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9-29 1:10pm Scoot: on the Uptown robberies

Sep 29, 2015|

Scoot talks about the latest Uptown robbery and the crime in New Orleans.

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It's turning out to be a very nice afternoon you just charted our forecast about a 30% chance of rain this weekend is supposed to be spectacular it's going to be hot today. But it will be drier and not quite as hot over the weekend it should be a great afternoon for tailgating and she knows saints are heavily kick off Sunday night in a Mercedes-Benz superdome. Against the Dallas Cowboys in you know there will be a lot of cowboys fans in town will be talking more about that. On the shoah as we get closer to the weekend. You know it's always interesting how. Fans don't wait until later to start their party and interrogating they usually start about the same time so sometimes there are people who were just a little bit out of control. By the time the kickoff comes in and especially late in the game hopefully this will be the weekend. The saints get their first victory. We've got a lot to talk about you heard the story about dissent tow truck driver. The guy toast this car and there's three kids in the car. And police initially wonder whether or not he should be charged with with kidnapping and it is the tow truck driver responsible. Months initially left car the kids in the car for two hour are sorry for two minutes. And did tow truck drivers that took at least five to. Jack up the car and start to two totally so you know somebody's not telling the truth here. Accused were four years old six years old and seven month so will be talking about that also into polling numbers out on the presidential race. This is from a new NBC Wall Street Journal poll. A for the Republicans Donald Trump continues to lead with 21% but Ben Carson is in second place now at 20%. That's a virtual tie. Carly Fiorina is tied with Marco Rubio for third place with 11%. Jeb Bush at 7%. John Kasich it's six Ted Cruz at five the rest are under 3%. And on the outside of the democratic candidates Hillary Clinton still leads she leads. But by only seven points over Bernie Sanders when you factor being Joseph Biden. Hillary's at 42 Sanders is a 35 and Biden is at seventeen the rest for under 1% take Biden out of it. And Hillary's lead over Sanders used a fifteen points. I'm meeting that if Biden is in the race you'll take a lot from Hillary Clinton but her lead back in June which sixty points. And now it's down to seven if you factory and Angel flight so we'll get into all those numbers I'm Donald Trump that continues to. I attract the attention of so many people on the campaign trail here's part of what he had to say very recently. The interesting thing is everybody gets attacked me. Bobby Jindal now. Perry's. Every single person that's senator Lindsey Graham and I mean. In South Carolina I'm a 34 he's at three and he's a sitting senator from South Carolina. But all of these guys are out even walker and I think he's had nice person but he attacked me I attacked him. He left the race. So so far attacking me has not been a good idea I'm not saying they should two count huh. So it's been I mean sure slid five people every single person that's attacked me. Did you think god or I mean they've either collapsed. Now let's talk more about that coming up in the next hour also later in the show we'll talk about this disarm. A sign on a military base in Hawaii reads. God bless the military. Well you can imagine the controversy that this has cost on my got a sign saying god bless the military our military basis on a marine base in Hawaii. And the military religious Freedom Foundation what's this line been posted for fourteen years to be moved to chapel grounds or removed from the base. And they say they are acting on the request of 23 Marines who complained 2121. Of the 2.3. Or Protestant. The foundation says the sign stands out like a torrential law on a wedding cake. Also did you hear the controversy about the rainbow colored to read O chips and maker of bring bowed to Rios. Introduce this at chip last week in partnership with the LG BT nonprofit group. A presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says Frito-Lay needs to end its relationship with the group it gets better. Shouldn't the market decide whether or not it's. Rainbow colored the regal chips are on the market will get into that a little bit later in the show. A big first up another armed robbery late night in an uptown business this time it was the monkey business barred. I'm sorry the monkey he'll far. And it it seems to sift leaders sent a similar pattern with all of the recent uptown robberies and the mayor is calling on the federal government and apparently the federal government seized enough to get involved. It looks like this may be conspiracy. Which means that these little punks are going to be more trouble than they thought they might be and because this could be a federal crime. So about 11 o'clock Thursday night August the twenty. Three masked gunman burst into a pitch walk off town restruct brought the restaurant patrons. Last Thursday night September 24 about 945 gunmen barged into cafe at chapel life another uptown restaurant did the same thing. And last night about 10 o'clock. Three gunman identified by NO PD as masked black males