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Attack on Paris coverage 7pm 11/13/15

Nov 13, 2015|

Scoot and Seth Dunlap discuss the developing story on the attacks on Paris.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening I'm skewed to joining me in the studio is Seth Dunlap the world is sick shaken and reacting to the deadly terrorist attack in Paris. An unprecedented series of about seven coordinated attacks and this is something that. Officials in this country and around the world have been concerned about for a long time coordinated attacks. On the report right now is in this is out of fluid story that is developing moment by moment. At least a 140 niner killed at least 118. Are dead. In a concert hall in Paris and there was an American band to band from from California called Eagles of death metal. They're not actually a death metal band but that's the name of the band I'll listen to some of their stuff before coming on the year they're they're heavy metal band but they're not death metal. On and no word yet on whether or not the band meted out to set I appreciate you being with us and we'll continue to do too well the best we can't bring in police information. Yeah and right before we got on the Air France which earlier declared a state numbers the obviously in Paris they just declared a state of emergency for the entire mainland and Corsica. Now president so aligned that just declared that moments ago right. Oreo if you wanna join us with your thoughts and comments there's all want to talk about and one of the questions is how do you feel here in the United States. This is. On 9/11 type attack. In in Paris. And there's some thought that maybe this is going to just be the first series of attacks that there may be more. There also seems to be talked that this could be retaliation. For vices. For the US killing Johnny John. And that announcement just came. Within the last or last couple of days. So is this retaliation and if this is retaliation. Is this solving the United States should consider. When they think about. Attacking nicest and I don't see how we can even consider this but if you do wanna join us with a a comment or your thoughts tonight are numbers 26018. Stephanie. Eric 05042601870. And or text number is 87870. The president of France has declared a state of emergency and has sealed all the borders a France. Again seven seven coordinated attacks and this is something Seth dead officials in this country and around the world have been fearing for. A long time this idea of coordinated attacks because. Police police departments here in the United States or France dared not. They're not really totally prepared to deal with assault weapons in the hands of trained soldiers and not prepared to deal with military style attacks. And just this exact situation is what the law enforcement across our country have been telling us. Is. On top of their minds would be the most deadly in the most dangerous. Here in the United States as you said coordinated attacks not necessarily one big. Spectacular horrible attack like 9/11 but when you spread out law enforcement across a very large city like Paris. It's really hard to coordinate the response that and that's what they're having problems with right now and so it is you said the last half hour now. These storms that it's theater. There the concert hall there. And at least a hundred hostages in there were found dead as were two shooters and as you said they don't know if that band the American man that was performing their made it out alive and. And we also don't know about those who with the Turks we don't know if they have been killed we don't have it and capture I think at least two of them have been killed but we still don't know. If they have been rounded up and if they have been completely I've captured or or killed. I'm one of the big concerns has been French citizens going to Syria to fight with crisis. And then returning to France. And over 200 US citizens have left to fight win crisis and the fear is what happens when they come back. They're trained and experts are saying that based on what has happened in in Paris. There that these that the root these to do the results of of people who have been trained with automatic weapons these are not people who just. Born to firing Gunner aren't they are just inexperienced. People these are trained warriors and their their learning to fighting in Syria. And politics is already come into this because Republican representative Ed Royce who is a chairman of the house armed services committee. Has said that this attack in Paris is the result of the United States not doing more to stop crisis from forming. And becoming a powerful threat and that we ultimately gave crisis and opportunity. To test weapons and to train people. Rates and it's a tell you in in France they've already experienced this type of attack not at this level in the last year. With the Kosher supermarket it's act it's. Those people and I am and I'm sure you do friends actually from actually Miami landlords. Downstairs that I live with are from France and I called them to make sure them and their family were okay. And they were a little shaken into people who weren't there in dealt with this they told me well our friends dealt with this in January so one of