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9-23 The Think Tank 1210pm, Device Addiction

Sep 23, 2015|

Scientists say its official...we’re addicted to technology and it’s doing some really bad things to our brains. Do you believe that? Is it addiction or habit? And, even if that’s true, do you expect to see us controlling our addiction... to smart phones, tablets, laptops, Twitter, Facebook, selfies? This hours guest: Robert Bakke - Amazon's Best selling author, jet captain, NASCAR driver Caroline Knorr - Common Sense Media, parenting editor

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well bugger all these headlines. Mobile addiction growing at warming rate. Nobody says US collide devices Madison would by bringing eloquence is New York Times and when you acts to drop. All of them talking about he would do it should mean of the new technology and good news those. We hear about it on the regular beige suit whip get Robert block cave where that's. Whose bestselling author or all flew our jet pilot but it now or drive for black belt in karate unit that. Robert welcome to the show. Well you know and all of your listeners and quite frankly. Howdy to everybody in the world most interesting city it's a real pleasure to visit with you. We agree but that thank you so much and how did you come to. The next bird Toro or make speeches or do review week interviews all of those device keeps. Addiction Google people. You don't like it you're kind of jelled from a number of different angles one more. Because I've been able to accomplish the things that I have. People keep asking me where to act on the time to get all of that and quite frankly even even in the book now prayer full throttle which. Tip number one on. Which blew everybody away because it was self published people want to know how did you find the time to do that well. It's because its sleeves rolled up. And I'm working very aren't spending like I. Put in and so on and so. That was part of the the other part of it was I grew up very. And I'll all the predictions. And all the people hear my voice if you got addiction in your homes. You know what looks like. And what correlated to be was. PPK fear that I seen all around now. What people who have not looked up away from their devices such as to people like zombies walking around. It it's very clearly an addiction it reminds me of an alcoholic who attached to their beer. If you try to also addiction I mean let's say to I would tell alcohol have a drinking problem. They will shut you right now well now device addiction. It was when you go up and houseful of action you understand addiction that you recognize that. And if people don't put their own style they will not want in their dream lifestyle because you know it is basically consumed Albert on. Of got a very good pruned them when the top job sent my personal. And a mutual friend visit to get her a couple of months ago and you talked about. All the meetings they were having and she is one of them bad news and a charge of code writing a very bright girl. And and he said you know you go into these giant meetings and everybody is on the cell phones keeping during the compensation. I have we've we've got an organization's. Year. Cold I and do you village rule we've tried to from MIT and harbored and Stanford you name in the meetings to attend over there everybody is on the cell phone. But there's still only in the MIT and there's still in Stanford and there's still working at a couple. Is it addiction or is it just bought society. Has become. Well first global. As a productive tool it's it's an iPhone iPad communications during the work day. It's tremendously efficient it provides people an opportunity to get work done while there on the road. He can't deny that it has a tremendous asset to that it is that the re. But that but the sad part of it is and we all know. That people take that beyond. If you work school. And in that it fostered an addiction in fact a lot of these people. That are in the right now that are working out there there are iphones and iPad does that listened to the meeting. Gathered getting work done what they don't realizes they're addicted. The fact they're so addicted to be sitting in the boardroom listen to the chairman of the board because they can return an email ultimately it. People cannot afford them so it really terrific story have this beautiful little white Cadillac escalated to Buell line. It was destroyed have never been harder my entire life I was hit by a 52 year old woman driving the sport utility vehicle. She hit me between 4050 miles an hour while I was stopped she got up to recite the intersection of that the device completely consumed her. And she admitted it like you just kind of forgot you driving. So it's gone from a very efficient business school. To the very addictive device and we are well within our children. Aren't they can't look up and in the dirt and their parents and in you know I think part of the problem. It because it's socially acceptable. If it like alcoholism it is like a drug addiction that's what happened to be socially acceptable. It's spanned all ages. And you know what it's also people. Well a lot of predictions are legal that one year but but hear me out because I watched alcohol until one