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9-22 11:10am Garland: on the Pope and American conservatives

Sep 22, 2015|

Garland talks with documentarian Jason Berry and California minister Derryck Green about the degree to which the "religious right" disagrees with the message of Pope Francis.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is that since been kind of a foreign being consciousness. For me. Under a riddle a lot about politics because we do a lot of political chose. I grow up I jokingly. Syria groped pops in the Catholic. We were extremely. Catholic we didn't believe the Pope was in well. We did believe everything the priests. The soul. And some of its heroes that I do employ any of my prisons. Or religious. And buried often Derek conservative. You can be your evangelical. That Catholic prudence. Very burial often their religion matches there are conservatives. So I read a couple of barnacles probably threw four months ago permanent file so you wondered that unusual. And then I'll gain Tuesday more and more and I just took what does he threw for all the the top of the pile web site here this headline. Conservative. Aiding Pope print to Politico. George where is that he couldn't serve abroad for the watching. A tax probe branch sales fall. Reaction. Mad drug. It's scoring age Pope we're positioning. Glimpses Washington Post. On France's visit put Republicans. On that the incident. News news New York. Republicans are seizing an accountant leaders historic visit to make good. One of their top priorities top U abortion. Restrictions. So what is the duties. Begin wonder. Do conservatives most of them believed in the pope's teaching. When the pope's teachings agree with conservative issues. And all we're gonna talk. You're fluent poked. I go to and I think knows the most cheers and buried New Orleans writer documentarian. Injuries and as always appreciated that time. So help me here by it or is that is that conservatives. That are very concerned about the Pope pork. Am I do reading the wrong publications. Well I would never do you agree on a girl. I think he is. Sort of equal opportunity. That are conventional logic. You know I'm in Washington right now. Covering this event here with Pope to garage and one of the things that they and so does strike me is the way. People on the left and right. Are are Arabs it's a sad end for example the law and document the cyclical he released there on the department. When we fail to acknowledge the power realities of war of the poor person. Com a human embryo comma the person with disability. It becomes difficult to hear the quiet nature itself. Every connect. Well I think everything is connected. It's upping their. You know many people feel it was we don't find any answers. In the political marketplace today if you look at the presidential debate going on there. Tremendous amount of anger being directed at migrants and beyond ideas you know we have to recover her constraint. I don't want there to be weak but I think the focus saying. And again I think it cuts across ideological line. He hit strategies for a solution demand integrated approach. To combating poverty restoring dignity to be excluded and protecting nature. Well how do you make things happen. You moderate later he can do is viewed the strength of hope and I can practice and doing it. In a powerful way in an imaginative way. And you're central birth. Forget. Trying to buying low and bring people together. So in that country like ours which and so hole almost scared of her split. You know here comes at a great messenger of hope. Coming. You know someone who's gonna shake up conventional print. And and again I understand the the example you'd give. Of veteran cyclical. And the and far removed side. Of the country there is concerned about it. But I do again you know I'd artsy George will. Attacking. The Pope on climate change. Non Jews disagree you wouldn't sings chose ball demonstrably. False deeply. Reactionary. You get fog Tuesday and drew knew Paula tanto. Calling the Pope Marx's you go broached Limbaugh calling them club owned. And it. It is his want the Pope. Is balancing ends his beliefs. Keller to. A lot of water Marico bleak weather be capitalists then whether it be free market with a would be. Survival of the fittest when it comes to capitol. Well you've. Whole host of questions just I would in this way. Paul what Frances is doing is raising the moral. Of the common good. Idea of the common good. Of connected community. Courses through every thing there and re. And he is warning people to agree to use the war. Let me Kyra so to inherit political nature your question. The conference say the debate. That we didn't care in this country and I'm only respond bunker or girl. We've never talked about capital. The idea capitalism. And communism in the latter. Communist empire is over. Me Cuba is about what what. Communism is moving toward solid. Straight or capitalism with a command economy at the top. Country. We do not really debate. It's how capitalism. Should function is well where. Now those who missed the complete libertarians. Are free market with no constraints have