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Attack on Paris coverage 8pm 11/13/15

Nov 13, 2015|

Scoot and Seth Dunlap discuss the developing story on the attacks on Paris.

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Good evening welcome back to our breaking news coverage of the series of terrorist attacks in Paris I'm scoots in the studio with me is Seth Dunlop. Howard talked to another expert here just a moment and we will be getting to your calls and your reaction to all of his. US attorney general Loretta lynch said that the US stand in solidarity with France. As it to stands by France in the past that is is gonna continue to stand by France today. New York City mayor build the blahs yo says the New York is on constant alert for terror attacks and Boston is stepping up its. It's security as well. On right now and Shaq too much you know open pronouncing that right is former principal deputy under the secretary of homeland security intelligence he joins us. On WWL Jack I understand that you have walked out of a black tie event to be with us so we know you're dressed like better than. Thank you very much Philadelphia to been quite right sort certainly happy to be you know projectiles which should be. Well but the concern obviously is. It is. Domestic terrorism Eric statement what happened in France this evening lets you know where that. And and that's a casualty could very well orchestrated attack on many levels Greenberg well coordinated. And obviously a work in the US has soared you know law enforcement as looking at. Right now is whether it's just been one incidence of more work it will watcher attacks. War with that it could be something that would deceit tapping out state weather stocks are part of a the grand scheme like I suspect it is not what they'll be copycat type. Of attacks upon that the United States. We saw perhaps that's one with its concern I have. I think Mort made my colleagues have that concern also. Jack I think people sitting here watching this listening to this and nighter or one ask you how many types of these attacks are stop that we never hear about this country. Well that's a great question and certainly. They're all les the capsule resorts. Operational potential attacks that are a number that are but stopped by a mortar that are on you to the butts so to speak and and certainly don't. We actually get you know we get more wins are necessary that we also got a of course you know what happened to the executed great loss and when that happened that things happening you know we all all have to go back we sort but what happens. And and look at that and what happened and how to open. And how prepared we are trying it would suck in the future. The the FBI and security officials here and around the world have been concerned about this exact kind of thing the the organized coordination of attacks on soft targets like restaurants and concert halls and a soccer field which at this country would be equivalent to our outdoor or even indoor football stadiums. This was this was an attack. That appeared to be the result of people who were trained and and French citizens have gone to Syria to fight with nicest and neighbor turned over 250 US citizens have left the US to fight with with licensed. That we know a lot of and it's it's relatively easy for them to return back. That's really the concern on the individual's. Score entered sort but certainly from Europe a lot of Europeans but citizens have gone. Join join the cause of crisis in the Middle East and obviously these individuals have no real world combat experience. On and and that's a big concern and and certainly. We're gonna be looking at our US citizen we believe may have Trenton and over there may be coming back the media across. Coming back or maybe you saw the radar we don't know where they are. You know these people that are real real not real sure to a. Checked is one of the challenges that that but it did police forces in this is not a criticism. But the police forces in our country are not as prepared to deal with the military type attack in a city. Well you know again these attacks are hard to predict and and because there are really mention what attracts. You know you walk into a more frequently football stadium and court automatic weapon and and and the killed forty people how do you how do you defend against that. How do you do you have in your yeah every block of every city. Every. Anti at every football stadium. Demand by guards are really tough thing to do and and because and so simple because and so now. To her unique perpetrate. And that those big defensive that we happened. You know many cases with a sense of physical defenses they're intelligent. Percent to try to keep track couldn't individuals are people that are that are suspect people that are in individuals but both. Of interest to keep. Perhaps those individuals. Speaking reject a Marsha Leo former principal deputy undersecretary Homeland Security for intelligence. In Jack how does your department your former department stay ahead of the curve when technology moves so fast. Nowadays. Well it's it's it's two things it's such it's certainly it's technology it's opulent and technology. I'm a law enforcement and intelligence gathering. And intelligence gathering accusing our human intelligence signals intelligence. Working with our allies crossed the the ocean on. Working with local police departments it's it's a real holistic approach and it's an approach that ought to be done. Pretty much twenty Forsett and and you know whatever we say like well you know the term strip like a PP deal didn't see something like this happen in your. States states like cricket and it's like wow it doesn't ever seen ago. This is a long war. It seems like crisis took credit right away after they Google that play from the Russian citizens and we're not hearing anything yet today from crisis now. Is there any thought that this might be because they're not finished. Well we don't know again you know the one when one group's strict credit. You'll be suspect that it that credit because they actually perpetrated or that that is