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10-07-15 NFL Podcast with T-Bob and Seth

Oct 7, 2015|

On this week's edition of the WWL NFL Podcast the guys welcome in Double Coverage producer Tim Zimmer to create a three headed monster of NFL knowledge. The trio discuss the controversial ending to the Seattle vs Detroit game as well as what to think about the New Orleans Saints in light of their first win. So kick back, relax, grab a drink, and enjoy this week 4 edition of the WWL NFL Podcast with Seth Dunlap and T-Bob Hebert.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's the WW LN FL podcast with the team Bob Hebert and set the. And yes welcome and slated to BW model podcasts. Out Dunlap. Seat body of verio and announced that I guess this week. Ever had a bout went up. Tim is our our producer on double coverage which is so show that I know is that set. Fills in on quite a bit as well there on 87 debit reveal it to midnight every night and quits -- ten. It's also a huge cubs fan and we are about an hour and a half away from the cubs' wild card game here and Tim is bear in iris. Yet as I'll answer it podcast now it's how I heard him. I'm good and I think we're gonna win this one's from our favorite but we'll see a time you listen to this it will be over Campbell though what happens announced that LT well I don't. To think because when I know you think that Sheikh area today is awesome or whatever his name is but I see the cabs. Losing this game and all of this season for cubs fans will have been much ado about nothing just really classic cubs type stuff we we can go back and tell all here because I'm just aren't here and Michael talk. Tim got magazine said that we should talk playoffs. And we get her to what we didn't play lessons aren't and look this is we're talking baseball right now and we will talk it. On the show tonight because I came at me funny but they develop pockets times to his. We already more than a quarter of the way through season how about that and as we do that we for the the fearless and for the first time am I know it's every time if you listen more than one so bear with me but. We just like you know this is an apple but yes we do have more top down view bird's eye view the and I felt like talk while the other story lines decides saints we will talk a little saints who talks so much since during the week we looked on in saint. Like it's addressed the NFL that's why it's called the NFL podcast at saint podcasts so we talk a lot of NFL year and we hope you enjoy so wit that. It pains me to do this to you Bob let our storyline of the week it's got to would be while the you'll see it that. Yeah story line. Like I said really pains me my hides. Another Monday Night Football game. In refereed disaster helping us ducks well I guess they handle and certainly I think they're at a win expectation according gaga football outsiders provable focus went from. 29%. To 80% after the one point act like they're. Actually actually actually you those numbers are slightly from the wind percentage went from. I believe so if. Yeah if Detroit had gotten the ball on the one it was like I think it 18% attorney in the and it they just scored the touchdown it was 15%. But either way yet H huge like 75 point 0% jump from about fifteen to what was it eighty. After the word given the ball back with a touch back to the infamous water ball. I had its sun it's about outlook for the NFL and out. I would say this ends. I don't know he does not when my saw the play in person. Honest truth I thought as soon as cagey right batted a ball out of bounds arsenic and that's held the plan glad he didn't try to pick it up that's what I was thinking athletic and trying to pick it up and lose that I thought man that's helped play great coaching. And I went to bed that night. Thinking great place Seahawks woman I woke up went to work about 10 AM us the only stories I'm like well I had no idea about visual view yet. Actually opposed. Great play at first I had a knee couldn't hit it. The battery and you could hit Ford Budweiser honey okay yeah when he headed backwards like that's a good Clegg you know they and their probably in the game there. Well I mean I think even write to me recording not get to watch the broadcast because I was actually at the martians which is excellent by the way recommended viewing for anyone. Even if you're not there shouldn't base those really good movie but. Apparently they were seen any time of the game nodding enlightened to Ricoh and gruden in the play like nobody really knew her raise a stink about it. Until a little bit further research really shows. What an obscure rule it was they got called in to. Focus here. And I watched about the first thirty maybe 45 minutes of that Scott I'm hopeful sports car afterwards and Madonna film nobody knew there either to settle whale later wonderful. But what do when I was watching. Money the money that for Lopez and should they were discussing Nieves couldn't wait later I think Charlie is in maybe later even into the sky compel our but. There was a deal for young and Ray Lewis all out there. Going back yeah I was on Twitter right after. I'm actually here in the studio and it did concede outrage from just manhunt. Ends at Seattle got another one you know to help the refs help amounts but he did did the and it felt like Seattle and it's beyond yeah it's it's absolutely not the case yeah I don't know. How much money is all well and make for the unit now. I don't know. Policy are simply tell the earth three of the top ten selling Jersey soaked in and around. Well there you go see you gotta keep the it's like and the ticket money and happy to met you you know. We'll talk about the game here just a second to woods is sort finally is this play who's at fault here is this is this an NFL rules faults like in other words I'm talking about like this change the ruled the rules rule like scheduled. Should this play be arguable the officials dismiss that who's at fault here. We discusses a lot on the show last MX intercede here your dogs loved him because we are because you are you working we get to really talk about it but. I see this as just humid air brightness is on the rest Grasso to know the rules. He didn't know the rules I don't want some sort of overreacted. Being where you know we start to legislate further we get into more gray area more rules. I don't think that's nesting you're here I think if the raft. Wally yourself would say you know what you're asking you so much it's borderline impossible that's fine but it is I mean that's their job. Part of the job is to know every single rule no matter how obscure. Maybe before it's sandal thing I'll say is the official. Afterwards said he neural that he spot in real time that he couldn't tell if KJ Wright did an intensely and not know that legitimate argument called it a judgmental call. Which I think personally every list in any time there's obtained possession I think it should be reviewed I don't think every Placer reviewed because then there's like baseball and you're going to be playing for five hour games. But I think bush this is the problem though is that it was reviewed because there's a change as they reviewed it. To make sure that the ball was punched out before Crosby got to the turnover is any question. It's the batted the ball which in itself can't be reviewed. No matter what you that'd solve should be reviewed but it wanna go back to who's at fault. Asked bit on the Calvin Johnson Jimmy just hold onto the ball for a score one more second and you'd probably score and win the outlets that's a picture of me and also it is sad that. All of this kind of overshadows just an incredible play. I can't chancellor there through the Seahawks just absolutely disrespect to the outlets that the perfect segue into our we can review. Spears go week in review. And we'll talk about this game now not just that play though probably backed that play a little bit butts and you're right it oversaw out of com one of the best offensive players you'll see this entire season and nobody is a talk about it because what happened after they remind me of Earl Thomas was two or three years ago when he punched the ball out on the half inch line those couple years ago this April season. And that was this game though. The Seattle defense I mean holy smokes I mean they're back with chancellor now. Do better than map Alaska clears legitimate claim and another planet couple offences and Hammond as bad. Twice possessions yes twice possessions out here for your planet plentiful things two point possessions eighteen punts one turn over one field you think it was more of I guess Seattle playing at home with that defense against the really bad offense they think. It was because their defense is that good. I think they have a defense that is like that good like they are still probably did as deep into the NFL. And then when you add in a bad lions' offense and plane at home I think that all kind of forms the mixer that creates what we saw Monday night. But that's not the issue with Seattle like we all know how good their defense is whisked him to answer it's. That much is obvious the the the issue would Seattle remains. An offensive line that it cannot protect Russell's exact more than anybody else. I think the biggest issue is out right now is the fact they don't know how to use their their playmakers I don't think they have relies how to use Jimmy Graham just yet. I don't think that you not use the receiver that is a direct bearing football team and they haven't figured out I think their best plays come on for broken down for a please. Well that equipment that's because they're O line is struggling so badly right if you can't give your quarterback time that he's not going to be able to take advantage of these weapons. And it seemed like a lot of they're off into the night it was basically like you said. Russell Wilson's pressured let me ask scramble around make him play it would mean he's great dad. But when Wilson that his best it's when he has more protection and again operate but that's Citicorp is I've just Russell's. Tiger Ed what Wilson did and I game. The first recorders boy he really struggled a fourth quarter goes for the pressure he was Houdini man. That's first still it was a third and 1213. Fourteen. When he bought time spun out of the the physique on sauce sacks and then threw the ball downfield they did the same thing a couple of drives later. And Jimmy Graham I think the key is. Is not the best quarterback in the NFL obviously that that titles in the belong to Aaron Rodgers for a long time I think Tom Brady's where we're ahead of him like yeah. I mean are you friend Alex glad of that debt below say is. I honestly think there's not a quarterback for that team that would succeed more than he has I think he's the best quarterback in the league for that team I don't think Tom Brady. Just because that office block and would have as a success Brussels either the thing that scheme. Right there that they run in Seattle is perfect for Russell Wilson I think that I just like I said earlier. The broken downplays where they they make their money my only question is I love Wilson in the actual scheme right levels when they're able to to do. Their zone read quarterback option you know regain some choose whether polar and Alex. Hello all these scenes I don't love an offense that is predicated. On your quarterback making up for terrible offensive line play I don't care how did your quarterback is that is not going to be a long term successful often. Another thing about their offenses you