of my parents. I watched that addictive behavior transfer. From one area to another when you go to our meeting on enough. You'll realize. That once someone that the apple. And addictive behavior. They might be able to control it dictionary that one area like alcohol. But that behavior is gonna transfer to Diet Coke. To transfer the smoking. Could transfer gambling could transfer to a number of things and so now that's someone who grew up and I'll hold my seal the children today. Fully developing addictive. Behaviors. This early on. The slight compromise doubtful that that the gators never change I'm not I'm not alone that is and a big part of it is that the country Garland. We as a country have never before needed everyone's dream to succeed our economy. That that the country altering. The civil and the opera to. All things are possible. People to put oh start dreaming again roll up their sleeve. And get to work we needed people we leave the country that's that's that's what joint tilt back to prior full throttle is all while. Rolling up their sleeves. And having the power of miracles come right down in your life the book proves that we got pictures. But none of that. It's so people get to work. Or limb and take a break here what do you think. Technology it's filled balloons I bet computers. Are we an insurance or we become a world addicts. When the technology we can't put down all or do you discrete Gibbs called tunes had zero. 187. W a BO. I'm sure you heard it many many times today. Joked walk around the the nose on the phone don't talked about it than. He used to be young people sit there today becomes virtually all of this sport. And the left side of bringing a number report a group claiming they were hitting. Real addiction even in five inch are important to bring him being elected. So whenever I look at problem it really looked like probably like Google and ranchers in here are some Obama well. Take that tact or just turn it off and walk away. Stand in your driveway. Steris abortions. Bruce Serbs show. Have way to bring sitting Newbury. Regular family dinners were you at all. Where everything will looked so I don't know why he's in particular of the regular and we Dillard's. I'm not sure how that keeps us from driving and not looking that are poems console would vote in polls during during meetings. Well we have an act were with the Robert by K. Bestselling author Robert. And cures any of it is an addiction. How could we stop it and boy do you won't see the answers. In ban the president and so. Well first thing people have to do is to just flat out except that they have an addiction again cycle back to looking and alcohol. Try to tell a aid drinking alcohol that they have a drinking problem. They'd give up 18 and they do not want to talk about it and that war doesn't start to turn until they well. The fact is there are millions and millions of people right now. In this country that does happen addiction and so are we fix it. It begins by looking at this wide alcoholics are now well it's because something in the real world. Is it is it is disappointing to them that hurt them they're pouring in they don't feel fulfilled but they eagle that was returned in the bottle. They are it'll add in the alcohol takes them to a different that different reality in gonorrhea. So it is naturally one of the court of an addictive behavior. Then why is wired some people fixated on their device and fixated on social media. Which again is an alternative. Reality walked because of that reality of their life as an exciting and so here's what I wanna tell people. That the sound. If you can hear mine war. The odds are dramatically in my paperwork might say that. You ago. Deep. That your life is supposed to be something. Bigger something writer and something more spectacular. Than what it is right now you know. And I know that here's what you don't know. That life can become real CU miracles happen and dreams become real. Every single day. But to make that happen you have to put your phone down. Put down your iPad. Roll up your game and get to war. Toward those pictures you for your life. I'm a little bit walking testimony. The war on how you're troop I was the skinny people in my school gym class I would pick last in gym class. Single day. But in college for no particular incident in a lot of rapid test that don't regret it most people haven't read today. That was the tip for a twilight where I realized that all things are not possible to believe it to work. Gut don't perform miracles. He performed them write your hand and that dream life style that you really want your self. Will that god only the man that ran through it and put you gotta get to work for what I wrote that book not wonderful model. It was actually born NASCAR race appeared. I it is a book about the power to produce the miracle why did you eat for your life. Right now it is the book and is a powerful yet but it's a two time number one Amazon best seller. Auburn. We'll pull him out of the get through book. All you know what's available on Amazon unregistered. Trailer full throttle on Amazon or people that signed copy of the paper back. I just go to Robert Black. Dot com BAA KK Robert but he'd dot com and we will help you break out addiction. Robert thank you so much