requests obviously when the first group takes credit for something. That to scrutinize of other terrorist. It would be urgent actually helps them to recruiting tool so in the states you know technically it with the intelligence there. And individuals who work. Were they actually its operatives were they former arts fighters were they qualities. We don't know I we just don't know it's still too early in the situation so it would no regrets. And that echoes what our previous guest Bruce judgments and said he said. He thought actually it might be more of an al-Qaeda type attack but my question would be does it matter who takes responsibility at this. It doesn't really matter but it does matter because well. When you're going treated at least I can put the needle. You're looking for every piece of evidence sheet. In fact is that like this group is it's an al-Qaeda group it is an al-Qaeda offshoot under a number they'll content up there it was in Albania kinda. Oh cut it out of McGrath there's. Are there any way to and so all these different organizations are duplicate operational signature so we'll be looking and seeing what the operational signatures short. That's partly public and scattering that's going on as we speak right now. Marriage to Marcia thank you very much for your time you haven't and to YouTube and we appreciate your expertise. Accurate much care if you rejoice with your thoughts tonight are numbers 260187. User code 5042601878. At a text number is 87870. From Gonzales Greg you're on WW well good evening. I appreciate the graded people on that query project. Great organization. That he. Can now see the do you guys tonight. Our first call is Guam is a amber trees are very important. All year he'd that the Mercury attack memory or perjury. But all time is. And just coincidentally. Maybe. Today is an perjury allied forces to war or eight occupation. Cal state that the world. And hand them. And that in one of the great soul city. Two immediate special radical global world what cal state at Celtic but it. Hand. It's that thing to keep YL or. It's. And I'll see tempering India won that FBI director dale has recently stated today. We know. These people are yen from period. And the reason board there is no option in the art for its documents prompted Bayer would do it should be people. And according to poll conducted. Body on here that are pol piece on. That studied here are built and old people. They're as in the quarter of these people could be right yeah sympathizers. That we're bringing in in game. Right here in new war and that urge yet. We're refugee relocation. On a. Greg I think I think that we understand and I think everybody listening certainly. Shares that kind of fear in the back of their mind right now because that's where the violence in this world is emanating. But for me he. I get so concerned about going back to an area of McCarthyism. Or what we did in Japanese internment during won't work to exist. It scares me as it scares me is an American because we have some vary. Very bad history. With isolating certain Coulter certain segments of the population. I do agree with you I think everybody listening everybody across the country across the world realizes that the violence is emanating from that area of the world. But blanket statements about we shouldn't allow this culture this country back in back here. It scares him. That's not. What your job you did in the first. What was that were. Here but there's no problem for people from the middle. They're they're good people people. You have to be that the people you. People. It. Greg immediately to a CBS news update appreciate your call. If you're on hold as they witness if you wanna join us for your thoughts and your feelings about the series of terrorist attacks in Paris are numbers 2601878. Every cup final four to 60187. Via text Amber's late 7870. Tragically a lot of young people were killed at a concert hall where an American band was performing we'll talk about that will be in back after this CBS news update. W. Welcome back to our coverage of breaking news a series of terrorist attacks in Paris this is the American bands from California that was performing at a concert hall. In Paris win. At least a 110 people were killed the death toll was up 253. To one of the soft targets for the terrorist attack at Paris was accounts are all the American band Eagles of death metal that they're not a death metal band. But that's the name of the band they were performing also a soccer stadium in a restaurant among those sorts targets. And this is something that officials in this country and around the world have been concerned with for a very very long time. It's my understanding that there are gunman still at large or couple have been. I killed if you wanna join us with your thoughts and your comments tonight on numbers 260 when he seventy. Erica at 50426018. Separate tech state 7870. In the studio with me is Seth Dunn. You Rica a couple of updates coming in from the AP the latest on the shootings and explosions. From Paris the Paris police prefect have said that the attackers at that. Concert hall blew themselves up with suicide belts as police were closing and the killed four people. In doing that he said the gunman first sprayed cafes outside the venue. And then took hostages inside as well some other updates the World Trade Center in New York will be lit blue white and red the colors obviously of the French flag. In no more in tonight's. And it's it was. Announced a couple of minutes ago. And this is the first mandatory curfew in Paris in 1944. And World War II also the US State Department has issued hot line set up hotlines. If you have family in France who need assistance here's the number it's 18884074747. That 888. 4074747. If you're an American in France and need assistance may be listening online or you know somebody in France an American needs assistance. The number here is 011. 2025014444. In the country code comes first year 011202. 