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10-27 6:10pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints and Pelicans

Oct 27, 2015|

Bobby & Deke talk with Brett Dawson of the Advocate on the Pelicans' opener against the Warriors and take calls on the Saints.

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And good evening welcome to our number three or sports talk next now it's all NFL talk on to tonight we go around the National Football League highlights from the past weekend's action and we set up this week's action. In the NFL but this hour it is opening night in the association the National Basketball Association. And the both in the Big Easy is that to New Orleans pelicans could be a team that is a threat in the west this season how much of a threat to wait and see if everything they need. Just communicate experience and mature. As a young ballclub pelicans 45 to 37 a year ago and lost in the first round. To the eventual champion Golden State Warriors and their last game gets cold if they bought the first game this season. As a player oracle tonight in that they're in the Atlanta televised game as Golden State attained. New war tomorrow night that they'll all the road at. Portman the will preview the season and tonight's game. 260187. That you make like this at 87878. There are fourteen the national football conflicted football they have three or four records after seven games the Philadelphia Eagles into all of Saints. The Washington Redskins. And defending conference champion Seattle Seahawks. All of those or will one of them make the playoffs. Vote online at WWL. Dot com locked into this out makes an infant in BA. Also the World Series game one tonight fall classic Kansas City entertaining the New York Mets in the LSU Tigers a week off before their big showdown a primetime showdown. At Alabama. To the phone to go uptown new ones for Andy Andy good evening thank you for calling WW. Well thank. You poll them on that and you'll. You know. In my mind real talent yet the NB yeah I think he couldn't say well. Who that player in the league likely you know who won't impact you the most. Economy begins a year ago it might take it. After the after the first week that here. But it is not what is wrong I'm not. Much or Eagles game and I. How would last year we hear about Cowboys. Yeah. Eat out he was injured or her at that and from that point. The Cowboys get hit on it real calm and one weak link can now be. Now the other one year and that this here in east. Is Eller. And what you had him in that beat you mom you you're not a whole changing in terms of the team speed being in the covered don't. That quote. Don't tackle and that's. I mean he went everywhere he stayed healthy. You know it opens up everything else and the like and think it did they change that and pagan is probably the best. One not Cullen beat double reverse to Reggie Bush actor I mean. You've got Sean Payton a lot to meet you own worst enemy sometime and I think a lot of the ball that on saint had slipped out. When I was here and even though it's on fallen in love with certain players given up too much for. And I that you need. Now happen now I haven't eaten it because I think Jeff Ireland I got kind of hard right now yeah I think our Ireland is kind of like you know at that basic in the draft. And it went after you know we went to the basic things that make and that each and me. Ever happen mark as well. You know what yeah that second round draft should jolly is in combat he and I. Hit a column every once in awhile. That damage had been thing. On all of Wheldon got to learn later this year a moment not apology was the economy for the media and Andy you're exactly right and you know right now you would have to say I mean c'mon let's face it. We went you have an offense that size like the Saints in a promising youngster all in steals that you get a gas name Elin being returned. The most overwhelming majority of people in somebody who says that they didn't they do it worth that to us. Callable football parity in the golf until they knew that they know he was in college but the majority of people over a majority Google it well who was that. But now you see their move comes in gets those moves the eighth coach who is that. Well who's that guy witty come from the older type of moves over the course of the season that little want to that the most important here right now. This new scouting department Bobby with the draft and the people they've bought him at all season they get way more hits than misses label hits in this is right. Right indeed we haven't talked about this that and I'm not let this slide. Because it could come back Wendy made the playoffs or not win a game in. You Cano forward. The missed field goals and what I mean by that that would then to me. I'd say 42 on in muted top kickers in the as the kick you won you anime dad knew damn sure came this extra points but. You don't look at it for back. Now if these ticket but he keeps telling me is that they gonna call in Ky four scheme in