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10-8 4:10pm Deke: on Saints practice and Tulane football

Oct 8, 2015|

Deke talks with Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic about today's practice and talks Tulane football with Coach Curtis Johnson.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to another addition. The veterans fourth saint players farewell article does a veteran boulevard in mentoring tonight saint rookie I am back at one of the first round draft pick for the black and gold. Stephon Anthony what Jonas you're on the contact with among rookies in the National Football League in the east. New young rookies of the things continue to be impressive on the defense this side of the football but it won't think. And head over with 300 fumble a snap on the defense aside from new faces and rookie standpoint. Any other team in the National Football League the Chicago Bears came second on the last week. It was different that I give you an idea of how many younger. Impact players think there on defuse team will talk to him about obviously his alma mater Clemson who is in the top of the sixth in the country. They've taken on Georgia Tech this weekend you know close and personal on the new players of one interesting one because the final how they first. Got involved in sports with football that birth. Family life and the people who are involved in sports a good game to be involved in sports and so much more toward visit with the on ethnic. From six to seventy and I c'mon fellas here on that give you real. Radio also coming up on the program after our first break it is saints' sideline reporter Chris figured with today's practice report. As a black eagle continuing to a fair. For their big matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles this coming up Sunday. At Philadelphia Lincoln Financial Field at noon kickoff and right at the Christian we will visit with. Tooling football coach courtesy. On Saturday they take on the undefeated temple owls points and it certainly ambiance that they if the Saints and the the feeling is it to do a big big American. A conference game for him this weekend and I think for opponents have not lost a team that beat Houston. Navy temple and Christmas is right when he. If in the country of course our view from Vegas take place later this evening and we will visit with. The our biggest problem would tell him about the matchup this week in college football and the National Football League is well. A lot of youth you know having questions about how LAQ what handle such short time at home game Saturday. At 230 a game of South Carolina with a game we regularly information it improves our ticket meant that for the week at the university will be with a photo update at five team. Roddick college football talk with the talk about the big match that think college football this week in. Kevin Maguire will be what this will go around a comfortable Lugo all. What's happening in the big team its top two teams maybe not playing the best that they can at that right now point two ranked Ohio State if they. But a person I think it on all Weston and basically the two teams playing this week into the top scoring defense in the country. Squaring off playing better football at this point there's no teams like the focus that it means they're better that it means to this point I think they're playing better. Out whereas all the hype on this team that you see UCLA Oregon the Arizona. No mention much about Utah what you tell the highest ranked facto team in the nation right now undefeated. They have a tough stretch coming up with cal Arizona State USC well a lot more buck without him Vuitton. In the next few weeks and we'll take a look at the big whale. Is it just Baylor and TCU could Oklahoma do some damage there that's weak with it that you lost to Oklahoma so we'll talk about the ankle around the nation. And get his thoughts on right now who is the front runner along with. That it won't it. For the 2050. Heisman Trophy and we wrapped things up at 7 o'clock now with your weekly fantasy football with that McEntee the tournament of the scale fantasy. Dot com as always in the but the evolve artistic zero point that we feel free to take me 87870. Its operating jaguar that you pole at WW dot com. At the four games to think that point three what's the strongest part of the black ankle ballclub is the core of young players. The optimism of these guys continue to get better. The defensive back field. The Saints passing game. Redden backs or maybe in the months that nothing is really can be classified as strong. Which Europe one in three through fourteenth. It is operated jaguar opinion polls you can vote on line it get you if you go dot com and your mind here by QB maybe. Now we have that can't count this week on talk to give away at now and now if you wanna win a thousand dollar defense out for the holidays. Anonymous coming up full court let us who haven't fall break. Getting set by Halloween they were hit Thanksgiving Christmas it's a holiday cares contest and it's always just based you can listen. Using mobile device to it and it was it. We give Yoko were four times a day 7 AM 11 am 2 PM coming up in about 45 minutes at 5 PM when you typical work that I gave you. It's sixty to 7081. Every weekday. For looking if this patient while 1000 dollar the holiday K. Remember the time to list 7 AM a Lemony. 