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11-11 3:10pm Scoot: on last night's debates

Nov 11, 2015|

Scoot takes calls on last night's Republican Presidential debate and Louisiana gubernatorial debate.

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That's a beautiful Wednesday afternoon that feels like spring time the good news is we've got some cold weather on the way as you have heard in our forecast and tomorrow afternoon when we get together at this time that there should be a little cooler and a little dryer and then getting very chilly over the weekend but. We had a couple of weekends of rain looks like this is going to be one spectacular weekend. We've been talking about the debates last night there was a debate between Republican David fitter and Democrat John gale Edwards last night on the LPV stations. And also they were to GOP debates last night. And it was a lot of action lot of fireworks the moderator it's allowed the the candidates to. Go at each other and and and they did and there were some really fiery moments last night. You know a couple of the important issues that they came up and also these are issues of and disagreement among Republicans are immigration. National security. And the minimum wage a Donald Trump said that we are either country or we're not a country we don't have a country we have laws we don't have a country if we don't have a border. John case six dead and this is about the eleven million people who are in this country technically illegal. And it seems like everybody agrees that we should secure the border but what do you do with the eleven million people who were technically illegal Donald Trump Ted Cruz went around them up and ship them back across the border. John K sick and bush have a different opinion. A joint case excess debt come on folks we all know you you you can't pick a mop and ship them back across the border it's a silly argument it's not an adult argument. And Jeb Bush who did a lot better in this debate than in the previous debate said and they're doing high fives in the Clinton Campaign when they hear this mass deportation. Would tear communities apart. He was referring to Donald Trump's comment about. Deporting the M eleven million Americans but we're gonna add something else to this hour and that is this Mexican restaurant outside of Houston. Is handing out illustrated cards. With rules on how kids should act. You and I have been in restaurants kids misbehave. We roll our eyes sometimes we say something. But we look at the parents amigo my god our art. Are you oblivious. To how your child is disrupting the rush for. And I'm not talking about childhood stuff talking about kids. That disrupt others. And the parents are oblivious to. So when I see that happening I just think that thank god I'm not living in that council. But the Mexican the Mexican restaurant is too too caught out and it's not outside of Houston and here's what the illustrated cards since children at each car. Don't run or wander around the restaurant. They stay seated and ask their parents to take into the restroom. They don't scream throw tantrums or touch the walls murals windows or other patrons. They are respectful. Should restaurants have stricter rules when it comes to kids. Now. Kits have been kids over the years. But it seems to me that this is something that has progressively. Become more a problem. I don't remember this being an issue years ago. And it's not an issue everywhere here but it's an issue in some places here and their parents who. A pair of tickets. Should restaurants have stricter rules concerning children that's our party general opinion poll if you wanna join us with a comment about the debate or about. Our children and restaurants and parents and there are people who say look. Kids are kids. Leave him alone and worry about bigger issues. There are others who say look you know this is of a place we share with everybody. Misses a society that he shared. We don't have to do our part to be civil. Even the kids. Here's our number 260. When he seventy. Every coach 5042601870. At a text number is 877. From Kenner Kenny here on WW well good afternoon. I think that man god is god is the audit log could yards it is but let me put it. I'll put my map of where that low. Margarita where that they weren't. App to do it I'm glad that I have been caught the ball to train in the look at it lightly. I don't have a good look at what could bottle it would've been in the didn't go play. Yeah. It didn't go on the other way so be able to come in here you have been heading in the other direction. I here's a text about parents if parents will correct their children and the restaurants wouldn't have to tell them how to correct their children. Amen to that. Asking your children to be similar restaurant I think it's the least. We can ask if and when I say civil I mean you know there's no reason to act like an outburst by a child. That's one thing. I'd child slamming something on the tape. Spilling some. That's not what I'm talking. Kids aren't perfect they're kids. You and I know that there's a difference between being kids. And also being a disruption. To you or me or somebody else who was in a restaurant. Trying to enjoy a meal. And yet it just it's amazing that parents are so