there. We CNET and aware until 1980 or so there was ago. All regulatory. Oversight audit partner who. And of course we you know a heavily that. Oh. Unregulated capitalism is not part of his vocabulary. But again and respond to they issued that you're racing. I think that is what his message is really getting that we need to restraints. That we have to have balance and the common good. What happened. In that Chang an Opel I've been reading you know players. Are you were first built something that can be noble. He's created creating jobs and you know doing things that are to promote prosperity that brings people law so. You know the country was on the idea. Of fitness that brought people law and the questions now are whether. You know the odd percent are generating jobs are making money on top money so. I don't you Rush Limbaugh as the idea occurred already. You know economic philosophy. And thought man you deeply conservative. Because. I think he'll be colts. I'll poke at war the most popular people on the planet. I think the reason for that is that he really stand well. Afraid of politics and he speaking and moral law and it does have appealed people whether they vote Republican or Democrat. We did their lips big break were coming right back to secure one needs somebody who what do you think W veto. A grim looking too far back in history but I'll always felt the Sao will always felt. In an area of bunch conservatism. And catholicism. That the Pope was the kind of rock star that just wasn't crude side it said may be very quietly. In tiny code solutions here's. The only tax I have so far on the show. One says spoke Francis is an anti capitalist. He believes in the radical liberal progressive. Propaganda bill on climate change. The Pope. Is a radical the EPA representative. What's broad billions of dollars of regulations in the oil industry coal industry. The Pope is a south American socialists got bullets. And image and I'm looking at. News articles have been in treatment for a quarter while a what a fine it is the GOP itself and Republicans say anything. They have their route to Britain because you want to open Cuba. He backed immigration. He believed climate change is a problem he supports are brought. Recognizes. Palestinian statement. One income equality. More assistance for the poor. And on and on and I've got to. Our Jason Barry worth the New Orleans based Ryder. Documentary. A news followed propose to have been the Pope for a long time. Where Omar launchers are limited and and realized. I'm in some Conway and looking it is. Through the role in binoculars. But it feels like he's aggravating the conservative side and much more than than I've remember. All sore represented that they are. And. In the world. No and so it does seem that there is quite hue and cry from a great number of conservatives. You know. I think if you look at the speaker of the house John Boehner no one would accuse him of being liberal Republican. And he's the one who is the Pope to speak to congress. And I think there is a bit election. You know we have become so accustomed to in this country. So the you know the polarization. Politics I know her chiefs say. Oh the republic can't and they don't sit by the state this year yeah. Again a year you know here. All. I do believe that the climate change issue is real. I think the people who have tried to discredit the science have not succeeded in doing so. Whether whether you consider it a and it science or ideology. I would say speaks volumes about whether you'd think a solution as possible. And I happen to come down side of science. I'll and I think the Pope goes to who. I wonder how many people actually read the encyclical I was in the world and released. And you know library several times and I don't think he'd call. For the dismantling of capitalism. He called it a noble vocation in this document. We have not actually had earlier we've now in the country and real. Discussions about the idea of regulated capitalism. Doesn't mean that you destroyed markets and got one with mark and I just got back from Cuba and I'd its reporting there. And yet don't think. Is that the Catholic Church. We're persecuted in their secret to extinction in the 1960s by Coca or. And now well under his brother the church has emerged as. The opposition to the government had at least the most powerful autonomous organization. And is pushing for freedoms in the public square and operates a kind of de facto central ignorant so. You know I think we'd be girl for Cuba became part of the you know capitalist economic system. And the point that I think that point that the Pope is making. Is that we have to have lost a tree at the common good. Their secret to everything is connected. And you know people come out and starts saying Marxist or against capitalism. You know it's need the food to Roh stopped and the couple sound bites like you CO PD. But reality more complex. One final question. Do you understand the economy you know vote headline read more awkward talking about. Well more Greg Oden the most recent poll. A boat to upwards of 55%. A viewer it's adults viewed the Catholic Church favorably but seventy