2 PM and five who could use a thousand now we're all good and it's awfully Smart radio intercom and all of us here that we debut with the good look all right coming up we will go out the Saints can't we get today's practice before we think that that report Christie Garrett and at Tulane green white can make it above 500. What we as a courtesy date not at the bottom of the Sally as well. And QB to QB at 540 Drew Brees will be with us is the sports talk featuring the veterans fourth think players toast upon Anthony to August 6 with the united food with. All of that the boulevard Metairie this is WW. Step on an age on this tonight from six to seven out there who goes on veterans boulevard for the veterans forcing players show kimono and Jonas will be Q you from Vegas. The all the picks of the week coming up at seventeen in these Eaton. Well each and every time at this program we ate at this point a program we bring you this Saints practice report and in particular to report that Saints out and reported a 32 of their networks that that report is in the National Football League in years. One of them holds a double over the fourth and more could think Erica Christie Garrett won on Twitter pago ticket wait. He could even the Saints continue gearing up for the Eagles this Sunday in Philly Saints defense trying to prepare for that up tempo offense from Chip Kelly here Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis. The Eagles offense would DeMarco Murray a running back and company a big concern for the black and gold. Lewis expects a warm welcome from the Eagles fans of the team arrived at Lincoln Financial Field. Some eggs in some other things some obscenities it's that are probably going to be. Greeting the Saints when they arrived there at the stadium on Sunday over to the offenses out of football quarterback Drew Brees outlines the Eagles beat. After a missed field goal against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday that would of won in regulation for the Saints the black and gold. Green at some kickers for work out this week our kickers Zach hocker says he still remains very confident. Getting to the injury report reported the following players look officially listed as limited in practice safety Gerris bird offensive lineman Jahri Evans working his way back. From a knee scope and cornerback Keyon Lewis who played last week in Dallas and some of the sub packages and nickel etc. and also in the red zone. Keenan Lewis listed as limited the Saints could be a little thin had a big position this week offensive line with tackle Toronto Armstead missing his second consecutive day today. Again with a knee injury guard Tim Toledo missing the team portion of practice he's listed with a back injury upon are Thomas More than also. Did not practice working his way back from a quad injury that wraps up from saint can't hear on W two on crushing Garrick ballots in the back to sports talk would be del via. Live would resign that's a matter which in this. This Saints at the Philadelphia Eagles and yes it's a long season there's a lot of football let the deeply Carolina's all this week. Atlanta is hosting Washington and you think about it. You wanna have to have restricted to season more than one straight when you win three games general maybe a trip with four games in a row. Because you're in such a hole in it for what we've seen I say you know if not now win the first quarter this season in the books with on the second quarter now. And it would be to have before long we'll get to the bye week so it is to meet this team hasn't shot to make it to the playoffs all of their own. You know you gotta win Sunday instead of two of three matchup next earth that we tonight against Atlanta. All our you know you can sit back cross your fingers and say well there's there's hope that we can lot of help from everybody else and it don't look like he's going to be cases here. Yeah not AFC south I mean right now Carolina Atlanta kind of run away with the division both them. So in the top four Noah and it Avant had a defeat yet the Saints dug themselves a hole in one and three now look. It eagle there to Philly who have their own issues as well and chip Kelly's on the hot seat the fans I did a couple of radio hits of their Philadelphia earlier in the week in. What I can tell from talking to solos of their in Philly. Is that you know the fans are ready to turn on that how on that coach him and he they've already turned on that coach so. You know that that go two ways that can inspire team. We've seen that where they come around play really good football. Or if you cannot cause a teamed already seek further than me than they currently sit man now for the Saints though there was some things that you're encouraged by on the defense as some of the ball in the wind. Over the Dallas Cowboys at one of three though yet to get this one because then look I think it re energize the fan base a lot like we saw last year Deke. When they beat Green Bay on Sunday night and then went to Carolina on Thursday night. And that and want to grow and kind of got back in the race if you will. Now what I still think that even at two and three when they face the Atlanta Falcons and if you just asking me to call my game now with the Falcons are are the better team period. So the thought that you can get to 33 yet there it's possible. But I don't like that those odds because I Blassie from Atlanta this year man they're really good. And you're you look at Philadelphia and everybody can say well you know would've been better now rectal most teams can't they wanted three but. You know had a lead to four against the Falcons all point six to point four Dallas did beat him by a team and it gets pretty much jumped on me and maintain the distance both those two losses that they hit three point loss to Washington Atlantic had an easily. The two point loss to Atlanta so you can you can affected his team could be could be 31 Chris at all only game that they really will be back to what the eighth inning with a doubt. Yeah and look but it and as you a pro overly pointed out as a like six or seven teams like it's insane thing that. Might be sitting at two and 21 in three days you know Leo we we can before and our 31. It's just it's those little things that year the margin for Harry you've heard that a couple times this year from coach Sean Payton and the players and that's just the