of the time we have great day. Statement do it again. Everybody in the walk and I absolutely adore. They did much of good. Or an and again and you know I've pointed out that. I doubt but Robert M sure Eisenberg of books seem like very nice guy but it says it. OK give me some ranchers. Greed. The board currency. And no food addiction. My feeling is it's more book societal. Being. Because we're the good looking for the answers it says things like. And a group can full night's sleep. Standing in the driveway and stared at the butcher's. Take take a break from technology. Regular friendly dinners were actually locked in you don't use your phones at all. All of that is not eighties but. I don't think that can keep you from using their boy you'd crime. Or we're news stand in line. You really think it's addiction. I'm old enough. To remember. My pom there saying to bought. You do us all we watch read and to be you go to her chair as number one. There are gonna get all messed up you don't play anymore it bullet Stevie. And I actually had my mother tell me. You walk around your nose and that will only look where you Gordon you're not talking to anybody. A true Richards she of state general racial Webb slightly in the journal racial divide BQ juicy. Older people ultimately people doing at all. Just look at added. I've got to text here. The media on them recently I've fail whale won a break from. When we do that we unplug. And we got so much grief from people become a earned our phone law and in the future. And I should I stood my boy awhile back that you know. I got my pride to the meal at home but bought. The people aboard open. Couple of my close for an. I think it would go get one themselves won't read pages the minimum amount. Give the phone only to mobilize them truck my closest friends. And few mud it's. Suppose we ask it looked up or is it it was like it did them mugs and stop breathing. I keep thinking if it's an addiction at least one million opinion. It's tied to watch were required. In suicide Pete today. And if you stop that requirement. You're gonna get a lot of grief over I don't think it's something good. Like television. Everybody watches the beat Tuesday that wants his side he does. I don't really hook it up with the addiction do you. Gibbs called cute moves exit row one celebrity businesses. Double BO bigoted 78105. To re open. I've been born and do good show prolonged time I'm going to be doing guru daughter trees in college but when you reserved home. I would say things like don't rub hopeful and talked to movie. And shoes are talking between button Pullman in it that I it and certain cues say really. War. She'd come in to a little hearted side comes studio. Big painting and choose start talking to me and Tuesday. Put down my cell phone you don't put down brought. And I want to distant so many different ways cited to are sure about so let's good to my homework. I come up with the have blown conflict that is mobile addiction growing and are incredibly warm and raped. Mock it devices are messing with the mind ringing. Addiction. Addiction addiction where your next thing to wheat crop. While this evening big problem and I think it'd soul. Well as go to the experts and try to figure out what side per bullies and one factor definitely a problem and we do. Luckily. Where Carolyn nor comments and its media that guaranteeing editor Carolinas should talk to about. Fourteen years ago. So that's okay you beat him. I. Diction. All that they're really great question I think it absolutely is they're art studies that show that we get that little dope I mean here in our brain. Where and that when the speech happened there on the eve of flashing light. And that is what lead to addiction we've become. You know addicted to that he. Okay the addictions. I've thrown the cup with the lips well bear with me. A more breed to a Texas and just got. And it says number 38 year old male and I can say I can't stand television. An appeal more immoral people mired dropping that we're here in the TB in exchange for. Streaming and things like Netflix. As for bones and ipads and computers a pro and even the so saved the people. Completely consumed with the but he picks need to tell me that. If that's an addiction how do you get what promise. Question I think it's not the same height of addiction and other wouldn't matter. More you know malignant victims at the early nine addiction. And I think that we how you know you went and we have to look. That our kids are read on being. Well and we're reaching for our there when we're on our well. You know parent grandparent caregiver of children we have Q. Examine our own behavior and and to make change. Trying to leave. That my daughter was not going to lead too much and we know that can't be approved there aren't. Really like you know battle being about sort of like you know dealt with the president I don't like you do it by tech. You know we absolutely have to practice what we preach it can really really important. Ed guilty at an act of this is anyone's. And what I have to do is I have to put my ball in the back speed bike car so I did not tempted. To pick it up. What am dry. That one minute and through that spell and work regular bridge they would crucial gore knew where what do you think we