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10 -29 The Scoot Show 210pm, Presidential Debate & Living in Certain Places

Oct 29, 2015|

The follow up to tonight’s Republican debate…did anyone sway your support? Who impressed and who regressed? PLUS: Do people choose where they live because it fits their political views? The Republican debate was set in what I consider the 2nd most liberal city in America – Boulder, CO – the 1st being Berkley, CA. Can moving to a certain area – the city or the suburbs or a rural setting – change your politics? Areas of New Orleans are perceived as being more liberal and the North Shore is perceived as being more conservative. That doesn’t mean that everyone in the city is liberal and everyone on the North Shore is conservative – but do you live in a place where you feel like your political views are in the minority?

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There's going to be a lot of confusion tomorrow night and and Saturday night because the weather you've heard it to city officials sent parish officials in Jefferson Parish are asking people to trick or treat on Friday night. I don't know how you change our holidays like I mean I guess neighborhoods and communities could do that. But he doesn't mean people are gonna do it now both nights we'll talk more about that on the show tomorrow also have our Halloween show. And tomorrow we'll talk about some of the most haunted places in New Orleans and also around Louisiana and and if you ever been visited by. A spirit of some kind you know we we we see movies and and spirits. In movies seem to be so evil and and hateful and scary. But most of the things that you hear about in terms of real life account owners their benevolent spirits and they're not there to hurt anybody. We'll talk about that so on the show tomorrow. We continue to react to the Republican debate last night and there's a lot of questions about the the the contents of the debates. The CNBC and operators were they fair did they ask questions that were not substantive enough and I've got a text just a moment ago. It's a Cisco pay attention closely please don't ignore this the difference in the fox moderator is that they were tough but asked substantive questions. Which is perfectly fair. On the other hand CNBC moderator is we're part of NBC news admittedly no conservative organization. Ask questions they were obviously intended as personal insults. Like. Somebody in a comic book character asking about fantasy football. I don't. I don't disagree with that observation but again that's that's an observation. And I said here right after the the first debate on Fox News and and talked about in the news and also got reaction from people in the audience. About how disappointed they were in Megyn Kelly Bret Bair and the Fox News panel. Because they were too hard on the Fox News they were too hard on the the Republican debates on fox of the Republican debaters on Fox News. And I remember that did Bret Baier opened it up by a talking about will will anybody admit that they're not going to on. Run as an independent knowing that Donald Trump would be the one who would not admit that are who would. I forgot exactly how was worded but basically it was it was set up to create that that conflict between Donald Trump and the rest of the Republicans. So sometimes our our memory causes us to not remember things specifically. I do think the media sometimes is is an easy target. And this idea that the mainstream media is Sarah is is destroying America. I don't know how that can happen to mainstream media reflects America and if you allow the mainstream media to destroy this country that's that's you. That's something that date we have allowed as individuals we can't allow that as a country we can't allow that and we should allow that. Ultimately UC over history. This this idea that the media does reflect the audience and in the country. But there's an interesting aspect of Republican debate last night that I wanted to touch on my I thought about this this morning I woke up. The debate which it was held in what I consider to be the second most liberal city in America. Baltic cholera. It is a beautiful place nestled against the foothills leading into the Rocky Mountains it is a great setting believed in Denver spent a lot of time in Boulder, Colorado. But I think boulders probably the second most liberal city with Berkeley California I've never been there but it seems to me that that would be the most liberal city in America. And I thought about other cities like Seattle and Port Authority. There are perceived as being very liberal cities but just outside of the cities they're wonderfully strong right wing conservative areas. In fact there are a lot of white separatist groups along the I five Courter. I'm from the Oregon California border biter not to to Canada. Does the city or area that people listen. Does that make them more liberal or conservative. Or do people actually choose where they live because. They're more conservative or more live. The baby boomer generation which was a liberal generation back in the sixties. That was the largest generation in our population until recently now the millennial chef have taken over. But baby boomers defined every error they occupy. And so they define the conservative movement in the eighties. This conservative movement. Was part of the Reagan revolution Reagan won in eighty again and 84. And that liberal generation. Started