plus percent and think branches is due android two thirds of Americans. And even higher at 89% of cell opened and apply Catholics. Approve of the direction we're Francis is leaving that church. So it would seem like the vast majority of Americans and aptly. Or on this side. So. If I'm a spotlighting the conservative side that certainly would seem to be combined or that he report. Well I would agree with what you just and I don't mean anyway to to me and people were conservative. There's a difference between being. Conservative. And being reactionary. I'll watch Wimbledon reactionary that he makes you know eat these fires and broad discontent. Well. I would more thoughtful man that you know he took some time. You can think about people on the what's important is the daddy you're side. Remember. A little more than three years ago the church was hell would work or because of the peace crisis. And many of the people who opened in lower court cap looks themselves. So I think. You know the poker at a retreat. All and and it worked so. Yeah. I get any doubt him. Core values. Our responsibility. To absorb a clean environments the next generation. Are how we treat the poor. Our responsibility. To one another cool so. I think he. He sort of gaining ground and I think the event the week will be fascinating to watch. Two days and very always a pleasure to have you on the show where it can we find your moons rings from writing it's or documentaries. We'll let you grow and a retreat there it goes great with duke. I have a team that posted over the weekend. On the web web site of the Atlantic magazine. It's called how the Catholic Church simple I didn't Cuba. And tomorrow. Here in Washington will be on Fox News. We're. Shepherds and a he is going to be reporting outside of the national basilica. Where the Pope will be categorizing father Serra the founder of the missions in California. And I will be on here which are only answering his questions and I hope. So yeah it's right. If you haven't Brett Jews and others riding boxes documentaries. Read his books believe me your moves and Jerry's and always. A pleasure have a great trip and we'll talk you have to visit. Although it required to be. Double dubbed el big aid 7 PM coming right back. I'm not saying this is correct it's jumps observation. I'd brought Berry Berry buried very Taft. Always students it was hot Sydney. Cajun. We believed in the week in a bow and I'll boo to you on the Pope. And the bishops and the trees in and it was a very birds strong core beliefs. The people I grew up where it here in Louisiana and I don't Mosley could be conservative. And they certainly. Wore their religion probably tomorrow look around the country most I think he is not a live ring roads in the most evangelicals. Are calm from the conservative side. And and lately. I've been struck. By how many conservative publications. And publications were wrote him put partisan label. Or covered up with these types of headlines. And I'm totally neutral if you program bin. Saving them Peru for a dip often known for a year. I've got a ton of whom we do read from the top of the stack. Heeding Pope Brent. Nectarine Pope branches. That he isn't cyclicals. Weak. Drug report excoriating. Conference's during his trip to Cuba not paying more attention to the dissidents. George well. A very well known highly educated. Educated conservative. A tactical differences with the his faults and reactionary. Ideas. A number of issues and when you grow looking at those issues the attacks come. On the pope's lead on opening up Cuba on allowing preached to give women who have had abortions. On immigration reform on climate change action. Or there's support for Iran nuclear DO owners recognition of Palestinian state. In all his talk about income equality in a good look at that Tex that again from the Berry. Religious conservative Catholic community they York. And I'm. I'm sure you'd dip for the pain in my curiosity. I don't remember in the paths seen this much anger. Towards the blow prone the religious right or from conservative. Brad Garrett green with the members of project 21. An initiative of the national center for public policy of church and minister birdies and says roads. Members are welcome to shore appreciated at all. Our doing good doing good you would consider yourself put conservative. As soon. Yeah so what do you think why boy all of this anger towards the Pope. You know I think it's a number of reasons I think one I think what we've seen over the last. I would think when you're specifically over the last seventy a is an intense political position of American culture I think that would station has infected. Religious matters on both sides of the aisle a political aisle I think that we're starting to read Ian. To religion oh into some of the pope's messaging. Our political life is so we're shaping what the old saying well our pre positioned I think that. Copping to be further divide. And I think another reason that goes along the first. Into what we're seeing that. Politics seems to be. More. Active. But religion for Americans. Do in our actual wood is police were supplement our religious but