stormed into a monkey the monkey hill bar. On magazine street. And they've robbed the distance. And the patrons. A NO PD chief Michael Harrison has addressed the issue of juvenile crime. And so there has been an increase in juvenile but. We Oprah slowing down with the everything that we now. And we'll talk we'll talk about that a lot today Ira I wrote a blog on our website to it's I don't think it's posted yet but it will be up and it's about core these criminals. You know this this threat of crime has become a way of life and in many neighborhoods in New Orleans. But it really attracts the attention as it does when it occurs in neighborhoods that are presumed to be safer. And that's not fair to the people who live in those other neighborhoods. Uptown nor has been hit with has been hit with three late night properties to restaurants and bars. In just over a month. And recently that whole area of New Orleans has been plagued with criminal activity. Even brazen daytime robberies I know people who live uptown who were nervous and they never been nervous before. I've often mention on the year. Living in a neighborhood where people live right now today. Who fear violent crime every day in and night. I am I'm just I'm still. Affected by that the mother here in New Orleans I forget what part of the city. But. The mother said whenever they hear gunshots. She tells her kids to get away from the windows. How do you live like. But as a war zone. It's not when you hear gunshots. Whenever you hear gunshots and get away from the windows. So this is going on in a lot of neighborhoods. And I guess until it starts to really impact those with influence and power. More will not be done. You world's councilwoman LaToya Cantrell said right now there's not a single place that is safe. And I agree with her. And NO PD yesterday arrested a sixteen year old suspected in at least five uptown armed robberies the most recent was midmorning this past Friday. Corner of myelin in camp. Police found a revolver on the kid. And recovered a lever action rifle in a folding chair bag from his residence. Which is believed to be a weapon used in several of the John Roberts who is the sixteen year. Who are these people. Shouldn't we know. Shouldn't we know more about. The suspects in and the young people and anybody who's convicted of across. This a public for right to know who these criminals are and is there a common denominator among them because I think this is a big step toward really solving the problem. If the problem years. That a disproportionate number of criminals. Our young. They should be in school but they're not. They should have jobs but they don't. They should have parents in their lives but they don't. If this is a common denominator we should notice. And while we assume there's. Maybe more could be done to paint a better picture of who these criminals far. And sometimes. Young criminals come from affluent families. Who haven't done their job of parenting. Here's a pretty general opinion poll this hour. Should the personal backgrounds of criminals. Be publicized and I don't mean just the rap sheet. How one go about where these kids are coming from. Our if you wanna join us for your comic this afternoon here's our number 2601870. Every coach final four to 601870. And our text is 877. I'm scoot your comments are next under the WL. A message is clear to anyone who thinks they're gonna get away. Would this type of behavior you cannot run. You cannot hide we will find you we will put you behind bars each and every time. And LTD chief Michael Harrison as saying that they're gonna find these young criminals and they are run on down we're talking about the robbery at them additional restaurants on magazine street uptown. In just over a month that third just. What appears to be area planted organized robbery. Of an uptown establishment in the later hours of the evening. And I asked the question who are these who are these people what's their background shouldn't we know that's a pretty general opinion polls. 68%. Said yes we should know the personal backgrounds of criminals and should be publicized. 32% cinco. Give your opinion like going to double to Google dot delegates you text here just a moment from Gretna Greg you're on the scoop show good afternoon. Well the picnic 00. Great we have a really bad connection so let's just trying to start over because I want people to hear what you have to say. But it now Dutch and now. A niche yet and that our apartment it. That you are related in that the incident here do you record truck Robert chill and tobacco law. All though they are not going in Euro. What I'm wearing your beer I don't think they're they're yelled police department. Although bail short. Handed they fail art in his speech. They are re pack they're. In that pro act. They're in bed where salt. And it would during the policemen get indignant or. The perpetrate. I understand how to guys are probably is they feels exactly the frame rate that they get in big advocate and big moment. And I understand that there. But this year. Hired that what else when people like Robert caught in the ground out to expand its global. Ultimately they didn't know that they're. There are all of gain for Atlanta while you are a while you and let them. You know. They all active they come out and make you reap. Don't think proactive in week spell it. Reply