Practice should pull Kato let's go to law our cola for Brit Brit thank you a caller. I already at eight in my way. And loosen. Date at old school warrior that day. You guys I didn't. I hit. It. Well I thought. Sunday night game and that they are blocked bald spot I'd call up or back he kicked the ball what did you. And not corrected that would if that happened at the beginning. I didn't I didn't see it down and sprint brand and NCA I'd gotten the but if you do them well. Yeah Ronald. Yet both B do they mean. Yeah that that's not all but indeed there. It should at least that delight game mark on sports like. Can't stop so anyway I thought that was neat happening you think yeah. Just old moment will bring. Them ol' number two months on the bull on the white board read them. I. Yeah I know brown I Anke you give amber. And made by the woods who. It as a sort of thought I'm Bob LaMont out. With that great baseball may need to those means on his freshman and he called sealed the muscles in. The I'm we have Brent I. Thank you aren't and I. Argued Tuesday. Alrighty 60187. Texas at eight and eight that he today's practice support with saint Salam opponent Kristian garic Hedo taken away. Deacon now about a the Saints back on the practice field today ahead of their week to clash at home with the Tim may Buccaneers hard to believe. The black eagle lost five straight home game considering how dominant they were won eleven straight games. And that building twenty few cal coach on pay no being on the sideline the world wants to analogue their first home win since October 26 of last year. Against the Green Bay Packers quarterback Drew Brees has its up to the players to recreate that home field advantage. Typically what it is is it's it's the ability for you communicate really well on offense you know verbally and then offensively and defensively. Create that crowd noise crazy elements so that you know opposing offense up trouble communicating you know in. I think again our ability to execute to. Score points. To get up on people you know and then I mean obviously it's much easier player of fourteen point lead and has put fourteen point deficit so. I say that's something that from these those previous five games last year where you know can jump out on us early. By a lot and one close you know unfortunately. And so. You know I think that was lack of excuse offense that was not slow start for us and that's how we're used to we're used to that sort fast where we are. So you know get back to those things again and make us really effective offensively. Brees says he likes the way the team has responded so far after the week once setback to Arizona. Guys want to work hard guys wanna do the right thing you know any time you're. Especially on Wednesday you know. Roll much information guys within a couple hour period prior to practice you're trying to absorb all that information that you work on some things from the game that popped up you know just fundamental technique things. So there's a lot going through guys minds as they step on the practice field Wednesday so. Yeah their mistakes made of course are but. You know when guys make those mistakes flying around. You know. There's no lack of effort there's no lack of desire. But you know obviously we've got to make sure that we are coach of the right thing doing the right thing for him Italy's players and approaching it the right way. As a reported earlier the Saints bring about wide receiver Joseph Morgan to the roster. He's a pro. You know just. The time you know we spent on the field today you know I like. I like what. Him like the way he looks like the look and style. Huge week for the black eagle from week one week to not just in the win loss column either you'll see your biggest improvement from record there are horses that win or lose from the week before. So we expect big for the divisional contest Brees expects another tough match up against Tampa Bay. It seems like last against these guys don't know wire and relatives you know what we've done offensively what they've done against us defensively. You know they take admirable or good job the ball through huge emphasis on ball security always is but especially game like this is you know every and you are expected to play that's what they throw on what the coach to teach that do great job of it. Back to Joseph Morgan he had a chance to catch opened today in a locker room. It's always that's irony. Being unemployed sucks so you know vaccine targeted at Sanford I was in most exciting night. To decide to come by you know go to work and I know. Through things you know on cable don't actions. Safety Kenny Phillips also back with the team at the rough feel bush landed on injured reserve. Season ending pectoral injury. On this and let them out because you that I got a couple mornings. So long unforced know was is out but is a big time opportunity for me is that I'm here at home just as he redundant on the same. Phillips originally made the a 53 man roster cut a day later that a make room for other players. On that roster the saint injury report running back CJ Spiller limited today in practice cornerback Keenan Lewis safety Gerris bird. And linebacker and I'll I'll be all did not practice on Christians are back to Bobby. All right Chris and Kristin you know what the Americans. Joseph Morgan is a guided you know. The last couple of days you've been colonized you know Clinton received it this way no Jamal it's the call him back on back. What they called him back distracted DA is that isn't lighting of the ball create. For him you hope so he's a Deke Khaled imagine that this this is the last shot right