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9-18 The Think Tank 1210pm,David Vitter & Bad to the Bone

Sep 18, 2015|

Does a candidate's storied past have any impact on your decision to support them? David Vitter's past indiscretions are being brought into gubernatorial debates, in commercials by opponents, and by the media. Should they be? Should he expect these questions as candidate for governor? Do you consider the prostitution scandal a mistake from the past that should be dropped? If not, is it prostitution that concerns you, or vulnerability in one of the nation’s highest offices – the U.S. Senate? And, does bringing it up help or hurt Vitter or his accusers? "BAD TO THE BONE - RESCUED ON THE RUNWAY"... is Saturday at the Eiffel Society (2040 St. Charles Avenue) from 6 to 9:30pm with mistress of ceremonies WWL-TV morning news anchor Sheba Turk...and celebrity judge B-97’s T-Pot. It's a uniquely New Orleans event...a SILENT AUCTION by Project Spay Neuter...and a FASHION SHOW w by local designers, complete with rescue dogs walking the runway with the models. Tickets for adults – just $20 dollars ahead of time/$25 at the door...children get in for $15 in advance/$20 at the door...pet tickers $10. Again, we’re talking a silent auction, a fashion show including doggie high fashions, a costume contests, pet adoptions, goody bags for the first 200 people...and ALEXIS & THE SAMURAI are playing LIVE... all made possible by the good folks at Petcetera. If you love animals, don't miss this event...BAD TO THE BONE- RESCUED ON THE RUNWAY...tickets available on line now at petceteranola.com ...you can find out more about the event at badtotheboneevent.com....or show up Saturday night at Eiffel Society, 2040 St. Charles between 6 & 9:30pm It's a great annual affair to benefit local rescues! And, a special thanks to all the volunteers who work on this event and volunteer their nights & weekends to rescuing, spaying and neutering animals. We KNOW you care...so do we...W-W-L!a big annual event this weekend for a very worthy cause - proceeds benefit animal rescues. This hours guest: Dr. J. Celeste Lay - Associate Professor of Political Science at Tulane University (her expertise is in American politics, political and voting behavior and campaigns and elections) Diane Lundeen - Organizer of Bad to the Bone

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good afternoon is Don Don to be with you on the Friday addition of the think tank thanks for joining us this afternoon. Rounding out our discussion. This always going to be talking about the gubernatorial. Candidacy to Louisiana we going to be electing a new governor Bobby Jindal is a term limited. And the candidates. Actually heating up with the debates in the media coverage has little bit of a quiet. Lead in to the gubernatorial race but it's starting to get. Quite vocal now in one of the things that's that's being brought out is David it is past indiscretions him being brought up in commercials. Opponents at debates in the media. Should they be and should David didn't expect these questions as a candidate for the governor politics and campaigning can be nasty business. And that brings up questions for use do you consider of the prostitution scandal mistake from the past that should be dropped if not. Is it that prostitution concerns you all Volvo ability and one of the nation's eyes off as the US senate where. David Witt has been but now in the governor's office. Wouldn't. Help our hurt. His chances do you fear that maybe it can hurt the state that this would come up in one of those late night comedy shows that. Masquerade as his new coverage in the late night news talks. They started making jokes about David's debating the governor in these past indiscretions a sex scandals. Could separate the state in any way out people look beyond that. Also the other question is when people are involved in these type things and David Witt has gone on record saying that he and his family have dealt with the men move past it and he has won reelection sense that I'm pretty handily by the way. The dude does it really mattered to two votes does it matter to you that's not radiating simple question this hour. Does candidates storied past and any impact on new decision. To support them simple yes and no fine that web page we also have a text message board opened for you comments and minority coming candidates 7870. Please remember to text responsibly note texting and driving. And when you hear me. Broom relating these text message that come in bear mountain if you happen upon the dollar knew him as saying added Mayo may not be in my opinion. And I'll let you know when it is and when it is in the puzzle hunt on this week and she at least next with news to repeat them. We also invite your person to person phone calls Bible for. 2601870. And we have a special guest joining is to come to shed some light on the whole situation. Professor of political science at Tulane. Expertise is in American politics political and voting behavior in campaigns and elections directed jays the last away. Doctor. Well at my birth and that's like I handled it at the last and that's what I go by yeah. Well Celeste if you would that us historically. Looking and had people invidious situation and others who. I have been involved in some of these indiscretions that visitors have been proven that it actually hurts or in some cases and help oil has no impact at all on them. Getting reelected or elected to a new position such as what he's drawn. Well I say act. And typical academic I think I would the answer would be content. It at