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10-9 4:10pm Kristian, Hokie & T-Bob: on the Saints' offensive line

Oct 9, 2015|

Kristian, Hokie & T-Bob talk about Andrus Peat getting his first NFL start in relief of the injured Terron Armstead.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcoming to the Friday edition of the fans in the pro here on WW well and it kind of well dot com along with. Saint color analyst pokey guys done to eat out a career out here at seeing him on crushing Garrick in Phil's start with the injury report for the seat to run on that has been ruled out for this ball game. Interest PC. You know early and often. Well I mean media. Until at that. I've been he was it is the thirteenth player taken in the draft. And yeah he ought to be able to go out there in good company and you know we kind of been lukewarm on him going through training camp. We went live to be get the plays that died in he can't get a few snapped them. The other day against Dallas but now he'll he'll have full ballgame and LT if you invested that pay quietly. Well you know they say yeah. First impressions are area out there is the same there about first impressions and and just eats first impression. On the fan based on music and wasn't necessarily that positive. He knows conditioning was been an issue when camp started. On the scene it would seem that Iraq now at a guy go out there and execute what it will exactly in the interim he's super mean. He's gotten better you've seen him and spot them getting a bit more snaps each game. And well while I mean obviously he's not going to be excused Ron arms it was the highest rated tackle in the higher. And it fell court approval ball focus. I am intrigued to see your it was that was going into this last that you might drop a little bit against Cowboys play yet arm said. Has been great this season about it treat to see what he can do if nothing else by it. I don't know and I felt like I think had a real chance of taking this one counts and they now. Way more puncher guard Tim Alito missing practice he was back today listed as probable. For Sunday's contest and T about we were talking about that yesterday on double coverages the possibility that chance of the Saints would be. Replacing the entire left side there often yeah kind of Tim Alito was not able to go with. What would it when he's listed as probable it's a good sign and return to the practice field. Listed with a back injury so right now as we know it also honored Thomas Morse that. That quadriceps injury he's been ruled out also for Brandon Fields a better opponent four and here you would expect the shouldn't be too much of a drop off. Well you'd be certainly hope not. In again and eight yet I don't want it to come down to a situation where you know you're honored determines the outcome of the ball game. I mean I think it would be wise to keep the ball away from Darren Sproles whether Connor Thomas morehead or fields that are anybody else. The media got a dangerous return man so in that case tree and you couldn't. You know now I know exactly win the injury happened but as far as putt angles Thomas Morse is not been haven't. This same type year that we are accustomed to. You know a couple of balls that used like where and where does that come from I'm not I'm not talking about the kick off and just talk him out. Strictly upon in you know I think Thomas when he admitted himself that he hadn't. And again I don't know how if this injury has been lingering or what but. They way that that should I mean rate right now I'd put you know the number one concern would be out of interest piqued reform. In place to turn on aren't. Do those injuries you heard Toronto aren't set out for the Sunday against the Eagles is that change RD creature confidence in the wind kicked against the Philadelphia Eagles final four to 601878. Tech city seventy. 87 for an offensive line tee about that struggled at times running the football and protecting Drew Brees. When you left tackle out for this ball game he certainly. He did it decreases year oh they've had a lot of will lose. That a lot of positive momentum that is now armed commentaries I think they actually improved. Every game maybe saved him big game between the remembered that game against Tampa Bay. For whatever reason but I but I really like their last two are real like especially in this game means Cowboys held by the fourth quarter. The Dolphins liners really dictating the pace to be defense. And down I just think it's a bit disappointing proceedings hands win. You'll are starting have maybe a little bit of success and aligned starting to look like this drink. That we thought it was going to be come in his season and that progression is going to potentially grind. To a halt here as you lost the second highest paid position. In the inability outside a quarterback Tom left tackle. Tee bow wave their crushing Jericho he guys on here on the pins in the pro phone lines over point 5042601870. Text and 878 and here to run arms that. Out for this ball in does that decrease your confidence in the saints' ability go to. Philadelphia on the road in get a one get a win against a likewise struggling team and Eagles at 13 Tokyo fan base that. Could turn quickly on that hole at a ultimately. Yeah if things don't I mean if they are turned on them right now I mean they were expecting so much more and I mean accuracy wise it's. Yeah I mean it really is kind of a fun offense to watch. You know appeared. A defense to player on other teams probably not that much fun because you know you'd have a tendency to give them aghast when you're out there but. You know it's. I mean it's it's a tendency ball club the last cup years. You know I mean those are high expectations people there. Expect him to build on that in the end you compound that. Which think in that the NC east is not very good the year and you figured a ten to six record it's. Gonna be if you win to win the conference