the one of the blessings I suppose of that is that some of these citizens the government released a little more able to respond and more effective manner now that. I tell you it's them it's shocking news and I was in the shower getting ready to do prep football trio here at about 4 o'clock when this broke and got out of the shower getting ready to come into work and I solid happens. It's everybody who was here aunts who remembers vividly what happened on 9/11 and our country its its hard not to. It's hard not to feel. A big moment of empathy or the people there in Paris. Arguably France was our first ally Branyan and in look in the French Quarter and in New Orleans there are so many parallels connections with win with Paris. I was scheduled to drive to the Gulf Coast tonight. And I was at the station after doing the show like this afternoon forum in our house for our rob holidays. Parse the holidays are broadcast. I've collecting food for second harvest food bank it's like it was like you know we should go in and that this is fine this is what dot I I'm here to do. Let's go demand Israel Chris you're under the WLA good evening. Oh. Yeah. Well well look close. The players as well as of does this in. It is in this. Does. Not but he. If you're. And you know. But. I. Good. Yeah. Yeah. As. Yeah. Want to. Debts deficits can. Do it's it's it's. It is. I'm. Yeah. Chris sire I appreciate your call and I appreciate your passion we're gonna have special CBS news updates throughout our broadcast if you just joined us. Breaking news tonight since the terror attacks in Paris and student studio with me assess Dunlap and we've got. Of people working on the latest information a lot of this information that we have may change at the course of the night because this is developing right now. But it a real tragedy and dine on 9/11 type situation. In in Paris France with seven coordinated attacks no Syrian military style attacks. In his city and this is something that has been feared for a very very long time. American Airlines cancel a flight from Dallas to Paris tonight passengers did not board the plane in Dallas. And more flights are scheduled a no decision on whether those flights will leave. A state of emergency has been declared in Paris. And the borders have been sealed our numbers 260187. Ian we'll be right back with more after this special CBS news updates on DaVita Q well. A breaking news tonight and we earlier WWL I'm scooted in his studio with me assess Dunlap. A series of coordinated terror attacks in Paris. Time at this point 249 reported to be dead a 118 were killed at a concert hall listening to this American banned from California. Eagles of death metal. And we just heard a report that all members of the band have been accounted for but two of the band's crew members have yet to be accounted for we continue with the year. Your reaction amber getting your updates and sets so far no one has taken credit for this the series of ten. It's not as it gets in and that's a little bits mystifying at least remember just last week with the supposedly airplane bombing they immediately. Took responsibility for that even after 9/11 we saw almost immediately al-Qaeda claiming responsibility for that. The Kosher supermarket which we discussed last year in Paris that was claimed but so far nobody is claims. Responsibility for this attack. And that's pretty concerning and where and how wanna guess talk about that it's and a lot more there. And ring Nero is with the national security and national security on analyst with the clarion project. I'm sorry Ryan Ryan welcome to our show rhetoric and notices all the breaking at the last minute what does this mean if anything for the United States. Well it means for all the obvious meaning is that this issue is how vulnerable we are because it's not the Arctic carried out attacks like this but this does show an increasing level of sophistication that we've not seen from places before. Between the bombing of the Russian airliner which with sophisticated and and that that act emit that it is tonight does that act. On the indicate is very big qualitative shift. Four I and these things happen in make the ideology more attractive to those that are dabbling in radicalism. So in other words this is this is what they used to show that we're we're manifesting. Our our feelings and what we say we're gonna do and our mission. Right in their success is seen as indicating their arguments so it's not. Foley just that radicals will read write this girl Ky an argument that they've done that seems to me most persuasive argument. Eight bigger than and a big party is that if they can say well what did the except rapping on the ground that means that is blessing than blasting. Our interpretation of our religion and that makes it more attractive. Ryan from a year a law enforcement perspective of this we've heard. The last decade that a coordinated attack like this spread out simultaneously over multiple locations may be the toughest type of attack to deal with the new maybe take us through what law enforcement how they are spread then what they're going through right now. Sure by all accounts and that includes by the US law enforcement that don't overstretched. And what you'll see in the coming days that the attackers are identified. There