to earn more money. Charted to care more about. Possessions. At this is an observation it's not a criticism but for just look at history. A generation that really cared about a lot of things didn't care about those things anymore they cared about a bigger house. They cared about an expensive car. They were doing better and therefore they were doing things that showed they were doing better they were more materialistic again. There are exceptions and this might not apply to you but in general this is has been the belief. One theory is that the baby boomers access to the suburbs contributed to them being more conservative. Living in an urban area according to theory. A chance to tends to invite collective problem solved. Where is living in the suburbs once itself to individual problem solve. And I think there's some truth in. So living in the suburbs whether baby boomers move there because it's the they were in conflict with living in the city and they wanted to get away from the city because it no longer fit who they were. Weather moving to the suburbs was the result of that or with a moving to the suburbs helped enhance this conservative Pope I guess you know that can be debated. But does where you live saying anything about your political ideology. Did you move into a certain area of the city or the suburbs or rural setting does that change your politics. As you know I live downtown. I see things that people in the suburbs don't say. I see homeless people every day of the street. I encounter some of the things that. I guess everything exist everywhere but they essentially don't exist in the suburbs like they exist downtown. I don't think that really changes mighty political ideology. But it does make me more aware something. That is that. This is a problem. There are people out of work. There are a lot of bombs out there there are lot of lazy people to a lot of people who have mental and and and drug problems and they're on the street to. So I'm just talking in general about just being more aware of the problem. When you live in the suburbs sometimes it's easy to say that's their problem. That's not my problem. Is easy to just dismiss things. So based on where you live. Do you think you live in a more conservative or liberal area. And does that fit your political ideology. The nor short in general is considered to be more conservative. In general. But they're liberals who live on the North Shore. And the city is considered to be more liberal. But yet their people's lives in the city French Quarter. The warehouse district and its city in a lot of these areas there are a lot of liberals in these areas but they're also conservatives who live in the series. So where do you live ended do you see that where you live. Changed you at any time in your life did you move and where you changed by. The did this setting that you lifted. Whether it was an urban area. A suburban area or rural area. If you wanna join our show with your comment this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Every coach 5042601878. At a Texas a 77. A from the marry Tony you're on the scoot show good afternoon. I could have you know at an arrest in question but I moved into New Orleans Asian Japanese which was a suburb. In that a real work in the marriage. In a quarter. Thought they general. You know pretty much in Gerald a lot of people think that way. But I ethnic background. Are your race and who you race around also. Genetic contribute to where you think oh well let that. That's true but is it is it easier for somebody who tends to be more liberal that most people are most people are moderate most people are senator. And they tend to leave lean right or left the the fewest number of people this country are far right or far left. So. Would it be easier for a person who is not conservative. To live an American and French Quarter. Well actually got still there Barry because when a diet that's where retired from net is that. And out but I find it is a real. You know. Inside the clock shop I used the frequent. I don't find that really. At all. It's a pretty good. Tony I appreciate the call and I I think this is an interesting discussion mainly because today's establishment the baby boomer generation. Changed. And this is why I quite often describe myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation because I was part of a generation did. It promoted equality. Promoted things like. A clean environment it was known as the ecology. Backhand and in general. On I've seen. My generation change. And become very judgmental. Off race Perry judgment or sexual orientation. And judgment of all of a lot of things so if baby boomers in theory. Were part of the conservative movements and moved to the suburbs. And they were prominent in and find the eighties conservative era. And where you live today does that say anything about where where what you think it how you feel our number is 260. When it Saturday techs are states every ace every student and we'll be right back. And Debbie WL. Truer words were never spoken. You'll beat the I've gotten over them herself. You know like those people on the dance floor welcome back to dispute show we're talking about the Republican base that debate being said you what I consider to be the second most liberal. City in America Boulder, Colorado beautiful place but I mean it's it's a very liberal place but there are many places around Colorado. That are very very conservative. Which you know outside