know Nomar summit Monday night so that could have also bidding packed yet if that's where team who you know law but in. The block for lynch like abnormally right I mean we we've seen oh. Could gear NC a special guest Robertson. Yeah deal if podcast. Thanks man thinks what's up mr. Garrett. Just to show. Others double coverage strand eight and nine I don't know him and Stevie and I'm. About to examiner. But it did you know left now he's like. He's not throwing snooze in some let's do this. I are you ready after it hurt at all. So I. Now I heard a couple things that I'll share Tebow is. When we nugget done our power tool that is kind of like a man. Once we got the the G. Rated thing firms that us and die. Out. I'm I'm. Yeah I got bumped. Little fat FCC violated but you know real outlook here aren't I heard Tim is quite a potato crusher. What's up to crutch well prize. That's pretty much while. OK I add more anymore details anymore details in the all the details because they're not. Totally suitable or not he's in their I don't know that anyone you know. To to put this totally article discusses privately decide whether fill you in next week's podcast. Garrick dropped the Mike and walks off scenarios. See here that Tim Timmons LP as boys there I know exactly right I mean he feels bad as we left him out. And he's like trying to kind of hang Alec and that indicated Ingrid. Gee is he the carton of the done reveals that yes I hired well bush but by doing that careful. Giving someone the title carbon because. As may be like yeah as many negative quality is carbon as he's incredibly powerful so I don't know what wanna give Christian that that much luggage compartment almost always when he's like beat you looking through the window memories these other kid's point of law and he's just sad he's currently sells like this malls ours and we haven't quite reached can teach him to throw. They may duels are now them. Come back to the game is what's the other side. Detroit who has a team when we did our ranking Steve Jobs in the first process is born and raid and we both had a might believe in that either. Here's three cities were teams that likely were gonna fight for the playoffs. But not really make it championship front America Boyle won for the up and losing and it seemed similar ways only at the lions can lose obviously the last few weeks is it's it's crossing for them what's wrong with the alliance what what is wrong blessed are they haven't you know. I mean just look at the lines story lines even from last playoffs to now we've how it ended against. And they they just. It's it's it's so class majority franchise has just been kind of you know historically. Just down in the dumps it's never been a great franchise. And it seemed like they were turning it around deep into his amazing last year. They've managed to get in the playoffs he should have beat the cowboys are arguably they could've had a chance at the end to be sitting achieve a little bit. Lady although that was a terrible and to that he's gonna think lines and telling you know what is something to build on. Pretty come back stronger. Next year and this kind of feels like Dane. Got a breaking bad man's back right this is. They're moment where in your heart plugging in Seattle no chances to win. You are right there on the cusp of one and three now your own four AA it's any it's a very appropriate kind of narrative. Element that it would come on a on out another very controversial call from refereed the kind of back breaking loss. And they say your you know you are what your record says but their own four I don't think there's that old for football sinks I think they're better than the bears I think they're better than enough -- a couple of teams in the league right now. I think they're bad seems OK. I've seen and I think they're they're they're better than someone in preteens a BP to beat the Washington Redskins I think I. I think they can beat the bears it's actually make it out to them in the bears who is the Purdue did his duty. The Redskins. Two wins. There it's his you have to and now com. And they're too into and I believe the giants are also sentiment. That's Redskins are cute and division has amassed a shocking. Bob alliance by the way does not get past my get a lot easier they played cartels at home. The bears at home the vikings aren't they get three homes and their app achieves at the Packers the raiders. Or very young and and the only game that you picked him there is. Like gives me the bears. They should beat the bears down right there's that guy especially tick collars up going to be deterred yeah I mean either way even when Chico's bears have been great having but it. But more important taken in that I don't see them getting another win with the other teams a year out of love see the logic done and it looks like. You know the first quarter of the season he breakdown of four quarters after the first quarter the lines of pretty much been eliminated from at least mod player. They don't go to tendency to address the way these expenses sentences how it's not like. Not likely double this agreement sent here I don't think they're going to be close to fight for the number one pick I think it's. I think it's the the 49ers. The 49ers and everybody else right now my house just passed and bears 49ers and bears and everybody else and I was have a patronage of. That's a lot of people have been known around Internet if Colin cabinet were ticket number what number would you panic time could it be six because that's what he's been doing right now given to exit costs well played. Well list here as there was nobody wanted to get it out. I don't hold now and he did there a couple though including ones and envoy the honey badger my red birds too well. Injury news to get better play well as well. That's true in a row there the straighter let's go to that's. Rams cardinals scans all I've been. Basking in the glory since Sunday night I was Watson is in the superdome I got there about two and a half hours early assures that not mean it erodes watches everybody glued to TV. Saying how in the world Ramsey when the scanned the community beats them Pittsburg without Roethlisberger on last week. Got it done 24 to 22 this was. Now ought to be a little bit of credit here. Because you're not bull said last week to these division games are always trap games you'd think that Arizona is gonna roll over division opponent that has been playing better homes not gonna happen is into the close he said quote to about favorite scans going to be close and most people think. It was closer cardinals had a chance to win but at rams defense is just goods I think there's gonna Seattle's defense I think there's there's Denver's defense. Ends they want a scam forum the opposite just enough point four points and grabbed. I just did so confused about how music to me mercurial. This rams team has been no medical and hide and it is one of those things where I think one of the key elements obviously is the is the. These are typing is the wooden mallet and forwards over the rams owed the divisional currency they played much better. Against the teams that they are more familiar with but so who did lose two in week two. The rams unturned because that one and it was you know you're out with those threats wins. They're too yes I lost it right. Most of the Redskins and then they'll is on fire last week. Don't screw Steelers team went out Ben Roethlisberger like like what was it twelve to nine something disgusting I just. I I. I donors in the rams they should be kicking themselves in a way right now. Because they could easily be four no with winds over the cardinals and over the Seahawks. Sic you there when this past weekend was tiger early Ambien back I think that office you have a little more troops I'm not a big fan of nick bulls here but now they don't have many weapons except outside of girly girly though Campbell and get a better job working in tape Bob Austin finally is getting some consistent production. But girly isn't crazy stat like. In the second half last week yet more twenty yard runs and indeed running back has for the season killing 4520 yarder so. Glad I got a couple things he did choose if you put together another week he might might serve Cheadle playing time. And the rams the rams in this one like you said foals are not great but he played well 171 to three touchdowns no interceptions the rams offense is very Seahawks like they're obviously not on the zone read because their quarterback bet. Very similar they run the ball very well. Higher efficiency low risk asking passing game yeah looks like the Seahawks. And they played it to perfection Todd Gurley is as good as he wasn't a scam going forward to have an office the compliments that defense really well I think. You said yes said that the rams should be kicking themselves for losing that game Washington maybe they should it was on the road it's always tough to go to the East Coast from what I actually think. The cardinals and it's been done are gonna kick pencils more because losing division games at home in this division and an NC less. Just not good news is not good you can take the losses on the roads a couple of them but losing doesn't games at home going to be tough when it gets down to that final 45 weeks yep. Seahawks tips and my red birds here though if if let's say this Sunday the cardinals are played at Saint Louis Streep that you win. Game. At Saint Louis at Saint Louis. Boy that's tough I thought I think and cardinals and into the I agree I agree I think car and others still clearly the better team. I think that the rams over main. That the rams' biggest problem last few years has been hasn't been here in division opponents were actually the hard ones it's all the other teams they have to. Learn how to bring to say I mean just look at this man this. I've never seen such a bipolar. Schedule right here where you beat the Seahawks at home to start the season. Despite ego losing the lead late in Obama back coming back to make like I did not the they lose by fourteen. To the Redskins will get the Steelers at home and bin Rollins bird goes down early you lose twelve to see excellent up six points. And Daniel net at Arizona at Green Bay surely. The rams could end up being one and four note they win at airs and now they'll travel pack of men tried to. I guess get above 500 takes it on and I just I understand. Did the rams. Picks that and expose the cardinals cardinals didn't play horrible in this game but didn't maybe find the formula. That the rams SE and the cardinals struggled with last year's and that is great for up for the can rush the passer and pressured the stoic now and that's what. They did but that goes by that then what you just said that the it's one that the thing about the cardinals laws are they're not a good running football team and a they have he had better after that again David Doss has been the keys I think so Parker's John Chris Johnson's been there. Ali David Johnson a lot going forward but you know unreal it's it'll be returning to host Chris got a bad night's game that sixteen carries 83 yards sadness. I'd be I disagree and this review send us a little bit because I think this offense is good enough for their passing game is good enough. To negate a mediocre running game to the to have rounds off what's mediocre. Oh caliber centers and elegant yet they give a crap teapot free areas of the luckiest one coach of the year Amy's view one of the best offensive minds in the game. It flexes need just a little bit they seem so hard headed. And he never changes is