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10-8 5:10pm Deke: on LSU-South Carolina and the college football weekend + QB To QB with Drew Brees

Oct 8, 2015|

Deke talks with Brian Broussard about ticket sales for LSU-South Carolina, then discusses the college football landscape with Kevin McGuire of CollegeFootballTalk.com. Then Bobby goes QB To QB with Drew Brees.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good evening and welcome to our number two of sports are coming up at 540 a weekly conversation QB to QB with Drew Brees will take place in next now it is All Saints talk. As rookie land back at a Clemson university's the font Anthony will be our best against Obama and Jonas. As to visit with the Thon about his four games in the National Football League and the course is now monarch Clinton get up close and personal on about it in Maine got involved with football how became. 31 pick in the 2008 the team in it they'll bet the profound for the black and gold. 2601870. Is our number with the game ball because Texas and 870 eights in the operatives jaguar opinion poll was a bit going to be there you go out. The Saints all won in three. Through four games what is the strong with thought of the black and gold at several sources for you to vote on who give you that you real doc. A ticket manager probably tennis state university helpless talk about me think that it on on body held a lot of questions that they've been emailed. Called the LA Hughes would board the campus and ran routes or does it help with that put out a few prior sort of speak and also China. Hit some of the moment or cope with Judy questions as backed tiger fans. You know with talk about Saturday's 230 game. In Tiger Stadium and a few hosting South Carolina. Ryan as we talk to Michael and many others that the last couple of days it has been a a steady flow of working in double working to make your body gets his smooth the transition to this is this. I'm as close to a home regular home game as possible cut tiger fans so what does that team jump right am Brian maybe start off with the most pertinent information. Both of people who will go into the game ticket holders exit. Okay thing BP it's. Great to be on the airwaves. You know maybe the circumstances maybe not much but we're we're happy that held. And just get this information out there. Right now what we're what we're waiting on at 6 o'clock tonight. 6 o'clock the night we've gotten on sale for the general public so anyone that didn't come game. We're going to be on sale. Throughout web site at LSU six TIX dot net. It will be a male figure to be available and we've got good seats available that I'd I'd be available we've got and though. You know basically wherever you wanted this city partners BOK. He's due or as a chance yesterday and today in the deadline. Clock but it about the and to get older. Missed their shot forgot about it we can still get them in and starting tonight at six and like I said there's. Plenty of seats and we've got some good Bruins still available. Falsely call in 809608587. Virtual free number. We stressed that trying to get people doing on line did a lot easier with the turn around that you take credit home. Ali get used to get delivered to him immediately and ending the game and not have to deal. You know we wanted to limit the number of people have to wait on. So another one so instead it's called the will call them round they can purchase tickets at Ellis UT TI that nit. It has different now and they go to negate that of these gains make a walk while walked right in correct. That is correct. I don't know Elliott now we've got the only we have over there now it's over now. Also. We've got 29 now now that are. Already in people's hands so where where you know that's what we're count on to make this transition. Seem looked as possible or one who is Q have that you know electronic email ticket delivery. So brown and Adam Nancy that you oh the number you just gave me at 30000. Though and I am active and assume that those weren't don't want to walk off with his season ticket holders. Or yes sir that's a product we we did our club seat suite holders. And all of stadium in stadiums seat it's yours has the opportunity to purchase. She subtle and you may not gotten hurt vaccines see them all of them did and on we we did it. And layered waves but waived by their. Just. You know we had. Very little turn around turnaround time obviously so. Being able to get there but there acting seats and then you know take all the ones that work. Korean eight or more in our selected for the game would just take entirely too long and we were just trying to figure most efficient way possible and just. Consolidate the stadium based on you know. Know going in this week. Didn't know or have. 20000 people come or organs have. You know 90000 people into and coming so. We want it to be able to gauge that and since our resource a little short on inspections and guy that's been. If we can consolidate the man in. You know sideline areas in the end zone areas and not have them in every bowl upper decks and things like that would just trying to. Yeah I'll make it easier for everyone in and try to make it look you know looked awful and things like that. Brad Broussard LSU ticket manager is with us the game for those who want to purchase