and bury they. Had to play at all. And while there. Are. Their accounts era that aired that. Appears a bit in. Penetration rate. Equal to or. Itself that. It up we're he. Well in my point either. Deployment. That they sure could not where it is that it's great you know. It's different track well and they're not even rate if they get. So yeah that. Perhaps it's in Russian. When you are realistic. Aren't playing and so are all sorts. Of people talk of whether the pan out there are very. Or whether it is their entire that I think that the people you know oh well. Ray stepped into the problem. Of getting. It's getting in that. Please. Spare me out there. And I'm not. It. Quit on what. People. In the attic and is that. If mark of any real pretty. In pink not injured apple. Greg got up in the isn't it. Or. All of but that pot. Dish. Yeah. I issue I appreciate the call and to LaToya Cantrell on the dual City Council says where's the outrage we need to have outrage over all of this is going. And don't be a Catholic chapel is in her district it was so rob toward last week and and again this is part of this. Brazen mentality of barging into a few places late in the status seem to be a pattern which is why the feds are now involved. Barging into late night places and places like united and dropping the place and robbing the patriots. Here's a Texas says who are these says sixteen year old kids who we are their parents that's the question and the issue. Here's a Texas as scoot icing a lot of out of town place in the area seller feel that a lot of out of town criminals are taking advantage of our police situation. Marty you're on the Scotia good afternoon. Eight skit or use this afternoon and good. The media are years ago and I'm sure you remember the name of the movie point break with Patrick Swayze yeah. These guys that drop in the restaurants they do on this opening it in point break or it's. I know exactly where they go on with their panic yet. And they're just going about. They don't work as stated yeah they'd pay you this 24/7. They're very skilled at the aircraft. Well we have to figure out a way to stop mourning ethic is it to stay up I'm going to call I think it's interesting you bring up that movie point break him because can't Reese played a detective who went undercover pretended to be. A surfer so he can infiltrate this group of surfers led by Patrick Swayze is character. And to find a way to work two to Boston it was really all about how we do you win some money over in the nude and then you Boston it doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter at this point with the problem is something needs to be done. And I agree with central wire is the outrage. And it seems as if there's more outrage now that it's happening in uptown New Orleans and that's not fair to those people who live with this every single day of their lives. If you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon. Here's our number 2601870. Enrico final four to 60187. In a text is 87887 you'll get back to more of your text or more of your calls and here's our party jag opinion poll. Should the background personal background checks of criminals beat publicized and I'm talking about where they in school are they working do they have a home to they have parents at home. I think the public needs to know what the real problem is because until you define a problem you're never gonna solve it. Are coming about today's Republican it was a a current song is called Marvin gay. And the song refers to. The phrase let's Marvin day. What does that mean. Will play daddy get back to your calls when we come back. Ice coach this is where politics and pop culture meet your opinions in the afternoon and here's our ten VW elders updates with Chris Miller. This is this new song called Marvin Gaye by Charlie a tooth. Scott Marvin Gaye let's. Let's Marvin Gaye and get it all and I mean I guess that's reference to Marvin Gaye it's classic at its general and catchy song. It'll suggestive I guess here's an update on a pretty jaguar opinion poll this afternoon should the personal backgrounds of criminals be publicized. 74% say yes and 26% saying no give assure opinion by going to our website WWL. Dot com in the the final hour the shooter date talk about a couple things that are going on to it leads to the question. On it would retaliation against political correctness be good or bad for America that's coming up on skew showing just a bit. Often the West Bank Margie welcome to our show a year and every WL. 12. Like consensus about the robbery. And I'm afraid that one of the patrons will also have gone and leave well and apparently the wild planet and not only DC Robert. Other hatred and being killed I'm really wary. What more you thought about this earlier today actually what effect but if the patron has a gun legally and somebody is. Is raise robbing the place in his back is turn to the patron. But if the guy's gonna still out could the patron shooting in the back and killed. Well I don't know if you can hear how you might be able to I don't know. It's a wooden actor that we had it not that happened in. Around our number years ago ready. Declined. On the older than bar Paloma begun as. Criminals were leaving and shooting and evidently he shot some of the patron and. And it came at it I actually wanted to drop torture they catcher here. It was. And