entire league it's not just. Pertaining to the Saints the margin for error is small across the league in field do some of those little things you commit the penalties a U turn the football over. Is definitely gonna get to be in in the saints' case they've had a little bit of that along with the youth movement on the defense is not a football but like I said. And we go back and look at the player guess the guys are gonna have tonight and stuff on Anthony in the game he played. On Sunday there's a lot to be encouraged with there and also a holy key guy thought played his best game the Saints uniform as well. Think Chris. Philadelphia. Asking here who if you favorite equals an equal player you know if that would promote core of Patriots. Market. And though oh I would say Reggie White me right I mean call Maine who. Ask the wrong man yeah I mean has to be in look and followed him obviously. When he went degree day helped him in the world championship but it might end if you asked me night fever eagle. To be Reggie like Jerome brown also and that makes them right yeah I remember being of the game deacon enemy because of the my I went to the Saints Philadelphia Eagles game active that I think this was an 89. Iowa nobody is 91. And that was win I think is right at the draw Browns death. And and they did that that first week it was the opener of the season is really moving touching moment there. I'm Betty well as you noted there one of those teams take it in in the in the eighties you know you hate your top tier teams. But Philadelphia was certainly a ballclub that made the NC so deep that means they'll beat you saw it get to the Saints in the playoffs and they just made some wrong but. There one of those teams that was that the bridesmaid never the brat had they were able to dog. Dog fight their way out of the NFC they would easily won. A time to mean that east I mean it was Washington it was in coming off the hands out some good in the seventies that's what the early eighties that. I'll look you know. Heartening mosquitoes right now coach Romeo and took about the candidates who whittled down the street in Boston Oakland rate isn't a game with they were favored him with. At a team like Philadelphia and Minnesota and Angel ball well or great top. But he just couldn't get him boarding had a lot of a lot of big time player from the eighties knives and you know rich you're white Christian one of the all time greats were right there in of course though he's the cornerstone of the Green Bay Packers championship so a lot of history will be made on Sunday. The list that they're critical go to what does what does this stadium line. Well it's smaller than I and I envision I've been there twice now. The best part. You heard Keenan Lewis describe a little bit of a that's very true on the team buses he you know the first woman gets like six days set. Second 13 when he gets they get a but he come off the turnpike there in Philly you go into the bowels of the stadium that's how all these they're all constructed now basically the buses drive into the stadium. And as you come off the turnpike and go around the stadium I think it's purposely done that way because the fans are lined up. And these are and I'm blown away by the fans lined up and you know 1011 year old kids telling you you're number wanna tell the players are number one in. Grabbing a certain portion of certain part of their body that is not friendly for for radio. That ego mended I can't believe that there were 1011 year old kids out here doing this but then again it speaks to the passion. That Philly has for their sports teams not just the football team baseball the Phillies in the semi Sixers it's better. What some people were called angry with the things them what they need it yeah. It will be talking about it Sunday Chris will pitch the fourth at the heat it greeted the stadium. On Sunday on network code Christian thank you so much time with beauty about their commitment tonight I'll fix. Blows and we got pick six but also legalistic landscape of college football on his LSU deserving of a top five ranking right now. Christie Garrett anchor think Garrett won on to a Christian thank you so I've felt things are right to my football coach courtesy data into artistic that we did you knew that sport 32 time for a new ball 33 will go to him and. Air welcome back to fourth so what gay coming up. This amount political war in the 1000 dollar nationwide holiday cares contest. We will be vehicle word 5 o'clock and you could take to it. Seven to 81 for your chance to win. 1000 dollars nationwide. Have a putting down yeah well it's just so simple we gacy listed at 7 AM. Levy at 2 PM and happy new year. Point of view Tokyo radio big activity college football this weekend as those that think and if you know down the only gave BR wrong and that you from Vegas. And it's an interesting matchup and this is one that will certainly point out now one team has given up. Nine points per game it being Michigan this is not given up. Only fourteen points fit state lost point four to seventeen. The first week of the season and you throw it head back to back shutouts and it only given up fourteen points since we want. No Weston is allowing six point two points per game. Now I'm just trying to think I'm seeding in the pros before all of Baltimore Pittsburgh. Like Baltimore since defense to struggles. Now ever recall seeing a total at 34 and a hair. For college football game. That's the whole oval on them in the off Weston and basically. On Saturday at the big packs two teams that have stifling defense does it look it deepens a career. I'm no we live down in the southeastern area in the southeast in football with the opera tickets have been some with you. People little parts of the country they know how to play football and I blocked and I kick in at tackle. But it immediate down here they got some good football whenever you completely defense. You can do some things in both these teams have good defense and I think right now this can you explain to me it. Is anybody in the B team and certainly a better than Ohio State and this could state they played the last the way they've played the last two weeks hand. Mean is it really hasn't changed it up themselves in the polls as though apparently one pole obviously it's at that point one in the they eighteenth. But not worth and is it thirteen. In no one poll the coaches voter fourteen. And they have an opportunity the next two weeks to really enhance this status as the host all worth it this week and the next week it's in hole. Mr. Kent State. Throwing a football coach Curtis CJ Johnson don't just now and the. Only green wave. Come all the big 45. 