agony before bad habit if you look he was released about a redskin. Andy outlook didn't need his fifth is 69 on bugle fifth at 72%. Thought no fog address them but you know what. Cannot afford to happen that's the only time we talk about a Mitchell had paid was all over the damn old snapper Justin Dresser. Yeah and it take it upon the top Dietz never not employed in the NFL I'm tried to make this thing I need an eight merely better. If you look on that big extra point it's amazing accounting we got the ball now. He's that the light weight behind him and he did spun the laces of for the kick nobody in that miss it because it was rush inaudible is almost bounced on. Know you never talk about the deep snapper because you have to be perfect weather it's. Punts field goals. Extra points but big he's struggling. And I'm I'm a column out just in treasure because we need him. To be perfect and not causes to gain because a bad snap and I know Sean Payton and let him know that. But right now though Kahne had that make it's it's it's at that position. There's a reason Bobby when you listen to national broadcast and on the flip chart the three most important positions on special team all the Senna. The holder. And at the snapper the holder in who'd kickers that's and it at all at all if all we don't go click. You hit a best blocking on each side of the other other snappy you want is not a work in well I already. That's why panels Medicare believe in this and other extra point but I if you watched the replay. That this that was horrendous. I mean he cannot afford to have that because it's. He's still got to make that in order adjusted you can but you need to be clicking I guess to be automatic and it all starts at the snap. Iran against your hand on line to thank you for calling did you give you Iran. Iran Sosa or Iran. Ronnie today. I want to Iran all overall comeback you also is in a previous brings. He's Bobby Hebert had Deke Bellavia and the pelican tonight taking on the Golden State Warriors wait to see the pale it's in the west they are legitimate threat. All it's still too much Golden State in what about the reload its berth LaMarcus Aldridge and one man turned down any guarantees a guaranteed. Thirteen million more dollars. To come to San Antonio and he just out of the Johnny come lately he's one of the best players in the league in data west. If you thought the Spurs look good when they've got the better this offseason. The hall to put out the San Antonio Spurs that's all that our own division with every team in the south with the music is expected to make the wealth again. This year this is sports talk on their peak at Uga. Well the LSU Tigers have the week off. Big week in state college football this week. The Southern University Jaguars still account as they pace with the red hot Graham and grab a thought it over to they've won six straight games. They're ranked second in the national black college football poll well a lot there. They take call this a week Ingram has weakened Al southern battles a very key match up. Alcorn State is what these two teams play in the sweat championship a year ago. And seldom Bobby a lot of people don't know who don't keep up comical Bobble when the draft comes around. It was certainly he spoke with mr. Willie queens. He has become Bobby the most dynamic special teams returner in all of college football not just if he had. But all of college football he did it again the other night about returning the opening kickoff 96 yards for a touchdown it's his sixth career return for a touchdown. Tied for the football team to sub division you know by Hampton's Jerome Mathis if Quinn has five touchdown returns this season. For all pit calls you want all part return Bobby if you want to. Return away from tying the AFC a single season record in about bush Jim Leavitt then poked eastern Washington course meant to Montana state. In the wrong band of Florida you know Willie aquarium Bobby will definitely. Professional football and that is an art when you can do it at a youth picnic with special teams. That young man's got a few to the National Football League. No big game especially teams I don't hear any level. When you got two great teams are two teams in bunches. Especially teams. Could influence obviously an outcome that I can be the case Alabama LSU. I have to you know Alabama and then the right about there's special teams know they don't they LSU brought out not not real good at all about right so but boy you don't wanna lose a game and because of that. Whether it's a given of a big return. Our artists. A missed field goal now domain what the ideas and missed it. So we when you look at that in peca. And if and correctly what it takes its are about that use them pretty precise on though and for bad I'm still gonna column format not force game until May be. He would miss a couple. He was sixty of 69 not fifty. Of 69 it's a big difference at that time period at the big that as a yes. That is that is seven it did if he's ever present and I guess that I I don't