will be. Backlash because the media will find out that the intelligence services probably. At some indication that these suspects were radical previously and so the average person here that will say. Well I comedian doing about it you do that there are radical right has ties. But the fact of the matter is that their resources do not exist. So a rest and 24/7 monitor every single article that intelligence services come across the resources just aren't there. And so that's really. The core of the matter is that you can't have the defensive posture where you hope to intercept everybody. You have to Adam Hall at their headquarters in Iraq and Syria and ensure the ideology by additionally the center of gravity for the group. And. Since I just hasn't taken credit yet and since nobody's taking credit yet and there is some talk that well maybe this is just the beginning because this is. A fear that officials have. Is there any reason to believe it's it's nobody's taking credit for this that there might be more to come. And that's really the case that there indicate that when there's one attack and that will prompt another way to sympathizer to attack either because he's. Excited over the packets model that success or because he knows that there's going to be a crack down by the security services he has reason to believe he's there on the radar. And so it in his mind he should carry out an attack. Earned his way by line in the paradise before they come in knocking on the door and arrest them so unconcerned about that. I will say that iTunes accounts online monitoring online. They all seem to be taking credit for that you know there hasn't been. Official proclamation from the group's centrally thing that was. By there they're our chances going around hash tag. Armed by night this thing parrot on fire unseen Photoshop pictures of the Eiffel Tower being destroyed. On the being sent around on places accounts that they believe that they did. Ryan can you stay with us for a few minutes it we're gonna go to a CBS news here just a moment for another special update. This is breaking news the seeding the terror attacks and parasites do test system opt in our studio winners and national security analyst with the clarion project. Ryan mark Rowe les on the phone witness. The world is a shaken and now reacting to the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris on unprecedented series of coordinated attacks at least seven. And at this point this is gonna probably changed at least a 149 art field we continue to follow this story. And here's another specials CBS news update the seating on WWL. And I'm scoot on Devin have you on our special coverage of this of breaking news the terrorist attacks in Paris continues at Dunlop in the studio witness. And also Brian Rowe was on the phone with a season national security analyst with the clarion projects. Ryan. The selection of soft Harvard targets is something that is is very predictable when it comes to this. And it's just something that has always been there a concern that we haven't had that much of this in the United States are we really that much better security in other countries. I don't believe those is that we have oceans between out in the Middle East there's a larger Muslim population in France. At about five million albums and France and you know the majority will want nothing to do with that and indeed would be killed by Ali is that tiny minority that the Mac. Is worse per year. It is first year in addition there appears to be higher level radicalism in general. Among the Muslim population in Europe so with the recent court papers just because of demographics and where where we are situated in the world. But the dynamics the pain and if you want to look at trends I would say first look at Israel what happens in Israel goes over Europe and it goes over in Europe. Come to the United States so you're looking at the future of the US that we don't get a handle. We've heard a lot tonight from different people bad ice this is a lot different than now Katie mainly in their structure this is a more disparate. Uncoordinated. Organization. In your experiences that make it a lot tougher to combat them and other organizations like them. Yes I would say look I kind of went into that and the way they are just trying to inspire attacks and that's because that the tactic on the hour. Sophisticated idea more people talking to each other it becomes easier for group like the FBI to insert an informant or to attack some of your electronic communication. And of boiled out. Bill Qaeda kind of already went into this simpler. That he does then adopted the crisis was Burton wanted to own way. But then because of the success that right to have on the ground. Day he died millions. Of supporters they only had tens of thousands of actual members and fighters. But millions of supporters. Because their success was just so captivating to someone that was already semi or fully radical if you're radical problem. And that you hear about that scrutiny and I says that popped out of nowhere. That he's has all the territory in Iraq in the area that survives or one year US military operations in the region. That's going to be very happy for you and now with the bombing of the Russian airliner and its attack in Paris which I would