tickets this season tickets. A whole has had a chance to see where they sit for a regular home games. That time as exasperated now the coming up in about 45 minutes the tickets go on sale to the general public dale great seats that are available for those that know me going Tiger Stadium for years. This is opportunity for you to watch it SEC game in sit in a spot. It's not just Gerald spot and it's a very good bye to hear Bryant say LA QTIX dot net Brian now op. It's eighty way to gain a you're expected this this they'll maybe as a meaty as you hand was so Falcons general public with the reality there's opportunity for those. People who have maybe they don't await this for years to get better tickets. All who would just didn't know that you know it will get to go to LSU game be here all -- going to make it a game there was a conference game back he's it was taken away. West to put up the eastern Michigan negative to FC South Carolina a you guys expect about the same number about 30000 general public toward. We're hoping for that and there's real know really know all the good Wafer negate that. Well obviously. No lot more in the first hour of our deal with the how how it traffic he is on our web site and everything like that. We were open court we won it and come out like we. It's an opportunity beat them. Great football he. We want the best run back in the history of LU out here. We. You know in a in a good seed in an environment and that same time help though Carolina out that's an important part of this Q. Aka Bryan what do McGill public at Malta which he'll hold. And navigate give him more human now but if you were made about 745 by four we stick out. It was a little update at theaters to see in the next two hours Al far from it once again at 8 o'clock how ticket sales ought to get a vote. Okay these great repute. OK Brad thank you so much grab Russo a ticket and it definitely Duke game you know as UT IX. Got in the at the ability coming up next we'll talk about college football across the country and we're gonna talk about some of the big matchup outside of the SEC including an acute food in the big team and the to top fifteen ranked teams may sticking to that point to Michigan in all west and the total in their game with that is one of the lowest but with nothing in Africa football. Although on is it 34. Saturday between those two teams this is sports talk. Baylor and Texas Tech with 91. Week you'll listen if we give you. And welcome back to sports talk Drew Brees coming up in the teammates here on Saints radio that you appeal. Rookie lap back at a Clinton 31 pick in the NFL best upon Anthony is with me. He had who's coming up from six to seventy in the rookie QB for me. I want to talk about the beat of college football across the nation in opponent one of the best of college football poll dot com Kevin McGuire. Don't discount you fall recite it just like a pro football hall college football talk same thing you separate all college. Kevin thank you so much for the timing you know look at from a fall but have been able to watch it now you know with the technology you can keep up with. Every conference every coast they're part of the country but it's different times today. The best out of north I don't think I've ever seen in my like I'm more 44. 34 and a hand. For college football game and make Asia idea of the least amount of points they expect to be scored between two great defense has. All western Michigan in right now mock all want could all be in the peaked in both these clubs the playing better. The and then the top two teams Ohio State in this state. Yeah there's certainly more consistent that's for sure you know northwestern and then get violent they're. Trying to figure something. And then you're in Michigan in you you can probably say the wolverines may be the most improved team in the country they aren't they want here. You know on court off the guitar but it out of it you know it does put some really good defense right now she's straight shutout in the we could not fourteen points and there's even though we lost. And you talk which is arguably real quality while doing it in that Howard again in been. I kind of feeling that they may be a little bit ahead of schedule with Jamal turn things around. Yea you know camp and all other opening Clemson right now for a state the pre season they've ACC are. Certainly TCU Baylor put UW could albeit the pre season favorite in every other conferences the not playing in advance or has already suffered some things ability SEC Auburn is pretty much out of whack Jordan coming off a loss. And out west a ballclub. That you know closest. Game this season wasn't it in now with trying to be more more impressive victory in week one victory reports that you know it's in. If you tell you tell right now to me if they are playing the best. Of any team that packed well the next three weeks thought it would be if we Kevin will learn more about without winning him team. Now Arizona State and USC don't fit for the ute. It really is and you look at the cal game coming out there you know calculus played pretty cute couple well while. And you knew how you know offered but that the but it just goes emotional I think that a pretty good ball which is Sylvia book passing game. It's quality. You know you saw. It was but it didn't