off its game plan against these teams that are gonna get your act fast and outlook over. On the ABC and look at what Bill Belichick and I often says the top ready. And rated the bills was really impressed that he sued too quick to jump and go back to what you said about the game plan to beat the cardinals with a four man rush. That's the game plan that 99%. Of the NFL which is they can do if you have a front four that you get to the quarterback without blitzing. That it that makes any defensive coordinator in this league incredibly happy because that's how you beat great quarterbacks. Because you don't give them numbers advantages to take take advantage of in the secondary. And you're still able to get to them without having to bring. Those extra bodies are sure were to beat cardinals I guess my point is. That would be just anybody in this league which is why what the patriots did against the bills and so president. Because the bills had that ability and the pages negated it not by running the ball but I just going a million shall. Past short and quick passes they did this pitchers of the same exact thing the Seahawks in the Super Bowl a million short why doesn't Arizona ever do this I don't know what they never did this I know I know areas philosophy is roll the ball down field they've had the highest yards per attempt in the NFL the last three seasons under him. I don't understand and these games against the Seahawks against the rams against these teams they never deviate from manages it blows my mind a little bit Ellington was up for the games maybe that a little bit to do with that I mean he is your pastor and running back yeah yeah I still think. Since you look at a role Ellington has when he gets back and another city could have played last week. They get the additional week off I just wonder fee on seats. And Chris Johnson is actually had a bit of resurgence in his career. All right let's not move along in the NFC here Cutler a couple more and it seems that we can review All Saints game finally some to be happy about. A couple of people tweeted out she advice. People might know XWWL. Digital guy here. On tweet up it's allowed us secular is ever heard the dome the other allows clubs in a championship game. Against the vikings in mind that huge win for. Not playoff wise and I'd say season wise is not gonna save their season and not gonna make the playoffs in just a huge win for the for the. Hell for the candidates it doesn't mandate does yeah yes yes yes that I completely agreement it was it was needed end. I started to think about this a bit last week and I I think this is clearly if I was going to. Send a message out they're too saints fans about how you should approach this season. It's let go. Of the bird in. A light of the burden of expectation right don't expect list and expect success the success go. Of all of that and embrace. This kind of young scrappy underdog role and you can you can have fun with that right you can have fun even in losses. With debt could you see flashes in what were seen out of his defense right now is. Legitimately exciting like it's not crazy right in the rugby dominate this is still off into the cowboys that was missing. You know their two best weapons also still minus they're great running back from last season but. In the saints game five of the top six tacklers were rookies. This three sex you had. We're all different rookies after watching the film indeed deepens. Was legitimately. Like fun to watch he really was I think good time. I'll watch the defense for probably the first time in two year. Think another big key in the game was the fact that it's only was out for the count that they yeah yeah you could see the cowboys' defense being confused all around without him what they're not good anyway I mean that we talked about it said the cowboys defense is a good anyway and it was only there it's a lot better. I mean there's over there at the cowboys' injury by the got a Charlie goes down Rolando McClain still been out. Hi this week soda. Dom party as well oh that's right party hasn't played as said the cowboys deepens it could be a lot better as a whole cowboys team could be. But bottom line this is just a huge win for kind of these psyche. Of the saints and getting to see jeers bird out they're making plays. Getting to see eagle eye is it parties and by average in your boy Tim excellent call. Us to Bonnie and that he had to be in an all leaky cal hi you can not say enough. The got a whole key god he has what he was productive as hell in college. And although I know we had a torn ACL and all that other stuff that deals shied away from him. The saints seem to value productivity like actual numbers this draft and it's already paid off as key guy high is already putting together some press number. A big thing about this win is that the fact that there won in three announced that it don't own sport yeah I know I sound like. His job Dilfer Dilfer and win games in the NFL if you lose yeah but I say that this yeah this is back at a and put going back to that B and went three now you played a struggling Philadelphia team this week and if you get that win there's there's there's still there's still some hope I don't think there's a playoff team. I think that is a competitive football seemed to go around 88. Just build count yet right said he and he'll undergo a disability Philippine eagle a short week the following week against Atlanta. And then you have potential to go back Butler football. Am I mean I'm not say it's gonna happen put if you get this next went to a three looks a lot better than going one they'll lecture and went how bad Phillies like you suddenly do you feel much more confident about this game potentially are out we're gonna do a little behind us in jump to help T I was Mike that's freaked out of lights is successful doubt sizzle in my slogan a mind of an America. That works. It just makes it's actually very good job had a little. Mike erect eldest my dad. Because exactly what was I just couldn't keep it up but now you play. Kind of put this weird bend in it and it's you know it's firm as firm as ever saw their perfectly. The saints. I guess all be the 12. I'd I don't ever want to want to be the downer but I guess that will in this group here for the season you said Sam maybe they're an eighteen I still I said last week some of the stayed what I said the for the game lassie I said this the game and went. So I think they're gonna win this game on some national and regulation by the way the educators are 91 point 6%. In the history NFL from 3039 ours is on the very bottom and arranged thirty yards Amos that I've met Christina hokey and Jim so exasperated mile up I was up in the Booth. Some mystical as classy as a vision on the scam attic and when the scam against Dallas. I think this those three when team and when I still think it's not Eagles and what are the Eagles game and light they've. I think it's a game they could when I still think their dogs in the should be dollar support one favorite. Under underdog or whatever it all makes it seems to have been wrestling has played ads again they can possibly surprise Philly bit Dolan Aaron thank him essentially is gonna Oliver Phillip and blown out not ice. Don't asserts I just editing to mark Merritt Myron over this these are the things the. Whole world would see how did you did that scene and that's where I would maybe. Call the question and I'm not saying I think his team's gonna win six games eight games but it. This deep into line just went toe to toe with the supposedly best offensive line in the NFL and they want that he didn't like won the day. I don't think the saints defense was scared of randomly throwing the ball down field which is a big big case there. That's the real one reason why pick the saints because I think Britain means oh intent now yeah last as arts star and a any somber enemies on the that you're gonna pick opposites but that's their breath. I'm Sam Bradford he's he's a lot better quarterback I mean he is an overall I think we Amber's overall pick great yeah. Well I mean but today yeah but so was JaMarcus Russell he will then your reserve board but I guess my point being that. I have no light at as far as negative you can be about the saints and about Thomas targets and to get their butts kicked out of falcons but his negative you can be about the scenes. You can be just as negative if not more so with the Philadelphia Eagles. There are missy girl of the month terrible so yeah exactly old line is really bad man. Sir so. I I I select saints are going to be fine for the animal and like I honestly do what's really quickly really quickly scroll down the schedule for today. I just will quell any other commentary Allen did either. Wins or losses is the wrestler games at the Eagles. I'd say it's a loss but I. Think they can business chance they can win yet again and to a team OK but see that's a problem playing this game is. I can't because of what you're talking about because of this same theme how young is I expect incredibly inconsistent performances. I cannot say any team on the schedule is again this is a must win for both teams either way aria that's it uses and probably more so for the Eagles I think the saints coach zapped as job security because they're so close with their yeah I really did get a downfall Eagles if it was game Chip Kelly is going to be in some serious trouble with the Eagles he wasn't a bus that was in this game for the Eagles is not over because the leader right now and NFC east is too into God's viewpoint they're telling the NFC south last year are. Art burn out but on yes I know I don't like go to the crowd got as good on the entire listen I don't see many wins here this is a necessity got at Beatles. Amid the road cancerous and loaded on games at the Eagles at the colts after Redskins at the Texans at the box at the falcons the only one to maybe that'll be competitive and I think at the Eagles at the bucks or so thank LB dot com thanks and I think they can beat the bucks because buddy love is miss a intend now at a home as a as. And a coach yeah I get deathly the bugs in the division rival ominous drums up a good. Legacy and to probably a fully on the same team is at least I would think. On equal footing with them Bucs team. If something happened and locked the colts I would split within the favorite there what. Well I'm not that's my yeah I got you Matthew Hasselbeck one another's gestures that you are now I had to get a degree that the colts on into it aren't well let's talk about ethical Satan. And like if you go to rallies against a guaranteed win but I could see them maybe be in the Texans Texans amid. Mean yeah there's no guarantee was in the NFL but then the home games here remaining falcons on a short week in ouch giants no no not at all. Titans scored pretty darn good that it's up anyone they could win not going to be huge favor and Alan panned as a home. But my goodness the lions at home maybe Jackson home I mean you got not yet maybe that's that's what I look at the schedule I'm thinking three maybe four wins stick I don't. Exactly like just statistically speaking. It would only get things this drill still aren't the strongest like. You at least get one of those maybe it is bright and you just have to you wonder as I think. You'd think yeah I'm upset somebody all the things that I set out to have a shot at Florida division that's at least I get its owners or you're still saying though. Freeway I I'd be overrun last week at three and a half time. Maybe a four and a half over and under bustle since 34 runs