of Denver get outside of boulder dips are very very strong conservative areas. Does where you live have anything to do with you politically ideology. If you were a conservative would you be happy living. Anywhere. If you're liberal would you be happy living anywhere. If you wanna join us who are content with the comment on our show our numbers 260187. Erica final four to 60 point 87 texting is 877 let's go to the east Maggie you're under the WL. How are you. If you yearn WWL. Took. It did you have a comment. Part additional. Up from Mississippi Michael your Adobe WL. I. You know I never. He on our ambassador in California. And a very conservative person. Fiscally conservative person. And where you live. Changes. Your connector that mr. liberalism. But I do think. And I love living in California but in my business I'm an artist and apartment in northern California Italian. It can't dried you'd be more Arty are there in the electorate are trying to change everybody could on gun control. Which made everybody in the right each. More staunch in their opposition to any change at all. But I don't think it changes in your ability to enjoy or your art California is beautiful and upbeat and. They have parts of California as well there are some parts of California very liberal some parts of California vary very conservative you know what you get outside of the coastal areas. I'd sever Cisco for example the Bay Area. You've learned some very very conservative ideology. You very much but Michael wind when you talk about. The the idea of for hearing new stories and and and politicians trying to change on lawless. This really does have confirm part I've I've I've always believed to that is that. You know people people are not a swayed by the media as as they think they are as individuals we're not this way we have this feeling that the immediate sways America but. It actually when you hear something in the media or something for politicians it actually. Because he's used to solidify your opinion about your views rather than they change your views that you just gave us a great example of that. Injury. I'm Michael and budget called if you are join us with your comment. Where do you live dude are you surrounded by more conservative soar more liberals. And again I I used these two as as an example the North Shore is generally perceived as being more conservative but yet they are liberals who live there. Odd and neat city areas. French Quarter. Mary. And I guess the warehouse district in general look there are exceptions of course. But those series are considered to be more liberal. And that feeds into this this perception that urban areas. Cities are more liberals and conservative and these are very very general observations. So. Do you find that you are comfortable living in an area that is more congruent with your political ideology. And does does it change here's a pretty general opinion poll you people choose where they live because it fits their political views. 62%. Say no. 30% say yes give your opinion by going to our website to be a duo dot com and if you wanna join us with your comments are numbers 2601. A seventy. Eric 05042601870. At a Texas 877. Here's a Tex I think you're rotating generations with that too broad of a brush and the generations. Are more 5050 it depends. It depends when you're louder liberals. Are louder when they're younger conservatives are louder when their Alter. I'm trying to follow that I I I think I under stand that but. You know I campaigning generations. With a very general brush but there's there's little question that the baby boomers over time. Have defined every era they occupied. Because of the mass numbers. In the context of our population there are something like 75 million baby boomers and up until now. Now Maloney ails. Our our date the biggest generation but baby boomers were like dad. They were like that town. Thought if a python ate something and you've got that big ball which in the python. You know and it moves to the python that's kind of like the baby boomer generation. They defined every era they occupied and clearly the baby boomer generation define the conservative movement in the eighties. And date defined America today although millennial are starting to really have their say if you wanna join us with your comment here's the number it's 26 cell. When he Saturday. Every coach Bible for 260187. Via text Amber's late 7870. Here's a text a great topic I traveled the world and mostly in the USA I'm conservative and lived in and travel to extreme liberal cities. To be. It's a Thursday afternoon on this cute show here on WW Albert getting close to the weekend it is Halloween weekend and I know the parting started last weekend at the French Quarter and I know it was a parties already last night there will be more tonight and plenty tomorrow night's Halloween is turned into quite. The adults' holiday celebration. And there's a lot of talk about whether or not Halloween should be a should be moved trick or treating at least should be moved to. Tomorrow night party nights rather than Saturday night because of the impending cold front moving through here bringing some rain with it. I will talk more about that so on the show tomorrow. On they're very there's a new speaker of the house it's Paul Ryan he asked his fellow La lawmakers to pray for each up. And he said it would we should pray for Republicans should pray for Democrats and democratic should pray for Republicans. He