31 victory always Central Florida last week coach seat day thank you so much for the time it up the big conference victory. You got out to a big big lead in distance of a fraud made him a run as of late. The talk about that matchup and if your thoughts on the team which he told about this victory over the night. Yeah. Put a really really figured. That he has to the line and really played well. At a weekly. Now that it. Play out there you're just couple that it really like at the respect. Indian. Open she did. And so we got cute when it. Looked to me. That it. Okay you talk about it now got pumped up be it it don't mean do you think you look at incumbent. Second in the nation we talk about total tackles with 46. 31 stops pickle ball and he's just either tax embassy you can go. You know. Soak it Udoka. Opening act that you can like play. Him. Coach you close its internal within two years ago what you would help both. A bowl bound to New Orleans Bowl you of one of the top turnover forcing team did not name turnover ratio there. If this drink continues coach I've got to thank you make going several ball games to see. We we talk with a guy that we really recruit every that the players. Yeah. It. It is that we. Are pretty focused and it. I wanted to put that down beast took the job what job. I would expect to be there. Get a field that tackle. Up pretty well. Coach you've got off with a simple ball club that opened the season. Am happy about it he was creative on her a thousand and done Penn State. Under coach. I'm Matt and I have become one of the best if interviewed with the team in. If this is ranked 45 but coach sample Houston navy emit mr. next four opponents all among the top 48 teams. In the country according several different poles and at this point it this week but combined record seventeen of note this is a tough tough trip. Absolutely. Not the World Cup is that you we just. Wanted to come out there. Just the body just that. Don't think we just. Took it. Out that that. And we know that the times you do it has to. Coach man really kind of. A good job bits and coach is busy day and they do it defense and they can also move the ball background when you when you break down tempo. What are you seeing his ballclub that yet this spring. Hour and I would say that but it brought it brought outstanding. It was noted that the competition. It'd it'd be in public can't be back. Equate to being athletic department including that. Well lately this year problems that go back. Predictably and a little bit. The target stores so the thought well we could put all. Yet and they don't have I don't know data that simple completed four and you know and they are taking it too late Saturday at the lately if I had to do 11 PM. A coach now something you've been working on this week you got a little momentum you get two big victories sale today with about week. It was the stats this loss how healthy team Mears and your thoughts off the things you need to do owner wrote this they did have a shot that beat temple. What we. Project but it. In. There and back here. Where we were. Coming out. Yeah. I we. Did in Egypt what made. It. Appointment. As well. Yeah. And found it and I think you you know obviously about the relationships and how things work on the Theo haven't accomplished level. It seems now cocaine use you starting to develop could see a good tandem there you've got a expected back for it would chairman. In a whole bunch of people that he told the rock but. It looks like with the bodies Dillon and you can't let those guys that hook him up in the company's ice quarterback. Receive a couple of equal wouldn't you feel old Nico team looks like from my vantage point. That development allowed for us that relates to the multi to other. Roy gets in the football is that what you seen. Absolutely. They can get the club but what we do it in and be more comfortable you know at the plate just can't rebel. Does. It feel like blows. What you interpret it as well as the but if they think. 22 yard pitch Richard you hit it on bro its a fourth time with them evidence they have a feel for it. Coach courtesy Dave Johnson and it to a two green wave at. A simple form allows a wanna vote this American conference game of pick what Saturday at Lincoln Financial Field. Well what the Eagles have things to play on Sunday co CJ thank you so much for the time to look at Philadelphia with their. All right that's not a threat but Tulane in their next four points. All teams right now among the top fifty in the country. Houston is undefeated four note maybe isn't it because if for a big play in the game. If this is undefeated Bordeaux in business as a huge to a next week. They host. Old means so maybe Wednesday that he thought I have an opportunity. And it is going to be a notable alum book club this year. But then who you gotta top ranked team completely out next week and the at temple now 040. And that and nobody here at the thing our first season. Fourth game of the season when he went into the Alley and they. And Deke Bellavia if you beat Nicole words in nationwide 1000 dollar holiday Kaz contest on that UW.