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10 -19 The Think Tank 1110am,Spring Field Wellness & Open Lines

Oct 19, 2015|

What if business holds the answer to addiction, depression & post-traumatic stress? We’ll talk to doctors, scientists & hospital administrators who think that may be true. This hours guest: Dr. James Watson - Gilbert Keegen - Father of one of the patients and author of the book "HELP" Paula Norris - Co-Founder of Springfield Wellness

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are welcome back we you're speaking. Thinking about spring for a while and sooner did include the private counseling. In Springfield we Jim Webb told insuring millions Tom long before a big in the spoke experts and had among the shrewd friend requests to the new boots. Everybody posts from that it froze depression. Drug addiction alcohol addiction. Saying to doing. When we went through there are several little or no withdrawal and had no urged to return to drugs. And I told the owners Paula nor her husband doctorate and dignity. I didn't believe good and and when we went through virtual had a big big maids and jarrah about. The court. About green fluid. Concoction my wife. Founded in made up for me was killed and seven of the untouchables. Arab in the area of your answer. And I'm dog like theater isn't solved some really big you know problem. And she said what's that and I told him she says what we do we use. Is not parole ended the main ingredient Nugent is something called in they. We have Paul whether we Gilbert Keegan followed one of the patients author of the book L. And also doctor Jane Watson from California. Doctor. Hecht is in the. Garland the easiest way to understand any key is that a natural compound that your body normally make. But unfortunately. In people too are addicted to substances. And in normal aging. This your body does make enough of this. It's not a drug it's natural and that your body makes it better when your body doesn't make enough it cannot silence genes. There are needed to be silenced too silence the withdrawal symptoms. So even though an ideas abbreviation. On the easiest way to think this is it's much like some of the bite and become counts. The differences citizens and vitamin is something your body cannot. And that's why it's called life but in Haiti is something actually date your body makes but it doesn't make enough. And that's why we don't call them by. At any AD is something that when it's given intravenously. And silent the genes. Bed produce the withdrawal symptoms and we believe that also can silence the genes that cause the cravings. And that is what is so unique about it there's no drug is able due Garland. Both for a good appalled or go back to go over you mentioned something about but we're. Why had this thing taken all coach warden that happens and my experience. Has been I've had good through and called me and then I think loosened troop early break. And suitable got a bad problem in repair a moderate group with a victory and our goal was and depressed from water over. We'd like to comb and mutual and talk about it. And always do and I've done those show but also always say you know. Every errors Springfield within a month they're doing over that yeah now that that slipped cutting interest in. In the lancet and and one of them and won't mind are we good for. Is former football player. Mug probably hundred couldn't cautions. Over his career. Went to two addiction clinics and problem. Finally talked to me and to Springfield. And it not only quote cured him. It cured him within a couple of days and and he was in as bad as he. And I I had talked to friends of mine in in the NFL in said. It. If there it is up big old if this brilliance some thing. That can were birch. The problem to have in actions. Then it fell insurance companies ought to be all over this right what you were thoughts as to why. This this have been have to go on like while. Bullet could you'll. I think one of the reasons is that. And a lot of people who are afflicted. With addictions of one kind or another as it talk about it. So if you can't get and the patience to talk about it themselves. Even to their closest family members. And then and that begins to hit it there understanding and their willingness to engage in some constructive for all about it. And I don't know the first thing about it diction what do they observed. With my daughters and. It's just not one of those things that. Now I would say this with. With mass media talking about so many subjects that we never. Heard about on television and radio and. Of course in print. And sometimes we're really sorry we see them in the way they're talking about decent but nevertheless I think it's beginning to open up. The willingness of people to talk about very critical issues in their lives and I think that this is it began. I really think the committees are pioneers. I think people like doctor Watson and all these people that are gonna come to Natchez. You know they didn't have enough of this sense of the science. So they're very very interment. The thoughts. Little girl I first of all line. Disclosed that I have no financial interest in the spring until all the clinic war in promoting. This treatment. I'm doing as permanent because I have seen every adult and I absolutely and damage fine. The real home as this position Garland is I am supposed to prescribe. Drugs. And that drive capped the FDA approved. And the problem is that any ideas not a drug it's a natural compound. And the FDA does not certify work. Approved natural compounds. And so it's not that he has he is against this treatment it cheers her on. Indian business. Approving compounds that are after that's one problem the second problem is. Here is that most people get here information about treating addiction. From either their doctor. Or from things they see unamortized. And when a drug company has a direct eight Chappell blocked and we've all seen them on TV we have here and boundary. And because this is not a drug there is no big company it is marketing. This treatment. So I think the FDA is not able to approve this because it's not a drug. There is no big company marketing this as they do drugs. And more. Important because it's a natural compound. No one can patent it. So it's not a trap double compound so this discourages investors. From investing in aid treatment. Bet they cannot. Provide exclusively. So I would say part of the problem and yet here partner prominent doctors test and part of the problem