the pan off. So. Local officers or stay up that our national office and it depends on what Kennedy. The issue when in this case is discretion. Occurred. And showed that research that the scandal do you expect the share. Incumbents in particular that loses he will lose such shares. It that are involved in in any kind of scandal. It also affects the campaign stirred by upgrading. Your endorsement back and it's paying. But sex scandal that particularly in the last ten years or so. Aspect handled actually earn less damaging the man financial scandals though. Finding 90000 dollars in the freezer for example our activation. Kind of incompatible. Are actually more damaging and sex scandals. So. In this case. I don't know that it could happen that that much effect on voter opinion. That are we. At Louisiana we feed him. Shirt you know more than a decade. In office. We know about the issues that we reelected him after this past came out. I'm so I don't I don't naturally going to be that effective. Tactic and turning voters away from. Looking at this from a campaigning perspective. Is this a good move. By his opponents to bring this up on the most recent one being Jay Darden who basically esteem and you have a been guilty of violating title fourteen basically which is breaking the law on the Allan Dodds did and refused to answered is that a good move on on guard spot and is Witt reacting in. Recommended way by trying to discount gloss over it and changed his subject and not dwell on it as he did give a very brief fence so in one interview just said you know. Wendy is good with a om goodness we delta is konduz now would move and. The perspective that Darden and the other earlier particularly Darden achieved in past fourth place. Right now I think he's trying everything that he can end as it but the bad news now. You know it has the potential to turn off. Even a fraction you know voters away in a weight through better then you know it a little help from. And I think in terms and terms that that are respond. It's their spot but he always get I mean I went back reluctant to use never wore man. I committed to stand there and I've asked for forgiveness for my life and from god and from the voters and that and that there. As he never given any detail than. Without certain new information. You know without pictures that it that we never seen before war. Salacious details that we didn't know about four. It. You don't do I think there will continue to be successful just saying that old news. I I have been forgiven through let's move on to the important issues that will be. Hi it's they would they doctor Celeste lay as witness a professor of political science at Tulane we come back John and army you'll be up first of also got a lot of text messages. To get dock the late to comment on and I'll check on up ready opinion poll question and see how the voting is going. Does a candidate storied past him any impact on you a decision to support. You listen to the Friday edition of the think tank on the big 870 WW. How else go askew to cast your vote are operating opinion poll question was strange is pretty much hourly all week long and we're asking you this out as the candidates storied past and any impact on your decision to support them. 83% of respondents say yes it does 17%. Saying no and if that holds up then nothing maybe Jay Darden. His move to kind of discredit theater. By bringing up his his prostitution scandal on doing a a debate may be a wise move which talked with doctor Jason Westlake. Associate professor of political science at Tulane University about this whole incident campaigning perspective. Elections and does this really affect people we've seen in this case he's won reelection pretty handily. Despite that he kind of brushes and often says he's been forgiven by the people who it counts and he's moved on let's go to John and Harvey's got to comment forced on thank you call your own doctor Celeste. Well. Good afternoon. Yet broke out about payment dinners and the idea what exactly right though you know it'd been countless oh pages continent and the man at room there. Are some of them man in the compromise position. Al literal debate then anyway and at the moment. Do with a prostitute and and limit damage in. I don't securities. What do you do it is not right they do it all wrong you know. So you are re new to say that this does no effect on whether you would vote famine now. Now I have the fact on the boat people on. It's gonna vote the way I want him to vote and so party. City. Thanks for the call. Celeste who would you say that that is become more prevalent. Now people that get involved in the sex scandals that but I guess because of changes in in ethnics in Morin is that people now don't take it as seriously as they might have poignant thirty years ago. I think that strip it that depend on the scandal and I agree with a collar that it where. There weren't they expects. The indiscretions. That would be viewed differently by the end voters here and there. It certainly hear it again there was that congressman involved in the scandal changes to our very young. Volunteers in congress and that that was more scandalous and sent it to voters because they were. If not children men marry young adults eighteen years old and that it depends on the scandal. Yeah I think it being that what development and that it happened very trying to he is in bitter anger. Of course it's a very embarrassing but. It could beat Ohio voted him train of thought to say you know maybe this is gonna humbling effect on May be that he's gonna try hard. To make amends that is