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11-3 6:10pm Bobby & Deke: on the CFB rankings and Saints-Titans

Nov 3, 2015|

Bobby & Deke react to the first College Football Rankings of the year and talk with Tennessee color analyst Frank Wycheck about this weekend's Saints-Titans matchup

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Gay said the give you the first. Selection committee pole of the season. And it's. We have all become now and the winner goes to. Him via I'll follow Watson awards shows they passed on the low. It'd be like OK will be back and practice in America island all of that. They they plan now is made for TV and rightly so Phil's so far we're up to number six. The octane that we have so far off the coast of the top four in the first sites in the poll number thirteen is Memphis. Undefeated number twelve if you talk. Number eleven is Stafford. Number ten is Florida without the media it's. I'd have drawn away close. Top five. Number nine as Iowa. Number eight is TCU. Number seven is Michigan State. And number one and I don't think it really that much is surprised the Clemson Tigers are at number one Bobby number two. Is the LSU ties or set a Tigers are and it. One into the undefeated ACC Clemson Tigers. And the undefeated. L a Chicago the ACC number three is the defending national champion Ohio State Buckeyes and be a -- fourth at Baylor or is it. Noted a media I would have Notre Dame. Because this scheduling in. Unbelievable. This fall of the city's. So here they go they look at now who would be double four and of making the case for. Alabama. Baylor. And notre day those of the thirteenth Bobby in the way they do it if the committee they police 123. And four. And then they have what they could call the first two out meaning who will be five. In who would be six. Well I mean. I don't know is an all play itself out and drive it Alabama is at number awful blow either wood or loss you would allow us Alabama is it not before you see I. I would of thought that. You know it was right now where we are in this season in new give the undefeated teams the benefited now. And since departing ours loss to Clemson and Alabama losing to Ole miss. And it had Baylor there and then you know but they really mean the -- of these you know work now. And Bobby committees have right now if you'll means. Youth minor right now. So hard you might holding kids because Ole miss has already beaten Alabama right Alabama can only do benefit openness. They still have to play LA shoot and they got him at home. And if you Mississippi State. Yuri was smiled a Wada and Ole miss 'cause he would two losses you've still got. Alabama and home next week and he's still got Ole miss at home so man as a total football that legally in the book filed with Notre Dame in the mythic base. Yeah and if Baylor run the table and independence. You know two loss teams and you know it just seems like. There's gonna come into play especially on the back in. In a for the fifteen I haven't two losses and you know the duty get in and gotten. And to me Bobby DB when you say eyeball and it's all love affair. The power. In the grass but the southeastern conference on the stronghold of college football is Theo prevalent in that was so evident with two of the four teams. In the top four and remember now Alabama although it is a loss. There's several undefeated teams from power file conference's. Alabama is oh so you buddy who thought maybe address the nation with give them an ACC fatigue and so forth and depth along the Auburn thought guy he chaired the committee. On on. That's that's right there so you got to want laws ACC team Bobby it's over an undefeated Baylor TCU. Oklahoma State Michigan State in. Now what I would argue a number nine Iowa number eight TCU number seven Michigan State. Number six Baylor. I would have Florida and number six because Florida's lone loss. Was to number two LSU if. Thought is good yet especially defensively you know whether ran it in top out Concord journal Andy got. I think it doesn't matter how you win and you beat him on the UN and lose the game that look now. Convincing overall Clemson has been I mean now to start out sluggish start Carolina state the and you look. What was the final score I think that's what also. Hurts Ohio State. And Ohio State. The being undefeated and and you being defending champs right of them look like that the dog fights they've been lightly in the and a what was it northern Illinois as the game you know yes yeah I mean as though I think that comes in the play. The softness of the big twelve schedule yet but better right now the mean Iowa I mean. Look I would Newman nine and they have nothing to gain in the rest of this in owning it dinner ready and into Ohio state of Michigan or maybe three era and me now line. They were good. Play one of the 01 of the top few teams in the in the big team champions amateur career and tolerate with the that would be BA but you know when you look at Bobby is so much stuff. That they would talk about what note David in the talking him on TB right now. But what makes this on is that. You get down to a conversation in it this conversation we're having in looking at five and 61 two out. It's Ole miss team that runs the table. And has two losses one to omit these teams they may has made this finishes undefeated in mid may if it produces that. Well as solid UK and you put it all is adamant that right I know it right but what