and not conference but your division. And now they cynical rewarding three. And if running back that we got that he'll lead the NFL in rushing last year can't get me on the line of scrimmage. Our quarterbacks seems confused. Most of the time it's. It's just not work and so. And I'll figure out where their defense is doing anything. Make opposing opting to scared me thing not like the of the been a long time are arguable topic you know with the Browns right rate Q right and things like that led. The Eagles have always been I mean I'm pretty well known for and there. You know is if the team that played solid defense so. All those things factored in and it's a ball only point right now with the fans that we I mean you for you know out might be if things that the fans own age in. And him overboard limit at which you've seen so far and limited snaps. Freighters peaked you think he's ready. Who he was Conant the right tackle position I wouldn't be as concerned AM a year it. There's it's kind of the whole ball acclimated speed he couldn't command. When the rest of the rookies Damian because of the time frame that stand court system client and all I can definitely want to hear yeah I. One of the let that in fact I can't editor at. It was like hit men you know he he wasn't here for VO PA's and I guess he was here for mini camp guys are part of it anyway. They when he goes to training camp they've got they've Koppen all around the offensive linemen yeah both guard both tackle positions. Where you know we went good movement to left that because of arms pit so. I guess they finally decided on right tackle which is not his natural position natural position is left tackle so. You know hopefully. He hadn't gotten into the mindset now were all its depth and everything else is so ingrained at right tackle camp revert back to what teams still in. At left tackle but again. He was the thirteenth player taken in the draft yep Lou second offensive lineman. Rugged second there yeah. I Ambien and I know we no that they are what are your picture Charlie Adams to you know so I mean if you're talking about a lot of players that we're there available for the Saints in the thinks I don't know for him to take heed with that thirteen big. Especially as an offer to Miami had to figure what he's not communion poignant right of way anyhow so. Having said all that. I'm. Going to be only optimistic this to take an interest Pete could play well. And and you know and I think they're going to be they're they're never going to game plan. Try to help as well where that having the running back come try to help out chips may be tied in. I'm not really trusting him as much as you would Armstead. In a normal game when I think all of those teams go a long way. Towards making him more on that first circuits you can guarantee. That the Eagles are you know they're they're going to try to attack your brother or try to take advantage. As you now as far as whether I think he's ready or not. I don't I mean at a I had I really do we still don't know it this far right it's like yogi said you can just choose to be optimistic he can choose to be pessimistic. But the reality is no one knows but we're going to find out just go back. It was a two on opposite firstar against Carolina Taylor had in the first half he really struggle against Greg Hardy now one of the premier. Pat structures in the NFL and great party in his best years yet career best and he settled down all over the second you're gonna see. I would like. I need characters say he'll have his moments where it you'd have taken advantage of a young rookie in the but I think. As it settled in and talk to him earlier this week today in the locker room he said he's actually more comfortable playing that left tackle spot because. It's not a change in your stance because he played left tackle high school and college so he feels more comfortable. Out there right now as far as knowing the assignments and some of the games they're gonna run out for being passed those off. You know we'll see how much of fact that it gets to do them well and we. The human to pass things off actually last game one reps he got at left tackle when arms it out. He failed to come off the twisters early shouldn't native he greeted he would be cleans up that the only the only scary day. About playing left tackle and no inflating Cotchery is committed to worry more natural position. That even the worst pass rusher you will face wit your plate let deck the worst batter catcher you'll face in the lead is still the best on the team. Which means there's still one of the best pass rushers in the entire world and he batted speak about it to sabathia gone in oh god. Without God's done maybe he's one of the top in the league as well. But this is it's kind of one of those seekers when moments and at least though your duty to throw in your thirteenth overall pick in its not bright players this season just kind of try to bridge that gap like. It's it can also be a barometer. For Pete to grow on news four. He got a very hokey guy John cursing Carriker the fans in the pro. You're Toronto arms that out for this ball game against the Philadelphia Eagles it'll be Andrus peat at left tackle this. That that the creature confidence in the Saints going up to Philadelphia in getting went five before 260187. Texan 87870. The fans of the pro want to read it well enough and and a cup. Fans of the pro here hokey guy John. Tebow later crushing Garrick in you know four seats and at Philadelphia on Sunday yeah South Carolina and LSU. Tomorrow on Death Valley game moved Tolkien. You got and I were talking about this throughout the week on double coverage which is everything it's going on in South Carolina would. Flooding etc. it's tough moment for for the community and we can relate to that. And we kind of wanted to start regret would have a grassroots effort you know tiger fans there are very. Very paction. And they typically boo the opposing