feeling that he's got to make it up to his family into his constituents and actually do a better idea. I'll look her well I don't know I think that there are some they are urged the said that that that work. The network here candidate can do in that phase of the scandal at QB Kurt either Democrat. And so he got a lot and very fine line. He got in trouble earlier this year. Are commenting on the gay marriage decision and the Supreme Court. Actually it its critics came out and you know how can you even say anything about the sanctity of marriage in. You know you cheat on your life with a prostitute. And that kind of hypocrisy. Or any record. Is it dangerous. I'm more dangerous than even the scandal itself being either standing or something in public and then living in very different kind of like to crack at. Let's go to James in Metairie James is on line to James thanks FICO. Well thank you done that would be your guess. This is much much more than his wife for giving him his wife is very ambitious. Let's not forget she wants to be the first lady of Louisiana of course you're gonna publicly say she forgive. Let's take a look at what David bitter truly is he's an unindicted. On convicted criminal he broke the law. All on a gentle one if these un indicted and convicted how can you say in Simpson's criminal. Why he's not on that he's not been convicted destiny thing and. It's my liberty it is safe so he just when was never in your opinion and I can deny the law. In my opinion he's a criminal. The prostitute said that he went to see here for a period of four months several times a week to have sex with they're. Is that the same time his wife was pregnant. So yeah he left his like to go downtown and into the world and he talked about the crime and nor would he committed crimes in the world now. The lady was also right he made Italy one of his last elections he made that commercials. Showing him pushing the baby carriage on the sidewalk in game campaigning on family value he is an ultimate hypocrite he served as he read the scriptures in this church now. It's another this is what really gets to me David hitter is also on it to be the commander in chief at the Louisiana National Guard. There's an article article 130 for the uniform code of military justice. That is very punitive for adultery. If he would eat he would probably get in on it less than honorable discharge anti war in the military he can't even serve in the military yet. He wants to be the commander in chief of our military in the state of Louisiana there's so many good reasons to not elect him. Find another conservative conservatives if you want. But not this guy Tuesday as in my opinion a multiple cult Phelan eight criminal. In you know in the governor's mansion we already have one by the name of it would which we don't need another. All right James thank you for you call appreciated. Doctor Celeste Yemeni comments on Jones's thoughts. Yeah. I think he's exactly right. And V. It that don't why it better this follow with regard to being you know being seen Asian regret it. And many of his supporters. Think that color was a supporter obviously. Of many of the supporters. I'm. The support have. Because of the scandal wouldn't buy it. I'm he would. Not indicative his first look here there. You know I'd like to hear from some about women listeners DM any research on how women and men. Look upon these these indiscretions dude demand kind of saying yeah you know we can get a minute window when women would be more upset or is there any. Research to back up takes more of the stars and another and when considering voting for some. In a very good question. I think there is some literature that says that women. And do consider moral. And and character. I'm maybe more and and that it. And that they're harsher on people for certain breaking that the moral code. I'm. And that that may be particularly true in primary election because. You know he's not running against the Democrat I think. Actor singer doesn't aperture and hard and so. You know there's not going to be a Republican woman to lead. Not during any any way you would vote against that are. The higher than that. Scandal. And would vote for a Democrat anywhere Republican woman I mean that they will support whoever the nominee but this is within party contacts. So that that may come and play. Very good dead duck to let thanks for being guest was who really appreciated in the look forward to on next visit. I. That is not a Jason lastly professor of political science at Tulane University not we come back after the news break. I'll get some more calls of president Cammie you'll be up person a lot of Tex coming on this question cast your vote operated opinion poll. It's on scientific and always interesting does a candidate storied past and an impact on your decision to support him. 75%. Saying yes 25% say no. What do you say it will be back to find out right after the news. I'd 76% of our respondents to our party opinion polls say yes that. Eight candidates Matt passed does have an impact on decision to support them where 24%. Say no. And before get the president Candace hallway of specifically talking about David bidders now being brought up in debates by the media by his opponents. About his pass sex scandal. And some of the text that are coming in to say it's not the act is the hypocrisy is in the family values guy who was against gay marriage because he felt it was against. The sanctity of marriage. Another says I wonder if the Colin James. Connor railed on this lore earlier. Voted for Bill Clinton another says there is no worst than Clinton