assume them by this sympathizers. Then that opens up whole new chapter for crisis terrorism that's worked and. War since this was such a coordinated attack d'isere is there any reason to believe that this was an immediate response to. The news that we have apparently targeted and killed IG got a shot. But we don't know that for back I would imagine that these attackers were planning on doing something. On any light probably Japanese and Ike has paid attention to had so much. Of their strength content from the perception of success and the re power batteries that they release these videos Freddie be at the want. Is because they want to write power points or they manipulate our media's very well. And so they need to have won its only be about ten after something and then killing someone like it needs a cell in plants or anywhere. Saying okay the US killed jockey John the areas that John has been recaptured from crisis by the US backed Kurds. So we need to. Had quite like doing something dramatic now as opposed awaiting that would make a lot of. French citizens have gone to Syria to fight devices and they have come back in this one of the concerns is that these may be people who were trained by crisis and have come back. Are there are over 200 US citizens who have left the US to fight with Syria a defining crisis is Syrian. It over 200 that it either vast majority of which joint site that the others join to audit group. But there is a congressional terrorism report back in at the didn't get much attention but we reported on the clarion project. And one of the frightening things that they and there was that dot its. Americans had gone over joining you on it since Syria and getting into the country. And and added that Singapore is the one that says that radicalization of American it is happening and unprecedented. Speed faster than we've ever seen in history. And all our resources for the authorities to keep up with it. I'd just don't exist. If we know that over 250 people have gone. For mark country to fight with nicest do we know who those 250 plus people are and can't we keep them outs of our of our borders. And I go through customs. That would be it 250 that we know because in ordered it that big government accounting like that would be based on need. How dozens of them came back in means they just simply slip through the crack the crack from Al I'm not sure exactly how they did that. On the aid that raises the issue that some players have talked about. About scripting on the citizenship of any one knives are out there and bound over is doing night that it makes it impossible for them to come back in. But that that was a very frightening fact it about a report for me because it does defy common sense but it sure that there loophole there being actively exploited. Why what is it that you think the president's what is it that you think presidential candidates should be talking about. And what is it that American citizen should be most concerned with right now. American citizens need to be most concerned it is there a role in all of that. We need to be taught how to detect extremism that politically incorrect of any kind not just the on the corporate non Islamic if you go to the Department of Homeland Security web site in a program that says if you see something say something. Well what does that even if you look at what they identified. Suspicious behavior the type of common sense that they call the authorities about anyway. On the you're probably not likely to come crawl. What the rule for Americans understand and number one. That BI does not know everything about everybody at the very dangerous misconceptions so you have 8 April why you keep some type of radicalism or violent intent on line. You have to report it may even do the research yourself than it would help the person has been things and send it to the power. And what does that radicalism look like what would be a symptom of radicalism that would be visible to the public. Well proposing anything sympathetic ice that that would be addictive polite. Anything about American soldiers are not deserving being honored along with anti American propaganda but that is defense that the individual was OK with American soldiers being killed that's something to keep. Watch of on and of course in violent racism or anything like that. We need to move beyond saying kidnappers and to jerk peppers and curry the I don't wanna be friends with them this thing all right why have a role to play here. One of those dangerous misconceptions like come across a lot when my duties of that in my own investigation that people they would fight and it was online FBI knew about it. That's not how it works that gut relying on our. What isn't there a big difference though between the anti American sentiment at least to a terrorist attack like this and the anti government sentiment that lives in America. Yet there. When it comes to an issue of illegal activity or fomenting violence. That's when you need to pay attention to it because there is the difference between criticizing American pop these things you want smaller government courier and unhappy you can even that the conduct an art form all week but it crosses over the line where you catch the moment says something like. On Israeli civilians aren't legitimate targets