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10-7 6:40pm Bobby & Deke with Drew Brees - QB To QB

Oct 7, 2015|

Bobby goes QB To QB with Drew Brees.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

QB to QB has brought you by. Go all too low cost auto insurance welcome in now things quarterback Drew Brees drew take you so much for joining us and as we talk last week the importance of get that swagger back winning at home and Mandela a dramatic fashion drew I don't know descriptive like that but what a way to win a game against them. They'll look you know a lot of back import throughout the course of the game. And then you know to have a chance to win in regulation and go out there. Medical timeout to contribute but to trot out there and go on and at all are your elect out there and rally for overtime which you know what I mean. Truly that balls bounced so let Oprah book club so the week's. Got a competitor who went gains district 200 got a different way so. You know we get the court costs and open there was about it by our program or a double B yeah. Now drew when you look at the game obviously. You got the bumps and bruises and you and again hit a new Waco money and you sort all that but when you of what you're able to avoid any setbacks as far as. You shoulder and really not taking direct hits that where he had right now logon to the Eagles gained some. Yeah the guys up front did a great job. You know I didn't I came out of it on eight so feel good so better. This week and ended at the start last week so progress Carter is good. Now drew. Look at this and now playing the position and and how our respect when I see great achievement. And those a couple of categories. When you heard it first quarter towards a completion to Josh hill. Ellis and became only the third player in NFL history to reach 5000 completions. Along with the likes of a Brett Favre and Peyton Manning in. And I kind of speaks for itself but to me. This really caught my attention. That do you look at that wood and an eighty yard game winning touchdown overtime CJ Spiller. Before I did touchdown pass of your career. I'm not either via fifth quarterback to reach that milestone but a distant as this when I was impressed with it. That it only took you 205 career games becoming the fastest player to reach forward to passing touchdowns. And it's a pretty Manning 200 nines so to me. That's showing you efficiency. And and to do that quake now thoroughly impressed. While North Atlantic about it it just makes me extremely grateful. And humble. Thankful for the opportunities. There. You'll play for me of a couple good games in San Diego and played for what great teams here people are great system are great coach and you know record I can probably remember it won't work. If we sat down and I've been psychic blow to the good thing but awkward anymore but you know entrepreneur. Our CP crowd of just based upon the fact it was able to. Do that so many great guys on the many great things here percent. Now drew a look good at those completions as things like and then matter who's part of the roster a year in a row that and games all said and done. It's like always at least eight and not even as niches as much as 1011 different receivers look in nine different players. Having a reception in a Cowboys game in. To me one guy who's really stepped up. And I look at okay when you target him does become now the reception. And that being Willie Snead six targets six resent ingested be so far present his progress. Let it continue to get better and better each week and you know. You're you'll carry you look at everything on somebody's going to try to get up to promote steal you know inside outside. Ask him do a lot and the game has not been to before you know Indonesia he's he's embraced his ever done a great job so I'm now. All the QB group helicopter to Willie. And will continue to hear try to come broaden the scope of it is involved in the offense and you know all things or two ago. Now drove us speaking of tied it touches on target. Look at CJ Spiller will those hurt in training camp and it trying to get him back in and of flow. If you look seven judges about those around a 110 yards a couple of rushes in that. You know whether it's in the passing game during the football worries averaging fifteen yards it would stand to reason to me and I'm sure you'd coach being talked about this. That when the game results that'd out of somehow you could figure out. To where he has led this as a receiver or runner to have at least a dozen touches and gained. Yeah and again you know you. A bucket of comparison gets old cookies don't god bless you when you have a guy like that too. Can do a lot of things in the passing game and into the nickel and and that kind of thing you're cute. If you do just try to find coaches you know so how we get this guy. The ball in the best position to succeed you know ideally in space where if somebody's got a cup or something go wrong with them in the east. He can make a big impact that way so. You know now that you know he's got a few games under his belt but we have a good feel for. In about waist deep into you'd like to go and will continue to have brought that well. Now drove a foregone to the Eagles of fans of actually this and it's a lot I'm next drew if he can maybe help them out and and in some way. What I look at him branding cooks. And expectations that