5014444. And I believe those are posted on our website as well. Like to have slight tail like Terry your WW on the case is what zone. Along. Well. I'm number one calm my thoughts and prayers go out to every single. Bob bacon and ambling over there parents. We we obviously on the field on. Our soil on. It's been in the last few nights unfortunately that we've had to call in talk about. With which Missouri. You know Missouri university. Now. And Tom. I had that say it's an opinion show in in my opinion. We are not they're not organization. You're looking for. The problem is these people noble. Unfortunately. CD monsters hackable. Their belief is that. Day. They are going to use some. And there and result is ultimately to kill as many people possible including themselves. And something else is obviously waiting for. And Derek their church going. Is. Do not and it's been ticket. Did whit what citizenship act to not green and red flags. Be calm itself which are supposed to being eight and then. Unfortunately now we have what we have on our. But terrible error you bring up the good point because it was the telethon then al-Qaeda got a lot of attention now it's crisis. We haven't figured out how to kill. The hateful ideology that feeds these groups. Won't end game is there are groups. That that will be there there are groups that Kerry and his anti American anti where's eight. Absolutely. But. Ot call it an. This is so hard to talk about by. You'd. But. Of course. Is that alone wall are these the guys that. You know the monsters that have go on all of what the other groups believe. It. We're getting him you get the impression from the experts to are assessing this that this was so sophisticated and coordinated that it might not just via group of lone wolves tournament have to get to a CBS news update. Here in just a moment if you wanna join us with your thoughts and feelings about this. A tragedy and in and it pairs hopefully it's over but the gunmen are still at large here's our number 26 cell. 187. Draco final four to 60 when he sent him text Amber's late 77. I'm scoop with you this evening and to assist on the opposite studio witness as well. And our coverage of this are breaking news to the terrorist attacks in Paris will continue. American Airlines needed to cancel a flight from Dallas to Paris earlier. And if flights are scheduled we don't know if those have been canceled state of emergency declared in Paris and the borders have been sealed. Good evening our coverage of these series of terrorist attacks of Paris continues I'm scoot set Dunlop in the studio where there's sand we've gotten word from New York city's mayor built applause you know. That the city of a New York is tightening security in all public places. Indeed he took the podium minutes ago released the statement that said they are heightening security across New York. Including all. Sporting events this weekend and all national landmarks in response to this I think not own new York and I think most areas around the country around the world should that also do this. Now lawsuits as well. And it brings us to our party general opinion poll tonight. If you were supposed to travel abroad or in the states this weekend would you stick to your travel plans were canceled. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com and I think we should bring up thirty the fact that the saints are playing the Washington Redskins in the Washington DC area. And if security was tight before it may even be tighter this weekend. It did should be tighter this weekend but if you've ever been an NFL game it's pretty airtight it's always which makes it I don't know what the security was at the soccer match that happened. Over in London when there was an explosion as she's me in Paris where there was an explosion tonight be here. I'm always more concerned about the smaller events that we don't have the security for the Friday night football the basketball games the it lets be honest a lot of college football and basketball is not the big time not PO issues the Alabama's the SEC's but events like. Tulane or community college or the division to an FCS college's basketball football into don't have that security. That's where I'm always very concerned if you go out member of the stuff fright and have a long night where. All these teams across Louisiana earn their first week of playoffs there's no secured. Yeah and also remember that bad debt that soccer match there might have been tight security because this this is outside of the stadiums abated actually get into the stadium itself. If you got a comment numbers 260187. At Texas 878 Seve Robert welcome to our show this evening graduates. Thank thank you appreciate you get at such. To show but also a strong signal each unit trial conscious now and so. Very enjoyable to bid or conversations that at least in listening you know are you talk about McCarthyism then that's concern to you and yet you look back on that it is is as the ones. You know war we were able to gather a lot of intelligence we're able to speak Japanese. We were able to defeat them by dropping them. Our religion and it's great it's okay. To to kill and those that are these gamble shall and it's it's okay to do this and you know and and now and ask you just like your your partner Sergio mentioned. You know we're acting like a certain this is an up or shall little but it's not treat that it's close all but that's what happened in the west road and I I ask. Our game well your response speed it would you be one again other people and and be a little more aggressive than not really worried about her people screaming and being politically correct. Outward hurting anybody's feelings. Wouldn't change I think we can change your attitude because. An analytical work this demand just to be clear there but he wasn't listening I was the person who is responding with the news in the comments about McCarthy's mis hear me wanna outwards and it's now there. But I think that's a little bit of a false equivalency just him he talked about. At the Japanese and Indian World War II member that happened before the area McCarthyism happen and I think most history outskirts would agree. That there was just which sent the didn't lead anything McCarthyism. In the fifties and sixties and our