is is that our patents as. System goes all out attack. A natural product. Early interest in our Olympic break year when we come back both talked Paula Norris one of the owners to bring wellness. And if if you have parkinson's. Somebody you know suffering from the news. Debilitating disease that thing killed hold on huge human and I believe it would troop funded in pursuing. And dial. Give a little personal reflection while. In so convinced that they have something. That the medical community and the insurance community. The world ought to know about double drug. Talking about spring through wellness center and their spokesperson. Group that reviews station. Or for Italy's I think it was almost a year I had bemoaned showed true through two opens its spokesman. I was mr. negative and believed that over the years what obscene. What have gone through. Called me to believe that end. Bring guerrillas holding a big Sylvan beating in that Jews Thursday October 20 months ended November birds. And that got people content from all over the world I mean. Sciences doctors hospital administrators. Addiction specialist unit in the where about doctor James Watson with a from cal or do we have but he Gilbert Keegan and Apollo group of ancient to a privilege given the Pope went through march bring bill you'd written a book called help him we have all the Norris. Paula a more compelled people's never told him. Went through a period of about seven weeks where the boy it's just disappeared it would way. God quote medical treatments prompt some very good doctors. Saw a very slight improvement but it certainly. Not enough to be understood. And I went to you and your husband doctor about a year and said guys you'd think this would help me and vote could be said. We don't have any idea group we've never pre heated discussion and I spent eight days would be eight to ten over today. And so what I considered. Miracles on a daily basis. And at the end of that we all said well that's come back a little bit by bit not much couple of days later at the boards came back. Now. You're talking about some patients that are blocked and there. We've parkinson's. And blood to juicy. Like in a guy on. I. I hate to use the word miracle that so over used and what we're dealing that I can tell you that it is it was astounding. And where we're getting reports from other people who are also using. Our system. Check out other parkinson's patients and other parts of the country. We have a gentleman how men. Who came in with his life who could not sign his. Admission papers. He could not sign his name. When he wouldn't hold it sort of it would fall off. He hit his hands in his pockets because they were shaking so bad. And it was that last resort which it is sort of what we've seen him and a number of situations. People do come when it comes to us. After they tried a lot of other options. But that it's hard to say because it doesn't sound like it can be true but it's the absolutely. True. This man with one half day. Treatment. Has that tremors. Stop. Now doc brought up the win when you hear that your doctor yours saw it and you know opening improve your interest in spring. Medically and science lives that shields anecdote that I don't mean the guys could have some government. And your route that took a look at the numbers are way bud. While I've always told. Ms. Norris and doctor Medea and it may be anecdotal boo when there's no door answer. Shouldn't sell it's take a look. Absolutely Garland and you know I want to encourage all of your listeners today if they're really interest in this. To learn about the. Science and an AT and we're going to talk about some plausible. Explanations for how and they he works. At this conference so I really we don't have enough. I'm. On the show girl and to explain exactly how any even worse that we have some scientist coming. From as far away as Australia. Who are going to be showing scientific evidence. Experimental studies have been done and vote animals and humans they showed it in eighty level he Klein with age. And we know that the number one risk factor for parkinson's receipt is aging. You don't think Parkinson and young people and so he. The idea and ideal levels being low and parkinson's patient contributes to the beauty. It's completely scientifically plausible. And we will discuss several mechanisms and explain. Say you're absolutely right in matters until. We get a clinical trial we cannot claim. Back. And they dean makes a difference for parkinson's they aren't seeing patients might sell. Who would have the same dramatic results. Would an idea now I want to clarify one thing Garland I'll ones treatments traction. A day or a weaker Bernanke is not going to cheer number. For the rest of their life instead they're running out to be treated again and again. Like. Anyone. Who has conditions and so will there this means possibly booster. Treatments down the line in May mean complete. Another session multiple basic treatment. Let them play here and there appears very strong scientific evidence and it end at any level they Klein. And and let me let me get this that night. And all we both go to Bode Miller they give that put mode and then not big into remission on this some. Okay on this element. The equipment the equipment to the patient you want. Did command verse six is the treatment and he is coming in from periodic boosters. There about three or four weeks apart now. So we are following up we're learning as we go with him but that's the case. That relate to him. The summit is again. A place where people who are skeptical can come. And alarm about the science that we have at this point in time. Ladies and gentlemen thank you so much and protecting you from losing a at the in the field Silva is inaccurate there in October when the notes Monday November per. Bring the world thank you wall and they were. Thanks very much. You're bored word finger about this half hour of our privilege bar opinion poll covered up you know. Asking is it our own prayer to hold gun Sorrell who were tolerable for poor judgment when it comes to an illegal firearms. Surprise probably end and this had been up for a while 60%. Abuse it's fair. Boarded person on the news release its own program here what we're asking the question. The big gun industry here and Rory and and company. A little concerned. Over the jury decision. That I had I don't think it's happened to up to his son what occurred of punishment for a in Milwaukee and what's gotten. Gunshot. However a couple guys