oblivious to. If you wanna join us on numbers 260187. And text is a 78 Seve from Lafayette at least a year on this coach Joseph good afternoon. Connect means it sank to protect our culture I. Brought that up about the parents of the children when my daughter is twenty to present a toddler. With it to rest on the front court and with our son older. And any bite my daughter lost her pacifier. Before they brought into us. And she was suddenly baby you know one at a higher amounts. And she's Corey mentioned and the waitress who I am trying to root I'm not and nightmares about that waitress. Days later and how much so well we're just many different cricket and let slip that the Bill Clinton at Indy restaurant. The hour wait for Hamburg to get an equally you know. She was a new need baby. We call the parents apartment abate as far as you know and and people are at home communities along. Annie and and you know it can mean now you know like yes. Oh yeah she she was about a year and a half vote against. And she dropped to a more accurately and finally looked little stroll we had you know should sit Castro about a table in the on the floor we looked everywhere you couldn't nude. We already ordered are ending but like the waitress Israeli group in. I coming attitude toward the waitress because I felt like Q now on. Just trying to have a day out my tea and honey French Quarter came have a hamburger and ultimately. Anyway we we can park it there there're there wonderful. And think about my dogs are one wonderful. She's she's given up the new right. I guess if you lose. Mom may have another left wanting. I and I guess it serves the same purposes the known. Yes it probably I wanna make a comment but quickly about being veterans I may think it's a good. I would Lafayette area of a cult Anton time I'm in different spots who. They travel backed important city a lot of dissident and anyway. Everything. Story all armed men over here our local station that bitter. What's gonna go to court or pump them about the commercial that shall unveil Edwards rain which some though it would suspend his uniform. And that it was some help breaking military cult. For jobs bill Edwards appeared in his uniform. On the commercial and I thought to myself how. Duplicate David picker paid this man John Bale Edward. Our own liking don't want to sell popcorn don't hit our right to Wear that uniform now she's thinking. I actually I don't know but are breaking any time Dakota tech can't imagine that appearing in uniform what would break would break Colbert did somebody has more information on that I'm sure they'll leave the call or send me a text. I hope they do because it like a fitting it into the damn thing in the and it veterans stated that ethnic you know. Why would end of the weekend before. This week I mean that that that this story broke I can get them. Mata broke Monday of this quick responses that Gator was wondered if he'd broken some kind of military cult awareness uniform. And that was the commercial armor that the patriots. And prostitutes. Yeah I got a text a moment ago from somebody said that their Democrat but if I hear this choosing your patriots are choosing prostitutes over patriots one more time is gonna pull his hair out. And ended and I think the one and it called opposite happened about you know apple minute hand herb for a politician's head prostitutes. I substitute that happens a lot of politicians are process. There. Yeah I am I I've I understand. I'm glad you called and I'm glad you told us all about the nuclear got a text here that says she said nudie not new owner. I know what a new owner is my Justin nobody knew needless. Now. I know now in order nudity and on new owner mark. Should restaurants have stricter rules for children that's a party general opinion it'll give us your opinion at WWL dot com. More of your calls and some more highlights from the Republican debate last night were also talking about this Mexican restaurant summer refused in two child around. Could China and they're handing out illustrator cards to families. With instructions on how their children should act in the restaurants is that a good idea. Will be right back. WL. I a special sports talk is coming up next it's a live on location Bobby. Sports talk is part of our hearts for the holidays broadcast. We're raising donations and also collecting nonperishable foods for the second harvest food bank. And if you can donate twenty dollars that's going to be a pizza dinner. And I've a couple of sick or couple of us six packs of beer so there's a benefit for you if you could donate. Or just donate nonperishable items. A bring a bye and NB Bobby and deacon or talk to them during breaks of the doing their show life from Cadillac of New Orleans 3100 lined street in memory write off veterans highway. And that's for 48 this afternoon. There were some inspired moments in the debates last night Donnelly the gubernatorial debate here under LTV stations in Louisiana but also the Republican debate. You know one of the things that I thought was so I'm was good which was missing from the debate last night. Once the campaign rhetoric about social issues like gay marriage. Abortion. Legalizing pot the social issues that I think have hurt the collective image at the Republican Party