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10-5 The Scoot Show 210pm, Crime in the City & Gun Control

Oct 5, 2015|

What do you want to say about the Saints performance against the Cowboys? The Saints beat the Cowboys in overtime last night on Sunday Night Football! The Saints came back to take the lead late in the game. With the game tied – the Saints missed a 30 yard field goal sending the game into overtime. The 2nd play in overtime was an 80-yard touchdown pass to J.C. Spiller and the Saints won 26-20! But it wasn’t all pretty. The Saints defense made many mistakes. Drew Brees looked like he was playing with an injured shoulder and the offensive line was often chewed up by the Cowboys defensive line. But when it matter – the Drew Brees and Sean Payton found a way to win! What did you like about the Saints last night? What was the weakest part of the game? Poll: After the game, Drew Brees said, “We got better today.” Did the Saints get better or were they lucky? PLUS: Another weekend filled with armed robberies! There were over a dozen armed robberies...citizens robbed at gunpoint across the Crescent City. What’s the answer? Gun control? MORE guns? MORE police...national guard...or some partnership with other law enforcement agencies? Are these suspect ALL dealing with mental health issues? What do you want to hear the Mayor and the Police Chief say? What do you want to see in your neighborhoods or in the areas where you work? Politics becomes part of every debate we have in America. Tragedies are used to advance political agendas. Since the mass shooting at a community college in Oregon – the debates over gun control and gun rights have ignited once again. The father of the shooter in Oregon said that guns are killers and more has to be done to control guns. Today – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton revealed a new initiative on guns. Clinton wants to close the loophole in gun show and Internet sales of guns. Current law: licensed dealers are required to conduct background checks and certify that potential buyers are not prohibited from owning guns. But unlicensed vendors – including some at gun shows – do not have to follow those rules – Poll: Should the sale of any gun to anyone be subject to background checks?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kinect joy show is so Monday afternoon yeah I I'm sure a lot of people did not children were tuna I saw of people partying it in the middle of the day yes in French Quarter. And on their way to the game you know late kick off does it mean that you start the whole process departing later it simply means that you just have to endure a lot longer. And while. There were some people who may not have shown up or may not have. May not have shown up very sharp today but denies any it was a great great win let's take you back to that moment in overtime when this happens. Second and actually from twenty years breeze wafting it downfield CJ Spiller. CJ go. Good morning. I stand CJ Spiller. Eighty yards 400 bucks now in the breeze going. And the offensive line did its job good news Sean Payton did his job calling the right play it was just it it was perfect and it was in overtime and it could not have it any better. Also today were sort talk about the saints also today were talking about. I'm gun control. But there's always like a new spin to it. On Hillary's talking about keeping guns out of the hands of a certain people and she was talking at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire earlier today. And she continues to to try to make her case to be president of the United States and following a shooting at the community college in the rose for Oregon last week. There are people who are now talking about gun control once again but here's part of what Hillary had to say this morning. Well that sounds great. The question is how are you gonna actually do that. There were over a dozen armed robberies in New Orleans over the weekend. Citizens robbed at gunpoint again. Police problem her problem politician problem. Gun control problem. I have to admit that I like this idea of and it's been Hillary's out the first want to bring this up. But she's bringing it up today. This idea that that if I go and his soul there's a background check. Whether it's an individual selling to an individual I don't really see the flaw in that. And I know that some people think that that's somehow on a violation of the Second Amendment but I really don't see it if you support background checks for. Retail gonna outlets then why would you. Expected almost demand background checks in every case. Mean we do need to keep guns out of the hands of wrong people but that does it mean that wrong people or not gonna get a hold of guns and criminals don't give a damn about the law. So they're gonna get a hold of the guy and so. This this idea that we will we just need to keep guns out of the hands of of certain people mean that sounds really nice. But that's not really the solution earlier today we have a caller David Anthony and he said that of the armed thugs are starting. And he saw these armed robberies or are the result of Caucasian America. And causing armed thugs to be. And hungry and so they're they're stealing just because they need to eat. The gentleman called there shortly after that identified himself as an African American like myself he totally disagrees with Anthony Anthony so what