I'm saying is let's just say that's the case may at this finishes. Undefeated rank date as to say this somewhere in the top team. And Ole miss Ole miss sitting there in this thing we got two losses but. The good result we lost to they want to beat of our team. We lost to an undefeated Mitt this team and we're the only team. Would only team in the country. That can say we have three if it would play out. Three victories all with teams that rank for hire is the guy has to be at its. Has been Alabama and an obvious you have to be Ellis had to be others you seem to me that that's when I get I think again it's on a line on why it is and and and you beat dads BS why it's a thing and I she should've played Oklahoma State. That OK you played head to head Ellis should beat Alabama in their backyard. Right. OK this is why you gotta play in the game and right now in this format I'd be different but yeah AM add yet. So that that's lied to me. At times I. I mean I don't know I just when you play head and and you could say well is that Memphis. But doesn't the Ole miss fan base that don't they claim Memphis has really is their city. Because when you look Oxford College down. But really myth as is theirs on the ground when you go out you go to party Adelman she you do some in October you also take a road trips to Memphis so. I mean big guy and now it just goes to show you. Because we talked about teams you know are familiar ways and you know that were undefeated in the united net. You know the power five so to speak in look at temple obviously. Lose a defining ours there or 22. W looking Houston. These trends schedule that their undefeated naked be undefeated I mean there's no way. Eight and imitate Houston got a lot to gain they still have played if they'll even noted what he did everything he does make a bit of ground. Ought to be in the top four look you all they can control is what Dick dutrow was happening that's all they can do with keep winning by a vote around they can whether Iraq. At this point in the ranking yet 25 hop in the truly. How up to them before I go they run the table and and to me you know obviously it's a depth of conference but yet to undefeated in the American athletic. This past week Notre Dame beat temple that's them all off of the top nine team right why not west than him Houston. You know negative and maybe to big the and it is a big take on the big teams get 300 feet Theo we Ohio State meet in state. And and now. Ohio State news can they. Boy. On notebook where we have communities them they'll be there though the weight I'm looking at during a hit if they get up and win a championship game to have the one loss you talk team and along all Stanford team and they'll climb up. Six deficit gonna play Notre Dame but what else to say that you think. That they would be in the top ten at least one team and staff with the lead and evident well right now you know you LA would have been would have been very interesting conversation. Whereas Alabama if you tell us the undefeated. Maybe Alabama five and you tell us lately and again where where would Alabama be if you tell hadn't lost a game blog or column thing right right right would be to have to. Do they look at the am like OK. Guess it'll matter. Because that's what they looked at when he looked at that the the big twelve they've got three undefeated. What did they look at the district the schedule. Men out who is close and let that play because of that in Clinton has Florida State and Clemson has South Carolina and that's in the in the ACC team. Mean. And Clemson shame look resident alien and and and in the play well and and where they're at right now and look amenities them too. As much as we talk about although it's what you know I don't know. Quads I ACC where have you but Maine in Notre Dame only has one loss to the two point loss to Clemson. This schedule notre Dame's schedule is unbelievable. Is the eyeball test and this committee now I don't know how much they do it but according to what they take into account Bobby is injured. That was earlier this season before Notre Dame to switch gears and go to a backup quarterback it's still well. I watch a game against Virginia and are gaining they were lucky that luck of the Irish yeah how to deal in a game it is definitely an hey this is you know still on it. Because they I'm surprised I don't it's a shock because I know enough about individuality development progresses the players and but I I thought. You know when they just article on the Greg mattered is that they're done their back a bit like Darren and like I did didn't overlook how poised he looked against temple of lazy me. And you've you've got to think now me over the course the last few years. What they have gone far as recruiting and coach and Brian Kelly he know he's he's the real deal is one of those on that and made the leap Notre Dame has been trying to find that got Ollie back to Bob Davie. Who's on the way up. Well he's. Notre Dame has been red nevertheless every year well that. That's like an NFL job. Oh you know when you look historically speaking. At the coast of fighting Irish in all the history and now and hasn't always worked out who they paid a lot of money to it. Deke I mean if their paint on Hawaii yes. Right no they are right now led that's why you don't see him here he's probably they. Hit it or not if you're now like we do with this show here you're gonna see somebody steal the money that we