go. And beat them and they managed only time he has been playing well. If they get brought it clicked in between time that they can be creeping Jesus was born in court in early here so I think that plated part of it you know pac bell although it would that. The vision with outlaw. So I. I can't say people been on it but they are certainly a link. But political ball go to Mexican or you act all the effort they. Really good. They count at all then immunity if he's as well so you know after that walk open feeding at northwestern in the term corner pretty locker. Visit with him acquire a college football called that time he around the country as we in the midway point of the college football season. Kevin you know people who keep what with the the whole entire landscape of college football at just how filed competence. Is this a good football I think football fans of football claim that they'll they'll play paid if any college football game it's entertaining. But I hear or where to blame it residing in the America conference detonate the straits. It combined record is seventeen O in some ball clubs from a competent not a power accomplished with some really good teams. Navy. Memphis. Temple and in Houston in the example opened its season go to that rule has been a great job there. If this is coming off a big season and it did do well. But it may be a ballclub that they Notre Dame on on Saturday and then they've given donate over the past so outside of the power filed though disposable. Pretty good. Yeah I think when you look at these group of five opposite point people with Indian nation they've been I wouldn't get on. But I Everett at the American like proper amount of good football game played argument or scheme you know that it Houston need help or well early stark. There the and it just seemed to Reese has gone on at that he goes in the American way. They count on division just between you seen in Memphis in need the only one that you get today off a championship game of course yet the in order to play in the years that I think you're looking at the team's most likely culprit was like it to be represented in nine years exit in here. I think it actually gamer and I think that there sporting history there haven't been in the race merry town anybody up out there. Kevin did last two questions. The coaches. That into this season. Look they're gonna be a lot better I'm a pretty team that you Wale and they were a couple of seasons with their Bailey will book 500. A bit bit of an Arkansas puts jolted Tennessee EDT tee on these coaches are in trouble. Despite the level being injured for each week right now because in that not really gone well even. But I don't know anyone I don't know either visible Julio would urge that pressure so right especially popular or well. Oh he he. Known to say things and yet it back not so much this year. Which June that he finally in game. And he's looking like there in the right direction or premier. Think it's dark and this is it not been I'm just not this year but also answered those and that opened it and prove he can you can call this week but. And I think it's too early days you can coach them do their job but is pressure's definitely there. And finally Kevin Reagan national football I'd be at the beat down a -- divided in its going to be affected and studious on a sneaking to team than this last one. L and hue and brought a bogey team for real. I know it's for real Florida where all of a little bit I think he's a couple for the gators are really couldn't be here. Outwardly he picked up the orient or coming up so to go to Q you into the sport I think he's pretty legit or elk earlier player porn at Everton football. You know I think those few with the Peter Keane and a year and I think of the waiting to go in there is a real tough scheme to be right now so. Looking forward if you think you know we can't stop Carolina and that and extra long game now. And goes through with him in a little engine block. Goes Tokyo felt across the book men having jawed at everybody who. This this and enjoy Kevin Kevin throughout where they could find out you stuff on the site and also that I'm not know what to put a handle it. Straight personal things that mean it's cultural off Auckland before icon Kirk for that should operate off. And of course that's what I'll be on Twitter at have been on ESP. I put all the only thing that I have been on. He'll block by at the couple blocking almost become a couple under date or you're around the debris give it what did you think. Can't have a black college football talk dot com Kevin thank you so much at a time a man would do it against him. All right the caught up of crossed the boating college football to be to be of these times it's 532 picks is Drew Brees the first we'll call them. And we'll hit it off it's you on the hands. QB to QB has brought you by. Go all too low cost auto insurance welcome announcing quarterback Drew Brees drew take you so much for joining us and as we talk last week the importance of get that swagger back winning at home and Mandela a dramatic fashion drew I don't know we scripted like that but what a way to win a game against Dallas. There was you know a lot of back and forth throughout the course of the game. And then you don't have a chance to win in regulation you go to America. You