he won a state of the guy who says your wrong. Well. Malvo on the way eco while everybody available opinion into media want and I have a Mac. Right and model bringing it to you if you want to think about that god will not do it at home who. I mean at an American lower and quieter and I sat upright and out due to technical piece by their menu here. Our opponent by people court gave you run in them they could be right. Impact and commitment that come. It can't get it because there. Let be than where BP would be and work. Important be. In I'm Mittal. What about me Anthony I didn't have a Mercedes Sony front what about me. Double what about me I didn't have a they're there are white kids that don't there are white kids that don't have Mercedes at the age of 25 some like this and that Mercedes. And fire people thought that people when the minimum TV and it's great. Yeah. Anthony you're you're you're very good it to you very diligently as well here's here's the poignant to me. Pataki I didn't I'm. Okay. Anthony I appreciate the call I'd I don't believe that because this is where Anthony is just said is that there are no successful blacks in America. There are no successful blacks in the world. There are no six there were no successful blacks template there are no blacks employed in the city. That's what this caller setting and anybody who gives who agrees with this caller is agreeing with this idea that there are no blacks employed. I knew about the past. But this idea that we all need to be equalled this is one of the problems with America. We're not only equal. Whites aren't equal to other whites. Blacks or nickel to other blacks. Blacks and whites and Asians in and Latinos were were not all equal. The whole setting for this country is life liberty. And the pursuit of happiness. At least guarantee happiness. You have a right. You should have every right. To be equal. And in my opinion even when it comes to same sex marriage in equality is something that should be guaranteed. But that doesn't mean anything's give anti. I can't. All I can do is try and recognize the past which I do and I are talking about not just slavery. But in our recent past today's today's establishment the baby boomer generation they witnessed first hand. What it was like to be suppressed. As a white person I witnessed blacks being suppressed. Their blacks listening who work literally suppressed. But some things have changed. And along with that attitudes. Have to change your you can wallow or whoever you wore white black doesn't matter who you what you can wallow in your past. You have that choice. But if you do. I'm not exactly sure how you're going to ever move forward. Everybody will tell you how important at a two years. In approaching everything in life. That the least of which is a job. Don't be held prisoner by by your own. Your own perception. Of of life. And there's absolutely no excuse. For anything. Anything. It goes toward supporting. Bugs going around our city right now with gardens. Robbing people. From gin chilly Arnold you're under the WL. Hello Arnold. But I will put to Arnold and hold a CP is a still layered David your honest to show good afternoon. Are their Eddie any okay go ahead is to our our LB David Burke. Can be adding. It's you say you know times to that are in regular personal responsibility. And then the new white black purple green. Yeah I got a pair by people that I work with them much in our garden. Has not been due you know why aren't they come to work and they don't rely on no audio. To pay their bills quarter. They rely on and so there self sufficient. Yeah you know the whole idea. This person colder in the back in the spring nobody won so. You know there's plenty of people that are there and situation. And meted out in and meet some government. And that's no longer going to be used. So I think. That caller just called in just talked. That the problem would America today pageant camp that people would better that somebody voted and other people back anyone else. Randy out I iron I agree with your I appreciate the call it looked this doesn't mean that we don't fight for equality every day. And I don't know what it's like to be somebody else and I'll tell you what you don't know what it's like to be me. And if you assume that everything's handed to everybody. That's a big mistake. Because a lot of people had to work hard for what they have regardless of their skin color. I got a text here this says it's not that easy you have good intentions. About what you think you know and reality. Two different things no white person can or is qualified to speak on the black experience in this country. How can you talk about Mars when you've never been here. I understand this. Point. You don't have to experience. Everything. To have. An opinion about what might. Help things a lot. And I don't see this as a as a racial problem. It's a human problem. In fact if we've got an African American calling it saying that the armed thugs. Are being held down by caught patience and so that's what they're going out and they're taking what they feel like they deserved they're taking it with guards they're taken up with guns. If a if an African American says that and another African American calls up and says that that is not the case and that guy is wrong what does this tell you. It tells you that it's not black or white problem it's a problem with humans. And forgive me for looking at this as a human problem and not a black or white problem. I don't see black I don't see white IC personal responsibility IC parenting IC striving to be the best you can beat IC backed. As the issue that is a human problem. Not a racial problem. If you're both stay with us if you and join us with your comment here's our number 260 when it's haven't. Terry coat final four to 601870. Text 770. I've scoot hang on more of your calls and Mort your text coming up next. Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire this morning said that everybody should have a background check even if an individual selling a gun to another individual. Here's a pretty general opinion poll this hour should the sale of any gun to anyone be subject to background checks. Give a sure thing in my going to our website WW dot com you're also talking about the big saints' victory yesterday but. It had another weekend of numerous armed robberies over a dozen armed robberies we have the story we're excited to have him to come. Citizens robbed at gunpoint. So that this is this is a growing problem. And it really. Don't know what the immediate solution is there have been some people who have suggested that maybe we set up traps. Set up traps to to lure these these these punks in. It's really not that many. Missed out everybody and everybody's doing us. And I'm I'm sure that there are many who were repeat offenders. Now you know you gotta be careful about setting up a trip leave that to two law enforcement but maybe law enforcement should do a proactive job with trying to. I'm trying to find these people plight by setting up a situation that they would respond to and in. Naylor. From Nicole Lee on your own Debbie WL. A little. How are you. Well enough. Yeah. Or boy. Had a JH paying. One of operational and here it is today. One has yet energy. And coach Gary and one eight Jeanne we right now. I learn you know do. And I'd definitely say any check pretty. These people have and and straight hours. Raid down there and I sure issues. Years. No. I've worked well for sure wow what an outward whichever now Merrill. And I am sure he Lyoto. Hunch they'll they'll. Lay idea set a good example and ends and so to your kids that I I just I don't think it's necessary for us to open up the lines for everybody talk about their success stories. But if you wanna share yours she can't the point is there are great success stories out there that defy this idea. That it can't be done. It's not easy and everybody's not gonna get to the same level this whole idea that you know in America we we. We share the wealth to the point were everybody has the same thing that's not realistic. And anybody who started bets that myth or this unrealistic goal. These to be blamed. For people thinking this. But this is something that he's evolved over over many generations from Mississippi tenure on the scope show good afternoon. Spewed. I don't really daring and Katrina. Side of Manhattan. Want to restore sixteen pairs each. Round is. I suspect this young Doug. What. Cooking rubber. Because he was obviously. Only recruit. Just where our air and I and I totally get it Ted you know you're right it you know and and I love this idea of of looting in the the excuse well you know I mean the opportunities they are so why should they take it. You know the opportunities that you still shouldn't take it and I've I've told the story in the air I remember during Hurricane Betsy is as a young kid that we stated tamale on hotel because we live not far from the late in battery. And my dad has succumbed downtown estate downtown and I'm I'm I'm looking out at Dave the hotel room window down on. On royal street and there was an electronic shop and these these men were worst taking things out with the electronic shop and I simple there what do they do. And he said their looting and assume what is lewd and and it does so that's the first time that it occurred to me that that people will. Take advantage of situations even though something is wrong if they had the opportunity to do that they'll do it and justified. Well there's two guys taught at Alabama's state and I used this example. That I just do up there. And more acute at the strait straits as well strategist Tony take these shoes and solemn for fruit. And then took it broke up black. Because people know it's raw. And real. Kickbacks in Iowa. Ted I've I appreciate the call what if something's wrong it's it it it's wrong and in and if you deleted I mean my god at least admit it's wrong. Mike your under the WO good afternoon Mike. A group. You. Crime crime. I'm on a good thing I would. Point I'm a concealed carrier. Oh and the Stewart that they're the background check. When you carry a weapon and should do nuclear weapons problem is like you say. By law though you're in good people look of the people ought there in the process they can be put on the web. Retrofitting weapon it would mark trip there a marcher who would not let that weapon fire on let it held by the gone oh. Is he entering apprentice is he had argued that the NRA supposed to that. I think they are because mark. It all is not about body that lives is about mark. In bacon rector of the heat guard now with them that would appeal regard. You register the ammo you make it a point today they could pick a date with apple and animal manufactured from today on your doctor. I am them record video camera. That's him in the it's not doing you as the economy is not immediately. Stop the talent out I was but it would help us find the killers. Picked that solution and it would help and got more. If someone. Hacking at it we can't market has not done output by the police officer pulled the weapon out results issue he would. Because it will buy. In the well not in the field I'm gonna mop caught up my how could he have you. Mike I appreciate the call if your hole stay with us if you wanna join us with your comment. On numbers 2601. A seventy. Very code 504. 