especially with voters under forty. Who describe themselves as Republicans. Many Republicans define themselves as fiscal conservatives but social liberals. And these are the voters that he felt disenfranchised because of the extreme social conservatives. They have presented this image of the Republican Party actually being the moral police. You know overall candidates I thought did a good job last night positioning themselves against Hillary Clinton the Democrats. And at one point Donald Trump said last night. They each of the candidates on the stage as a different plane for improving the economy and any one of them is better than Hillary Clinton's plan. A Chris Christie was in the first debate and best I could I was watching the now Louisiana. Gubernatorial debates on what I missed it but Chris Christie talked to like did not hear about a Bobby Jindal did hear much about it after so I don't know what his performance was like. But the Chris Christie made some noise and I picked up some interesting things that he said to after the debate was over and he talked about who the real enemy is for America. If you think that Mike Huckabee. Won't be the kind of president who will cut back spending and Chris Christie. Or John K six weeks you see what Hillary Clinton will do to this country and how she looked around us that she. Jerry tonight. And Christie went on to on to talk about how China and this is something else that trumpet said. China no longer takes it seriously. Chinese don't take it seriously why should that why should they they hacked into. The American government's personnel. File and so look millions of records and cyber warfare against this country I'm one of the victims. Of that pack they took my Social Security number my fingerprints is a former United States attorney that was on file in there and what does this president done. Not one thing. If you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon on numbers 2601878. Did you watch the debate went exchange stands out in your mind. And did anybody say something that made you change your mind. Very code 504260187. Texas 87070. Ross are talking about dissent Mexican restaurant in a suburb of Houston. It is now handing out illustrated cards to parents who come in with their kids. Explaining how their kids are supposed to act. In a restaurant. Here's attacks this as my daughter has autism and ADHD. If any restaurant doesn't want my money I will go someplace that does every place. We have gone is always understanding and I leave a good tip because I know it makes their job harder. Making their job more difficult is is one thing and III I don't know about your daughter. And I certainly have sympathy for those people who deal with those kinds of of children. And I've. Had a neighbor once in in in Portland who had an autistic child and I was so angry with this neighbor. Because of the waited that it's racked. And I went over to you've got to do something about the kids and explain to me that they did the daughter was autistic. Well suddenly that became a lot more tolerable there are. There are exceptions to the rule. But there are kids who just downright misbehaved. Should restaurants have stricter rules for children. That's a pretty general opinion poll 38% say no and 63% say yes. If you're on hold stay with us we're coming right back with more of your calls. Our numbers 260. 187 in petticoat final four to 60187. Via text number is 87870 here's the text I applaud the restaurant. We'll get back to more viewer calls and more your text when become back. The line up for by U country super fast in Baton Rouge next may has been announced it'll beat Tiger Stadium and other big lineup. And we've got another song coming out of the news from one of the performers who will be yet the super fast next year. Here's a double WL news update with Chris Miller. Hi this is colts Rendell and he is going to be part of the lineup that the boy you country super fast in Baton Rouge next may song is called. Let me see you girl. We are talking about the Republican debate. The debate between veteran Jon bill Evers last night also should restaurants have stricter rules for children. That's a pretty general opinion poll 38% say no 62% say yes. Here's a Texas says I have a child with ADHD and two nephews with autistic symptoms. There's a difference between excusing your trails behavior or blaming it on learning disability and raising your child to know what's appropriate. You know there are a lot of autistic kids who acts appropriate public. They might in some ways showed different characteristics as other accused but not every autistic child not everybody. That has an ADHD child. And allows their child to. To go out of control. And and if you're if you're dealing with that then I would think that you would have more respect for those. Those are around it doesn't mean that we should all be tolerant of everybody but again I think there's a difference between. Something like autism ADHD. And the parents who just let their kids go from Slidell Richard Euro and a BW well. And you're just on sale of the show immediately thanks everyday issues happy veterans made all broke this out they're serving guy that certain degree. I just wanted to weigh in on me the minimally Albert. Yeah that was a great