know they call a timeout sixteen pregnant (%expletive) you trot out there that you got game more than them at all so you gotta go back out there and well extra overtime which you know what I mean. Truly that ball bounced off the left up Butler so there's six. Got a candidate to win the game you do just do what they've got a different way and so. You know we typically cost them open there was about it by artery Crowder quote such double B yeah. Now drew when you look at the game obviously. You got the bumps and bruises and you and again here than you wake up money and you sort all that but what yo ball were you able to avoid any setbacks as far as. You shoulder and really not taking any direct hits where he had right now logon to the Eagles game Sunday. The guys up front did a great job. You know I added I didn't I came out of it on eight so I feel good so better. This week and I did this sort of last week so progress Carter is good. Now drew. Look at piston now playing the position and and how our respect when I see great achievement. And knows a couple of categories. We need to read first quarter touchdown completion to Josh hill. Ellis and became only the third player in NFL history to reach 5000 completions. Along with the likes of a Brett Favre and Peyton Manning and and I kind of speaks for itself but to me this really caught my attention. That do you look at that what they eighty yard game winning touchdown overtime CJ Spiller. Before or did touchdown pass of your career. And I need a fifth fifth quarterback to reach that miles on but that this could this when I was impressed with. That it only took Q children in five career games becoming the fastest player to reach forward to passing touchdowns. And it took Peyton Manning 209 so to me. That's showing you efficiency. And and to do that quake now thoroughly impressed. What I knew that when I think about it it just makes me truly grateful. And humble not thankful for the opportunities we have had a no place for me of the couple good teams in San Diego and and play for a bunch of great teams here and people are great system there great coach and elected technicolor remember Richard although Burke. If we sat down there and I would like pickle which is a good thing but oh great anymore but can't you accompany their. Our CP crowd of just based upon the fact that I was able to have it do that was so many great guys on the many great teams shoot the same. Now drew little look good at those completions and things like and then matter of who's part of the roster a year in a row that and games all said and done. It's like always at least eight and not even as niches as much as 1011 given receivers look in nine different players. Having a reception in a Cowboys game in. To me one guy who's really stepped up. And I look at okay when you target him does it come now the reception. And that being Willie Snead six targets six resent digestive be so far present his progress. Yeah he's continued to get better better each week and you know. You you look there is you look at everything out so many stories start trying to get up to promote steal you know inside outside. Home ask him do a lot then. The game has not been too big form you know he's he's he's embraced it ever really done a great job so I don't know. All the QB we've cut a cup into Willie. And will continue to hear try to come broaden the scope of the united involved in the offense and you are all things to work to do a guy like that. Now drew us speak and have targets touches are targets. Look at CJ Spiller will those hurt in training camp and it trying to get him back into a flow. If you look seven judges about those and I around 110 yards and a couple of rushes in that. You know what is in the passing game during the football worries average of fifteen yards it would stand to reason to me and I'm sure you coach being talked about this. That when they gain results that'd out of somehow you could figure out. To where he has led this as a receiver our runner to have at least a dozen judges in the game. Yeah I think again you know you. I'm not gonna compare she gets old cookies to go god bless you when you have a guy like that who. Can do a lot of things in the passing game and being in the nickel on and that kind of saying you're you do. He's eager to try to find touch it you know so how can we get this guy. The ball in the best position to succeed you know ideally in space where if somebody's got to cover somebody got to run with them and meet he'd he'd just. If you make a big impact that waste so. Yeah now that you know he's got a few games under his spell that we have. Good feel for. In this week's creepy to utilize two good skill set and will continue to kind of brought that as well. Now drove a foregone to the Eagles of fans and actually this and so I'm next drew if he can maybe help them out and and in some way. What I look at him branding cooks. And expectations that come. Obviously hi drafting number one draft pick Indian. You know he's gonna get his chances in you target him eight times and only had four receptions. The same like at times that you wanna get on the ball he's not getting any separation as there may be. A few clues are some thing and maybe give a little tidbit that can help them out to get more separation. Well you know couple