2601878. And a text. Is it 77. It's Monday afternoon on scoot and we'll be right back with more of your comments here's our WWL news update with Jim and so. All right saints beat the cowboys in overtime last night to where the U where they are watching on television it was really great to see that also LSU beat eastern Michigan and is moved up to number seven. Here's an update on this hour's party table opinion poll should the sale of any guns to anyone be subject to background checks 93% say yes. Only 7% say no. It is your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com Hillary Clinton brought this up on the campaign trail this morning at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire. But don't you know I don't think she really deserves credit for bringing this up this is been something has come up a lot in the past. And again I just I think it's a shame that we wait for tragedies to to show eat piqued interest in doing something that may be just needs to be done. From of these springs and your WWL good afternoon. Good acting contrary view and I. Definitely a great idea we meet in the credit and which controlled via ping different for you that that it. Secondly I think. My concern is we only had like one in the dark. Education is the key. It's important that we take responsibility. On the school in out. Com. Do. And if you want to. Educate. You. I already launched in the extent. Fiscal. He has a working. And you heard the. Event okay that's I think it's a good point citizens need to demanded more be done about education but education is not a hot topic when it comes to getting elected. To governor or or mayor or lower or president of the United States and its beak is not a hot topic because we need the citizens don't demand that it's on top. And that and that and that actually I don't think we want to hear. This can't church they'll put country. Because well you educate a person and give them good food that they eat. Can you reward behavior because. There is a perfect world. I believe problem will be an. Educational BT. Well I I agree about and I think the beginning of that conversation is look at the school may not be perfect but. Your kidneys to go to school and you was apparent need to make sure that your kid goes to school. And kids can't be dropping out at 151617. Years old they've got at least finish my school and then. Apply themselves from that point. And you. An evening. The people with a well I'll make it. You can get in here. In the story and great piece. Don't have that. If the public. Issues our ability. So make sure that these things that need to happen I had. An apple. Didn't. Care. Taking a single little and I'm stressed education. And move out of the air so that it. It education. And actress the art school. So if you. Got time on one and I think. That you didn't act now. Forty and act door with a little. There aren't you would you I don't disagree with its would would you agree with me that politicians and leaders in general are reluctant to address the behavior that creates these these issues. Because I. Mean you know. At. Because they don't they don't because politicians and leaders to win a point their fingers that the individuals who will be voting for them. And and the different actions and I am all for charter school there. Don't like the acting Lilly. Charter school in are already fairly. Educational system we are out intricate part. And these are these are all. Parts of a of a big problem I'm I'm proud of you for what you did to your right but I I think they the very beginning and I talk about this off at the very beginning of the problem with kids. Who don't know how to raise kids is that kids are having kids and kids should not be. Taught that it is acceptable to just submit to sex whenever you want. Once again we talking about we're about our perfect world. Right you know perfectly well and there is a perfect world. Situation. India and look at it. That's true for him but you know the but one of the problems is is that the year the year or fork to many who. Have one and then continue the same behavior it brings other of the into the whirlwind and really prepared to take care of war. Their behavior doesn't deter behavior doesn't change and if if nothing else let's talk about let's talk about safe sex. The trick being that she and you. DNC. History. Repeat of the I mean that we are actors but it's important shouldn't each weekend. School that are being tried it sure you don't see. You don't own community that we go to school year. Corey should. Well that's that that's part of it and you know the other part of people need to go to school with the attitude that they're going to respect authorities and I really enjoyed our call and you know I'm proud of view and I hope your power of your daughter in your life and appreciate you listen to our show it. Take time to call. Manned whether ways phenomenal for