blame him after when you saw. And on all the the Saints fans watch in the game at home if you you know look at that snap it was it was terrible so that heavily influenced him miss and an extra point. We need more bad. To come up huge because it's got to come down the pairing NFL is gonna come down to if he's okay good arrested as season. In might be 12 games who goes by to be more that you got to making game winning kick. To win the game and we need that it. And Bobby this week's AFC as coaches poll at least they come in at number seven at 70 moving up two spots. Our other Louisiana schools at Grambling is ranked it 48 in southeast is at 49. In the days weeks if he has. Coaches poll and also about Theo coming up Woody Allen who's stumble water to Jackson the way there's got to be as there is data is double wide on the stats if he has oh Nicole for Carolina is not one. Article to vote April for a property over Devoe wanna to. Well all of those what has seen legacy you've been off your Auburn what did all on though is that they outplayed the Auburn Tigers. And oh yeah and I don't think so yeah I'm not appear to be asked I don't know how vague that couldn't beat a top team. Andy another solid common steam Sam Houston they always there of their I think there like number ten. So there and he's been badly in the BC when Ilya they were at one point you know closing its that it made a good finish and a sequel to an assistant up while their flattered to. In there at number two in happy with the victims two losses to QB right right. So when you look at mag knees Sam Houston. And now saudis the solid conference beat the hell is gonna have a couple of teams you know ranked in the top twelve a competing for national championships you have to attack it three accumulated. Three teams in the playoffs back in southeast and I think in Houston. To appeal springs for aired on line 3:8 good evening thank you for calling Debbie Debbie radio. He got hurt but at the bit about Jimmy give credit outlook pass. I I have yet Ellis about being. It is. But it they'll say and I. Thought well I well. The manner that incredible partner at the Boller. Do you incredible part. But. I thought I thought. Why. Wouldn't be a lot higher. The pot well you. How do we know he hasn't figured out today yeah I had they probably could be devoted special teams drills and and who knows right now lose on a roll there might be just wanting at the focus is on kicking. Good because they pick of the day at a high level and you and he might be a better a more consistent putter. Leave because it is they and I got a note the who's waiting in the wings and an Australian punter. It's like. But the lead at the bottom line is you gotta get the production and consistency there. And now we were kind of worried Deke in the pre season we talk about this in August. By the consistency is Nancy last season of the field goal kicker. While what did you extent of it that that has been not even a top well. And I know you YouTube people will be at a home beat a burden or bad news but you know elections if fortunate and that the way they've recovered and what they've done special teams while we're two very uncharacteristically a list miles coach Bob took a special teams they go step on the field. Well over 90% of the time game they've played they've got to beat that team with this team department. If they don't tighten things up cause I go back on this that the conversation to have coach miles. It bullet the first eight conversations we have we were talking about special teams coach talk about how we need to improve and move forward. And I don't know if they've got the better I'll I'll think there is consistent and they would like beat. Man these this the last two games you don't wanna be sit back and a special teams era culture an opportunity to advance the championship yet. Ago and we go at La. We get a kick out Parra walked on the hour and a spot where. I'm at bat so I thought. I. A ride in. All right if they can bear much through 601870. He protects the city 78 step up next is opening night in the association in BA gets things tipped off. And the New Orleans pelicans are act that Golden State boys in prime time I'm 32 appears set at thirty on the West Coast. As it's lawless and Golden State TNT will preview that would nicks W video games time to strip 630 at first lute. At least I have it all. It depends. And welcome back. Hello educate you can't have Bobby Hebert I'm Deke Bellavia in his opening night in the association night at the Golden State Warriors the defending champion entertain routinely knocked out in the first round the New Orleans pelicans. Brett Dawson who cub with the pelicans for the advocate in the advocate dot com doctors now Brett. Thank you so much for the Tom demand though. NBA's Western Conference isn't top heavy middle having all the way of me give you gonna have legitimately twelve teams. At least in fighting for 48 playoff spots and Eagles have a couple good teams if not three that are left out. Yeah I think that's true you're