comment one older one younger. And the older got it turned out to be booked Nicole straw purchaser. Somebody become gold's been implied to gun for a person that can't get a good news too young forgo. And he bought his gun and video we've been chose these store clerk. Helping. The big guy fill out the forms and explain things helping them gold through the process. End. The lawsuit. Against the go control. Was filed by the city of Milwaukee. And two police officers. That ended up being shocked. With that gone. One were shot. Through the bid Jules. Shattered a bunch of his tee. And one of terrorist brain. And he would retire. And and his Hendrick. And real woman were shot in the shoulder. So. This sort attitude. And a wooden to a jury. Mrs. headline. Was coaching go and sharp ordered pay nearly six million dollars. To be injured police officers. And if you heard Hillary Clinton in these democratic debate. She mentions. That. Gun. Producers. Manufacturers. Gun show. Gun shops. Should have any liability. To whatever occurs without gone needless to say that a lot of arguments against that. But it may have occurred before but I can't find him worried civil suit was filed. And they've put it did for award. Was given. On the base some of the shooting that two police officers. Made that bad Gonchar. Liable. All of this came about. During the George W broach president true ringed with a girl. When everybody Bruins. Pushing for gun control and so much concern over. There was all. And Newt's. Golden Globe that applies. Applies date thing. To do is go shopping and watch in person. Or more interest called bad drought or initially. Inappropriate correctly that was their second name change. Because. More than 500. Firearms. Have been covered from cry and city. And traced back. To that gun shop. And apparently. There is another lawsuit. On Newton of the pollution being shot. Via a gun. From his gun truck. And the trial that read about it federal agents. Saying that gun show should take in more. Precautions. And I think in Horry is concerned and and really men and many others. New wave lawsuits. At least ten new prime and prime reading correctly. And it's all the conducted 2005. Law called the protection. Of civil calmer. In forms acts. And this went through jury and the judge told the jury that finding of liability for negligent. Most news levels by the preponderance. Of the government's. Not beyond a reasonable doubt. So who else would saying even though the flow sued news at a forum out of booby your roots. And a lot of concern. He adds it's. The first time this is either happened in recent history. Good and funded the war. And news it's going to be very interesting practice what do you think. When when I've read it. You know if you. If it got mixed loads in your hand that. I would seek to liability. On the gunmen and your picture. But if somebody steals your car. And killed somebody when you're crossing the street. I I had trouble. Finding the liability. In the lips it's directly tied to you. Now the question news. If you believe could go and should be more control and an absurdly. Willing to listen to the debate over. On liberals have gone she rose or gun shots because I don't totally understandable wall or the issues. But on the liabilities. Side call me and explain to me why you think. This gun shop should have been held lie. 200187. Double bill brigade celebrities immoral 53 at that. It. We're gonna get about something I've seen Inca saying from the reading up on a rarity. In the last decade deterred or trial. Over being able to sue gun shop. And there were a straw boss that Wednesday. Person or little bug and by lives ago and not put themselves put somebody younger than in that doesn't want. And food shop cut sued by two policemen. And the city of Milwaukee. Because they're younger men Gupta gunshot to please one through the place. A matchup as you all. Damage is bring a tire. Over Charlton shoulder. It went to a jury trial I think that's what the rarity in news and the jury said ma'am six million dollars and bind to the policeman. And the concern I think with the general ray and those are GeMS in the government. And let me bring Britain and they're just concerned about losing their concerned about. Virtually in the form of gun control. Or getting growing concern Kurds in the aftermath. There have been ten other lawsuits filed. That's got to go out in public until what do you think Philip. It is that. An accurate liable for. It's got several W go buy a book called pay scale sport they did drop kill somebody. You believe that factor. Ago and should. We can these people. OKU. Or why. When it. And I think. People accountable. And ought to give prison. Are you ought to be. A little bit. God god would who's suing but about to go and shop. You should sit on manufactures. Gone are now. So this does god want them to grouchy bunch. And at the end are so cute at all and that wrote these mortgage optional. Where. A hard. Let me to do this jury what that thing Rachel woods video from the and file of the war. The straw bureau by news there of the younger guys standing next. The younger guys says that that's the one of war on. And he helped his rear end. Allowed to breed form and this war color. So old school and on and help them reluctant to great form I think. Hillary. You should've realized that he was buying it for the care of the blues and oh. And draw. And seeing. It. Because. OK okay each. They'll all ballpark OK you people. But you can't go. Out if you want. You know that there are. It is. And their. Got trimmed I've got should think understand. Or Brett should be doing at the next hour. Well thorough of this back and the thing didn't do a lot of chances to go through the whole thing. Your thoughts donors have 01 did somebody give me detects big celebrity celebrity deuces dubbed Tokyo. Are borrowed thank you Nevada a gun drop. End of Morgan continued human. Into the next half power iPad. Any number of people say you are huge loads are more throws on gun control have always said. Blue shoes on guns and brokers that supported this debate. 300 million plus guns up there could be a bird Billie giving back so there ain't going to be no control. Now buying in to me I don't know of warrior may be so bud. For the spurs suddenly celebs couple decades I'm buying. A trial jury. Takes on big gun shop. Of whose garden they and so we Jews who shoot two policeman. And said there. Guilty of liabilities six million bucks. What do you think. Juicy Gerald 170. Double dubbed it.