Greta fast at least a temperaturewise in Kid Rock was there. I wonder what he means by that smoke and funny things. On this young generation of I'm screwed if you Arnold hang on we'll be right back on WL. On our pop culture calendar for today October the fifth. It was on this day in 1962. The Beatles single love me do. Was released in Britain. So you hit the US. I guess about a year and a half later 1964. So this is what they were listening to and England a year and a half before we heard in this country. Welcome back to discourage showed you know I am sure you have the same question I do when you're watching the news this morning. Hour or listening to the news. The burning question is why do they cargo ship sailed directly into a hurricane. And as you know cargo ship as missing and I think they found at least one body and there's sun. Some items that apparently apparently came from this is the ship that went into her tonight. I just I don't understand that. Here's an update on our party general opinion poll very very lopsided should the sale of any gun to anyone's. Be subject to background checks 90% say yes and we took percent. Saying no a coming up next hour we'll talk about a new poll out in the governor's race will continue to talk about the saints' big victory at comments from Sean Payton and Drew Brees. And also I'll share with you some of the comments made by the father of the shooter at the Oregon community college who said. That big guns guns are killers. And he doesn't understand why anybody could have so many guns again we'll get to own a coming up in the next hour and from New Orleans Reggie your on this. And I didn't read about it it. Into court UNG. Telling you you didn't sit well. They had. Me. At. All. A argue that there. Major with a look at duke. At. And it. Guns. On a majority of the people you have domestic Ratko you have to. Like it. And it got a great. Well it will be. And sent them but not gaining. It. It's area right Reggie because he said these these punks on the street they're they're not going up to people they think or haven't haven't gone on there. Exactly yeah so like and the police department not be too happy with it because they would think it's gonna increase Lotto ticket that would do the exact. If you have to me and a club and might not have gotten out yet and say in the debate. About now. Well Anderson isn't that one of the tragedies and ago on an excellent people hours so. In their minds they're so meaningless they don't even count actually begun they have numbers to let you know they are they're meaningless unless they have ago. Got seven year military in my. My I'm they let the special and I am not correctly but like man. You have one and I won with. Out a disagreement then you buy it because it that appealed. Reggie is a good point appreciate it tentacles which are glad I'm guessing it'll thanks what you did for our country. Oh man. On and from moment John your under the WL. Thank him. Or not. At all an. Old light. Sure. That your. There. She. Is. Sure. Treaty. That I. Why are some people opposed to that John. You know. Oh culture they're all there. There it is quite hit the ball. All of their checks the important thing. I know. I. Check all legislation in the world. Equity. All of course how we thought well what an organ. And be able. I'd agree approached him and urged. What are these people are being politicians. Talking I'll players out now. And not to. Mention war EG the mortgage trouble. In September 2 Eagles all. The our mystery that activity. It. John Lebanon and I'm gonna have to get to break I'm gonna answer that it as soon as I hang out but I I really appreciate the call date on the unfortunate reason is because. The media. The media goes for the most sensational story and the story about somebody walking into a predominately white community college and opening fire. Is something that instills fear in more people then gun violence in particular neighborhoods here Chicago or across America. Sad but reality. We'll be right back WL. It. I coming up in the next hour we will talk about this new poll out on the governor's race and did you might be surprised at the new results we'll talk about that also will continue the conversation about the of the saints' big victory last night comments from Sean Payton. And also from Drew Brees and then also some comments from Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail and dished the the dead this the dish the dead shooter. In the and three college shooting in Oregon he says that it's the fault of of guns are Carlos your under the W elegant tie for real fast comment. I don't want to do things real quick bow. I think you know a lot of people certainly that it needed every you know duke recent crime going on. You you know he technical and the background checks and not an equity and book content is our children. And not Bode Miller and Mike and report the people don't know what I'm back I'm practically sold. You know I'm certainly doing that they will be pampered equity would be you know there are predictable. Carla several neglect to call them up against a news break here but as I Janet and that as true a read background checks are not gonna solve the problem it might keep guns out of the hands of some people who should have them and that's good. But it won't solve the problem. Criminals don't care about laws. This is Cisco show and we'll be right back on WW well.