got the expert. Technology today. Addictive. Our Joe's habit forming or. The question. Is this what society demands of butts today. Two to 0187. You're very good 2014. Serbia pro life shall I do it's in the journal PL lol oh yeah one. The press on the peoples for a lot of time medium multitasking. Were struggling a lot of different media. Tend to have less gray matter and part of the bringing ball both pardon emotional control. Lots of Dubai is huge bomb or drew bringing free wrong. Quartet acts. We're pleased that rule and will power and decision to. So the debate is is our parents and they from would technology. Any danger it's indeed. Addictive. We have an actor with the Caroline or comments and its media parenting editor. And if you'd be introduced addictive or if it is bad for a do you have any recommendations. Other than the brokered good one Peru and so phoned back she's of. Oh. Absolutely and getting into recognizing. You have a problem just like any added you know any form of addiction. And I think that a lot a lot of data coming out now. I'm dad are objectively showing us that children are impacted by their parents. You. ROE. On devices. Kids are angered that angry frustrated and it only that their parents all of their own. So the client you know Reid can take a look at our decade here. I say one of the best things you can do it a running lit up the date of global later. Things to Google only. Don't look that up right now I'd have to know now. Don't need to know now. And just keep on the middle had a paper you know all the things that you think are interesting. And you need to find out. Actually don't need to find out when you reach your kid. Or you know if you're interacting with your family. Take a moment write it down look it up later and by the way. It's probably a bit when you go back to that mr. probably like why the heck did I think I needed to know that. A lot of good and we're looking up on Google are beauty absolutely essential and it certainly not important not to take time away from our family. I. Well. Need to know that you can act came here device. You know a lot of people these studies are showing that people checked FaceBook and add. They're all and for messages even when they don't have anything even when not notified of the mat it's coming and turner dot. Org put on your do not disturb Kirk Simon you're a work on your phone your phone can actually aid you in your effort. Two. To to keep it at day. Go red carpet they're actually seeing. Phantom vibrations. Brain problems can. Nothing exactly yet. People. Migrating. It. I'm sort of Dublin's kind of put me at a bit in Tokyo on the it via if you change your device news. Don't to run the risk of of going into that threatened by bridge from prop. Yet you know you can turn doctor you're the vibration on your and actually too though it won't do anything. I went that burn our unit here if you don't have anything practicing. There are ways that they're where you can just turn it off and only a loud bang you deem you know gear you're VIP messages comfort maybe. It bought that calling her about the gonna call. But you can actually really units are on batting Q. To keep herself constantly that feeling like I need to deal happening right now. Because you really don't and you need you. Mean Q what a round you know you actually study showed that people. Are you know. That came out yesterday that showed that. More people have been taking now been banned in shark attack. Now and not heard kilt. Oh. A our red Lakota and where can people play in Europe parenting column of the editing the true dual and words a common sense media dot org or dot. Her family around you raising your kids in this digital world that where. Carolyn thank you so much we'll booked it and don't follow up on the floor begin to back a later date have a good day thing too broad call. Come and right back and you'd think to losing 01 big celebrity addiction. Our Joe's I have a war or is as kind of bored society. Dimensions. And in today's life. Gives cultures or 0187. Well where you've been thinking about Perot and pat don't you diction in particular cell phones. A couple of detects Garland newbies bribe somebody young people couldn't a business through text messaging. Numbers funding merely even take phone call ups. Garland of course it's an addict from loosening if you went with it for update to mobile jailed for news. Inner circle or brands are concerned. Every second Bob were doing were crazy were all crazy. In one person's opinion. I don't buy these picture part I think you're truly addicted and you addictive personality. I've got a young daughter and she she had that happened is marches in young person or middle aged people. We took a weeklong applause Kreutz. Didn't have they. Subtle signal. She didn't go into cold swept sweep when the putter hundred doctors cared if you did just fine I think. It's our society is what society demands of and if you don't wanna do if you'd just don't don't I don't begin to do go to eighty AD. To quit using your cell phone one man's opinion of which moves through your I think disagree but that is working. Here. Oh boy scarred in Mexican talk about the book and talk about pot use of wood strolled fourteen year old increasingly. Just some Peru. While.