he's the White House that tax payers pay for for his marital indiscretions. Another Texas women loved Clinton and this is my comment again it was vice Versa to the another was says if we vote for candidates based on the past that would probably be no want to vote for. Another says I don't like Vienna I'll agree that mistakes that one has made several years ago should be left alone which can't pick and shoes. To bring up of this past make sure you don't throw stones if you live in glass house. It's elementary. And more and more coming in about Bill Clinton Monica and that let's go to threatening Tennessee was on his month Fred thank you for eco. All. The action. All well and much. Arsenic came in my corner that last fall was. Don't think so it is better hypocrite. I immediately thought Hillary acting. All of standing by mayor. There and it started using will be able. Once again volatility in. Are not out of business support of the problem. But I'd be interested if he would even though it last caller is of the or you know level Democrat. That it liberal Democrat. If you can say anything about it candidate or a flawed as. Well I think dead duck delay may have been correct in many cases party affiliation. Trumps you know the behavior. Let's Aussie. 504260187. Annual we get another call on yeah more techs coming in this one says bidder is another general. One more is Louisiana ever going to. I attend so we have him come and up special guest coming up to tell us about. Bed to the bone Diana Levine's in the jaundiced. SE wishing to turn over Davida BO TV and right UB 97. Teapot going to be celebrity judges in mistress of ceremonies will back to talk more about this event that's coming up. Saturday and now on the Eiffel society on saint Charles avenue is called bad in the bone. Rescued on the runway talk about it justice. And we have this question for how do you party on game day. Sherry you game day experience on Twitter. And WW LA MFM and you can win a 400 dollar tailgate and prize pack from Popeye. And make sure you include a station Hanlon hash tag. That's at WWL. 8 am FM. And as tang. WWL. Tailgate LB feet your chance to win. 400 dollars and pop eyes gift certificates and an additional. 200 dollars and tail gating Gooding you can enter as many times as you want before midnight. October the third. Win will be chosen at random from all eligible entries and dent WWL general contest rules apply tailgate the top allies and WWL. Hi. Perfect music news segue into my next guest. We're going to be talking about. It to the bones rescues on the runway. And we're going to be talking with. I guessed that her name is Diane Monday Tuesday organizers of this event called bad phone. I'm told that out WW LTV morning news anything she returned. Will be the mistress of ceremonies that's worth the trip itself and also big sunny seventy pause going to be a celebrity's. Judge. It's going to be tomorrow at the Eiffel society. At 2040 saint Charles avenue we have Diane joining us now to give us all the details and if you wanna know more about it. Call us at viable wood to 60187. You've got a text message for Diane. And that to me and I'll relay it to charity 78 says Diana got some special music for Italian joint. Music career but your critics out there is saying you know good for you tell us more about this rescued on runway what a combination of silent auction and a fashion she. I'm so excited every year at the bankrupt a veteran Ers started clicking on yet to add. And now it is taken iron in our eight year we have and wrecked you or helping to their organization one of which are Arctic a meter which you're not sure. Other iconic brands. Which helped train service disabled veteran challenging armor and that turned out to come to share. And live it up and spend money and carpet Brett. Tell me exactly where it's going to be and what is that time that'll take place. Did this they're part skillet but I've decided tomorrow night Saturday. Firm 6 PM 9:30 PM or at the beautiful tricking me record heat greeting people. Nor and they're gonna come in and to a fabulous. Food and drink we have gotten your momma did bring great step we aptly new restaurant trying to that you are. Twelve restaurant or participating at everything. In Campbell lie to. Fired into making it very special bat the bat by alligator and current. And what other activities will be taken place there will someone coming there will they be able to look into pet adoptions in a lot of people only. Who lose vets one or replace that tendon in this should be a great way to do it and rescue a dog run. And to go out and purchased one on you know bottom out of state bring one and we've got so many wonderful dogs and needle. It creeped into the quiet here at telling get out after our actions show all about walking on hot model hot. And the Pakistan outlawed in hopes of finding forever well. Passion of people will be able to get downstairs at Iceland even before it actually when he would eat and interact with them. People want adapted the perfect love contraband. String them there and after the actions you know are jailhouse rockers are going to be dealing they're conditioned on and all that will be. Are you are are in contact for pat and the people. And he went uttered about a two month free entree. Forgot about her eyes and then tech enterprise altar and treatment freaked out treated them like our new line new we have. Early in Chile. Yep that's editors actually really excited that you grapevine first 200 people in our black bag filled with great greedy for pat and people are a bunch of local business. Freebies. You