team coming in. The Tiger Stadium but for this instance it it's okay to give them around fought here. I mean look be accommodations had to be made on both sides I mean from what I understand they they're looking for. You know even more flooding coming from the streams and Rivers their thing out and all that stuff that you know. Just a runoff and so it sounds to me like there you know they gonna experiences another bout of it being not as bad as it was the first go round but. If you're talking about a lot of people living in this period apartment thing that that would normally be at the football game that you know an actor would be out. You know possibly. Know saving lives are patrolling and doing whatever they can't so I mean it was said that. Certainly. The right decision to make it I guess they tried possibly be didn't where they can play it somewhere else but. Looked of people need the L if you Ian I mean they had to make some. Arrangements as well. Will and I and I tonight and I going Atlantic like we thought. Really so what is about 60s60000. The end okay we really optimistic you know with the unit Dave price put 8085 and there what's what's interesting is that mean. Belichick today and in the end the excellent if you write reports or talk about this the other day if as right here except that you ever you kind of and he let him there was no way that this. Game was going to reach a neutral site. Win as you it's he's talks are raised our camps are to rise Alice you could say look we have hotel rooms. You know where parties set up we can comedies like. What how're you going to make it easier to go played at neutral site is that you're talking about two teams movie and all of their equipment to team and all of their fan base so. You're welcome in the U loads up on end of that urge absolutely Kristi you hope. That McGinest being an ovation during introductions that are notes that you hear them during the game. Quit but make an effort outside the game outside the actual sixty minutes or he stepped on me and you have just been. Once we chose instead susceptible to freeze there is some free food free for handshake whatever and just BP maybe extra time. This week is this is Kampman you'll see a lot of people around these parts can empathize. Run him in the Bill Ray in man and will you guys to lead off at that news headlines with Jimmy and Joseph. Okay guys on T about a their crushing Garrick it's the fans of the pro on the B to B well enough but the outcome. Run amended bill thanks for your patience your on W to draw a run. On line to. It felt good score Ohio there was a run. Now more semis chaotic so they come when we drafted eightieth. Could be older older wiwa. All week we got war we can Annika and you can teach chief spot on the line to keep it will be an older then held on to obviously this how left tackle. Wise yeah I think the that the plant probably was it for the in the start Mata right tackle but he had that versatility go play. A left tackle in the if you needed to Okie you know to an opinion the situations like you're seeing right now Toronto aren't that mean that. That we were probably. The line I think NA ME eat when you take again first round I mean you look at for him be a replacement for somebody soon. So I don't know whether it was in the plan. Totally for this year but yeah I would have to think that. It was probably. Street that they were looking to replace because. I mean they they knew what they had with Armstead. Oh and Agassi takes him out that this around draft time but where it in the beat writer on the conversation but they believed in speed. From a talent stand point yeah one day he will be. One of the great kind of cornerstone tackles in this leak into it that guys available. Sometimes yet taken that was the best on their border when it up on the left tackle or right tackle theoretically that. That's great as a matter via split right down goes out its arms that is now if you have bookends like down. Yeah that is collecting yet and a young Clinton what talent that point yeah whatever it's worth in the Saints to a team you know there wasn't an outcry from. You'll male piper yeah go to via holy cow what is he doing here you know way it was you know. Apparently by all rating systems there and you know and beat which ranked up there pretty high Yevgeny Shelton go on the pick before. The Cleveland really kind of I think. They were hoping that the NHL would fall out there. Yeah I think so absolutely I mean there in the unions haven't done that than for another. But as boar has that suited up if Rogers. Think about how that how much that helps the quarterback transition that'll take place in the next couple years. If both your left him rights battle lines are you know made it yet to Stutz right there. Any young quarterback make it brought in ways transition will be. Run these salesmen. Iran any else. I guess on day Rain Man familiar on W go within the pro ray on the all right so then and there we have it. 504260187. Yet. First you up well for now have beat him and never heard that it happens all the girls or whatever it's like there are other like. He said has it is the first island. So again I happen in the 5042601878. Texted 87870. And you'll hear from off at the tackle. Toronto often being you'll hear from meters he hears a little bit about the possibility of him starting he's gonna start with Jauron said being out. He's gonna start at left tackle the Saints face the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field in. Hokies one of the most days we enjoy just because. It's a bit of a Rocky. Raucous atmosphere and it immediately and the way they can read an opposing teams it's if yeah ever. Instead of away mean at this kind of motion that I'm balls. Middle finger at one next time Dixie hold it up it's like it's some sort of leader a lower something in the newspapers it's like you're number one OK. Right to welcome the city of broad yeah exactly. Well remembered cup years ago we played the playoff game there that we had. Cannot walk toward the stadium. You know you can we read in with the team U is led off right there. Him out a little bit concerned about that all but I think it the field Eagles fans were. They were so excited playoffs in in one million others that it wasn't. They probably work in all that much attention. Flyers though he come off the term by around when you drive into the stadium and you sure you'd you'd notice that several times but the fans line the fans lined up there. Do like he bounces here now or or one year they exit the bus in and ask any better all that matters. No. And all that I ever did in Philly fans there battery AG teachers and missed that span the history. I. But I mean these youngsters. 