and well yeah your inlet. I guess you know we've predicted things two wins in Michigan is too much prized. What did surprise me a little bit it was just how they performed against a cowboys offensive line that was the main match about one NC so I am writing. That I am confident he said free yourself of the burden. Of expecting to win and you can start to enjoy this team a lot more because you're seeing the ground work for the future be laid. If you include the nickel back as a starter five of these scenes twelve. Defensive starters are rookies which means inconsistent performances but it also means that you get excited as these young guys are only going to get better atop. Let's move on and talk about the saints opponent this week be Eagles is the as we just said the much. Maligned Philadelphia Eagles. Chip Kelly today this morning said might play calling is the problem yeah I'd say so I think the defense has been good enough to win museums and even sexy looks like a top ten unit. The office has been absolutely abysmal and people not any of us that there are people nationally sank Sam Bradford with the dark horse and VP candidate Sam Bradford looks like a dark horse may be worse starting quarterback in the league candidate a mile and. I think there are based on that office pre season play he anyway he had done. Accurate all over so they lose to Washington this week 23 it's like what do you take out of this game more do you take out of the Washington may be better than we thought. Pretty think Beatles to suspect. Washington doing something right. I'm getting a good run defense yet to get to get that we think you have to get even still anchored and that run deep and still anchored by here you Riley former LSU linebacker one of the guys do. When discussing Ellis you greats his name never comes up but he's just been a great NFL player I as far as the Redskins go. I don't think I've watched him close enough but. Demi their way into that that they've wins over the Eagles and over the rants. Both pretty impressive and really getting a lot of that stems from stopping the run in in their own ability to run the ball their offensive line. Impressed me a lot in that Saint Louis game. So the one thing I don't yet you talk about the run game for the Eagles. Eighteen attempts rushing attempts Tony it passes last week in us again that led most of the way. Chip Kelly you think about well his his fast paced offense he's used to thrown around a lot no we knots he was actually a very very very heavy run first guy at Oregon. And he loves on the football so I don't know what's going on here Mark Buehrle eight carries right Matthew I think. What happened last game is that adding enough snaps offensively in the present if you wait too long it and yet that's under sixty snaps that development that's. Kelly's offense does it leaves your defense out Jim Kelly's offense has been the big drawback the entire time is that it does not control the clock. It was just that in the past. When you're scoring enough sometimes you can make up for that when the office's fault a nice day why he's not ready boldly can't run block I have watched some Eagles games. And DeMarco Murray. He's getting hit for a better deal every play it's crazy Ryan Mathews is like the better Akron on Philly I mean you just aren't our game two weeks ago and I mean I even realizing you know hug your game against the new it's jets yeah it's just how well that's exactly what. Your when your watch and Eagles open and I notice maybe it's not all tests. But they don't seem to be like you said they don't seem to be snapping the balls early in the play clock as they used to release to be really really fast pace snapped the ball 2830 seconds on the play clock draining bank gets a line of scrimmage. There's the ball acted it was last week don't watch much this game. Ten seconds on the play clock that's a Chip Kelly offences that Sam Bradford is Bradford isn't I mean I don't know. I don't know indeed this is on Kelly man is it it's Kelly think about how. Well we've seen out of Kelly and what he's on the person Alexander if he wanted Sam Bradford to snap the ball earlier I guarantee a ball abuse after a. And now I actually was awe of them thought that Bradford did better in the soft at some point figure myself out on a roll as you do that too young receivers in Nelson ideal aren't Jordan Matthews there as their two primary playmaker zone. I mean there's still growing in that as well is it time for us to stop being. Stop thinking Bradford could be anything that what he's been for the fighters been in the league and that's the bottom your quarterback well. The only thing about it though is that. He did have a good year in Saint Louis when he finally got to play under the same no coordinator for back to back years before he's towards these yellows as recent time. He had sixteen touchdowns to four interceptions to like five or six games so he he was flashing so that takes about not number one pick worthy. But he at least looked like a worthy starting quarterback. This it hasn't been the case but once again I blame this Philadelphia offensive line. Yeah did he is giving lit up in these games the second half the cowboys game where they. Forwards in the second half of the is ever I think it was the cowboys game where they certainly have a bit about the success there. Brad Peru is still getting hit every play used as do our right. In time and I think that's a damn thing Mathis left them the go to policy Denver's it will encourage you Kelly ran him out to wasn't just like he left to Kelly kind of publicly. Talking about how you know we've got on the trading block for like two years nobody's one of them. Speaking of those Broncos really really good football game and we you called this he said to be close second. Kind of was along with you the vikings lose they had a chance to win Leila drive but a strip sack fumble. Against Bridgewater and they go down 23 to two point. Skipped played itself kind of how we thought. Mean doesn't capital lot happen in this in my bubble defense is would be great to be relatively low scoring and it laws in both. Teams struggle to pass the football Denver for now. Out. That defense. I think that defense is the best he personally I just not up to Justin Knox of Seattle it's a best pass rush in the league pressure on Millard to markets where. As a great highlight on Twitter today. Com in its just nothing too great pages starts he's better news to Marcus ware takes is twist manages to. Just threw it toward the great parts about football at it's not just the physical games in times finessed. Really does commit to play in the markets where just take this one and sidestepped. And they did twist because the cap tech crash down because they're gonna pass them does block in the know where you in the betterment as a free path. According to our going into the season that this defense was the team that that was gonna that was part of the team that was gonna win games for yeah exactly one. The game and intercepting at the ravens then you go back it's his name wonders at night you get fumble recovery for us not to assist in the deepest closes closes. I closes it out against the vikings and winning the office had an off into haven't been very good for four team them in their sport is indeed they were the worst. Office in the league do you deal analyzed last week analysts are the media Reagan. That would be basically the ranking of your office and defense compared to the schedule per play basis so it's kind of I was analytical adjustment lending their offers these others you know Peyton Manning now on why Gary Kubiak keeps rolling out paying eight men in the office to take. Kansas moderate. A many under bad you don't think about this in a sweat I don't wanna Rana the softens off yet this is the first time that Manning has played in the step offense and his career. To run first offense and the Russian unit found it against the team that actually been pretty stout against the run. Two yards per rush they had. 103 yards running a model of carries. 43 yards from TJ and it's an island carries 144 and 24 for six yards a pop out and done. The only the only thing that I called a questionnaire and I feel bad saying this because is you could probably if you go to break down any game you could point to things like this. But I just ram we saw this on running only did have an eighty yard touchdown run into this and it was a big big run and they're offensive. Has been sort of in the vault the season and anyway so if you take that eighty yard run out you're looking at ten carries for 23 yards and that's much more in line with I guess what the with or without that running game been struggling this season so he's certainly there were flashes. And overall it was much better eating getting CJ Anderson almost four yards to Kyrie. He's what they've been looking for I just. If they're gonna win in the end I think they still they had to have two veteran Roger let me run first team you have a better. Yeah I agree as I think as the season goes on as the weather today as it gets colder they're gonna run the ball more you see that most blessed couples he's with Peyton and now they're they're passing last throwing and running more harsh and I think you're gonna see more of a couple more football right run. Mean your meteorologist call that word mean immediate meteorological. Meteorological. Take there Tim yeah. It's not the one thing I take away from the same gas is the vikings are going to be and very competitive and and it's an early losses football game but it I think they showed to me. They'll be a fringe playoff team they developed over the Aussie right now I've got law of the locks that I have it airs on the and Green Bay and the teams that I think. Most likely gonna make the playoffs I think you have Seattle. And I think you have Atlanta and I think yep Carolinas that's that's five there you already in Seattle slew. Over you has been in the NFC east so those are my six however I think the vikings will be right there I think the vikings will be right there with Seattle. Whoever that division to sellers on and whoever finish it didn't like the Panthers claw for something we'll be right there. It's weird though I know is kind of a say we're not talk about this than we've sick is that we never seen this season. Where after four weeks we pretty much know how in a seasonal work out right I mean there're there're there're six playoff spots they're seventy apps but I think. Well let me put it this way but there's that I'm gonna put the NFC east winners one. Yeah team because no there's not going to be a second team out there but the other other three divisions you've got the Packers can make yup the cardinals are gonna make it yet the Seahawks the vikings. The Panthers and via the falcons I. I think that's it and there's nobody else into this. Record gets you Panetta he's not only because who they play the NFC south please an AFC south is here which is not a very good on division. And they also put in a SuSE which I mean last it was not a you know and yet I guess your. Character for reeks can't you see that almost any year. Not just talk and talk about the standings or records under stocking up the eyeball that's what I've seen eye and you know what I agree it's and so I would actually think that the Panthers and falcons are at I think it's gonna come down to whoever doesn't win the NFC west is gonna beat up on each other. Did the cardinals. The Seahawks maybe the rams and the got the vikings there I think you're gonna be whoever does well then asked US