Halloween if you're looking at a carpet hot in the hot. For local designers. A government content and check them know that yet yeah you aren't skin. Come in which we are online Chordiant local orchestra making sure getting into the event or remodel the current heat. You might want one constant you can get it get like. We are are really enjoying the fact that we are connecting. Community. Where it all of these Gretzky because even he can't hack it doesn't mean you can't be sent. Do you neither did any money already and any time and go walk on additional 30. I love it. And making it more accountable. For Cracker Barrel. Now the judging that is going to be for the costume contest the one that teapot from B ninety seven's gonna be taken part in judging. Yeah at Arafat teapot that we all love. So much ink and that are going to be our judges and beautiful sheet to her arms mr. at a ceremony. We are as excited to have them and I understand that. Caught in a partner Ole saint this year so I'm excited to meet there at the. Oh. Now how do you get. Entered into the casting contest is it closed all can anybody still give him as they wanna take morning. She actually enter show that the event tomorrow. And you buy your ticket to the event and if you want and get costume contest that freedom and you to Teixeira the event which can. And you use held the lady wannabe and costume contest. Thank you and your yourself you're Don and number. Actually there and you march. And they are apparently reporting now and call each ship you can bring your lobby hit and you're wealthy paid shelter and he predicted back. It eliminates the need for baby sitter and at Carolina and your late night out all he can go out to pray that your neighbor. You can pan and great dinner Hackett fun and unique home. IG got several ticket prices are we gonna get to them and the second the Gina from Ferraro's listening and she wants to talk with you for a second so let's go to gene Emery arrow Jean. And not much. To. You mr. The. Diane might that be some. Service dogs available but. Are very specialized. Dog on it you add that you'll have the opportunity to meet would go part he will be there and it. And that organization. He came on here. I'm about our a right now are in particular is able to eat and I'll tell you about the other great programs that help you born maybe meet a relief fabulous. At the event. And there are going to be probably blocked a trainer. And maybe. Hope you can find the right match that might not be the service it is very special designation and that goes to a lot of training. Our arms to become service I mean they are working dogs that they're adopted or we have jobs. Yeah they might be able how you're you're not in the market for initial survey. On about it. But I'll talk to dock on express because they could probably be some great ideas currently is right action. Diana out tickets where can they be purchase and can be bought an advance and how much. Absolutely that you can buy your ticket act at soccer and widget thirty cued your fine magazine street. Met a wonderful little pep DT that it's got a lot this year actually produced just this year. You can't go to Q how sadder that I act at her own separate the. He eat he. He kooky. Are they and Nolan and Al LA. Dot com and are available there hadn't time. It are ten dollars per pack fifteen dollar a kid and I need Ellen program. Pan. And. On that day in the back we will shut down the web site. Yugoslavia began to get that kept at a a reverse apparently action at. Tomorrow at about. Yeah and then you can buy your ticket at the door after I. And it will go up by Alex Patrick attacked at what they aren't and then it will go up to try any. And adults or about twenty. The proceeds from this event. Go Q directly to have when you buy ticket to get. New York to get it Gretzky when you buy into the money goes back and come out hungry. And confidence that that spend the money. I took 4040 saint Charles avenue between six and 930 tomorrow. And before you go Diana at a Texas and I wish we could be in town for this event we raised Siberian Huskies and have a couple. That I rescue personally always ending to the rescue story thanks so much Dianne for doing a great job of bent to the bone rescued on the runway. Thank you asked. There we go I will be right back to wrap up the Friday edition think tank ride afterwards. I'd got late comer on tech's board says Garland I caught the very end of the fund raiser for the rescue can get the info please. Well it's done in the gall on Fridays and all on that fund raiser for the rescue. If you go to bed to the bone event dot com if everything you need to know about the and basically it's a fund raiser for. And they rescued dogs is also going to be constant contest pet adoption goody bags. A fashion Joseph combined with a silent auction you can get tickets and she's CO she betar. Osce army players in W ago TV she liven up any room in also of could be 97 here at an account teapot is going to be one of the judges for the pet. Costume contest I and every Friday it happens beat one patient information they want about food plots the DOA we do that for four hours on. Saturday morning you gotta tune in tomorrow morning beginning at 5 AM for the outdoor show. Station reports gonna talk about the teal season it's on the way. It's a ready for the big. One big game white tailed deer season and talk about all the patient information need to get out and catch him. So tunis in five to seven WWL seven and I'll got more outdoors SO three W policy you back here next Friday. Another edition of the thanked.