then but I can't neck and started shooting so it was a lot less terrible. Margie are going to call I mean that is the common problem and and that's why everybody having guns is not the answer whether it's a dark movie theater or a restaurant. The right person with a gun at the right time is the answer but this idea that just everybody needs to be armed that's what's gonna get to these criminals. I don't see how you wouldn't have a lot of innocent bystanders who would be shot and killed I JD you're on Debbie WL. Our belief that an errant. And a PD eight reactive and not let it I mean you're out in respect that. A long time it and certain neighborhoods but at what happened they arch. It is to accept a certain degree and make it you know it is it is now peace and not go out to. I. That they began to try to open pit. The people the money in action on them as well (%expletive) okay. It you know at. Least an. Act that that is not anymore and me ticket change act ballot. There are many. Now back at history and audit control and everything else should not at work all over people. It is what in the heck are we paint all action if we can change. All that deal. Well it had gotten to the region and that it actually on the news that ain't ain't it more people off yet. He got street what do you mean. Street call it should you treat. People in our keynote. And I outage and I'm bad at because not only. Typically they they created this problem by Paris on May need it. I will try it out and people. JD I totally agree with you think it is it is a cop out at this point you just got to get tough and my god stop publicizing the fact that you don't have enough cops on the street. I mean that's like that's like announcing you know what they're due overseas before. We go in and attacks and I mean let's just go ahead and give the enemy the information that they need to go ahead and and do what they do. Here's attacks I am a college educated male senior at UN now. I would love to join in OPD but the pay rate is too low. Exactly. And I got another text and similar said the problem with the raising taxes is the money does he go to the right places of course it doesn't. And it's got to go to the police if there are enough police. To protect the city and to protect all of the details. That are hiring our police officers. Then there's got to be a formula. For the officers for the personnel. To do a better job protecting our city I don't know what that formula is because that's not my area of expertise but the body surveyor. The body should they are to work shift the bodies of their did you detail why can't all of this come together and why can't this city be better protected I don't it. If you wanna join us for your comment on numbers 260187. Enrico final four to 601 A semi tech State's 7878. I skirt your comments. And text coming up next. Here are having to do well. Our ride on our pop culture calendar for today is September the 29 it was on this day in 1976. Jerry Lee Lewis accidentally shot his bass player Norman butch Owens. While trying to shoot at a soda bottle with a 357 Magnum. Jerry Lee Lewis which. Charge we shooting a firearm within city limits also today says Jerry Lee Lewis his eightieth birthday. Now if he was still married to her causes now which he B. Fifteen don't know that's out she was when they got there really justice strange weird like Jerry Lee Lewis. I don't it's as a as a wild man and I'm not surprised if on this stadium there was an incident involving a gun and Jerry Lee Lewis. I'd let's get back to on your comments on YouTube or your text here in just a moment. Does the public have a right to know who the criminals or. And his are common denominator among the young criminals in and around New Orleans. Should we know. If there in school if they have a job she realty parents who are the parents we are their parents. I think we need to specifically defined this problem before we can even sold off from New Orleans know when your under the review well. Oh. Ballot in the league good points and and you know which you know we need to point out you know if you're not working. Not in school. Part of the problem in the war. Push your calling you're doing something you're not sitting at a corner ginger if you're not working and you're not in school you're doing some. Exactly exactly what it's not productive if not for a long had the potential to be all you'll play but. We have no structure. We have no we have no we don't hold. Any time you have individuals. Are fully Alter. Or. You know 446. Months to a year to two years. They were made and you know the problem. That department that don't want the situation now talk a mean. So why were you know I mean that some of the you know its own. You know we have individuals that you don't care. You know you all that stroke but at the same time. Heat all sort of pay to protect the citizens of what we here in the war is it okay. He's pretty much dictate. The parts and Obama do with the police she gonna do when they're in opposite and don't know it. Were there. All okay you know a lot of things they can't be reprimanded by. You know. Is that. You know. Apartment. Say that it's gonna take from programs like nor in a lot of other thing when all of these programs work market. What are artists and. Nolan since since there are some things that a mayor any mayor does not control this mayor and