certainly gonna happen pretty stiff competition you'd think that global. In the west so teams that are maybe 891011. I don't think their quite a stronger last year you're gonna have a balanced team drop off -- world and drop way off. On and I don't know that Phoenix that you talk kind of step into that bubble quite yet I think because the good team Columbia a playoff contender I'm not sold on Phoenix in the playoff contender. So I think elect is still it it's it's still by far the superior conference it's a great conference is loaded at the top. Five teams in the west. All have a legitimate shot to win the NBA title might be that you get a little bit of a drop. By. Now Brett kick it all to see that tonight and that look at all the injuries the pelicans are dealing wit. And what is your take I don't know they could start looking at the schedule Olin three Indy still could maybe be heading in the right direction and know it's a long season but. Just break down the beginning. Of the season you know everyone's focused on football but now these games count is that pre season but when hitting about the top. Schedule obviously to start the season in the appellate easily when injuries and how they might be hard pressed to get off to a quick start. It turned it up and it doesn't stop this week any legal they twice in the first you know we compete you put them tonight where it began here in Portland on. Saturday you got to up our airport and in between winnable game at Portland. You know you're on the second night of back to back the only injury that he'll. Many of sport guys are the guys. Could be out tonight certainly for guys will play. The cut up in the air on on the bat and elected into you'd want you guys bolt could see time but they're very short handed aka leader polity in the second of back to back and so. Look at it Robin Bennett and ish or should I mean yesterday at our possibilities. It's going to be tough but I think you have to look at a couple of things warned attic and well in the first. Marker two entities in a month after harper twenty games based on the record in that last year they got up stretched open he's been in the league. So it is and keep your head above water situation is good you can and that stretched. I you don't wanna do too much damage to your soccer or cracked comeback. Karma. Every evidently back in 68 weeks. That the flip side of start out with a putt at it does eat up in the back happen it certainly comparable and so. There are situations where keep your head above water and it is David. Carrier bet he and and I think they're Gunner can't make them so you know new coach had them. I think yeah we needed a game to keep players confident. Things change but but I think they're in position to be strong. Now Brett looking at what's a realistic let's fans' expectations. When you look. A winning 45 games. Last season you'd think on paper wallow wind morning 45 games when you look it. Also that team expectations that may be. Individual players. Whom ideas who might surprise. If fans this year. And then who also might disappoint I was reading a number of of areas where speaking of disappointment. Of people who follow the urgency the media who follows the pelicans when Eric garden this him maybe that he could be as a point in. And I guess you have to look at numbers shots but but you look at it last year he was second in the NBA three point shooting. Anna basically party 5%. Slightly ahead now these are household names slightly ahead of Debbie curry and Klay Thompson so. That's pretty good category what did you take a look at surprised at fans in maybe not live up to expectations. Well Gordon positioning cases I think in theory you know probably won't shoot well neglect your career year. An and I think he's probably going to be. In a little different position offensively they do a little bit more a lot this year yet good three point shot I think he will be a guy is very effective. You know. It's early because it's hard to get a sense of you we talk about guys and might not fit this system or might not play as well and it might at this point he's in. It's really hard because we just haven't been equally together so we don't have a real sent to them. You know happy Davis is going to be great you know that going to be there. Who Wear the guys around you I think they've got problems. Really is that they just got back court that. Battle is wiped out by injury but now has kind of added the pieces that are really left and it. So you know we we have Jrue Holiday rainy in admitted. When it Nate Robinson gave you what position it can you people on the team yesterday when you view. Just sort of carry you when I when they have to be the guys played point guard going to be their team. On those nights until I get it back I think that where credit problems early with some new pieces. And some guys who really. You know they did it it may have by the kind of. You know throughout the course of a season backed off because that's it is talking about the pelicans and the advocate