for G otter something like that. Or somewhat popular how black people are apple in and shouldn't be in the country. But the type thing that people of on and even if it's not illegal. That is still evident second point you party the right direction because futile Nokia the missing piece in the possible. Whereas the parties have the other pieces. It seems like the the the militia mentality in America and anti government mentality that I speak out. Is not prone to things like this suicide bombings in fact this is one of the difficult things compared to say dealing with Russia in the Cold War. How do you negotiate with terrorists win. When life is not. A factor if you if the Russians wanted to live we want to live that was the best bargaining till we had with the Russians during the Cold War. How do we negotiate with people who don't care about whether the liver dot. You can't the only hope that you can have it that you beat them in the propaganda. War. Possible but it requires intervening during a very quick radicalization process that can happen over a few months. On and discrediting the extremist propaganda as they consume it. On hopefully having a Muslim man knows it's stopped intervening in the and discredited ideology and engaging in a real. Battle of ideas with them but short of that. There's nothing else that you can really do it for anti government militias that will have provided intelligence to the authorities. On numerous occasions that people have that mindset and violent content so it's not just. A and Islamic terror threat there are non Islamic terrorist threats that are very significant I think in the U. On the but of course today he just doesn't measure up to what we hate from the Atlanta. Where they have how will be in the Natalee. Ryan wrote national security analyst with current project thank you for your time and expertise tonight. Thank you if you wanna join us for your thought in your comments tonight here's our number it's 2601878. Very code 5042601870. And I text numbers 87070. I'm students breaking news tonight they were talking about the terrorist attacks in Paris were dating you'll that they were content can continue to get your thoughts on this. In the studio with me assess Dunlap and will be. Right back. Good evening this is breaking coverage of the series have terrorist attacks and parasites due to the studio with me is Seth Dunlop we're gonna get to all of your calls here in just a moment. There's been an update on the number killed and again this number could change it could go down it. Unfortunately could go up at a 153 now. A dead series of coordinated attacks which is a very very frightening thing. And Seth the soft targets included this afternoon. Well tonight include a soccer stadium. Ranked. I don't know anybody who has not seen the video the audio of what happened during that soccer match everybody who's been to saint in a football game any kind of sporting event. When you walk in and I think it's in the back of our minds somewhere. To be vigilant and watch out for things like this. Ands and we just have been really see it happen in a venue like an ending closed. Soccer in that was a large stating that they were and and the the mayhem and ensued. Win the fans streamed field it was it was surreal it was terrifying and it's. Which brings us back brings me back to every time that I've been in the superdome new union essentially field up in Seattle it's. It's it's Gary it's frightening. Our Bruce gentle son is a Middle Eastern expert he is a professor at Duke University was with the State Department from owed nine to eleven. And their worked on the Middle East peace process in the 1990s in the Clinton administration and aboriginal joins us live on WWL Bruce good evening. It is clear what stands out in your mind about the series of attacks in Paris. Well you know this is it pretty sophisticated attack in terms of planning. You know we've seen you know before it actually hit one or two targets there has made it seven targets within thirty minutes. Which took an awful lot of the planning stage escape the efforts that the intelligence to track development is doing it. And I think spoken itself as a terrific attack. And if you we're just saying what it means for people around the world to make people do really well. Is it easier to get around Paris with an automatic weapon and in the United States. I don't think so that I think we have many more weapons and our current in our country then there than anywhere else it's I think it's. Really more. You know they chose this is the target. If this is the flow from Italy about your movies you get it your the United States. What's not there yet is whether recite this girl and no other commentators are point crisis and it may well be. If so it is the most complex. Pakistan and remote we think program is really awful things in her and her toward having analyzed. But it also could be al-Qaeda which is then you know somewhat critical quiet and maybe. Try to say it would still here and bill would get a these are real we don't know that yet. Interpret for who really put the. Bristol less than a Middle East expert joining us on WWL. And that difference between the organizations a lot of people aren't aware of we talked to about it with our alas yes Bruce but al-Qaeda because they're a lot more organized. At her Sayer at least they used to be than ice this. Maybe you could to block the audience through what the difference between those organizations right now. Al-Qaeda start in the nineties with bin Laden. And we're the ones that perpetrated by eleven and our own country. We know that you know United States kept until the blonde. 