times in the game. One of them just kind of bad luck in other. We motioned across on that third down in the corner was late in getting over there with them and so the direction that he wanted to break he could break because you know the Cora was there but the for a moment and to kind of catch up so it could. The other option so that was. I was without feeling that this team record and a couple of that the Ku this year where. Call bad luck color you want it just hasn't quite happened yet but it. I mean put some blame and we we all know Brady can do a news special player and we love everything about it so we're we're gonna we're looking at highways Duke Morton came in trained extremely received a payment without it got a savior could have and that's. It. Now I drew looking and Eagles defense obviously they've gotten off to started not happy with being one and three so. You have to say they're dead desperate in you know how tough it is to win. Well on the road in the NFL but about was introduced in just look at looking at them defensively. Now one thing they've been able to do is a stop red zone defense and take away the full ball. What five interceptions in their nine takeaways. They've had. Their opponents eleven trips inside the reds old Tony our line in name only. What six touchdowns on those eleven trips in. Look at I've done business in Houston that you look at Philadelphia only given up five yards five point one yards allowed per play. That's the fifth fewest in the league. And then also rushing the football given up only 3.3 yards per rushing attempt which is third so. Even though you and then I getting the wins it seemed like it's a tough challenge in that the Eagles Stevens is very opportunistic. They're they are they have done a good job taking ball away they've been very good against a lot of that that's a recipe for great defense repairmen Q. Historically talked about you know what makes a great defense and immigrant gets around the eight ball and I'd say you know it on the back came in the secondary which unique about them and that. They're cute safeties Malcolm that you Jacob obviously you would hear him enough sermon. Or both former corners not so they can vote cover so many cases you'll see them cover tight games current slot receivers. Unit got interest instill that unlike. You know most safeties where human element streaming coverage your pitcher do you try to coordinator. You got to put it in no fielder committed beat pats safety or something like that but could. Everybody has senator who cover they got good ball skills and so they've got the got a lot of you play making type ability all that back there. With Drew Brees QB to QB drew what is it like for a player when you go on obviously it's a business but. You you've built related to players is not the first time outs and will be the last new face in some players that you've been associated with. On often decide a ball bear in a good defense to guide you mean mean Malcolm. And you guys had a lot of success are north all of battle on their butt. Is after the game you guys kind of talk and see each other articles I know it's at its all about winning they are different team now but still have a lot of good years of those two guys here. Know that when those guys are not a true professionals are. YouTube that can make you go out or really both vocal. And you know they had great years here we agree you would have won a lot of football games together. You know they've. Moved on unfortunately Katrina we have to play this week you know solid seat I hope we get the win but you know pin today. Those are two great guys and are still expose vote are you should San Diego try to get ourselves. It scolding that their relationship. Now drew doesn't seem that long ago but it seemed like in a hostile environment that. Philadelphia's mistreated the State's well. When you look at Lincoln Financial Field. And part of history the Saints wanna their first road playoff game for the first time back in January to 42014. And there we are remember that and it's special game. I wanna say we scored forty some points and Derrick charm again to Vincent touchdowns and I think their fans were leaving and Canada third quarter but does that help like. When you reflect on you career just a venue that you playing at that ball we've had. Has success here in that and you just feel comment that it didn't matter of an hostile Lamar we go here we can win. Yeah I mean it quite usual direction confidence but other different you know different teams different times you know it doesn't. You on that affordable value within that time you know but at the most part seem so important there two years ago. You know so it's I got a fresh bases with you know. No experience there but you try you must feel for what it's like what that a car could be like you know court great and drove it both coached they're not playing no. I'll go that fan base so about you know Q can you appear pretty raucous but it is a great course played two great venue she eagle serve. So legendary organization in the NFL also the size to be followed special audio yeah. QB to QB was brought you by the go auto. So calls auto insurance drew thank you so much of the time to look you in the black and gold Sunday at Philadelphia. I guess thank you thank drew all right this is WW.