every mayor better be damn sure they take care of the things that they can control. And your right. You're absolutely right you were right but what what what would Robert portal and foreign. Waited you know it really have a lot of citizens at the port where as you know they're they're they're back Alley you know they're they're belly. You know cheapen their inaudible war you know you do that you bought in into trying to bail you out. Well is going low suns this so. This idea of paying police officers more should be an absolute top priority in the city and it has not didn't. Yeah you're right you're right I'm mean a lot of that a lot of that I have to do wit you know a lot of officers or forward don't want just enough. You know chew you know receive a paycheck also you know and that's not all of them that I'm doing. Lot of police officers making a lot of money because of their private DTO works of they do their job and then it's depriving detail to supplement their income which they deserve in my opinion. Sort of we've got to get to the point what we pay them enough so they can spend more time being police officers. And it makes them wanna do their job to obsolete right you have to write you know and I think that doubt that for the betterment. The community. In different neighborhoods and also opportunity yet the whole. You know it up at bank debt won't conduct when we come back you know import spread it can you know people were going to be like Nolan thought that. I appreciate the call and I agree with though LaToya Cantrell City Council bonuses at their needs to be more outrage about this I totally agree. Are to your health stay where there's yourself part of what their chief Michael Harrison had to say yesterday about the about the young people who get caught. The message is clear if they commit. I don't you shouldn't they're gonna be treated as adults. And I think that's a good idea yeah act like an adult to get treated like one. Here's a pretty general opinion poll I should the personal backgrounds. Information of criminals be publicized. And I mean stuff about Orleans school. They got a job. Or they just they're. 72% say yes and 28% say no to issue opinions are going to have a WO dot com. If your whole state with this if you wanna join us our number is 260187. Via text. States have creativity and we'll be back on WWL. I heard somebody say this morning on one of the news channels about the a robbery that took place in another uptown business last night that. That this is just another example of why we need to be cautious and vigilant. How cautious and vigilant and UBU go to a restaurant you go to a bar you there having a good time in them. Three have happened within just about a period of a month I think it's 4041 days. In in a town knew or was it they they seem very very organized to get a text here that says these robbers are educated that they the robbery self took place and less than five minutes in a very coordinated manner they probably case the establishment days before without raising suspicion. Mean if you if you're sitting there eating at me how cautious can UV. And are you less likely to go to when uptown restaurant. After nine or ten. I mean that this is really sad. They should not be able to instilled this fear in us from our hand showing your debit if you well. Pretty cool job. Pay the college they can now. They about the concealed weapons then. I stated that the book Aaron good to have a problem that happened. Sure everything that goes like is brand milk you know floor delivered. The last person that lead though. When he turned his back issue. Now through and I think it is illegal because the weapon in blockers so one. My albums and what about what about the gray area if he's leading and he put his gun away and would there be a question. Your life not really being threatened you know we have to be careful where you. Well okay well he threatened my life of the loan if you had is gone so that was used to threaten my life. Now as he took it out in my who say he's not gonna go away and figure out again. The threaten someone else. Well in an ideal situation on the right person with a guy and he's in a situation like this and pops the tops the criminals. You know what I would sit with them apple because the other would become. They would politics Tibet dole. And and you have one concentrated fairly it was great. That met our weapon it would be in that area. And there are a lot of you know obviously these criminals set first of all they're not afraid of the police and they're not afraid of the patrons. And they're there or they're they're picking places that they believe are completely and totally safe from anybody having a gun or doing anything to retaliate against them. It's a very good that they would even try to you know it is sin in more than. Opt out. Shana write to color show my official listing of your health stay with this we are role this conversation over into the next hour. We'll also be talking about politics and the new NBC Wall Street Journal poll showing that Donald Trump and Ben Carson nor any virtual tie now this is international poll. And Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio. Are tied for third place at 11%. Hillary is losing ground to Bernie Sanders all of that and more of your comments about another uptown robbery. Coming up next on the Scotia here on WL.