were doing has shown a state Indiana youth QB say it's not a lot and stealing money and you don't care and you don't care Eddie he's probably gaining weight civic Peta collide as immoral or someone you need to coconut hail outs article in the all right slams it is one LSU to Ohio State three. Alabama is full it's the first. Play out poll by the selection committee. I do they have it right vote online at WW dot com. And welcome back. Operated jaguar paid you blow it up that WWL dot com the first. Fourteen playoff. The fourteenth that would be in the playoffs they thought they the first select committee poll is out. Number one is Clemson number two is LSU. Number three is Ohio State and number four is Alabama. They consider the fifth and sixth ranked teams the last two out. That is Notre Dame and Baylor. Did the committee get the first call right. Think so 1870. You can text just an 878 syndicated game would you got a real authentic. Takes is that the pitches though ticks. Nah not takes is an hour long Lawrence Diller element but anyway enough. One tags we have 80%. Chance of rain Alabama Saturday night. Who's this is who does this hurt more. To me if you can run the ball. You can run the ball now you came fumble at Bryant and Ellis to being a running team and they've had experienced it in a way conditions. I know as a quarterback. That's a nightmare. And winless Bosnia more conservative all looking to orders draining. But I don't think down. And then you could see Deke if it is. Really raining are depends what 80% range is. How is coming down then you can have a few little tight game. The and you get have. What happened the back at 2011 season nine thinks is right that there is the weather division yeah I can impose on them obviously. Let's go to Michael on line one thank you for calling WW male. Yes DeLeon I'm like. Hey day out of one. Why. Don't they have sixteen teams four like that you want to double. Well Thursday we probably go to eight before sixteen Ana and and I think it could vary year to year but. To me right now to see there's truly a top four. But the and you might say well wouldn't have aiding in depleted teams that are ninth inning to be bitching Nedney. Indeed it eight you know slot that. I think he's Danube I think he'd eventually it will. Because could be more money losing its money idea line right and I'd better to have eight vs four but. Or or Richard Rick number or right. You know any out I'm glad we have a playoff it's imperfect as it is but you know in a few years and they'll they'll look at it right but I'm glad to have play well then and now Mike. You don't think they got it right the top four. Like hello Mike either. No mine was via idea in my did you tease you with the Bulls back. And get right the Jets in New Orleans you want to talk about Clinton LSU's chance is those teams coming anyone into a Clinton. On the buy their own doing they've got florist eight in even if you florist they look to god for a youth he got number one Clemson. If Florida continues to win you can have a top five Florida team wait for you and it's nonsense they battle and a steal. Had an ACC championship game although there's that will be weakland. But Bethel Clemson in a regular season they have brought a state Saturday at Syracuse. Wait fourth inning annual round. The palmetto gain coauthor of the suck and I bought big and you'd think Florida State lose the charges today and he could be the likes. Of Clinton in Florida now today you then note one law goes yes those are Reza made points I have no doubt about it I'll still come back a little look at the committee and what they take into account. In selecting the fourteen play WW out news time is 632 diversity within we will go to gym and British jaguar Pena while we're asking you it is select committee get the first. Poll right the first four teams. And the selecting any Spurs oil pole of the season. Clemson is at one LAQ was it to a higher as they did three Alabama's it four times in attained Florida State this weekend. In Clemson. LSU is that noble for Alabama and Ohio State. Plays that Minnesota this week Ohio State and this can they play it two weeks Ohio State in this game play. In three weeks of the phones ago here knew once the chase chase thank you for calling WW yeah. Hello case. T on one day's gone twice. They hear that. Those democracies face them all trees there are not gained faith all right Terry thank you so much in my creativity. Yeah and well it's every which of Beirut to irritate the case today. Probably Americans. Here all year of the occasional. Idiot notebook movement took the first one in the UP one. The landing big line. While you're oh BA here yet and tell us open I would remind me the Abu right moves isn't and it was kind of body move. There remake was. Caught but all with. We gonna have a great time and you know a few choice four letter words that mean you'd give it up I'd have been the cause. Well. With I flew there on her partner President Clinton now legal line. That apart in the time and it was a time closes in the wise to have more fun and we have fun and make you have the right. Alive so you really worry here really were yeah well I look at it like a craze on the progress ball you can go arrest dealers have a good time. Today you can hang with a knee REW momma pagan that would have Bobble it he wanted to do you wanna have a good time you know at that time coming to me what about when it would go gated