and it dot com. What guys' roles all all ought developed and being you know I'm open to detonate role you can be like it was a New York. Other day in Boston because he's the guy that you know. 456 minutes here. He's a spark plug in and he could be at he could be a valuable valuable pick up in you know depending on how as you said it will go there early hits isn't it could be a lot. At the front part of this season so. That's why I'll be interested to see how coach gentry a level things out and how to keep his team could be Brittany is it. Is it legitimately let's say seventy cubicle eighteen people with the people with lower. It's not it's not a big drop off coming obviously when Andy Davis is that the game Evans all holiday it's one thing but. I think they've really got an opportunity early on to to deal that made it eight in mop look at what they're really deep. I think it will be really deepened they're gonna play guys early to I think they don't wanna play much weight tender Perkins when those guys he's gonna start. You've got to play significant minutes. As you get octagon against to back his minutes ago and down and even might he have a good look. And there is a great locker room present you don't wanna play in the kind of minute. You're gonna play early but he's a guy who is a good thing to pitch good guys. Like oh that. Dante Cunningham is the starter right now he can get starter in the league but if you get Quincy Pondexter back and he's you know viable and healthy. These are starter night got a guy like I think cutting him off the bench. There's a guy and the rate at that perhaps come Roger benched along the key is another guy that it could act we got knocked out three point shot. They're gonna play a lot of minutes early. But those guys should be role players and later in the scene and if they get help either gonna be role players yet they were really really strong team. If you get all the guys back click in and you have these other guys played. They can accept a little bit reduced role I the etiquette or really haven't night you know eight or nine man rotation where you really not gonna struck out but it. Red Dalton as he would as Brett a fair assessment for this team needs it more sows seed. Or is it a a next step would be to advance to the second round to west account mouth. We're what does it attainable a fair golf this team on the to fifteenth sixteenth season. That their goal is suited to be a better seat I'm actually when you look at the top of the west culture their. To win a playoff series but they could there's a matchup thing they. For example they end up at six and the Clippers are Berea think that not a bad matchup well and that sort of liked that matchup that. When a playoff series if they win one that the huge success whatever happens from there and work there may be good to see in the whack which might be cup would be injury. But it has that I think there's a drop of backer spot where there's a back in there the decline and you know their successful beaten by the eat in either case by. If you get there with a six. And you get beat somebody in the first round. Pre agents. You're you're gonna air coordinate Ryan Anderson did you look at it team and look at this war and say aren't these the guys that we can win long term. Around at any Davis or not and that he's gonna tell you that it's your succeed. You get bow out well for game. If you end up seven or eight seeding in get wet early went in a heartbeat. I think you have to start to question. The core around Davis he's going to be a great player for a long time. I don't think are a great pit the urgency you know you don't have. Right now in the city to build a good team around him keep him happy or the like of that contract. He could in Portland and and make him feel like you're gonna be placed on the road and chipped chipped. Not that this year but I think that you are the figure out they can ultimately do with. Brett dostum Brett how can people keep up with you on Twitter. I've let that be got it right if we are right he had and they monitor our every. Brett thank you so much of and we appreciate you know. That got things right all right two Wallace pelicans in an accident tonight I'll watch in the roundtable discussion. In BA they had very. It is Scott. Let's see Louis blues and Isiah Thomas. And grow while bowl grand he'll NBA TV EEB route that they do such a good job to their electricity previewed every team every division in each conference. And that's the one of pick Oklahoma City. Loyalty and no not a homebody pick Golden State but none of a pick Golden State at. To La because out of competition in right added innocently resting on their laurels with. Who picked this pars obviously it would I forgot which 101 up to the Spurs I would say eighty anyway I think it has got that the Spurs at the Bulls. Somebody else just by every that was only one had ever somebody besides Cleveland. Everybody else take Cleveland going up the gates even. Oklahoma oil. Or are. Are saying tell and you don't forget about