guests joined us earlier Bruce instant he said very specifically particulates and it was a Middle East expert at Duke University professor. Apt the State Department from 09 to eleven who worked on Middle East peace process in the ninety's he said point blank that. Let's not confuse this is something to be effective this is not world war two and it killed six million people Andy this isn't we're not. By eating the same type of war and like I said. I I agree with. With you or your view everybody who's listening to your question or we can't let me let me finish here I ever Betty I think everybody Robert would agree. That because. Most of the violence or a large part of the violence in the world this type of terror violence originates from a certain part of the world. With a certain religion. With the certain colts here we've got to find ways to combat this in different ways. I just don't want to go back to an era of McCarthyism. Of Japanese internment but I think there's got to be somewhere in the middle here from I'm not saying you wanna go back to that either I'm just saying that that's what concerns me. No and I agree with that particular question he got the Mike and get what you all across the country at the like in order like you guys to see just start at. Asking these Muslim clerics to start making and yet that's when you have people that while abortion clinic which is actually terrible. You do have Christian leaders of churches that say that it is not acceptable. You know mrs. you know this is terrible. You don't want to hurt or. Are slowly and that's not instant that's not try haven't heard any. Well I don't you do well it doesn't it doesn't get as much attention as it should but I think you write more should do it but but some thoughts on doing. By one showed that a lot view publicly that. He's that this is. Terrible this is not a religion stands for what I challenge you to bring somebody should. Do you think you think that there's almost some clerics and and and all those who are the Muslim faith this. As some kind of what it's a kind of where supports. At that if you don't speak against something. They need support if you don't speak out against something in my it will village yourself and you know that well I'd be I'd challenge you guys to bring a clear over there. And I bet you and one that we'll speak again. Will work on that Robert but they have spoken out what. We're. He had an able I think those of the burst on the comes to mine mine and there's there's hundreds literally hundreds and hundreds who have who have been on not only television on our radio station and others. Was the group of religious leaders up of the World Trade Center. There is a Christian or Muslim. Buddhists and do these all they all came together to decry terrorism together now. Art and hard the Muslim clerics. In Iran in the Middle East decrying this and that no absolutely not an excuse said that but to say that there's no. Muslim leaders manageable Muslim religious leaders decrying terrorism I think it's wrong. Correct and incorrect. It you got a great show your aisle in well I appreciate it. I just encourage you to bring them well as the need to mean more to speak out because we can't solve this were an outsider religion okay we're we're looked down on. But I bet the took effect it has to be solved problem internally. On their own thing and from their own leaders are because hey come well. But deep down in in the Korean. Yet that that the top of the crane has slowed down in coconut island lull right well unfortunately it's it's it's the dark side its. It's it's causing incredible problems and in. And in debt and tragedy and so scholarly or would you suggest we do. Well well first of all I think we need to we need. People who commit crimes like this the United States OK I think we need to do something that Israel does. This week take their property we take fairly property it's not like it's too religious. Attack we need is we go to that pack extra literally believe that think we need to have. I'm meeting with these. Obama our governor Jindal people like it as they need to bring some of these leaders and that we used are speaking out we needed starts speaking out. The United States and start influence your your peak we know you know and these other leaders around the world. You know it starts here but we haven't been that kind of effort. You know we we try to we try to people and Robert we can't. We we can't change who we are we need to figure out a way to be who we are and and and deal with this issue and then what do you do about. The American citizens at least 259. And and others 250 that we know. They have left to go fight with Syria. And they can come Mac is American citizens what we'd. Like us. Well they they. At this point they can't come back and maybe that's something that needs to change it was its passage. You've got political leaders are you got got clout or not we in the world so what should come back. That is fighting. Four ices are against what we believe it has been mentioned in freedom and freedom of religion is no essential should be a comeback. And it. I appreciate the call I have voter I effect talked to a number of Muslim cab drivers and they're not their dark clerks but they're they're Muslims. And talking to these cab drivers. They are as opposed to. This. Terrorist activity in the name of Islam. As I am as a Christian opposed to the west Borough Baptist Church are opposed to those who on who attack. Abortion clinics and an and kill people it to me that's not the right answer and that's. Great comparison there right everybody actions everybody I think the majority of people would say in the west Borough Baptist Church is our fanatical Christian religion. But you don't hear the Christian leaders theory since they don't hear him we you're not they're not put up on a pulpit when there denouncing the WBZ right. That's because the WB CB they get all they headlines there are tons of Christian leaders who denounce them the we've stuff here and don't. He's so quick to think and this is not a defensive Muslims this is in defensive of of just responsible. On the