1011 year old youngster at any they start them early yeah. But I mean you know. Tradition. It. It's. It's better. Yet why not that that that will not be the case. The and we Jackson Peters. Be flat in the first time I saw analysis by ever count looking back you go on. It's Sammy seeing in your roles. Behave that way it was really. Appalling to me and but you know but yeah like that's the big deal. It's not like you know the Cowboys that you Giants that had to go up at the Redskins. You know they active faith at least once a year. Yeah I've been to Philadelphia. Guess maybe four times maybe five times since 1981. So it's it's it is a unique experience and you know I mean they'd. Referred to point their venom at the visiting team. But it don't take a long as Paterno Merrill. I believe me. Have been Santa clause that they're just there election already has their rabid Sean Payton put bull's eyes on the team bosses have that playoff game and point fourteen. Kind of have some fun with with the fans tell me that if you gotta throw aches at least that the Bulls and well. Saints should know and like he said to your point because of the current. If pitcher of that city of it right now and how you chip Kelly's system will get into more protect laughing at an all ineffectual. If the Saints do you manage to start a lot. His job bottom early at stadium will firm yet that yet they have means is they'll sit there and mailed to all chemistry of Kelly in. Sam Brad who's currently out DeMarco Murray it doesn't make any difference today. And they should prepare all nineteen YE NB you know and then as the Saints squad feel you might be able to use that year ban. Ray Amanda goes back pay ray Iran WB well. Good good. Burnett actually wondered who much I'm on the Chris and then Cuba or more in joy. The bunker and one of them real what you guys have to. Do management say. I don't. And no question during. We had billboards. Great bands and part of fight along now. I think the whole water then the stadium's gonna get home run applause and allow. You know what we need to bridge so good you don't like to suggestions made by the previous talk show host with that went to quiet. Yet the Tigers Tuesday that is huge. Should not happen doesn't need that. Should we can do this and relishing. It. It and you know. Good. A league goes. You know we shall and that's what you know two years. Well yeah you know it's it's probably put on people on the challenge to bring some more. You do art yeah. Local and once once the game is kicked off. It all there at that point Ottawa couple mean I. Liked by. That. Act like. Line. The why there's. Oh well which you ought to play tweaked. Ever. When you go to South Carolina and actually penalized. Just trying to comedy and help this game. Yeah they had the venue they need to do that you need to play of the game although they are there other ways there are ways that the LSU fan base and it. The university can express their empathy for fourth the folks itself on community and have. Yes they have they will. There would be Red Cross spots to do it and it it is all the profits went up like likely code set agrees that. There and fight song ought to it's it's going to be kind of different I think you're kind of on the type that is the only disappointing part about being in that awkward is that. I heard rumors that Jacksonville was offering. For it to be played there which means that. We barely missed a chance to watch game from and a usually low on her shot on outshot John Jack Jackson a bone area and what does that stadium and that I've always. Wanted it to chill that we have that you would Vanilla go go. Oda I would definitely have out at somebody you'd bottle basement suite Tweety being whatever I would have been in that like it. Aki here he's bad I couldn't tell Pete he ended to a yell FBI I cats from the pole absolutely. If if martini and peavy. How about Margarito whatever and aunts and you know who played Autry got his day chill there braves' Omar right in the left elect somewhere in the mix. Watch the game. Get a good luck with that she left that she. Energy that it will ever get back in my life and into the game. Okay guys Tebow they there Kristian garic you're fit in the pro American Slidell and you to a final four to 601870 Texan 87870. It's WL IMF and knock them. Fit in the pro here on W well I am confident that county about it there hokey guy John crushing Garrick here. Phone lines open at 5042601870. Texan 8787 if you're on hold us sit tight choppy. Talked to you I understand at least a note on the streets as you DJ. Cons Super Bowl parties you've obviously very excited to hear it he bobbled it. Is that via what are the world is damage dot com I don't know mobile park shut B you'll hopefully tells you guys to lead off. Next hour but. Toronto Armstead rule out for this match up for the Saints against the Eagles does that decrease your confidence. And the Saints getting a win against Philadelphia interest Pete will play left tackle for the new world saint thirteenth overall pick number one draft pick. In some extended time on the road this Sunday. It's the fans in the pro ought to be to be well IMF and dot com.