regret through the vikings trial last spot actually it's we're Oksana we talked up parity in the NFL. Not parity in the NFC this year really really topic I. So you don't think there's any way that me. He's State's top heavy but then we've got a division in the west where you guys you know 31 to do to add to their line Easter dude dude dude dude who won delight. It certainly is in his commodities in the giants win the east Modesto I said well that's all our cities in the whenever you obviously don't want Jezebel wildcard at the east and Hillary's I'm not saying the cowboys in an rustling is going to be caller's point I am not saying like my 34 games is because of the Romo and I think they'll be even without Bryant I think people in this division monitors through yeah okay well look I mean I guess guess this year point in that. You probably have seven teams for six spots feature realistic and Abbott somebody's gonna surprise you I think out of the east and push for a wild card. When that is the cowboys giants or Redskins a DD one disease works their way. In the mix a really quickly alas in on a review over in the AFC. A hot colts and jags in overtime called save their season yes I think well I would they say they're season is on the AFC south. But may have saved chuck put on his job. We really wish it was getting that is getting that point already with a gun do you think. It was after their first loss of the bills the season there's rumors and that in turn around. He could be out. Next year I mean all I think it's terrible ownership on Jimerson as part of that is jars they were talking yeah. He must have been doing a lot of those pills in order come over this is in my book running up against tackle at 20 era dropped. It's got to be regardless turn around what a Christian or you double B spent got to go awkward kits. Yet it is. That the one thing about this game was actually two shots if you are Google's in the game and so when dean of the clinch it. And they missed the first fuel called timeout. Guys taken any message again and oh in overtime I Devoe was just awesome out loud and I'm like as soon as the Ghana called timeout he dispersant like oh boy he's in an L Zak L and that's how that happened. Yeah normally because it is and at any time karma bites and died. So I got a release did I just don't think forgot his job should be in any sort of jeopardy. Save like me you know seeks intends season from the colts and you know what. All we do a lot of people to lead how how this rosters reconstruction rightfully so with offensive line but it's. At least at least they invested in a really one of the best backup quarterbacks in the league and and Matt Hasselbeck and Samuel Jackson pretty darn good this Jameson got forty brought me back a watch list is generally I'm pretty. Forty years old. Brought me back to his seat talked is a body knows little stalls it threatens the you have it when he walked out and I told my McKinsey reading your score and what happened in the period pick six and here's a crisis we'll have us in a senate. AFC runner up I guess from last not terribly AFC championship runner up the cult colors yeah last year no you said these diverted division the anatomy is. Ravens I don't know physical physical without at least eight. Remember now it was did the rate plus wheat for ravens loss in the divisional good out governor Richard yes. And deflated a definite championship at yak is colts had taken a step I think it gone a step further every year in the playoff does that does that make us six and thank you don't think it's not a pattern may be like it's six I don't see him going six Davis precedent to this win but. May be six in ten like it's terrible season but it was like is that when you've improved every year. Even take it step back it was not too drastic I don't know how you fire this guy in a race where you'd also go Andrew Luck help because he's been the most at quarterback of many quarterbacks that aren't since he's been in the lead actually in the those that know why now on the. It's an O line for our rights us or we can you let's move on. And talk about our best players this week the good old. June. Mine's easy I thought the guys who have the best game offensively or defensively this week was a feel on side. Two sacks and forced to let us begin. It's true. Describe the absolute terror he reads on that Seattle offense he was a one man wrecking ball he had won the forced fumble sacks in the fourth quarter. This is the man and a lot of people didn't know how good he would be a lot of raw talent putted you know is either gonna be a boomer boss Eddie is certainly booms. And he may be the best four for 43 defensive end in the NFL right now. See now how much of this is saying are you saying this just as he did this to you your Seahawks and he's a good man nineteen sacks in his first let Williams know wrote about that takes a great I mean that your average in his second game it's actually. Hall of fame type numbers. And that's that's must. Of the week Ezekiel onside. Them boy. The game that he probably shuttle did they should've won and you brought a Mac must not tell them I've excitedly as the Vontae Freeman another three touchdowns. Went back to back we viewers out in running back but the thing is they got cynical me coming back so it's gonna be interest in the seat. How to use both running backs in the system or debate continue to give them I'd bring you keep giving the ball on the hot hand right in the what are you imagine the guy he scored they try cynical back firstly. They tried Coleman first win. When he was healthy and then he ends and getting injured men screaming comes and three touchdowns three touchdowns I think guys that you ride the hot hand there airplane itself Washington's run defense. Here's a few different places you can go here Chris Ivory is certainly one element that in England game in and managed excellence draw but I. 29 carries 166. Yeah odds this kind of become an Australian. And it touch and a 57. Yards per carry average for. I agree there and what is interesting is there's a lot of talk this is a year a New Orleans. That have a state should have never go is that he's an investor index entirely do you buy Chris I've. As an investor index in the entirely. Now Hamid Karzai agrees you know on tolerance are and yeah I mean he's a he's a tractor pull guy right he's gonna get you that four yards a carry four and a half yards a carry but he's never and a team that's do you want your running bigger and he's third he's third in the NFL right now and overall rushing. I G I quit without remorse right I think I think I think is good back negative back and not land she's not Peterson he's not he was in those guys did cal tailback here well as those with anger here order I hit that again that is rolled in order to be in this but you can make you look let's let this season played out before you say things like he's not. Lynch in not Peterson because at least it physically speaking. He may end up ranked around those guys right now I third leading yards he's a five go off. Five boat yards per carry average actually yards per game which is probably the best way to judge. First only right that averaging over a hundred yards per game right now so ammonia Ryan dispatcher on the football you're gonna wanna run ball that's it's it's a good point actually to secure the tragic. Surprise colleague and friend Marshall got a classic album art yes yes yes fantasy owners probably to our Brandon Marshall fares you owners. Or in love with ride to catch right now because. Brady Marshall was not. As sexy pick this year I mean he fell. I don't know about you all he was available really late there was every draft that was a lot of it has to do because people thought geno Smith was number on the football I don't I don't think yeah. We always felt we do we do that by the time we drafted that we did note that it was. Fades he had just I I don't faith. Our son if I turn. RS are studs of the week let's move along into ours we don't know the show. Milbank stick wasn't coming from a. I would give a hey it's secrets to or may be a substance to that legacy that the saints rookies. On defense of the rookie defensive linemen did they're gonna get word mailbag yours too. Why is this now plane oaks and muted the computer from our care and concern is impossible and mailed it. We're in a proxy questions every single show. A few ways to do this he can just tweet at some asset to my happy at team Buffett's every ounce what are Marty keep checking your for a I got to see when the cut during gonna get in the thirty minute political games and we have a thirty minutes in this podcast I think 38 minutes. A Twitter us or you can sit and Imelda B Nabil apple podcasts gmail.com. Just to object that we really quickly elements put that all relate checked the question NS for amyloid Ruiz on Twitter at Lloyd Ruiz. Guys you think saints fans keep turning out the rest the season in the dome. Yeah I mean I won't live. And book. Maybe it won't be like fully packed house is obviously demand is look heard about all kind of people trying to sell tickets. And it has not worked thus far but. It's not it's never going to be in these every morning after India it'll really I'll be surprised to get down to three quarters. I think there throughout the first 101112. Weeks you'll see defends me in their but I think as we twelve comes. Saints fans it'll they'll realize that they're not going to be able make the playoffs and that's when you'll see the fans slowly but he has he I don't know what else mattered though I mean are. Her or her hands being. And really expecting the playoffs right now. Some do I mean if they win this week in its Philadelphia two and a record looks a lot better are still I still index is crazy I think a nice charge into the password. I'm an engine. I'm I'm what what's what's the star was reference there. Missile control panel. I'm and desist this jet I'd grow sipped a jet or is it for someone who loves Star Wars X week I just you love I love it so much. How the hell you're not seen the movies lower gonna see in my thigh that illusion we're gonna have to watch him before force Reagan's comes out also. Tonight at midnight. The new battlefront beta on PS four starts going on Tilly twelfth. So get on I cannot wait. Or retirement. Mailbag citizen email if you want some blogger tweet us your questions as he's live at the longer question comedy let's talk about definitely email us at WWL and it'll podcast. At Gmail accounts of any time you listen to this and we check them every show and up and then there's this we are let's move. Got a thirty minutes left we got a few games to preview here we secretive. Predicted Tuesday. Yeah. Tied for low weekly preview. We usually start off with the saints let's talk about it saints. At Eagles yes in clinching game had two teams. Met have. Fallen away below expectations. Yeah I don't know our daughter. I know who either man. Com. I think the saints gained a lot of confidence last week my biggest worry witnessing seemed like a kind of reference a couple times is. Any time you see that much youth on the field they used to me in my experience always equals inconsistency. You'll have some games in this LSU Lott says he recently where they played you know a ton of fresh in the last couple years. Where some games you look great because guys are talented. But they they they do lack that kind of better and ability to bring it each and ever will there eventually getting an exposed by a quarterback or those yet thought those have a bad day brandy they just for