said and I don't mean pray for conversion to the other party but pray for a deeper understanding. I think Paul Ryan is going to be very good for the Republican Party but the big question remains the stage is set for Republicans to win. Because of two terms of Democrat in the White House. And because Hillary Clinton Steele has a lot of a lot of baggage of a lot of concerns about. Her trust and integrity. So this is an election for the Republicans to lose all they have to do is nominate. The right candidates. Tonight in my opinion that should not be a right leaning candidate. Though that's a topic that did is not gonna go away if you wanna join us we're talking about the Republican debate being set in Boulder, Colorado which in my opinion is on the second most livable city in America second only to Berkeley California. Does the area you live in contribute to your political ideology. Think about where you live think about your neighbors think about what comes up when you're in the kitchen. Having a pot you have a party every party and this is really kind of indicative elsewhere but mainly in this area. Every party as sinners in the kitchen. Can I don't know whether this has to do with that affected when we. Were. In the very beginning of our species we've gathered around the fire me that was the main part of the cave the main part of it that the dwelling it was the fires of the day. The kitchen represents that fire that gathering. But when I go to parties it seems like the best conversations are are going on in the kitchen beavers hanging around hanging around the kitchen. So when you hear conversations. Are you comfortable with what you hear from your neighbors. When you go out whether it's a coffee shop or or ball or you overhear conversations. To those conversations. On. The those conversations reflects your views or do you find that you're in a place where. Your in the minority in terms of your political ideology and just where you live have any impact on your your politics are numbers 260. When he Saturday. Erica 504260187. Texas State Senate EH every from Slidell John your own WW LA good afternoon. You're at poppy. Not only is it played out more about church current. You live in large city like New York City. On the goes through our culture that people. Maybe different economic. Data set. I owe you more sympathetic to people. You are more or more understanding of the existence of people who are different from you and Andy are a lot of diversity in the suburbs now. A whiff of different races different sexual orientations are you you can go to you can go to a grocery store in suburban area. And there you see a couple that you might think because of the way there interacting you might think that they're a gay couple you know for sure but you might think that their gay couple and they might be. So there's a lot more diversity but there is greater diversity in. And accurate and out the ticket for a year on education true. You know being at a university of more likely Q. That people. And I think that that the show that. The more conserve York generally. You know you've been shortly because. I'm. Also one you mentioned you're saying about he sure but it took them I think. That Arab may oh so be re act and shoot the protest. Well the Vietnam War sections of your member of the armed and here they were the outcry of support of troops to shut it. You know after the you know they came out just as hard as at all at the production and. Out of breath that but that that was Steve of that was still a young baby boomer generation the end of the Kent State shooting the national. And you know again. You know perhaps you know you know the older. Economy you know. Austerity and I look at you know older that you do arbitrary action you know in the eighties or. Intranet forties and there you know there on the cost would be the most productive and most likely manage. In the united. Armed. Oh. I think you could argue you know that is at war heated or will it these are. While few and I think that's something it was obvious when I watched that series the seventies on on CNN. It was it was his if the seventies were necessary to bridge the sixties with with the eighties and it was great turmoil in the seventies and IC a lot going on today. It is very reminiscent of the turbulent times went through in the seventies with with crime with protest and with. With with a judgment and taking things to the limit and and once I'd be concerned about taking thanks to the limit. John I appreciate the comment if you wanna join us your comments here's our number 260170. Very code 5042601. Saturday. At a Texas a 77. Think about this do people choose where they live because it fits their political views. That's a pretty general opinion polls give us your opinion at WWL dot com I'm screwed on this Thursday afternoon. And we'll be right back. You know I was a kid listening to this song and I had no idea that they were. They were using a bong in India Britannia is what's applicable on. Tomorrow is are going to be our Halloween show Saturday as Halloween and we'll talk about some of the most haunted places in New Orleans tomorrow and if you ever being visited by a spirit. I was once. And it was my mom. And it was buried very touching moment again who who knows whether it's all real like it just tell you what I experienced but will we'll have fun talking about Halloween and on his stuff. On the Scotia tomorrow afternoon here's an update on our party jaguar opinion poll. Do people choose where they lived because it fits their political views. 