big conversations debate last night. Well I have a huge probably at you know raising the minimum wage to you know what it. Which seemed like I mean there's a double which is ridiculous. I. I don't understand. How people don't see that when you rate minimal wage the cost of living out. Mentally it inquiry about the that would everything around going up at at an app. That was the case minimal wage would be you know it seven point I've been caught the living with Adobe would want them. You know Richard I understand the argument that they're at their comes a time when the minimum wage should be raised but the idea the rhetoric around raising the minimum wage now seems to be tied to disc concept that. The U should be able to raise a family on minimum wage and and nobody should be encouraged to do that there are people who. Who end up doing that because it's something that's happened in their lives and that's an unfortunate situation I I don't wanna sound insensitive here. But this whole idea that ball you know minimal weight you don't have to do any better than minimum wage is to raise a family of for an America and I think that's the wrong message. Likely thing about and complaint. People you know negated any position but they don't work that way yeah anything you can work at McDonald's I haven't caught our. But you can also work you way up to be as a country can work your way up into a management position categorically into the corporate. They had been minimal weight level. But it takes an audition and got does and it it it takes work and Richard I like they artwork I love the people who argue well you know if I was paid more I do a better job. Well that's that's like saying. That's like saying if from a saints rookie comes in any place for a couple of years and he's still working on is a rookie contract. That he's not gonna play better until he gets a bigger contract the only way to get a bigger contract is to be placed better. Exactly I mean that I didn't understand how people don't. They I think it boiled down to a lot of people call an innate need pay attention middleweight they really don't understand. College at the basic level of fitness work there donors and that the that it can't board. Could pay people more money without increasing during which can happen you're gonna increase minimum wage too much and people start laying people because they came aboard. To create war and then what can happen to be minimal wage jobs that go wire. You know I called element that will rock require. College degree they're acquire more because they're they're paying. You're not gonna be in Eminem minimal wage job with no. You know no qualifications not being. I did think about the people who have achieved something by getting to fifteen dollars an hour. Oh what happens to their salary is there is their work efforts on the lead to valued in our society because today work to get to this point. Exactly to the hotel management background I graduated in that the management. I was making the equivalent with one out at me in the equivalent of sixteen dollars an hour so what I want to believe in that. Someone at debate level working flipping burgers or whatever it. Is gonna make fifteen where it was taken literally a more with a bit management degree. Richard I'm glad you called thanks for listening and from man to field when your analysis to show good afternoon Glenn. Take our parents and children who told you. Let's go now I got a New Orleans. And that's what it's all air it out here up there and art teacher in eighty. And there certainly care or school system working with mild moderate profile I'm disabled children. I don't without comment disabilities and we are with those children. We worked with them at Google get paid implants from. And then we took amount to a community which I go to restaurants but to them at appropriate terms like war and appropriately strong. Which outward. China were removed by teacher or eight. And removed. As to not disturb the rest of the patron and want step child who call themselves. And we are ready to do with the decline that child would've brought. Actuant children need to be talked. And export but the big key in the decline. You know. We need to realize your age appropriate hey he's fit children. And it's up to the kitchen each to their children. And he didn't call him in saying that the kitchen to people and teach him to act appropriately. And here's the other important point Clinton and I'm sure with your experience you can appreciate this if you can't teach your kids to behave in public. Then how are they going to be contributing citizens to society this is not something that you started age fifteen this is a process that starts very early in the lives of of of children. When they learn how to be part of society how to be part of a civil society. Part of problem keep track and field and huddled in don't know how to make sacrifice. You know what Alex nerve that we get trampled with the job you've gathered need to get a drink. Looking at it and try and I wanted to do it as an idea that children should chop people it. Appropriately in a straw would strip any trends that may be you. And upon what you need to make that sacrifice the world to shop here at age drinking controlled anchor. Grand I appreciate