whatever he's in though they'll be confused by that week's game plan. They won't won't won't have adjusting quickly enough weight since coaches did a very good job against Dallas. Of having game played against weed in also on alternately making up for breezy shoulder injury. I just don't know much seen enough out of the saints to like him to win two weeks in a row so it's. Doesn't matter don't you do you think maybe because of the saints are so young defense for relatively Eminem is lot of investment. So we help them against this up tempo offense because lists on college so much. Not that actually takes you pretty fair point I mean you talk about. Guys like key cop played in the pac twelve where everybody is kind of running organ or organ light. Men who else be knew Bobby Davidson her cellphone and are a violent and so. Maybe not quite as much to via DN ACC. Sell out and Austin yeah Saudi. Potentially yes but what is is Eagles dolphins really even look like now. I mean it it does it doesn't look like argue like you said it doesn't look like those offenses bowl. I mean by that we're gonna see a radical shifts in the way that. The Chip Kelly play calls this week coming needs not been not been shy about it as we said this press conference settlements are play calling different I basically not those words but that's what we got out of it figures are a lot of the mark primary lot of Ryan Mathews is I think the one way you're gonna attack the saints defense is the middle and I think they if they're able to run the football at the saints the line. Can county and that's and that's our search get confused jokes that I would have agreed these seeds and really bad of snow and and really bad at stopping the run. And I don't think it is like a 11 core elation but they get rid of the team hicks they give they upped the rats. For those younger guys and against the best still line in the NFL the cowboys they won the running game battle to give up like two or three big plays. Which may be skewed his stats but it a lot of tackles for loss they're very disrupted. Us finance Diddy did a great job he copped a degree jobs like. Without the Eagles are alive is played I don't the egg sitting here and say after what I'd just witness that I think Carolina is going to be able to come out have a lot of success against him. Do we see Michael who mono will new week how citizen and huddle now Newton who mom when doing. Who mono and we hope Lola Mallon new oh. Now I knew we had to wait did he come out NC has passed an on camera. No its ally that's I read it in. Up. Artist says it is a video where Hitler had tears and a UTV usery had just had to Nazis and I'll it's your life at times so it's hot oh. Maulana newly. Got up with. All of aren't all like yeah he'll talk to find husbands that last time so it's actually what the Phillies they've pretty much dominated excess and them. Last on the late in the in the playoff team member with calm with two whispers here and a when in the playoffs and you're. But then but when it Kevin Kolb was the quarterback and Philly. And espoused sensible here yet the one year right right here right here here's this is Michael I think it's good for Placer final bits. I think it's oh now and I think it's who Mon knowledge new. Amusement islanders in the keep our bed sheets and should be fair Q I was on the headphones on announcing he's a that's correct are there. Well here look there there. A okay what we what did you say Sid who mom Allen and it's oh when now a new so I too was a bit wrong it's. Oh my now a new. Optical likely just don't know man that's way to objects in Saint Louis with them. The representative Michael was whom the want to have taken him to begin at all thing I am. Really worried about the same side in this one. Is this vertical passing game if they want to go that way and a half of the receivers announced that do it oh boy to CN. And Brant brown and while Riley Cooper who are on the outside of what success that we seem out of the Eagles all I visas torn up these could be added a big factor in this game especially if he's on the dial in the Arab world he's the best corner on the saints earlier and I mean maybe at that you lose real deal. Theoretically hopefully help you lose that Della brought a solid game last week and here is burdened. He played well man. You know maybe you foresee turn over the get ready seeds except to turn over from every day. I just think that this defense fully healthy is better than it looked the first couple weeks and I really the Eagles or what are they gonna make you feel good about their. About they're all alive I mean I don't feel get a past time nothing adulthood about their muscles to pick in this general quicker and we are gonna wanna start doing that some people said Natalie as nick picks please and there let's make a pick come and ago. But Eagles close one I think at home close 134. Points because. Set home. I will be grudgingly. Give this to the Eagles and I don't wanna be a slave to their recent C effect right let one good performance out of the saints. Maybe skew my perception I'm gonna go up so I think the saints have access before and and Philly concern and I think the saints are gonna are you gonna sell a lot of marketing or this game a lot of running you're gonna see Drew Brees like it lasting pick apart this. That's affiliated defense got to take a saints and closeness aren't err I mean I can't look at that faulty these. These are both bad teams yeah right I mean without a doubt it's just that I think that maybe. You can you give more excited piercings in because you see young pieces shine whereas if you're an Eagles fan I think you just straight depression. I would I would say. Out of the four units. Saint Thomas defense eagles' offense defense the one elite or top ten unit is that eagles' defense so that's that's how do you see there are they have they done well they they want an exceptional. Against the run there's an exceptional you know once again here. Which they lost. I I don't know men I've watched Eagles goes I won't comment on our analyst let's go backwards here and now we've got the saints free via the way. And go to our Thursday night game is actually good on this I'll do and there's nine inches here they're all really good match ups. Usually division games and I have to be division games because of the short preparation right it helps when you've played this team twice a year per hour. Colts pats Texans again this is at the Texans the colts weeds so we're sitting here Wednesday and we ominous start bowl. Matthew Hasselbeck and Andrew look at listed as questionable Josh Johnson as tobacco who's got picked up again today and I like. I liked the colts no matter who they start in this growing I am not I am not high on the Texans they just they they have looked good. I mean at all really. Even that Bucs game that they won they don't look particularly in Atlanta ran them out the stadium. For all of the offseason and this happens man you know everybody loves you when you do a great. But. When you have agreed a year early years like JJ watt did and you do all these TV commercially if your team has come out have success and if your defense doesn't look good which they haven't. Didn't people are gonna say well what's wrong with JJ watt and that's that's our guys in this -- who is is deep and scary. Nobody not mean none of these units are scaring anybody the Democrats often lionized here and affiliates is going to be a big twelve game here. Where the defense is escalate. Terribly got a got to realize that Vontae Davis may not play this game. He's he's been injured he didn't practice this week so he's out the secondary bulls really really that mean does that does that matter against Ryan mallet boys that the under Hopkins he's. Right now -- and and a felons are gods and is this bill O'Brien be a little hard headed here I realize he made the change away from lawyer earlier the palace looked distressed Hawaii they've gone back or I don't think keeping that they went back to I think get to be careful of the bigger now they went back so that you said that quarters not a citizen to start out in the I don't think he'd know Bakalar does then that answers organisms yet where it's tough to. In pong and port your resources trampled too so I mean it's it was a lesser of two evils wanna there is a lesser Aaron Gray but he did the new lead among force squadron Selena and no no no no no that's what they had to put mallet and they couldn't score anything they scored the one touchdown with lawyers that first game. To be under Hopkins in the end mallet into coming in I think throwing a couple more or Olympic doubles court. One thing I don't think it really matters what quarterback's and because I don't the sale notices colts' secondary without Davis is gonna be bad. On one thing with about the Texas is Cecil shorts any loss and are probably both be out. Because neither practice this week though so you're down to basically one receiver and other couples practice squad members for the. IE IE I'm still in agriculture and staying here in the but. Visitors to just how bad the colts' offensive line is JJ watt could have monster game ends the cynical should win I think but it's money civilians threat. Don't be surprised at all see the Texans yeah come out here and and when one Ellis who won LaJuan moment of the few games and Michel don't and that sound so they're going to be fired up Thursday night anytime hitting national audience. These all the saints ten teams into. Bring a little more especially around so I don't probably Texans but. This area and on the side of caution to the colts or maybe an overall. Her team I'm gonna take the talent at quarter to get a text. It's a mistake sexes here because. I think the colts ball. Behind early I think their defense is gonna let him down and you're gonna see antilock play from behind getting hit and they're gonna he's turn over machine when he's there of acclaim from behind. You see that before he passed on but he wins in the and what event but I think the Texans defense played enough he L lays it out at the end with Leon sexy pencil playing good enough to get a hit did you watch his. It's axis did you optics is still under the defense is on the biggest upset of the show so far to you all and I have agreed on two against the other and says the wants Timothy totally out ball pick up you tickled him just aren't. A sing any AFC here and really a game that went at the end of the season will look back on this on this could decides to playoffs does this is really done. How measuring stick tight game and I wrote in retirement Steelers and chargers this year realize sewers are about Roethlisberger but to be around for awhile they need to win some games. With Mike Vick traditional on the game last week on Thursday that their extra almost the many by we hear gun in the charters the chargers lost that game last week. Yeah charter should Lawson came last week somehow they missed the field goal to get a second chance because of the penalty. Hands nailed fueled when and so browns to both these kids. Two into both these teams are good Alexandria bombing tentative these are two seems defense is not. Actually back up here we thought both these defense is would not be good and all of a sudden the Steelers are looked really good defensively the last two weeks and this goes to beat. He herbal talking to people from Pittsburgh or Tuesday like hello remember we are and they were supposed to be like dissing Stevenson it all kind of questions about their secondary setter. But yeah I guess we have looked