come. Obviously. Hi drafting number one draft pick Indian. You know he's gonna get his chances then you target him eight times and only had four receptions. Is same like at times that you wanna get on the ball when he's not getting any separation as there may be. A few clues are something that maybe give a little tidbit that can help them out to get more separation. Well you know couple times in the game. One of them just kind of bad luck in there. We motioned across on that third out in the corner it was late in the you know there was and so the direction that he won the breaks couldn't break because you know. Cora was there but the for a moment to try to catch up to the another option so that was. Of the popular and it seems like there's a couple this year where. All about luck color you want to hadn't quite happy yet but it. I mean let's break and we we don't know rating can do news special player and we that are about them so we're we're reaching finally bought it in saying the same procedure same boat. That's. It. Now I drew looking and Eagles defense obviously they've gotten off. Started not happy with being one and three so. You have to say that dead desperate in you know how tough it is to win on the road in the NFL but. About was introduced in just look at looking at them defensively. That one thing they've been able to do is a stop red zone defense and take away the football. What five interceptions in their nine takeaways. They've had. Their opponents eleven trips inside the reds on twenty yard line in name only. What six touchdowns on those eleven trips and looking at Dodgers is in Houston that you look at Philadelphia only given up five yards five point one yards allowed per play. That's the fifth fewest in the league. And then also rushing the football given a ball at 3.3 yards per rushing attempt which is third so. Even though you and then I getting the wins and seem like it's a tough challenge in that Eagles Stevens is very opportunistic. If they are they of them Dutch and always been very good to get. That respect for great defense right there mean Q. Historically talked about what makes a great defense and aggregates erotic eight ball and I say you know on the back in in the secondary which unique about them. They're cute safeties Malcolm. Jenkins obvious he was here and then their term in. Or both former corners you know so they can both cover so many cases you'll see them covered by the current slot receivers. Unit got interest and still like. You know mostly he's where human element in the coverage you know and Richard dutrow to coordinator. You got to put it in the outfielder. Committed decapitate you or something like that but. Everybody consider who cover they got good ball skills and so they've got got a lot of you know play making type ability on the back here. With Drew Brees QB to QB drew it like for a player when you're going obviously it's a business but. You know you've built relays it to players is not the first time outs and will be the last new face in some players that you've been associated with. On often decide a ball bear in a good defense to guide you mean mean Malcolm. And you guys had a lot of success are north all of battle on their but. Is after the game you guys kind of talk in seats on the not a cause I know it's at its all about winning they are different team now but still I had a lot of good use of those two guys here. Not that when those guys and it took such. You the truth about Michigan were outscored relieve both vocal. And you know they had great years here we agreed it would have won a lot of football games together. You know they've. Moved on unfortunately completely up to play this week it'll. Obviously. I hope we get a win Barca you know today. Those are two great there are still 60 vote should San Diego which yeah so. Spoke to their relationship. Not a good day insane that long ago but it seemed like in a hostile environment that. Philadelphia it has treated the State's well. You look at Lincoln Financial Field. And part of history the Saints wanna their first road playoff game for the first time back in January 4 2014. And there we are remember that it's special game. I wanna say we scored forty some points and Derrick charm again the events of touchdowns and I think their fans were leaving and Canada third quarter but does that help like. When you reflect on you career just a venue that you playing at that ball we've had past success here in that. And you just feel comment that it did and matter of an hostile of arming go here we can win. Yeah I mean I get older lecture conference but. Are two different you know different teams different times you know it doesn't. Do you lament affordable value at that time you know but that's remote parking. Important there two years ago. You know so it got to go out fresh faces with you know. New experience there but you try to you must feel for what it's like what that would be like to go cart great and drove it well coached they're mostly know. Carol that fan base so about you know execute it pretty raucous but it is critical play great venues I'm Eagles are. Have a legendary organization in the NFL also so this will be on special on the that's. QB to QB was brought you by the goal auto. So calls auto insurance through thank you so much of the time to look you in the black Eagles Sunday at Philadelphia I got lucky and drew are right this is WW.