your insight appreciate the call got to get to a break here your whole stay with issued a comment on numbers 2601 a seventy. Terry coach final four to 60187. Via text number is 87870. I'm gonna respond to a few text and I'm getting here about hey if you don't wanna be in the people business of of of dealing with that with children in a restaurant in May be should get out of the restaurant business. Is that really the point to be made here. I'm scoot and we'll be right back on to have him do well. On our pop culture calendar for today Wednesday November the eleventh there was on this day in 1969. Doors lead singer Jim Morrison was arrested. For public drunkenness and for interfering with a flights. On an aircraft Morrison allegedly had anoint a flight attendant on a trip from Los Angeles to Phoenix the charges were eventually dropped. You know that's not a very long trip. Los Angeles to Phoenix. That's a relatively quick cop so he must've gotten rowdy right. See it's just it's that young crazy baby boomer generation think of all the things as they used to do I afford it back to your calls Sony Europe is in the quick highlight from the debate last night. Donald Trump that it minimum wage was a big part of the discussion and here's what Donald Trump had to say about minimum wage. Taxes to high wages too high. We're not going to be able to compete against the world I hate to say it but we have to leave it the way it is. People have to go out there have to work really hard and they had to get into that upper strata and but we cannot do this if we are going to compete with the rest of the world we just can't do it. And should restaurants. Do more to make sure the kids are kept under control here's a text that says as a restaurant owner. I don't need your money bad enough. To allow ill behaved children I would rather turn down parents money and lose business from those who were there to enjoy themselves in a calmer atmosphere. If someone's kid is bad I don't want them to be here I asked parents to leave on many occasions. And I'm going to text if you Texan for people who are saying luck dealing with kids is part of being in the restaurant business. But I think we can all agree there's a big difference between a kid being acute. And a kid that is out of control. For the Ninth Ward Roger your under the W well. Yeah goat I don't think I'm good Roger block I should cool girl and I don't know what you're familiar with it. An age old man. But we don't put up any of that school there were. What do you do sometimes he has committed his bank absolutely. It would put a bunch about the dole because look how. Egypt Italy where it gets here we'll be all and hit it but it it tracts and much ignored what kind of reaction you get from the parents. We don't need. To act and we only game. That you like. Like I don't agree which when you. Hit one you'll live. Or in. Autistic kids. Mean. Well I don't Roger first of all I I didn't know the child is autistic and I lived in an apartment and it is my next door neighbors their child were so loud the walls would shake things in the cap that would Shaikh Amin this was a this was really going overboard I did not delicate kid I wanted apparently knocked on the door has said you've got to do something about your child. When he explained to me that his daughter was autistic I had a different attitude. Always when it. Well let me walk were shaken wall which you don't worksheet gulf. Well no there was some there was there was on a landing it was a it was a three story town house. And there were so a landing from the stairs and what she would do is get on the apparently she would get on the the landing and then jumped down. And so we just reverberated throughout the apartment and this was Swiss consistent guy and it was over a period of time where it was just it was impossible to to live your life. I'll act in the equipment for the Q what she wasn't paying you just strange she would call him. Like a sculptor you can if you look ought to get that. GI. Know Roger. She was Hardin. What are you talking you know how old you know what you're going to. Autistic it's on its a condition where. All medically I don't know really how to describe it specifically by. I'd many of many of the autistic children are absolutely brilliant in terms of their intelligence and their and their focus. But they out and it's it's it's a little more difficult to keep them under total control in some situations. I actually liked it rained in yeah exactly. Yeah yeah yeah okay we'll look. Put the rain. And it because they are strong till now there are still at large and well. I've preached. I appreciate the call. As part of our hearts for the holiday broadcaster Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia lies coming up next with sports talk Cadillac of New Orleans. 47 that's a 3100 lined street in Metairie tomorrow afternoon I'll have a pair of tickets to giveaway to the LSU Arkansas gained this weekend in Baton Rouge. Thank you for being whether someone thank our executive producer Diane Newman and our associate producer Todd finances also our studio producers mark Bernard and John wick. Have a great afternoon. And we'll be back tomorrow we'll have a lot more to talk about thanks again for being with us one you New Orleans.