it clip with the you know it's going to be interest in because LeBron what is it what is he 31 now and get as. The Cleveland cavs organization in LeBron obviously could have ball okay we want could have this influence where he's playing less minutes. It's a long season you'd almost take a page out of coach Popovich. Playbook. Drop off all the stars Danica who they are look all the minutes and holly stretches it out now. The fans to become the seed is superstars or honesty to superstars played it. You know if you really think in the long haul Vinny LeBron to be fresh smoke and ready to go on the bag it. It doesn't matter what he does now. And obviously. You know MVP so what he was to win a championship. The job like this he clearly gave him a ticket but it goes you know you this sports thing you notice that sports the inviting they get a man the big guy I really look at the amount of minutes. Especially right now. Come December January amount of minutes now depending on the success of the team. You and his supporting cast with the amount of minutes LeBron plays this season compared to last. Yeah I'm lie in the east as they can be Miami Cleveland in the east finals and in the west. But it can be sent home in a dispute with different policy to clip with if you could update the Clippers and if they don't get to that have been the comic styles this year I don't know Chris Paul. Let's heavy one that got past the second round Bobby albeit. He has got that second round Chris Paul right now is beat up a McCain seventy with the air what doesn't await in him you know as you they've lost that the Rockets but. I don't know what else they can do they is Paul is the missing piece I don't know maybe that. Lotto Chris Volvo which is about not whistles and into the news hole and I mean that your bag at the on the opting out but DB you know what it now. I don't know maybe and his cousin or Russell Westbrook and on and how the reds gonna come back from his injury but it the meat of thunder well I mean watch a whole year mandate that if the Luke. Yet they're one of the top three teams in the added income of the way I mean yeah and no doubt about it 22 that this sport for me it's an eagle what's. And that's it that's the most something and it went dabbing at three of the best lap. You know we thought about hard opponent to go you know to begin on the have a good you forget that and never did you get to go as well I don't know what the weather as the fall behind the basket yeah crap. That Russell Westbrook prediction. Big. Oddly he had a bad about it is that Theres a lot of things that he even improved even glance growth it's an epic. It and that's why can't help the via Russell Westbrook. Nine you'd. I come back today and good city and Christie calls around the league next hour and of course we got to get Bobby's pick who's gonna win the fall classic is going to be the Mets. Although Royals in Kansas City game one of the folk flat tonight you can see the sports talk undisputed. And welcome back to the phone to go meet city but there are out like people calling. Hello. It barely there. He's there'd be good is better put get a hold of you know primal for men can get there all. All the talk about LSU LSU and Alabama Knicks at night 7 PM in Tuscaloosa that Bryant Denny stadium. Eight another huge matchup between the tied. And the Tigers you know Bobby it's not me it's not as Julian that we went kicking and alcohol. Alabama student athlete is to be state Mississippi State and everything in front of him based at play Auburn and a pizza hot all the but it arrival game right paint and LSU he has Ole miss Arkansas and union so it is a lot of football that Heatley. Ledee wouldn't you tell me. On Sunday we're talking that it was crazy. The goal is how they got embarrass. Okay but you know being Alabama and and it bit the ball over as they control their destiny rolled misses in the catbird seat regard him more than anything because of the the big her Ole miss is that they are to beat Alabama. That's the huge test the huge nugget it's in their favor right now even go to already mini camp. Even go to all the myth that has not to do the SE righty doesn't do with the ACC Ole miss wins out it don't matter bait video goal they they will be an Atlanta. And they they would to a loss and if truth be told is topical Walton. They hit the count the people of 41 loss Florida team and to win I can promise you that. They don't wall a tool off Ole miss team doing ACC championship and maybe put it up put up some maybe some undefeated right off some one loss teams up there. Because I'm out anyway and I now go ahead Elliott but yet you'll get left out of play now. And in and they depend on who their body it would be you'll be legitimately could have one loss Stanford team packed well. Are undefeated Clemson team let's say a one loss team from. From the big team at a couple of one loss teams that are up there and but all we sustain it with too not just because you're from the SEC I don't know if that's golf block. This is WW yeah.