in. And all it is is sun. The Brothers they act in the he was his brother well. The idea is that a cousin and it you could and it Randy Quaid and all of us the Yankees will call. In in any is that. Jesus is Gusinsky for the money he gave gave the heat will Clark and he's they call put out his wallet in history on afternoon you can how much he needs it. But I think 2000 now. That's where I'll department that are living can you gain generates anything anyway. Clemson LSU Alabama an Ohio Clemson LSU Ohio State Alabama the first. Fourteenth in the easily to academy's first oil pole of UCL issued Alabama Saturday night here on WW. He is one of the greats in Tennessee Titans history and the color analyst for the tying the network frank why chick don't just now. Frank thank you so much for the time in a lot of news out of Tennessee today yup fault frank on know what took place today in a coach Whisenhunt being relieved of his duties. Yeah I was kind of a little shocking moment. You know just didn't think. Near their talk. A lot of bands. Kind of calling for it but. Didn't really get the sense that they would make any type of change. Storing this season and yet product groups were looped this morning. Now I. Frank when you look at and they've been by the way outstanding. The event to wiser and you look at the rankings and wood and it would have been able to do defensively. I mean he think it does they need to be almost a misprint the Falcons games in his seven in. Would you look offensive wise it would be doing offensively and in are trying to tell fans well. You can't change too much I mean courts Malarkey been a head coach now and he's been a coach before. I'm the milieu it him you know back in Atlanta. Kids went to school together but I mean really hitting a run the same offense as it hinges they had to be more productive on that side of ball. Yeah I think you create it probably you're right he can't pay eighty acre camp make wholesale change and I can make terminology changes I think. Or what they're gonna do it there kind of what the problem has it and and and I think it's been a problem. And coach was in in years that. It is not then sure it doesn't fit. What they have been do or men with the players that they've had and they've drafted they brought it and it is just haven't collect. For some reason so. Just listening to the marquis today he's not gonna beat call the plays Jason Michael who was the opted to coordinator he's gonna. He's gonna call the plays. But I think Mo are you gonna have this input in. And does little things I think he's just as simple plot and being I think he's going to be more protection conscious that being should be more consistent. With personnel grouping. Ron and the ball went with more consistency. Where. One back to get some rhythm. And then the line lock sleeper for one particular back. Keep maybe you know personnel grouping in their more than. More than one place is big hips which shouldn't in and out every time and not think that frustrated that the players on the that. That it really understand who they were. Not that and understand. There are a bit what I know what kind of identity do they are. And guys just look confused out there and and ultimately came to a head last week in Houston. Now frank. Obviously. You know defend beast ever turn against Cuba. Can they turn more against the tide did it was why am saying this you know when you talk about winning streaks and then on negative side about losing streak looking at last year. Going to a fourteen to lose in the last thinking this season. And obviously the team's linemen you can look at ticket sales in high gets aboard a team and now six game losing streak how has the fan base. Responded are are they optimistic going far because they might think. They had the quarterback of the future or where they at. Right now the Titans organization and our escorts Malarkey in and against it then the building that being at Tennessee Titans team. Our our base Celek to themselves look. It's far from all the look at AFC south right there. Mean we can string a few gains are few wins. However that can happen it is the NFL considering how windy is too. And you know have an opportunity to win the AFC south considering how the whole division struggle. The and as far as the saying goes fan base goes that's the frustrating that you had to. You give up three plays against the Browns. And you've kind of come back and falls short days in had a Internet chances to beat Nicole and they gave up. They give up two big plays on third and Antawn he law and then they're right there are the bills they give up third on a theory. They should close that game now though. Mean. You know the Falcons are right there and you know it would just wait and they're great defensive effort. And out then really couldn't do much. But. Did this team has better. It just offensively paper grass and that's why they see the result of with coach Whisenhunt not. Just for whatever reason. Did they opted to regret the he didn't adapt queued to the required that they had in and to play their shrink the protection issues were problem they went in Houston last week. With a poor game plan and you're not helping out. On the rookie cheer my top besides age you lot had a field day. If they had seven sacks in fourteen quarterback hit. And met burger was just sitting duck back there so. Yeah it is no real reason to. Went to game plan. You know scheme that hill and into