better I just. I don't know I feel kind of burned by the charges last year excels on their bandwagon at the beginning and then they do is you know the end of not really. Do anything and open Roethlisberger are like Mike Beckham once she's on. I. I think this is a tough trip for Pittsburgh this is coast to coast it is because mrs. East Coast to West Coast this is at the chargers. The seems like the games that Philip Rivers in the chargers usually win the ours does play a while ago. Esther make a charge issues I think they about the Steelers is an elegant Roethlisberger back either probably right after they're buying. But loading up their schedule up this is rough patch they cannot afford to lose all these games series Harry used. Say they have to win this game. In light levels could analyst there at San Diego this Monday. In home vs cardinals and at Kansas City, Kansas city's place you never wanna go play. The in home vs the bad angles of those three snapped up the raiders who looked really good yeah well another up and down team like at the raiders. A thorough idea for the raiders then yes yes exactly relatively good for the eggs and I I've won cheer for the raiders I like the fact they're improved. But they're you know they are still just too and so you have I've chargers who. All go I don't have problems you or your bubble in my picks in the company's board member to nab looks pretty cool. I like the charges and alas though last drive Danny wood and led. On touchdown drive and an agreement Biden four point Denny what is kitty yen in Tennessee he's into bus and allied Alan Alan yeah yeah I'm glad that you managed to snag him up to well. Another AFC north teams is going to be the game of the week out most people are going to be talking about on lease on the Sunday games. So did against Nazi box traveling to the Bengals the 40 dangles the Seahawks who we talked about it earlier their offense just looks absolutely putrid defense looks all world. This is a really tough pot spot for Seattle coast to coast strip. Short week against an offense that is just rolling. Boy this is you could not pick a worse spot for this can be played right now for Seattle. Yeah. That said. Seattle's defense is still. Still really good right now yards per game only those stats Lima right now they're still second. In the entire league when you'll get third down percentage which is one of the I key stats. Towards deciding to whether you win or lose or they ranking because men are around seven. I but yeah I mean if I had to pick this game I still go with the dangles because they're hound a foreigner there playing with a ton of confidence and like their weapons yet two point 880. Great he's in his office of line is what's helped them out the most of the he's got one of the top real as the bonds and football and when you have that many weapons given AJ green have this new. You have a Tyler right for. You have all these guys around due to an artist when playing great lately they're real your heels of every everybody wants Ubuntu Roger really did to dominate games into Baghdad so yeah he's been we also said that his. Is our game plan only dictate based on game flow yeah so I think if they're playing from behind you're gonna see more you Bernard. If they're playing with the lead you're gonna see more germs feel I think terminal Dix serves as the season goes along when they're become more running football team when you went close out game I guess they don't have. Too many strong feelings on this game. Because. As soon as I take it to be angles alleges that know how the Seahawks have been the last couple years like O probably your win this game in Cincinnati somehow. Yeah odd that the strong feeling I think it hinges on a Marcellus play has yet it out of lynch plays a Seattle office it's almost better and so much more versatile and dangerous slumping have been this year Atlanta line and they. Well me he wasn't helping on to say yeah they are supporting any negative point IB fully healthy they get him back there I don't know but what ails. Think I think since as the bill moves the ball on the scam I really don't I think you know it's been really good. Really really good and I guess maybe it's because his plan ops literature Sherman's Carrie Williams this whole I don't you talk about their weapons but they've got Sherman ago Williams. I don't know now I think it's I think it's a really low scoring again I really do I think it's in the teens again in this game just because there's too. Defense is to your point Ingles give a nineteen game which is ninth the Seattle gives up seventeen point eight game. Which is tied for third there so yeah they're closed. I think just the way that the game plan the Seattle Seattle game plan and and knowing that how marvelous game plan I think it's going to be a slog like. I was over your house an accident sometime the Seattle audience. X boring because both teams unit is this run run not turn it over to real estate buddy that's a literacy and this one soup I don't know who meticulously would you say he's Bengals are giving Biden ticket has got us to go against the four team double bagels looks very slalom ministers. Alec they're opens the wanna make out like them a lot more than I like Seattle's open Salina they. With the protection their with any adult gets I think they'll be they'll be a lot better in the scandalous involved now the Seahawks win OK as a result breaches have been so. I hope you're happy to a text this time they're four now. You don't yeah. You know this probably more important game for other than the teams playing probably year bears on cardinals this is one that some and on the schedule when you Marcum often sit down into the season. One of elect lose karma really low this is yell loses again. They had to go back to the batted ball controversy this game reinforces. How. And hats pulled that play could potentially end up being in the grand scheme of things to into going into this game. Is infinitely less scary than one in three going into the skid. Totally agree I will say wanna marked office this last podcast. And it's never were mean whatever this is what you do but when I marked off the Seattle scheduled on. I said they would actually start to enter into a thought that frees up scams when their first that we set up they lose that the ramp up of it was the fact this is actual picture this is ex teachers say this I can hear on the outside if they lose they'll be fine. But boy dead bagels legal battles related may may challenge the patriots and I know he's looking forward that rob in the playoffs are very. Ed the singles also just fun stat down second in the league I believed to Green Day in term of like homegrown players so. That works great if if you're if you're 53 man roster is made up of the majority of your guys. That means they won those transitional battles. Which means that you've brought in solid players intentionally discs ascended on haven't like region try to go to Reno free agent and difference. I think it and then today it's gonna come down sick and the man playoff game because of their don't look like they're gonna make the playoffs but. Once they get there and they went one that's going to be as it needs it for days that looks so confusing pre season as you buy at any doubt now that the Eagles when that is seen north payments every concert here it would take an epic call it would take something like that losing this game and getting upset again in the next couple weeks and then it it's. Hangs around Roethlisberger gets back maybe it's gonna take some kind of weird stuff like that happening. I was moblog cup preview here. Patriots cowboys. Three's that put this on there obviously Newton the two most probably prominent French as is right now in the league. Vegas line opened a seven and a half and I think is it a half now there at eight. And a half right now off with some surprise that. Entries are going to murder him and Greg are his own party out there. Talking trash about Giselle. About say you know yeah like Tom Brady's wife like his sister like all of her friends to. He's he's incited the Brady rage to win win win when you get Brady doubled to board motivation sound stupid but he has a kind of borderline psychopathic. Competitive streak that seems to just clear up these kind of situation is. Is Greg Hardy not realize the public perception around him we do realize what he was just charged with stun guns poisons and not only did he say he's coming out guns blazing. Which is hilarious scene is how he battered that woman onto a bed full of illegally purchased firearms. Obviously he's talking Tom Brady's wife and stuff why would you be you should be still humble. And the idea plane right now oh an apologetic. It looked partisanship and did I guess do we expect him to look at how he handled the situation he paid her off. To knock any trouble he fought the systemic kind of one basically. So he's got to kind of feel like you know. Vocally talk radio or are element at flunked out type action. The only way that I concede cal was keeping this close obviously officer in the patriots the scam but the only honest I'm guessing right is there a way to keep it close I'm taking. I am I the only way that I think in Cuba close is member of the office line you talked about run the football run the football around the football and then somehow the defense gets couple turnovers and that causes in this thing that could like even. And in this saints dignity instant the cal was O line. Is averaging almost fifty yards last. A lot of that. Because without Tony Romo that's an are among their teams are gonna come out more because they know they know we're enemies like that they're not on the tee ball to go play and they're gonna take away that there's a Dez Bryant missed their deadline Dez Bryant threat over the top it was all obesity that's all one big conspiracy exe Romo and Brian around the scams you'd patriots and other land on the horses and I it's not picking against the patriots get there on a mission right now and they have motivation after the Brett. Final and we're gonna Prius fun ones I think erroneous can be good Ali's better than most people think Packers. Hosting us. The rams may be the best front formally against Aaron Rodgers the one way we've all and I know this is almost cliche announce Ellison talked about one way. But what what people been able to beat Aaron Rodgers is. Rush war drop seven anybody's bliss and ever had to. Don't destroy that immediately court action did you blitz yes he had done it we saw. The bills had some great stat before that patriots gamers like. The last four games against Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady designated dominated all of them now. Page ads in that game blaming the hell out of them and I made it. Can you really go against Rogers and don't tell my last time licked ice age when he threw a big hit home and now we can you go against Rogers and home. But especially when you're talking about the me mercurial ramps view. One of the like we said earlier wanna beat their division don't feel like they wanted to beat anybody else outside of. The rams have a shot this item I have a closer and most people think most people they look at this on a schedule and it is sale Packers general home from the Packers. The Packers didn't look good last week against severed Cisco. And played an important dominant against the houses they it'll tell that'll lead there in the in the fourth quarter nets that rams defense. The Seahawks I think are very two similar teams right now on the defense as. Very good