I mean you'd take. If that route in Rio CK the Saddam's and a Christian I guess not fall at the Packers game yep. Soledad turnover occurred yeah I'm looking at a raw for pre season game account made him expendable and it's always been. No hope that he would you know committed because it's that's the biggest thing that he struggled with his they'll have a gamer to where he looks like he's been the light came on to use the trees in. And they don't have another game or two where he'll just completely disappear than you saw last year. The suspension alternately being cut and then being brought back in the offseason. And early in camp you guys are there it looked like he was gonna solidified himself as maybe the fourth guy but then right he had that rough fourth pre season game in. They decided to go Willie Snead and Kerry really only four guys on the roster all week last week Italy elevated John Davies Jones the from the practice squad. To the 53 man roster ahead of the kick off on Sunday. Woody needs to do and he'd be doing his job. A lot like Devery Henderson. If seeking catch in advocates worried revolves game may be water to. Just I compliment the branding an average about 2223. Yards a reception. Every hand is that adding I got to look back in my notes and tonight it was a couple of seasons if he was not one he was two in the National Football League. An average per catch. Some of explosive plays in other words they go to me. You come up big and also the defense have to acknowledge that it and be aware of what heard about that. That you can be explosive and all of a sudden they given of a big touchdown and not like he. Help with the team drive down the field when you have that moment Andrew's got a good team you beat data about a coverage Kamal would have big plate and he's doing his. It looks like on Sunday that the Cardinals outside of branding coach Bobby Deke didn't have a whole lot of respect for the State's ability to get over the top and get down the field. He is Saints have an opponent at Christie Garrett won on tour very active wanna 32 NF goes out and report as for the Saints three unit would take him at T bow out tonight. 8 o'clock after the Mets macho thank you don't ourselves thinks are right to the phones that we go in it's going to come and we at a school to two. Brian on. Gary was up first Garret thank you for calling. Page. No it hard to say that it was once an ego is knee. Probably. The longest run to catch the whole gay put this thing. Yeah I think CD game well and you know. I don't. Weaved his burning a level Willie's the united olina where we are able to him David. Know they've made it go to him more I mean when you look at it. Willie speed he's been consistent. And and I think you truly do become on and he catches the ball he's one that he needs it it's his hands in the Bible as the compared to Lance Moore. But Willie Snead is a guy that I think. Is going to be an end and in this Saints office of plans going forward. But but. The whole thing to say that it could truly shreds the dances no he's not as fast as branding cooks are not his press. I went more. Well like you know just talking about it he can make two victory catch of the game with 20/20 five yards every game and it. Everybody team or also a possession guy. Like I think he can make a play like that that skinny polls. You know winners and you get a parties and yard gain but he's also. Very complimentary Dan bills. 1012 receptions are drag him across. And then when given opportunities actually Eagles please oh. I mean I don't see why not leave applaud him I mean if you look at his first career catch. Goes to 63 yard. Yeah I mean so I ID he built upon that and in he's deadly in the play it. If you look at and whether he said he wants to be is film and but he could get a compliment receiver like Lance Moore was would drew. You know you opened Coleman. Came maybe selling in bed where he could be like goals then. Joseph Morgan like every in his then you've got to cop which you've done in the past because you've been an award all of it by about nine years you have the players to do it. Now they've added a quality manager opportunity. All right easy case in camp by BA bad I'm Deke Bellavia old laws the most talked about is Jay beat standing team bad teeth why. What I hear about their necks this is sports talk has always had to drag on WWW. Jail. All right back to the phone to go to scope to. Is he Sean. On line Sean thank you call. Able. Oh. Amanda. About. About did go nose tackles in the engine that toll on the players. Well what a player like it was ever an error on that post today. It's why it was protecting him it was it would to the fairness of the linemen you know back in the open coverage agency to. Yet they haven't coverages as an old dog drop all teams do that. Not is it at a fans don't realize that probably came in existence in the late eighties early ninety's where'd you bring in a lot of blitzing and nickel guy off the edge our core of your drop a few minutes of linemen in coverage. But it that's I'd Dick LeBeau Dom Capers dale and being in that. Okay also well if you gonna aero city on you rated Jim Ingraham. Why don't you. Total ball to being called what you Soto played like you'd be competitive Trojan program because what is Kubel 20. Run run the route for a big goals and Tim and Jim Ingraham route to or he's a big guy you Indian hill. If not my eagle do you blow out. Because nobody but on the that logic we can run the plays when Jimmy Graham on him because he won here. In the ankle tonight Jimmy Graham and then he came be serviceable buttons that's pretty much dances that I'd visit WW.