Houston on the road and it up and arm and knowing that that beat got a was really peppering it. So. They ultimately the band mate and excited about Mario's. What he'd bring him able. They're better their defense. Is legit I think you'll see that this week in and day they're playing predict. LeBeau will run rule all rural folk. They got to play hamburger well they give up some plays here and there. But that the offense. Over the past weeks have just continued to put. Their defense. You know behind the eight ball. Just you know given the ball turn and and over inside the thirty and I had taunted her own want me. And Anchorage short field then and that's why they've been troubling and ultimately. Losing in Houston no way affiliated with a tightened ownership being based in Houston. That was final straw. Tynes color analyst former Tennessee tying great Frank White tape frank always a pleasure thank you so much with either don't want sent. No problem. All right thank thank you frank college football playoff selection committee releases the first pole of the season no before is Alabama. Number three is Ohio State number two is really huge number one as Clinton. This weekend's action has Alabama entertaining LSU Ohio State takes on Minnesota in Big Ten action in Clemson battles Florida State. In the ACC buddhists in Metairie Brutus thank people calling. Did you pick up underdog you must bring their big game this weekend over starter folk. So you back. Coach in my house kind of live on that I know we talk about later in the week but. You know. I talked to coach miles if they want birthing and to me that he felt like you know his team was. Is healthy now game Davone back there that they've been taught that think they're pretty excited about when he hill while. There is keep that pokey. I. How crazy uncle yeah well because Curtis along those lines speak the fullback Billie about Dave dust and make it different because when you look at the beginning of the year in pain that I don't. Yeah that ala. I mean it's. Like to sort through that match goes on drought to have to enact such. I didn't aboard their and in these talking about magic of the drive through league is the only negative. Part that he pre pay yesterday you are. I was soured on him and then about his coat without a solo on that level yeah. Well it advocates on the for the road and home crying he ever does burgers you know a lot of assault on that thank them with a thirty years ago. We owe you a beer about integrity. When it dropped thirty years club. The Vikings intrigue place in agreement that in mind if I get to meet point. He missed my. Wrath that. Did you read it the that the rules parties. The playoff. Selection committee Bobby what do they take into account ability. Well according into account. According to there. Mission statement. The committee will selected teams using a process that distinguishes a long otherwise compare both teams by considering. Conference championships won. Strength of schedule. Head to head competition. Compare the outcome. Of common opponents. With out in sitting margin of victory. And other relevant fact the so it is key injuries in May have affected the team's performance. During this season all likely will affect its post season performance so. Knows. Let's say the last three. While Lavoy you really it's a little scared at the hit the competition. Compared to at outcomes of common opponent with out. In sitting margin of victory. And all the relevant fact is such is key injuries. Auto glass for an all plays and donate they were openly in the date they Lofton who lives in order wrote a couple weeks after they lost their quarterback. RA Dickey V positive or negative all are addicted today. Pocketed effect you in the post season. Baylor not have been better stud quarterback right right but it quoted as good video I would never describe my voice broke his leg averages sixty some pointed right but but what it is 98. How it affected the team performance. In the seat. During the season but also a big right he continued okay do you go to meet but that are are likely will affect in the post season right at slide at her as being in exactly do yeah it's almost like they put and post season so they kind of protecting him most of the because if you look at Baylor and now there's no there's no doubt. They did that did their legitimate especially offensively with Jeff Russell. I mean running you know at the quarterback but now when you say post season. How legitimate all they went out here. I don't know would go flat out good debate around the table Bobby now. Like Notre Dame runs went out their quarterback in to meet desperate in the Baylor with case. Right right you know if you don't you know it's heard the also Indy still in the play. You know is not the same TCU's defense is not the same you know injuries Dave that I know exactly you know they got the quarterback Tony got Bachmann yeah you know but by their deal is not in the same and Darren head coaches even that coach with the injuries they've had. And he decided and. At the big one blossom big marquee games in the power of Viacom does this week ACC Clemson. For our state big twelve the second highest rated matchup this weekend among conference teams. Oklahoma State's undefeated TCU those two battle and and of course our matchup for the ranked LSU. Against seventh ranked Alabama those two out to a four in the first playoff hole this is sports talk on WW.