conversation. Don't be so quick to think that there are no Muslims who are opposed to discredit terrorism. From my amended deal Christie here on every avenue are good evening. I can't odd habit I'm Mary. Sad to hear about it happened in Paris yet quite at home. I am I was and you in Paris. Our round he hasn't seen Batman five. Work abroad I'm like you know from that area. And down I was at a watching on it ain't on American. Artist's music artists and and I've yet been acted on or do I live in Switzerland specifically. To work abroad as it and it didn't like an extra I'd say. He's here. Background check in expenses. Family history check. And it's just sad that Christie on multiplying according to our country art. They Smart enough to figure out a way to not be on the radar they they. That the people who came in here to execute the 9/11 attack on America. They came in this country on. I guess to the proper channels they were taking flying lessons they were in our society they were totally under the radar. Isn't there a way to until that moment comes when your ready to do. You know there's a lot of patience involved in this mentality. You know in in America our thought is instant gratification for everything. There's a lot of patients in this. In this un Islamic terrorism mentality in terms of long range we will we will do what it takes no matter how long it takes they can be very patient and come into the country Indian under the radar until they do something. I don't understand how they're going to derail. Their app at city. Some sort of signed port on that along that people are noticing and our nation but speaking. Well. And that's another problem now we're we're noticing more than we did before nine elevenths because the idea that. That people from another coach who wanna come here and all the wanna learn is how to fly a plane they don't wanna learn how to land and takeoff you know that's a red flag. Absolutely. Kristy appreciate the call now and haven't received. From Boca loose Celine a year and a via email. I think I don't argue about the tragedy that happened but. The thing about all of their. And the Keating. There is and he legal Eagles. It didn't talk about how to work. Don't put too much stock. That had a chair. In our country to Q. And then secretary. Of too much. And the illegals. To come into work and politicians. And. By Selena we should do a better job of screening people wanna come to our country I don't think there's. There there should not be anybody who disagrees with that I do appreciate your call. If you Arnold stay with as we continue to bring you the latest from CBS news we have another update coming up here in about thirty seconds but. We should have strict rules to come to America we should have strict rules to come to America and work. And there are rules in effect are they strict enough maybe that's something that needs to change. But do not under estimates. The American citizens who look just like you and me. And act just like you and me. Who were developing this terrorist attitude. I'm scoots swears he says Dunlop in the WTO studios and we will continue after this update. Good evening we continue to. Cover these series of terrorist attacks in Paris I'm scoot set Dunlop in studio with me. Here's our party general opinion poll. If he were supposed to travel abroad or in the states this weekend would you stick to your plans or cancel them. A 39% say they were canceled and 61% say they would stick to him I haven't heard about other airlines has since coming on the air but before I came in the year. On American Airlines have canceled flights I think passengers were ready to board a flight in Dallas for Paris other flights were scheduled I don't know what the decision is there couple of updates. Coming from the AP as you probably heard in the last CBS news report -- could go the head of police. Paris a Paris police rather has said that he believes all the attackers. Are dead all the attackers are dead in these Paris terrorist attacks also the DC police the Washington DC police say they've added security. To all French historic sites in their city and also have tightened security at the French Embassy in Washington DC. And their for the attackers were killed three of them were apparently wearing a bombs and set this is one of the difficult things two to deal with this idea is that that life is not. A negotiating tool that can be used when you bargain with terrorist if if if they don't care about living or dying what possible threat do you have against them. We've never seen that in modern times and I think it's it's a debates that. That we have and one of the reasons why we have such a hard time finding ways to to fight this not only that but. Remember as we got on our tax line 87870. Somebody taxes and says this is from the two to five saying we need to declare war on ISS will I smell rises in the country and we never thought this before this is the ideology that is spread out so. What you mentioned the idea that this is not a country it's an ideology we've never faced this before modern times we don't modify that Mike here and every WL a good evening Mike. Hey I screwed thanks. Thanks. I this year so that it. I. Around it to me. Months ago so he's copper blue numbers there clerics there by Muslim clerics. Coup imam who also at peace document. And an agreed to chew. Here and now go ultimately. And archbishop was. To talk to the world war in Italy. A hole stroke. Well I doubt group until around. Are there Muslim clerics were Jews. They refused to sign a document that appears to calm and participate in the conference. Shell. You'll caller. It would it and where. Accurately. At all. Long. Imam. Don't see where it went. We're fresh. And it. Mike I appreciate the card readers don't question that her a lot of Muslims who do even on. Vicarious level support the terrorism. But it would be a public relations nightmare is more Mosul leaders in more Muslims everywhere. Do not more vocal Lee condemn the terrorist attacks. I'm scoots Seth Dunlop in the studio and we'll be right back with more our breaking news coverage as a terrorist attacks in Paris.