their offense is kind of putrid and I think the Randall the death on the citi's what we need to do. Think Packers need to bosnians back because I think he's a big key in the offense a lace yes Remington had done with the Packers lately but I think it's one of those injury if they can. Pass the ball you know efficiently then it's the Israelis against the aren't there when they have the right guy. I got easier issue saying that the Packers when I am pick in the pack two what's melanomas. One right now. It is nine. The big lines I think it's odd to big lie and it's a good defense yeah. I mean I might I don't think the rams of the points you know like the Packers to win at nine. And it does is gonna build a force turnovers on rod is actually the rams. Been one of the best teams in the league force in terms much better team the Seahawks since the start of joint fourteenth. You can reality this year but I'll try to find the plus you guys did you guys give the rams notion on this. You are shot out to win now. I don't I get his shot cover. I I think they cover that I talk about to land now now now. United nodding and I'm not exactly there's going to be a time when somebody goes on their beats in style at the cowboys at last here's Seattle. There will be it's on how Louis rams have not done enough to make me believe that they are that our job at the rams or maybe issues cowboys won their little meddling. Bomber we think they're going to be meddling amended or bettered my thing. No because they lost to him like that's why remain upset with him is because they wanna beat these great teams. In this Seahawks in the chargers. Did they wanna do is we used to the head to the Redskins didn't give me in the end Steelers without proper thing to me through three consistent wins I'll start believer in the brand's death through exactly until you show that you're not just like. Eight main team who can. Look like it's Super Bowl contender one day and then just the bottom of the barrel and what's a grand schedule look like I'm seriously believe that guy you for five on mobile games father six delegates at Packers obviously you know popular that within nine at home vs browns and cumbersome niners win win. At Minnesota. Tough. Arm home verses. Doll pears that's a dud yesterday the judge did is lined up though. So they can needed they duke beat the Packers are looking about a three way race for the west that becomes the united way more treat. I am I hope this is just for them. Further fan base remember they're gone through this thing where Oden LA it's. Aren't they though there's a stadium proposal there and their stocks now just one team going to LA possibly chargers so the track at the point is they're trying to save their franchise that's fan base. I like seamless immigrants in the last literally what. And that's our weekly preview we dog Packers and again. Yeah he cradle. Committed sponsor of my favorite saying like as I'm so bad and it. Or sucker you know it's going to movies in a soccer line. Yes so you missed the last season and I guess maybe the reason I called a soccer lines because I'm a sucker I think yeah. Cup classic all this Ireland's. Did the opposite of what set tells you do here and and this is wary pick lines. Where what we think it. Yeah pretty much not the line that we think in this was tough and I actually that you have a better second I'm Heidi this week and the reason I'm Saddam itself but it last year by the way it is almost impossible and he knows. I am now one and eleven. One and eleven and picking spreads so he made a lot of people money they picked it. This strip I am via on the cool rent and like a much cooler this is great the biggest would love me. Errors in this so last week I had the Seahawks. At minus nine point five at home. Again I am it's a bad beat for me as Tibet beat for me. The seduction one by ten or more Russell Wilson turned the ball over twice in the fourth court pick Russell Wilson. Give me off to a lot but it's so I'm a little and Steve Jobs because. Call you said in I was threat there almost pick and as that of a seven happily pick this game you pick six that some and you you have in my case. At that sixty plus six point five and my ass on the sheet but yet the vikings plus six point 53 point loss for them to T Bob starts at one and oh. This we get better as I know you have a better soccer and I do it's it's when you're gonna go at the so when you go ahead. Is it on that we just discussed I think so the nine points given to saint losing Green Bay is all but as I am. There's no way to say it was wins the game I do think they keep it closer. They keep it close and intense. I got no prompting the rams plus nine here. It's less crazy spread mean hiring points and Tim what's the consensus that in the Seattle Cincinnati Atlanta. Let's see out of senator Reid issued papers yell for now let's see your own first game's first game. No one has a greater it's mine OK so. It's movements I had it minus let's runner on my sheet it's now odd angles. My history nauert and might I guess I put my muscle also the dangles at minus three here I still none bagels and actually been better in Seattle last couple years covering home. The spread and this is a cross country trip we don't know what she's gonna play. I'd love love love love love love. The dangles from the scam at minus don't think those teams traveling Eden west to east. Don't always take is that totally do it's the time I presumes to weigh it and now it's west to east because they're deploying her to be playing at 10 AM. Out of West Coast last week. After OK I'd ops in west Easter way to early and strongly to west not as big media story for Seattle west to east. Don't know if lynch is gonna play. Mean Maine I Chris Jackson is gonna play. That's the movement to three of scares an old I think this might be a push at three bottom so Imus still like. I'm really do like the summit Bengals at seeing out here leads Barea it's untried. And try to do the reverse lap dances because you won eleven you've been so consistently bad at these games. They even now attempted to guarantee as Seattle win by taking against the Mets Richmond. I don't forget it pretty easy one here I think a lot of people aren't gonna look at us when but I got. I got to Jacksonville plus three here at Tampa Bay because Tampa right now Lovie Smith oh intend as a head coach right now at a at home they've lost their last eleven straight at home move and you've given me three points with Jacksonville played portals that means they're due ones you're high public portals is legally okay great because he got you a fantasy win. And him an Allen her in the guy who won a million dollars a draftees this week. Played like portals now nerds at ten kind of feels like you wanna million dollars that in the fact they intimidate and so bad at home. I have to Jacksonville here though constraint ideas and they're giving reasons he has yet now I disagree I think. I think god Cambridge itself that punch nine potentially want to just say I'm actually hire a hi I'm not high on Jacksonville it's them higher on Jacksonville most people I don't think they're going to be around for awhile and Activision slaves were about how to how to get better as as the season goes what is around in the AFC south play as an out of body going to be like for twelve. I think will be a hub will be around the colts a game against McNamee the 77 wins is really a form is here. My my. I don't know as far as that division who's who's right and Tim Tebow with colds. Relax and really. And I guess it is like jets veteran anybody else in the position that times maybe I mean titans have been. Okay they've been OK they benefit I think mark is Mario gives you a really nice day. Stabile of our rights that's our soccer alliance soon ams they're finally we close out a lot of weeks. Do we results. Lock of the week. Yes I do my word yeah I guess of the one. You got suckered by Tommy so far last week a lock it weeks recapping. I have the saints two sacks or more they hadn't had any success to a man yes exit three sacks. And we well that he's Tyler Davis and hole he God's funny and so I wanna notes he mob went way out on the land that Tyrod Taylor three not touchdowns passing touchdowns again yet one. So on his worst game today differ this was via first bad game for Tarrant works so well I wanna note he Bob Olin one I. I want Aaliyah dockers on set. The precedent here. I'll put away the mountains up in something that has not happened. Since we landed on the blue and a and that is air actually have a turnover at home against the rams Aaron Rodgers we'll have at least one turnover battle against them that's. OK I get behind that dudes Lockett. Luckily it's it's risky now it's kinda sexy. It's him what's reluctantly amid a global here ominous today. Kansas City. Scores to wide receiver tight battle and what do you know I got them because they're playing they're playing a bad bears defense at home their plane and Kansas City. You're gonna it's just means it's more opportunity for Alex Smith did throw it to the Jamaal Charles scored to throw it to Travis Kelsey is an organist CT touchdown passes from Alex Smith this year I mean not this week gutsy ones yeah it's everybody gets one and I don't know who the second receiver outside it was gridlock and we don't as a bye have a good one way Atalanta even further out on that branch. It's a cutesy about. Don't display last my boy. Michael Vick. 300 yards throwing. Two TDs through the air. I'm he may turn the ball over nothing on that takes a gimme three yards servitude TDs tacked on Michael Vick and be too. No longer in the seven let's go let's get the stories at once I think this huge beach is government is that's gonna happen. It could require big Antonio Brown hooking up let any really. What are we see that successful gellert ideas right back do it for backup quarterback owed nice thing you realize it Rebecca McCormick has been successful this season. They didn't veterans. Like you were not Michael Vick is a better he's not gonna be awed by the stage he's coming over the full couple weeks now of preparation and he knows his role. Yeah Alec pick and like him and believed Dickson Lee was sixteen years now. Our number when he was playing in the Sugar Bowl and he has glimpsed Deanna how crazy is that he was incredible watching Virginia Tech I mean he was like mind blowing. Yeah let me revise they didn't play for a couple of years but you strap to sixty years ago 99 but prison that is announced at the 38 Somalia third and is there so on there there's there's that's a great way to wrap up our show thinks you're listening please spread the word let everybody know. You can download the show after streaming you can download it if you're Doughty also stream it at WWL dot com. Hit us up on Twitter if you have a question or comments that you want us to read or react to it next week on the show. Tweet us follow us on Twitter I'm ass up Dunlap. He's at T about 53 and at him see him. Patents and 1650 plus if you got some longer you want us Tennessee can't do a 140 characters mentioned as an email we actually got what with the Wimbledon Australia last year we thought. It like there one email we got toward my dad. These shores it was a bit of the podcast with the gentlemen from Australia. Nothing about it they're just like IRO witty. Wish I would answer eyes WWL NFL podcast at gmail.com. I'm going to be Davila the podcast gmail.com. Tee it up for Sam's everybody thinks so much the listening. Talk to actually take Vizio related takes them. Okay. This. John McCain and yeah. Okay.