2011. This number to a command zawahiri. Many people thought he was really the brains behind the operation. And it's been quiet day you know there's been ships in Pakistan Afghanistan where the headquarters are. But in some respects the timing seems right for them to try to war reemerge. And maybe they're feeling though its franchises they have an opportunity so let's say to them but I'm I'm pushing back a little bit against the revisions automatically assuming its size. All right but Bruce can you stay with us for just a few minutes you've got to get a CBS news updates and her breaking in or are we gonna come right back with more of Bruce. I jealous and who is in Middle Eastern expert to Duke University professor knows a lot of outside of the Middle East and what's going on. We're continuing with our breaking news coverage of the series of terrorist attacks in Paris. This is breaking coverage of a series of terrorist attacks and parasites could set Dunlop in the studio with me and Bruce Jemison. Is said duke professor and Middle Eastern expert he continues witness when we talk about to crisis and al-Qaeda. These terrorist attacks are ways. To recruit ways to get attention when ice just took over the headlines from al-Qaeda. And then al-Qaeda distorted to stay back in the news is there any reason to believe that there could the actual competition between these two groups to get more attention. I think very much so in other bids both are. Sunni Muslim group. If an operating sort of been different geographic areas are kind of more inept as that Pakistan. I could interior Iraq and then northern Africa. And you know. In that it's not as Europe's like you know the only one has been dominated by the united have been sent an archive has been quiet for too long. And also we haven't seen the sophistication. Complexity of operations for months since before they may have it then and now we. But I I think it it just feels a little more like archive and you know well maybe we'll know by tomorrow but we still don't know which one was. You know we just said the Arab Spring there and this is percent less than a Middle East expert Duke University professor. Arab Spring where we thought and I say we a lot of the common people like me the thought that the proliferation. Of technology social media in an area be a good thing to help stop the spread of some of this stuff. But it seems like perhaps the spread of that type of technology has actually increased in May be sped up. The recruitment abilities of crisis al-Qaeda. Those type of things is that's what we've seen happen. Yeah our technology is technology depends whose hand is that right is that a lot of good like is that it. It gave people FaceBook and other communicated that tried still democracy in the country to help poor people where. You know reaching out some of the reporters. Here at the same time you're back to 9/11. To operate the guys who did not elaborate we're we're going to a public climbers you know it's statement read it on the Internet back home. It really depends whose hands it and you know it can be used either way. Present a texture and assess. People are comparing this to what to World War II. Ask Bruce of what happens if we inflicted the message that ended World War II. You know I I think people they did pick people up from that World War II you know Adolf Hitler killed six million Jews and a lot of others. I've sought to conquer the world. We are facing a global terrorist threat no question about it and we need to deal with the United States and the rest of the world. But the strategy for doing that is going to be it's not to be lashing out. That backfires and so we need a much better strategy than that we need to take the threats seriously. By this is not what we're. Is it your belief Bruce that this could be retaliation for the targeting if you got a job. I think so I think you have to be planned much much longer than that. And I think you have each. You know appears to have happened last week workers it's sellers. Some of the United States. So I think there's a relationship between them. Is there an increased threat in the US because of this. Unquestionably I mean I I think those. You know going to you know Friday that lies on guys who've put focus and war. It is the most of the killings here Africa concert there less that's where it's sort you know under fifty. We just picked him off from concerts and you know where where where an open society haven't figured it was more live where you the same. Security everywhere in America like you do an airport or or translation. But at the same time you know people watching shopping malls. And it doesn't take that much verification and 9/11. But blowing up you know hijacking airplanes and. Gross until we've got to get your news frank I really appreciate your time okay Bruce stiffness and Italy's expert Duke University professor. I scoot with Seth Dunlop and we'll be right back on WWL.