we swift politics. And I think that when we do that in from trying to confirm what are predetermined biases. Oh we keep this kind of troubled war. Around religious matters which he's supposed to bring us together I think you're seeing a ball. Whether the previous open and a political left in cricket which airport. Pope Benedict. And I served conservative because of some of the calls. Comment. On the court apply it. Disagree with what he is well I think those are at least regions. Why we're seeing seeing. Currency within let me take a quick break come right back Q your love questions your comments. Gibbs called troops eggs are one. Do you see the conservative side of this country of churches burn in March. A religious side in many cases. Do you see increasing attacks. On the Pope. And if so why Deborah via. Where I think about something good quite frankly it surprised me I grew up and conservative. Catholicism. As an agent. And ended with a all the breathing do Lou I'm constantly breathing conservative attack on the Pope. Because of Q because of the immigration becomes climate change because of Iran because of palace on the because of income equality. Goes on and on. And a good attacks in the Texas it's Veronica of the religious right bring religion into politics. But they're upset with the Pope for bringing politics into religion. We have as you miniature with this. A dirt marine from Santa Rosa California. Minister of how about that that that does I think that. Part of board surprising. To you about this old thing. Here's. Odd a political slide. That had mirrors its religiosity. So angry at a very popular religious figure probably news out. He and I I agree and I think in acting to go back to. How politicized and our country that we we've gotten so much that it and it should limit the politics of it actually undermine their civility with one another. Not there's certain thing that the hopes. And you know it was buyer. Elected or voted it's pretty treatment technology. That I disagreed I don't wanna come call in the real names because it. It is. When you engage. Of course you disagree with a. In that Manning kind of creep instantly in any kind of constructive dialogue discussion. With the person who's been there. Focused. They trio we're the people who believe and intrigue along the lines I think that we should be cautious. Are we doing that but I think that well water you criticized from the things that he advocated against whether for capital weather. About. Well you know the religion in our actual. Or you know the the making it easy for four. Couples to have their original Eagles optics are we should discuss who should discuss it well to try to move for all parties involved not just people at the discussion. But those would want to be. Touched and affected by. Actual topic of discussion. Had to do a quick question and would be. Do conservatives. Most of you believe Britain the pope's teachings. When the pope's teachings agree with conservative beliefs. You know that. The difficult question I would I would I would beat them and yet now they're at large contingent conservatives who. It was there and not to Corey you so that there that we need want only their eyes were conservative who would get to. Our religious and she did you know you politics through the world view. On the bodies in and in more debate on the Bible so I think. It at yet Indo. I answer but I do think we're talking about conservatives in the disagreement with the Pope one of the things that that I think is open for discussion for example is people were to talk about environmental. Catholics. And conservatives beat it with mr. can agree that we should. You know respect our duty stewardship over the environment I think it is agreement comes and it would start. Engaging or accepting all off with how have been inundated. Some of the assumptions are in conclusion that a lot people out particularly on the political left. The department of climate change of the legal change a lot people think that a lot of emotionalism. And politics rather than concrete sign and I think that we're going to cut the thing. People can have gene when disagreements with their conservative were with the hopes position. Mr. Grunow and appreciate the cold. Very mug few believed real good day. You do that are coming right back stay with us double yeah. Dawn in New Orleans bureau and other bill appreciated call. Yeah. It happened I don't know it's not like it thank Allah. I'd like let's say you're in spite of course rating of the rabbit there are greatly appreciated. The gist of your inquiry while the or is pretty hypocritical. Morality. That. Emanating from the so called. Emblematic quit and brands which had outlet fell in the congress of the United States of America. And a further comment the the so called if the hypocritical morality of the Christian. They had very little to do with religion. It is a great deal with to do with the power. To access and control other people's lives. And they would be utilized. That. That development in the United States congress. And that's the hypocritical. Tea Party to enact a trend that the polls. It all figured call world.