67% say no 33%. Say yes from Hammond Michelle your under the W a good afternoon. I. Try to list. Eight and political. Public outcry that country may get ready. And triple and not let it. A copy bailout that well and why. And should art com kind of an optical. I think people agree with me do it right. Strangling a lecture while at which. Com a continental and the air right. It's a union that I eat it up Karl. And every day in. And their inadequate for. And the articulate what program they write and Jim Richard Lee and her second time. What. What will break. And act like eat. Together. Sort. Oh and and ostracized. By it should be what. I pull it out or car and do it at that war. I mean they know who they are. What has ridicule. And Michelle I think there's a tendency for that to happen today idea Ira ran into somebody may be a year ago. And had seen this time maybe forty years in we mattered he worked at radio station worked yet to hear new Orleans city years ago and he said he screwed I you don't disagree Desormeaux and other talks don't have to do well. First question. Are you an Obama supporter. And I mean I mean an answer the question. Why would that be sort of why is that your your you your litmus test to determine whether or not even have a conversation with some money. I've been and share what you're saying I think there's a lot of that today and it's really sad that we don't respect each other's right to vote for who we want to vote for. Like I liked it really tightly around. In. The air like I. Am in. England. And line. Shut your till I appreciate the call if you wanna join us with your comment hard numbers 26018. Saturday. Terry code 504260. Points over your text number is 87870. A last night to the Republican debate on CNBC gives a lot of criticism of the that the panel a CNBC moderator it's a lot of criticism during the debate from the candidates and a lot of criticism after the debate from. The exit the pundits and even the the chairman of the RNC. Rice preakness was very critical of this but you know that was a lot of criticism of the Fox News and moderator is after the fox debate because I think a lot of people were surprised some of the questions were so tough. Here's our here's part of what John Kasich and Donald Trump sparred over last night in the debate. We're just gonna have a 10% tied and that's how we're gonna fund the government nor not we're gonna just fix everything with our waste fraud and abuse. Or that we're just gonna be great or we're gonna ship ten million Americans or ten million people out of this country. Leaving their children here in this country and dividing families folks we got to wake up. First of all John got lucky with a thing colts practice OK he hit oil and he got lucky with fracking and believe me that's why Ohio's very well. Number and that's important too you know. Number two this is the man that. Was a managing general partner at the Lehman Brothers when it went down the tubes I don't most of every one of us let us including Ben and myself. Because I was there and I watched what happened and Lehman Brothers start at all he was on the Lloyd. Patty was a man some general partner that I just thirdly he was so nice it was such a nice guy. And he showed all I've never been attacked. But then his poll numbers tank he's got very that's what is at the end. Like there was some vicious just last night but there was viciousness and all of the Republican debates and it wasn't just the one on CNBC last night. And if you're Arnold stay witness if you got a comments you know the number. 260270. And our text or receipt Seve Seve sometimes I get questions about the bumper music we play which we pay a lot of attention to on the senators she'll. Was in BC radio for a long time a big music is always part of our allies and it will always be part of the show if you do have any questions about the the music we play or particular song. You can use in the attacks or sending an email. Scoot acts W dot com hang on we'll be right back. Tweet. And WWL. You know one of the things we may see in the French Quarter following nights. Now and dressed like women. Make it happen to be. It happens it happens every weekend probably every night. I New Orleans has its exit says it trump attacks case sick over Lehman Brothers kind of funny since trump. File bankruptcy four times from Alabama Michael you're on to be of Hugo. Good Michael. Yeah. I'm. Julie. Put an open. Which are that you're but it. There. I. Yeah. In a situation. Do you want to. Yeah. Politics. Or twelve. Presidential. Election. I'm Michael I'm gonna run out of time so I don't tell me tell you what happened. And it. It was a poor. Yeah ultimately it. Probably took it. Pretty. Yeah. Holy ritual. Michael on. I appreciate you sharing this story thank you for what you would do for our country and you know that's that's part of the divisiveness that the leaders in America. This idea of it. I hate you because of who you vote for you know when did we lose the right to have two parties when you lose the right to have 34 parties would we went it was the right to have differing opinions. Like is that somehow come back to judge somebody's character. It's unfair says that's a conversation is not critical point. Catholic bishops say some interesting things about creating a more welcoming Catholic Church that's coming up next on the Scopes show one VW well.